Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Will Judge Rulings Today Be Defense Doomsday?

Chief Judge Belvin Perry promised to rule on 2 outstanding motions by her defense team today.

Update #1 4:45PM.. Motion to exclude trunk stain… D E N I E D

Rulings on Critical Motions regarding a hair with a "deathband" that could only belong to a deceased individual and either Casey or Caylee Anthony, and the air samples tested by Dr. Arpad Vass and found to contain chloroform levels he has never seen, in his 22 year career.

The air samples themselves are not in contention as the "hardware" and methodology in their extraction are used widely in the scientific community, and the defense team, through a stipulation agreement to withdraw contempt proceedings against him, could not argue about anything else.  The defense argument was largely about the interpretation of the data that was yielded from the samples as they relate to a decompositional event in the trunk of Casey's car.

Both motions were a combination of a Frye/exclusion attempt by the defense that took several days in court to conclude, in which many observers felt were disorganized and poorly argued in contrast to the deft responses by the prosecution.

Yesterday, for the second time, Jose Baez on behalf of Casey Anthony filed a response to the State's motion to let his already withdrawn "experts" Dr. Danzinger and Dr. Weis be permitted to testify as to what Casey told them during their interviews with her.

You may recall, during the State's deposition attempt of Dr. Danzinger,  Judge Perry put the kibosh to it after receiving a call from Jose Baez, and both depositions have since been sealed.  Judge Perry referenced testimony about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, but legal experts agree that in itself would not be grounds for suspending a deposition and immediately sealing it.

It is this editors opinion that during the deposition,  Dr. Danzinger recounted parts of his interview with Casey Anthony that may have been incriminating to her.

It was abundantly clear that the defense strategy is/was to attempt to have these witnesses speak about parts of their interviews with Casey Anthony as a way to repeat her "defense" without ever taking the stand, subjecting her to cross-examination by the state.

It is also abundantly clear that Jose Baez et al did not understand the Judge's comments about these depositions the first time around.

The only way these "Docs" will be permitted to testify to anything Casey Anthony told them, is if Jose Baez presents an exception argument to the hearsay rule, and since the "declarant" or Casey Anthony, will never take the stand, 'not gonna happen.

Yesterday afternoon, the defense depositions of Tony Lazzarro and Amy Huizenga were filed with the court.

While there was largely previously known information contained in both depositions, there was one noteworthy tidbit in Ms. Huizenga's which the defense glossed over in a hurry.

Reported exclusively by,  the Anthony's withheld a major plumbing emergency at their home that sent someone from Hopespring Drive in a panic to locate Caylee.

For the first time, it is confirmed that Casey knew about it, and told Amy it was one of the reasons they could not move in:

Casey Told Amy About A Pipe

This article will be updated when Judge Perry rules this afternoon.

Check back to for continued breaking news in the case against Casey Anthony.

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  1. Debbie says:

    (45.WPG says:
    May 11, 2011 at 2:23 pm
    The stability and frame of mind of this in-contempt person bothers me. When he was excused and was leaving his chair it sounded like he remarked “you’re kidding me”. Also his behavior and mannerisms exhibited after this, while seated in the gallery area. JMO.)

    I agree WPG. I feel like the judge was giving him a chance to apologize by asking him if there is anything you’d like to say. And the potential juror just kept saying he didn’t think he did anything wrong.

  2. Sue says:

    Inmates have access to a barber in jail. If they want a hair cut, they put their name on a list with the housing unit officer when the barber comes in. (Usually in the evening.) If an inmate is in PC, (protective custody) like Casey, then there is a “freeze” put on any other inmate movement in that part of the jail, and the PC inmate can go to the central location where the barber sets up. Casey may have requested to have her bangs cut by the barber. Another thought may be that she did it herself with a plastic razor that inmates are issued for 1 time use each day. After they use the razor, the razor is collected by the unit officer and logged accordingly. An officer does not have to stand watch when an inmate is using a razor unless the inmate is suicidal. As long as the razor is handed over intact after a shower, then it is assumed the inmate used it to shave her legs, arm pits or beard etc. Scissors are never issued for any reason. They should not even be in a housing unit.

  3. chelsea says:

    Just came back online in time to see Casey having some kind of ‘medical’ issue. She kept rubbing her hands together and was then assisted out by two uniformed officers. Baez looks stressed and I think he and Casey had better patch up their differences or the defense is going nowhere. Perhaps it is a panic attack, she looks haunted as if the truth of her situation has hit home – at last!!

  4. chelsea says:

    Just read that George was taken to hospital, sorry no details

  5. Georgiamom says:

    chelsea, I missed the ‘event’ also, but here’s the link –

  6. chelsea says:

    Think I jumped the gun re: George. Appears HLN were probably referring to his previous suicide attempt. Will count to 10 before further posting. Am so delighted to be underway at last, I’m was getting carried away. Casey looks a wreck, if she is feeling pressure now, what the heck is she going to feel when confronted with friends, lovers etc. all (hopefully) telling the truth under oath.

  7. Ragdoll says:

    The juror found in contempt seems to lack social skills, maybe even shows signs of immaturity.

    Can this case get more bizarre? Does anyone else think that 50 jurors knew that they could get out of serving if they admitted to discussing the case? No one wants to be on this jury, it appears.


  8. Ragdoll says:

    …as for the constant crying, it is completely self serving! She is not getting the attention from Baez since their ‘spat’. For Casey to be snubbed in THAT FASHION is foreign to her. She’s the one who does the turning down, not the other way around. She’s also highly skilled at embellishing emotions to get what she needs. There is lots going on right now in her life that are not going her way. I suspect Casey is working it harder since she’s not getting the response she expects. Walking in crying?????? That’s a first (how hard did she have to squeeze those demonic eyes to shed 1 tear?). I’ve also noticed that she walks into the court room with her head tilted to the side, looking down, pressed lips and arms stiffened at her side. Not the self assured strut we’ve seen in the past. This is contrived too. Now she’s playing ‘you hurt my feelings’. She may look out of sorts but everything she does is for a reason. She is pulling out ALL stops.

    Siren to infantile. Whatever it takes.

  9. Sammy says:

    KC appears to be loosing it.
    No tears for Caylee – only cries for her own sorry azz.

    She falls apart crying and in a panic each time that Judge Perry reads the list of the State of Florida’s charges against her to each new group of potential jurors.
    Crying, head down, face hidden, unable to even look at the potential jurors.

    If she’s falling apart this early – she’ll never make it thru the parade of her ex-bed buddies and friends that are gonna get up on the stand.
    Each will expose her lies.
    That will pizz her off and she’ll lose it big-time. IMO

  10. NoseyRosey says:

    I believe Casey sufferred from low blood sugar today- IMO she showed several signs. She doesn’t look good to me and looks as though she isn’t eating well- at one point I read her lips after her “episode” and she clearly said “I thought I was going to pass out”.

  11. NoseyRosey says:

    Oh and Sammy- I completely agree…..Casey can sit there without tears listening to graphic detail about her child’s remains, but can’t stop crying when the judge reads the chargers against her or when anything doesn’t go her way.

  12. lizzy says:

    I wrote a longer post, but deleted it because all I really want to say is:

    I heart JBP!

    OMG right?

    His belly cackle is my new ringtone!

  13. Dellastreet says:

    Obviously Casey had a panic/anxiety attack this afternoon. This would be the seecond one for her…that we know of. The first one being the day that little Caylee was found in the woods near Casey’s house. She is now set up to have these and things will not go well for her from here on out. She will never make it on tehe stand at this rate. Also, don’t know where I missed it but who is the new young attorney that issued a motion yesterday in front of Judge Perry? Is that woman hanging all over Casey Oscar Ray Bolin’s wife? What the heck is she doing on this team? Just when you think you have seen it all!

  14. Mom3.0 says:

    Thanks everyone for your thoughts very interesting opinions today.

    Sue thanks for giving us the run down on the jail barbers ect-

    Todays evening session-

    I thought Judge Perry’s statements to the potential jurors was very much needed and very informative. I thought he conveyed the seriousness of being a juror and balanced it with the honor and duty of being selected as a juror.

    The new lady is a mitigation specialist- her behavior in court seemed more like coddling then support though, but perhaps I have lost the ability to feel compassion for Casey and her plight. IDK

    As the charges were being read, Casey wiped away tears and wiped her nose. Even before the indictment was read Casey’s fingers were blueish purple. I believe she had pain in her hands due to the fact that she was clasping her hands, and she was forgetting to breathe normally- IMO she was not getting enough oxygen ect- in essence I think she was on the verge of hyperventilating, which can cause3 your extremities to become numb ect.

    If this type of behavior- not breathing deeply ect continues she will IMO be subject to passing out, convulsions ect.

    She needs to stop trying to control her reactions to the point of exhaustion.

    IMO it did not play well to the camera, as it seemed as if she was desperate to not be confronted with the accusations against her, for the most part, her head was down and her eyes averted, and she seemed to be slightly shaking. I felt she should take deep breaths- but I cant say I felt sorry for her.

    For me, a member of the human race, and a mother it is a hard thing for me to admit- but every time I see her cry now, I only think back to her waltzing in the video store with Tony, and her interviews with LE, and her Myspace postings, her tattoo, dancing ect- along with her phone calls home, and her jail visits ect- which seem to me to be totally lacking in any compassion, concern, grief remorse,or caring for her little daughters homicide and disposal ect.

    Casey may now be more hidden behind her lawyers and her hair, but what will she do when she is subjected day in and day out to having to sit across from the jury in open court? Will she be fine through most of it because she will not be hearing the charges every second? Or will she react this way in front of the jury no matter what?

    Will she ever show emotion over Caylee,and what she did/ or will she continue to break down and cry when she is confronted with the accusations and evidence?

    I guess only time will tell.


  15. lizzy says:


    I’m dabbling in some of Cindy’s letters and other documents now (led there by the plumbing paragraph in one of Cindy’s letters that you published).

    In a subsequent letter (dated 7-21-10), Cindy talks about how she is still seeking Caylee, and that when the trial is over this spring, they will go find her together and all be reunited. (paraphrased)

    Is Cindy still asserting that Caylee is alive? Or trying to maintain this illusion with Casey?

    I don’t know; I might start to be swayed by a “my parents are nuts” defense.


  16. Just is says:

    Ok, after following this case, primarily through this site, I’m finally joining in to throw a theory out there. First I must say I do my best to keep up on here so if this has been discussed already, I apologize.

    Like many, I’m drawn to this case for some reason or another, but what I’ve always focused on is how exactly did she do it? I don’t think ‘murder’ is necessarily the word I would use. To me it’s far worse than that. Could it be possible that Casey was drugging Caylee when she didn’t have Cindysitter and eventually decided to try a recipe for chloroform? Obviously it was too lethal of a dose to give to her 2yr old and all came tumbling down after that. When Casey sits in court, listening to the charges against her, she shakes her head at the mention of murder. Because in her little jacked up mind, it was an accident. She didn’t mean to kill her she just wanted her to sleep for a longer time so she can sleep next to Tony. After she realized what she did, she had to cover her tracks while she kept everyone in the dark for 31 days. IF this was an accident, like the defense is teetering on using as her ‘get out of jail free card’, that’s the only way I can see it making sense. And to me that makes her more heartless than saying she killed her daughter in a blind fit of rage.

    I could be wrong. I’ve been back and forth on this for quite some time arguing about random small details that don’t fit into the puzzle. No one I know has followed this case as much as I have so I thought I’d run it by you fine people. I’d love to hear other insight!

    We’re gettin’ close!

  17. michigan fan says:

    I have to ask this even though it may be a stupid question, but if casey gets up on the stand, can she plead the 5th?? I would think not but, with the way this case goes, who knows??
    Also, I know the 1st day casey was crying and showing emotion, and the prosecution said something and the judge told jury to ignore her emotions, but what about today?? She cried or fake cried today when charges were being read and then her panic attack?? Did the jury see that and why weren’t they told to ignore her today???? That is the one thing that ticks me off is that they do one thing one day and then it is not followed thru on other occasions??

    Just wondering?

    She cannot if she takes the stand on her own.

  18. Mom3.0 says:

    Lizzy according to mallory’s depo (found on Docstop- from Nov 2009 they all believe Caylee is dead- BTW if anyone had any hope that Mallory would shed some light dont bother- She is just as seemingly out of the loop as the rest of the Anthony’s -
    She doesnt recall- and she is very vague and according to her no one bothered to ask Casey anything in regards to Caylee’s whereabouts or well-being during the time she was home on bail…They were so happy to have Casey home, I guess they didnt want to put on damper on the cheerful homecoming- according to Mallory- she is the one that taped the signs up at the tent- and she believes she used “masking tape”-

    Yeah there is alot of masking going on- but not by the use of tape- anyone who has ever used masking tape knows that it can not be utilized to hold things- especially those with any weight and certainly not thru wind, rain, sun and other elements-


  19. michigan fan says:

    Was casey’s breakdown after the judge fined the juror for talking to the media?? If so, she freaked out because she can see that this judge doesn’t take any s**t and she is thinking that once the jury is picked she is screwed because pretty much everyone has heard of this case and most people think she is guilty. I think reality is setting in and she knows that it is just a matter of time. HA HA HA

    Also, if the jury finds for a lesser charge, does the judge decide her sentence??

  20. michigan fan says:

    It would be interesting to know if they can get receipts from the past, prior to her death, and see how many times cold meds or some other form of sleepy meds for kids were purchased?? From what I remember, I think Cindy said Caylee didn’t get sick much. So it would be interesting to see how much was purchased prior to the chloroform searches. Just a thought

  21. Sammy says:

    Dellastreet asked: Is that woman hanging all over Casey Oscar Ray Bolin’s wife? What the heck is she doing on this team? Just when you think you have seen it all!

    OMGosh yes !!
    Forgot to even mention the new defense team member.
    Just when you think you’ve seen it all, indeed!

    Yes … that is Rosalie Bolin.
    The woman that had an inappropriate relationship with the FL serial killer – Oscar Ray Bolin – while she was serving as the death penalty mitigation expert for the Hillsborough County Public Defender’s Office.
    She was canned from that job and then went on to actually marry the murdering freak-a-zoid scumbag Bolin.

    Here’s one article that focuses on Mrs Bolin … but if y’all haven’t heard of her hubby – google Oscar Ray Bolin.
    He terrorized the area back in the 80′s torturing/murdering at least 8 women.

    This DT seems to be a traveling circus – picking up more freak show attractions as time goes by.
    Adding Rosalie Bolin to this team …. just wow!

  22. Sammy says:

    Also about the DT hiring Rosalie Bolin …
    They are here trying to seat a jury in Pinellas County.
    Anyone who has been in Pinellas, Hillsborough, or Pasco County for any length of time – will recognize the Bolin name.
    And not in a good way.
    The man she chose to marry and still defends to this day -Oscar Ray Bolin – absolutely terrorized people here back then.
    Right up there with Ted Bundy.

    Another bonehead move from the defense team. IMO
    I would have LOVED to have seen the reaction of Judge Perry’s face when he received this little tidbit of info about who the DT had just hired.

  23. Whoops says:

    Just is- when you said that to you it makes her more heartless than if she killed her daughter in a blind fit of rage, you nailed it. I 100% agree cannot fathom how anyone can think “ohhh OK that explains it”. No ma’m and no sir, IMHO it almost makes it worse. Putting your family, friends, and the entire state of FL through even deeper hell for what??? I will certainly never wrap my head around this one.

  24. Ragdoll says:

    michigan fan says:

    May 11, 2011 at 10:22 pm

    You know what I think? Casey wasn’t sick. She wasn’t in pain. She was simply being Casey. Everyday it’s the same thing, the charge documents read out loud, she cries, shakes her head no…..

    Casey did 1 of 2 things:

    1. She created a diversion b/c all eyes are on the defendent who is being charged with killing her baby, child abuse, manslaughter, lying to police, etc etc…..

    2. She needed to find a way to appear as the helpless victim herself in front of the p. jury.

    AJMO….but there always seems to be an agenda behind Casey’s emotions. I agree with the poster who said she changes from one state to another instantaneously. Tears one minute; organizing the defense team’s desk like the little assistant she is, the next. The difference this time is that no one is being fooled by it.

  25. chica says:

    from a S.M poster

    I get live updates from the Pinellas County Sheriff Dept. and this just came across…Casey?? Maybe she heard she is suppose to have multiple personality disorder and she is practicing for court tomorrow?

    9:19 PM


    14840 49TH ST N


  26. chica says:

    The los Angels Times
    Fool for Love?
    She gave up everything–her home, her husband, her children–for a man whose future likely holds only death row. Was she duped? Or did Rosalie Martinez find true love with an improper stranger?

  27. chica says:

    unbelievable cindy throws a dinner party for casey while she was out on bond and among the guest jose baez and his wife.

  28. Löni says:

    Hello Blink and Blinkers. I have never watched a trial so i have a question : will the defense tell in their opening statements what they think happened to Sweetheart Caylee showing then their strategy or will that come out
    ” peu à peu” in the course of the Trial?

  29. chica says:

    p.s you know it was all about her and if caylees name was mentioned she would freak!

    HLN had cindy and george’s attorney on. He said depending on the trial if they bring up george molesting casey, they may file legal proceeding.
    I think baez will see alot of that! with kronk and the rest that baez has lied about.

    I know one thing ! by the time this trial is over I will hate cold cuts!! thinking of chelsea and her ironing board growing dust!!!

  30. Löni says:

    For what i saw or red i would not be able to say if CA fakes or not those breakdowns in an attempt to affect the image she reflects on those potential Jurors. But what i really think what is not fake are those pains in her hands. It might physically reflect what she did with her hands to people who loved her and possibly to Sweetheart Caylee.(only an opinion) Her conscience begins to bother her in face of what will come to her and to light at trial. I think she is scared about her own lies and specialy about those ones regarding her family as for what she might have told her lawers to defend her case. She can’t get back anymore and she knows she can loose her family as well for what she told. I am curious about what that is that when comes out we will be shocked according to her lawer ( if it is true for what was wrotten what her lawers said ). I don’t know what really happened in her life if she has been abused or not. For me i can’t see GA doing something to CA. If her family done no wrong exept to spoil her to the point she became a selfish impossible person then it is very destructive and sad if she throw them in à very bad light to save her own” a..”!

  31. Ragdoll says:


    Casey abruptly left the courtroom during a break on Wednesday, complaining of arm discomfort, but about 20 minutes later, she came back in and lifted a glass of water without a problem.

    I believe there is always method to her madness. She doesn’t get my benefit of the doubt.

  32. Ragdoll says:

    chica, you’re killing me….LOL. Chelsea’s ironing is becoming legendary in these parts :D

  33. myers says:

    To me Casey does not know what to do with herself as far as actions.
    Every minute is a long time for her. She tries to keep busy by playing with her shirt or hair. She takes a sip of water, she moves pens around and shifts papers. She is very uncomfortable. What is so sickening to me is when she gets eye contact with a male and flirts with her eyes. It is as if at that moment she forgets why she is there. At the end of the day you will see her hang around the table and wait for some attention. She acts as if she is on a cliff and expects someone to grab her.
    I can’t wait to see her when all the witnesses are in her face telling the truth.

    The evidence in this case points directly to her and only her.
    Can’t wait to her opening arguments.

  34. Dellastreet says:

    Casey loves Rosalie Bolin. You can tell it from their interactions. She finally has a commrade in arms as it were. This is what Roasalie does and she is good at it. She makes friends with murders and crazy people and they trust her. She is one of them for heaven sakes. I think she will coach her in all ways to get jury sympathy and make a good impression. Would not be surprised if she is doing her wardrobe and hair or advising her. Rosalie is a dangerous person. I for one don’t like this. If Casey truly is having panic/anxiety attacks and I believe she has…..she will have them from now on. They can be paralyzing and disabling. Remains to be seen what will happen with her through this trial when the BIG evidence comes in. Can’t see her making it on the stand but stranger things have happened and this case is a lot of strange. BTW I do not see this trial being over in my lifetime if this keeps going at this pace.

  35. chelsea says:

    chica, ragdoll, you should see how much I have done!! Am just about to run the iron over hubbies shirts for the third time as in my fury with Baez I was whizzing through it all too quickly. My husband thinks I am obsessed; I am and don’t care who knows it. I want justice for a sweet, murdered little girl whom has been abandoned by her family and whom thankfully has now been taken into the hearts of a wonderful prosecution team and of course, Blink and her Blinksters. What a marathon for any potential juror to go through!! The first guy was virtually put on trial. Well back to the ironing board, catch you all later.

  36. Sammy says:

    Sounds like Anne Finnell spilled the bean this morning as to the defense that Baez plans on bringing.
    Among her long laundry list of mitigating factors for KC …
    * age
    * emotional abuse
    * sexual abuse
    * not taught coping skills
    * poor impulse control
    * lack of maturity
    * used as pawn or decoy by parents

    At the rate AF was trying to go, this stage of voire dire would have taken till July to complete.
    So obvious that the DT is still trying anything they can to delay this trial from starting on time.

    Motion by Mr Ashton is sustained that the Defense team CANNOT pre-try this case during voire dire.
    Keep them moving Judge Perry.

  37. Sammy says:

    I realize that Judge Perry is giving the DT some wide leeway in asking lots of questions of these potential jurors b/c he wants to avoid any appellate issues down the road, but … Geez Louise!!
    It’s been HOURS, and they are still on the first potential juror of the day.
    This poor guy sounds intelligent and unbiased – Baez keeps asking and re-phrasing the same questions over + over again.
    Delay, delay, delay.

    Mr Ashton and Ms Drane-Burdick come prepared and ask succinct and relevant questions of the potential jurors.
    The difference in professionalism between them and Bozo’s circus crew is glaring.
    Baez … your stoopid is showing.

  38. Mom3.0 says:

    Sammy- youre right they seemed to spill the beans- and I find them to be putrid !

    The defense is basically verging on attempting to pre-try this case in jury-selection. They are confusing the p-jurors with questions on case terms/instructions and seemingly giving them only certain information or not the complete information. J. Perry himself has stopped the questioning/proceedings several times inorder to read the actual instructions.

    AF also gave insomnia as a possible reasoning…and Baez has asked what reasons would someone lie other than they are guilty. i think they are going to say she kept it to herself because they taught her to- by using her as a go between and as a shield- I think they are gonna try to use a form of Parental Alienation Syndrome/ CMA “cult” as a bogus defense.

    Now that this as all came up- I think this is what they are going to say- Casey was a victim of her poor abusive background and she is not at fault- she was traumatized to the point of being a zombie.


  39. Sammy says:

    Break for lunch for 40 minutes.
    After the poor 1st potential juror left the courtroom, Judge Perry spoke to the attorneys.
    (It has been approx 3 hours of repetitive/inane questioning by the DT of this 1st juror)
    Judge Perry has to explain to them what the purpose of voire doir is.
    Emphasizes that voire doir is NOT the time to attempt to “pre-try” this case.
    (which is what the DT seems to be trying to do)
    Multiple objections by the State – about the line of questioning by the DT … so far, all sustained.

    Judge Perry tells them to take all the time they need (with appropriate questioning of the jurors) – but also keep in mind that they are still on #1 of 37 jurors scheduled for today.
    That he intends to stay here today/tonight until the other 36 jurors are called in and questioned.
    Says they will stay there today and tonight however late that is – until all 37 potential jurors are done.

  40. claudia says:

    Blink, If you please.

    Trying to understand, if George did infact molest Casey, then why is he not in jail for the charges. How long does someone have to bring charges, can it be years? That is a mouth full to say about someone, and no one in LE doing anything about it if it’s true, TIA

    Because he did not.

    George is a lot of things, but a pedophile is not one.

  41. Sammy says:

    Finally finished questioning of juror #1 (#1340) — “no challenges” from either the State or the DT.
    We may have our first official juror – he’ll come back tomorrow.

  42. Gigi says:

    Thank you, says….I wanted to ask that, too. First day I have been able to watch proceedings. Seems like by voices several young men. The last trial I served as a juror was a federal trial ..convicted felon in posession of a firearm. We could see the defendant, but not real close and we only were asked basic usual questions..still took two days to get a verdict. My question is is it just camera angles or are these jurors fairly close to Casey and can they make eye contact if they choose? Also, does anyone think young men may be more passionate, if you will about finding CA guilty? I understand that is not the correct process..but… sorry just thinking out loud while watching this. I love Judge Belvin Perry’s body language….almost like you can read what he is thinking which of course we cannot. I just noticed Casey’s dead eyes seemed to get a twinkle when last man was let out of room…sorry…being petty…just amazing almost like the jurors are on trial. But, without body language the hesitance, the not sures, the I don’t knows..just seems like they are really nervous and really want to say the right thing. As interesting as this is, glad I am not one of your opinions did GA and CA realize that this list of mitigating circumstance were going to be used and they still are forgetting about justice for Caylee?

  43. Mom3.0 says:

    This is going to be a very long process.

    Blink- just thought you and your readers would like to know that Miss LDB told a potential juror that as a juror, he may be exposed to a (pp) bad smell-not so pleasant smell.

    Sounds like you were right, and the liner my be brought into court-

    BTW- it sounds like the defense is trying their whole case in jury selection- they are actually asking a juror about his opinions on certain evidence he may have heard about…is this normal?


    O that liner will be brought into that courtroom, there is no doubt in my mind whatsoever.

    I also believe that there will be a canine demonstration with regard to it, or seperately.

    The defense is definitely in need to win the “jury” selection, it is all they have.


  44. WPG says:

    4:14 court time:

    Sidebar happening.
    What is going on with DS and the accused with DS’s laptop? Is it allowable, for instance, if someone was communicating with CA via DS and her laptop – - – DS writes down a communication she receives frpm her laptop on to CA’s yellow paper pad, CA gives her response to DS and then DS replies on behalf of CA via her laptop?

  45. WPG says:

    Blink says:
    “I also believe that there will be a canine demonstration with regard to it, or seperately.”

    Been hoping the K9′s would be brought into court.

  46. chelsea says:

    Blink, the Defense keep mentioning mitigation and would the juror consider age, immaturity, disfunctional family etc. Now Ann Finnell has added ‘brain developement’. Are they going to use Jesse Grunde’s evidence that Casey had a seizure during trial do you think?

    I covered this months ago, regarding a possible defense strategy of chiari one, but appolly I am not in a position to link it-anyone?

  47. SOTT says:

    Just is,

    Regarding your theory on Caylee’s death being an accidental overdose of chloroform: I’ve often thought that myself (and then thought that her next plan was to ‘stage’ the kidnapping, but she was just having so much fun with her Bella Vita, that she did not find the time to write the ransom note, leave clues, etc)…. but then I remember that there were searches on the Anthony home computer for ‘NECK BREAKING’ and ‘HOUSEHOLD WEAPONS’ in addition to HOW TO MAKE CHLOROFORM’, and then the whole accident theory goes out the window for me. At this point, I don’t believe that it has been proven/released as to who exactly did the searches on the computer, but if you read Cindy’s deposition by the Prosecution, IIRC, she claims to have done the searches for chloroform herself, stating that (pp)she was worried that the dogs could be poisoned by the plants or bamboo in the yard and she was concerned that they possessed this chemical in them or something to that effect). Anything is possible as far as how the defense will state their case, and I think that what you have stated is as good a possibilty as any.

    Ragdoll, loved your post #8 on this page! Even though I’ve never met you or heard you speak, when I read it, I could ‘hear’ the inflections and elongations going on in what I imagine your voice to sound like!

    Mom3.0, thank you so much for the recaps on jury selection. Unfortunately, I have not been able to watch them in their entirety and have been counting on reading here for the highlights.

    Thanks to all for such great insights, observations, etc.

    And most of all, thank you, Blink, for sharing with Caylee your selfless, passionate devotion to give those without a ‘voice’, a place to be acknowledged and heard.

  48. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Thanks as usual for keeping such close tabs on the progress of jury selection. I too found it interesting when the “smell” issue was brought up.

    In another questioning by Mason, he too brought up the “smell” issue and the camera cut to Casey. She just stared blankly and kept her facial expression blank.

    Some have opined that Casey may have some medical problems that are creating the issues with her hands and other things. She could be creating them by what she is eating. Stress and poor diet can make a person have physical problems.

  49. Gigi says:

    Sorry, #42 , I meant to say…more passionate if you will about finding Casey not guilty.

  50. myers says:

    Things really hit home for Casey when someone says something funny while questioning the potential juror and she really can’t join the laughter. In fact she may be starting to realize that there will never be a tender smile in her life again.

    I am really beginning to believe that the defense is only trying to save her life and they will take that as a victory. Something they may have not filled her in on.

    She looks exhausted. Something I haven’t seen in her before. The real show has began.

    At times you can tell she tries to act tough girl. Maybe an expression she will make or just some sort of motion she will do. I believe her writing makes her feel as she is a somebody.

    I think she is pretty aggravated with the day. Her defense theory has pretty much told to us today. Her parents better get ready.

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