The Dana Pretzer Show On Scared Monkeys Radio – Wednesday July 6, 2011 – Special Guests: Blink from Blink on Crime, Pat Brown & Tim Miller Discussing the Shocking Casey Anthony “Not Guilty” Verdict … Where is the Justice? (PODCAST UPDATED)

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Dana welcomes special guests:

  • Crime blogger Blink from Blink on Crime will be discussing the shocking jury verdict of “not guilty” in the murder trial of Casey Anthony. In a head spinning decision, the jury in Orlando, FL took 10 hours of deliberations and came back with a “not guilty” verdict which begs the questions, is it “reasonable” that a jury could have watched the same trial everyone else did and let the tot mom skate on all major accounts … where is the Justice for Caylee? Blink will add her analysis and insight as to what occurred.

Pat Brown - Criminal profiler will be discussing the murder trial of Casey Anthony and yesterdays shocking verdict. Pat will provide her expert opinion as to Casey Anthony. The jury found her not guilty, but if not Casey, then who? What will Pat’s reaction be to Casey Anthony skating on all major charges. How did Casey Anthony walk?

Tim Miller – the founder of Texas Eqqusearch (TES) joins Dana to discuss his reaction to the Casey Anthony verdict, was it much different from the wild goose chase and runaround that TES received when conducted the searches for Caylee Anthony.


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  1. PA Valley Girl says:


    I believe will have it on today. 1:30 p.m.

  2. WPG says:

    The only live link I can find right now is the one on clickorlando’s home page:

  3. kathy says:

    @susieB – i agree with you that something seemed amiss with this jurors words. what struck me was the way he used the word “speculate” when it came to the circumstantial and forensic evidence. then he proceeds to really show concern, thought and said there was much “deliberation” over george anthony possibly even murdering caylee. he was the foreman, i take him at his word that they spent their time talking about george. how does that happen, someone was very quickly able to discount the evidence as speculation! someone then proceeds to shift the focus onto the defense teams obnoxious attempts to derail the truth.

  4. Harleycolt says:

    Over the weekend I heard on our local radio station, I’m in Houston, Cindy’s cousin telling the host that Cindy & Casey will be moving to Pasadena (outskirts of Houston) & Cindy is writing a tell-all book about what “really” happened. She is saying that it is true about George molesting Casey, & being at the house when Caylee drowned & telling Casey that they would have to make this look like a kidnapping. This woman got on the radio & told this ?? She also said that George & Cindy are splitting up. Did anyone else hear this ?

  5. chelsea says:

    Having read all of today’s wonderful posts, I still had that hateful hollow feeling that has lived with me since the verdict. However,I recalled Justice Belvin Perry saying a little levity was a good thing when following one of the links to a report discussing whether Casey Anthony would use a disguise on her release, I spotted a post from one blogger; WHAT’S SHE GONNA DO??? GO BLOND, CHANGE HER NAME AND GET A STRIPPER POLE PERMANENTLY GLUED TO HER CROTCH??
    I woke my husband up from a nap, laughing so loud!! Yes, laughter is a medicine, hope this gives others a chuckle.

  6. kathy says:

    @mom3.0 and blink – “lady justice was silenced by a phantom penis”

    i’ve thought of many titles to a book that i hear blink may be writing (hope you will), but this one is it! @mom3.0 your post was great and i appreciate that you waited until your thoughts were clear, because you nailed it.

  7. mikki says:

    Blink ~ I had that VERY SAME THOUGHT as soon as I saw the ‘bang bang’ sign. It was not normal behavior for that stage of the game. Oh no. That worried me immediately that he knew something… something was afoot.

    Sickens me. Truly does.

  8. Mom3.0 says:

    _ I havent checked my email lately. I will do that now.
    Sorry I worried you Blink- Thank you for your concern.

    I too am bothered about JB theatrics.
    He seemed not to have a worry in his head.
    At the time I thought it was due to his not really caring what the verdict was, one way or the other- he already had his plans worked out…telemundo and all that.

    But as you said, even his callousness was too much, with his gun shooting pantomime- as his client was awaiting the verdict, when most everyone thought she would never walk away from serious jailtime.

    Whats this garbage that Ann Finnell is spewing- that casey does not know what happened to Caylee after the “accident” happened?

    FTLOG-Please Blink – make it stop-

    BTW- I just finished listening to your segment on the radio show- and as always you made some brilliant points.

    How can a jury that is not supposed to be discussing the case amongst themselves- decide as a whole to ask to see the heart sticker?

    Yet at the same time NEVER ask to see or smell the cans or trunk-liner, or go to the remains/dump site? or to the Anthonys home, even to view the “scene of the accident”…

    It makes me wonder if it is just like I opined above- This jury did not want to be bothered wth any evidence supporting Casey’s guilt of murder.

    This does not make sense.

    Another very concerning point you brought up was this jurors sequestration- and previously made plans to go home/travel- and JPerrys promise to them that they should not worry their pretty little minds about previous commitments for July…as he assured them that he would do everything in his power to ensure they would be home in time.

    What keeps playing in my mind, is all of these jurors- again- coming together to voice a question- regarding alternates being allowed to go home during deliberations- before the others-

    None of them were supposed to know who were the alternates, yet they all seemed to be concerned, even way back then… with who was going to be spared from the hard work, and be “free” to go home… even back then, they all wanted out of sequestration…this bothered them individually and collectively so much they discussed it amongst themselves- voiced the thoughts, and then presented it to the Judge…

    Blink, I’m just gonna say it, I believe these jurors disregarded JPerrys previous warnings/admonishments and seem to have discussed a great deal of things. Most of it seeming to center around what was the best action to take, to get them all home sooner.

    I agree with what you said in your interview- sequestration does not work- not in high profile cases- and I agree with your thoughts on a jury not being presented with ALL the facts- such as caseys funding of her defense with photos of Caylee-

    I believe the Sunshine law is good but it needs to be tweeked- and I wholeheartedly believe that our system as a whole also needs to be revamped. Especially when dealing with highprofile cases. Both to ensure a fair trail for the accused but ALSO a fair trial for the victim.

    This belief that a jury need to know next to nothing about the case on which they serve- does not work.

    A jury should be aware of the whole story- otherwise how on Earth can their verdict be just and right- when are sensational innuendos and lies okay to deliberate upon? Is it only okay when the defense supplies it- in court of law, as if it is fact?

    Well if thats the case, then I feel evidence previously deemed to damning or prejudicial should also be allowed…

    Afterall its supposed to be a balancing act- the Scales of Justice, correct?


    I don’t think I am going to be able to make it stop except to say that our system is not perfect, but imo, it is the best I know of.

    Outside of that I am repeating myself.


  9. janetoo says:

    I am hopelessly tied to this damaged verdict, so many reasons why it shouldn’t have come down the way it did. When Blink spoke of the “bang bang” sign on the second day of deliberation I thought I was crazy and seeing things……..Blink’s mention of it again showed eerily, things are not right. Regarding Casey’s dismissal of her Mother and Father and possibly Lee……To all who don’t understand yet, anything the Anthony family of Hopespring Dr. say’s is a lie or the means of developing a lie, they will stand together at one point, no one else likes them. JMO

  10. lizzy says:

    50.Mom3.0 says:
    July 12, 2011 at 12:12 pm

    “One thing has been bothering me tremendously. What defense lawyer does the “bang bang” sign at the hall cam, on the second day of deliberations, of a death penalty case, 90% of folks believed would end in a guilty verdict?

    I can’t shake it.

    OMG WHAT? I saw the video, but somehow I misssed knowing that’s when it was. Was this before or after they knew the jury was coming back in already?

    B E F O R E


  11. Slowroller says:

    I saw that same clip!!!!! I too thought it was way back during depos or some other time!?!? Probably because not one TH made anything of it?!? WTF?!? That is at the very least, BUSH league!!!

    Er, no.

  12. nana2 says:

    @ jr

    “We didn’t understand the theory of decomposition and who would of put the body in the trunk” Ummm where were you during Dr Vass

    During Dr Vass’ testimony I recall some in-court reporters from WESH TV via Twitter tweeting that some jurors were taking notes & some jurors were leaning over listening to his every word absorbed. It seems now they believed the ‘theory’ of drowning but not the ‘theory’ of decomposition which was based on scientific fact.

  13. chelsea says:

    I was so shocked at the ‘bang bang’ antics of Baez, I insisted in calling my husband to watch me replay it over several times. He is pretty much whacked out with the whole CA thing (I have obsessed for seemingly years!) but he commented that…..someone should check that guy out, that’s not normal behaviour………

  14. mikki says:

    Speaking of a jury supposedly needing to know NOTHING about a case before being selected – especially in high profile cases — why is this necessary? If we are supposed to believe that a jury has the ability to disregard whatever the judge tells them to disregard during a trial, why is it such a leap to have the judge to tell a jury to leave their preconceived notions behind? Whatever they have heard prior to the trial is not to be considered when deliberating. The jury is to go over the evidence presented in the manner outlined in the jury instructions.

    Why is that such a stretch??

  15. RooMommy says:

    Since the verdict I have been almost unable to talk about this case, I’ve found the same from people when the subject has been brought up in public. It’s like people are so completely disgusted there was an acquittal in such an obvious case, they don’t even know the words to express their feelings. I am there also. Most of us have followed angel Caylee’s case for the past 3 years with gusto, absolutely sure that justice would be done and Casey would see her own reckoning day. Now that such is clearly not happening anytime soon if ever, and I am in such shock that I feel like I’m living in the twilight zone.

    I have been searching for the reason that this went so completely wrong and when did it happen? My thoughts are that it went wrong starting with opening statements by the defense which implicated George in the abuse and cover up, and also insinuated distrust in law enforcement. When the prosecution brought George to the stand immediately following, they seemed to be on the same side and from the outside looked as though they were protecting George. The jury did not believe George so they in turn did not believe the prosecutions case either. The jurors that have spoken up so far are citing everything the defense has said. They took what Baez said as gospel and ran with it down to the “who smelled decomp” poster. Do they realize he left out, lied and fitted that part of closing to benefit his client? They don’t because they never reviewed any evidence or asked for testimony to be read back. They simply relied on their own memory which was so clearly lacking that the jury foreman couldn’t even remember which day “this all went down” and repeated the wrong date in the interview with Greta several times. He actually said that he thought it could be possible that George murdered Caylee, WHAT???? When was this ever brought up? When was there any evidence that pointed to George? The flipping defense never even tried to claim that George murdered Caylee! Did juror #11′s experience as a gym teacher which he says teaches him to be able to “read people” also give him a pseudo detectives badge???? Did they bother to look at the photobucket account with all of those disturbing pictures that was entered into evidence but not brought forth in trial? They did not because they didn’t review any of the 366 pieces of evidence available to them.

    Bottom line is these jurors did not do their job OR get the facts right. With each juror interview, the public is even more fired up because their reasons for coming to this verdict make no sense. They are not smarter than a 5th grader!

    I believe we will see many more statements come out from the jury and there will be some in the future that will admit that they were wrong on this verdict. It is only natural to look up a case after being sequestered after this trial and they will see what they got wrong. Now, AFTER they announced the verdict they will finally review the evidence. What and eye opener that will be.

    I hope in the future that a very well informed and respected journalist will interview these jurors and each time they cite something they should not have considered during deliberations or state facts and evidence findings wrong that they will correct them during the interview. I’d love to see what they have to say to that.

    I am not only upset about Caylee, this case for me was about justice for all missing, abused and murdered children.

  16. RooMommy says:

    Another thing that the foreman, juror #11 stated was that casey wasn’t the only person who had access or keys to her car. This is where common sense comes in people!!! If she isn’t living at home at all during those 31 days and feeding her parents stories about being out of town and they believed her, how could anyone else have had access to her car if she had it with her??? Uggh..

    Where do these jurors think Caylee was going to be on the night of June 16th after Casey told both of her parents she was staying with the imaginanny and Caylee had never stayed at Tony’s apartment and was not allowed to? This was a planned event to murder Caylee that day, I am convinced!

  17. justice23 says:

    One thing has been bothering me tremendously. What defense lawyer does the “bang bang” sign at the hall cam, on the second day of deliberations, of a death penalty case, 90% of folks believed would end in a guilty verdict?

    I can’t shake it.

    To me, since Baez entered this case, he has played several roles, but in everyone of them, a chameleon, just like his client. One reason I have always believed Jose and Casey were destined to eventually find each other. It takes one to know one and I believe Jose knows Casey quite well.

    Jose has played the ignorant, naive, wet-behind-the-ears lawyer; the wimpy & insecure father protectorate stand-in; the cocky, arrogant, and pretentious attorney; the dopey friend who is easily snowed and taken in by artificial charm and female wiles; the slick and unprofessional counsel, and all-around sly, slick & morally bankrupt PR consultant and image consultant. All these in the same mind and body we have come to know as Jose Baez, fantasy esquire extraordinnaire.

    But the common thread running through all these alter-egos? Deviousness and deceitfulness to the core and willing to risk whatever it took to win, even if it meant resorting to underhanded measures to get there. Jose was quoted as saying to Miss Creature Comfort he would do everything he could to defend her and that I believe he did. How far did he take it? I don’t believe he did it within the confines of the law, but that’s just my own personal opinion from everything I have seen and heard the last 3 yrs and post-verdict. Something just screams, “cheater” every time I look at that smug, arrogant little smirk on his face. For all his dimwitted attorney antics and clueless legal knowledge, there is one thing Jose seemed to do well … play stupid. But I swear somehow he knew he had nothing to really worry about. I just don’t know exactly how he knew, but something hasn’t sat well with me regarding him for a long time. He is the wolf in sheep’s clothing … the snake in the grass you don’t see slithering up to you. Jose’s form of lawyering IMO is right up there with Bill Clinton’s historical testimony of twisting words and facts to appear innocent and ignorant where it suited him. Define “is”. Are you kidding me?

    If jury names are eventually released I would be very interested in where will those connections eventually might lead. To say this case has always been very political is indeed an understatement. And everyone knows where there are politics, there is usually a bigger story brewing in the background. Where there is smoke there is usually fire. That is unless of course you are one of twelve Anthony jurors and then where there is smoke there is no evidence to prove anything.

    Something was most definitely wrong with that jury. The jury room appeared quite full of laughter many times from what the media and many court viewers personally reported, even closer to the end of the trial. Not really what one would expect to see/hear from a jury so “sick to their stomach” from sitting 6 wks on a death-penalty case where they would be making perhaps the biggest decision of their collective lives within just a few days or hours. Every time I would hear someone comment about laughter coming from the jury room I would think, “Seriously? They’re on a death penalty case … what would they possibly have to be laughing about? Not to mention this late in the game?” Incongruent in my opinion, much like Casey’s demeanor and reactions to dire circumstances. Everything’s fine, right? Yeah, we got this. Obviously.

    What happened in there to turn 12 people into complete putty for the defense and all their speculation presented as true facts? The more that comes out about the jurors and their “deliberations” the more my hinky meter goes off. I just can’t shake something severely wrong here. One seriously has to ask, “What did they know and when did they know it?”

    Like the trial itself, so much of their behavior and comments after-the-fact just don’t add up. They make absolutely no logical sense in the rational world. But maybe that’s just it. Maybe none of what happened wasn’t rational at all and maybe it was intended that way. I’m not a conspiracy-theorist by any means, but all three jurors that have spoken out so far that I have seen sound a lot like clones, almost robots if you will spouting the same canned responses. I keep hearing the same phrases over and over. Different juror, same peculiar responses.

    Did they watch one another on TV and parrot each other? Were they somehow paid off? I don’t even know how something like that could’ve even been done considering how monitored they all were 24/7. Or was there some verbal, unwritten agreement beforehand (either before trial or during) amongst them all? Did they just want to go home or was there possibly more to it than that? I have no answers to any of these questions, but something in me refuses to rest until I know 100% for sure justice wasn’t robbed before it ever even entered the courtroom.

    Injustice from ignorance is one thing, but planned ignorance is criminal.

  18. justice23 says:

    bobkealing bob kealing
    Just spoke with state attorney’s spokeswoman Danielle Tavernier “No perjury charges will be filed against #CindyAnthony.”


    WTH? Why NOT?!?! Yet another miscarriage of justice. Gives new meaning to “if it feels good, do it.” Is there absolutely NO accountability in America for anyone anymore?????? What the eff is going on??

  19. Leslee S. says:

    It certainly would be interesting to know just who is going to pay Casey’s expenses once she leaves jail on Sunday. How would she get a ticket to anywhere? I hope that someone is investigating this.

    On another note…..Bob Kealing, reporter with Wesh, says that the state has said that they will not charge Cindy with perjury. I guess that gives families of future perps free rein to lie. Ughhh!

  20. Leslee S. says:

    I’m telling all my friends & family that if they decide to ‘off’ someone, Florida is the place to go. I am livid!!!

  21. Ragdoll says:

    Bringing over from new thread….

    TES is pursing civil suit against Creature Anthony….

  22. pale rider says:

    nana2 says:
    July 12, 2011 at 10:47 am
    @pale rider says: This is why I wouldn’t watch the Greta interview last night nor the show on Investigative Discovery called Behind the Verdict also last night.. I’ve tuned them all off & will watch todays presser on my laptop..
    Right nana2! I haven’t watched any shows since the verdict.

  23. pale rider says:

    lizzy says:
    July 12, 2011 at 1:48 pm
    50.Mom3.0 says:
    July 12, 2011 at 12:12 pm

    “One thing has been bothering me tremendously. What defense lawyer does the “bang bang” sign at the hall cam, on the second day of deliberations, of a death penalty case, 90% of folks believed would end in a guilty verdict?

    I can’t shake it.

    OMG WHAT? I saw the video, but somehow I misssed knowing that’s when it was. Was this before or after they knew the jury was coming back in already?

    B E F O R E

    B, mom 3.0, and lizzy, I totally see this as a jury who made their minds up by opening statements. JB put those visions in their heads and they never looked any further.
    Mom, you’re so right about this NOT being ICA’s trial, but that of George. To make statements directly about him shows where their mind-group set was. And I tolly believe there was brain-stem storming PRIOR to deliberations.
    Now about JB’s gun slinging – hmmmmm, I wonder what he knew??? And how?????
    The jury disregarded J. Perry’s orders, period. Every word coming out of them screams it – from using eerily similar statements, to using the term “we”, to saying they distrusted George.
    And WHY WHY WHY were they even considering him? HE WASN”T on TRIAL! (oh, but yes he was!)
    How was JB allowed to make those accusations anyway????? Completely unfounded, unproven, and prejudicial!!!!!

    There’s something truly amiss, truly wrong with this jury and with this verdict.

  24. pale rider says:

    RooMommy says:
    July 12, 2011 at 2:44 pm
    Yes indeed, roomommy, WHY were they talking about George? HTH do they get to the discussion that “maybe George did it”???

    BTW, great post, and I love your handle!

  25. pale rider says:

    So CA gets a free pass, seriously???? Don’t know why I’m surprised, hurt and disgusted all over again…..
    I don’t know how this all has happened, and I don’t know how to let it go.

  26. RooMommy says:

    25.pale rider says:
    July 12, 2011 at 7:37 pm
    RooMommy says:
    July 12, 2011 at 2:44 pm
    Yes indeed, roomommy, WHY were they talking about George? HTH do they get to the discussion that “maybe George did it”???

    BTW, great post, and I love your handle!
    Thanks Pale Rider:)

    It was too hard for Juror #3 to come to the conclusion that chloroform and duct tape were used on Caylee but apparently it was easy to say “maybe George did it!” with no evidence to support it. I just do not get any of these jurors logic. That statement by her was one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard someone say. “It’s easier to get to an accident than it is to believe that chloroform and duct tape were used.” yeah, I can see that with the mountain of circumstantial evidence and duct tape found over the mouth of her skull…

  27. kazmo says:

    I’m incredibly sad and angry about the verdict, as are most people here, and there is much I don’t understand, but buying this story about George taking and hiding the body because Cindy would be furious with Casey? To believe this, I would have to believe that all the time George Anthony was pleading for his granddaughter’s return and supporting searches, wearing t-shirts and pleading with Casey for information, that he knew Caylee was already dead. And I’d have to buy that he decided to let his beloved granddaughter rot in a swampy area day after day just a short distance from his home. George and Cindy Anthony may have their flaws, but there is *no way* I can see that being true. He loved that little girl – he would have been beside himself at finding her body, not coolly suggested wrapping her face with duct tape and dumping her somewhere. And having to hide a body because of Cindy’s fury – Casey wasn’t afraid of Cindy at all. JMHO, but I think at least part of Casey’s motivation was to spite Cindy. I agree with what others have posted here, that George appeared conflicted on the stand because his testimony could be used against his daughter, not because he was lying. The whole “George must have done it” theory just seems crazy. Maybe the jury should have taken a look at the person who was out dirty dancing while her daughter was supposedly “missing”… :(

  28. cadillac says:

    @pale rider–we can’t let it go because it is just WRONG

  29. Ragdoll says:

    Remember all….

    A house divided cannot stand alone. If Casey goes home, can you imagine the dissension in that house? It’ll be 100 fold worse than before Caylee’s murder, especially with ‘sexual abuse’ hanging over their heads. Are they going to pretend the last 3 years never happened?

    This family will tear each other apart. They will bring each other down. Nothing can save them from their own devices. It doesn’t hurt my feelings in the slightest :D

  30. Ragdoll says:

    @ justice23 says:

    July 12, 2011 at 3:19 pm

    Yep. In a nutshell, like attracts like. They are relate to one another.

    Great post, friendy! <3

  31. Ragdoll says:

    They ‘can’ relate to each other.

  32. ktina says:

    I cried the entire 9 hour drive home from Ohio to Kansas City when I heard this verdict. I still can’t get over this. And, the “bang, bang” sign??????You are right. Something really smells about this. Any ideas? Did he get to a juror? Something is not right here…..

  33. Riverpearl says:


    =========================>NEW BLINK THREAD<==========================

    Casey Anthony Post Verdict Press Conference: Investigators With OCSO To Speak Today 1:30PM EST

  34. Blink says:

    @Riverpearl thanks maam.

  35. S.H. says:


    I question if Casey will be hidden on this island?



    Rivera lives in a three-house compound in Riverside, New Jersey. The decor of the main house is said to resemble the interior of a submarine, while the second house is stocked with artifacts from Rivera’s international travels. He keeps two 1954 Jaguars at his New Jersey home and owns a boat, Belle (named for his daughter), moored on the Hudson River.

    He also owns a federally-protected island off the coast of Puerto Rico. (For environmental purposes, Rivera’s residence is a three-story “floating home,” powered by generators and docked next to the island.)

    He also has a summer estate in Marion, Mass., near Cape Cod, that features a helipad.

  36. S.H. says:

    Thank You.

  37. Mary says:

    Jose Baez was in contact with a Jury Consultant all through the trial. She was reading blogs, and watching the media. Then tell him the right questions to ask.

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