On Quitting Casey: The New C Word Is the New Quality Control

Orlando, FL- I thought my chapped skin was over.

Read, shower, repeat.

Write, ignore call from editor, shower, repeat.

The OCD I developed during the case of the murder of Caylee Anthony by her TotMom, The C word, continues.

Anger over the death of an innocent child is understandable, fierce loathing when the accused is her Mother, is justified.

What is not, is the minutes of our day one devotes to the C word.

Angst is power, nobody will argue that.  What is decidedly MOST powerful, is quitting Casey.

Images of fake checks with non-existant banks and non-existant companies are hitting the web to act as a barometer of the public’s interest and acceptance.

The porn industry rescinded an offer to C word, if that does not say it all, I don’t know what does.  Let’s say they tend to be a less judgemental crowd on occasion.

I am calling you out.  I am calling me out.

Quit caring.  Quit Casey = Cashless Cow

If you want to be a color form in this girls chloroform play set,  I cannot stop you.

What I can tell you, is that these payday wannabees have been Trumped.


Between The Donalds’ hair being real and him getting a look up President Obama’s unmentionables bearing a birth certificate on a whim, who do these ilk think are going to give them “equal time”?


Even Rupert Murdoch says “If a single person in my US offices so much as says that *%?#/’s name out loud it will make Rebekah Brooks stay in the big house look like a debutant cotillion, whatever that is.”

Here’s what happened:This is the most notorious and nationally covered case since The O word, and this felon and her counsel can’t get a legitimate network meeting.

Yep. The Moral leprosy crew are singing for supper.  Industry insiders will tell you that the rumor mill has produced a steady call of public outrcy at the mere notion their firms would consider any deals with Cword or her defense team, and the existing artists threatening to walk if they do.

Simply put, it is tantamount to scheduling a tsunami in your lobby.  Not even Don Draper could pull that off.

Ms. Folmer, reached from her latest promotion to washroom hand towel service  had this to say:

Due to my journalistic integrity and because nobody told me we could not cancel a check after a verdict, I was wondering if I could fill a role in Jackass4 or Roller ball 10.   I look forward to meeting the jury members, your among friends.

Late this morning, calls to THE BAEZ LAW FIRM for comment have not been returned.

A woman answering the phone at Jose Baez’s office who declined to be identified,  told Blink,  Editor In Chief of www.blinkoncrime.com:

Good Luck getting a call back, he has been sitting in his office for two days hitting the redial button to the News of The World Offices trying to get a live person on the phone.   He is convinced he can swing a deal with somebody over there. Any Suggestions?

Sure,  I answered, tell him to hit the O button,  and just keep holding, they have a very busy switchboard.

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  1. Ragdoll says:

    Good to know Caylee’s death wasn’t in vain. I mean, after all they’ve been through, they’re ‘entitled’ to be money mongrels. Why shouldn’t they cash in? I mean, if they don’t, someone else will….

    So how about that Tim Tebow trade? I’ll never get over the Gretzky trade from the Oilers, myself. ;)

    I love Tebow and I hope that his teammates stop treating him as some sort of mail order bride.

  2. Ragdoll says:

    They don’t get it, but they’ll regret it. Best part….nothing rocks Tebow’s foundation and that’s the real blessing. <3

    Well I am going to be honest, I would appreciate an apology from Pat Roberts- way outta line.

    Sorry for the o/t all

  3. Paula says:

    Is it not infuriating that evidence comes to light of day now, after the murderer was set free? Once again, the ball was dropped by both LE and the prosecution and a little girl’s brutal murder goes unpunished. I’m sick and disgusted all over again.

    Well, it was not new evidence, and unfortunately, I am NOT a fan of how this being handled.
    I wrote a piece on the searches in December 2009. That is all I am going to be permitted to say right now, but YES, infuriating.


  4. Ragdoll says:

    I recall B mentioning suffocation. I asked her why the prosecution is focusing on chloroform as the ‘weapon’ that killed her…or the ‘determined means’ of death. She replied that they needed to tie the chloroform in with the death.

    I thought about that a lot. How could not the prosecution not figure that out? Turns out it was there. I’m dumbfounded they never thought of it or that it wasn’t mentioned in Jeff Ashton’s book (a GREAT READ btw.) The chloroform was used to clean the car of the smell and post mortem (I’m sorry, there is no delicate way of putting it. There was an obvious stain that needed to be removed).

    I still don’t know if this would have changed the jury’s decision. They were hell bent on getting out of dodge and on with their lives. The truth could have bitch slapped them with a trout, across the face, to kingdom come and still have the same outcome.

    God says….lean not on your own understanding. I’m running with that and trusting He is the Great Redeemer. How much do you want to bet she wishes she could go back to June 15th, 2008? Bella vita ain’t happenin.

    Maybe it’s redemption x 10 as we speak? ;) :D One can pray.

    Epilogue: Baez wrote a book based on lies and the evidence came out. He admitted he knew about it and was shocked the prosecution never brought it up. He would have done himself a huge favour but shutting his trap and not commenting. That book is a sham, now. Anyone recall ‘A Million Little Pieces” by James Frey? I’d want my money back if I was one of the ‘touched’, who bought it.

  5. Ragdoll says:

    If Casey was ‘indigent’, how can she claim she owes Baez $500,000? Didn’t the tax payers foot this bill?

    They did after she ran out of the first $250K, yes. And, since she was in the slammer, someone better find out who her POA was, because if it was him, and he did not advise her to pay the taxes on it , he has problems. Interestingly Cheney was not listed as a creditor.

    Should be interesting to see the filings hit this docket.

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