Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Will Judge Rulings Today Be Defense Doomsday?

Chief Judge Belvin Perry promised to rule on 2 outstanding motions by her defense team today.

Update #1 4:45PM.. Motion to exclude trunk stain… D E N I E D

Rulings on Critical Motions regarding a hair with a "deathband" that could only belong to a deceased individual and either Casey or Caylee Anthony, and the air samples tested by Dr. Arpad Vass and found to contain chloroform levels he has never seen, in his 22 year career.

The air samples themselves are not in contention as the "hardware" and methodology in their extraction are used widely in the scientific community, and the defense team, through a stipulation agreement to withdraw contempt proceedings against him, could not argue about anything else.  The defense argument was largely about the interpretation of the data that was yielded from the samples as they relate to a decompositional event in the trunk of Casey's car.

Both motions were a combination of a Frye/exclusion attempt by the defense that took several days in court to conclude, in which many observers felt were disorganized and poorly argued in contrast to the deft responses by the prosecution.

Yesterday, for the second time, Jose Baez on behalf of Casey Anthony filed a response to the State's motion to let his already withdrawn "experts" Dr. Danzinger and Dr. Weis be permitted to testify as to what Casey told them during their interviews with her.

You may recall, during the State's deposition attempt of Dr. Danzinger,  Judge Perry put the kibosh to it after receiving a call from Jose Baez, and both depositions have since been sealed.  Judge Perry referenced testimony about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, but legal experts agree that in itself would not be grounds for suspending a deposition and immediately sealing it.

It is this editors opinion that during the deposition,  Dr. Danzinger recounted parts of his interview with Casey Anthony that may have been incriminating to her.

It was abundantly clear that the defense strategy is/was to attempt to have these witnesses speak about parts of their interviews with Casey Anthony as a way to repeat her "defense" without ever taking the stand, subjecting her to cross-examination by the state.

It is also abundantly clear that Jose Baez et al did not understand the Judge's comments about these depositions the first time around.

The only way these "Docs" will be permitted to testify to anything Casey Anthony told them, is if Jose Baez presents an exception argument to the hearsay rule, and since the "declarant" or Casey Anthony, will never take the stand, 'not gonna happen.

Yesterday afternoon, the defense depositions of Tony Lazzarro and Amy Huizenga were filed with the court.

While there was largely previously known information contained in both depositions, there was one noteworthy tidbit in Ms. Huizenga's which the defense glossed over in a hurry.

Reported exclusively by,  the Anthony's withheld a major plumbing emergency at their home that sent someone from Hopespring Drive in a panic to locate Caylee.

For the first time, it is confirmed that Casey knew about it, and told Amy it was one of the reasons they could not move in:

Casey Told Amy About A Pipe

This article will be updated when Judge Perry rules this afternoon.

Check back to for continued breaking news in the case against Casey Anthony.

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  1. Dellastreet says:

    I live in Florida. It struck me this morning… proud the Anthony’s must be of their MOTY daughter …..that today in particular she is topping the news along with Osama Bin Laden. MOTY I know would be so proud of this fact also and that she appears in the top half section of the front page of the St. Pete. Times and the entire front page of the Tampa Tribune….knocking Osama off. Isn’t it rich? Sheesh!

  2. NaNa says:

    I thought this would be an encouragement to many:

    “The prosecutors in this case have a lot of experience. Between Jeff Ashton and Linda Drane Burdick, the two of them have tried 30 capital cases and succeeded in winning a death sentence 27 times.”

  3. Mom3.0 says:

    Me again- bringing this over from THM-

    Cubs Fan wrote:

    “Clueless wrote: Yesterday, this is what was said that they are probably complaining about:
    Baez: “Really”
    Casey: “really”
    Baez to Casey “You are acting like a two year old”

    She then said something expressing with her arms, then they smiled at each other

    22:35 mark Baez tell Casey she is acting like a two year old.

    I dont know if this is what they are concerned about, I missed this exchange yesterday…BUT
    If this is what happened I can certainly understand why they did not want those mics on- my goodness- to say “youre acting like a 2 year old old” to a mother, your client, that is accused of murdering her 2 year old- possibly utilizing ducttape as a gag- is a big “yikes” moment- JMO

    I guess this might be the reason that Casey is no longer sitting next to Casey any longer too, she is clear down on the other side of the table-


  4. Mom3.0 says:

    * Casey is no longer sitting next to Baez-not Casey… sorry for my, “I wish I had a V-8 moment”

  5. NaNa says:

    Casey Rejects Plea Deal

    About Jury Selection – Day 1
    So far, there have been 66 interviews; 45 have been rejected, and there were callbacks consisting of 13 men and 8 women.

    So far the comments about Casey in court yesterday (from a Jury selection specialist)…said that Casey avoided eye contact with the Jury when they were all in there together and she chattered a lot. The jury would not like this and would see her avoiding eye contact as a “guilty” behavior.

  6. Mom3.0 says:

    Okay sorry I know I am being a board hog- but I HAVE to give my opinion on this:

    Pjuror- mother of 15 yO- & an “immature 29 year old”, IIHC says she could do it, but she is nervous of leaving her children for that long alone-

    She was NOT excused…

    OKAY MOO It would be disastrous to leave this teenage boy alone for up to 8 weeks – As a parent of teens I CAN only IMAGINE what a hay day this kid would have- and who knows what could happen?- fire- hurricane- injuries, sicknesses ect- BAD IDEA

    another p juror, male, retiree has cats to take care of- he is nervous about allowing his 35 yr old son to care of them- it was a bad idea last time he asked-(pp) You know how kids can be…

    So of course he is put on standby- and Casey seemed to love him… he understands how “kids” can be irresponsible with the caring of live dependents such as cats oh and most definitely a toddler…


  7. Mom3.0 says:

    Ashton contacted FBI They HAVE NO PROBLEM in turning over the list of compounds!!!

    One phone call just one-

    I couldnt hear Baez response..but he is not satisfied J. Perry says I will listen to whatever else you have… but you were quite clear yesterday what you needed- and this is what I was concerned about soo…

    Baez stating more concerns about depos ect- Vass… refused to answer..

    J Perry SHOW ME-


    Most judges will not entertain any portion of an attorney’s argument without “page and line” information, he wanted this excluded because he NEVER dreamed he would get the list of compounds. No he has.

    He should have been careful for what he wished for long ago.

    All above paraphrased


  8. lizzy says:

    The “show me” exchange was excellent. Why is Baez still trying so hard to delay? What’s the agenda with that?

  9. lizzy says:

    Dealing with Baez reminds me so much of a lesson I learned in a high school debate (that we lost). Never bend/stoop to an idiotic argument; just point out that it is irrelevant or nonexistent. To try to direct counter it gives such an argument its only validity.

  10. NoseyRosey says:

    Thanks everyone for the updates- I have been able to watch the jury selection, but I am not the best at updating others in writing.
    One thing I wanted to say is I truly didn’t think I could like J. Perry any more than I already do……but guess what?
    He is making this process worth while. I agree Blink- it’s “like watching beige paint dry”.
    I noticed yesterday when the guy said he’s already formed a guilty opinion- Casey had a look on her face like she was ticked, but also like “see I told you I couldn’t get a fair trial!” JMO of how she took it.

  11. Mom3.0 says:

    Agreed Blink

    TGF- TMK- the pool is about 500 the 1000 was a misprint- sorry

    Proceedings have started- Judge asked next group if they were approached by a p. juror and discussed this case other then the name , by show of hands, it must have been quite a few- J. perry dismissed the whole group- He thought it best to….

    Not sure what this means for today…or how long this will set the process back…

    Thanks to NaNa and all for your comments insights and links today very informative.


  12. Mom3.0 says:

    since group was dismissed -new group of about 50 jurors brought in morning. he Will talk to jury clerks about things he needs to put in place to help. Based on how its going now, says they can get through about 40 on hardship issues. Plans to start on 2nd round questioning at 2:00 tomorrow.

    J. perry will now hear arguments concerning Vass

    Baez says this concerns a violation of 3.220

    says if everything is not there (compounds)- it is not okay- How can we cross? Vass cant say these compounds are indicative of an early decompositional event, although thats what he will say-

    He cant be an expert in this science if noone agrees with him…
    Something needs to be viewed to verify this….I need to view the whole experiment. Without the ability to do this i have no way to cross examine….

    Ashton- What prevision of 3.220 has been violated ….

    it seems this all comes down to Who makes the call to the FBI?

    Ms Wolf has been very helpful in the FB! I believe we have been above and beyond in this…direct communication is needed with the FBI 7 Mr. Baez and FBI- not thru me or your honor- would be more useful

    timing of the compounds in which they appeared in the trunk was NEVER brought up or asked of Dr. Vass during the depos.

    Mr. Baez- our stance is the same- what we are looking at here is the prosecution is trying to hide the ball…If the FBI is willing I have no problem in calling but they turn over the info to the prosecution but not to Defense lawyers…we knew this now we knee this then…

    The point is this is evidence being brought in by the prosecution its their burden not ours…

    We may have issues with this court having jurisdiction…authority to strick this witness and any data they supply


    Both sides can obtain info thru rules of criminal procedures inorder to thwart trial by ambush…it does not say you dont have to do the work…this seems to revolve around the 4 30= compounds and 30 that were found in this case…
    Talks about Vass’ articles this court was concerned about thes 478 compounds the defense has excerisised its rights to discovery it has not been proved that they have been thwarted…you can aask questions the court can not be responsible for questions that have not asked….based on the fact that the prosecution will comply then you might have some additional questions of Vass then- as of now your motion is denied…

    You can ask to do another depo

    Baez- pg 39 line 16 we clearly asked JP thats why you can take the depo…Baez we did- how can we impeach? he can say what ever he kikes because we dont have the study?

    JP- recent case marsh vs state- sighting opinion vs expert… take the depo- 4 lawyers- you have- Ms Simms expert in the area of forensic science so its not like your short handed….

    Baez no predicate-

    JP cuts him off I have ruled…rightly or wrongly..


  13. Mom3.0 says:

    Not sure if it has to do with the ruling but Casey is visibly upset seems to be on the verge of tears and quite animated and upset angry? shaking head talking with Mason during 10 min recess… FWIW AJMO

  14. Cindy Tartal says:

    There are times during these proceedings when it goes from watching beige paint to watching red paint…JBP just said ‘his unease from yesterday has now eased from him’! He’s referring to Dr. Vass and the 478 compounds – testimony still in for trial. If necessary, Baez can depose him again (by telephone, if necessary). I <3 HJBP!

  15. Mom3.0 says:

    Oh brother, now they want a new hearing regarding Vass expert OPINION-
    and something about hair? JP thinks that is misprint…

    JP says he can give his OPINION turn to page 21- 1st para. Berry vs cxx transportation maybe that will give you some guidance…other than that…

    Defense- there are differences- more than 1 expert scientists more articles ect…. he has a stake in the research in a potential monetary way…

    JP Do you think Dr Vass is basing his testimony on his opinions just like Dr. Bass? Do you think it is pure opinion?

    D- no it is not pure opinion Bass is relying on more than that

    No predicate of reliability.

    Asking for it to be excluded

    rameriz vs rameriz 3- what is the opinion that got them in trouble in 2?
    D- it was not indepandent-

    JB- They said- You dont do a nose count – but the problem was that they said only one knife could have done it….they excluded other opinions…

    Ashton- all their arguments are exactly the same- no new evidence they just do not like the order-

    D- an order has been handeddone- it is lacking-

    JP- read the order- I went to great pains to say he was basing his findings/testimony- on his opinions and experiences- rightly or wrongly based on Berry – I said his opinion is based on the GPS ect- dogs and scents ect- last part-says- it is his opinion he could not say that it was definitely human decomposition to the EXCLUSION of anything else- I cant tell you how many times i read this and did research ect I did not rush…7 to 8 days drafting redrafting…soo
    the motion for rehearing is DENIED- the order speaks for itself i am sure if I am wrong you ms. Simms will prove me wrong one day…


    cont later…

  16. Mom3.0 says:

    Talked to the jury clerks – new group will be brought in tomorrow morning…

    Noone could foresee that a p. juror, and a p. witness in this case, someone that was in TES – would come in and start talking with others about this case…and everyone would have to be dismissed

    —Baez talking about a continence…because of the issues with the hair….

    IRT the study (environmental causes for banding)so we ask for a continence…

    JP- isnt that a matter for cross examination…
    JB I dont think so…

    Simms up talking about this In March – need new depo- May 3 depo- asked for phots ect…in depo I asked about the photos…. 700 pics

    Expolutory evidence-

    JP what is expulsutory (sp)?

    Simms- well water exposed hair looks so much like death banded hair that 2 scientists wrongly thought it was…

    We need more time- no docs have been provided

    JP the person depo name? Steven Shaw did you ask about the well water hair?

    Simms- yes he said it did not think it looked like death-banded hair…

    JP How long have you been doing this I take it you have crossed examined experts? How many times do different experts look at the same factual evidence and they each say something different?

    Simms ….frequently…. but there is a difference I have a file I have docs- I can ask the necessary questions I have copies… I was on time constraints…. I need to review what they have…before I cross examine

    Ashton- We dont have this information the state doesnt have this…
    The FBI has gone above and beyond when asked…

    The result of this ONGOING study so far is that they have not seen environmental factors when looked out by trained experts on hairbanding- does not show anything consistent with death-banding on hair..
    BTW most of these 600 pics are the before pics of the hair…let them cross examine and provide their own experts… FBI is working on their study they are not ready to publish it, but they are trying to help in every way possible…

    JP IS THIS AN ONGOING RESEARCH PROJECT?? the burden is on you we can argue back and forth but…I cant say yes or no on an ongoing project…

    I can have him testify by phone…but it is your burden to show that it would be expulsatory evidence…

    - there is no record of evidence for me to base my ruling on except the passionate arguments of 2 lawyers on different sides-

    Simms redepose him/
    JP- NO he can testify by phone

    JP- It sounds like …I do not know it could be a fishing expedition it might not…my suggestion get him on phone.
    Thats all I can tell you…

    Simms they took an hair from a 3 year old girl and put it in a trunk it is clearly related to this case…

    JP- anyone can conduct experiments…so what? Are you saying that you are entitled to anyone and everyones info if they conduct experiments?

    We are not going on a fishing expedition…make the call

    Simms when can we have this hearing by phone?

    JP- Friday at 8:am
    AJMO All para-phrased…

  17. NoseyRosey says:

    Mom3.0- I noticed the same about Casey. Maybe she’s realizing her fate? Question for you- My computer has several interuptions and of course during the time when the jury was dismissed. Did JP say there was a witness that was summoned to jury duty? And there was discussion with the 50 potential jurrors during a recess?

  18. Debbie says:

    Raw video of one of the excused juror…

    Hmm, someone from the search team came in and started discussing the case to the potential jurors?? How did this person get in?

  19. NaNa says:

    Even though Casey acted visibly a little different in court today, I notice that she puts her hands up in the air and either covers the lower portion of her face, or leans her chin on them. Im certain this isnt giving the best impression to the jury when she does this in their presence. I hope she acts just as childish during the trial as she has during selection. You know, you can take the bear out of the woods…and the jury will see exactly who she really is. Obviously if at least two of the potential jurors said they thought she was guilty…many others will think the same when they hear the evidence and see the big picture as it comes together.
    My only concern is how this country views the death penalty. Seems many are against it these days and that puts a little uneasiness into me. I think the Jury will do the right thing though.
    I can trust that God is in control of this situation. Come what may.

  20. NaNa says:

    Blink…I submitted a comment talking about CA behavior in court today. Would you please disregard and remove it from comments? I really do not want to help her change her behavior before the Jury sees it by commenting about how the jury will perceive her behavior from my viewpoint. It’s possible that the defense team reads these posts and has her mimick behavior the jury needs to see.
    Thank you, NaNa

    They read here, and NaNa, they have “staff” that dictate every move she makes, your fine.

  21. Ragdoll says:

    Here’s the ‘let’s take it to the sand box’ exchange between Baez and his defendant(about 22:38):

    People are getting touchy it would seem.

  22. Ragdoll says:

    I just wanted to say MERCI BEAUCOUP to y’all for the links, detailed updates and observations. I sincerely appreciate it since I cannot watch it in real time (and it’s far more interesting in real time).

  23. Ragdoll says:

    ….oh…..and I wanted to include this link….

    One of the dismissed jurors talks with Kathi Belich outside the courthouse(in short, this woman said just about everyone who discussed it said they felt Casey killed Caylee):

  24. chelsea says:

    Mom3.0 and everyone posting, thanks so much for updates. Had planned to watch as much live as possible but had reckoned without Mr Chelsea wanting to make the most of our beautiful spring weather here in the UK. Ragdoll – have watched the link re: the spat between JB and Casey but didn’t spot the interchange, do you have the actual ‘time’ on the video when it occurred. Casey’s current behaviour is as hard to swallow now as when she was flirty and touchy feely previously. I’m sure her demeanour will alienate her to the jury. Apologies for differences in spelling of some words. JBP is still top of my crush list!!

  25. lizzy says:

    My dad was a WWII veteran, and didn’t like to talk often about this experiences. However, he spent a day educating me when I was sixteen.

    One of the things he shared was how the smell of human decomposition was so different (and so much worse) than the smell from other animals, and how the odor hung on seemingly forever. (We were country folks, and I’d been around plenty of dead wildlife.) He’d been assigned to a clean-up crew for a large group of political dissidents who had been locked in a barn that was then set on fire. He could never sleep with those boots anywhere near again, and risked losing them every night by carrying them hundreds of feet away so he could get rest.

    Conclusions: The car still stinks. Dr. Vass knows what he smelled, sniffer aside.

    Absolutely, and when they bring it into the courtroom and introduce into evidence, this girl is done.

  26. WPG says:

    WFTV observed this inside the courtroom:

    “When 49 of them were called into the courtroom, Judge Perry asked them to raise their hands if any of them spoke about Casey Anthony in the jury room before being called in. Several raised their hands, but Judge Perry dismissed all of them.”

    IMO, SEVERAL does not equate to what the interviewed woman said:

    “They just said in their opinion she was already guilty. Everyone believes she killed her baby,” she said.
    “How many people said that?” WFTV reporter Kathi Belich asked Rizzo.
    “Probably out of the tons of us who were in there today there were 20 or 30,” Rizzo replied.”

    Okay, the numbers of 20 to 30 does not make sense, IMO, – - unless the holding room contained a mixed bag of people called for various cases and there were more than the ones waiting for little Caylee.

    If 20-30 raised their hands, wouldn’t it be reported more like “nearly half or over half” instead of just “several”?

    OS reports:

    “About a dozen potential jurors raised their hands when Perry questioned them about whether anyone had asked them about the case.”,0,424040.story

    I tend to lean what was observed inside the courtroom.
    Some bell you rang there, KB. JMO.

  27. WPG says:

    oops, sorry, left out the link for WFTV:

  28. Fiona says:

    Agree RoseyNosey #10, he is so smart, lapping the defense at every turn too.

    NaNa, good read on KC in court. Yes, “Bloods Will comes out,” true for everyone not just KC. Her true nature will show, just like you said.

    Ragdoll, Enjoy your posts and humor. Very much needed some days like today in court.

    My opinion on the mic leak, Baez embarrassed himself again, thus the “turn off mic tantrum.” Like HJBP said, this is open courtroom, if you don’t want things heard whisper or take it outside. Maybe he shouldn’t act like a two year old and make such remarks to his client. IMO

    Blink, the car trunk in the courtroom, that will be memorable to say the least. Will the jury really care what the defense thinks of Dr Vass’s opinion once the trunk gives its silent testimony?

    Thank you for links WPG

  29. cindeefromwisconsin says:

    Blink, what are the chances Dr. Voss or Vass will bring that conister into the courtroom and open it up so people who have never smelled decomposition or chloroform will know exactly what they are talking about?

  30. WPG says:

    Got it, have you seen my coverage in this area, or is it not searchable? I was early my friend.

  31. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Great post Mom3.0 about the exchange regarding the hair banding.

    Baez is still trying to exclude anything he can think of that might lead a jury to believe that Casey did it.

    Judge Perry has been there probably many times. He is not going to exclude just because Baez claims something is so.

    Too bad about the group of potential jurors that got caught in the outside person getting into the jury pool room. I suppose they will need to post a deputy at the door to prevent a similar problem in the future.

  32. NaNa says:

    Mom3.0 thanks for the compliment. Ive been following this case for three years and want to see justice fulfilled.

    Please know that my earlier comment about not wanting to help her change her behavior was not a vain comment. I just don’t want to be any contributing factor to help her in any way…even if I am just one of hundreds making a comment.

    I am well aware she has a consultant telling her how to behave. Maybe they should have prepped her a little better because her body language indicates that she thinks this is all still a game and she isn’t taking it seriously. IMHO

    …or maybe she wants to get the death penalty? She told her brother her Mom should have done something years ago (when her Mom called police)…so even though she wont plea, she doesnt seem to be doing much to stop it all from happening either. Observation/gut feeling.

    She knows she’s going down. I knew those jurors would think she was guilty even before it got to the evidence. The evidence is going to confirm and reinforce what they already feel and see projected from her. There is so much evidence against her, whether physical (DNA) or circumstantial. Loving mothers don’t party for 31 days after their child dies. And they certainly dont use a casual lie about where their child is when questioned. If an accident had happened, the sheer mention of Caylee’s name would have reduced her to sobs and a confession.

    I’m a mother of two and a grandchild and I can tell you, I would want to lay down and die myself if anything happened to any of my babies. She showed the world exactly how she felt about that precious baby…she was garbage to be thrown away and forgotten so she could live “La Bella Vita”.

    Well, she and her family threw her away, but she is FAR from forgotten.

  33. JustJill says:

    Thanks so much to everyone who posts updates. I am fortunate enough to be able to work from home and kind of “half-listen” to possible juror candidates, but I miss a lot too. Everyone on this site is so kind AND intelligent in their insights as well!

  34. Ragdoll says:

    Hello Fiona,

    Thanks for the shout out my friend. I’m going to tell my husband you appreciated my humour. He thinks I’m not funny, which is very funny to me. Sometimes, we need a break from the intensity of emotions. I realized today just how much I’ve allowed a complete stranger like Casey Anthony et al get the best of me. I do not want to feel this way about anyone. Life is too short, I’m learning. Like all of my BOC friends, I want justice for Caylee. If Casey is found guilty, I pray it’s because the system worked. I pray the jury is one of integrity and fairness. That being said, I am certain the truth will speak for itself. <3

    NaNa, no need to apologize for sharing your thoughts AND feelings. This is a safe place to do so and you are certainly not the only one who feels the way you do. It's just been too long of a process to endure but when our faith is tested, it only makes us stronger for it. I also learned how crucial hope can be! We are seeing this to the end <3

  35. lizzy says:

    ATG, an outside person didn’t get in. Against the odds, someone on the witness list (from TES; probably the woman who had the “pushing match” with George) had their drivers license come up, and was IN the jury pool for the case. What a fluke!

  36. Charlotte says:

    Blink I know this has been discussed before but I MUST ask as I am sure everyone is curious. IF there are indeed Casey’s prints on the duct tape, wouldn’t the state have to had released that by now as part of the discovery? And do you still say there WERE prints on the duct tape?

  37. Mom3.0 says:

    Hi all-
    Nana youre welcome- No worries I’m glad to have you and your thoughts-
    As for helping the defense- I would think they have bigger problems to overcome than eye contact-JMO

    Sorry guys- I was unable to watch this mornings proceedings- power outage. I’ll have to catch it later…I’d appreciate any highlights from you guys though TIA

    I came in to hear Judge Perry saying he would work on getting homeplate baseball tickets for a male p. juror- I also heard him say to a f. potential juror that he does not plan on being here in July…so he must be very hopeful that this trial will go smoothly and quickly.

    TGF- Hi I think I explained that poorly- my apologies
    The p. juror/one time p. witness (dropped from d. witness list) who contaminated the whole jury pool didnt sneak in the door, she was selected the same as everyone else thru drivers license and computers

    Strange world we live in- coincidences abound.

  38. Mom3.0 says:

    Oh one other thing I forgot to mention…I did catch this from todays proceedings- the baseball guy- J Perry is calling him back today at 130 IIRC- so that both sides can fully question him to see if he will survive the Voir Dire(sp?) process- that way he may not have to cancel his trip or have to lose his seats at the baseball game, if J Perry is unable to get the tickets for another game…

  39. Mom3.0 says:

    Okay- Here is the recap of this morning, for those that want to watch
    Videos at link

    According to the link Casey cried again today- I watched a short clip- I dont usually comment on appearance but- I think that Casey may have cut her hair alittle…she is now sporting side bangs. I almost feel sorry for her, this new do does not work well IMO- Casey pushes the hair away from her eyes quite frequently and when not doing so, the bangs hang limply in her face obscuring her eyes…

    Nana- she now has a new way to avoid eye-contact…LOL and I am not sure this will play well for the jury IMO

  40. Löni says:

    Thank you all for the updates, thank you Mom3,0. You make it easier for me to understand the following of the case. Better than reading it from the news.:-)

  41. Mom3.0 says:

    YIKES a p. juror may be in big trouble- a male approached a reporter inorder to disqualify himself…J. Perry is questioning him and he is asking him why he shouldnt be held in contempt- he admitted to the allegations….. he keeps saying I didnt know…

    J Perry says you willfully violated a court order asked him his name stated it and where he worked he stated it…. and he is being showed on camera-

    I will judge you to be guilty you are ordered to pay of fine $400 I wont imprison this time I order you to pay $50 a month- you have a right to appeal 1st payment 1st June pay between 1st& 10th of each month

    -All paraphrased-

    Judge Perry is not amused- Wow what a way for this man to get “known” great way to make an impression. JMO

  42. Randie says:

    Casey had her bangs cut—This weould cut down on us being able to see her face and eyes.

    BOTH times JP had to read the indictment—-Casey fell apart. She lowers her head in shame and cries. It breaks her core….it must feel very very shameful to have to listen and endure that.

    As soon as the reading was over, she lost it and had to leave to regain composure.

    Once that was over she looked straight a head and watched everything.

    She is showing signs of guilt. She CAN’T look at all those jurors in the face.

    With JB and her snipping at each other yesterday…..she has been passed down to sit witht he women…..must feel weird.

  43. jane says:

    Where did she get scissors from in jail

  44. Georgiamom says:

    here’s the link to the p. juror being smacked down by JBP –

  45. WPG says:

    The stability and frame of mind of this in-contempt person bothers me. When he was excused and was leaving his chair it sounded like he remarked “you’re kidding me”. Also his behavior and mannerisms exhibited after this, while seated in the gallery area. JMO.

    I agree.

  46. Mom3.0 says:

    WPG- perhaps he has some underlying mental issues… Sad really0 and in my opinion only it is probably best that he was removed from the jury pool.

    Just wanted to let everyone know that I may have misheard some of the proceedings- I am still having some computer issues- so i apologize.

    The fine is being reported as $450 not 400 thanks for letting me claify.

    FYI- inorder to supply a more racially diverse jury pool, and answer the concerns of the defense IRT so few minorities, Judge Perry is going to bring in some citizens from the homeless population.

    Loni- youre welcome- thanks for the kind words I appreciate it.

    Jane she may not have cut her hair she may just have released her bangs from bobby pins or such…I dont think they would give her scissors. LOL I hope not.

    Thanks to everyone for the links, and the informative comments today- much appreciated.

  47. Charlotte says:

    Does anyone know who the new black haired lady is on the DT?

  48. Mom3.0 says:

    Me again-
    J Perry says 60 p. jurors have survived the process so far-
    They will question another 40 today- J. Perry says plan on staying late-

    So far, from the proceedings that I have been able to watch, more females have been picked to be put on stand by today than any other day-

    The p. jurors from today will be most likely called to return for 2nd round on Fri.

    Court in recess inorder to bring up the group of 40.

  49. Eloise says:

    Hi guys

    I have been OOT and I appreciate the recaps and comments. Have been trying to catchup at night, but I really missed a lot. HJBP is a very nice & compassionate man irt peoples financial and family circumstances. I am sure he wants to say, “See, this is how normal caring people act to their fellowman”, but cant, lol.
    Yes, the juror who was fined in contempt looked as though he has more on his mind than jury selection- good to have weeded him out from the start. I also agree Mason does not come across as understanding of the difficulties that many endure to just get by week to week, too bad.

  50. Löni says:

    I just also watched the Jury selection day3 and i have to say that i was impressed about the way the judge Perry spoke to the potential jurors with his calm and a bit of monoton voice. He seems to be wise and the way he rose his arm every time he described to potential jurors the benefits they would have while serving the state, fresh and a he remind me a bit of a Kid that would enjoy going to restaurants doing gym and having such a nice room.

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