Casey Anthony Post Verdict Press Conference: Investigators With OCSO To Speak Today 1:30PM EST

Posted by BOC Staff | Casey Anthony,Caylee Anthony Case,Eric Edwards,John Allen,Tot Mom,Yuri Melich | Tuesday 12 July 2011 10:57 am

Orlando, FL-  The Lead Investigators in the murder of Caylee Marie Anthony are finally speaking out.

Led by brief words by Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings, Sgt. John Allen,  Cpl Yuri Melich , Cpl Eric Edwards and four other investigators will take questions from the press.

It is also expected that the OCSO ask for privacy for the jurors, and also for citizens to not compromise the safety of it’s officers when Casey is released.

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  1. Survivor says:


    Not sure if it is OK to post, but here’s more information on potential information on “cousin Dana”

  2. Word Girl says:

    I’m here. Reading your words.
    Undergoing surgery for broken heart.
    Thank you all for your passion.
    You inform and inspire me.

    We shall overcome. Some day.

    Pax domini–for those who believe;
    for those who don’t, “blinkon yee blinkers of great faith”!

    Word Girl

  3. IBE says:

    quotes re Bam’s post from Anna

    beginning of quotes
    Anna says:
    July 13, 2011 at 10:39 am

    @ Bam
    Hiya Neighbor,
    Im from TN , I totally understand, I lost one child in my early 20s , by mid twenties I had to have a partial hys , so no babies for me, but I can love and try to help protect the kids I know and the ones we learn about here .
    God has a mission for us , to protect those who cant protect themselves .
    I think is is the best site ever, and it does help alot of people

    end of quotes

    From IBE Happened to me too at 33 but I was a teacher so helped many grow up who worked in the Entertainment Industry. Now in my 70′s I like being active here and at for missing and exploited children and adults.

    Our collective intelligence, collective actions, collective empathy get things done, many times way out of the box.

    Hats off to Blink, her family, her staff and all those here. God Works in Mysterious Ways. Sometimes I wish He’d give us more of a hint.

    Love, IBE

  4. Solange says:

    Dr. Krock of the crock of **** fame, has poxed the reputations of all psychologist/psychiatrists everywhere. He spent 20 hours with Satan’s sister and says she is basically only “immature”? The aliens must have arrived and are taking over……….. Even the uber naive, awfully sweet, Dr. Drew’s eyes almost popped out of his head. Un*******believable? There is no way she is anything less than a full out psychopath with borderline/narcissist qualilties-at a mininum. He’s like the jury-both spent about 10-20 hours on her and think they know the truth. Pleeze. The plot to this story just thickens and thickens.

    If KC is simply “immature”, then we may as well open the doors to prisons everywhere and stop arresting/charging people. Krock says: “well even KC doesn’t know why she lies so much”. Oh great, KC has a tad of insight about herself-being perhaps the most notorious LIAR ever in a court of law-gee, that she obviously can see how her lies have caught up with her and expresses this, has Krock thinking that this actually means something? REALLY? I am flabbergasted-he drank the kool-aid too and he supposed to know this stuff!

    And what absolutely shocks me is how so called “professionals” say KC was not an abusive mother. For one thing-obvious to all here I know-, she had an imaginary nanny and left her with this non-existent being for days/nights at a time and for years!!! So knowing this as fact, how can anyone honestly say who she was? Because no one knows where this baby was for stretches of time, and since we don’t know and this fact doesn’t seem to be discussed much, I think it was not a good, positive thing for baby Caylee.

    I swear there must be something highly seductive (and I don’t necessarily mean sexually) about KC. It seems so many people, including Ma and Pa A, suspend their ideas and judgments about her and fall into some trance or spell by her. And there is this idea that mothers can’t/shouldn’t/don’t kill their kids. Well they do, every single day, so wake up sheeple (and I’m not speaking of anyone here). Sorry, I just get so annoyed w/the passes, the privileges and excuses KC receives and how they think this petite and (while I don’t think so) attractive young woman could have possibly killed her child. Like the jury for example, for starters. Can you imagine a black man, or woman for that manner, getting this major production and pass?

    Anyway–this is superficial and shallow of me, but I need a dig please: what the heck was going on with Dr. Krop’s hair? It seems all the KC apologists get stranger and more odd by the day. It really is like watching a live ongoing train wreck………..with hair. :)

  5. chelsea says:

    @Solange – I’m with you all the way ‘snip’: If my husband/kids saw my bag isolated w/me not being around anywhere for very long-they’d think I was dead! But I believe Cindy told George she would deal with it, as no doubt she always did! She then made it her business to track down Casey, 911 calls, car cleaned, probably hoovered to within an inch of it’s life and the rest is history. I believe Casey was solely responsible for Caylee’s death but without a doubt, Cindy, George & Lee were all instrumental in the cover up job. Trust it will haunt them for the rest of their days. As for the Jury, if my child were being taught by a teacher of the caliber of the Jury Foreman, I would be moving their school sharpish!! I cannot believe ALL the remaining jurors could be bullied into this decision, add the ‘bang bang’ behviour of Baez PRIOR to the verdict and I smell a rat!!
    How I would love to make the Jury members take public IQ tests!! Maybe it is time to consider making it law that you are required to have an IQ of 90 or more before being considered for Jury Service on a Murder One charge, especially as more and more scientific evidence is likely to be presented in the future. Maybe the Prosecution would have had more luck getting a conviction if they had used their time in Court ‘telling a story’ with just a hint of evidence thrown in plus the childish singsong greeting chant of ‘Good morning Mr. Patterson’ (don’t know the foreman’s name, using a school time memory from many moons ago). This Jury was lazy, selfish and THICK beyond words; I am so ashamed of them.

  6. al miller says:

    Blink: what if a verdict was decided on and handed down to the court, and later that day, jurors being interviewed said this: “we based our decisions on candy canes and lollipops.” Is there NO recourse? Couldn’t the judge pull them back in and say “um, that was NOT, by law, how you were instructed to make your decision.”??????? Since the jury broke the law by not considering the pieces they were required to because they mistakenly thought they didn’t have to, isn’t there something that can be re-done? Thanks, as always, for everything you do.

  7. Angellica says:

    @ mosaic- I caught that part of Joy Behar’s interview, because I was channel scanning. I agree with you. There is no way D. Simms would let her babysit her children or grandchildren. And I find it funny that she thinks we should have compassion for a baby killer. I am glad she found a stylist. I try not to bust on someone because of their looks, but I am a hairdresser, and you don’t know how many times I wanted to go through my screen and fix her hair in court. LOL

  8. Blink says:

    @Al Miller
    Pretty much zip.

  9. SusieB says:


    In order to understand why George did not call 911 from the Johnson’s Wrecker at that moment well I guess you would have to get into his mind. My guess is that in his mind he knew there was a distinct possibility that if anyone was in that trunk it most likely would have been Caylee. George knew Cindy had been talking to Casey and knew all the crap she had been spewing. But George did know that at least Casey was alive. When he opened the trunk even though his mind knew it was the odor of decomposition, the trash bag in the trunk if even for a short time kept his mind from going there or gave him enough of an excuse.

    I think “the trash” may have even calmed Simon Birch’s thinking also until he saw the car on the news and put 2 and 2 together.

    I dont think George really would have called 911 without talking to Cindy first who was waiting for him at the entrance of the tow yard.

    I believe this is when a brief conversation took place about the “Jesus what died?” remark made by Cindy about the odor coming from the car and George said it was the trash. I think Cindy probably said something to the effect to just drive the car home and she would take care of it as usual. If George even considered calling 911 or the police at that point Cindy would have put the kabash on that. I believe the above remarks were made just before they left the tow yard ( not in their garage at home as stated).

    I imagine in the short drive back to the house George’s mind was all over the place I think he was grateful for the trash bag and was happy to be talked out of whatever he was thinking and just go on to work. After all Cindy didn’t want George to be “negative”

    Cindy was trying my guess is “frantically” to get a hold of Casey, but she wasn’t answering the phone that day. Casey knew they found that car. So long story short Cindy and George went home, proceeded to clean the car, both went off to work. Cindy’s co workers told her she needed to call the police. Cindy went home found Amy’s number and the rest is history. Oh what a different outcome it would have been if they had not touched that car. Both Cindy and George knew what that odor was. Cindy went into her denial and protect Casey mode and as usual George followed.

    My question is How could either one of them gone off to work that day, even for a minute? What was Cindy thinking when she cleaned Mamma Doll? We will never know.

  10. SusieB says:

    Jackie Bauer

    I think the “witness tampering” investigations is about Laura Buchanan ( a Texas Equisearch Volunteer) who falsified documents as to where on Surburban Drive she searched for Caylee and who she searched with. I am not exactly sure how or who on the DT is involved.

    She was not called to testify.

  11. Tori says:

    @Eloise, I was completely flabberghasted at the psychiatrist on Dr. Drew last night also. Dr. Drew seemed totally speechless. So according to him, Casey is completely mentally healthy aside from being ‘immature’? Immature behavior causes you to steal from your friends and family, lie to everyone around you and toss your precious child into a swamp? Wow.

    Here where I live a radio talk show has been doing some exposes on Dr’s who work for the prison system, there was one who led the police on a car chase and was banned from even being allowed to treat anymore patients due to mental problems but they still didn’t fire him! So I don’t think the prison system has the creme de la creme when it comes to their health staff. That one last night was a wack job.

  12. Tori says:

    Here is Simon Burch’s interview with LE from 2008 if anyone’s interested or hasn’t read it before.

  13. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    SusieB says:
    July 14, 2011 at 8:15 am
    Jackie Bauer

    I think the “witness tampering” investigations is about Laura Buchanan ( a Texas Equisearch Volunteer) who falsified documents as to where on Surburban Drive she searched for Caylee and who she searched with. I am not exactly sure how or who on the DT is involved.

    She was not called to testify.


    @SusieB: thanks. I am obviously hoping for any possible upheaval to occur to change this unthinkable verdict and grasping at all straws.

  14. Ragdoll says:

    @ 17.SusieB says:

    July 13, 2011 at 6:17 pm

    Let the hits keep rollin’ friendy. We all need a good hearty chuckle through out this madness.

    Mucho love and thank you for bringing smiles to BOC…and me! <3

  15. Sammy says:

    Concerning the various psychiatrists + psychologists that have “visited” with the baby killer …

    As far as I can tell, none of these doctors have performed ANY psychological testing of the beast.
    Not the docs that are offering up their armchair diagnosis’s on TV now for the $$ – and I doubt that even the docs (Weitz and Danzinger?) that visited the beast pre-trial.

    How in the world are the able to make any claims or diagnose any conditions that Casey Anthony may have – from simply interviewing her?

    When these docs get on TV and expound on the beasts psych status … they’re not even stating any disclaimer (that these are only generalized theories they arrived at from interviewing her only).

    Casey Anthony would excel at bullshitting these docs.
    That’s what she does, how she gets thru life with everyone.

    Sitting down and talking with the beast and interviewing her to form any kind of diagnosis is worthless.
    Their subjective findings and impressions can be EASILY manipulated by Casey.

    I may be wrong, maybe the pre-trial docs did testing.
    But … I have looked at Casey’s visitor log in the past though, and didn’t see the hours + hours listed that it would have taken to administer these tests.
    Most of the standard tests are quite lengthy (hours and hours) and are usually conducted over the span of several days.

    Without testing such as:
    MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory),
    NPI (Narcissistic Personality Inventory) and many more standard tests –>
    these docs have only their subjective findings from speaking to Casey during short “visits”.
    Those finding would be worthless in forming any real diagnosis.

    Casey Anthony lies.
    A lot.
    About everything great and small.
    She would know just what to say to these docs and give them the answers she wants them to believe.

    While psych testing is not a perfect science, they are preferable to whatever BS findings some doc may arrive at from simply talking to the beast.
    She would be a master at manipulating these docs.

  16. Ragdoll says:

    MsEnscene says:

    July 13, 2011 at 8:01 pm


    Ricardo came across to me as being the slimiest, creepiest. Tony L. didn’t give me that ‘shudder’ reaction that Rico did. I went back to watch some of his testimony. How did I miss it? He oozes ick. Not exactly eye candy either. Jesse was the only good thing, imo, to happen to Casey.

    You are who you hang with and it’s no surprise Casey and her bike riders found each other.

  17. Ragdoll says:

    Sweetie_Pi says:

    July 13, 2011 at 6:54 pm

    Love your posts, Pi. I’ve wanted to comment on all of them but proving to be a nuisance with my own posts and feedback.

    You’re a great asset to BOC. I love your heart!!!

  18. Ragdoll says:

    @ claudia says:

    July 13, 2011 at 10:19 pm

    Can you say ‘exposure’ and ‘publicity’? I seriously think this dude is cashing a cheque his @$$ can’t write.

    Regardless, I would not entertain watching. Paying the Creature or her swamp family is a not an investment of any kind. They all have proven they are not capable of honesty. The price of tuning into their freak is costly, which is why I cut off HLN, and certain other mouth pieces.

    It’s just not worth it. Jeff Ashton is right, ignore them. On every level, I intend to.

  19. Sammy says:

    More details about the 1 million dollar offer from the California producer for the first interview of the beast.

  20. In Memory of Gini says:

    26.Sammy says:
    July 13, 2011 at 3:03 pm
    Here’s a pic of Dot Sims since she found her flat iron on her way to Hollywood.


    Her face is oddly unsymmetrical – and that makeover looks like she is melting…not pretty…

    sophomoric as it is, I feel better

  21. Can someone please tell me about the witness tampering and, the posibility of a retrial. I’ve read about that on a couple of different blog sites. does anybody here know anything about that? this trial was nothing more than a joke IMO! and, I sure would like to know why the defense team was allowed to place their table right in front of the jury, to me that was very wrong as well as allowing C&G to be in the courtroom at the same time when they each had to testify. they should have not been allowed to be there for the testimony of each other. this family has gotten away with more than anybody else would have been allowed to get away with.lying under oath is a felony, and Cindy should be charged.

  22. It’s really a shame that these people are all cashing in on the death/murder of a two year old little girl. is this what our justice system has come to? this is really low down.

  23. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Your post above about George and Cindy regarding their ability to go off to work after retrieving the Sunbird from the tow lot.

    IMO George long ago gave up taking any position regarding their children when talking with Cindy. Cindy is just as sociopathic as Casey. George knew that either Caylee or Casey produced the smell of death that he was familar with. Cindy had been talking with Casey so the only one left was Caylee.

    I believe that George and Cindy knew from that moment the smell of death was from Caylee. Cindy then cleaned the car as best she could and set about building the lies to make it look as if they thought Caylee had been kidnapped.

  24. chelsea says:

    @argentiarose – I agree with you, it wasn’t a fair trial for the Prosecution having Casey facing the Jury day in day out, weeks on end. I have never seen this before has anyone else? At first I believed JBP had made the correct decision allowing GA & CA to remain in Court. After all, they were related to the victim and they had made sworn depos and statements so we would all know if they deviated from them. Well they did!!! And what did it matter?? Their blatant lies have gone unpunished!! I have my doubts at times regarding British justice but this was in a class of it’s own!! I am so sorry for the Prosecution and for all you people in the United States of America, your faith in the Justice system must be shaken to the core but most of all I am desperately sad for Caylee. She never got her Justice and it doesn’t look as if she ever will, not in my lifetime anyway.

  25. Ragdoll says:

    A Texas Grandfather says:

    July 14, 2011 at 4:33 pm

    This is why I love you all. I never would have thought of that but it makes sense. George probably picked his battles where Cindy and Casey were concerned. I’m trying to see it from GA’s point of view. No doubt, when it was the 2 of them, he felt out numbered. The family dynamics are bizarre enough…but I do know from experience, sometimes you learn (not willingly, but subconsciously), where your place is. George learned his opinion would be over ruled and disrespected. Did he become incapable of making decisions that were best for him…or did he feel he always needed to consult with Cindy.

    I think George wished he’d gone straight to the police with that car, not home to the over bearing wife who could decide how it goes down from that point on.

    …on that note, I LOVED how someone @ BOC (too far back to look)brought up that Baez stole a question/statement from JVM (from her program the very night before). Apparently, JVM made a rhetorical with….Why didn’t George go straight to the police when he smelled the decomp?

    Baez throws that at George the very next morning. What at putz! I’m sure George wishes he did..but not because Baez brilliantly posed that before him. (snarkalicious)

  26. Riverpearl says:


    =============>NEW BLINK THREAD<===============

    Caylee Anthony Gram *Wanna Be* Sees Dead People- Is Donna MacLean A MacLeach?

    ADD IN FRONT OF LINK: "http://&quot;

  27. Solange says:

    Chelsea, SusieB, thank you so much for your insights and fact checking on my questions. Both of you are tremendous “reality” checks for me in your comments here on various things. I see both of your POVs. It just becomes clearer and clearer that the entire family are enmeshed in the most pathological and deceptive way imo. All of them make me physically ill. I think one reason I give this case so much of my attention is b/c while I strive to believe in something in this life that is “normal” and good or decent, that what looks on the surface as “normal”, there is much to learn about what goes on behind so-called “normalcy”, declarations of love, etc…. That if there is “Satan” on this earth-and I’m speaking figuratively-it is in whatever dynamic that goes on in this family that is evil and deceiving; that makes people divided and kookoo crazy. I think people struggle with wanting to make sense and logic out of “evil” and the miscarriage of justice and death of an innocent child by those who “say” they loved her.

    Chelsea, from overseas this hoopla must look like national madness on our part. I wonder if you can see in all of this, how we as Americans struggle-as in this case-with our Amendments and judicial system and in this, if it shows how ‘alive’ our Constitution still is? In other words, do you see any, for lack of a better word, nobility, in any of this? That this is all not simply a bad tabloid joke?

    Ironic to me: the one decent, wholly “good” person in this whole case: Jesse Grund,(and his dad) was the one the Anthony family attempted to make guilty and responsible for Caylee going missing. So typical of “Satan” going after the cleanest, clearest, good person. Why Jesse of all people? I am speaking of the devil here as a metaphor only, even if I believe metaphors can be a revelations of truth. JMO.

  28. Solange says:

    TGF, thank you so much for your reply and personal example of Schweitzer’s observation. When I read his bio I was in my early 20′s and didn’t have that long distant, wise overview then. But as I aged I observed, and found out how true this was in fact. Back then he sounded a bit “old fogey-ish” to me-as most adults were. :) .

    I can tell TGF, that you are an educated, wise, observing man-and while even if I don’t agree with you on some things (and this is a good thing imo), I always pay attention and consider your POV. Always it is a contribution and has a relevance that only an emcompassing education-school, church and family, imo, can give, along with wisely aging in the best and broadest sense of the word. Your personal story is a testament to consciously educating our children and making the widest spectrum of knowledge available-and as a major priority to our children and in/for our society. I loved that Schweitzer stressed music and all fine arts as much of a prerequisite to knowledge/education as anything else. I see them as “portals” to our souls and w/out them, we risk losing being able to access major portions of ourselves. If this makes sense?

    Here is a cautionary story that made me very very confused as a child when I heard it/heard it being discussed among my grandparents/parents and maybe someone will relate as well:

    Does anyone remember the public ads on TV in the 60′s that “told” us that anyone who left their keys in their cars were “responsible” for/and if their car was stolen? That suddenly after literally, generations of people leaving their homes, cars unlocked were responsible for the crime. Or that was implied. “Back in the day” we kids were left in the car as our parents went into the store or whatever and there was no real fear. I was very young when this ad came out but I remember my parents and extended family reeling over this new “paradigm” if I can call it this. Just think it’s interesting,if not critical, to look back at where the brainwashing began.

    I hope this doesn’t offend you TGF, but I don’t believe it is only the “progressives” that have done this exclusively. We have had many terms of both political parties in office for 2 terms and both parties have or have not allowed these sorts of thinking, actions, laws to occur. Sadly, we are witnessing, b/c of a few peoples’ stupidity or evil or ignorance, in this current case begin to generate the need for new laws, many federal, and rather than stressing ethics, education, morality, self responsibility, self control, etc…. “we” (not you) are basically telling the government: “protect us, control others, make ‘them’ behave.

    Whether we are republicans or democrats, whatever, we are risking living under a dictatorship (as a poster above so well stated) if we ALL don’t pay very close attention and address this. IMO George Bush initiated some very scary laws regarding privacy and the loss of it, b/c of 911/and while some feel this was necessary or critical to our national security, I wonder? It frightened me. After all, our borders remained porous, and many other measures to reign security in were either overlooked or ignored. JMO. The idea that one single stupid ‘shoe bomber’ has made the entire world take their shoes off at airports makes me crazy/furious….oh well, I suppose if I’m lucky, I only have another, 60-ish years left and the world will happily spin w/out me..:)

  29. @Chelsea, Yee indeed, my faith in our justice system has been shaken by this one trial. when a jury votes to let a murderer go free, there is no way that I will ever have faith in the system again. they are also selling their experience on jury duty in this trial for big bucks and, that should not be allowed. they can talk about it all they want to and to who ever they want to talk to. but, they should not be allowed to receive any money for it. the jury, defense and the Anthony family will all make blood money off of this child and, justice for her will never come.

  30. Sweetie_pi says:

    Go back and look at what the paisano’s in New York had to say in August 2008 about the Ann’tony family.

    That Lazzaro boy, juice baby juice! New Yawk Good Ole Boy juice!

    That boy and his “got the gots” baby-butt look … and he doesn’t look like he wants anything with the Anthony girl wrapping herself all over him. To matchmaker-me he looks like he would prefer George over the daughter, jus saying! Now listen to Lazarro as he says the last time he saw the baby was when the baby was in HIS pool. Hadn’t seen the baby for a month, yet remembers the last time she was in HIS pool. With whom? Floating face down? This was the opening the prosecution missed, when the case turned bombshell – put Lazarro on the stand. Which pool? That would have put the spotlight right back on Slot-mom or Trot-it-out Mom I can’t remember what Nancy called her. Also I can’t understand was why omit questioning into the internal organ injury searches along with the chloroform searches?

    Night clubs are about drugs and prostitution, and at SOME clubs you can get “specialty items”. Know what they are? Big money “items”, Big money for someone with a BIG nightclub habit, and big juice connections. Politics, the good ole boy network rears its ugly head. No one has really said out LOUD that Casey was likely pimping her 2-3 y.o baby daughter out and that’s why she was using chloroform.

  31. Sweetie_pi says:

    And another thing, then I’ll go to bed: this country has the highest per capita population of incarcerated – that is DIRECTLY to result of the demotion of individual responsibility in favor of a stupid paradigm that lets the person off the hook in order to perfect the screwing of we the people. You want a George Orwell world, let this creeping crud continue, otherwise, Annie get yer guns, it’s time to take back the freaking streets, towns, courts, town halls and BY GOD yer country. Good night and God Bless, and say goodnight to Caylee the name of a new star in the heavens.

  32. wendy says:

    St. Martin Press is apparently publishing the following book- “Inside the Mind of Casey Anthony” penned by forensic psychiatrist Keith Ablow (according to News 13).

    I’m a certain this book will somehow spew the rancid words of the murderess, Casey Anthony. I am further certain that since Casey has “given permission” to tell her STORY (BOLD/ITALICIZED), that she will reap some of the “blood money”. It is her way of trying to get the public to simmer their bitter feelings toward her. I won’t be a part of it.

    I sent an email to their marketing department, as the contact options were somewhat limited. For those of you who feel like boycotting and/or sending an email to them, the following is the address I utilized-

    I want to thank you fellow Blink bloggers. I have followed this site for years now, and don’t know how I would be functioning if I didn’t have this place of sanity to lay my head on at the end of these confusing and sad days. There is a great amount of wisdom and common sense amongst this group of people.

    I have to rant for a few minutes, get this utter disdain off my shoulders, to those of us who understand. a I promise to bite my tongue and move towards healthier thoughts afterwards. I have waited a few days to calm down, as my anger and confusion have been profound. I feel lost and disgust at Casey, her family and her “Boys”.

    I am fathomed about this jury and their verdict. My biggest complaint-other than the “not guilty”- is that I don’t believe they understood what the law is. They keep saying that the State didn’t prove “how”, “when” or “why”. THOSE ARE QUESTIONS THAT THE STATE DOESN’T HAVE TO ANSWER/PROVE. They only needed to believe, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Caylee is dead, Casey is responsible for that death (and that she planned it for 1st degree murder or child abuse for Felony Murder). Also, they felt that they shouldn’t let their emotions play into their verdict. They didn’t want to judge Casey on her post-murder behavior. They obviously didn’t understand that they could use their emotions-i.e., common sense and that Casey’s actions during the 31 days was consciousness of guilt.

    I (humbly and in a Monday morning quarter-back way) think the State dropped the ball on not explaining in layman’s terms what the juror’s job was. Bozo and crew put up their chart on what reasonable doubt was. I think the State needed to clarify what that meant more clearly. I guess for most of the world, that it wasn’t necessary to break down each detail, but for this jury it was needed. Another example where the basics needed to be spelled out was for the chloroform. The foreperson felt that because they didn’t know if chloroform was purchased or if the ingredients weren’t purchased, then it must not have been sinister (they bought Bozo’s story that she must have wanted to look up Chloroform after seeing the ad on Ricardo’s web page). I guess the State needed to tell them that the household items that Casey looked up, such as Acetone, are all readily available in most homes across America-even theirs! And what about the frickin huge amounts in the trunk?

    Did they not pay any attention?

    As to the smell of decomposition, they felt that because a few people didn’t smell or remember if they smelled it, that it must not have been present. WHAT???? Did they not hear the testimony from Dr. Vass? Did they not hear that the odor nearly knocked him off his feet. What about the chemical compounds that signify decomposition? What about the cadaver dogs hitting in the backyard and in HER car. What about the other qualified people who smelled the unmistakable, unique odor such as other officers, George, Cindy, the tow company staff? They believe because George had a spare set of keys that HE must have done it? ARE THEY SERIOUS???

    Somehow they got focused on George and it seems that they put him on trial. What blows my mind is that because they found George unbelievable, that they felt he must have had something to do with it or that he actually murdered Caylee. How in the HE** do they not apply that same logic to Casey? So, if George lied, he must be guilty of helping or murdering Caylee, but since Casey lied, she was a “bad mom”, but not guilty? Do I have that right? This jury drank the Casey Kool-aid in large, lethal quantities.

    Also, it makes me sick to the pit of my stomach to hear people say how wonderful Baez did in court. He lied, just like his client, and made a mockery of the search for the truth. It should be illegal for an attorney to spout such unfounded non-sense. Had the Anthony family been truthful from the beginning, much of this fiasco could have been avoided for them as well. My sympathy for George, Cindy and Lee is absent. I bet a dollar George gets booted from the house because Cindy will forgive the little princess. It doesn’t hurt Cindy that George has forever been labeled by many as a child molester. If it saves the witch, so be it. This family is so sick!

    I have hated one person in my life, and it was an awful feeling. I have that same loathing for a woman I’ve never met (Thank God) and I don’t want to harbor these feelings. To see and hear her “boys” boast is sickening.

    I’m sad, disappointed and literally ashamed at the jurists on the panel for the Casey Anthony trial. The jurists are out for money, which in my opinion is wrong. Juror #3 had her entire family sent to Disney World, including nieces and nephews and a fancy, water-front hotel. The foreperson was in a beautiful suite, with a marble balcony, also on the water-front. Who knows how much his “licensing fee” was? I’m sure it was a lot of Blood Money. Then we have the juror who was a cook who appeared on TV shows pre-Casey Anthony trial. He is the juror who is holding out for the largest bid. What a disgrace! Funny how none of them want to show their face except juror 3. She probably likes to be “seen” just like Casey does! I hope they are all proud and sleep well. They let a murderer go free.

    On a lighter note, rumor has it that Casey may go to Puerto Rico. The citizens have put together an extremely large amount of people who are voicing their opinion and outrage. They do NOT want Casey Anthony any more than America does. Where oh where will the princess go? Maybe one of her money donators will invite them to stay with them-Oh wait…most of her followers were in prison themselves.

    I will now apologize to any of you whom I may have offended (unless you are an Anthony, related to Casey’s defense or a jurist at her trial). I just really needed to vent.


  33. paula says:

    Wendy, I can’t imagine that you offended anyone – certainly not me! Everything about this case and trial stinks. As soon as Mason jumped on board they set out to have Judge Strickland step down. When he was replaced with Judge Perry I snickered to myself that they outsmarted themselves. They didn’t outsmart themselves, they outsmarted everyone else. Everything they did was calculated, even the jury selection. Speaking of jury selection, where did Baez go the one day after lunch when he never returned? I feel that we have all been duped by the defense and the Anthonys and instead of any kind of investigation they are all getting away with it.

  34. pale rider says:

    wendy says:
    July 15, 2011 at 6:00 am – They believe because George had a spare set of keys that HE must have done it? ARE THEY SERIOUS???
    Wendy awesome post!
    Not only did the jury disregard the evidence, they made up their own!!!!!
    Please make sure you go and post on Blink’s new thread posted above. We need you!

  35. GraceintheHills says:

    16.Sammy says:
    July 14, 2011 at 10:32 am
    A different psychologist (not the one with the odd hair) who interviewed CA was on one of the HLN shows the other night and he revealed that CA received psychometric tests while incarcerated. The tests you mention are an important tool in that they can provide some clarification on characterological issues, however, testing alone is not enough to diagnose someone with a personality disorder (or any other psychiatric disorder, for that matter). Along with carefully reviewing the evaluee’s past history, the evaluator also should observe and interview the patient over a considerable period time in order to appreciate how the individual interacts in her environment, what personality traits are present and to what degree, and how stable these traits are over time.

  36. Ragdoll says:


    wendy says:
    July 15, 2011 at 6:00 am – They believe because George had a spare set of keys that HE must have done it? ARE THEY SERIOUS???

    I mentioned this too a few pages back….and my take is this….

    A spare set is no good when the car is missing along with the daughter and grand daugther.

    Casey was the only one driving that damn car! The fact it’s abandoned clearly points out that not even George knew where the car was. How’s a spare set make him an accomplice?

  37. Ragdoll says:


    New thread! It’s easier to moderate comments if we’re keeping it on the same page.

    Respectfully posted, friendies! <3

  38. GasCanGeorge says:

    Texas Grandfather,
    Kind of looks to me that George couldnt handle much without blowing up and being abusive therefore Cindy fell into jumping in and calming George down so nobody would get hurt. Refer back to all the videos with George outside his home. HE went looking for trouble.
    I’m sure his abusive outbursts were not only with his father i’m afraid to say. So, it’s quite clear Cindy had to take over things to ease George. Why do you think the man couldnt hold down a job? HE probably lost most of them due to his temper. I’d love to know the real reason behind him leaving the Ohio Police department. And why he never could keep a stead job. Sorry , I find it hard to believe that it’s all Cindy’s fault. Give me a break…

  39. GasCanGeorge says:

    Sweeti-pi,,,I think that is more GA’s style..I think it’s more like CAsey knew too much about her own flesh and blood…IMOO

  40. GasCanGeorge says:

    I always thought there was no coincidence about ZFG and Sawgrass…I’d bet my two icecream cones that GA used Sawgrass for his many hookups…….Just sayin…and of course MOO////

  41. semo68 says:

    @ Wendy-

    I feel confident in saying that you have not offended anyone here. Most of us are as heartbroken and disgusted as you are with this whole farce of a verdict, and “justice”.

    STILL. 2 weeks later.

    Evil is Evil. And WRONG IS WRONG.

    I take comfort in that there are still plenty of us out there who recognize it. And are willing to speak up and do something about it.

  42. JEFF says:


  43. Riverpearl says:

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