Morgan Harrington Murder Two Years Cold, Amanda Knox Update: Blink, Clint Van Zandt Live With Dana Pretzer (PODCAST UPDATED)


Morgan Harrington disappeared from John Paul Jones arena two years ago Monday October 17, 2011.

Morgan was found murdered in a remote section of  a 700 acre farm in North Garden, VA, where she went undetected previously for three months.

Blink, Editor In Chief, discusses the  SAVE THE NEXT GIRL campaign developed and launched by her parents, Dr. Dan Harrington and Gil Harrington along with other scheduled advocacy events in observation of the two year anniversary of her disappearance and murder; which remains unsolved.

A Preview:  Morgan Harrington Murder: Two Women,  Two Locations,  Two Years- Too Long.  (Publishing tomorrow)

As you have come to expect, Blink and team take a closer look into the investigation of Morgan’s murder.

Blink analyzes the ties to the unsolved Fairfax rape and assault, the participation of  the Law Enforcement agencies involved,  concerns about some of the UVA contractor and employee access  and asks the question nobody wants to:

Was the Enemy From Within?

Clint Van Zandt,  NBC analyst and former FBI profiler discusses the release of Amanda Knox and murder of Meredith Kercher from his former on scene perspective.  Clint was inside the house in Perugia, and shares his experience with out host, Dana Pretzer.

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  1. Amy says:

    Also we know Sketch previous victim spoke Urdu

    from Wikipedia:
    There are between 60 and 70 million speakers of Urdu: there were 52 million in India per the 2001 census a knowledge of Urdu allows one to speak with far more people than that, as Hindi-Urdu is the fourth most commonly spoken language in the world, after Mandarin, English, and Spanish.[1][25]

    So its easy for LE to get an interpreter and redo an interview with the victim because now this person, sketch in the ‘ unknown suspect database’ is connected to murder.

    I hope they exhausted that lead including asking around Fairfax for people at the shopping place if they remember sketch following her? Did they put up the posters at the time? More leads more questions.

    I believe she also spoke English, she spoke Urdu to her family/homeowners where she was staying.

  2. Löni says:

    Officials recognizing Foul Play in the very First 48 hours is not only an American Problem it is in fact a word wide problem when the victim is over an certain age. The sensitvity of the officers is required to evaluate and make the difference between a Woman who chose to go somewhere to party or the case of a woman who just had be abducted. The matter is like you said Blink when the purse is found in a Field and the handy is found also without battery in another place with the statements of friends ect.they should have had to recognize this. it is very sad that foul play had not be immediately recognized by the officials in place and the case could not go right to PD in first 48 hours. Every victim and specially our Morgan deserved more. A very important fact you pointed out in my mind. As you said Blink the Dna of Sketch has to connect him to Morgan so as they have his portrait do you think they evaluated each video, picture made in and outside the concert Hall with the purpose to see if this guy was also in concert or outside? We know they did for Morgan but did they do this to search this man? You make a Great Job Blink!

  3. Löni says:

    And i forgot Blink as we don’t have the same opinion about the AK case i want to tell you that i find it great when you believe she was and is innocent of this crime that you give your voice for it then i love and respect people who stands up for their opinions and fight for those. It is so very easy to point a finger but it is so hard to fight for a good cause!

  4. ross says:

    You just do not realize what the fool you are making of yourself sweetie. And just what does your cryptic comment mean? Is that a threat? How has “Lembo” (lmfao) bit off more than “they” can chew? And considering what, exactly? Bring what ever you want on hun.

  5. George says:

    I am thinking that if it wasn’t a rogue LE type who was Morgan’s assailant, then it may be someone involved in the drug trade who was/is buying off LE in order to operate in the area. Whether campus, city, county, or state LE has been compromised I don’t know, but something has stopped the case in its’ tracks from the beginning, caused a lockdown of the evidence, and is making the investigators in this slam-dunk case act like zombies in a really bad horror movie.

    I am not saying at all that Morgan was involved with drugs. I am just saying that her assailant might well be. And that could explain a lot.

  6. connie says:

    I know this is far-fetched but are there gangs in C’ville? I live in little old C’burg 2 hours away and was stunned to learn from my 17 yr. old son that we have cryps and bloods-wow! As beloved Ragdoll says “slap my @ss and call me billy”- I do realize I am using the word OLD too much, could I be referencing myself?

    Absolutely there is.

  7. Amy says:

    Hi Blink I think I distinctly remember that the Fairfax victim was not able to speak english which caused some problems for LE. I could be wrong, that would not be the first time!

    Those predators (on and offline) seek for persons who are not vigilant. Its what makes me most sad, this need to de-evolution to pre jurrasic giant reptile like behavior in which the strongest bite wins.

    If you want to know, Morgan and also her art teacher and also her parents and also many Blinksters remind me of other values which those monsters can never touch no matter how much they (try)drag us down into darkness.

    She may not have spoken English well, but she spoke it and understood it, she had an exchange with this perp.

  8. Amy says:

    Ross wrote:

    You just do not realize what the fool you are making of yourself sweetie.

    reminds me of the ‘ laughing at fools’ character on a local message board, very menacing comments about Morgan s murder.

    O yeah, on multiple cases, she’s a tool.

  9. Amy says:

    okay…so she can tell us more if she would feel up to it? Did the ongoing investigation include contacting the the Fairfax victim?

    Also regarding AF you mentioned a linear connection that would be the first thing LE (should) have looked at without respect for local respectabilies and influence.

    What I don t get is why people who feel we shouldnt discuss Morgan s murder after all this time even bother to post or read here…

    lol, no.

    Amy, great question, I am addressing in the new piece.

  10. alexandra says:

    Thank you for all you do, Blink.

  11. John says:

    ummmmmmmmm……you might want to hold that last comment I just made…hahhahaha

    Lol. Utterly batshit and not worth the energy, but I thank you.


  12. Jamais says:

    Insignificant in the big scheme, but AOL pissed me off so I changed my e-mail service. It’s still me. Thank you for all that you do. I am here and want to stay and await justice for Morgan and ‘Save the Next Girl’.

  13. lizzy says:

    O/T yet again: Patty Guardado disappeared on her way to her Univ of Arkansas Little Rock class on Wednesday morning. I haven’t figured out yet if she was parked on campus, parked off campus but at a reasonable location to go to class, or parked in yet another location.

    But I’m concerned that the police again are taking a long time to decide that she’s not just taking a little time for herself. For now, it seems that it is “friends and family” who are looking for her.

    And, directly to a couple of recent commenters, please don’t jump in with the “she’s not blonde” stuff right off the bat.

    Sorry I missed this Lizzy, and thanks for calling it to my attention. I share your concern this is not looking like the start of a presumed mp case- sigh.

  14. Jane says:

    Thank you for another piece on Morgan. I often think of her and her family and wonder how after all this time there are no arrests. I hope and pray there will soon be a break in this case. Thank you for your tireless work. Prayers to the Harringtons and the many other families of these innocent victims.

  15. George says:

    With respect to the Sutherland Road fire it appears that the guy who said no one in the house was involved with Morgan did not live in the house himself. He had given his dog to a girl friend to take care of while he was in Peru. She did live in the house at the time of the fire. Don’t know how accurate any of this is.

    Drove by the house remains today. Sutherland Road is much rougher than Red Hill Road, with a lot of turns and altitude gains and losses. It starts out as a narrow blacktopped road with a pronounced hump in the middle. It gradually becomes more or less gravel as it winds past the site of the burned down house. The road ends shortly afterward. It appears that it would be impassable with even a small snowfall.

    The actual owners of the house lot are listed as occupying the adjacent house across the pond, which may be why they did not rebuild.

    The houses in the area are much more modest that the McMansions near where Morgan was found, save for one or two under construction or freshly completed.

    Really don’t see the appeal for college students to live out there. Moving out of a college dorm into town is one thing; moving to the back of beyond is another.

    George- snap a shot for me next time you are out there if you would not mind, I had hoped to be there Monday but my son’s school visitation will not allow-

    I did have the opportunity to be in Louisa last week for a few days for location research, I have to say, that countryside is breathtaking.

    One of the students is the relative of an owner, and it was her friends that rented rooms.


  16. lizzy says:

    This article says Patty Guardado’s car was in a student parking lot “across from the campus.” From the previously linked article, it was behind a Burger King.

  17. 5emerald29 says:

    It is not about just teaching our children to be vigilant and keeping their eyes open, it’s also about making sure they tell someone…. When I was about 10yrs, I believe I’d escaped death by the hair of my chinny chin chin. I never spoke a word to anyone until I was in my mid twenties. It was culmination of emotions FEAR (getting into trouble), shame (because I knew better) not wanting to relive the experience….and so on…We need to people, especially children to understand no matter the consequences. you need to tell…If I had the courage back then, maybe I could have saved the next girl; but I will never know and that haunts me. It doesn’t matter kid/young adult/adult when instincts are going haywire listen to them and then tell someone. There are too many weirdo’s in this world to take a chance!

    O you are going to make me tell my red pick up story, and I am not sure I am ready, which is why I do this work, so I can do everything else I can.

  18. crimewriter says:

    Thanks crimewriter, that was a good idea to review. Not related, but absolutely worth the check out.

    Hope all is well with you also.

  19. Redly says:

    With the patty guardado case, if you google her name and police and you will see they got involved as soon as the family called her, were the ones that found her car, immediately began interviewing witnesses and reviewing surveillance tapes and announced almost right away they are concerned about foul play.

    Redly- she has been missing since Wednesday, and there has been no LE organized search for this girl to date. The family and about 45 volunteers are combing the area. That’s ridiculous.

  20. Hoping for more says:

    I’m wondering if Blink would consider profiling the cases that P.I. Bill Warner has posted as a part of a potential serial killer of “petite blonde females,” including Morgan Harrington. One interesting character from the Alivia Kail case is the Pittsburgh (now-ex, awaiting sentencing) police officer Michael Johns who had her name on a key in his pocket when he was arrested for pimping/pandering and drugs. There’s also the issue that these girls’ cell phones are usually left at the crime scene, disabled, showing some similarity between cases. I think there are other murders that the P.I. missed, too, like the one in Champaign 2 weeks after Morgan Harrington’s disappearance. The abduction at Fort Bragg fits with another theory of the crimes, the one about the attacker being in the Army with a unit that trains at certain bases near the crimes. And I think the Heeringa abduction in Michigan is the most recent.

    The thing I like about Blink’s articles is that she has pictures of other suspects, and if any of the people involved with these other girls (like old boyfriends for example) were seen at the time of the other girls’ abductions, it might generate more tips. We really need more than just the one sketch per crime that the police give. I’m also pretty sure that more than one person was involved in at least some of these crimes.

    Hoping, unfortunately I do not believe nor do I subscribe to Warner’s theory- I don’t know any practicing profile analyst that does.


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