Casey Anthony Trial: JOJO Comes To Court- A Zero To Hero Moment For George Anthony (Podcast Added)

Orlando, FL-  I know I should really write in chronological order for y’all that are just reading the days events.     I just can’t.

In the first day of the trial of the State of Florida v. Casey Anthony I went through  a “Steel Magnolias” equivalent of tissues the first half, and proceeded to sharpen our Henkels in the afternoon for reasons I cannot explain.

Linda Drane Burdick, in her smart and gas-can-red suit, riveted the jurors, the public, and even the defendant, Casey Anthony.

Ms. Anthony shook her head no at all the places she does not want you to look.  Ms. Anthony cried on cue.

Very upsetting this business of your daughter’s skull in a bog where you left it, with the intention of never seeing it again, and all the nastiness that comes with such an imposition.

In a most level and calculated fashion,  Burdick took us through the timeline with resolve.  While none of us ever really wanted to get to the “end”, we did, and she is right, there is no other that had access to the evidence in this case.

Asking this jury to find a verdict of guilty is going to be like asking who wants ice cream on the way back home.

Enter famed Mayberry Attorney Barney Fife,  I mean self-proclaimed  “Juanie Cochran”  , Jose Baez after lunch with his clients proclamation that Caylee Marie Anthony died on June 16, 2008 while both Casey and George were present, by an accidental drowning in the above-ground swimming pool.

That was just the start of the delusion for public consumption.  If you did not raise your glass and look at the bottom in the light, you were not paying close enough attention.  Am I really hearing this?  Is there something in my water?

Kronk was kronked again, and accused of hiding Caylee’s remains from some unknown place, but ending up in the Suburban junkmess; and motivation for a reward as opposed to relieving himself was the reason he came upon her tiny skull.

Through her attorney, Casey Anthony did exactly what I have said she would do.  She blamed George for not reporting Caylee’s death and Cindy for leaving the ladder up to the pool , and wept while Baez told us all that Casey was sexually abused from the age of 8.

Masterfully and Mercifully,  Jeff Ashton laid down the hammer in response.  George Anthony was called as the States first witness.

We held our breath.  Could George  really lay down in his own chalk outline for the kid who just called him a perv, a pedophile?


JoJo took the stand, and I liked him again.  I believed, as I always have, that he loves and misses his cherub Caylee more than he loves fake dignity as doled out to him by his wife and daughter, and he did right by her.


Putting George Anthony on the stand first was artful, and I presume the reason the defense wanted an “order” for how the state was going to call it’s witnesses.   Mission failed.

George stated he never inappropriately touched Casey, or had been in an inappropriate sexual act in front of her.  What a disgusting tactic by his daughter and I apologize to those victims who are actual victims of such atrocity to have to hear it.

(Editors Note: You can be a hack and review George’s online activity and know his “proclivities” have nothing to do with children whatsoever.)

Jeff Ashton had about a gazillion sustained objections and an instruction to the jury about the appropriateness for attorneys to meet with a witness in advance.

Jose Baez asked a slew of questions that were ambiguous and unclear and frankly catapulted my headache.

Baez got the hook, and Mr. Anthony was excused subject to recall.

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Blink, Editor In Chief of, along with Diane Dimond, are discussing today’s events on The Dana Pretzer Show-

Tonight at 9PM.


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  1. Starsky says:

    Blink, don’t you think that it is a red flag to the jury that Casey now looks and dresses nothing like her pre-jail photos? If I were on a jury, I would see right through that strategy and it would make me even more suspicious. Also, in your opinion, do you think Cindy will side with George or with Casey? Lastly, where is Lee in all of this???

  2. Hi everyone–great posting going on today! I just wanted to make a comment regarding the eyebrows that Casey is losing. I believe it is
    clinically diagnosed as “trichotillomania”, associated with OCD. Notice how many times an hour she brushes those silly bangs off her forhead? Or the many times she tries to put the lawyers things in order? My, my. Also, regarding the states position regarding baez’s
    opening remarks, and continuous facetious ramblings….they are just giving him enough rope to go ahead and hang himself. (they wont have to) I give the jury enough credit to see thru this! This truly is the
    trial of the year, and even on appeal, (if that happens) the chances for her to escape her punishment are nil.

  3. Bj says:

    Didn’t the defense get it backwards? Casey said LEE molested her and she “thought” maybe her Dad did too but when she was younger. I guess the DT thought the jury would be more appalled by hearing her own father put his penis in his daughter’s mouth. WTF?

    A witness said today Casey invited her to Caylee’s birthday party the next month – when Caylee was already dead!! WTF – WTF!!?? Casey is just pure evil!!

    I hope the jury doesn’t actually fall for this pitiful defense.

    Ya think Cheney’s enjoying the circus he spoke of? He should, he’s got a front row ticket.

  4. Bj says:

    A caller on JVM said the defense says Casey is incapable of showing emotion that’s why she’s out dancing and partying after her child is dead but she’s sitting in that court room crying every day!

    The only time she cries is for herself though.

  5. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Blink said it best as usual about Ms. Kissh. She definately was stunning on the stand both in appearance and her answers to questions as well as her information about Caylee. This is the type of young lady that Casey could only be in her wildest dream.

    Looks as if Tony had enough smarts to appear in court as a gentleman. Wonder if someone was reading my early post about appearance.

    I just don’t understand Judge Perry’s continued allowance of Baez’s remarks about Caylee drowning. Is he just giving Baez enough rope to totally discredit the story? IDK.

    The longer I think about the drowning of Caylee, the less I think it happened. Could Baez and defense team get in trouble with the State Bar for deliberately proposing a lie?

  6. Katie says:

    Hi All, I have followed this case from the beginning, yet not her at BOC, and for me the shocker of the day was when Maria spoke of asking Casey about who Caylee’s father was. And, right after that they took that second morning recess or perhaps it was that long sidebar.

    That to me was very important and I hope that the prosecution has many more witnesses, of whom, they will ask that same question.

    Here is my theory:
    CA def. team is going to suggest that GA told Casey that they had to bury Caylee and make it look like a murder…just in case her little body was ever found. But whatever they try to say, I am certain that the LIAR, Casey, let Caylee die, possibly in some perverted version of an accident (like drugging or chloroforming her to keep her asleep, in the trunk, …while she partied. When she found Caylee was dead then she took her remains to one location, buried her and then fearful that she would be found, moved her back into the trunk and then to the swampy area off of Hopespring Drive, before leaving her car at the Ascot parking lot.

    I have often wondered if all of this occurred and George or Lee didn’t somehow ultimately try to to help her with the cover up. BUT, there is absolutely no way that GA had anything to do with Caylee’s death or the act of her dying. I’d bet Casey told George it was an accident and that Caylee was buried in the backyard and that there was no way that she could go to the police now…saying something like “Daddy, no one will believe me. It was an accident… I didn’t know what to do. What do I do?”

    In every good lie there is a little bit of truth. I think that’s what Bozo is banking on. And, he may know that GA did help her conceal the already deceased little baby girl, Casey. George has to be the biggest patsy ever…that poor man if he is guilty of anything it will be that he loved and tried to protect those WPsOS!

  7. Katie says:

    Darn it! TYPOS! This should say Caylee not Casey. Tried so hard not to make that mistake.
    In every good lie there is a little bit of truth. I think that’s what Bozo is banking on. And, he may know that GA did help her conceal the already deceased little baby girl, Caylee.

  8. Hi, I noticed that JB used the word “could” when speaking of Casey’s sexual abuse. “She could be 13 years old and have her father’s….in her mouth etc.” Do you think that he purposely used could instead of “She was 13 years old…”. Your opinions, (maybe he thinks that keeps him off the hook regarding defamation). Thank you all.

  9. chijojo says:

    I remember when George testified at one of the defense motion hearings that he would DO ANYTHING, even not show up for court, if it meant it would keep his daughter from going to prison, Casey thought he would DO ANYTHING, even admit to molesting her and being a part of her “drowning scenerio.”I think she was shocked when George denied everything. At least thats the impression I got. She was in ABSOLUTE DISBELIEF, he did not go along with her “story” like she believed he would.

  10. Mom3.0 says:

    I havent got a chance to read everyones posts yet.
    So please forgive me.

    For me it is easy to dismiss this whole new defense – excuse, and here is why-

    For YEARS Casey Anthony, Jose Baez, LBK, Andrea Lyon et al tried every excuse under the sun.

    Jose Baez said time after time We know/believe Caylee is alive- We have tip after tip saying she is here and she is there- My client is innocent.

    The Defense spent countless dollars investigating everyone and anyone,
    They were going to travel to Puerto Rico to find Zanny- despite what baez now claims- Dominic Casey worked for him-

    Andrea Lyon and LKB went on show after show & practically said look Roy Kronk did it- 200 mile ducttape- ex wife- yadda yadda.

    It took 3 years to come up with this new “excuse”

    3 years to go through discovery and searching for every scape goat

    3 years- to realize that no one was going to believe the zanny lie, no one was gonna believe Caylee was alive- especially after her little body was found, and no one was gonna believe that little Caylee was not dead and disposed of by their client.

    The ONL:Y one that could possibly fit the bill of a scapegoat was George-
    Blink said this long ago-
    He said he was the last to see them.
    He did not work the same hours as Cindy -Lee was out of town
    He was not one of the “in” crowd in his own family
    He liked to watch porn on the pc-
    He called his daughter beautiful and gorgeous.
    He tried to commit suicide.

    If we were to go back and watch every video – if we were to re-read every letter-
    It would become apparent IMO that this began as a set up for a mitigation phase- Casey NEVER accused George of sexual abuse- She told JG nothing like this- she said Lee had tried something once

    She told TL about “abuse” emotional or physical- NOT sexual.

    In her letter she says she had a dream- and that it was fuzzy and that she sees George in her bedroom and its her childhood bedroom- she says she wakes up with a tummy ache. Lee looked at her with a flashlight and she wakes up with her bra undone on other occasions-)

    Casey Anthony did this- Casey Anthony and Casey Anthony alone.

    George was never told anything in that family.

    Does anyone think for one minute Casey would not have screamed “rape” “Molestation” at the first opportunity?

    She didnt need to go that far she had Cindy choosing her over George already-

    But if she didnt if she truly was afraid of George and wand if he really molested her she would have told to force him out FOR GOOD

    She wanted the house to herself- Cindy was her sugar momma- George was a pain in her azz- With him gone- she would have had run of the house, and she wouldnt have to share the spoils- or have anyone looking into her comings and goings and work schedule ect.

    Casey Marie Anthony WAS AN ADULT when she was pregnant with Caylee and SHE had a job- – What stopped her from leaving her “molesters” house ?

    She could have left then and gotten state help and worked too- I doubt she was making over the limit for aid.
    She could have had medicaid and food stamps and section 8 housing, and she could have went to college on the state dime and had free daycare- and still worked at Universal-

    If she was afraid of her mother and molesting father and she was doing everything to protect & care for her baby daughter- (as Baez said) Why did she not marrry Jesse?

    Everyone seems to forget that they first went after JG with the strange card- remember- insinuating that he loved Caylee too much,,and it was a “dirty” love-

    If George was a molester and she was afraid yadda yadda- why did she allow him in the birthing room?
    And She DID allow him in- NO ONE is allowed in unless you okay it. PERIOD

    If he was a molester why did she day after day wake up AFTER little Caylee was awake? She essentially (according to her molestation fable)left that baby GIRL alone with a KNOWN pedophile morning AFTER morning

    This was all “dreamed up” on a f***ing whim AFTER every other excuse failed.


    Think about what Baez said-

    George yelled at Casey “look what youve done Your mother is never gonna forgive you—

    So this guy that doesnt care for his daughter- and uses her sexually- this ex police man is gonna “protect her” from an accidental drowning death- A COMMON occurrence- because- why?

    She’ll out the dirty family secret? Does that make any sense?

    He will take little Caylee body and dispose of it and tell Casey to forget about it- he will risk involving himself in the ultimate cover-up OF AN ACCIDENT- because he is afraid she will claim molestation? WHAT-

    He supposedly is scared she is gonna out him so he subjects himself to breaking the law- and giving her more ammunition- because he doesnt trust her to keep one secret- so he does this great coverup- because he trusts her to keep this one quiet…and for years…and to face the DP?

    But wait he doesnt trust Casey quite enough though- so in this great cover-up this ex policeman detective, he places Caylee somewhere that a meter reader can find her and “control” her remains- and he plants little things that will point back to Casey.

    BULL Its all Bull


  11. susan2 says:

    I don’t believe the drowning for a minute. I trying very hard to remember way back to the beginning when Terence Lenamon was one of the attorneys for Casey. Wasn’t there something about a letter from him in regard to chloroform? Wasn’t that why he and Bozo got into a disagreement and Lenamon left the team? You are much younger than me and I’m sure your memory is much better than mine.

    They got into a disagreement because Lenamon wanted to mount a mental defect defense.

    Food for thought y’all- Does everyone realize that LE and all witnesses (except next of kin) are invoked until their testimony is completed and not subject to recall? Which means the investigators of this case are not aware of what is being said, etc.

    Can you imagine?

  12. Morgan says:

    Thank you, Blink, for correcting me on the $5000 Caylee’s HERO, Roy, received for finding her. In my opinion, he deserved so much more.

  13. SuzeeB says:

    Hi Blink, good to see you and everyone. I have not posted in a long time but I have never have stopped following this case among others on your site. I have a question that has been bothering me. Are witnesses who have given depositions or statements to LE, State or Defense given a copy of same. ( Not that they are not available all over the internet) I get sick of people saying I don’t recall Its in writing for crying out loud. Your going to court for God’s sake review what you said. GRRRRRRRRR!!!!

    If you are a witness in a case especially such a major high profile death penalty case such as this, would you not review what you said in your statement, deposition before appearing in court. Tony Lazarro was getting on my last nerve with the “ I don’t recall”. I realize he does not want to be there but who does? He’s not on trial here. A couple of times I just wanted to reach through the screen and slap him silly. Get serious Tony, Caylee was the one that died here, Not You. Sorry, he was just irritating the crap out of me. More to come, I’m sure.

  14. SuzeeB says:

    I thought the gate on the side of the house was kept locked. Did poor frail only 100 pounds soaking wet Casey (who is sitting very low in her chair behind the defense table BTW} bust the gate open when she was coming around from the front of the house to find George holding Caylee in his arms? Probably why she didn’t want to stand up to be identified by Tony. Oh Wait, Wait she used the shovel to bust through the gate.

  15. SuzeeB says:

    Hey, How about calling in some folk’s from George’s work that may have witnessed his demeanor on June 16th and days that followed. I’m guessing George would have called off that day. To busy throwing up.

  16. josie says:

    I am totally with ya chijojo. The following is in my opinion. I thought that Casey couldn’t believe that her father wasn’t going along with her bs story. She was totally floored that she wasn’t getting her way. Today she is shaking her head at everything her father is saying. Totally ridiculous. She had the entire family walking on eggshells for years.The parents just never thought she could be so destructive. They thought they were helping her at first because she accidently did something. I believe they never knew what had actually happened. In the jailhouse video with Cindy they were talking about the media and all of the stuff being said on TV. Cindy tells her about how terrible it is at home and Casey is sarcastic with “surprise, surprise” and only wants to talk about getting out of jail. She manipulates them with how she has been totally victimised on a “whim”. I think they sincerely wanted to help CA and did some stupid things to that end. All of that is now going to be thrown in their faces as evidence against them. How could any parent imagine such abuse at the hand of their child? CA acts like a 2 year old in a grown up body. The world revolves around her. If she is tired of her toys she just breaks them and gets some more. Never cross her or she has a tantrum.She can compartmentalise everything. Her reality is not her parents or the major portion of our societies reality. I knew she was going to destroy this family from the beginning. I think she was planning something bad for them before she took Caylee. Mean,jealous, manipulative,stone cold daughter. What a tragety.My heart and prayers to Caylee and those who LOVED her.

  17. josie says:

    PS, Thank you Mom 3.0. I could never take “that” apart like you did. My head hurts just thinking about it. What a mish mosh. I guess confuse everyone is the defense.

  18. susanm says:

    imo,casey showed us exactly what happened,in court.caylee has a potty issue and starts crying,casey tells her to quit crying ,caylee doesnt stop crying ,so casey puts tape on her mouth ,caylee pulls the tape off,casey puts another piece on, caylee pulls it off,(the two shorter pieces of duct tape),now mad as hell ,casey starts to put another piece on, caylee physically defies,grabbing casey’s hand ,casey loses it ,showing whose boss,casey wraps the duct tape all the way around caylee’s head including the nose.i had a similar event in kindergarten.

  19. JustJill says:

    Funny that Casey’s alleged trichotillomania did not seem to be evident during pretrial hearings, nor is she compulsively pulling them out during the trial phase, which if she truly did have trichotillomania, she would be doing constantly, including during the trial hours.

    I just have to say one thing – As someone who was a victim of sexual abuse as a child by a family member, I cannot begin to tell you how utterly offended, upset, and sick to my stomach I am over Casey accusing her father and brother – I do not believe Lee or George Anthony harmed one little hair on her head, much less sexually abused her. It just reinforced to me personally that truly she is a sociopath with no empathy towards anyone but herself, that she could attempt to ruin her father’s and brother’s reputations and risk them both being prosecuted for sexual abuse. Sorry – I just had to vent that part out.

  20. RHONI says:

    I don’t think I ever rolled my eyes as much as when I heard the opening statement from the defense.

    Good news though,, just saw Casey’s parent’s lawyer on the Today show and their lawyer is going to take legal action against Jose the liar lawyer for slander against George. Jose has no proof behind his words, all a made up story with nothing to stand up to.

  21. nana2 says:

    After seeing & hearing Tony Lazzaro testifying IMO he was the catalyst for CA losing it causing the death of Caylee. Romance with Tony then he was graduating & probably told CA he was going back “home” to NY did he or did he not ask CA to go with him. I don’t think he asked her & that’s when she flipped. Also no one asked why they broke up, who or what initiated it & did Tony really want children around ‘all of the time’. In jail Tony’s phone number was what CA kept asking for so the connection is much tighter than revealed IMO.

    And if George had two shovels in the tool shed as he stated this morning why did CA have to borrow one from the neighbor ? Also why would anyone other than a contractor or builder need to do an Internet search on a shovel ? I personally don’t understand the importance placed on that particular Internet search; so help me out on that one.

  22. nana2 says:

    So CA got upset with little Caylee when she wouldn’t go to sleep & I wonder how she finally got the baby to go to sleep..

  23. Anniex9 says:

    snipped from Mom3.0:

    In her letter she says she had a dream- and that it was fuzzy and that she sees George in her bedroom and its her childhood bedroom- she says she wakes up with a tummy ache. Lee looked at her with a flashlight and she wakes up with her bra undone on other occasions-)
    Exactly. And by the way, who goes to bed with a bra on? It’s nonsense.

  24. Mia says:

    How could anyone believe George would confirm Baez’s allegations? So many here seem so proud that he denied the claims of sexual abuse and knowledge of the crime, and cover-up. Even George wouldn’t admit something so heinous. Furthermore I can’t picture George acting out the way Baez described. If nothing else, George loved that little girl.If he had found Caylee he would have been inconsolable, not angry with Casey, and simlpy moving forward calmly to cover-up. No Way!

    I will say, Baez coming up with the “accident” defense was a good move on his part. The “George penis abuse contributing factor for a frightened little Casey”, that’s where he loses it.

    Why did he not enter an insanity plea, after all no one could deny the girl IS “one sick -itch”, and the family is no “box of chocolates”

  25. JannyFay says:

    I’m a lurker and Blink, thanks for an awesome site. Today when George Anthony was testifying and said that Casey had stolen gas before I was left wondering if she had ever broken the lock to steal the gas. Maybe that’s why a lock was placed on the shed to begin with, to keep her from stealing the gas. Maybe that’s why George didn’t suspect Casey as the culprit since he didn’t think that she’d break the lock to get gas since he told her he’d give her the money for gas if she needed it. That’s also why Casey didn’t get the shovels from the shed, it was locked and she wasn’t desperate enough to break the lock at that point since she could just ask the neighbor.

  26. peggy says:

    I could be wrong, but I believe comments that are made in the courtroom, such as Baez’s opening statements and any questions or comments Baez might make to Kronk on the stand are privileged (i.e.-judicial proceedings privilege or maybe even qualified privilege)-meaning Kronk cannot sue Baez for defamation for those comments. There are definitely exceptions but I think Kronk would have a tough case trying to sue Baez. Kronk might have a case against Padilla (?)-IIRC he received a cease and desist letter from Kronk’s attorney re: his daisy chain theory.


  27. A Texas Grandfather says:

    We are seeing from testimony of all the witnesses how Casey was able to compartmentalize those that she dealt with on a day to day basis. Only occassionaly did the people from one compartment interact with those from another.

    The lady from Boston probably did more to wake up the jury about Casey’s ability to lie with knowledge of what she was doing than any other witness. I found it very telling about values when She told Casey that she did not care about tattoos and would not be going with her. This lady also told the jury that Casey was using Tony’s Jeep wagon without permission.

    The great mistake that George and Cindy made was to allow Casey to have access to the home and to furnish her transportation. Had they denied these things, it would have been much more difficult for Casey to continue her charades. People like Casey have to have someone to enable them. If they are working to support themselves and are responsible for food, transportation and shelter, it restricts the amount of time they have for creating problems for others.

    Cindy was in charge at the home. George just lives there and does what ever Cindy wants. I would even bet money that Cindy was the one who made the decision to move to Florida. Cindy would do whatever she could to be able to have Caylee around and Casey traded on this.


    From testimony of George, we found out that the shed on the side of the house next to the fence was padlocked. Casey did not know how to get into the shed until Tony showed her how when they took the gas cans. Therefore, she could not get the shovels. There is also the possiblility that she reasoned that by borrowing a shovel from a neighbor, George or Cindy would never know she used one.


    You have described a scene of strong possiblity regarding the manner of Caylee’s death. If a sociopath cannot get their way, they usually leave the scene or get so angry that they attack the person causing the problem. In this scene, Casey could not leave so she shut Caylee up as you describe. JMO

  28. peggy says:

    I guess I have a totally different view of RM and his exchange with Baez. He totally creeped me out, ANY guy that thinks it’s funny to drug a girl in order to have sex with her (his myspace pic) is IMO, a whacked out freaky pervert. Eww!

    Not to mention he sold pics to a rag magazine for 4,000.

    Maybe his eye rolling and IMO his borderline inappropriate behavior on the stand stems from the fact he was uncomfortable being drilled about that in front of millions of people.


  29. peggy says:

    Insanity defenses are rarely successful and Casey would have to admit guilt in order to do so–I just don’t think she’s capable and/or willing to do that.


  30. Löni says:

    Poor George. I hope Cindy is on his side. What more must he endure? They fought against all people for so long and so much to help their daughter and now he have to be the pedophile that duct taped his grandaughter to hide an accident and disposed of her!!!! Oh my! I have no words for Casey. That is so nasty

  31. Löni says:

    George said once ( sorry Blink i don’t remember the date ) he would do anything for his daughter. She took him by word. “So Dad go to jail to save me so i can party again and live my life they took away putting me in jail”!!!!

  32. lizzy says:

    Baez really earned his hat today. Or maybe a tall white pointy one.

    You cannot make this stuff up. Seriously.

  33. WPG says:

    Telling Anthony L. these “secrets” just before he leaves for New York, IMO, her motive was pure manipulation.

    Thank goodness for Judge Perry questioning Mr. L. in order to clarify the what and when.

    Will be interesting when and under what circumstances she told the same to Jesse G.

    (Not letting Lee Anthony of the hook, by any means . . . waiting for his testimony.)

    Blink, sorry, I first posted this same comment incorrectly in the “audit” thread.

  34. Löni says:

    Josie i red your post now after posting mine. What you wrote makes sense and i think you are absoly right in your opinion about Casey.

  35. nickel says:

    Blink…im sure u don’t remember me. I can’t bear to even read comments anymore. I know you can’t post this but PLEASE tell me the prosecution is going to destroy the defense!?!?

    I do nickel, nice to see you, and imo, this is an 8 week swim upstream for the defense.

  36. DeeJaye says:

    Each day I see this man I think to myself 1) Isn’t it harder than that to get a license to practice and 2) Thank you dear lord that my newly JD’d nephew didn’t elect defense law as his specialty and I will never have to watch this sort of ineptitude from him on live television. Kudos to the State for their skillful placement of witnesses thus far. Clearly they are lining up a pattern of behavior that painfully outlines what an inconvenience to CA’s lifestyle Caylee truly was. Behavior=motive. Forensics=method. Callous spoiled defendent=guilt by disgusted jury. Inept defense, however, might=convincing appeal. Although I truly hope not.

    LMAO, how I have missed you. *snicker*
    congrats to your nephew, and I completely agree as to the State’s methodology.

  37. nickel says:

    Thank you Blink! Your a kind woman and as many of us…are just mommies that can’t fathom this tragedy! Thank you for editing my comment and posting. I have such respect for you and the way you have honored this baby. I still to this day want to hold Caylee in my arms as im sure most of us do. Xoxo

  38. cattymama says:

    Were George and Cindy sitting on the prosecution side today? I couldn’t get a good look. Also the link to the state’s witness list, I didn’t see JP Chatt or Mallory listed and I had always thought they must have said some heavy stuff that we would hear about later.

  39. Fiona says:

    Jose Baez reminds me of the fictional character Walter Mitty. He is a dreamer and imagines himself being the hero of the courtroom and his client at the end of the movie, oops I mean trial. He obviously, has retained more from movies and TV crime shows than he has from law school.

    Today, he went into Walter Mitty mode when he ask a witness if the witness was crystal clear. He was channeling his best Tom Cruise questioning Jack Nicholson. The witness forgot the line, in the movie and didn’t say Crystal! Baez’s moment, of being as brilliant as Tom Cruise, resulted in Baez being rocketed back to reality.

    IMO, Baez is upset that the PT yawned at his ridiculous opening statement. The PT has proceeded with their case against Casey Anthony as planned. Baez has tried to antagonize the PT form the beginning. There are too many incidents of this over the past three years. One that comes to mind right now, is Baez putting a CD on JA’s chair loaded with 5,000 pages on Dr Vass. JA put it on the record but we haven’t heard JA speak about it since then.

    Baez is a Flea, a Fly, a Pest to the PT. They give him the swat he is do and keep on keeping on, Justice for a murdered baby.

    Thank you all for the brilliant posts and updates.

    Oh one more thing, perhaps instead of scanning the internet blogs and what people are writing about him he could get his files in order. The jury is watching Jose.

    Could Baez be trying to cause a mistrial by continuing to ignore the judge’s rulings?

    Fiona- you are brilliant. For personal familial reasons I could never really make the analogy.

  40. Celeste B. says:

    Ah, Blink..thanks so much for the graphic of George with the halo. Perfect!

    I have been someone who strongly believed it was an accident. I believed it for three years. I thought a drowning was a definite possibility. I also thought that incest was part of the picture. I have “personal knowledge” of how someone whose trust has been so betrayed became a “compulsive” liar. Like many others, I felt solid about my thoughts concerning this case. KC didn’t run..KC had no history of violence…etc etc, I couldn’t see KC as murderous, only compromised by mental illness.

    WELL. After watching the trial thus far I am completely swayed to YOUR SIDE. I did not want to think KC could kill her own child……..but now after watching and listening to Jose Baez’ ridiculous defense, I have to agree, there is no other plausible answer….she did it with malice and forethought! I’m out of the “accident/abuse” camp and firmly in yours! Happy to now be a card-carrying part of the angry lynch mob. GO GEORGE, GO PROSECUTION, GO BLINK! HIGH FIVE!

  41. Teri says:

    As I said in an earlier post: I don’t think George is making a very good witness. Too hostile. Too defensive. Too many past lies that will come to haunt him.

    I really, really wish he would have continued with the behavior he portrayed when he went on his “secret” visit to the FBI, and told, what looks to me, to be “the truth.”

    I think, as this trial goes on…George is going to pay for his dishonesty – and ultimately, help the defense.

  42. josie says:

    Why? Why? Why? I can’t get myself to believe that this is the best JB and CA could come up with after 3 years. There are so many different avenues they could have gone down. If they came in and admitted an accident happened and she stupidly did everything to cover it up. She’s immature and didn’t want to be seen as imperfect, neglictful, etc. They could show how dysfuntional she is. That might have gotten them somewhere. Or,when she lost her baby’s father she snapped etc. Instead this! Let me get this straight. Casey is a victim of sexual abuse, so “She has learned to lie at a young age”. Abuse victims learn to lie and hide the truth about the abuse. They learn to hide who they are. They cannot trust anyone and maybe after years of therapy they may begin to trust again… Casey tells all of her boyfriends that she was abused AND lies about everything else.??? Telling this “big secret” to Tony (Jesse et al.) after having known them for a short time. I don’t believe that is victim behavior. Why would she tell them that? Manipulation. She wants to move in with Tony right away. She steals money so she can go shopping where she buys tons of food for Tony and his friends, she cooks for everyone. Why? She tells everyone that she has a great job. Why? She wants to be the “Den Mom” with all the girls at the club, showing them how much she cares. Why? She takes his friends girlfriend shopping. OMG RUN! RED FLAGS OF ABUSER! Give me a break Jose please.

  43. josie says:

    PS, George yelled at Casey “Look what you’ve done, your Mother will never forgive you”! IMO,(That has to be from a really bad movie)So, Cindy will never forgive Casey because Cindy left the pool ladder on the pool? Huh???

    I have been thinking now that JB+KC plan to put KC on the stand, where she will totally break down and say all sorts of disgusting stuff. At that point the “real” truth will come out. (Really bad movie.) After the past few days anything is possible… “Your Honor I would like to ask for a mistrial because of all of the stupid things I have been saying.”

  44. Katie says:

    Watching live…looks like Casey had a breakdown at the end of her mother’s testimony b/c her mother never looked at Casey during testimony or upon stepping down. For those in the courtroom, is that a correct observation?

    What is your interpretation of Cindy’s emotions during testimony?

  45. chica says:

    At 21 seconds in Casey says “SHE’S MY MOTHER, SHE WOULDN’T EVEN LOOK AT ME ”

    at 30 seconds in she says “SHE’S GOING TO PROTECT HIM”

    At 49 seconds in “THREE YEARS & NOTHING!’ makes chop motion with hand

    then she says ‘now I tell the truth”

  46. nikoleye says:

    someone mentioned RM in a previous post. could someone pls tell me who that is?

    also, ive been wondering about what fiona said for awhile now. it wouldnt surprise me a bit if they deliberately cause a mistrial. theve asked for one at least twice already.

  47. steffy18249 says:

    It makes me sick to see what Casey is putting her parents through, but glad at the same time, that both George and Cindy are doing the right thing by being honest on the stand. I do not believe for one minute that George had anything to do with 1) molestation of Casey 2) helping Casey cover this crime. I have seen other posts in regard to George and how Cindy seems to wear the pants in the family, and I think that is actually, quite true. I also believe there has been more than one connotation (sp?), that Casey felt they lavished too much attention on her daughter – same with Jesse Grund. His love for her daughter, drove her away. Casey was seriously enabled as a child and a young adult, by both her parents. I think her lying history had to start some time ago, and believe her parents didn’t do too much to discourage this. She is truly someone who never learned consequences – I think she had a horrible argument with her mother, and killed Caylee for spite. As much as an outward loving nature she may of had to her daughter, Casey deeply resented this. Caylee took her place in the family and it was too much for Casey to handle. I think George didn’t want to see this, was embarrassed because he is an ex detective and truly wanted to be anywhere but near this whole thing – and that explains the suicide attempt. I hope they put Casey on the stand so she can dig her own grave and not just those whom she has betrayed. I would love to actually know a little more about her relationship with her father, and what that was like – we KNOW she fought with her mother – but what about her dad?

  48. BoredofTrialAlready says:

    Do you believe this ridiculous statement by Baez?! He claimed his client’s daughter was MISSING in 2008. Now he says she died on June 16,2008. And questioning det. mulich like that. Pathetic. He knows she is going down! His clients testimony proves she is a sociopath, a pathological liar, guilty of drugging her daughter which ended in death. They should have made a plea deal for accidental death 3 years ago.
    My BIGGEST question IS WHERE OR WHERE did Casey put Caylee for the 2 years when grandma Cindy was not watching her and Casey was out with her friends (who testified they said Casey told them that Caylee was with her grandma) WHERE was she, WHO was she with. There is NO evidence of any nanny ever.

  49. Deborah aka steenpearls says:

    Has anyone realized when Casey was being recorded for an interview with Det Melich that she said she had a freind named Juliet Lewis. And that Juliet Lewis is an actress who played in many movies lately?
    That Baez is such a fuckwad my own word, in lawyer suit that will and has of today 6/1/11 that is incompetent, inept, non-professional, and even talks to Mason when the Judge is talking to him specifically?
    I am waiting for Judge Perry to call Baez in contempt of court.

  50. John says:

    I guess I stand alone in thinking there is a distinct POSSIBILITY
    G. Anthony really did molest his daughter, and Lee as well.
    Befor everyone yells at me, let me explain. Casey would not necessarily report this if it did happen, and be reluctant (ashamed)
    to use it in her defense (she would think it was her own fault anyway)
    George would of COURSE deny it, and so would Cindy. Most, if not all mothers take husband’s side against their daughters (even NG says so) Instead of hating hubby, they hate the daughter. Casey displays behaviour of a sexually abused person.
    I am not saying she did not murder her baby, because I think she did (by stupid actions, and not on purpose) I also think the whole family knew the baby was dead, and ASSISTED with the coverup. I do not like George. (if he molested Casey, he could also have been molesting the baby…just saying IF and COULD) There are two sides to every story. Young girls are not born evil, they are made that way. Think about it. (Dr. Drew seems to be the ONLY one who will even entertain the possibility of others involvement/blame in this case, on whatever level)
    A thought……IF George is guilty of incest, he would surely deny it and let Casey hang! There are some fathers/mothers who would die/go to jail/ admit anything even IF innocent, to save their daughter whom they love (if they do) (just ask Joy Behar!….she would , she said so on her show, and so would I!)

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