The West Memphis Three Series Part I: Set Free Or Where They Should Be?

West Memphis, Arkansas- On Wednesday May 5, 1993 three eight your old cub scouts and best buds Michael Moore, Stevie Branch and Chris Byers ventured into the RobinHood Hill Woods after 6:30 PM.

While their worried parents made numerous calls to police and actively looked for them in the area into the late evening, there was no sign of them in spite of neighbors going door to door.  Unfortunately there was a shift change at the West Memphis Police Department, and no detectives were called in until the following morning.

That critical error by the WMPD is the start of a voluminous list of mishaps and negligence that would plague this case from the onset, and quite possibly earn Damien “Icky” Wayne Echols (a/k/a Michael Wayne Hutchison) Charles Jason Baldwin, and Jessie Lloyd Misskelley, Jr, a new trial.

I was asked to review this case and present my findings to a colleague who had been privately retained in this case, with the agreement that I would publish my investigative report regardless of the conclusions I reached

In the interest of disclosure, I am admittedly a big fan of Johnny Depp and Eddie Vedder and I wanted nothing more than to let them know they could count me in as the newest advocate for “free west Memphis 3”.

First, The Good News?

At the onset of my research, I thought it was pretty clear that there absolutely was juror misconduct in the Echols/Baldwin trial, which has yet to be ruled on for the defense team, and I agree that the same judge who heard the instant case should not have heard the appeal, especially in a capital case.

As a practical matter, lawyers, specifically defense attorneys, are charged with extracting the “guilt or innocence fact” as it relates to the crime and zealously defending their clients rights and presumption of innocence.

Conversely, the prosecution is charged with presenting a case they believe will result in a conviction of the indictment as presented, while adhering to the rules of criminal procedure under the Arkansas supreme court.

I think it is a fair statement to say that in both trials, neither endeavor was accomplished and we should all be uncomfortable with how it could threaten our collective rights under our constitution should it go unaddressed in general, and  not just in this case with these defendants.

The larger issue at hand, is changes to DNA statutes and the states plain language misapplication of the “actual claim of innocence” under rule 37.

Simply put, it means that the new evidence, testing, the evidence of any jury misconduct, when evaluated with all other evidence both inculpating and exculpatory whether or not it was presented at trial, is a second bite of the apple- FOR BOTH SIDES.

The burden, however, is on the defense to argue that a new jury would likely acquit all three based on the totality of that evidence today. It should be noted that the Supreme Court will rule on this hearing as to whether or not a new trial is warranted giving EQUAL weight to direct, physical and circumstantial evidence, which is also the charge to a jury.

I support the hearings to begin December 5, 20011,  with cameras present because I believe in transparency and the law is clear that it provides for “higher burdens” in capital cases.

I purposely studied trial transcripts pleadings and filings in advance of all actual evidence and exhibits because I did not want any basis I had for procedural errors to influence my opinion.

My advance apologies for those reading that are new to the facts of this case for leading with the caboose,  there is a method to my engineering.

To an extent, I can bifurcate the issues of guilt or innocence vs. our rights under the constitution to due process.

I am less open to it given the recent verdict in the murder trial of Casey Anthony, where the similar problem but different verdict of no direct physical evidence tied to the accused resulted in her jury acquittal, but that is not the only topical comparison one can make between these two cases, more on that in the final installment of this series.

Brief Background: West Memphis Three Support

Courtesy Sundance

The HBO Series Paradise Lost, a documentary filmed by Joe Berlinger & Bruce Sinofsky’s company Creative Thinking International with the full participation of both the prosecution and the defense, paid for a portion of the defense of Echols and Baldwin directly to their lawyers and to them by way of a  trust in the name of their attorneys.  Once the victim’s families learned of this, each of the victim’s families was paid an undisclosed honorarium for their participation in 1994, prior to its airing in 1996.

Although Baldwin and Echols benefited financially from the arrangement,  they sued their attorneys Dan Stidham and Val Price for ineffectiveness of counsel and conflict of interest.

Loosely translated, they have accused them of not hiring defense expert witnesses and well, ineffectiveness.

It is due to that ruling we are sort of “where we are now.

That said, the funding for expert witnesses for these proceedings have been and continue to be paid in part by Arkansas Take Action (ATA), founded by Lorri Davis,  Echols wife.

courtesy Ark

The major celebrity fundraisers and contributors to West Memphis Three via ATA cite “Paradise Lost” as the impetus for their personal advocacy and sponsorship.

I can’t say that I would have blamed them then, as it was not until the series aired, and the “slant” of innocence of the accused by the producers became known to the prosecution and the families, and all but one family member of one of the victim’s declined participation in its sequel.  Naturally my first reaction to various organizations, including ATA post conviction fund raising for the defense of 3 convicted murders was a violation of the son of Sam law.

Not in Arkansas. A convict can use funds raised on its behalf for its defense. Let’s hope recently elected Senator David Burnett, the former judge on this case has amending that law on his action item list this year.

Playing to The CSI Effect- Excellent Strategy

Last November, In response to a united appeal decision by the Arkansas supreme court, previously denied by the circuit court in 2007 and argued by famed attorney Dennis Riordon on behalf of Echols, Baldwin and Misskelley, the west Memphis three were granted a new evidentiary hearing to take place on December 5, 2011 based on further DNA, fiber and hair analysis.

It is the goal of the defense team to use the hearing to win a new trial.

Last month, the case status update reports new DNA findings exclude all three suspects.  There are 2 spots on a victim’s shoe that are the profile of a common unidentified male, and another spot with a different male profile.

It is the defense’s position that this exonerates Echols, Baldwin and Miskelley, because it does not belong to them, which was stated similarly in just about every news article as well.

It does nothing of the kind, as there were over a dozen WMPD personnel on scene who could absolutely be the origin of the DNA.

The defense claims it is “not their job as a defense team” to establish whose DNA it is.

While that is true, presenting that evidence as exculpatory has already been addressed by the court on it’s own merit. Consideration by the court of this evidence, and all other evidence whether presented at trial or not is in effect, giving the state the power to decide guilt or innocence and makes the rule 37 “ruling” moot.

This is a very wide berth for both sides, and in this author’s opinion, a “be careful what you wish for situation” for at least one defendant, if not all three, ultimately.

Ditched In A Ditch

Because of the snafu that no detectives were notified until early morning on May 6th, detectives were trudging through the crime scene they did not yet know was a crime scene; until Detective Mike Allen saw the unmistakable yellow cub scout hat and a child’s sneaker floating in the stream.

While Mike Allen attempted to retrieve the items by leaning over the creek with his hands on a tree on the opposite side, he lost his footing on the muddy bank and slid into the murky aquatic coffin of the missing boys.

Allen’s foot slid underneath the first victim, and caused the naked, hogtied  and badly bruised body of Michael Moore to float to the surface at approximately 1 PM.

Chris Byers and Steve Branch were found by Detective Bryn Ridge approximately one hour and 45 minutes later 25 feet downstream, face down, and fully submerged and were located by the apparent purposeful placement of sticks jammed into the mud. The sticks had items of the boys clothing wrapped around the bottom ends.

Byers and Branch were also naked, hog-tied and badly beaten; Stevie sustained significant gouging wounds to the left of his face and Chris was emasculated.  Despite the fact that the coroner was 2 hours away, all 3 victims were removed from the ditch and placed on the banks, all three were still bleeding from their wounds and  covered by black plastic while WMPD continued to collect evidence from the scene.  County workers were enlisted to pump out the stream to collect evidence.

Also at the scene, was Crittenden County juvenile probation officer Steve Jones who suggested detectives speak to Damien Echols.  Lt James Sudbury and Steve Jones paid Echols a visit the next day.

Satanic Panic No Manic Yes

Satanic Panic. Throw that phrase into any equation and I already do not believe it.  This crime was in no way connected to a cult or an offering of sacrifice of any kind.

In December 2008 I had an opportunity to consult with retired 35 year FBI Behavioral Science Unit  chief, Special Agent Ken Lanning, in a different case that showed elements of “Satanism”.

If he says there is no ritual activity associated with this crime, there is no better authority, and he does.

It should be noted prior to the prosecution phase of the murders, the FBI advised John Fogleman not to proceed with that angle as the motive.

I respect that on the surface some believe that Echols was singled out because he had jet black long hair, wore all black, carved a pentagram into his chest, etc. That is until the 500 pages of his medical reports and prior criminal record were released.

However, what I do NOT respect, is that at no time was Echols singled out for any other reason than his OWN WORDS and his OWN ACTIONS.

In a recent episode of True Crime By Aphrodite Jones, Misskelley’s former attorney Dan Stidham, now working pro bono assisting  Dennis Riordan et al, calls the west Memphis three “throwaway kids”.

He goes on to say that they were arrested because they were dirt poor with family problems and WMPD was under terrific pressure to make an arrest.

Mara Leveritt, a reporter for the Arkansas Times who wrote a book on the case called Devils Knot and who also participated in the HBO series, has continued to be very outspoken that the police and prosecution railroaded these kids.

Leveritt helped start the west Memphis 3 innocence project in 2008 when Lorri Davis refused to open the books of Arkansas Take Action, but has since joined the ATA movement,  which is said to have raised well over a million dollars and actively seeking donations today.

There is no dispute whatsoever that Echols, Baldwin and Miskelley lived in squalor with broken families and all three lines of parentage were wrought with mental issues and extreme poverty.

There is much dispute however that prior to their arrests, although several locals pointed the finger directly at Echols and through association Baldwin, that WMPD focused only on them.

In fact, the first time Jason Baldwin’s name came up in connection with the murders was from Damien Echols himself.  That’s right, in his questionnaire answer he gave during an interview at WMPD on May 9, 1993; he suggested Jason Baldwin and L.G. Hollingsworth could be responsible. (insert image)

There were well over 100 witness interviews, dozens of warrants for hair and blood samples from various individuals, local sex offenders, out of state relocation’s and the like being scratched off the list as the investigation progressed, as well as witnesses passing polygraphs, thus eliminating them.

The indisputable truth is that these teenagers had a long criminal and violent history in this tiny community.

They all had the same probation officer that knew all of them for years, spent enough time in the community and received updated mental health progress reports to suspect Echols initially, absolutely.

Thus the concept of “supervised probation”.

Taking The Myth out of Mythunderstood

Damien Echols

Damien Echols is the son of Pam and Eddie Hutchison.  Pam was plagued with psychological issues her entire life which included nobody knowing where she was adopted from, and Eddie left the family after he got his first and only moderate paying job.

Jack Echols,  Pam’s next husband, adopted Damien and his sister Constance Michelle.  According to medical and social records, Jack Echols sexually abused Michelle and was verbally and physically abusive to all.  Pam left Jack and resumed her relationship with Hutchison in the months before the murders.  Their rented trailer had one working door and no bedroom for Damien.

There are no elementary records for Damien, and by both parents accounts, he lived his early childhood in a shack in the middle of a field with no water or electricity.

In the 18 months prior to the murders, Damien Echols was arrested for trespassing, sexual misconduct and committed to a psychiatric hospital for the second last time.

He was suspended from school seven times the year before, once for lighting a fire in the back of class, the last time because he clawed the face of Shane Divilbiss, a romantic rival for the affections of Deanna Holcomb, who was arrested with Damien a few months later.

Damien’s last commitment, while living with the recently relocated family in Aloha Oregon was caused by Echols threatening to slit his mother’s throat and drink her blood, and subsequently eat his father.

Pam and Eddie Hutchison were so concerned about Damien’s behavior and his threats to them, they refused to allow him back into the home and sent him on a bus back to Arkansas.

The Hutchison’s moved back to West Memphis 6 weeks before the murders and Damien moved back in.  Damien is suspected to have burned down his Father Andy Jack Echols garage and part of his trailer according to his friend Chris Littrell.  Pam Echols Hutchison Metcalf is currently on disability for depression.

According to Damien’s OWN application for Social Security disability benefits, he was suffering from homicidal, sociopathic and suicidal ideations, manic depression and schizophrenia:

The exhibit known as the “500”, as in 500 pages of medical records tells the story the prosecution could not, due to the exclusion of “prior bad acts”.   There was great concern about Damien’s escalating propensity for violence, so much so his probation officer removed the dog and cat skulls from his bedroom and expressed and great concern for acts against others.  He felt the natural evolution of his violence was going to be humans 18 months prior to the murders.

Damien was told at the hospital that he could be the next Ted Bundy, he replied I always knew

In her first police interview, Pam tells WNPD Hutchison that packed up and left her the night before the boys were missing, and took everything to his Mother’s by 9PM.

Pam described Damien as upset and crying over the incident.

In her subsequent deposition in September 1993, now represented by Damien’s attorneys, Val Price and Scott Davison she recants this happened on this evening.  Echols told detectives Damien was normal, and that he had no problems. It was not until detectives prompted her that they knew of his hospitalizations through his probation officer that she even admitted he was on medication.   I have dubbed her the Cindy Anthony of West Memphis.





The Echols lived mostly on and off with Randy and Susan Sanders, Randy is a convicted sex offender and felon.

He was arrested for public masturbation 3 months before the murders.

Charles Jason Baldwin

Jason is the son of Larry Baldwin and Angela Baldwin Grinnell, his divorced parents who are also second cousins.  Three months before the murders, Jason’s mom was involuntarily hospitalized for paranoid delusions after Jason found her bleeding from self-inflicted injuries and called 911.

Angela’s  second husband and Jason’s step-dad, Terry Grinnell went to live at his Mom’s.  Five years before the murders, in Shelby County, it is believed Jason started a fire in the bedroom of the family home.  Baldwin was on probation since he was 13 for criminal mischief and most recently for shoplifting  in May 1993.  Since Echols return from Oregon, Baldwin’s grades were on the down slide and he was warned that if he missed school it would violate his probation.

On May 5, 1993, Angela and her live-in boyfriend Dink Dent had an altercation and she kicked him out the following day, after  public announcement the boys had been murdered.

Jason was responsible for looking after his younger brother Matt, and step-brother Terry Jr. now that his parents had separated.  The night Jason was arrested, his step-dad was again living with the family, and Angela returned home from work to find WMPD searching their home.

She became hysterical and began screaming at Terry, accusing him of turning Jason in for the reward money.  Jason was at Damien’s house the evening of their arrest on June 3, 1993; they turned the lights out and hid under the bed when WMPD came to place them into custody.

Jessie Lloyd Misskelley, Jr.

Jesse and his brother with special needs were abandoned by their Mother when they were toddlers.  Jessie’s’ older brother was eventually institutionalized a few years later.

Jesse was on and off probation since he was 11 years old.  Most recently, one month before the murders, he was convicted of beating up a 13 year old girl.

In the weeks following the murders, Lee Rush, the live-in girlfriend of Jessie’s father, was awakened on more than one occasion by loud sobbing in the middle of the night coming from Jessie’s room.

When she asked him what was wrong, he simply told her that he was upset his girlfriend was moving away.

As detectives were waiting in the living room of the Misskelley trailer for the CST team to arrive to exact the search following Jessie’s arrest, Lee told them that story three times. She claimed she “knew something was wrong”.

Mr. Misskelley stated that Jessie might have been there, but he did not murder those kids.

Buddy Lucas, a friend of Jessie’s, would tell investigators after his arrest that Miskelley confessed to him the day after the murders that he was there, and asked him to take the blue and white adidas shoes he had been wearing.

Preponderance  Or  Propaganda

I have watched countless interviews, and opinions where an “expert” believes the west Memphis three are wrongly accused, it is usually followed by- ” ..there is no physical evidence to tie them to the crime..”  For starters, that is inaccurate.  There is voluminous amounts of physical and trace evidence, albeit circumstantial.

They were not wrongly accused, there was a confession by someone involved trying to make it look like he was not, by skewing facts so he could get the reward money for turning in Baldwin and Echols and buy his dad a truck.

That does not sound like a mentally challenged minor, it sounds to me like he told his Dad he was there, but did not do anything could he tell the cops the truth with his permission?  I am referring to the first confession, subsequent two others with the corrected facts and his admission FOLLOWING his conviction against his attorneys advice.  I will analyze both his statements as they relate to the evidence in Part 3.

Since when does a DNA sample, found on items handled by multiple people, which does not match a suspect, exclude them? Most specifically, when there are partial profiles available from serology that do not EXCLUDE them?


Exclusively on, during the course of our investigation of the case file, new and additional evidence has been uncovered linking Damien Echols and Jason Baldwin to the murders.


A plastic bag with the Road Runner Petro logo found at the scene containing inter alia a black thermal t shirt size Medium, a khaki short sleeve button down shirt size L, men’s size 33-34 Jordache jeans, a pair of white socks recovered from the pipe near the scene.  A red fiber found on Michael Moore ‘s boyscout shirt, which was microscopically similar to a red and white pullover shirt of Echols, was also found in this bag.

Although the fiber matched one from the victim,  and one belonging to Echols, investigators could never tie-in the bag to one of the suspects.

When Echols was interviewed on May 9,  he told Gary Gitchell that he was a roofer and worked for Alderson roofing. This is also confirmed by some of his medical records.

In the only deposition Eddie Hutchison gave, he told detectives he worked at Petro.

Although he purposely never referred to it as Road Runner Petro, was able to trace the names of his supervisors back to the Memphis, TN Road Runner Petro.

Alderson Roofing & Metal shares a parking lot with Road Runner Petro.

I submit, either connection ties “Icky” to the Road Runner bag.  To date, no personnel from either Road Runner or Alderson roofing has been interviewed.  No responses to our requests for interviews have been received by this articles publication.

Possible Weapon?

One thing that most experts have agreed on, with a few exceptions to be discussed later is that the injuries to the boys did not come from a knife.   The defense strongly believes that the knife found in the lake behind Baldwin’s trailer was not used and I agree that the “grapefruit is not just for breakfast anymore” stunt by John Fogleman was ridiculous and should never have been allowed, and stricken at a minimum.   However, I do think Jason Baldwin was the owner of the primary weapon used in the assault and murders of Chris, Stevie, and Michael on May 5, 1993.

The day before the murders, Tuesday May 4, 1993, Jason Baldwin traded 3 t shirts for a curved “throwing” knife, and a mountain climbing ice pick.  On Friday May 8, 1993  Jason had his little brother Matthew return those items, he had kept hidden under his bed for the last few days, claiming “somebody was going to accuse him of using them.”

On May 11, 1993 Billy and Kenny Newell turned the weapons over to WMPD.


Statement of Kenny Newell
Lakeshore Drive

Jason was over at our house and Billy wanted to
trade something for some shirts. And the only thing
Billy has good enough to trade is the weapons. Billy
picked the shirts he wanted and they traded. And 3
or 4 days later Jason’s little brother brong the pick
and the nife back and got the shirts but we didn’t
find the testement shirt so he still has it.

Jason Baldwin and his brother Mathew Baldwin
lives west from our house at the street right before
the last one by the fild 3 or 4 trailers down on the left.

Billy Newell is my brother. The first trade took place at the early part of last week. The second trade took place
at the last part of the same week.

This statement was completed at 6:28PM on the 5-11-93

The Newell brothers were never called as witnesses, and the ice axe seems to have been put on the shelf after there were no latents detected.

Based on visual analysis of the crime, autopsy macros and photos I have reviewed, 14 experts reports,  trial testimony and witness statements to the fact that Jason Baldwin’s post offense behavior had him get rid of it through a peripheral party PRIOR to any LE interaction indicating he was a suspect, it is my personal opinion this weapon was used in the commission of these murders.  Please see similar axe image close ups:

I do not profess to have any earthly idea why this ice axe was not previously compared to the wounds in this case as a possible murder weapon, but our analysis finds this instrument is consistent with the wounds sustained by the victims in this crime, encompassing ante-mortem, perimortem and postmortem inflictions of all three boys.


Complete Autopsy Files on each victim can be found here. Viewing autopsy images of a graphic nature is highly upsetting to most people, if you are one of those, I would encourage you to leave the site as I am making an extended entry here so one must click the next page to view as an opt in permission following the warning.


Complete Autopsy Files on each victim can be found here. Viewing autopsy images of a graphic nature is highly upsetting to most people, if you are one of those, I would encourage you to leave the site.

The following information is not intended to take the place of the full and complete autopsy reports available , it is for demonstrative purposes of support as to the possibility that the mountain climbing pick, subsequently referred to as ice pick, is a possible murder weapon.  I refer to relevant injuries only, and in some cases I have cropped images to illustrate only those and protect the privacy of the victims.

Michael Moore:

Situated on the left parietal scalp was a dove-tail type laceration measuring 3/4 by 1/8 inch. At the inferior margin of the wound was an extension patterned contusion in the form of an upside down “L”; the vertical portion measured 1/2 inch and the horizontal portion measured 1/4 inch.  Moore’s left side surfaced when it was “dislodged” by Mike Allen’s foot.

Stevie Branch:

Stevie had large gouging wounds to the left side of his face, they are believed to be perimortem as they have sections of skin torn from the inside of the cheek and described as “interrupted” cuts.   Byers gouging wounds are referred to as similar in Dr. Peretti’s report.

*Image too graphic refer to description only*

Q.  Okay. And using that if you could explain to the Court 15 your biggest concern regarding this not being a bite mark. 16 A.  My biggest concern of it not being a bite mark — if you 17 look at this one with this curve and this curve and this curve 18 and this curve (INDICATING) — there are curved lines all over 19 this poor victim and even deep gashes which also have a similar 20 curvature which show up better on the side view — the left 21 side of the face. 22 Q.  Doctor, could you refer to that exhibit number on that? 23 A.  Exhibit Thirteen M is the blow-up, and that’s the blow-up 24 of the original Ten M.

Chris Byers:

The only one of the three that does not have a cause of death related to drowning,  bled to death from a gouging wound to his penis and scrotum.  In original trial testimony, Dr. Peretti testified it could have been caused by the “Baldwin” serrated knife, other knives, or a piece of broken and jagged glass.

*Image Too graphic* Refer to description

In subsequent hearings,  Expert following expert has testified that this was NOT a cutting wound, but a wound that was “tearing” in nature.  What several experts also testified to, was that the victims were covered with “curved wounds.”

To be continued : Part 2 A continuation of the evidence in the case against the West Memphis Three .

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  1. MackiezMom says:

    So they’re copping pleas, receiving time served, and their pals are already spreading the word that they admitted murdering little tiny children because they were aching for their lives? I’d rather see any of my boys in prison than admit to slaughter little boys, if they were innocent. If they’re so innocent, why not go ahead and take it to trial? They were railroaded, right? This is a lot of garbage.

    Thanks, so much, Blink, for your hard work. I don’t care about your punctuation, grammar, or spelling. Your investigative journalism kicks ass, and makes a difference.


    Thank you kindly.

    Mark Byers is not a well man, sadly, and his only source of income outside of the govt. has now dried up.

  2. MackiezMom says:

    “I plan on talking to all three of them and letting them know I don’t blame them for copping a plea to get out. I understand. It’s not their fault. I hold no animosity toward them. They did not kill my son,” he said. ~ John Mark Byers.

    I’d like to meet with them, too, John. Let me know if you need a chaperone.

  3. Cathy says:


    By request of WHO? I don’t see how holding the series until after the hearing benefits the victims.

    What am I missing? I’m trying to understand.


  4. Moi says:

    I am posting something Steven Branch said recently that brings out just how painful after all these years the loss of a child is for this dear father.

    *** “Branch is also disappointed with family members of the victims who are now supporting the West Memphis Three. “I say to the parents who are supporting their sons’ killers, to quote another son to his parent, ‘Why has thou forsaken me?”" ***

    Wow…I think he summed up everything in five words that once rang around the world and shake it to its core to this day :( How can these three little boys be forsaken? I’m at a loss.

  5. Rose says:

    Looking forward to the rest of your work.
    Outcome looks as good as it gets for the State.
    Apparently a retrial was inevitable.
    Given the Anthony case message, the retrial outcome was doubtful with a modern “CSI” honed jury given defense possibilities like cross-transfer of DNA (ie stuff Branch carried from home) and modern jurors’ more likely skepticism of state institutions. This way the State hangs onto the ice pick wielder for sure, the other two wouldn’t have served much more under the then accessory statute if any if retried, and all admit guilt. In the good old days in the South they could be committed right to the state mental asylum & die fairly soon from TB.

    As good as they could get is an apt description. It reminds me of birthday cake.
    It never looks as nice after you slice it, and pieces are missing, but it tastes just as good.

    tempting to end this analogy with let them eat cake, lol, but I am feeling too somber today for glib.

    I hope Chris, Stevie and Michael feel we did right by them, and they are at peace- with what happened to them erased from their minds.


  6. Moi says:

    My guess is Echols and his blushing bride won’t be married for very, long after his release. Now that the truth is coming out (which she’ll say was just so he could be released) she has to live with the REAL person outside of the safety of the prison walls.

    I feel for the child involved and am FLOORED he was allowed to father one in prison in the first place. Anyone’s guess about the confusion that kid will suffer with the fact coming out. His mom cannot shield him from the truth regardless if he choses to believe it or not.

    His child was born when he was incarcerated, prior to his conviction, his gf Domini was about 5 months pregnant when he was arrested. I feel for his son, and I honestly would have hoped they changed his name, but they did not.

  7. Moi says:

    Thanks for clearing that up B regarding her pregnancy. I never followed this case before and it is a LOT to absorb. Assumed it was a congical (sp?) visit thing since the marriage was while he was behind bars.

  8. Valley Girl says:

    Suddenly I feel like I have awakened in Bizzarro world….WTH is going on in this country??? Unreal.

    Blink, please finish your series! Do it for Stevie, Chris and Michael.

    Bless you B for all that you do!

  9. JustJill says:

    A message from Arkansas VINE
    FROM: The Arkansas Vine Service
    TO: (Redacted)

    Message flagged Friday, August 19, 2011 7:55 AM 8/19/2011

    This e-mail is to inform you that DAMIEN ECHOLS has been released from custody as of 8/19/2011. If you have any concerns about your immediate safety, contact your local law enforcement agency.

    For more information, contact Craighead County Jail. The telephone number is (870)933-4551.

    This notification is sponsored by the Arkansas VINE Service. It is our hope that this information has been helpful to you.

    Thank you,

    The VINE Service

  10. JustJill says:

    Are any local or national TV stations covering the open part of the hearing today?
    live stream:

  11. christy says:

    >>>And now, I am not sure why I should even bother to post the rest, lol.

    Oh no! Blink, please do!

  12. mikki says:

    Chiming in – yes. Definitely please finish posting the series!

    I’m so upset this morning. First C-word. Now this. What is wrong with this country? This ridiculous TV mentality. The CSI effect, as it is being called. Mass ignorance is what I call it. Really? Are there not intelligent people out there capable of grasping the true mean of reasonable doubt?

    But oh, if I’ve seen it on TV, it must be true. Media manipulations… etc… What happened to critical thinking?

    Sorry. My disquiet is showing. I’m so angered that these three monsters responsible for such brutality on those three boys have enjoyed popular support and at least two of them are being released. Free. Makes me ill. As does C-word and her apathetic – although I personally prefer to use the word pathetic – jury.

    Sorry for the rant. Needing to vent, I suppose.

    Thanks B for taking the time with this case and for presenting this series. After I saw your post that this series was coming, I read a bit about the case. I was completely new to it. Even so, I could see the slant in much of what I was reading. I’ve learned through experience (and common sense if you ask me) not to trust everything as presented in the media. They don’t do their homework. They often have an agenda on a story — wanting to present a certain angle and then only presenting or ‘researching’ points to present in support of that.

    I look forward to reading the rest of the series. Please, as soon as you are able, post it. Thanks!

    Everyone: live stream feed:

  13. mikki says:

    True meaning of reasonable doubt, that is. (Not ‘mean’ as in my typo above) Wow. I really should proof read when typing quickly and with emotion.

    I’m reading many news blurbs this morning (as others have mentioned) suggesting that the WM3 will be able to technically avoid admitting guilt but only have to admit that the prosecution had enough evidence to convict them – or something to that effect. I sincerely hope these early reports are completely erroneous.

    I understand, given the laws in place at the time of conviction, that what is really going to happen today is a ‘legal win’ so to speak – that it is the better of options that could happen. Okay. Tough pill to swallow. I will wait and see, along with everyone else.

    Deep breath. Will be catching up later today. Happy Friday everyone…

  14. [...] Jonesboro, AR- In a statement released Thursday, new judge David N. Laser announced an unscheduled hearing in the case of The West Memphis Three. [...]

  15. christy says:

    I am very tempted to take leave from work and go downtown to watch the spectacle in person. Except I think I would vomit. Sheriff pulled a bait and switch and had a van out front but slipped the 3 in the back door. The local media is reporting that there’s only 50 people in line. I’m surprised.

  16. Mom3.0 says:

    Blink thanks for the live stream-

    I am still looking forward to your analysis. Also even though it may be a moot point- I wanted to say thanks for responding to my posts and for sharing that link.

    I am posting the balance Monday, and if necessary, Tuesday, and discussing this case on Dana’s show Tuesday evening. I will update as we go.

    Thank you for your objectivity and and insight, as always.

  17. CC from MI says:

    Excellent piece Blink. Like many others, I assumed they were innocent/railroaded. When the Alford pleas were announced yesterday, I was shocked because I couldn’t imagine what damaging evidence LE could possibly have. After all, we have been told all along their is NO EVIDENCE against them. Now we know…Please publish Part II!

  18. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Thank you Blink for the reply to my post of 11:00 P.M. Aug. 18.

    The legal part although hard to take in itself, is much easier to process than the more important moral part that all who care about the well being of others, and in particular children, must come to grips with.

    I believe in a higher power that looks at how we as humans live our lives in this world. It is my belief that those who choose bad and evil behavior will have to answer for that behavior at a later time.
    There are many punishments for deeds against humanity that are not a part of our legal system.

    It takes a special person to dig through evidence in a crime to find the truth. You have that “special something” that is required to do it and you have all of us who post here cheering your efforts.

    No matter the legal outcome in this crime, please post some other information regarding the evidence and the things that you find.

    I will finish my work on this case, given the day’s events our focus needed to be on it, not production and editing. Rough Day.
    My conversations at the scene, and with LE on this case notwithstanding, I believe these men murdered three children. I would give most anything to have arrived at a more popular conclusion.

    Is what it is.

  19. pale rider says:

    Wow, Blink, this was so insightful, informative and disturbing. I’m no longer undecided. I was unaware of this case as we were living in the UK at the time, but it’s still riveting.

    My heart aches for those boys and their families, and for you, B, having once again delved into the darkest of (un)human waters.

    This case leaves a film like that dishwasher detergent commercial. Thanks for your kind words, for the first time in any case I have ever worked on, I never want to visit this ditch or it’s banks. Ever.


  20. texmom says:

    First post here, but not entirely new to this case. To those who ask why not a new trial, there are a number of reasons, but the far most likely is the expense this case has been to the state of Arkansas, and the continued expense it would be if allowed to continue. Also, if in a new trial, the three were found not guilty, then they could sue the state for false imprisonment. Make no mistake though, the 3 men are guilty. It was their attorneys who went to the prosecutor with the proposition of an Alford Plea.

    Both sides had something to lose in this, and both had something to win. I am not at all happy about this, but the best I can make of it is that the 3 had to plea guilty in order to get out of prison. They have now all been convicted twice of the murders of Michael Moore, Steven Branch and Christopher Byers.

  21. Brian says:

    You note that Damien had mentioned to the police that Jason Baldwin may have been responsible for the murders. True, but not Charles Jason Baldwin. He was referring to a Jason HOWARD Baldwin who, in fact, lived in the neighborhood of the victims. He was apparently a 300 lb. monster who liked to kill snakes for fun. This “other” Jason has a much more interesting criminal history as well. This needs to be corrected in your article immediately. It is inaccurate and very misleading.

    That said, I do love your work, but I still don’t see a shred of anything that makes me believe that these three kids were torturous murderers.

  22. Blink says:

    @ Brian
    That has never been clear. Although I do agree that it is possible that was Damien’s intentions.

    You also omit that the “2″ Jason’s were actually cousins.

    Why is that?

  23. Hmm says:


    I was not aware that Jason Howard Baldwin, whom Damien referred to, was related to the Jason that was convicted. I’m not sure why that would be an issue though, as it seems that many people in this story were related in some way or another.

    Although confusing, I think it was made quite clear from the beginning:
    “When asked about Jason Baldwin he [Damien Echols] described a Jason Baldwin that lived in West [Memphis] that was not his friend Jason Baldwin. He claimed that the other was mean and that he had been known to kill snakes which he claimed was just for the “hell” of killing. This Jason was described as being about 5’9″ tall, 18 years old, and 300 pounds. [snip, several paragraphs to next mention of Jason] It was noted that Damien had the tattoo of “E”, “V”, “I”, and “L” across his left knuckles and he stated that Jason (Howard) Baldwin had the same tattoo on his knuckles.”

    Damien Echols, police notes, Det. Ridge, 5/10/93

  24. Brian says:


    I was not aware that Jason Howard Baldwin, whom Damien referred to, was related to the Jason that was convicted. I’m not sure why that would be an issue though, as it seems that many people in this story were related in some way or another.

    Although confusing, I think it was made quite clear from the beginning.

  25. Bill says:

    I’m reading this and I’m curious if you had access to all of the crime scene and autopsy photos. The 1 photo is pretty much out there in the public domain, but the rest of the photos are not so I ask how are you drawing your conclusions? There are some very interesting details on the way the bodies were recovered somewhat proving the children were murdered elsewhere and dumped there.

  26. D. Lea says:

    Excellent and thoughtful insight. Even more so in the light of that recent travesty – the murdering beasts having been set free.

    Statistically, at least one of them should reoffend. I do wonder indeed. I hope if they do murder again, it will be a case of killing one another, as they fight over the pile of their idiotic supporters’ money.

    Curiously, it is just like the plot of a superb book, “Just Cause”…

  27. Blink says:

    @ Brian
    I disagree it was clear. Keep in mind Jerry Driver also told Ridge that he saw Jason, Damien and Jesse walking through that trailer park with black trenchcoats.

  28. Blink says:

    I have access to all the autopsy and crime scene photos.

  29. StephG says:

    Please pay attention to all of the WM3 supporters and where they get their information. I have been on several social media websites trying to explain to them that Paradise Lost is NOT an unbiased source and that they should go look at the actual files available. Seriously, they all quote info from that piece of crap documentary or base their decisions on what Depp, Maines and Vedder are spewing. Honestly, if I have to hear one more time about how Damien Echols was convicted just because he was “different” I’m going to puke. They know NOTHING about his violent past or courtroom behavior towards the victims parents. It really is sickening how little people really know the facts!!!

  30. [...] including the previous investigative work regarding the murder case of the West Memphis Three, HERE and [...]

  31. Bill says:

    Are you a specialist in the field of forensics? What department are you with, you can generalize without pinpointing. Sorry for the vetting process, but I need to know if you are in the field or not otherwise a discussion will be wasteful. Garden Variety criminal justice.

    I have a base level education of crime scene forensics, mostly completed analysis, not collection or processing although we all have that “handbook”. Recent continuing education in sexually motivated violent offenders. Slave to chem and tox results only. Although I do my way around the periodic table of elements with profficiency, due to an old war injury. (lol, I made that up, I had to um, re-review some course work)

    Stronger on pathology than trace, with post mortem interval calculation specificity, recent entomology training.

    There is a Medical Examiner resource I consult with , and several Behavioral Analysts (r) FBI.

    I can get Haskell, Bass or Vass on the horn if necessary.

    Does that answer your query?


  32. shyloh says:

    Oh sweet Blink. I am so sad to hear all this news coming out. I was so hopeful in their innocence. After you started writing on this. I was of open mind. But it is all about Justice for those Three Precious Boys above all else. It worries me that they are now out and running the streets once again. Will they have learned their lesson or will they now think they can do it again and get by with it. UGH!!!

  33. Brian says:

    @ Blink
    I have to admit I don’t follow you. It seems they would have been seen many times walking with black trenchcoats. They wore them. Plus, Damien mentioned that Jason HOWARD Baldwin had the word EVIL tattooed across his knuckles. That would specifically point to the 300 lb Jason. Not the convicted one.

    I am referring to a specific incident in November 1992, witnessed by Jerry Driver, who was the PO to all three.
    My point was to Gitchell, Ryan, the Jason Baldwin name meant Charles Jason Baldwin, not Jason Howard, even IF that is what Damien intended.

    Jason Howard Baldwin was 5’10″ and 230 lbs. DOB is 1974
    C. Jason Baldwin was 5′ 8″ 120 and DOB is 1977

    Baldwin had lost 8 lbs in the time between his first interview and arrest, and a large, fresh scratch was noted on his forearm.

    Either way, this started all the confusion with the accusations that Damien and Robert Burch were involved.


  34. Mom3.0 says:

    Blink_ I have been reading that site- trying to catch up in research-

    I am no where near caught up.

    I think I understand the implications of the trenchcoat/s- are you saying that perhaps the 3 wore the coats during the murders and this shielded their clothing? if not apologies.

    In some of the trial transcripts that I have read- Damien said he had more than one trenchcoat- but was unsure if his parents still had them… Were the coats leather? I know one was found on the floor of his sisters room, was it leather, canvass?

    Blink, although I see your points, I think, but I am unsure of why you believe Jerry Driver especially in this instance… first, let me be sure to point out that I am not defending Damien -or any of the 3, when I point out what I feel are discrepancies or misconceptions or lies ect- I am just trying to get to the truth.

    First Mr. Driver seems to wholeheartedly believe that this was a ritualistic satanic killing. He also seems to wholeheartedly believe that Damien and his girlfriend were going to sacrifice their then nonexistant baby to the devil. He believes this so much that he is now afraid for the unborn baby that is Damiens- and states that the girl is no longer on probation-and he is afraid that she will follow through….

    He questions whether or not this girls mother is also a satanist, and goes further to say that she too drank blood- her daughter confronted her,in his presence, and she didnt deny it-

    Wasnt he one of the ones that contradicted other peoples findings at the hospitals ect- stating that Damien himself claimed to be a satanist….and didnt he give varying stories regarding Damiens past- his threats and behaviors ect?

    He states in this interview that their was ample evidence of satanic cults thriving in the area- and that he has personally found dog remains ect that point to this- and he also says that he and Steve Jones (the probation officer at the scene when bodies were discovered- and pointed them to echols) made it a point to go out and look for these types of ceremonies ect together- and that his confidential informants have named 7 to 8 people in Damiens cult some of which if I understood his interview, were based out of Chicago. He went on to say that he has broken up several of the witches get-togethers.

    He seems to have taken different aspects of Damiens actions and poems, drawings ect and made them undeniably satanic- he seems hellbent, pardon the pun- on proving his own ready made conclusions and theories.

    He calls Diana and hectate “entities” and acknowledges that jason denied involvement but that he found a pentagram scratched in the doorway and they suspected him also, because they were best buds…

    In this statement he also says that to his knowledge Jesse wasnt in the group (at least initially)and that he had never seen them together before this incident- he says his name did not start coming up until recently-later saying that it was that summer, prior to Nov 11 of 92-

    He also says that he was keeping a watchful eye on Damien and as we know, he was sure that he was the leader of the cult-

    He says he seen the WM3 walking – and that they had on long black coats-not trench coats -long black coats and Damien was wearing a slouch hat, black- and that they were all carrying “staffs”
    He asks them what they were doing, and they told him they were going to watch______ and then laughs.

    Question Blink- Why would he just let them go if they were heading off to a witches ceremony wouldnt he have wanted to break it up- or take copious notes for his files on Damien and the “cult”???- and he laughs when answering that they were off to watch____ watch what? Where? Why?

    Finally, it seems to me that his description of the 3 together was not done in a casual matter of fact manner hey yeah they were wearing black trenchcoats and walking- no he implies that they were wearing somesort of well assumed satanic/witches get up- dark long coats and “staffs”- and Damien set him self apart even more,- perhaps as the ring leader by wearing the hat…- they were walking- out in the open in full view -in this attire, yet they hid their occultist activities and the other known members are not known… – he says Jesse may have not been as involved as the others, yet was probably working his way up from animal sacrifice to human…

    Jerry Driver seems to have had his own agenda, and I am not sure just yet,(not done with research) if it was in the best interests of the victims and the community and his clients. but it is clear he was wrong or mistaken about alot of things.

    Thanks for reading…

    Mom 3.0-

    Please excuse my abbreviated answer (deadline).

    I think your confusing Deanna’s mom with Diana (Brenda) Teer, Domini’s mom with the blood drinking thing. In fact, IIRC, reporters found a magazine founded by her niece about same (SOUND?). But I do recall Holcomb’s mom was involved in some sort of pagan or wiccan beliefs.

    Deanna Holcomb said in her own testimony she found out that Damian was planning to “sacrifice” their child, but I did not give much weight to it personally.

    Although the undercurrents of the youth in the area are not new or novel, I do believe it behooves the community for the officers tasked with supervising it’s delinquents to do so for the good of the neighborhood. It should also be noted there was a minors curfew in effect in this area at the time, I don’t know the relevance of this though.

    We played blockchase and went tick-tacking when I was a kid, until one time we were all sprinting/cutting through the cemetary and I fell in a freshly dug grave for a burial the next day, lol. JF had to pull me out and by that time the cops had their lights shining through the skinny roads of the place so we got stuck under the pine trees for 3 hours. I should note my Uncle was the chief of police in this jurisdiction so I would have waited days under that tree to not get caught.

    If you have ever tried to get sap out of your long curly hair, and smelled like pine sol at field hockey for a month, you know that was the end of my career as a delinquent, so what the hell do I know?

    While I may not share them, I am not one to condemn one’s practicing beliefs, religious or otherwise, if they do not intimidate or interfere with others, or hurt anyone or anything. Underlining the not hurting anyone or anything part. This area was beyond destitute, and frankly, I am not sure how the owners of these parks at the time were not fined for conditions or sued later- perhaps way before egress and fire codes played a part?

    In my children’s schools, a HUGE part of their curriculum is anti-bullying education. They study it, they have WEEKLY rallies, and IRT it goes a long way when integrating teens of different interests, etc.


  35. Mom3.0 says:

    That is very interesting about the two jasons being cousins,Blink….
    and I know you wrote that his parents were 2nd cousins-(which by the way in most of America it is not a taboo or illegal ect for 2nd cousins to marry and have children)

    Seems it would be very hard to use familial DNA in that area…
    As to jason losing weight- I am sure he did, talk all over town was that he did it- and didnt you say that his mom had just kicked him out recently? As for the scratch were photos taken? And did the little boys have any broken nails or material under their finger nails and did this scratch appear to be a fingernail scratch-?

    I am always amazed about the things you uncover Blink. Can you point me in the direction of the interview transcripts of Jason or the tapes? and could you also tell me wear I can find the notations ect about the scratch?

    TIA Blink

  36. Bill says:

    good enough for me, so you saw the bodies as removed, 3 very similar positions (almost a seated type position) in full rigor with ligatures same length, arms outstretched almost all equally duplicated. 3 instances of same body position in full rigor, 6 same length ligatures (wrist to ankle) bodies were “pushed face down in the mud…but yet there was an absence of mud “plugs” in the nasal cavities from the soft mud.
    Also think about that body position, if they were unconcious and placed in the ditch face down the torso would have flattened down and the legs and arms would be behind thier backs. For the position they were in they would have to have been in rigor already.
    Lividity also wasn’t fixed and it wasn’t pronounced either.
    Water in the lungs was not tested for similarities to ditch water so one doesn’t even know if it’s from the same place.
    I think we can both agree it was poor crime scene management, police emotions got the best of them as I know first hand how that can happen since we are all human.
    The skills of the local coroner and pathologist have a lot to be desired as well.
    It is stuff like that that loses cases!
    Poured over a lot of other files, and there are a lot of other problems but it would take a book to write, the above is just a very good point of showing it was a dump site not an actual scene.

    Bill, I am going to bring your post over to the new second installment due to post tonight or tomorrow as I address these issues at length. They are good questions.

  37. Bill says:

    and if I may add…the water samples were “lost”

  38. Godiva says:

    Wow, this entire blog has no cites or list of sources and everyone commenting is condemning them. Receiving a fair trial is a constitutional right, people. These three never faced an unbiased judge or jury. Wake up and smell what Blink is shoveling.

    What are you talking about, their is sourcing withing the piece, and several other cites.

    What kind of blanket statement is that without a source, btw.

  39. Thank you for providing an opportunity to comment here. Why is it not all of the photos are not visible? It may be my own operator error, but some places “Warning Graphic” is repeated a number of times. Thank you again and props on all your work here. I’ve followed this case since the summer of ’93. Anyone who believes fiction is more fantastic than real life should consider what’s gone on here.


    There is a notation that it is too graphic if it does not appear, they are not public.

  40. Joselyn says:

    Very fascinating to say the least. I have been a supporter of the WM3, and I must say that I still am, at this point.

    I am anxiously awaiting your second installment, which will hopefully be available after I post this and refresh the page:)

    I am curious as to whether other suspects will be examined, or any evidence that may support their innocence.

    My deadline is tomorrow to post, sorry to disappoint.

    In my third installment posting Tuesday afternoon, I am going to conclude with a synopsis of the totality of the facts and evidence of this case, and to the best of our ability, both sides of any conclusions that can be drawn from same. It will include my final editorial opinions on the case.


  41. This case was a very interesting one. Misskelley confessed three separate times. Baldwin told someone else he committed the crimes. Echols was seen in muddy clothes near the crime scene. He bragged about the murder to two other teenagers, stating he killed the three boys. This was presented as evidence at the trial. Echols also had a history of psychiatric treatment. His reported actions included brutally killing a dog, starting fires at his school, threatening to kill his teachers and parents and stating he liked to drink blood.

    Echols’ stated under cross-examination that he was interested in the occult. A funeral register found in his room with hand-drawn pentagrams and upside-down crosses. Echols’ journal contained morbid images and references to dead children.

  42. christy says:

    >>>>>I believe these men murdered three children. I would give most anything to have arrived at a more popular conclusion.

    Is what it is.

    This sucks.

  43. Mom3.0 says:

    Blink – thanks for the childhood story- glad you learned your lesson.

    Yes, I did confuse the two girlfriends- I agree others beliefs are their own business as long as they do not harm other people.

  44. mclayton says:

    This is very distrubing to me, I grew up in Arkansas, 50 miles from West Memphis, my family was “dirt poor”, most very uneducated. Several of my brothers had minor trouble with the law, that does not a murderer make. Many, many young poor boys during that time were on probation more due to a lack of parental care and nothing to do than anything else. There was no such thing as computer, ipods, tweets, twitter, facebook etc to occupy kids’s time. You really need to do much more research into the Good Ole Boy system of law in Arkansas then make your decision.

  45. Al says:

    @ mclayton, if you had done your research of everything posted here, you would know this has been addressed. In addition if these 3 ‘dirt poor’ men did not commit the crime, it’s pretty much assured that another ‘dirt poor’ person did considering who the next most likely suspects are. Soo, your picking on the poor excuse doesn’t fly. You can’t say one group was railroaded for being poor while pointing a finger at someone else in the same situation.

    Al is correct.

    There is no separation of class thing with the minor exception of the Moore’s, , all the other sets of parents of the victims had legal pasts, drug abuse and poverty, sadly.


  46. Ragdoll says:

    @ Godiva says:

    August 20, 2011 at 10:28 pm

    You have to actually read the posts to find the links. In fact, Blink has provided the most ‘neutral’ source on this case in this piece.

    Some people’s kids.

  47. Ragdoll says:

    I’m with Mom3.0. Thank goodness you came out of that grave unscathed, for all intense purposes. You remind of Chris in Everyone Hates Chris….and I mean that in the most endearing way. A cute curly blonde cherub, with curiosity that could be mistaken for mischief. You are the cutie patootiest Sherlock Holmes, ever.

  48. nemesis says:

    longtime lurker, finally driven to post by anticipation of part 2 of your wm3 series. when are you going to post it, Blink? i’ve been out all day and rushed home to read it and,……..nuthin’. am i not looking in the right place? your comments seem to say it’s to be posted today, and part 3 tomorrow. thank you for a great website and unrivaled investigative prowess!

    My bad, we are in editing, will post tomorrow.

  49. Ragdoll says:

    snipped from West Memphis 3 information (click on the link) says:

    Jessie Lloyd MISSKELLEY, Jr. v. STATE of Arkansas

    8. Criminal law — accomplice liability — substantial evidence that appellant purposely aided and facilitated commission of first-degree murder. — The supreme court concluded that the jury’s decision to convict appellant of a greater offense in the death of one of the victims indicated that much importance was placed on appellant’s chasing down the boy and returning him to the scene where brutal beatings and sexual assaults were taking place; such an act was highly suggestive of joint participation in the crime; there was also evidence that appellant knew the night before the murders that his two accomplices were going to “get some boys” and hurt them; the supreme court noted that appellant’s participation in bizarre cult activities with his accomplices, while not conclusive of intent standing alone, reinforced the probability of his participation in such brutal murders; finally, appellant’s detailed knowledge of the injuries inflicted on the boys suggested that he was in physical proximity to the activities taking place and took a much more active role than he admitted; the jury was not required to give credence to the appellant’s contention that, for the most part, he was merely an observer; ….the supreme court concluded that there was substantial evidence the appellant purposely aided and facilitated his accomplices in the commission of first-degree murder and held that there was sufficient evidence to support his conviction…..

    Does this mean the supreme court was already involved in the state trial? Probably a dumb ass question….I’m leading to a possible (but unlikely) federal trial.

    lol, heart u. It was remanded in part by the supreme court to circuit court, there is no Federal jusrisdiction, and will not be, this is over.

  50. Ragdoll says:

    B, I’m sorry. I’m your greenest protege. I get it now. It’s a done deal. They are guilty as charged AND paroled.

    I thank you for humouring me as patiently as you do. Sweet dreams!

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