Casey Anthony On Trial: Caylee’s Voice Heard, Finally.. Opening Arguments Commence

Orlando, FL-  Exactly three years to the day that Casey Anthony met her former boyfriend- turned- informant Anthony Lazzarro, and whom many observers believe was the reason Casey Anthony allegedly murdered her daughter Caylee Marie Anthony, the trial of the State of Florida v Casey Anthony begins.

Ironically, it is also the 3rd anniversary of the day a woman accused by Casey, as Zanny the Nanny, Zenaida Gonzalez, got traffic tickets within hours of Casey’s best friend Annie Downing, brought to you courtesy of

Talk about a prophetic date.  Instead of a Rapture it is more like a Rupture.

The road to perdition has never been accompanied by lip service to an ideal.

Albert Einstein

Someone  is not telling their client that Florida has gotten pretty bullish on sentencing it’s young murderesses to death.

Tiffany Ann Cole, Margaret Allen, and Emilia Carr all have an impending date with a needle, and the ladies of lechery  have been sentenced in the last 4 years.

In fact, the second most recent female resident on Florida’s death row, Emilia Carr,  accused her Dad of sexual abuse, AND he was convicted of plotting to kill HER  years later as a result;  the jury gave little weight to either issue.

If Casey Anthony is convicted, and especially if she is sentenced to die by lethal injection, Emilia will be Casey’s new *muffin*.. flush.

I would like to point out that none of these murders were that of a helpless 34 month old at the hands of her own Mother, which in many Floridians minds, is the worst of the worst.

Twelve Jurors, seven women and five men, unless one of 5 alternates is needed, will decide the fate of Casey Anthony.

Depicted affectionately below as monkeys, in dedication to our sister site and forum, but most importantly, to the families living without them so they may serve  justice on behalf of Caylee Anthony, salutes you today.

Opening arguments begin at 9AM.   Without question, outside of deliberation, this is the most important day of this trial.

Blink, along with Diane Dimond,  will be discussing the first day’s events on The Dana Pretzer Show, Scared Monkeys Radio at 9PM EST.

Live link will be posted here one hour before the show.

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  1. JEN says:

    Blink, you did warn us this would happen, and more than once. It’s just that – well, for me, anyway – my mind and heart are having a difficult time understanding how these people can further desecrate Caylee’s memory more than they already have.

    “Soul-less” is spot on.

    Justice for Caylee.

  2. Minnie Penney says:

    Now Baez is going after the cadaver dogs…don’t find anything. Now Baez seems to be taking aim at Cindy. Everybody but Casey. The look on the prosecutor’s face…priceless. I know a number of you are at work, but I’m sure you will be able to see a lot of this on the evening shows… I wonder if Nancy Grace will in restraints…ya’ll know she’ll go ballistic. The stink in the car….poor Casey left gargage in the car….that’s all…George did not pick up the car for awhile….said he smelled a dead body in a car – but Jose says nah and George knows “all the answers”. I think Jose wants to plant “reasonable doubt” in the jury members. Maybe it will only take one or two and hang the jury. Jose is back putting the blame on George. George might just take the rap for Casey. Jose getting prepared to slam the forensics. He’s stating the FBI lab requested more hairs.

  3. OperaRach says:

    I’m totally confused. I missed part of Baez’ opening statement but he’s saying Caylee drowned? Casey wasn’t involved at all with that? And, her parents covered it up? And, then in turn she covered up for them by lying about where Caylee was? Out of fear?

  4. justice23 says:

    I have been watching Court TV all morning but missed part of the dufence’s opening statements due to my kiddos being home today because of horrific weather in our school district last night. I was close to tears during Drane-Burdick’s opening statements listening to her most eloquent descriptions of Casey’s 31 days … very powerful IMO, but when Jose began his opening statements later, although I knew they were doing to throw George, Cindy and Lee under the bus, I had no idea it was going to sound quite like this.

    Wow … just wow. I don’t even know where to start. How does Baez say all this without laughing? I mean, seriously? True the Anthony’s are far from Norman Rockwell’s paintings of the all-american family and are quite dysfunctional. But despite that, this is all Casey’s doing. Where is the humanity? George … why aren’t you screaming from the rooftops, “Liar!” Cindy, aren’t you appalled at what Baez is attempting to do to you and your “beloved” granddaughter? How do you sleep at night? I pray Burdick/Ashton have something up their sleeve for every one of these ridiculous accusations and alleged “facts” as Jose is presenting them. What a crock of BS. Please Blink … tell us the jury is smart enough to know better. Please tell me that because I don’t even know how to feel anymore thinking with what we know of the jury selected that one of them just might buy the swampland Jose is most desperately trying to sell them. I need to know this won’t end without genuine justice for Caylee and Casey will get what’s due her. I don’t believe I will be able to sleep at night with anything less.

    God bless Blink as well as all of you who have remained loyal BOC’ers in this most emotionally twisted case for a beautiful little girl with the huge brown eyes who captivated us for 3 yrs and has etched her innocence into our lives forever. My heart is very heavy this morning … I pray the prosecution can help lift it.

  5. myers says:

    Mrs. Blink, what are you thinking? Who put the duct tape? How can George sit there?

    Chill. The defense overshot this one.

  6. TM says:

    Baez left a bit of a gap in his story: how exactly did Caylee’s body get into the hands of Kronk? What happened after the moment in the back yard where Caylee lay dead in George’s arms?

    Blink, do you think George is going to plead the fifth on all questions, or is he going to testify?

    no, he will testify

  7. Sue says:

    If George did in fact molest and sexually abuse Casey and was at home when Caylee supposedly drowned in the pool and covered it up with Casey, then why in heaven’s name would Cindy have stood with George all this time. The first inkling that he had molested Casey, (while Casey was in jail) Cindy would have thrown him out. Yet, she continued to hold hands with him, sit side-by-side with him, share a house with him, do interviews with him, show up in court with him, etc. etc. etc. Molestation alone would be such a horrendous deal to any mother, there is no way Cindy would still be by his side. No way. It’s a manipulative story made up by the defense to conjure up sympathy for Casey. That’s it.

  8. Columbiares (Pam) says:

    Is it any surprise that Baez’s favorite word is desperation???? I don’t know how Mr. Ashton and LDB kept from laughing out loud.

  9. Starsky says:

    Blink do you believe the allegations about George or do you think he is going to take this in order to save her from prison?

  10. Ross says:

    looks like reasonable doubt to me

    Lol, your at reasonable doubt after opening arguments, the defense’s of which do not even cover where Kronk “allegedly” trips over the deceased toddler following announcement of a reward, over a month after her death, at someplace.

    It really is just crucifying you that I was right, lol, isn’t it.


  11. Sue says:

    Add to my comment at 2:19 pm. My mind still whirling – I want to add that Cindy would have had George arrested on sex abuse charges and then sought legal advice, because she wouldn’t have to worry about splitting half her ‘fortune’ with him if George was a convicted sex offender. By sitting alongside him and standing by him, she is admitting that she doesn’t have an issue with it.

  12. Minnie Penney says:

    Now Baez is discounting the cadaver dog “hits”. The dog is lying. Let’s hope the jury members have IQ’s higher than room temperature. Baez just said Casey was “stupid enough to leave the body”…then he corrected himself… He’s back at his whiteboard now. He’s saying the prosecution has not proven their case. Cannot trust George Anthony…murder has not been proven the case….much room for reasonable doubt. Casey breast fed Caylee and loved Caylee yada yada. Now we have the real murderers a whacky sex abuser George and money hungry meter reader Roy Kronk… Will George take the 5th? Take the bullet for Casey? Nancy Grace is likely in a staight jacket by now. Ya’ll know she’s gonna be fun to watch tonight. Looking foward to the Prosecution to pick their teeth with Baez. Bring it On!!!

  13. WPG says:

    So . . . ummmm . . . did the Defense team lose their professional, renowned crime novelist somewhere along the way?

  14. Slowroller says:

    I am aware that we are talking about a handful of sociopaths in the Anthony’s, but isnt this “story” something you go with in a confession type scenario, NOT in court, on trial for your life, at the expense of the taxpayers? Meaning, please tell me the whole lot of them will be charged with something in an effort to recoup some f’ing finances?!?

  15. dee says:

    Blink…IYHO do you think George will agree to what Baez stated happened to save Casey, he doesnt seem to shocked or upset at the accuations? I am confused.

    Thank you for keeping up the fight!

    He will not. As predicted, he is the State’s first witness

  16. JustJill says:

    I truly feel physically ill after listening to Baez’ opening statement. Please, I pray that Mr. Anthony and Lee Anthony tell the truth on the stand and do not desecrate that little angel’s memory.

  17. myers says:

    Are they just making this up and george is going along with it to get her off?

  18. Amanda850 says:

    Blink – do you still think Oakridge will release evidence of a smoking gun – i.e. fingerprint on the duct tape – or is that an impossibility at this point?

  19. myers says:

    “Child neglect for the rest of your fricking life” says George. She would not go to jail for an accident. That right there sounds made up.

  20. hunteres says:

    The defense opening statement makes me believe even more Casey is guilty .It’s clear the defense is lying about George, it would be more believable that Caylee drowned in the poOL accidently and Casey was afraid to tell anybody, why would George cover up an accidentle drowning? Can’t Baez get into legal trouble for perpetuating a lieCasey is going to get death brcause of inefective counsle i believe she is mentaly ill but still should get LWOP sorry about my spelling

  21. dee says:

    wow I was shocked I am waiting to hear all his has to say, I am humbled after all this time, my anger is gone over these folks, I just want to see justice for this Angel…time will tell…thanks again Ms. Blink

  22. Valley Girl says:

    Geez, if I was sitting on this jury I think I would be insulted by the defense. Insulting their intelligence!!! Does Baez and company think these people just fell off the turnip truck or what???

  23. SusanNH says:

    Thank you Blink and Ragdoll for your very kind words.

    When my husband and flew to Florida were treated with the utmost respect, kindness and compassion by everyone we had to meet with in Palm Bay. I am especially indebted to Detective Mark Mynheir and Thomas Hellebrand, Crime Scene Technician, two of Florida’s finest.
    It is a calling to do the difficult job they are tasked with.

    I am watching the trial live on my computer. Hope it is OK to mention that you can see it live here,

    George is on the stand now. First witness called.


  24. myers says:

    Thank you Mrs Blink, I do need to chill

  25. Mom3.0 says:

    The defense says

    AN innocent girl is on trial for the murder of her 2year old-

    A girl who was sexually abused by her father from 8 years old on-
    a girl whose own brother tried to follow in the fathers footsteps

    a girl who learned to lie from 8 years up- has a baby daughter that was tragically born into this family and an accident happens.

    the father was home Casey was home- Caylee- dead in the pool from an accident-
    Father takes out Caylee- mother grabs her -screams out- asks father for help


    Her father seems to make sure that he places blame on Casey so she can lie and lie — thereby proving shes a liar so if she ever tells the truth about HIM & his dirty little secret no one will believe her…..

    He “hides” the duct tape from view….on a public table on posters on display…in his garage on the shelves in the shed…

    He calls LE about the gas cans to start the set up….
    He places the Dt on the gas cans to set up

    He hides the body somewhere…but we will never know where because….wait for it….Roy Kronk took possession of the body and moved the body because he was desperate for a pay day…and the reward was for a live Caylee…so he held on to Caylees remains….(I guess he thought she would return to life…or maybe to wait for the LE to up the reward) yeah thats the ticket

    But even so- he keeps calling police so that he can.. what? practice?

    Yep thats the ticket….

    She the mother never tells police she just lies she shows no remorse cause it was an accident and because caylee wasnt missing she was dead.

    She pretended to have the life she wanted …

    Yeah la Bella vita-

    never looking back and just so you know George the father was never arrested for lying even though he “lied about chasing Casey on the freeway

    he is a liar from A to Z casey is the victim here-

    a is George Anthony Z is Roy Kronk

    It was an accident Casey sat in jail for 3 years because George scared her by yelling what have you done!!! your mother will never forgive you!!! so she lied and lied and lied as her daughter was mysteriously taken from her in death and placed somewhere unknown and then Roy Kronk wanted money and Cindy and Georges PIS looked in those woods and George never reacted in those 911 calls because he knew

    And Casey loved Caylee and only pretended to live la bella vita and only pretended to point the finger at Zanny and JG and RM and AH and countless other people because her little daughter accidentally died.

    Yeah its the State that is desparate its the state that covered up evidence and lied and obstructed evidence

    yeah thats the ticket.

    Oh and by the way all that car evidence “at best” only shows Caylee was transported in the vehicle

    Blink you were right but I cant say congratulations…

    My prayers for the jurors may they understand the truth and see it no matter what BS is thrown about…

  26. dee says:

    lets hope George is Caylee’s hero! time will tell

  27. SadieBlue says:

    This is all making me feel sick to my stomach. That poor little girl. Is there just no justice for murdered little babies? Not only are they murdered by their horrible, selfish mothers who should never have been allowed the privilege of bearing children, but then their name is associated with a criminal proceeding which has been nothing but a circus sideshow so far and will remain so I’m sure. I am very embarrassed to be a Florida resident right now. Today is the anniversary of the death of my precious little niece who died in an accident four years ago at the age of 3. It still hurts terribly. I simply can’t imagine being a creature that would actually research and then bring harm to any child, but to do it to my own? There have been far too many cases of this on the news lately. It is disgusting. What is going on? I just don’t know, but I wish I knew what to do to help. Remember when Susan Smith seemed to be an anomaly?

  28. NoseyRosey says:

    I think “JoJo” showed up for court. He’s different- a lot like he was in the beginning.

    Prayers Caylee!!!!!!

  29. dee says:

    My girl!!!!!!! reading back…I have missed your spot…had to take a break so I wouldnt go crazy, but Damnit woman you have kept it real since day one….how on earth????? my Shee Ra!

  30. Nikki says:

    good for you goerge! JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE!

  31. dee says:

    there is a God! but Satan is ready to attack, George is the hero after all……..!

  32. Teri says:

    Does anyone think that Caylee did drown and George did know?

    Absolutely Never.

  33. SadieBlue says:

    I am just so very upset right now about the whole pool defense. As I just mentioned, this is the anniversary of my niece’s death, and as many who read here know, she died in a drowning in her backyard pool (I’ve mentioned it before). Her mother found her. Let me just say, one does not ponder what to do when finding ones child like that. It is an unbelievable insult to everyone who has ever been in that situation to make such a statement. Don’t they see this (the horrible defense team)? As for my niece, her mother did her best, tried to revive her, called for help, the paramedics tried, the hospitals (local and a specialty hospital two hours away) tried. Dozens of us flooded the ER and did all we could to help the family, I had her older sister with me overnight with my own daughter. My husband waited at the ER for the father who had broken his toes while attacking the pool (above ground kind). You know, that whole time was a long nightmare. I have a mind to write those horrible people and tell them how I am feeling right now. It is just knowing they don’t care that keeps me from doing so. Today, on her anniversary, this is very insulting.

  34. justice23 says:

    So how did Kronk actually get Caylee’s body? I was asking myself that same question when I first heard it but Jose never gave any details of that. Baez is trying to paint George as a complete liar. Blink … will be jury actually buy this? I pray not. What will Cindy’s reaction on the stand be when Baez accuses her as well?

  35. dee says:

    why is Baez crucifying his own clinet?

    Because he is a hack in a Versace suit.

  36. Columbiares (Pam) says:

    Who’s the creepy guy at the defense table? He has put his hands on KC several times. Strange.

  37. myers says:

    George is very calm. If he would have experienced Caylee’s death and realized what was coming to light he would be a basket case.

  38. Teri says:

    I don’t think George is doing so well in his testimony. He isn’t coming across as believable to me.

  39. peggy says:

    This is a trial within a trial!

    Did anyone really expect George to say “yes, I raped my own daughter” on the stand?

    Personally, I don’t think George has any credibility left, he’s a known liar, thief, he’s into pornography, gambling and gawd knows what else. So, it’s not that big of a stretch for Baez to show that George is a liar and therefore not credible. Who knows maybe that’s what Baez is doing.


  40. osu says:

    Oh how I wish I could stay home and watch! I’m in sales tho and if I don’t work, I don’t earn money! Thank you all for the posts updating the case! I will read them all after dinner, it is my husband’s birthday and I must pay a little attention to him!

  41. Sammy says:

    I’m more disgusted with Casey Anthony than ever.
    We all knew this bus was coming – but just unbelievable to hear this crap from her.
    Pure evil.

    Thank the Lord that it seems that George has finally comes to his senses.
    Casey does not deserve his love and loyalty – but sweet innocent little Caylee is counting on her JoJo to speak the truth for her.

    There goes all of future funding by George and Cindy’s in to Casey’s bean dip and hot peanuts at the jail commissary.
    The witch is gonna have to live on those bolonga sandwich’s and coleslaw now.

  42. Liam says:

    After listening to opening arguments I believe there will be enough for reasonable doubt in this case. After all, if the prosecution can not prove a murder was committed, how can a safe conviction be delivered? The Dad is deliberately being portrayed as an obvious liar to support the defence case. Prosecution needs to up their game but I honestly cannot see a conviction if this is anything to go by, manslaughter seems the more likely. I don`t believe anybody in that courtroom wanted to harm poor little Caylee. Reasonable doubt, Casey will walk.

  43. Angellica says:

    Not wanting to argue, just stating an opinion. I know several “addicts”. Whether it be to sex, pornography, drugs, gambling ect., they would never rape or molest a child. I do not think George or Cindy have done themselves any favors by the way they have acted throughout this ordeal. But I think Baez is really grasping at straws here. That said, I do have to give him credit. I have wondered this whole time how he was going to give the jury reasonable doubt. I just hope the jury sees through all the lies and BS so that Caylee will get justice.

  44. Bj says:

    dee says:
    May 24, 2011 at 3:40 pm

    why is Baez crucifying his own clinet?

    Because he is a hack in a Versace suit.

    Mark Nejame said Baez’ cross exam of George was pitiful.

  45. Gigi says:

    What a day…thanks for the “chill” advice above, Blink. You know what you are doing and thinking….so for those of us who get overwhelmed with this mess you are a calm before the storm. Loving Jeff Ashton…remember when you are little and you get tickled in church…and mama gives you the eye and you just get more tickled, especially while perusing the Baptist Hymnal with a friend and adding “in the bathtub” to each title…tee hee…yep…like holy, holy, holy…in the bathtub???? Anyway, that is what Jeff Ashton reminded me of….that some of the Baez comments were so inane that he was almost giggling….loved it. Chillin’

  46. MJ says:

    Am i flabbergasted? YES. George put that picture of Caylee in front of him and became her grandpa again. Wow, honestly I thought he was ready to be a pawn, say he was a molester…after 3 yrs of trying to help casey with a lot of crappy moves, she returns the favor with my dad’s an incestuous creep and he lost Caylee’s body and then Kronk hid it for months.
    This is unfreakinbelievable. Casey made her choice, she opted to put her life in Baez’ hands, bad move chickie.

  47. Mom3.0 says:

    Previous post AJMO and all Paraphrased-

    Hello- what a day.
    I Appreciate everyones comments and thoughts – good to know I am not watching this all by myself.

    After having the gall to scream out in court and accuse George Anthony of sexually molesting his 8 year old daughter- after going into disgusting detail -

    He doesnt ask George any questions regarding the aleged abuse?

    after accusing George of threatening Casey and knowing Caylee died by accident and alleging he covered it up…

    Baez asks no questions concerning the death and disposal of of his client the mother ?

    IMO what ever juror was thinking oh my gosh could that be true?

    Baez lost them by not following up not having enough gall to accuse him to his face.

    JA on the other hand respectfully and emotionally asked George about all of these things.

    Casey seemed PIZZED

    Cant wait for your show tonight Blink

  48. Bj says:

    Ya think Geraldo bought that Versace for Baez? LOL

  49. NLB says:

    I don’t believe george molested Casey. The pornography he looked at on the internet was for age appropriate escorts. Some females use the molestation story to gain sympathy. Its an insult to those who have truely suffered.

  50. Sammy says:

    I’m also very happy that Judge Perry is staying true to his word.
    He had warned the attorney’s that things would be different when the trial started.
    All of the Baez BS that Judge Perry allowed during the pre-trial hearings, is not gonna fly in this courtroom in front of his jury.

    I lost count of the number of times the State objected to inappropriate lines of questioning by the defense, and Baez promptly hearing “Sustained” this afternoon.
    Judge Perry is running a tight ship in his courtroom.

    Long gone are Bozo’s sleazy antics to try to skirt the system.
    Judge Perry gave Baez some leeway in the pre-trial hearings – but that’s not gonna happen in front of his jury.
    Baez doesn’t know how to play by the rules (i.e. be an effective attorney) – all he has to fall back on are these unethical and dirty tricks.

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