Holly Bobo Missing And Endangered: Are Suspects Naming Themselves- Odd Dodd?

Darden, TN–


On the eve of the 4 week anniversary of missing Darden, TN nursing student, Holly Bobo, new investigative details are being learned about the case. Two unofficial persons of interest have taken their case “public” in a way.

While blinkoncrime.com was aware of this information, a decision was made to withhold it in the interests of the cases “active” status previously.

That was, until today, when one of the known person’s of interests in Holly’s disappearance, outed himself publicly.

Jonathan Dodd, son of Bradley Grafton Dodd, and Dena Logan Dodd, chose the Parsons topix forum to “defend” himself against what he termed “death threats”.

Blink, Editor In Chief of www.blinkoncrime.com, was able to confirm the poster on the topix forum was indeed, Jon Dodd.

Speaking exclusively to www.blinkoncrime on the condition of anonymity, an extended family member of the Dodd family, sheds more light on Master Dodd’s claims.

“.. Yes, that is definitely him. I have no idea how he can say he does not know the Bobo family, he went to Scotts Hill with Holly for a short time. Karen Bobo, Holly’s Mom, worked for Grafton Dodd, his grandfather, when he was the principle of the Parson’s junior High when it was still there, Brad and Grafton are on the school board, there is no way that is true what is said.


Jon Dodd High School List From His myspace


When he is saying something was stolen from the property, he is talking about the ATV you wrote about before, when I saw that, I knew you were aware of him.   Sandy  called the sheriffs department before she knew that Holly was missing to report that their ATV was stolen. Sandy is also the cheer leading coach at Riverside High, since forever, and she got into some minor trouble a few years back because she got caught rigging the tryouts. Nothing major, but everyone knew about it. Dena, his Mom, was a teacher at Riverside shortly after he got transferred, which is weird again.

Everyone in this family has been covering for Jon since he was a kid. I could not believe when he stabbed Brad with a scissors when he was about 8 1/2, there was a big cover up. Last year Dena moved to Gwinnett County because the grands let him get away with anything. He has a baby with Shelby Sellers and nobody really even knew about that until after.

Jon went to the great-grandparents for a while in Arab, Ala in 2006 after the girl was killed in the car accident that got his ass beat up when he said she deserved it, and again, nobody said a word. Brad and Dena started up that Boy Scouts thing for him and (redacted by blink).

What is he talking about? What does donate DNA mean? O that is totally him, I can tell by the “I get paid to hunt” or whatever. Speaking of hunting, the abandoned cabin that volunteers found, when Grafton was told, was when he refused permission for any other searches and they got a warrant. Grafton and Sandy were seen removing a mattress from that part of the property, the one they found in the place where the outhouses were used recently. (redacted) saw him in WalMart, he looked at her and said he did not do it, I swear. Really scary.

He (Jon) did not donate DNA, it was taken from him in the parking lot of Tuckers Diner, he did not have a choice. The LE came there and showed some papers. Grafton’s was taken too, but I don’t know were, I heard it was at the area of the Pugh property, by that Shayne Austin’s parents house.

Another doozie…”

The X Factor

A former boyfriend of Holly Bobo’s, Blake Barnett, is also doing nothing to avoid being scrutinized. It is clear from his facebook postings that he is aware of his “celebrity”, and that folks following this case, are reading.

While it does not make him a bad guy, we have confirmed that he has had a background of  alleged violence, in a former relationship with Holly Bobo.

He was the first name utttered by Holly Bobo’s parents, Dana and Karen, when they learned of her abduction.

That said, there is no known evidence linking Mr. Barnett to Holly’s disappearance.

Barnett is no stranger to violence, unfortunately, Blake, his brother and sister lost their parents Timothy and Janice in a brutal murder in 1993.

John Robinson, with actus reus assistance from his wife Kimberly, murdered both of the Barnett’s because they were after him for bounced checks.

Amelia, Blake’s little sister, was left in her crib for 48 hours before police found her while looking for the Barnett’s.  She survived.

There have been no official suspects or persons of interest named in the disappearance of Holly Bobo in 4 weeks.

There has not been a LE update to her case since May 2.

The search effort for Holly Bobo continues.

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  1. katts says:

    “Nancy where did you read this post”

    Parsons Topix:

  2. constance says:

    Would her father be beating the bushes daily, as the most recent article states, if she had been found?

  3. starM says:

    you make a good point! No he would not!

  4. daydreamer says:

    @Nancy and others:
    I don’t believe any of this,you have to understand their are some weird people out there that want attention by putting themselves in an on going case.They act like they know more than anyone else,but no proof to back it up.I’m sure the TBI has had to deal with lots of clowns and that is just wasting their time.Anybody can get on Topix and say they are anything and who would know the difference.You notice they always say just enough and then cut if off.I just don’t believe she is alive.I have read tons of stories about Clint too.It makes me sick to think they are still talking about him.I don’t think LE would be searching if she was in a witness protection program.That would be a waste of time and money.Common sense has to rule when you read that forum

  5. jeff says:


    I think her father would be out beating the bushes. I would think the le would want to keep the status qua. No matter how harsh that sounds Holly is an adult the parents don’t have to be informed. It also depends on what your protecting her from and what the reason is. Maybe Holly knows who the perp is and le can’t find him, that fits protecting the parents and clint. There is a lot of stuff in this story that I feel hasn’t came out yet. I guess were have to wait for an arrest to get the story straight.

  6. kerwin says:

    Hey all,

    This PI you are talking about is an internet trolling fraud. Not even a woman. You can read some of his stuff on outer monvolia. Goes by maggie12 on topix and wagee12 on outer monvolia.

  7. Gary says:

    The poster of the Topix post you are referring to has a Tennessee license as a PI. That is verifiable.

    Then what and who is it, I will verify it personally.

  8. Gary says:


    12minnie is a state licensed PI and is definitely female. Her state id number is posted on Topix and I don’t feel it is my responsibility to give that information without her permission.

    If someone is posting they are a licensed PI, they are obligated to post their #, in the event they are using a recognized name, or birth name.

  9. S says:

    Since: Aug 10
    Location hidden

    Wednesday May 25

    Go to this website and get thru all the verification stuff and all you have to do is to type in this number 5268. That is me! Hell, I thought I was paranoid. Ya’ll need to taper off some of your caffeine. I can’t speak for others, but I know why I’m watching all of this. “THEY” do too.


    From http://verify.tn.gov/…..
    License Status ACTIVE
    License # 5268
    License ID 5268
    Expiration Date Mar 31 2012
    Original Date Jan 18 2002
    Profession Code 1401
    Profession Name Private Investigator
    First Name THERESA
    Middle Name LYNN
    Last Name TIBBS
    State TN
    Zip Code 38351
    Rank Private Investigator
    License Activity Description \

  10. Dr. Pepper says:

    Blink- I wish we could “like” comments on here!!

    Zeus and Jeff-

    If you have viewed those pictures on your computer, there is a chance they were saved as a “cookie” in one of your temp folders.

    There’s not a very difinitive way to look, but go to your “start” button and a search box appears just above it. Type in that dudes name and press enter.

    A google Internet page will load and you’ll see all of the places and times you saw his page…narrow it down to photos and look to see if anything got “cookied” or “cached” to your hard drive.

    Or you can just go to your temp picture folders and look through all of the random photos on there. You’d be amazed at what pics latched on to your computer while surfing the net

  11. Dr. Pepper says:

    And Janet over there at SM is wearing me out with all of her Clint blame game.

    Guess I’m gonna have to log on and tell her

  12. daydreamer says:

    Gary says:
    June 5, 2011 at 9:06 pm

    The poster of the Topix post you are referring to has a Tennessee license as a PI. That is verifiable.

    Then what and who is it, I will verify it personally.

    Blink have I ever told you how much I enjoy reading your replies?

  13. Dalfie says:

    12minnie posted a number on Topix, which is a very public forum so I feel no qualms about linking to it. Apparently it is her PI license number?

    It can be found at the following link.


  14. mag603 says:

    If Derek is involved….it could explain why many of the pix of Holly show Holly and her BF. A msg to Derek–that what he is doing / has done affects his brother.

  15. starM says:

    Blink, the first post her 12minnie aka pi.. says go to TN website and gives a number to type In. I haven’t done this.. don’t know what link she means. She was trying to prove she is a pi?

    Blink, can a pi be present during TBI questioning? Maybe if she’s a family member, friend of witness? Witness gave permission?
    Is it possible? I don’t know their protocol or what circumstances it was under..

  16. Cindy says:

    Isn’t Derek – Drew’s step brother? Are JD and Derek friends? Are BB and Derek friends? Or is he friends with someone on Myracle Rd?

  17. Bridget says:

    I still say it was 2 or possibly 3 people involved. One that abducted her, one that planted the evidence. Or the same person abducted then hid her, then went and planted the evidence. While the other perp was somewhere with an air tight alibi during the abduction but met up with her later at a location. I think they used walkie talkies and knew what was going on all along.

    The reason I ask about Caleb Alexander is because I read from posters that seeing him was “disturbing” and that didn’t make sense until you mentioned Alice “Alexander” Barnett. I thought that might be the link.

    As for Derek Scott, Blink – do you know if he was questioned regarding the abduction by LE? Not sure how close the brothers are, but I can see if he thought she treated his BFF bad and then started dating his brother- protective mode might step in. Might have wanted to teach her a lesson? JMOO.

    Blink, not sure if you can answer this question, but how many people do you belive was involved in the abduction? I understand if you can’t answer this.

  18. rollermonkey says:

    Cindy says:
    June 6, 2011 at 1:48 pm
    Isn’t Derek – Drew’s step brother? Are JD and Derek friends? Are BB and Derek friends? Or is he friends with someone on Myracle Rd?

    Yes, yes,… somewhat, YES and yep.

  19. Blink says:

    Ms. Tibbs-

    I am willing to validate you have an active license as a PI, but with all due respect, I will not post your comment as it is.

    I do not allow attacks on other posters, and frankly, I cannot imagine a successful and “cleared” PI spending 5 seconds on topix or other.

    In short, you cannot “jab” here.

  20. Alex says:

    It is being monitored, thank you.

  21. Theresa Tibbs says:

    Thank you, I quite understand, but until you walk in a person’s shoes….well you get the jest. Have a great day and continued success. Please feel free to kick it out. Be blessed

    Ms. Tibbs- I have walked many a mile in my own shoes. This is a victim’s advocate site, not a parking lot.

    I mean you no disrespect, and I do not know you or your work, but I will tell you that I have never seen a “poster battle” of professionals worth mentioning, ever. I say this constructively.


  22. jeff says:

    I am confused has to why a pi would be on a case that is only two months old. I wonder what family she is working for

  23. jkm says:

    Alex, did you say you were from South Africa? Uganda or Kenya?…I thought I read that in your post way back in the beginning of this mess, how’s the weather? (Anyway, I read a comment of three familiar names that were grouped together by what I would have to call a snitch, because he used a name that should be able to be tracked back to him. So obviously he’s not worried about it. Or it is either a rumour as usual, bcause he doesn’t like these guys, or maybe he might know something you don’t.) I know that he is taking a chance on getting his butt kicked, unless he is not afraid of the persons. But you know how the story goes, it has been all mixed with rumours and lies right from the beginning.

    jim- can I ask you to keep the same hat please? I am one per customer here for integrity purposes, thanks.

  24. Edward says:

    Dr.Pepper.. She is an excellent researcher.Excellence in Research does not mean you have the Perfect Social Skills. It means you bring FACT to the table. She does that and has for years. I have been known to piss a few monkeys off myself. I am trying to use less heart on cases and just sticking to Research for the actual task of Search for the missing. I do not think living on any web site full time is healthy :}

    As far a “protected witness program “, If it is true it will be the first one I have ever seen.. What would be the point ? Imaginations are running wild in my opinion.. most anyone can be a P.I.

  25. jeff says:

    dr pepper

    I am confused has to what your trying to tell me about the pics. I am just confused on how that guy on that page got any of them pics.

  26. daydreamer says:

    Theresa Tibbs.
    I am sure LE and TBI are well aware that you exist and why are you trying to re direct this case in a completely different direction.Gee I wonder who you might be working for,could it be someone mentioned on this blog.Bashing the state of Tennessee LE will get you no where but
    possibly a new home.
    It must be getting boring over on Topix and by the way LE does read here

  27. daydreamer says:

    A local or local persons took Holly.Not a visiting coon hunter. Read this article by Blink:

    Speaking of tires, http://www.blinkoncrime.com has uncovered what has been determined to be “materially relevant” to the case of the disappearance of Holly Bobo, by a source inside the investigation speaking to blinkoncrime.com on the condition of anonymity.

    While our source will not comment on whether one or both ads are a part of the case or who they might be tied to, the ad from Parsons, appeared at 12:33AM on April 17, before the public was asked to notice who may have replaced tires or cleaned an ATV or vehicle.

    Two ATV tire ads, one from Jackson, TN and one from Parsons, TN appeared on Craigslist on April 17, 2011

  28. daydreamer says:

    jkm or jim whatever it is,
    I was just wondering you seem to be very detailed are you from Parsons?

  29. Dr. Pepper says:

    My apologies… I was a bit snarky last night.

    I haven’t read over there until recently & simply made that comment based upon the comments I’ve read in this case.

    If she is an excellent researcher, great. I did notice how she always cites specific articles she is mentioning. And actually I noticed last night that she got pretty specific on exactly why and where her alarm bells keep going off.

    IMO…it seems as though she has decided that Clint is the bad guy here. And she is basing if off of variances in statements by LE and the press.

    IMO…anything is possible. But it doesn’t seem like she has looked at any other possibilities (I may have missed then if she did)
    I say this without heart’s wishing Clint isn’t involved.

    But for the life of me…is it too hard to imagine why
    Different variations of the days events were released seeing that there were obvious leaks in local LE, the perp was amongst the searchers (anyone who is surprised by that…Tgey mentioned the real possibility of that the first day she went missing)

    It is a tiny town.
    Their house is the scene of a crime
    Clint is the only eyewitness and her parents are very much likely material or whatever you call it witnesses if in fact she was taken by someone she knew.

    The fact that this town is tiny, Holly & her mom were extremely close…there is good enough reason to believe that her mom may have an idea of who it is.

    If this happened to anyone in my family, I didn’t trust local LE for good reason & there was the slightest chance somebody may come and try to harm me…I’d want protection and I’d hope TbI would protect me.

  30. Dr. Pepper says:

    And I’d also hope that LE would give conflicting descriptions of what Clint saw, if it was important that the perp not know what they really had on him.

    This dude was totally out their searching for her. How could he not be? That would set off flags if he didn’t (assuming it was someone she knew)

    I’m thinking in circles. Im sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings

  31. jkm says:

    Hi daydreamer, my hat is jkm, it has been ever since I was knee high to a grasshopper. The first initial stands for Jim, James or Jimmy, and sometimes jake. But now you know so call me jkm, thankyou. I am the most comfortable with my initials jkm because there are to many jims in this world and they always tend to get a bad rap.
    To answer your question, No..I am not from Parsons, but I can decipher a through stuff pretty good, I have an acute imagination you might say, and common sense says 2+2=4, all day long. Most of all this thing that has happened to this young lady bothers me to the uttermost, expecially is one reason the perp, or punk isn’t no smarter than a common theif. He should have been caught at the house. Then there was the scream, that”s the second time he could have been caught. What bothers me about this like everyone else he got away with a vicious crime, and for some time it has bothered me over and over again what happened to that poor girl. Now I’m telling you I desperately want to see this (punk)s brought to justice. Thanks for asking……I’m in Cleveland OH. where there has been two girls right down the street from me gone missing, like one about 5yrs. and the other 10yrs. and I think it’s way past due time to bring the hammer down on these kinds of people period!

  32. jkm says:

    Excuse my spelling please.

  33. zeus says:

    @ Dr. Pepper says:
    June 6, 2011 at 1:50 am

    I tried what you said to find the pictures of the black car I posted about, but I couldn’t find anything-sorry! I have my computer set up to clear cache/cookies often and I use a free cleaner every night called CCleaner-it works great-apparently too great in this case! My computer is clean enough to eat off of!

    I did read on Topix yesterday that someone also posted about that same picture-they said that they felt the car in the photo was a Camaro-not a Mustang. Of course that was on Topix so who knows how reliable that was.

    Even if the black car was a different make-it still was a staged photo that was creepy, to say the least. So, for now-I’m still keeping that in the back of my mind until we know more.

  34. Laurie says:

    Zeus, if it helps at all.. I saw that picture of the black car with the sandal laying near it when it was first posted too.

    I just checked my computer and I checked all over the net but I can’t find that picture anywhere.

  35. jeff says:


    The picture was a black camaro. I thought it was a picture of the vehicle used in the crime or by the perp. Thats the way I took the picture.


    I live in ohio to fairley close to where your at. What two cases are you talking about in paticular. The only case that has gotten headlines up in cleveland is anthony soto, killed eleven people

  36. Becca says:


    Do you think Dk.S could be involved?

    If I did or did not Becca, I would never say that publicly without stating the facts to support it.
    I am not contemplating doing that with any person in this case my friend.

  37. Kim says:

    Regarding the discussion about the pics from the SAR FB page…

    I always got the feeling that he was posting pictures to give “hints” to people since he always claimed he could not reveal any of his so called facts. I never once thought anything he posted were actual crime scene photos or evedence in the case. He obviously heard and read all of the rumors and flew with whatever he thought was relevant to gain people’s interest and trust. MOO

  38. Becca says:


    Do you have any thoughts on why so many of the pics that were put out of Holly has Drew in them. If you cannot share your thoughts; can you share if you think there is a strategy behind it or not.

  39. jkm says:

    Hi Jeff, sorry I wasn’t to clear in the post about them two girls. One girl..Amanda Berry 16yrs. old, date missing April 22,2003, from w.110 st. & Lorain Blvd, Cleve. OH. coming home from Burger King job. 7:30pm.

    Second girl..Georgina De-Jesus 14yrs. old, date missing April 2,2004, from w.105 st. & Lorain Blvd. Cleve. OH. coming home from school at about 3:00pm. In Broad daylight.

    These two missing girls only one yr. apart, and 5 blocks apart. Maybe it is related? But neither one of these girls have been heard from since. And if you go to FBI missing person page, Holly Lynn Bobo’s picture is right next to Amanda Berry’s. Sad.

  40. daydreamer says:

    Thanks for replying so quickly.I agree with you something needs to be done with these perps and yet another college girl is missing: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/06/06/indiana-police-search-for-missing-college-woman-lauren-spierer/

  41. zeus says:

    Thanks Laurie, Jeff and Kim-I’m glad that other people saw the picture too. I felt that TC was definitely trying to hint towards the person he thought did this crime, but am still uncomfortable with the way he did it-the picture creeped me out.

    Was TC trying to show Holly’s car and came as close as he could to it? Or was he hinting at someone else who has a black car similar to Holly’s?

  42. Brian says:

    There seems to be such a huge cover-up going on here. It feels like a good-old-boys network is trying to keep the family of a celebrity from completely falling or being torn apart any more than it has been. Nothing in this story adds up or makes sense. No matter WHAT version of the story is told, SOME details are way, way out of the ordinary – too much so. This case will never be “solved” as far as the public is concerned. Mark my words.

  43. Investigator says:

    zeus says:
    June 7, 2011 at 5:53 pm
    Was TC trying to show Holly’s car and came as close as he could to it? Or was he hinting at someone else who has a black car similar to Holly’s?

    I believe TC was showing a FB picture of another potential suspect who rarely posted on FB, yet on the day of the abduction, he posted something about his car breaking down. He said he would have it repaired and running by “tomorrow”. That person has ties to the main group but is on the fringes of the group. Don’t know if this was mentioned, but there was also a bungee strap laying on the ground on the opposite side of the flip-flops. It was circled in red in the pic I saw.

  44. Investigator says:

    sorry, that should read: “showing a FB picture of a car belonging to another potential suspect who rarely posts on FB, yet….”

  45. jeff says:


    Thanks for posted them two cases. I am from the akron area of ohio and I am only 31 so them two cases are not that fresh in my mind.


    Its amazing you put one picture up on a page and ten different people have a different interpertation of it. I was confused about the whole page, I didn’t know if the guy was trying to give hints to the perp or not.

  46. jeff says:


    Thats suppose to say has to who the perp is

  47. Carole says:

    @ zeus about the Black Mustang photo

    That pic was swiped off someone’s personal facebook photos – which are now marked private. The guy the car belongs to is the same person who built the outdoor fireplace. I won’t name him because I have no idea if he is an actual POI in the case or not – so don’t ask.

    TC is a total farce & Lord only knows why he set up the fake SAR stuff. I saw a video he posted of himself on that SAR page for about 2 minutes before he deleted & made the video private…. Believe me – the guy is a total nut-job. Some of the things I saw that TC posted in regards to Holly BEFORE he was kicked off another FB page & he created the SAR page made me think he was a total perv!

  48. Cindy says:

    Thank the good Lord in heaven that Clint was home on spring break that day as hours would have gone by before anyone realized Holly was missing. Those who planned this were not his friends as they would have known he was home. And thank the good Lord that he was able to witness something as this case would be cold. Some people would call this a coincidence, but I call it fate. Bless you, Clint.

  49. jeff says:

    I just keep wondering why Holly bobo’s family is so quiet. All these recent missing person cases the families are in the media pleading for their son or daugthers return. Now every case is different and every case is handle different. I don’t suspect Clint bobo had anything to do with Holly’s abduction. However maybe another family member might of had something to do with her abduction. I have also wonder if their protected clint from a local perp or a family member. just my two cents

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