Listen to Blink Tonight at 9 PM (podcast added) on the Dana Pretzer Show on Scared Monkeys Radio Discussing the West Memphis Three Case & Robyn Gardner Missing in Aruba



Tonight Dana welcomes special guests:


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  1. Word Girl says:

    Here we go!
    This oughta be good, Blink!

    Toi,toi,toi~~in other words, break a leg.


  2. Angellica says:

    Wow! I hadn’t even thought of the fact that you find what you believe to be the murder weapon and they cut a deal. Good work. Feel better.

    I wish I felt it was good work with this outcome, is what it is.

  3. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Good Show Blink.

    One thing that I think may have happened and your last thoughts about the WM3 case regarding money.

    I think the attorney who got the boys out of jail was paid a sum of money beyond a normal fee to do the deed. Did the judge participate as well? A strong possiblity IMO.

    The Aruba case is simply a crooked guy picking a location to take a woman where he thought that LE was not interested in taking care of the turists.
    This woman decided to go by herself with a man who she knew nothing about. Reports are that she had recently lost her job so she may have been a little less cautious than normal.

    I believe that she was sold and could be anywhere in the world. He just needed to make a lot of money.

  4. WPG says:

    Aw, Blink, sorry you’re not feeling so swell, especially in this summer heat.

    You packed in soooo much tonight. Loved listening to you.

    Thanks for tonight’s show and take care!

    Your too kind, many thanks. Was kinda funny to hear the snivel and angst combo, lol.

  5. CC from MI says:

    Great interview. I liked your comment about evaluating a 1993 case via a 2011 perspective. Also the ice pick discovery/Alford plea timing…interesting. Waiting (not so patiently) for Part II-will stay up until midnight in hopes you meet the deadline!

    Ty kindly, hope you are sleeping, unlike me. Posting tomorrow afternoon.

  6. Ragdoll says:

    I tuned in…all ready….only to find out I was an only late. I was met with a ‘podcast available shortly’.

    I hate when that happens. Can’t wait to hear the segmet!

    Its up, click the banner, lol

  7. Ragdoll says:

    …sorry….hour late…not only. Bed time. :P

  8. Ragdoll says:

    B, hope you’re feeling better. It’s been a long summer! Vit C :D

    Is it a safe bet that Mr. Depp took a step back from his position to assess this from a different perspective? His publicist approaching you to investigate and publish, regardless of your findings, sounds indicative of soul searching OR someone who now knows differently.

    Now I’m understanding why the timing of all this is more than a coincidence. I hope this means he, too, is not slanted, but rather, searching for the truth.

    Love and light <3

    His publicist did not approach me.

    I have been told, however, that he is, or has, taken a non-active role in support since last year, with no further ‘splanation so….

    Love, light for you and zpak and benadryl for Blink.

  9. gigi says:

    Why, why do people connect on these websites? I have know several desperate people who have done this and the outcome is never good. Yes, I know one who it turned out ok. But, as we know the internet can make anyone whomever they want to be.

    Robyn Gardner made a huge mistake and payed for it with her life. It is so sad. People who are angered when their plan gets messed up lose it. Toupees, covering his bases by going to snorkeling shopgs. The couple who saw the,Robyn dressed nicely…full makeup…that is not scuba wear. Most people who die in ocean accidents are deep sea diving. The only positive in this situation is that Aruba seems to be taking it seriously. Giordana is an opportunist who I am sure has done this before. It has taken a young girl’s life, her parents life and her boyfriend who she fragantly lied to life. If this girl disliked this man so she would have not posed for those porn pics unless a lot of money was involved or she was drugged. Common sense. It is my sincere hope for all involved that this is solved. Not another Beth Holloway who has spent her life finding justice for her child. People, yes some meet up websites work….but for the most part they are losers wanting to be something they are not. This man should fry.

  10. gigi says:

    Please forgive typos. I know how to spell. I just get in a hurry and am so emotional the words flow….sorry for typos. I will try to stay off until I can regain my calmness. Just too much going on. WM3 is good info but no where near smart enough to understand legal jargon and also it is very upsetting to think back on…kudos to Blink and those experts of you who can. Just sad, sad…cannot imagine them walking among the free and innocent. One of them will break the law again no doubt.

  11. Ragdoll says:

    Sorry B, I thought that’s what I heard whilst listening to the podcast. A GREAT interview. Your ability to back up your opinions with relevant data is simply wicked. I believe I’ve underestimated the amount of information you’ve gone through AND retained in the past 3 years. Thanks for sharing what you do and know.

    Sending healthy thoughts to you. Please take care of you <3

    Big bear hugs to all! <3

    Thank you friendly, using the word you coined, so beautifully-

  12. Ragdoll says:

    For sure B. Always <3

    I have to confess. I didn't actually coin the word 'friendy' (no 'l'….lol). I can't take the credit. Also, I didn't want to change your version (friend'ly') b/c it's just so darn sweet.

    My neice, who is going to be 3 in December, always asks me, or a member of the family, if we're her 'friendy'. I just thought it was the sweetest word.

    Hope today brings joy and simple pleasures to y'all and your loved ones~~~

  13. CJinTX says:

    “Campaigners now want the governor of Arkansas, Mike Beebe, to pardon the three men. Mr Beebe will not consider it until the three men have served their suspended sentences or new evidence links someone else to the murders. The case, it seems, will continue to haunt Arkansas politicians for years to come.”

  14. Lucy says:

    So relieved to see someone exposing this West Memphis situation for what it is. The major media stories are all more or less following the Paradise Lost HBO line. And the masses are rejoicing without even asking any questions. Excellent commentary throughout, especially on the weapon, but also on the plastic bag. Amazing work. This is a miscarriage of justice. Here’s hoping they don’t reoffend… and Echols keeps taking proper medication.

  15. Grace says:

    Are we going to see parts 2 and 3?

    Yes ma’am. Part 2 this afternoon.

  16. Ragdoll says:


    We need to be patient for the sequels. Hurricanes and illness can’t stop Blink, but ya just can’t underestimate mother nature.

    She’s doing the best she can with what she’s got. First and foremost….be safe. The rest can wait.

    Prayers <3

  17. Phil Hudson says:

    I’m really impressed that the work you did for Johnny Depp got him to back away from his support for these 3 killers. Well done.

    Thank you, but to clarify, I was not asked to review this case by Mr. Depp directly, and any decisions he may have made to back away were his own. I am a stickler for details, so I appreciate the kind words but wanted to be clear.


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