Caylee Anthony Gram *Wanna Be* Sees Dead People- Is Donna MacLean A MacLeach?

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Recently interviewed by Diane Dimond,  a journalist I like very much but who is apparently now lacking a fact checking staff, Donna MacLean claims to believe she is the paternal grandmother of Caylee Anthony.

Nancy Grace featured her on her show as well.   (Insert snark d’jour) Perhaps her fact checkers were unavailable as well and sitting on a jury somewhere… in an undisclosed sequestered paradise.

Apparently MacLean, is not alone, as she claims to have hired famed attorney John Q. Kelly in consideration of a wrongful death suit.

Mr. Kelly, who represented the Goldman and Brown families in a wrongful death action following that particular decades monster on a leash, also dropped by it’s jury, OJ Simpson, won the families over $30Million in a verdict award.

Mr. Kelly is also the attorney for the Holloway family, specifically Beth Holloway, during her recent attempts to see Joran VanderSloot in a Peruvain jail.

His client list reads like a who is who in high profile, including the estates of Kathleen Savio and the family of missing and presumed deceased George Smith.

Admirable endeavors, which begs the question, what is he doing messed up in this soup sandwich?

Donna MacLean claims that her son Michael Duggan, killed in a car crash in October 2007, was Caylee Anthony’s father. Sarah Duggan, Mr. Duggan’s half-sister, died of her injuries sustained shortly thereafter.

It is unclear how she arrived at this conclusion which belies any offer of proof, or geographical possibilities of any kind, and Ms. MacLean left out a very important fact.  Her son’s drivers license was revoked for medical reasons in 2001.  At the time of the crash, Duggan’s last known address was in Connecticut, and in 2006 he lived in North Rutherford, NJ, not Tennesee as his Mother reported.

Donna MacLean 

In addition, Wilfred Duggan, Michael’s grandfather, had not seen his grandfather in a number of years, since a non-criminal incident in 1999. 

Mr. Duggan refused to comment on how Michael gained access to his Sebring convertible.

A source inside the family wishing to be unidentified, has confirmed that the reasons for the revocation were based on medical reasons that would not allow re-instatement by Mr. Duggan without an approved evaluation.

Repeat 2001.  Caylee was conceived approximately Fall of 2004.

As  such is the case, is it believable Master MacLean was driving through different parts of the country, in the moving business, without so much as a drivers license, which by the way is a requirement of the bonds necessary to work in the industry?

Sadly, Ms. MacLean’s own family has never heard this story previously, and I do believe we have given Ms. MacLeach the latest 15 minutes she has asked for.

The Orange County Court House is going to run out of paper by the day at this rate.  There are enough meritorious lawsuits facing Ms. Anthony as we speak, I recommend one save’s one’s energy for those.


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  1. Survivor says:

    With much respect, I just want to say, at this point, with the impending legislation I have reviewed, I DO NOT support a Federal prosecution… Stateside, let’s get to work

    So, how best to get involved? Texas isn’t known for being “light on crime” yet this bill will not see the floor until our state legislators are back in session in 2013. My fear is that it will have taken a back seat to any number of insanities that happen between now and then.

    I can see where the injustice of not seeing Justice for Caylee through trial may have a much greater impact in countless other areas and therefore is the true Justice for Caylee but I am also not known for having a great deal of patience over a long period of time ;-) I’m feeling antsy to DO something. Now! Thanks, Blink!

  2. New,Ragdoll an others, I think Cindy and George suspected something was wrong 1st of July,plumbing/new pavers. When the car was retrived they knew,clean up began and story began,cindy diretor. Our local news reported tonight Casey may have been in Baton Rouge,La. today. Not sure how to link,newbe to pc’s. Story and 4 who ever cares. WHO IS PAYING 4 FUEL??? Could it be Bozo? Money stashed from the 250k casey received!

  3. MsEnscene says:

    18.M Harris says:
    July 19, 2011 at 6:35 pm
    You guys just ran off and left me! I’ve grieved for Caylee and now I’m moving on. I don’t care how much money Casey makes she’ll never have a decent or happy life. I hope she makes enough to pay Equusearch, Padilla, Gonzales, IRS, and everyone else who sues her.

    Several things have been driving me crazy! Someone, PLEASE, tell me about the plumbing incident AND why did George lie about Casey leaving on the 16th when I feel certain she left on the 15th (following the choking incident)? What was the point in that particular lie?? Can’t remember where – please trust me on this – I read that Cindy was looking for Casey stating that she left the house with Caylee after the fight on the 15th.

    It’s just my theory, M. Harris, that George had to pretend that Casey left the house with Caylee on the 16th and everything was “a normal type day” because even that early, George and Cindy were trying to erase any possible motivation for Casey to have done anything to Caylee, even accidentally. They didn’t want it known that there was a fight of any kind between Cindy and Casey which may have caused Casey to leave in a fit with Caylee. Remember, Cindy’s version of that eveing was that she, Casey and Caylee “cuddled on the bed and watched a favorite program” everything lovey and dovey!

    I think Casey left in a huff and then later came back (cell phone pings) to the house to talk to Tony throuout the night.

    What I don’t understand is people saying a fight was about Casey stealing money from Shirley’s account for the nursing home. That event happened earlier like April and Cindy had taken care of it some time in May. I’m pretty sure I recall Shirley telling LE this.

    So what was the fight about? Probably same old, same old. Casey not taking any responsibility, being a bad mother and staying away with Caylee for days at all kinds of places. Plus, a few hits of “I’m going to take Caylee away from you and kick you out of the house on your butt.”

    Also, when did the Anthonys “know” Caylee was dead. IMO, almost right away (the smell in the car) because that’s when George and Cindy started lying and upholding Casey’s Zanny the Nanny stories and insisting that “everybody get off your butts and look for my granddaughter (even if I never look!” They never looked! They never made any appeals to bring Caylee back. They knew Caylee was gone. All that fancy footwork on the jail tapes was smoke and mirrors. They were trying to get a clue where the body was. They knew the whole world was listening and they had to find that body and secure it. They knew what a dip azz Casey was and couldn’t plan anything well.

    They knew Casey couldn’t afford a sitter, let alone a nanny. She had stolen thousands from Cindy. Later on, when “Zanny” proved a bust, Cindy even said she thought the nanny was anybody Casey could get to sit with Caylee. Just as Casey had gotten the Grunds and Lauren Gibb to sit for free. And then, Cindy and George began to target other people as the kidnappers of Caylee.

    In fact Padilla said Cindy and George were targeting Jesse while Casey was out on bond and he himself warned Jesse that the Anthonys were naming him as the chief suspect in whatever happened to Caylee.

    I wish someone would address the blue dress Caylee wore on Father’s Day. Was it ever found? Was it the article that caused the plumbing emergency?

    All this just my take.

  4. Riverpearl says:

    Continue The Conversation & JOIN IN:

    ==========>NEW BLINK THREAD<==========

    Catching UpWith Casey Exclusive: Her Escape Via Todd Macaluso Wearing Pants And Tour of Her Van Down By the River

  5. SusieB says:

    M Harris….

    Personally, I think Cindy was trying to let Casey know by using “the plumbing issue” that she realized that the laundry bag was missing from Caylee’s play area. It was Cindy’s way of telling Casey in Anthony “codespeak”

    Remember when Cindy changes her medications, her memory improves.

  6. SusieB says:

    Blink says…

    SusieB- I wish I could say differently, I have known for years that I never believed the first search was Casey.


    Yes, I know it very well could have been George who did that search. It very well could have been George who dumped the choloform in the trunk in hopes of getting rid of the smell. Taking the battery out not knowing if choloform was combustible or not. It would seem there are easier ways to disable a car than taking the battery out. But if your worried about something……

    What I cant understand is why the defense team after throwing out everything under the sun about George in opening statement,
    why they never used George’s prior activities against him.

    I was waiting for it but surprised it never came. Was it not allowed to come in?

    Do you think Casey knew that car was towed on the 30th or maybe she was hoping her parents picked it up putting it in their hands?

    Because telling the jury George likes sex with Adult women he pays negates the whole incestuous pedophile theory and opens up other searches on the computer, including potential texts, any online stealing by Casey, the whole 9 really..

    The philosophy within LE is that technically, unless you have a webcam shooting footage of the person accessing records on the computer, when up to 3 people had access to it, the data is entirely split 3 ways.

    Personally, I think LE regrets not pulling ping studies on every Anthony, this is the horse they had to ride, what can you say?


  7. Angela_nw says:

    MsEnscene says:
    July 20, 2011 at 3:10 am
    . . .So what was the fight about?

    If you go back and read FCAs text messages from June 08, all through the week June 9-13 she is texting that she is getting the house and her parents are divorcing. Then on Monday she has a conversation with Jesse by phone (from depo or LE interview) in which she tells him that the folks are NOT moving out and instead SHE must find a place to live. Jesse said that that conversation was “strange” or “weird.”

    It has been my opinion for awhile that Cindy would carelessly chide FCA into thinking she’d live alone in the house and in her narcissistic way FCA believed it, until the night of 15th when CA set her straight. I truly believe FCA killed Caylee out of spite. IMO

  8. M Harris says:

    Thanks to all who answered my questions. Blue dress…hadn’t thought of that – laundry bag….couldn’t figure out “Anthony codespeak” so thanks for that – yard work – were they looking for Caylee’s body? – George following Cindy’s instructions, yup, (poor dumb fool) – evil, spiteful act (my VERY first thought). M O O….all plausible explanations. Thanks again!

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