Casey Anthony On Trial: Caylee’s Voice Heard, Finally.. Opening Arguments Commence

Orlando, FL-  Exactly three years to the day that Casey Anthony met her former boyfriend- turned- informant Anthony Lazzarro, and whom many observers believe was the reason Casey Anthony allegedly murdered her daughter Caylee Marie Anthony, the trial of the State of Florida v Casey Anthony begins.

Ironically, it is also the 3rd anniversary of the day a woman accused by Casey, as Zanny the Nanny, Zenaida Gonzalez, got traffic tickets within hours of Casey’s best friend Annie Downing, brought to you courtesy of

Talk about a prophetic date.  Instead of a Rapture it is more like a Rupture.

The road to perdition has never been accompanied by lip service to an ideal.

Albert Einstein

Someone  is not telling their client that Florida has gotten pretty bullish on sentencing it’s young murderesses to death.

Tiffany Ann Cole, Margaret Allen, and Emilia Carr all have an impending date with a needle, and the ladies of lechery  have been sentenced in the last 4 years.

In fact, the second most recent female resident on Florida’s death row, Emilia Carr,  accused her Dad of sexual abuse, AND he was convicted of plotting to kill HER  years later as a result;  the jury gave little weight to either issue.

If Casey Anthony is convicted, and especially if she is sentenced to die by lethal injection, Emilia will be Casey’s new *muffin*.. flush.

I would like to point out that none of these murders were that of a helpless 34 month old at the hands of her own Mother, which in many Floridians minds, is the worst of the worst.

Twelve Jurors, seven women and five men, unless one of 5 alternates is needed, will decide the fate of Casey Anthony.

Depicted affectionately below as monkeys, in dedication to our sister site and forum, but most importantly, to the families living without them so they may serve  justice on behalf of Caylee Anthony, salutes you today.

Opening arguments begin at 9AM.   Without question, outside of deliberation, this is the most important day of this trial.

Blink, along with Diane Dimond,  will be discussing the first day’s events on The Dana Pretzer Show, Scared Monkeys Radio at 9PM EST.

Live link will be posted here one hour before the show.

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  1. Mom3.0 says:

    * asks no questions regarding the death and disposal in defense of his client

    respectfully Baez admitted Casey is the liar why do you assume that George is the one that can not be trusted- Casey lied and lied and lied now we are supposed to accept her word as the God’s Honest truth-

    Not me Not without proof-

    and just for the record lets for a moment suspend our common sense- and take casey at her word….George molested her-

    How does that factor into her remaining quiet for years in jail?
    and how does that factor into letting George take her baby from her and dispose of her? and how does that factor into Casey living life to the fullest during those 31 days-? and how does that factor into not pleading out and instead facing the DP?

    IMO Casey came to the end of the hallway as LDB said and she was caught in another lie so instead of falling to her knees begging for mercy She tells a bigger and better lie.


  2. Sammy says:

    Teri says: (May 24, 2011 at 3:36 pm)
    Does anyone think that Caylee did drown and George did know?

    No way.
    No how.
    Thank God that George has figured out that it is little Caylee that deserves his loyalty and love.

  3. chica says:

    no more money on her books from her parents. she better start chasing them little cockroach critters… for snacks….

  4. chica says:

    george spent one hr with the state before tstifying… cindy was glaring at casey like a laser!!

  5. mayhem says:

    lol mom3.0 your roy kronk paragraph was priceless.

    George had difficulty on the stand because his credibility IS shot. It’ll be he said vs. she said. Will the defense put her on the stand?

  6. chica says:

    35.dee says:
    May 24, 2011 at 3:40 pm
    why is Baez crucifying his own clinet?

    Because he is a hack in a Versace suit.

    too funny blink
    baez is incompetent.

  7. mayhem says:

    It was interesting to hear that observers noticed Cindy comforting George (hand on his knee) during the defense’s opening. They are clearly in their “corner” together.

  8. JR says:

    Hoooooooly sh*t!! 3 years and this is what they come up with?? How did someone like Cheney Mason agree to this ridiculous strategy? How many irrelevant questions is Baez going to fire at George until he realizes this ain’t gonna fly? How did it work out for the Menendez brothers, Baez? And those accusations weren’t even refuted by the dead.

    All he’s established is the horrible reality of the first witness on the stand – a man still shaken by the death of his grand daughter being publicly and falsely accused of unspeakable things by his own daughter. He’s probably also ensured that the only possible witnesses that might be in Casey’s defense – will only add strength to the other side – by simply telling the truth. George has gained back my respect – he weathered this most horrible predicament being stoically truthful on the stand.

    I hope Casey realizes where her lies have gotten her now. Death row or a caged lifetime at best – not her friends, nor even her family left in her support. Or maybe she’ll have still have it in her to turn this all on Baez and suck her parents back in to rally her years of appeal.

  9. Ragdoll says:

    Oh, I was so hoping the sharpie would not make an appearance. I get it now. Baez thinks he’s trying out for the role of a defense lawyer on Law and Order. (bom bom).

    Nothing surprising today, for me anyways. Regardless of what the defense would say, I kept in mind that the prosecution has the burden of doubt. I just thought….well…..LDB was brilliant. Jose was….predictable and amateurish. The props…*sigh*. Who knows the story better? Great start, imo.

  10. Löni says:

    Unbelievable…i am shocked what she is doing to her father. I almost feel sorry for him.

  11. MorganP. says:

    Long time lurker who much appreciates all you and the Blinkettes do here so here I am, unable to stand it one more minute! I have to ask. Do you think Cindy’s testimony will contradict George’s? Will she try to protect Casey and go along with all of the bull that came out of the mouth of Baez today? You’ve been right so far Blink about almost everything. Do you think the jury will buy this bazaar defense?


    No, I think this stunt will cost her her freedom in perpetuity.

  12. chica says:

    Ch. 6…listening to the commentators…one is in the A’s neighborhood and they’re not buying Baez’s story.
    Commentator said that he talked to one woman who has a granddaughter that used to play with Caylee all the time.

    I think that’s the “first” I’ve heard about Caylee having any playmates

  13. Dee says:

    I was very happy when George was called to the stand and denied the molestation and drowning nonsense. He was calm and open under “friendly” examination from the prosecution. However, he fell apart under the cross-examination of Jose Baez who, I believe, carved a pretty big chunk out of his credibility. Why on earth was George so defensive and almost paranoid? I don’t believe he’s guilty but, if I didn’t know about this case, I might think he was just by the way he dodged and hedged on almost every question. Why would an innocent man need to do that? How did he not notice that Casey was pregnant at 7 months? Don’t shoot me for saying this but, unfortunately, I think he may have instilled some reasonable doubt.

    By the way, I am not the Dee who has posted above. I am the Dee who normally posts on the Kyron Horman page. This is my first time posting on Caylee’s page.

    I have a question…why doesn’t Judge Perry make Casey stop shaking her head in disagreement during testimony? I thought no one was supposed to show any reaction.

  14. Kleat says:

    About who the ‘creepy guy’ at the defense table is who was ‘all hands’, that’s Cheney Mason, if you notice when Casey is crying and Mason has his arm around Casey as she leans towards him, Mason has his other hand covering his mouth. That’s because he’s coaching his client to do whatever, cry whenever, etc.

    That’s part of their plan. Just that Casey doesn’t have strings attached to her head, shoulders and hands, nor does she have the attributes of a ventriloquist puppet, she must be guided only by her prompters around her.

    He has to be careful though, as in one place, when Casey was not crying so much, and his arm was left in place too long, you could see him whip it away before anyone noticed that he too, was a grey haired old man who has to balance his touchy-feely moments and not be seen as the person he’s trying to make her father out to be.

    It was fun to watch the prosecution as Baez mumble-fumbled his way through his rant. Laying it all out, their defense is little more than scorch and burn, and their flame-thrower (or is it blame-thrower) of choice is the trick questioning, at least for the A witnesses. For experts, it will be professional discredit.

    What Baez did not say, was when Casey finally came out of this deep dark place of denial, and told him that Caylee was not alive? Tim Miller would like to know, and the people of Florida who footed the bill for the Caylee is Missing searches, as well as everyone who donated money and time and resources.

    Casey could then have spoken up and saved herself jail time.

  15. 5emerald29 says:

    Fortunately for us Mr. Baez is no Magician!!!……In other words his slight of hand sucks!
    If this is going to continue with the rest of the case, Mr. Baez’s light bulb moment has exploded in his face…Personally I thought he was doing rather well in opening statements until somehow Kronk got the body, but we don’t and never will know how he did and placed Caylee in the woods…From there on he went downhill fast…It was also painfully obvious that a well seasoned attorney should have been questioning George Anthony. IMO the only thing Mr. Baez proved beyond a reasonable doubt was that he had/has no intentions about what is best for his client, if there was an inkling of truth to his opening statements (Caylee drowned) this cased would have been resolved long ago…. I have ample faith that LDB, JA and GF will get Caylee the justice she deserves, and when this is all over Mr. Baez will look more foolish than a clown in a circus act.

  16. Kleat says:

    And didn’t ASA and lead for the state, Ms. Linda Burdick, do an excellent presentation for Caylee and for the state. Excellent– Casey was NOT expecting THAT! A woman, center of attention to the world from the courtroom, and it was not Casey this time.

    Her tears were for herself, her head shaking no, was her anger that ‘no’ that’s not what I want you to believe, that’s not what you need to accept because I said so.

  17. GeorgiaDad says:

    The defense strategy seems to be:

    1) Cause a mistrial

    2) Use incompetent defense as an appeal strategy.

  18. Ragdoll says:

    …I should have stated that differently…

    Who’s going to sell a more convincing version of events? Experience looked confident and prepared today.

  19. A Texas Grandfather says:

    During the defense’s opening statement the camera cut to George and Cindy sitting in the back of the gallery and George was taking some very deep breaths. That is a sign of tension and disturbance.

    He knows in his heart that what Baez is alluding to is mostly fiction all designed to create doubt in the minds of the jurors.

    We don’t have an official COD from the state at this time or do we?

    The whole defense tactic is beyond belief. Anyone with a reasonable sense of right and wrong would doubt the pack of lies Baez was trying to sell to the jury.

    Is this family so disfunctional that not a single one of them are capable of telling the truth and distinguishing right from wrong?

  20. jane says:

    OMG is all I can say

    I missed it all but saw reruns

    What scum the defense and the client are How disgusting can they be

    I just hope Cindy doesnt throw George under with them

  21. Columbiares (Pam) says:

    I’ll be glad when Baez runs out of wall space after throwing everything against it to see what will stick. Luckily GA wasn’t wearing any Velcro. Should be interesting to see if Cindy is up tomorrow morning. I knew it would be interesting- I didn’t know it would be THIS interesting.

  22. New says:

    GEorge was Jo Jo today. I want him to remenber the only unconditional love he probably ever received in his life was from Caylee. I do believe he loved her so much but went along to get along. I also see self preservation in the works.

    I fear for his well being, I hope he has a hand to hold. Did I hear JB ask him if he knew and the Judge or State stopped him from answering? Have to listen again. I think they all knew she was dead before her body was found. That brings on grief for George cause he started his life wanting to uphold the law and went along to get along. I think you go through life viewing yourself a certian way and he betrayed himself. Don’t think he ever sexually molested Casey. JB’s example took my breath away. Does Casey believe that her Mother will agree with JB and what he has said about her Father and brother? Or will JB throw Cindy under the bus as well to try and prove the level of his perceived dysfunctional family dynamics.

  23. Gigi says:

    Re: 40
    Not trying to frivolize today’s events with humor…I am sorry if in my excitement for justice for Caylee…I got carried away…As I express often…I have no abilities in the area of crime solving but ever since discovering BOC at the beginning of this case, I am mesmerized by so many of you who are so gifted in this area. I will strive to be better about not jumping in with my speaking from the heart…gigi

  24. Lleah says:

    …this was the most sensational thing I have ever seen on live TV…but I think Baez is a FRAUD. I saw an interview where he was pretty jazzed about being referred to as “Juanie Cochran”. The cognitive dissonance theory is very interesting….completely believable. Casey is one crazy little chic…without a doubt. Nature or nurture? I will not venture an opinion on the sexual molestation accusation. She appears to be a sociopath… something went exponentially wrong. The theory that she was raised to be secretive…lie compulsively and escape reality however she could resonates. Hurt people hurt people. As parents…we get away with NOTHING. Everything is a big deal…George and Cindy obviously created a monster…..BUT….having said all of this….allow me to tell you what happened. George had nothing what so ever to do with this. It was an accident. She drugged Caylee (chloroform) played a “game” with her by taping her mouth and placing a heart sticker on her mouth. She had done it previously and it had served its purpose. Which was simply to keep her sleeping in the car while Casey partied. This time she overdosed her. Casey used her ability to escape reality and disposed of the body…then proceeded to enjoy her new and much coveted freedom….she knew that she would have to deal with her parents and the authorities eventually…but being such a demented little narcissis she used her ability to compartmentalize her problems until the last posssible moment. Enter the unscrupulous…self promoting attorney. I believe the Kronk part of Baez’s story……Bet me on all of this Blink….I am right. Eventually Cindy will be the one the world blames….in this culture it is ALWAYS Mom’s fault.

  25. New says:

    The round faced gentleman sitting by Casey and touching her while JB speaks is the Detective I believe.

  26. Greg the Great says:

    Will Casey take the stand? Baez has proven the states case with his opening comments. Should be a short trial?

    GG- how lovely to see you.

  27. TandT says:

    I dont care if George had some personal problems, noone is perfect, but I will never believe he molested Casey or had anything to do with Caylee’s death.. I do not see this story flying any where. It is a worse story than all the others we have heard put together..OMG it is so insane, they are too desperate. This will never fly, the jury is not that stupid. And YES I would see someone admitting they molested someone if it would get their kid off on murder charges and if it were true..but this is made up crap.

  28. lizzy says:

    I couldn’t watch at all today–not even one minute; I was in an intense meeting from 8 to 5.

    So, I’m just speed-reading to catch up now; I won’t have time to watch the videos for a few days.

    BUT, Blink, even though every bit of this spaghetti was anticipated, did you EVER think that they would throw the whole bowl, meatballs, greasy sauce, and all? Accident, AND George abuse, AND Lee advances, AND Kronk disposal, AND AND AND AND AND AND AND . . . . . (From what I’ve read, I guess they left off the parmesan of George abusing Caylee, too.)

    Okay, so the fancy hack spins this lurid tale, but the rest of the defense team has VOLUNTEERED to help with this balderdash??

    Sometimes, in less heinous real life “crimes” (say students cheating on a test), I can’t decide if I’m more upset about the ethics or the stupidity. I feel a little like that about this defense team now.

    P.S. I’m still opposed to the death penalty, but I wouldn’t mind a law putting an occasional attorney in the stocks.

    Yeah Lizzy, I did- it was all they had.

    When I say, “all they had” I mean, you really say it all in your post.

    Ethics Vs. Stupidity- what do you do when that conflict is all ya got?

    Thus today. Man-

  29. New says:

    Dr. Vass is 70 years old and has a Farm in Tennessee on Campus of university. He has studied people after death for many years. His science is impecable. He has studies flies and their flight pattern and perhaps has developed this device JB speaks of. I don’t know. But if there is an expert on death it is Dr Vass. They call it the Body Farm. A book was written about his work. His first wife died of cancer and he now has remarried. He gets his bodies from people who donate there bodies to science.

    After I read all about him I considered donateing to this Farm at my death. But I live in the North and you have to pay to transport your remains to his Farm. Very costly. His students have done almost anything you can think of as they watch the process in different situations of decomp. He has been very helpful to law enforcement with his new discoveries. If this has already been written about you may delete. I was amazed when I went to his site and read about this man.

    Actually New, I think your referring to Dr. Bass, I have gotten the two confused many times.

    Bill Bass is a pioneer, as is Arpaad Vass, but his origin is a forensic anthropologist.

    I recently took a course he created, and I recommend this read: Death’s Acre.

  30. enumclawrose says:

    I know little to nothing about this case. I watched this morning. IMO Baez has just conceded his client is a liar.

  31. susan2 says:

    I am so proud of George. I think he did very well. I think the only thing Bozo proved today, is not only is Casey unable to tell the truth, but so is her attorney. Sorry Bozo, this case will define you as an attorney, and it won’t be much to write home about.

  32. Ragdoll says:

    Just finished watching most of George’s testimony. How hard it must have been to contain himself in the direct line of fiery lies. I just hope they can keep it in perspective and understand the defense is desperate. They needed something because the truth will send Casey right to death row.

    So, George had a dead Caylee in his arms after her accidental drowning and Roy Kronk kept her body for them until her remains were discovered? He just showed up and said…I’ll dispose of her for you? I don’t even need to go on about how ludicrous this is. Jose may be the master of contradiction. The defense would have been better off without an opening argument. Less would have been more, imho.

  33. Morgan says:

    What a relief it was to hear George, to see George, to even feel George rise to the occasion and defend not only himself against his monstrosity of a daughter, but Caylee as well! For a minute there I thought the burden of truth was going to fall solely on Lee, and it’s comforting to know how wrong I was! Here’s hoping all three Anthony’s will seek true Justice For Caylee.

  34. TiaMaria says:

    The height of this preposterousness (is that a word) was Baez freely admitting that the “stupid” “dumb” Casey lies and lies and lies – yet asks us to believe her story about George the Molester and the Drowning of Caylee Marie. Huh? ‘Cause she’d tell the truth about that? Because it’s politically incorrect to EVER cast doubt on the story of a woman claiming abuse or rape? Bull. I’m sick to death of political correctness. And I am sickened to my core by the use of the “abuse card” here and what utter disrespect it shows to anyone that has ever suffered abuse or rape. She is an evil witch. Evil. And her attorneys should be publically scorned after this stunt.

  35. c10 says:

    just trying to catch up, last post disappeared, my fault i’m sure – holy smokers people – what a piece casey turns out to be, and that piece of a lawyer she has, if she ever hoped to walk out of this, she sure as hell ain’t now, i can not grasp the level of her, disgusting, filthy, selfish cow – sorry cows, not the original word i wanted to use – i’m amazed what some people will do for money and fame – i hope you burn in hell with her baez! who would take this case and be ok saying those things? and try to convince regular joe jurors that that is the truth, really? Thanks for being a Grandpa today George, i hope Cindy follows suit…

  36. dee says:

    BIG Dee I am lil dee, thank you for your post

    Chica my darling thank you for being with me til the end

    Blink thank you for allowing us into your house

    see you all tomorrow

  37. mayhem says:

    Dee #13- You have summed up so beautifully exactly how I viewed George’s testimony today. He was sweet old JoJo for the first part when given the friendly stroll down memory lane, but it soon turned sour. He was contradicting himself and being evasive. He lost some credibility points, there’s no doubt about it.

    On the other hand, Baez seemed to have added so many unsettling “fillers” in his opening shockfest, that jurors can seem to choose their own focal point. Don’t feel like focusing on the father/daughter sex image, try picturing George appearing before her in the backyard holding his dead granddaughter, screaming that her mother will never forgive her! Or maybe a meter reader quietly giggling and dragging the triple-bagged toddler away from George’s original dumping spot, all the while looking over his shoulder and muttering “I’m gonna be rich!” Or, if the ADD’s really kicking in, one could spend a few minutes pondering why Baez spent any time refuting the dogs hitting at the residence, after fulling admitting that a death had occured there.

  38. dee says:

    35.dee says:
    May 24, 2011 at 3:40 pm
    why is Baez crucifying his own clinet?

    Because he is a hack in a Versace suit.

    Blink you never disappoint!

    I have no words,does he not know what he does? sadly I want to hear from Cheney, will he do better?

  39. New says:

    Thank you Blink you are so correct. I was thinking of Dr. Bass. and typed Dr. Vass. The fly experiment was explained on his site. Sorry used the wrong name. Thank you for the recomendation. Deaths Acer.

  40. Phyllis says:

    I agree with Ragdoll…If George found Caylee’s body in the pool and KC was there, what in the world did they do with the body at that time. Where was the body before Kronk moved it. That is the most stupid thing I have heard to date.

  41. vidda says:

    Blink,I was thinking the other day listening to your last interview with Dana- SMRadio…how much more sence you made about the list of possible witnesses vs the gentlement commented after you re same. You nailed it again,IIRC you mentioned Gorge first …

    Let me tell you, today was a long day before I got to check the news from Orlando…”and gas-can-red suit” had a great opening..still not able to digest how Bozo blew it, the guys is totally delusional.

    Getting ready to switch to the radio.Life is better after I went over your article


  42. GraceintheHills says:

    If I were on the prosecution team I would call for a side bar outside the presence of the jury and ask the judge to direct Casey to stop all unsworn, non-verbal ‘testimony’ she is, in effect, giving to the jury by repeatedly shaking her head “no” when witnesses are testifying. If she wants to rebut the testimony, and tell her side of the story, she can take the stand like everyone else. Most of the judges in my neck of the woods would not tolerate such blatant non-verbal communication.

    I agree completely. I had hoped JP was just granting a little opening statement latitude, and I suspect this was discussed at sidebar yesterday. Frankly, Casey appeared to be just as ill-prepped for yesterday as i suspected would be the case.

    This girl has no concept that she will likely never get out of prison.

  43. peggy says:

    Perry has his work cut out for him, this is going to be a tough courtroom to control b/c it’s such a highly emotional case.

    I could have sworn I saw Ashton (isn’t he the grey haired man with glasses?) shaking his head while Baez was giving his opening statements–did anyone else catch that?


  44. peggy says:

    Mom 3.0-

    I never said anything about Casey. But I agree with you, she’s a liar, in fact I think she’s a pathological liar. But that doesn’t negate George’s behavior and his own lies.


  45. Linda McBride says:

    Why is it not possible that she was abused? Have you ever been sexually abused by your own father and have your mother cover it up? Why do you think that it’s maybe a possibility after sitting in jail for two years, you have time to find who you really are and maybe the girl is ready to accept and not cover up, she was a victim and her parents are nuts! Her parents have acted like nuts on tv for the past 2 years more than she has! Let’s all remember, God knows the truth and when you get to your final judgement day, you better be ready. You might get away with crime and lie and act like the father had nothing to do with this. A cop does not want to look bad by not watching his grandchild and letting her fall in a pool let alone a nurse. Be realistic and give the girl the benefit of the doubt. You are worse than Nancy “I wanna be in the spotlight” Grace! God be with all of them!

    I have never been sexually abused, but I have interviewed many victims that have and it is horrific.

    This girl has not told the truth to anyone or any person, and there is absolutely no evidence to support such a claim.

    You are welcome to believe her, I do not, and I am pretty sure the man upstairs is on Caylee’s side with me.

  46. Linda McBride says:

    And how many times has the media shredded the truth? Ever heard of “The National Enquirer”, “US Magazine” that photo shops celebs to make a story, and TMZ!!! The media makes their story to what they want, nobody really knows the truth so at least think about it. The man tried to kill himself, why? Gossip is just what this is, hearsay, and the police want to look good and find a criminal, they don’t have a clue why this child died. Man!!!! I’m glad I’m as old as I am and I don’t have to live long in this society, in the good ole days, this did not happen with no internet and no tv, just good ole music. Young kids today, have no clue what it is to really have a life.

    Oye vey.

    Your not Elizabeth Rogers are you?

  47. peggy says:


    IIRC- You once mentioned that you had a source in the FBI that said there was a partial print (Casey’s) found on the duct tape–has that information been released?


    I never, ever mentioned the origin of my source. It is my understanding their is a partial latent that does not meet the minimum AFIS Standard, so I honestly do not know.

  48. Ross says:

    Exactly what type of evidence would you expect a girl from 8 to 13 years of age to have of sexual abuse that happened 12 to 25 years ago?

    “This girl has not told the truth to anyone or any person, and there is absolutely no evidence to support such a claim. -Blink”

  49. Bj says:

    Yes – George, Cindy and Casey are all liars. Casey wears the crown.

    There are many victims of sexual abuse by a parent and don’t kill their child. IMO Casey is responsible for the death of Caylee, whether it be accidental or placing duct tape over her little mouth and nose to end her life. Casey is a soulless evil bitch and I hope she is locked up for life.

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