Missing And Endangered: Missouri Mom of Triplets Jacque Waller Missing- Clay Waller Person Of Interest

Cheryl Brenneke , Jacque Waller’s sister is frantic.  Jacque left Cheryl’s St. Genevieve home on June 1st, on her way to file for divorce following a recent separation from her estranged husband, Clay Waller.  Jacque announced privately to her family a year ago she would be seeking a divorce,  she was reported to be in good spirits, and thrilled to moving  to the St. Genevieve area with the three children she shared with Waller.

I wish that every reader did not have visions of Scott, Drew or Michael Peterson in their heads.  It is what it is.

Clay Waller, residing at 1121 Woodland Drive in Jackson, MO, was the last person to see Jaque when she arrived to pick up one of their children who had been placed with a babysitter.  According to Cape Girardeau/Bollinger County Major Crimes Task Force, an argument ensued about the impending divorce filing, and Waller says his wife stormed down the street, leaving her blue Honda Pilot in his driveway.

Waller claims that he then left his residence, and when he returned, Jaque and her vehicle were gone.  The Blue Honda Pilot was later found abandoned with a flat tire near Hwy 55 in Jackson.

..” I know She Would Never Leave Her Kids.. They were here reason for living, the reason she stayed in her marriage that long..”

Jacque Waller friend Amy King

Drawing another parallel to the Drew Peterson case,  Clay Waller is a former law enforcement officer.  Waller is a former Sheriff’s deputy with the Cape Girardeau Sheriff’s Office.   Requests for comments from John Jordan, CGSO, have not yet been returned.

Police have recovered and impounded Waller’s red GMC sierra pick up, and the boat they believe may be involved in Jacque’s disappearance he was seen towing the evening of June 1st.

Witnesses near the location of Waller’s residence, speaking on the condition of anonymity to www.blinkoncrime.com, have confirmed that a man matching Clay Waller’s description was seen driving the blue Honda Pilot near Neal Ave after 5PM, with a fishing boat on a trailer at a high rate of speed.  There are unconfirmed that the boat was reported missing at that time, and has since been recovered, submerged, in an undisclosed body of water.  (Editor’s note- there is an additional report it was located in a storage facility)

Police are asking the public to provide any tips that may assist the investigation.

Jason Mateos, Editor, www.blinkoncrime.com, contributed to this report.

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  1. Ragdoll says:

    Why why why do these men think they can kill their wives and get away with it???? A police officer of all people should know he’s going to be the first person LE will zero in on.

    If I was Jaque, storming out would include backing out of the drive way in my car like a complete mad woman! He’s the last person to see her and her car is later found abandoned? How original. Let me at him.

  2. Judi says:

    Oh, great, here we go again. Why can’t people just proceed with the divorce and move on with their lives. Why does it have to end like this? One time is too many times for this to happen. How can someone just take a human life, any human life, let alone the mother of their own children.



  3. Mom3.0 says:

    My prayers for Jaque her children and her family. I hope against hope that their worst fears arent realized.

    Personally I wasnt thinking of the Petersons… Sadly, I was thinking of Susan Powell, and Michael Powell.

    Has the estranged husbands family been interviewed?
    Thanks for bringing this sad story to our attention Blink and team. I hope someone out there- can help bring Jaque home.

    Again my prayers for all.

  4. lizzy says:

    Read this article and the links and the links from the links, but I’m confused on a point.

    Where does the babysitter come into this? Is the Woodland address the husband’s current address, the babysitter’s address, or . . . ?

    Excellent question- is unclear, but my personal interpretation is that she arrived to pick up the child, and was told the child was at a sitter. You know where I am going with that.

    Not going to end well, another malignant narcissist at work. 3 More kids about to be orphaned. Sick.

  5. Sharai says:

    Oh-no, sounds highly suspicious. Evil has raised it’s onery head in Missoui, my home state. Don’t know what to say, will continue to pray. Shalom

  6. GeorgiaDad says:

    If the soon-to-be-ex committed this crime, he most likely would have required help, or taken a cab, at some point.

    I have read reports about the boat being seen pulled both by her blue SUV and his red pick-up truck. I doubt both are true.

    If he drove her SUV out by the interstate and flattened the tire and abandoned it, somebody had to help him get home. It would appear way too far to walk.

    I wonder if he simply “flipped out” and killed her when she went to the house. If this was premeditated, I would suspect he wouldn’t have set things up in such a way that all evidence points to him. Apparently, she called her family to let them know he was at his house. It would be very interesting to know when and where her cell phone last pinged. It would also be useful to know if his cell phone travelled between 4-6PM. The baby-sitter’s story would also be useful: Who eventually picked up the child and when. — I’m sure LE already has that information.

    Scott Peterson at least created a story consistent with his general location when he buried his wife at sea. This guys alibi is about as plausible as a Jose Baez alibi.

  7. Californian says:

    This sounds more like Hans Reiser than Scott Peterson. Who is raising these men? Mothers, fathers – pay attention to what you’re teaching your sons!

  8. BobbiJo says:

    This is terribly sad news…another ex-cop is a wife killer…but those three children, how sad is that….Cops that are rogues think they are smarter and above the law, because they are the law. Not saying all cops….but the ones that are on that fine line, between themselves and the crimminals. I wanted so bad, for the cops to get Drew Peterson….and I guess Kathleen Savio has reached up from her grave to get him…I hope he never gets out of prison….My daughter was married to a cop…her life was a living nightmare….she got out alive….thank God….

  9. daydreamer says:

    These men have no respect for women.I can’t stand them and makes me sick.I don’t know if that’s there way of getting out of child support or
    they just have very low self esteem.Either way these kids have probally
    lost their mother.Former LE unbeleiveable,they protect the community and
    can’t seem to protect their own family from harm.I hope they nail this guy

  10. NoseyRosey says:

    Prayers for these three children’s mommy.

  11. A Texas Grandfather says:

    It is not clear to me from the article if she went to his place to pick up the child.

    The only way a women can be safe in a case like this is to have help from her family and never go anywhere near the guy by herself.

    I think that she is no longer with us.

  12. TJ says:

    Sick sick sick. I know this does no good for anyone but these situations make me SO so angry. SO SO SO angry.

  13. Word Girl says:

    Can’t quite figure out the logistics here.

    Scene 1: Considering that Clay interweaves truth with lies, we can see he drove his truck and boat-carrying trailer while her car was parked at his house. (Because he tells us it was parked in the drive while he was gone.)

    Scene 2:
    However, he could have also told her to drive to this previously unknown babysitter, while he followed, ambushed her, killed her and
    disabled her car (perhaps even signalling her to pull over for a flat tire?)

    Clay’s story: Jacque got mad and walked away from his house, leaving her car in the driveway. He also left. When he came back, her car was gone. Jaque’s car was later found with a flat tire on the highway shoulder.

    Arrgh! Anyone better at putting puzzle pieces together?!

  14. MissMonkey says:

    Looks like CW is no longer cooperating with police. (http://www.semissourian.com/story/1734279.html?response=no)

    The good news is that the FBI have joined the case at the family’s request, as per her parents’ facebook account

    This ABSOLUTELY is a case for the FBI, there is a conflict of interest in that Waller is a former cop, and also, to protect CGSO integrity of their investigation and likely prosecution of a former officer.

    My prayers are with Jacque Waller, her children, and her family as they go through this hell on earth.

  15. drumstick says:

    Hello, my friend!
    Sad case…3 innocent children caught up in a nightmare that happens too frequently in this country.

    I wish every family and divorce attorney would be required to advise their clients about the “moment of separation” that occurs in almost every failed relationship. It is the most dangerous time for women seeking to “leave”.
    Education about this horrible phenomenon is the key to awareness.

    Thank you for all you do!

    Awesome to see you drumstick! They had been physically seperated since March.

    I have yet to hear about one of these cases where there is not someone that says.. you know, I began to be concerned the one year when I found out he…

    I think in general it is difficult for many to really believe someone they love could be ultimately capable of such atrocity.

  16. cf says:

    Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?
    I am not defending either side,however she might still be alive being held some where, than to be released later. Stop speaking death and pray safty over her.. Prayer changes things..
    If the husband is innocent I cannot imagine how he would feel losing a newly filed for divorce wife, and having custody taken of his children.
    One thing I am certain of is the truth always out weighs a lie.

  17. A Texas Grandfather says:

    The statement from the husband about Jacque leaving the house and running down the street leaving her vehicle in the driveway is totally off the wall. This one statement tells me that he took her somewhere in his vehicle or in the bottom of the boat that was being towed.

    I-55 parallels the Mississippi river through this area. The flow rate of the river is high because of the recent flooding. Just South of Cape Girardeau is a bend in the river near which are quaries with water filled pits.

    Jackson is just West of Cape Girardeau. It is about twenty minutes to drive to Illinois. So we have the possiblity of two states to search.

  18. GracieintheHills says:

    17.A Texas Grandfather says:
    June 8, 2011 at 12:04 pm
    The statement from the husband about Jacque leaving the house and running down the street leaving her vehicle in the driveway is totally off the wall.
    I agree, TGF. His statement defies logic. I just cannot conceive of Ms. Waller stomping off in anger and leaving her car in someone’s driveway.

    My heart and prayers go out to her sister, family, and friends. May they soon have some answers.

  19. GeorgiaDad says:

    cf wrote:
    “Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?”

    No offense intended, but that phrase is a pet peeve of mine.

    1) In our system of law, juries and judges find a defendant either “guilty” or “not guilty”, not “innocent”. “Not guilty” only means that there was no evidence beyond a reasonable doubt of the persons guilt, it does not necessarily mean that the defendant is “innocent”.

    2) People accused or suspected of a crime are routinely forcibly detained, hand-cuffed and sometime ankle-cuffed, frequently by force or with the threat of deadly force. It is called being arrested.

    3) People suspected of a crime, or of even being material witnesses can be forcibly detained and deprived of their liberty for short periods of time by law enforcement. They can be held for longer periods of time with a judges consent. (“habeas corpus”)

    4) People are routinely held in jail and denied bond while waiting trial. If Casey Anthony was really “innocent until proven guilty”, she should not have been in jail for 2 years.

    The American idea of presumption of innocence was a reaction to the then current English concept of the presumption of guilt; i.e. Why would the King arrest someone who wasn’t guilty. In England, the accused would need to prove his innocence in court, in the new United States, the government had the obligation to prove guilt.

    The presumption of innocence exists only in criminal courts in the US. As individuals, we are free to judge, and be judged by others, in our own personal lives as long as we respect the rights of others. Despite the jury’s verdict otherwise, I still believe OJ Simpson killed his ex-wife. I don’t have the right to execute him or incarcerate him; but I also do not have to treat him like an innocent man.

    Possibly, Clay Waller is telling the truth. I personally feel this is quite unlikely. But regardless of this, it is quite reasonable for me to avoid any contact with him and protect my family from him. Fortunately, I live a long way away and this is not an issue. It would be prudent, however, for young women around Cape Girardeau to take special precautions around this man until the situation is resolved.

    Mr. Waller does have the right not to be slandered or libeled. In the US, however, unlike the UK, it is very difficult to win a slander or libel suit.

  20. Sharai says:

    This is sad,so sad, and unfortunately, it has all the earmarkings of a homicide. Divorce does nasty things to people. Presently, the mother is missing, the father is a person of interest, and the children are confused.I will stop before I pull out my soapbox and speak on the brokenness of society, families, and so on and so forth. Instead, I will pray. Shalom

  21. kimberly says:

    If she arrived to pick up ONE of her children that was supposably with a babysitter, where were her other tow children?

  22. kimberly says:

    Tow—- should have been two!

  23. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Casey is in jail because she is a convicted felon. She stole money from Amy by writing forged checks from a checkbook Amy left in her car.
    Amy pressed charges and Casey was convicted.

    Casey also stole money from her mothers parents, but Cindy did not press charges when she found out. Cindy took money from her retirement account to reimburse the parents.

    This young woman is a real mess. She took the money to cover the fact that she was supposed to be working at Universal when she was not.

  24. Blink says:

    This from one of her young children:

    “My Avery, who looks like Jacque said, ‘Do you think she doesn’t like us and went to find another family?’” said Stan Rawson.

    I know this is not a hot media case, and we are inundated with the Anthony case, but these children do not understand, and they need to know their Mommy did not leave them. Nothing hurts my heart more.


  25. GraceintheHills says:

    21.kimberly says:
    June 8, 2011 at 7:10 pm
    If she arrived to pick up ONE of her children that was supposably with a babysitter, where were her other tow children?

    According to a news article I read yesterday, her son was supposed to be with her estranged husband, but was with a babysitter. Her two daughters were with her sister. Will try to find link.

  26. Word Girl says:

    Georgia Dad, I’m glad you posted on this case. ATG explained well why KC is in gaol (jail).

    I just wanted to point out something you want to pursue. Your statement

    “…it is quite reasonable for me to avoid any contact with him and protect my family from him. Fortunately, I live a long way away and this is not an issue. It would be prudent, however, for young women around Cape Girardeau to take special precautions around this man until the situation is resolved.”

    Two flaws you may not have noticed in this premise are distance as a safety barrier and the fallacy of male-to-female violence. We’re dealing with a sociopath here(or at least moderate to severe personality disorder) who could just as easily kill or harm a male–old or young.

    Your family, as is mine, may be more distant from the area of this crime, but there is no immunity from crime and criminals.

    Please get some copies of The Gift of Fear by Gavin DeBecker, read them and share with your family and friends. Some people put their initials or signature on a flyleaf to signify their pledge to making others aware of danger and how we can predict its occurrence.

  27. Word Girl says:

    Sry Georgia Dad…I hope I wasn’t too presumptuous.

    I meant to say ‘something you *may* want to pursue’. Any other errors chalk up to way-past-bedtime syndrome.

  28. ChiaPet517 says:

    Stupid husband!!! They’re always the “last one seen” with the victim, and of course they always say, “she left on her own.”

    Why not just move on with your life? Are you so pathetic you didn’t even consider your children? Now they will be left with neither parent (assuming LE figures out you did it). MOO

  29. GeorgiaDad says:

    I never assumed that I was safe. There have been home invasions in my small Georgia community. I simply meant that I do not have to worry about this particular individual.
    Also,I suspect that if Casey Anthony was not accused of her daughters death, that she would be out on parole by now, possibly providing “favors” to her parole officer. (I also wonder if Misty Croslin would have received such a long sentence if she were not involved in Hailey’s disappearence.)FWIW

    @Word Girl, you advise is taken in the spirit in which I believe you intended.

  30. christy says:

    texasgrandfather said “If he drove her SUV out by the interstate and flattened the tire and abandoned it, somebody had to help him get home. It would appear way too far to walk.”
    Cape is my hometown and 55 runs right through the heart of Jackson, so it isn’t implausible.

    That said, I fear for Jaque. The river is high and he had a boat. Ugh, the quarries. . . And now he’s not talking. Nuff said. :(

  31. Columbiares (Pam) says:

    Been following as it’s close to home. :( What’s with these men that can’t let go?? I should say- they don’t want them- but don’t want anyone else to have them more. It’s disgusting!! From what I’ve been reading, Clay Waller isn’t cooperating at all with police. Thank goodness the court gave temporary custody to Jacque’s sister and brother in law. Praying for answers and her return soon.

  32. MissMonkey says:

    I can’t believe I haven’t read more about this on the news. It’s so sad. But what is truly sad is that her parents hold no hope that she will come back to them alive. To be so certain that your child is dead, no matter their age is something that I as a mother do not think I could recover from.

    And those three little ones… breaks my heart.

  33. Sammy says:

    Blink says:
    June 9, 2011 at 9:40 pm
    This from one of her young children:

    “My Avery, who looks like Jacque said, ‘Do you think she doesn’t like us and went to find another family?’” said Stan Rawson.

    I know this is not a hot media case, and we are inundated with the Anthony case, but these children do not understand, and they need to know their Mommy did not leave them. Nothing hurts my heart more.

    Oh dear Lord.
    That Jacque Waller’s precious little child said this just breaks my heart.
    They all must be so confused, and life will never, never, ever be the same for them again.
    What a tragedy.

    Clay Waller and the rest of his sick ilk (Drew Peterson and Joshua Powell come to mind) are just despicable.
    The pain they’ve caused their children can never be healed.
    What kind of man could do this?
    Certainly not a man that deserved the blessings from God to be a husband and father.

    Killing the mother of your children?
    Grow some balls, get a divorce, and move on with life. Arghh!!!

  34. twinkletoes says:

    Very sad.

  35. Jeff D says:

    Having been married and divorced twice I feel I can testify to the deep shame, the dark depression, and the sense of total loss that accompanies such major failures. I, along with the vast majority of divorcees, found a way to pick up the pieces (such as they are) and move on. In the interest of sanity, the children and yes, even in the interest of the woman/women who one once loved…we move on.

    Having said that I feel there must have always been a kernel of madness in the minds of these murderers. Some twisted sense of reality either inborn or left to fester from childhood causes these people to devalue all they once had.

    The rejection by someone one once held dear, a true friend and partner who shared intimacy, and all that goes with that, becomes a trigger for the release of that madness.

    all in my humbled and reflective opinion of course

  36. Kimberly says:

    25.GraceintheHills says:
    June 9, 2011 at 10:20 pm
    21.kimberly says:
    June 8, 2011 at 7:10 pm
    If she arrived to pick up ONE of her children that was supposably with a babysitter, where were her other tow children?

    According to a news article I read yesterday, her son was supposed to be with her estranged husband, but was with a babysitter. Her two daughters were with her sister. Will try to find link.
    Thank you ! Gosh this is so sad, why aren’t we hearing more in the media about her?

  37. MissMonkey says:

    Jacque’s father posted yesterday that the Major Crime Squad has reported to them and he seems to be positive about the ex being the culprit:

    “Cheer up Friends of Jacque ! I spoke with the Major Case Squad leaders today and they have rec’d some more evidence back from the crime lab. The noose is starting to tighten on that murdering piece of crap. His days are numbered for sure and I can’t wait to see him in that orange jumpsuit. Keep up the good work ! Jacque’s Dad”

    Source: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000729520592&sk=wall

    I wasn’t sure if we could link to her parents’ page, so feel free not to include it, Blink.

  38. Kimberly says:

    there is a comment of her parents facebook that caught my attention.
    Apparently he (the husband has a twin) could this be “the babysitter”?

    Ruby Rawson Brenda: Don’t worry about that. Everyone up here are armmed to the teeth and would enjoy having a ‘discussion’ with him or his twin sister. Jacque’s dad


  39. MissMonkey says:

    Speculation has been that the ‘babysitter’ was the soon to be Ex husband’s girlfriend. LE has released almost no info, so I wouldn’t even know how to verify it.

    I have heard same.

  40. pittipoat says:

    If Jaque was sooo scarred of her husband, why was she going to his house by herself? If he was so dangerous, why did she not take someone with her? Nobody would go with her? What’s up with that. Her family is angry, but they couldn’t escort her that day? I don’t think so.

  41. MissMonkey says:

    Glad to see that Jacque’s case is getting more national coverage now:

    Let’s hope LE find something soon to help locate Jacque and ease the pain her family and the triplets are suffering.

  42. I became a BOC lurker after Kyron went missing last year. Every day, I’d check for news, hoping that he’d been found. Alive. Now I just hope they find the little guy. Eventually, I began to stay up with the Anthony case. Guess I’m hooked on this stuff now. But enough about that, I wanted to comment on this thread.
    I live in Jackson, Mo.; unfortunately, it’s the town where Jacque Waller went missing. I kept thinking they’d find her but after all this time; I’m starting to have doubts. The story is that she & her husband were separated, he lived in Jackson while she and their triplets, lived with Jacque’s family in another town. They were in the process of divorcing. Jacque went missing after going to pick her son up at the soon to be ex-husbands home. Supposedly, the boy was spending time with his father and the plan was for her to pick him up that evening. (Speculation is that he led her to believe that the boy would be there but he wasn’t.) When she didn’t arrive home that night, and phone calls went unanswered her family notified the police. Her SUV was later discovered abandoned on I-55 with a flat tire. The ex claims that she when showed to pick their son up, they argued and she took off walking. Yeah, that’s right she left her SUV sitting there, and took off on foot in sweltering heat! Anyway, he claims he left the house driving his own truck but when he came back at 6:30pm, Jacque was gone. However, neighbors have reported seeing her SUV there as late as 8:00pm. This is the gist of the story. The family has gotten a lot of support from the surrounding communities and there have been several search parties organized by friends & family of Jacque. Most everyone believes that the POI,(her ex-husband) is guilty so it’s been kind of interesting to read the local blogs and hear what folks are saying.

  43. semo68 says:

    Thank you so much Blink for posting this crime.

    This one hits waay too close to home for me. While I never personally knew Jacque Waller, I know several people who did, including my own sister-in-law who worked with her at BCBS. And I do remember seeing Jaque and Clay with the triplets at our local Wal-Mart several times while they were married. I went to gradeschool with Clay, and from what I remember of him, he was just your average kid. Nothing that I can recall that would set off alarm bells.

    That being said, I do firmly believe that based on the circumstances, and the reports I’ve been privy to, that Jacque has met with a bad end and Clay is responsible. From all reports, Jacque was a devoted, loving mother and NEVER would have just taken off and left her babies. Not calling ANYONE.

    And who the hell goes off “walking”, in 90+ degree weather, when your car is RIGHT THERE?

    Things “ain’t addin up” here.

  44. semo68 says:

    @ Texas Granfather-

    I too find this whole situation “hinky”.

    I personally think Clay dumped her in the Mississipi River.

    He was a criminal justice major at SEMO university. And a police officer with both Cape Girardeau Co. and Sikeston DPS. IMO, he KNEW how to dispose of a body.

  45. Mr. Tomsik, welcome to BOC. I am sure you are well intentioned, but I looked at your link you posted, and I could not all figure out what it is your proposing, or how it helps missing persons.

    There are like a hundred variables in consideration when we talk about satellite imagery, the best analysis I can give you is to look on google earth and see that some areas you can literally see streetside, and others only drill down to trees, etc, based on the area This is an oversimplification, but I have studied the use of satellite images as they relate to missing persons, and what your stating exists does not. At least, not that I could decipher from your site, I say respectfully.

  46. jj says:

    He is most likely the killer. It may have been spontaneous, but cops ALWAYS plan ahead. It’s their makeup, and he had scenarios to choose from – he knows what has worked for others in the past. And a partner in crime? Likely chosen from the force – that thin blue line of brotherhood. So sad for the woman and the children – which he may soon control.

  47. Eloise says:

    Looks like her parents are really attempting to increase the media coverage, smart move imo. I hope they find her soon for the children’s sake.

  48. S.H. says:

    JCW has an older son: JCW2 is Nineteen years old. Who does the oldest son belong to? I checked Intelius.com, the son has Jacque Sue W, as a relative, she was the step-mother. Where is JCW2′s bio mom?

    Was JCW married before?

    Are both of JCW parents deceased, or just one of his parents? I am
    leary of any deaths around this man. Thank-you

  49. MissMonkey says:

    @S.H: From what I read, Clay’s son was from a previous relationship (I thought it was a marriage but I can’t find that now. The son’s mother is still alive but either lives out of town or out of state.

    Looks like either Clay is cracking up or LE is hoping to crack him. He’s been arrested on charges unrelated to Jacque’s case. Though one of the charges related to the woman who rumours placed Jacque and Clay’s son with on the day she was supposed to pick him up.



  50. 007 says:

    things don’t add up! he did it!

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