Caylee/Casey Anthony Trial: Judge Calls The Defense Liars And The Prosecution Resurrects The Fumblerooski

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Orlando, FL-  Judge Perry calls the defense team Liars- Not a good sign. Yesterday, during Chief Judge Perry’s announcement to the jury about the tentative schedule for the remainder of the murder trial against Casey Anthony, defense counsel Cheney Mason objected and asked for a sidebar.

Mason: We don’t have any obligation to put on any evidence at all. and you just told the jurors you expect us to be putting on evidence, and we may or we may not.

Mason went on to request that the Judge instruct the jury that they are not obligated to put on a defense, and claimed Jeff Ashton agreed with him.

       Chief Judge Perry: Then Y’all lied to me.

       Mason:NO. Chief Judge Perry: “Yes the Hell you did…”  If you don’t put on any   evidence, then I will do that.

       Mason: Well, we are, so don’t worry about it.

      Chief Judge Perry: ..” I will take I cannot trust one thing your side says, anymore.


Heh?  I would like to give the benefit of the doubt to his honor, as I did not believe a word this defense had to say going into this trial, let alone 3 weeks later. The State, after establishing what they believe is the origin of the disappearing heart residue on the duct tape came from stickers in the drawer with Caylee’s birth announcements, and re-calling Cindy Anthony for a little light impeachment is headed to the finish line tomorrow.

*Insert defense’s motion for mistrial late today*  Denied.

To those of you, and there are many, screaming from the hilltops.. “Is that all you got?”  “OMG, is this girl gonna walk?”  “What about Dr. Hall?”  “How the Hell is Dominick Casey getting out of testifying?” I say chillax.  This prosecution team is simply resurrecting the F U M B L E R O O S K I.

The State of Florida, has ALWAYS known this case is going to verdict on THE LAST WORD from the prosecution, or the rebuttal portion of the trial. 

 Given the defense’s opening statement, there is no question in my mind, nor should there be in yours, that the ludicrous allegations made on the first day, cannot possibly be brought to bear, and while the prosecutions case in chief was meticulous, it is not the “barn burner” for a reason.

Linda Drane Burdick is going to leave that ball on the field for a spell.  Ashton will surreptitiously pick it up and head to the end zone unchallenged. 

 After all, that play did originate at the Orange Bowl.

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  1. Smartypants says:

    I love JP as much as anyone, but I do think that he is the one to blame for not making himself perfectly clear on Saturday, which then lead to today’s delay.
    On Saturday JP reamed JB for, again, attempting to slide in testimony not in Rodriegues’ report. JP then stated that JB WOULD depose this witness at 1pm.
    JB, sulking, says: Fine, I’ll depose my own witness at 1pm and the State can attend if they like.
    JP then says (consolingly): No, you don’t have to depose your own witness, I’m making him available to the State as well.

    Well, what does that mean?? Maybe someone should have asked??

    So, JB sends Rodriegues trotting over to Ashton’s office alone!! Ashton turns he away. After all, what’s he supposed to do? go on a fishing expedition? So
    late Saturday (or Sunday?) Baez sends over a huge report with attachments.

    I just think JP could’ve nailed his Order down just a little better. Therefore, he shouldn’t have included Ashton in this morning’s admonishments. It was JB who was supposed to work all week end, as punishment, if you will, -not Ashton.

    I agree, and I also agree JP learned the hard way about structuring the verbiage of his orders to the romper room set as well as the Ivy League. Tis the way.


  2. January says:

    I wonder why the state didn’t ask Dr. Spitz how he would explain the mandible still being attached to the skull if not for the duct tape keeping it there.

  3. Sue says:

    I believe that JB totally sees this trial as a GAME! He so wants to shove false information down the jurors throats so he can claim “King of the Mountain” without following the rules of the court.

    Just watching testimony of ME Werner Spitz last Saturday. It seems he was not aware the defense was now going on presumption of a drowning? When he did the autopsy, he was under the impression it was a kidnapping by the babysitter? Ooooh – not good.

  4. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Word Girl

    Thanks for your input. My comments were regarding the shoddy newspaper reporting and TV reporting we see going on today.

    I worked for a fortune 500 company for a number of years. The publications dept. produced a quarterly magazine and a monthly newspaper/magazine. This was a technology company. There were many times the work I and my engineers performed was a feature in one of the publications. By the middle 1970′s were were getting young people in that department who wanted to sensationaliaz every piece they wrote. They did not or chose not to pay any attention to the facts they were given. Most of the time it was necessary to take a red pencil to their work to make it what it needed to be.

    It is tough for reporters to know enough about a lot of the things they report. I had just such a conversation with Dan Cobb the news editor of the Houston Chronical. Dan lived across the street from me.

    I am sure that you and every other responsible writer, that must perform on a daily basis, agonizes over the quality of their work.

  5. lizzy says:

    Looks like the wiki entries for “body farm” and for the University of Tennessee Anthropological Research Facility no longer list Dr. Rodriguez as a co-founder. His doctoral research on the 2nd link, however, gets an entire paragraph, while no other students are mentioned by name. (Gee, I wonder who put that paragraph there?)

    Citation trackers show that one of those papers is very well-cited. However, the assertion that Rodriguez was the “senior author” because his name was first is seriously flawed. I rarely would not put my student’s name first, or did my advisor before me, nor do my former students who are now professors. We are trying to help our students get started and get name recognition, and usually have enough of that ourselves to not need to put our own names first. It would be an ungrateful student, indeed, who would thus call themselves the senior author. Tells me a lot about the probable ego and character of Rodriguez. So very glad he was not my student.

  6. artgal16 says:

    I saw Dr Perper who did the Anna Nicole Smith autopsy interviewed today. He stated that the skull should have been opened and that he had never heard of fluid being washed into an intact skull. That worried me a bit but at least the jury wont hear it. When the State gets a chance to rebut I hope they bring Dr G. back so she can explain this to the jury. It seems reasonable to me that if Dr Spitz opened the skull that he thought was so important, why then didnt he have the matter that he found sent to a lab of analysis? Why go to the trouble of opening the skull at all? Thats not consistent either – it makes me think that was was found wasn’t of consequence.

  7. connie says:

    I have to say watching the replay of Dr. Spitz is painful, and he reminds me of Walter Matthau. Why did Baez do this to him? Also, where did the real Cheney Mason go? I had read such great things on him. KANGAROO COURT!

  8. chelsea says:

    Not much to say about today’s Trial antics that hasn’t already been posted. It is all so bizarre. I was really cussing Baez for trying to drop Mr Ashton in it; what a school boy bully, it was sickening.

    Didn’t Baez slap a subpoena on Amy H as she left court at the end of her testimony?

  9. Janice says:


    I knew they were laws on the book to protect Senior Citizens (the elderly) in the great State of Florida and there is an Official Internet Site of the Florida Legislature … Chapter 825. ABUSE, NEGLECT, AND EXPLOITATION OF ELDERLY PERSONS AND DISABLED ADULTS

    What does one make of this? Could the DT be in big trouble? Florida is known for its active Senior population!

  10. Mom3.0 says:

    Thanks to Red for providing that info and the link.

    I must admit that I do not know what to think.
    Dr. Rodriquez was on the stand in a court of law and swore to tell the truth. Why would he blatantly tell an obvious lie?

    Could it be that Dr. Rodriquez believes this to be true? Perhaps it isnt an obvious lie- Not a black or white issue but on of gray? Perhaps, he was there during discussions adding his own ideas…and working ect….perhaps he felt all along that he should get some of the fame and notoriety- due to his being there and working ect?

    There are thousands of cases of people who inventing things that are not the “inventors ” meaning they were not at the patent office first, or that there was a falling out between a partnership or because they couldnt afford the patent ect.

    Think about Antonio Meucci and Alexander Graham Bell – and the telephone-

    -snipped from

    Meucci filed a caveat on his early telephone on Dec. 28, 1871, which gave notice of an impending patent. But the Italian inventor couldn’t afford the $10 to renew the caveat in 1874. If he had, the resolution says, Alexander Graham Bell would not have been granted his patent two years later.

    I dont know what the truth is regarding this claim by Dr. Rodriguez, but he seemed sort of miffed while talking about it, as if there was some sort of falling out…JMO- whatever the case, I am sure we will hear more about this.

    Blink, Klaasand and Red/ScaredMonkeys did say that they had contacted the BF and asked for clarification, right? Have they heard back?


    They have not. That said, Red is also aware that their is an invocation in place, so his choices to email are limited, lol.

    We will hear more about this, kudos to Red, Klaas and Turbo.

  11. Mom3.0 says:

    Todays proceeding-


    JB seemed quite able toarticulate what his experts opinions and testimony was going to be, in court today, while defending his decisions not to put it in their reports or add it later in addendum’s.

    He said that Rodriguez will be testifying towards common sense issues such as the Dr. assertion that noone is able to look at at a piece of ducttape on the surface and know where it was originally placed…

    KIM- that JB did not have this expert include this opinion in the report or an addendum later- nor did he include the issue that Ashton discussed today- Dr. R’s wanting to give his thoughts on the smell of death, and his belief, based only in opinion, that H.decomposition is a smell that noone can distinguish from other smells- it is not unique

    JB then articulated Dr. Eicklenblooms thoughts and opinions that would be offered as testimony- opinions and demonstrative aids , 45 slides on low copy DNA, and degradtion- and the expert opinon that some types of DNA should still be on the ducttape no matter the elements or length of time-

    KIM that he sent this Dr. to Ashtons office over the weekend to be deposed, and the report that he had previously turned in was just a measly 1/2 page-

    JB claimed that this is Ashtons fault for not deposing the witness’ but he clearly was told several times in orders by the court that JPerry read today, again, that ANY opinions and grounds for those opinions should be given in writing to both the court and to the prosecution.-
    As for the aids, JPerry a day before trial was to begin , gave both sides a time to resolve any issues…

    AS I said, after Ashton turned the expert away- JB asked the expert to write a report that would cover all the info/opinions he would be giving during testimony and be sure to prepare and turn over any demonstrative aids- the doctor did this immediately- and supplied 45 slides along with a report several pages long-

    question?- Why the hell didnt JB ask his experts to do this way back when? Why did he ask for an additional 45 days to supply nothing-It took the Dr hardly any time to supply a complete report with aids- JB should have turned this over in an addendum to each experts opinion /report long ago- crisis adverted.


    PS I am not sure ifd Ashton could have deposed these witnesses and found out what he needed to, but the order from the judge clearly stated everything must be turned over in writing- or be covered in a depo- Baez was aware of this- he was aware that opinions and info was not covered in the report and he knew a depo wasnt taken- therefore I believe it was his failure to supply additional supplemental reports that put him in this position.

    Excellent Recap Mom 3.0-

    I am busily scrambling to catch up, still, lol, and hope to be by tomorrow.

    That said, I am up to date in JB whinefest this morning.

    WRT the state not taking a deposition in advance, they were doing EXACTLY what the Judge’s order “allowed them to do” as a sanction item in the first place.

    Here is why-

    The state knew this was the strategy, thus their motion for discovery violation.

    They opted NOT to take the deposition, specifically, because at that juncture, the defense was “restricted” to what was in opinions/reports and/or deposition. Meaning, Dr. Rodriguez would only be permitted to testify to what they already knew. The burden is on the state to prove their case, this is a just ruling.

    I had a few conversations today, not in violation of any invocations of course, that lead me to believe Dr. Rodriguez “fluffing” his CV as co-founder of “The Body Farm, was not a good idea.


  12. Mom3.0 says:

    c10- hello- I wouldnt worry about JB’s stardom after this-

    I recently saw a clip after court last Thurs. which showed JB walking out to his “fan club” screaming- Oh my gosh, look at you, your even cuter in person than you are on the tv!!!!

    So I think his fans love him no matter his faults…I wonder if they would hire him to represent them in a DP case though? Cuteness only takes you so far…..


  13. Kim in Texas says:

    nana2 says:
    June 19, 2011 at 6:07 pm

    re: If any of you out there are smokers, please do everything you can to help yourself quit. It will mean everything to those that love you.

    And if you do, tell me about it.

    Long time reader first time poster so I hope I am doing it right!

    I quit smoking January 2, 2011 when my cancer surgeon told me I had to. He also told me that he didn’t care one whit if I took it up again after surgery but it was imperative that I quit a month before surgery. My surgery (successfully removed basal cell carcinoma from my right tear duct and saved my eye) was February 17, 2011.

    I have not smoked since


  14. starshadow says:

    Hate to say it, but I’m thinking that the circus that the whole thing has become – judge and prosecution’s actions included – is feeding right into the defense’s desire for reasons to appeal.

    Might not have been avoidable – but sheesh. It’s painful just to read about occasionally from far away. I can’t imagine having to live through it.

    (And don’t construe that as sympathy for the Anthonys. Neither of them are anything approaching innocent in this, even if their sole crime was creating and enabling the monster.

  15. annals says:

    Hi Kleat, I’m also guessing the suboena quash motion is from Vasco Thompson, the guy convicted of kidnapping. (Represented by one young Matt Morgan of Morgan & Morgan.)

    It is.

  16. Sheri says:

    Regarding the Baez ‘speech’ this morning regarding reports from his experts…
    FIRST he complained his experts were under a (1-2 week) time restraint & THAT was the reason for their short rushed reports requested by the judge in January. The state should be happy with a half page report which Jeff Ashton described as “nothing”. However on Sunday, the day AFTER Jeff turned the SAME Dr. away when he showed up for Saturday deposition.. the Dr. managed a LONG report WITH a slide show attached? So in other words.. give Baez a 1-2 weeks & you get nothing!! Give Baez 1 DAY & “Voilà!” you get pages upon pages WITH a slide show attached!
    That ONLY makes sense if you’re Jose Baez!

  17. todd6709 says:

    With all the shenanigans going on in this trial, I’m hoping and praying the jury is afforded an opportunity to reach a verdict and it doesn’t end in a mistrial. Having worked in a law office for 25 years and then an additional 10 years in a court I have seen and heard alot; nothing which compares to the constant sleeze tactics of JB. Regardless of the outcome of this trial, he will be facing some serious problems in the aftermath. IMO

  18. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Your response and example about a contribution that someone makes to a patentable idea. There are a lot of people who have had their ideas stolen by an unscruplus person working on a project.

    One of the most notorious is the eminent physicist John Von Neuman. He was an intellectual thief of the higest order. The stored program computer archetecture was the invention of a professor and his graduate student at Ames Iowa. Von Neuman visited with them and then took the idea to the Moore School at the University of Pennsylvania and incorporated it into the design of the ENIAC computer being built for the federal government claiming it as his own. It took 35 years to get this corrected. That is just one example of the type of things he stole while working for the federal government in the 1930′s and 1940′s.

    Your illustration of the telephone is another example. Much of the next step improvements to the telephone was the work of a gentleman by the name of Gray. Bell contested the patent application and it was finally settled with a royality to Mr. Gray.

    Why would someone claim something that was not true as was claimed by Dr. Rodriquez. IMO they know that it is not true, but if the lie gets told often enough some will begin to believe it.

  19. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Where are you trying to get to with the reference to the Florida Statues? Why do you think these statues would have anything to do with the defense team?

    Are you trying to get at the money stolen by Casey from her grandparents?

    If Casey was charged with theft from her grandparents and convicted in a court, the maximim sentence as a second degree fellony is 15 years. Someone would have to originate the charges. The money was paid back by Cindy.

  20. New says:

    I have no words for todays Court..

    This just a funny I got from another site. Mr. Ashtons says to Dr Spitz. Could you put your skull back together? Dr.S says huh. Mr Ashton repeats question. Dr. S tries but he can’t the mandible back on. He could not get his skull back together. Just like his testimony in pieces.

    Cherylz…didn’t know LE took insecticides from the A’s house. Thank you. I just couldn’t let go of why the first flies where not present in abundance. When Ashton said, you suggested someone washed the body off? Tim Huntington then with his if you assume phrase mentioned senarios. The Tobbacco spit never made any sense to me.

    Kleat…I read the same thing Dr. Rodriquez 111 was a student of Dr. Bass. There was only one other article mentioning him as a co-founder but no reference was given. Dr. Bass was into bones and really got interested in Decomposion when he was asked to determine time of death of man. Dr. Bass acting as an assistant guessed it was not that long ago. They found out the old civil war soldier was buried in a metal coffin and the metal reacted with the body to preserve it. What an amazing man Dr Bass is. What he and his students have done with Forensic Anthropology has turned this science into knowns mathematically proven. I hope Dr. Rodriquez does not betray his ethics.

  21. WPG says:

    If one of the defense’s intentions (one among others) was to use Dr.R to discredit the States’s expert witnesses from Oakridge and the farm, which appeared to me to be the case from the short testimony of Dr.R Saturday morning, all I can say is . . .

    looking forward to Jeff Ashton’s brilliance and skill when the Dr. retakes the stand.

  22. DesertGirl says:

    bottomline says:
    June 19, 2011 at 5:43 pm
    Doesn’t this look like a pay-off deal, or is it just me? Don’t know why anyone would lie under oath for any other reason than money. I swear I will be needing anger management therapy by the time the defense is through….such bizzare theories from such “brilliant” people!

    Nope, not just you. Such bizarre theories from supposedly brilliant people indeed. I work in the legal field and have known many attorneys that led me to wonder not only how they passed the bar, but how they even graduated high school. But something is stopping me from thinking this is merely incompetent representation. There is more going on here, and I think that this is indeed angling toward a mistrial.

    I do have a question – has anyone been swayed one way or the other by what we have seen so far? Has the case as presented thus far worked to enlighten? Has it convinced any of us that maybe this was an accident? or that some other boogey man had a hand in this?

  23. Eloise says:

    Smartypants says:
    June 20, 2011 at 11:34 am

    I love JP as much as anyone, but I do think that he is the one to blame for not making himself perfectly clear on Saturday, which then lead to today’s delay.
    On Saturday JP reamed JB for, again, attempting to slide in testimony not in Rodriegues’ report. JP then stated that JB WOULD depose this witness at 1pm.
    JB, sulking, says: Fine, I’ll depose my own witness at 1pm and the State can attend if they like.
    JP then says (consolingly): No, you don’t have to depose your own witness, I’m making him available to the State as well.

    Well, what does that mean?? Maybe someone should have asked??

    So, JB sends Rodriegues trotting over to Ashton’s office alone!! Ashton turns he away. After all, what’s he supposed to do? go on a fishing expedition? So
    late Saturday (or Sunday?) Baez sends over a huge report with attachments.

    I just think JP could’ve nailed his Order down just a little better. Therefore, he shouldn’t have included Ashton in this morning’s admonishments. It was JB who was supposed to work all week end, as punishment, if you will, -not Ashton.

    I agree, and I also agree JP learned the hard way about structuring the verbiage of his orders to the romper room set as well as the Ivy League. Tis the way.

    Smartypants- It was Dr Eichorn (sp) who he sent away. That is another witness to come down the pike. Ashton did do Rodriquez’ deposition.

  24. WPG says:


    My opinion that little Caylee died at the hands of her mother has not waivered over the past 2+ years and has only been reinforced by the trial.

    One of the things I was enlightened to, although it may have be in one of those multi-megabyte documents released in the past but unnoticed by weary eyes reading, was through CSI Alina Burroughs when she said the heart sticker found on the envelope in the box retrieved from a dresser drawer in the accused bedroom, was a loose heart sticker BACKING.

    I’m convinced that the State will prove the heart shape residue on the duct tape seen by not one, but two FBI analysts, also occurred via the hands of no one but the accused.

  25. SusanNH says:

    In my earlier post, I did state that Casey Anthony was not getting a fair trial. What I meant was she is not getting a fair defense.
    Jose is tightening the noose around her neck and Judge Perry knows it.

    I sometimes have trouble decifering all the “Blink Speak” here so hopefully all the wonderful contributers will cut me a bit of slack.

    Today I looked up Telemundo. Yikes, I feel like a dunce. And I am half Mexican. Now I get it.

    But, I have always felt that Jose Baez and many many more tied to this case only see the Goose that laid the Golden Egg. A ticket to
    riches while she rots on death row. I know Judge Perry sees this.

    The prosecution sees this. I can only imagine the disgust of these
    learned people. They continue on as Champions for the victims. Kudos to the people that do the right thing.

    What I have gleaned from the expert testimony. They are hired guns for the defense. Trying against all odds to undermine the duct tape testimony, etc.

    In my minds eye, she wrapped that duct tape as tight, as tight could be.
    If I were on the jury, the case was proven during the first week.

    Casey Anthonty killed her child. What Mother would not cry out the very moment her little girl was gone? I have had Siamese cats cry out for the first of the litter I sold. Yodeled all night even though she still had a litter of five left. An animal knows better than this girl.

  26. PhantomAngel says:

    I knew I had read about flies in the trunk- this was from Simon Birch “The smell was “eye opening” explained Burch, recalling how he and George Anthony opened the car’s trunk standing side-by-side. Inside, the two found a white garbage bag containing what Burch described as typical household trash, along with a pizza box, flies and maggots.”

  27. New says:

    Do you recall JB at the begining making fun of junk science on the body farm and painting blow flies to see if they return to the body.

    I am reading “Deaths Acer” by Dr. Bass. Chapter six Dr. Bass and Dr. Rodriguez captured five blow flies and painted their wings bright orange and then set them free. The next day Dr. Rodriguez captured three of those same flies. Dr. Rodriguez would sit for hours under a body suspended on a rack and detail all the insect involved with the corpse. He also had an assistant teaching job at the University. From Dr. Bass’s description of him he was a passionate and deicated student. One of his first cases assisting Dr. Bass, was a skull that had been carried of by critters.

  28. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Your post June 18 9:29 Regarding chewing tobacco.

    People who chew tobacco do not swallow it. It will make them sick.

    If you remember your high school biology class, you were taught that a great deal of digestion regarding sugars and sugar like substances is accomplished in the mouth. If someone was chewing tobacco and spit into an empty soft drink can, it would contain a lot of material from the mouth including enzymes that would be partially digesting the tobacco. If you had anything to eat and then began chewing, the tiny food particals stuck between the teeth are dislodged and spit out with the tobacco juice. Sort of an ugly toothbrush.

    No one I ever saw chew tobacco, and I have seen quite a few, ever eats or drinks with tobacco in their mouth.

    Blinks least favorite subject.

  29. annals says:

    Hi WPG. It’s hard for me to imagine any way the heart sticker residue on the duct tape can be matched up with anything at this point. But the heart sticker at the scene is a different matter. Is that what you’re getting at in your post to Desert girl?

    WPG says:
    June 20, 2011 at 7:40 pm

    My opinion that little Caylee died at the hands of her mother has not waivered over the past 2+ years and has only been reinforced by the trial.

    One of the things I was enlightened to, although it may have be in one of those multi-megabyte documents released in the past but unnoticed by weary eyes reading, was through CSI Alina Burroughs when she said the heart sticker found on the envelope in the box retrieved from a dresser drawer in the accused bedroom, was a loose heart sticker BACKING.

    I’m convinced that the State will prove the heart shape residue on the duct tape seen by not one, but two FBI analysts, also occurred via the hands of no one but the accused.

    I saw this evidence photo in 2/09 when the discovery collected (12/08) at the Anthony home was released. I always wondered why there was never a picure of the heart sticker collected at Caylee’s recovery scene plunked onto the heart sticker backing found in Casey’s room. Does the heart fit into the backing frame precisely? And I’m doubly kurfluffled that this potential precise fit was not shown in court; otherwise why bother presenting heart sticker sheets in court at all? Is this idea what you’re saying, more or less?

    Anyhow, the heart sticker backing is in this photo evidence link; it’s the 12th image in the thumbnail scroller:

  30. c10 says:

    Thanks for response Mom3.0, telemundo can have him, must be nice to have a fan club!?, baez must be lapping it up, too stupid to get it, hope they don’t turn on him, he should be careful,- how can he sleep at night, or better yet, how can his wife? i sure hope when this is over, JP slaps him down hard, sorry Blink

  31. c10 says:

    sorry again Blink – did you notice defendant’s fashion statement today?

  32. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Yes, after working with a few attorneys, one begins to question their ability to finish high school or to pass the bar. The way they passed the bar is repeated tries.

    There have been some new things introduced by the prosecution, but I haven’t learned anything new from the defense. It has only reinforced my belief that Caylee met her demise at the hands of her birth mother.

    I have always thought that Casey viewed Caylee as an eight year old would a fancy talking doll. I think Casey was so self-centered that she could not bond with Caylee. The real mother was Cindy.

  33. PA Mom says:

    nana2 says:
    June 19, 2011 at 6:07 pm

    re: If any of you out there are smokers, please do everything you can to help yourself quit. It will mean everything to those that love you.

    And if you do, tell me about it.

    Hi Blink and Nana2,

    I quit smoking 2 years ago on June 12th. It was my birthday present to me. “Ouch!” I watched my wonderful brother-in-law slowly suffocate from COPD’s. It was his life that made me think long and hard about quitting. After I quit, 2 of my sisters came up with breast cancer at the same time. I have gained 20 pounds, and it’s a battle. All I can say to smokers is, look into the eyes of those you love for the COURAGE you need to quit. I started smoking at 13 and quit at 51. If I can do, you can do it.

    I am still reading the great opinions here on the Caylee Anthony story. Justice will come; although, it may appear to be slow, but it will come.


  34. PA Mom says:

    Correction! Meant to say – If I can do it, you can do it. I am just an ordinary person.

  35. NaNa says:

    My opinion on why Baez is just now wanting to include Dr Rodriguez’s deposition on his opinions, etc.? Because he didnt know what information would be important to know NOW, so now he’s flying the seat of his pants and trying to make something up in order to have SOMETHING to bring to the table. So far he’s 0 for 100.

    Im also beginning to agree with other people who speculate that Baez is going to do everything possible to cause a mistrial.

    I know the judge isnt going to call a mistrial (something Baez wants more than life), because JP wants to see this one through to the end.

    I am wondering what is going to come down the pike for Mr Baez AFTER the trial is over. :)

    It we could revoke his license so he couldnt practice again that would be great. He’s a disgrace to his profession.

  36. gigi says:

    Dr. Rod. was self aggrandizing and got caught. He was a student at the Body Farm, period. Seems he goes along with Baez’s dog and pony show.

    Dr. Spitz, bless his soul, knows his area of expertise but takes off in a diatribe about duct tape and prior shoddy exams and ends up looking like the nutty professor.

    These two and more to come have had their heads filled with Jose Baez’s lies and are buying into it or at least buying into the fact that their names will be forever attached to this case when it ends up in lawbooks one day.

    Jeff Ashton has been a class act. Who could not admit he deserves a little voice raising, hissy fit, every now and again after listening to Baez. I honestly think I would get a bad case of giggles if I had to listen to Baez’s yesterday morning speech. The man has no moral compass. He will say or do anything to anyone or about anyone to have himself heard. Rude to everyone in the court and to the court.
    Poor Jeff Ashton has to get the lecture, also, in order for Judge Perry to seem trying to be fair. I do not believe we will see a whole lot of change in Baez once we get going again.
    Also, why shouldn’t Casey have to wear jailwear into court and be cuffed? Her outfits while illfitting, too tight in chest and badly in need of ironing do nothing to make her seem softer or sweeter imo. Talking behind her hands constantly makes her look bad, too.
    She could at least write down what she wants to say without the behind the hand talking. She appears tired and weak…but she probably is the life of the party once back in her cell. Do they medicate her to sleep? I do not sleep half the time as it is so I cannot imagine sleeping when you know what your up against the next day in court. Blink, do you knnow if any of the past boyfriends or girlfriends who have testified still communicate with her? I would wish that I had never heard her name before!

    Hoping Judge Perry sticks with his prior speeches considering contempt, etc. Surely, Baez knows he is speaking to him. Couldn’t see Mason’s face during this stuff yesterday morning but have to wonder if he, too, wishes Baez would go away. So far, the defense has made no dent in the scenario they offered in the opening statements about Caylee’s death….only gotten further into left field….Thank you Blink, for calling for calm among your ranks and assuring us it isn’t over til it’s over.

  37. chelsea says:

    gigi – I really enjoyed your post, it echo’s much of how I feel. Only difference being, whilst I appreciate Dr. Spitz was a highly qualified, intelligent albeit elderly expert witness, he has done not only himself but little Caylee a grave disservice by taking the stand only to malign Dr. G’s professionalism and then to blame Jeff Ashton’s cross for doing so!! There is no excuse for either his or Dr Timothy Huntington’s hostile reaction to Mr Ashton’s questionin. How sad that neither could remain honourable to their expertise, both coming across as more interested in having their (defense’s) opinions put forward rather than the truth. A sad day for Justice all round. I just hope Mr Ashton is dedicated enough to swallow the unfairness of being included in JBP’s diatribe Saturday; like gigi, I believe the good Judge felt he had to tread carefully in order to appear to remain totally unbiased when really he would liked to have crucified Baez good and proper!!

  38. Mom3.0 says:

    Blink- thank you for explaining all that- in such an easy to follow way

    “Fluffing” is a great description of what it seems Dr. R was doing-
    TGF- had another good thought- if anyone “fluffs” enough- and especially can do it in a court of law, under oath, the “fluff” becomes less fluffy and easier to be seen as cold hard facts…
    Especially if not challenged…

    I will wait to hear more on this before making a final judgement- but I do appreciate Red and Turbo, & Klaasend for bringing up the issue for review. There has to be more to the story .

    Blink, Im not sure what an invocation in place means… can you elaborate?

    c10- I agree and you are welcome.

    Any witness or potential witness has been ordered not to discuss or watch the trial, and in addition no members of the media, or anyone else frankly, are allowed to contact same during the trial.


  39. Kleat says:

    Blink, did you hear this!! WFTV is about to talk about the ‘comment of body pharm phounder’ and maybe something said by Rodriguez may not quite be true.

    Shaeffer just said something that he would talk about it next, (but then wftv sound went off (too low to hear properly) — maybe they are talking about this momentarily.

    They had better give proper credit for once, or I am going to be on the phone with the news director once again, lol.

    Yes, the State is aware of Dr. Rodriguez’s misrepresentation.


  40. GraceintheHills says:

    The defense botanist actually expects the jury to believe that Caylee’s little skeleton with all the root growth was there only two weeks?


    I think JA is doing an admirable job of showing how some of the defense experts have changed and/or tailored their opinions (or come up with additional opinions) to benefit the defense theory since deposition.

  41. Mom3.0 says:

    Thank you Blink I understand.

    I agree proper credit should be given to Klaasand and red et al- for uncovering this discrepancy and bringing it up for clarification and review..

    Isnt it ironic that this type of thing happens to journalists as well, nor just inventors and pioneers in their fields?

    If I were Dr. R and the defense, I would be worried most definitely now. if I were the founder of the body farm I would be sure to clear this matter up post haste.

    Great Job- guys! It takes great courage to be the first at anything.

  42. Mom3.0 says:

    Todays morning court Proceeding-

    Lots of things happened before the jurors were brought in.

    I wont comment on JB antics or ASSerations IRT violations in discovery rules yet- or the stipulation that the defense had a problem with ect
    Nor will I comment On Jennifer Welch beong called again, I assume for no other reason then to lay the foundation for Bocks testimony, I couldnt see any other point…

    I just wanted to comment about Dr. Bock’s expert testimony.

    She proved to be rather likable and credible-

    and She seemed to make strides in the defenses theory- that was until she was cross examined by Jeff Ashton-

    Each time this guy gets up I am in awe.

    He respectfully and eloquently undid ALL of Ms. Simms hard work. He essentially got Dr. Bock to admit that even though she was sure she had given a definite opinion in this case, which seemed to bolster the Defendants cause, upon Ashtons questioning she went back on everything she had just testified to, and agreed that she does not know how long Caylee was there, nor does she know what happened in the interval.

    Ashton had her state several possibilities and guess what those included ? Yep the prosecutions theories.

    It was amazing to see this all unfold- I especially took note of the Defenses demonstrative aid/ the photo taken in Feb. being used to underscore the Prosecutions case.

    Wow- AShton was great, and left Dr. Bock with her dignity but made her a prosecution witness.


  43. WPG says:

    “Or a dog may have buried it” . . .

    All rightie, this is beyond absurd.

    On a serious note, this was the first time that the jury has been informed that the particular bone fragment came from the hip.

    Referred to in the ME report as the unfused left ilium, which was found buried in the muck under the trunk of a palmetto bush due to movement of water associated by seasonal SUMMER storms after the dispersion by animal activity.

    WPG, can you possibly post this on the new thread, or can some fabu reader/contributor do same in WPG’s credit?

    Thank you

  44. sandyeggo says:

    Congrats to Kim in TX, Nana2 & PA Mom and anyone else on quitting smoking! My parents did one of the best things for me as a child, by offering $1,000 if I made it to age 21 w/o becoming a smoker. I could try it, but couldn’t become a regular smoker.
    I know it was hard for them to save that much $ for me, but they said it was worth it assuming it was unlikely I’d become a smoker after 21. I didn’t take up smoking, and man that money was nice at age 21! I intend to make the same offer to my own kids someday. Smoking is just not worth the risk of your health and the health of those you love.

    I never thought of that, if it is a parental concern, it is genius.

    I am a proponent of any measure, that is not harmful of course, to dissuade or quit smoking.

    I assuredly do not mean to offend anyone struggling with the issue, I am trying, in a way that invades my personal privacy which I HATE, to raise awareness.

    The people that love you, want you here. It’s that simple.

    I am in a position to have to want my Mom, just like any other time in my life I was fortunate enough to have her there, whether that was in support, or ass-kicking (my word, not hers, ever) and I know that she will not be here physically for events that are eventual, and unforeseen.

    If y’all have ever been in a position like this, wanting your mommy at 42 is the same as wanting your mommy when your a babe. It distills simply to the knowledge she is “there”.


  45. DebD says:

    Starkey, You had this case pinned from the get go. I remember a year ago you told me the defense would factor “drowning” at trial. Chica! You were on it like beans on rice!
    B- Thanks for all your good work on research for the case and efforts in seeking justice for Caylee and a fair trial for Casey. For it is all that matters and at the end of the day its what we all have wanted.

    In the meantime, I’m off to seek Clovis (whoever and wherever that may be) and repair what is wrong with me. Please wish me luck.

    I love you all!

    Deb D

  46. Riverpearl says:

    … just one of those random things I have noticed as the trial has progressed… [remember the first few days kc came in tops/shirts that were very wrinkled ?]
    …now kc in court in is wearing “wrinkled-free over-sized tops w/or w/o an over-sized sweater”…

    w/ the description of “over-sized” … have you noticed the “top/shirts” are “pulled to the back?” sometimes in “folds tucked into pants” & the other day “actually in a knot”.

    after “the early days of wrinkled tops/shirts,” the vast majority since have been rather “mature-almost grand mother style” -but- in sharp contrast is “her tight/fitted pants”.

    Blink I’m sure knows more about “mitigation advisor” Bolin -but- could this “tops/shirts/sweaters” belong to her [Bolin] ??

    kc pulls/adjusts “her top” almost each time she stands “to keep the top/shirt pulled as tight as possible”.

    I’m trying to “see” exactly what the “image” the DT is “hoping to present” ?? “cuz “no 25y/o I know would where the “tops/shirts” she has been wearing and yes, that includes the sweaters,too. nor would a “younger woman” for that matter.

    Is the DT “hoping she is seen as a pauper who has to wear hand-me downs from her grandmother” ??

    …anyway, “the clothes choice” is very “strange.


  47. KEESHA says:

    If I were the defense when they have the closing statements i would say how could you believe that this woman (Casey Anthony) was ever sexually abused if she had lied so much. Because she has lied so much how do you know that she didn’t just lie about being sexually abused to try to make you the jury feel badly for her and to make everyone think that her dad is such a horrible guy. This man George Anthony loved his granddaughter Caylee Anthony more than life itself! Also this woman is such a pathological liar how can you believe her or her defense when she says that Caylee Anthony drowned in a pool! If george was there he would have called 911 or tried to administer CPR because he loved Caylee so much!!! CASEY IS ALIAR and NOTHING MORE!!!

  48. A Texas Grandfather says:

    I thought that the piece on Scared Monkeys explained the sequence of events very well by including the quotes from the book about just how Dr. Rodriguez was affiliated with the body farm.

    Yes, Mome3.0 “fluffing” is a good description for what Dr. Rodriguez was doing. This is something that has been going on for the last thirty years. It began with sales people working for employment agencies trying to “fluff” the resumes of those they were trying to place. It got to be so bad in the early 90′s that you could not trust what was written. The only way was to do an interview and often more than fifty percent of what was on the resume was worthless for job experience. Now we have it happening with so called experts.

    The defense witness Dr. Bock was not impressive at all. The answers she gave were so vague and broad based that to me that one could not get anything worthwhile from them. I think she did it on purpose because she really had nothing to refute what the prosecution had presented.

    She didn’t do any experiments on growth of the plants found in the area where the body was found. I could not see from the photos just what type of trees or brushy vegetation was normally found in the area. Dr. Bock talked about how some evergreens loose needles on a contineous basis as do some forms of oaks. That is common knowldge among people who live in heavly forrested areas.

    Someone posted about seeing Dr. Perper stating on TV that the top of the skull should have been removed just like Dr. Spitz and he referenced Anna Nicole Smith. What do these people use for brains?

    The Smith case was for a body that was not decomposed where Caylee’s remains were completly skeletonized. There IMO was no need to open the skull since all brain matter had decomposed along with all other soft tissue in and around the skull. The only exception was the hair.

  49. Riverpearl says:

    Since I was unable to get posts to “post” after early AM of yesterday, I wasn’t able to post this on Spitz:

    Former Wayne and Macomb County medical examiner Dr. Werner Spitz has returned to the Detroit area confident in his testimony in the Casey Anthony trial, saying efforts to discredit him were unsuccessful.

    “(Prosecutor Jeff Ashton) tried to discredit me, but I don’t think he was successful,” Spitz said. “People that did watch the jury told me the jury was very intent on my testimony.

    “It almost looked to me that (Ashton) did not want to extend the cross-examination because he thought all that would happen is that the jury would get a better understanding (of my claims).”

    Orlando medical examiner Jan Garavaglia didn’t open the skull during Caylee’s autopsy, which Spitz said doesn’t qualify as a thorough examination. In his autopsy, done on behalf of Anthony’s defense attorneys, he discovered material in the skull indicating the body had been moved during decomposition.

    “The opinion that I had, and have, is that the cause of death is unknown as proposed by the medical examiner (from Orlando),” Spitz said Monday. “She determined (the manner of death) was homicide. That doesn’t make sense, not under these circumstances.”

    Spitz defends testimony in Casey Anthony trial
    add: “http://www.” in FRONT of LINK

  50. SusieB says:

    It has come to the attention of Linda Drane-Burdick (pp) sometime last week that LE was doing an investigation into the matter that Casey Anthony had a brief encounter with an inmate or heard about this inmate (April Wayland (sp)) whose daughter had drowned in the pool and found by grandfather who did cpr and called 911.

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