Two Years Cold-Morgan Harrington Murder: Two Women, Two Locations, Too Long

Girl In The Hayfield

Morgan Dana Harrington was the ingenue of artist and adjunct professor at Virginia Tech, Jane Lillian Vance.

She was scheduled to travel with her to Nepal in the Spring of 2010 while continuing to pursue her Education degree in her third year as a Hokie.

Morgan would not make that trip, and Vance would complete her latest work in her former students honor, last week.

With her Mother Gil’s help, albeit posthumously, Morgan is indeed educating children; the underprivileged children of Zambia.   In April, 2010,  Gil Harrington carried some of her beloved daughter’s ashes during the Orphan Medical Network International (OMNI) pilgrimage to Zambia.   After raising donations for the Morgan Harrington Educational Wing, Morgan’s ashes were mixed with the concrete foundation of the school bearing her name.

At 5’6” ,  with breck-girl locks and eyes like briolette  faceted tourmaline’s,  Morgan was a stunning beauty.

Behind her neon smile was the burgeoning sophistication of a girl beyond her years and peers.

This gilded lily stood out.

On the grounds of the John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville, Virginia while attending a Metallica concert with her friends, unfortunately, she also caught the eye of a dangerous predator.    The cost of admission to the events that followed, would be her life.

Devoid of her ticket to return inside the presumed safety of the venue and old friends,  Morgan scored the unwilling and unalterable ticket to the cross-hairs of a Medium Build, 6’ African American sexual sadist who has likely spent the last four years honing his skills.

“Sketch” was interrupted by a passerby during a vicious beating and sexual assault in Fairfax on September 24, 2005.  His DNA is linked to both victims.

Lights, Cameras, 400 Blue Phones

According to JPJ and UVA security guidelines, all hired security must be law enforcement.

In addition to the regularly scheduled patrol assignments of UVA PD, events such as the Metallica concert required additional security posts which were hired via a security request when the date was booked.  Although additional UVA officers were working the night of October 17, there has never been a statement regarding any observations  from that evening on their behalf by Melissa Fielding, Investigative Lieutenant.

However, in a private meeting that included UVA PD staff, shortly after Morgan’s disappearance, an attendee speaking to on the condition of anonymity, told me he heard Fielding tell someone openly that Harrington’s car never left Harrisonburg, or JMU, and that it was a different friends car that was driven to the arena and hers had been accounted for.

In response to another UVA PD staffer loudly offering  that he heard that Morgan was behaving “obnoxiously” during the trip to JPJ, which resulted in a tiff between the friends and the reason she ultimately left the concert, Fielding snapped “That was still no reason to leave her.”

When pressed as to why she thought they still believed Morgan’s car was not a factor when Lt Rader of the Virginia State Police (VSP) and Dr. Harrington, Morgan’s Father, both confirmed her car was the vehicle the foursome traveled in,  she repeated that information was incorrect with no further explanation.  While VSP was leading the investigation at this point, it certainly still begs the question as to why the original agency tasked with her disappearance, and still assisting, would have such important misinformation circulating in an active investigation and ongoing search.

According to the Office of the Executive Vice President of UVA,  UVAPD security personnel are also responsible for surveillance on grounds.  The central monitoring  area, which is linked to the security cameras in several lots and public areas, is located in the central parking garage.  There is no information available on the storage medium of recorded footage from the cameras, and requests for information were deferred to VSP.

The University of Virginia uses technology to improve security on Grounds. University Police install video cameras in several parking lots and public areas. Additional cameras may be installed in the future. Security cameras will be connected to a central control room operated by the Police Department in the new Central Grounds Parking Garage. The purpose for using the cameras is to reduce incidents of crime while limiting the need to expand the Police Department.

VSP is not discussing the specificity of what they have or do not have regarding footage supplied by JPJ/UVA.

With the exception of course that out of everything that has “been supplied to them”, there are no images of Morgan whatsoever.

Stationed inside the arena,  is UVA PD security, non-police event security run by RMC Events,  security staff employed directly by Metallica, UVA facilities management personnel, and contracted vendors to both JPJ and UVA.   Firemarshall, zoning, and University guidelines also require EMT attendance.

Invisible As The Web In a Spiders Belly- Marge Piercy

Morgan asked her friend and roommate Amy Melvin to accompany her to the restroom at approximately 8:20PM.

Because of an earlier spat and lingering tension, Amy declined and Morgan left her seat alone.

Earlier, Morgan attempted to diffuse the matter upon entrance to John Paul Jones Arena  in a conciliatory gesture, by purchasing a Metallica T-shirt for Amy.  Amy reciprocated.

When Morgan climbed between the seats to make her way to the restroom, it was the last time Amy Melvin, Sarah Snead and Dan Cassagne would see their friend alive.

Morgan’s friends treating her like a vexatious afterthought did not aid the situation in the least.

A fellow Metallica fan sitting in the general area of Morgan and her friends, whose name is being intentionally withheld as a potential witness in this case, both observed and interacted with her until she left her seat; he assumed, for a drink.

He said during the Lamb of God set, Morgan changed her seat in the middle, and characterized her as very friendly, but “erratic” and repeatedly asked he and his companions for a sip of their non-alcoholic beverages.

In his opinion, Morgan exhibited signs of being under some sort of influence, was definitely overheated and parched.

A few minutes later, another witness claimed to be online with Morgan at the concession stand where she purchased a soda.

Shortly after this exchange, Morgan is seen dabbing a wound on her chin in the ladies room.   Witnesses in a different area of seating believe they saw a woman matching Morgan’s description fall on the steps to the immediate right of their seats, and was not carrying a drink at the time.

After Amy and Sarah left their seats to look for Morgan when she failed to return, Sarah phoned Morgan on her cell at 8:48PM  .

Morgan was clearly upset as she told Sarah she was refused any option of re-entry by security, but did not reveal why she went outside the arena in the first place.

This account conflicts with that provided by lead investigator, Agent Dino Cappuzzo, of the Virginia State Police, who commented during last years walk through on Anchorage Farm that a ticket-taker informed Morgan she would need to repurchase a ticket in order to return to the concert after she indicated that her ticket was “in pieces at the bottom of her purse.”

Morgan had the means to purchase another ticket.  What she did not have, was her red digital Kodak camera she was digging for when she first exited the arena, and not a shred of her Metallica ticket has ever been found.

Concession Confessions- The Deadly Kind

Think a concession connection is far-fetched?  Tell that to Inna Budnytska.

Michael Lee Jones, former concession employee for Centerplate and then Ovations, used his position as a traveling contract food service employee to prey on his victims.  Mr. Jones worked at a ball field in Norfolk, VA for 12 years.

While it is assumed any other reported assaults with a DNA sample he was involved with would come to light,  84% of stranger rapes go unreported statistically speaking, there are likely unreported assaults.

Jones has no known direct connection to Morgan’s case, but the parallel of access to grounds in some of his crimes and therefore victims at the venue he was working,  is investigative 101.

Without the tenacity of retired Long Island cop turned- investigator Ken Brennan, and the equal ability to be open to civilian assistance by Miami Detective Allen Foote,  Jones would be free right now.

Mike Jones would not have been caught in this case, or the other cases, and would likely have raped and assaulted other victims.

Unlike Inna’s case, without the benefit of video in Morgan Harrington’s disappearance, witness accounts of her time and movement throughout the JPJ arena and subsequent grounds make witness interviews invaluable.

It is abundantly clear that VSP,  profiling experts and analysis of the topography of the700 acre Anchorage Farm indicate whoever is responsible for placing Morgan there, was intimately familiar with the property.

In fact, Lt. Joseph Rader, believes her recovery location as chosen by her killer, is the “most important aspect of this investigation… People of North Garden, this will mean something to you.”

People in the Anchorage Farm area, you know what goes on there, you know the history,” said Rader. “You know who comes in and out of the vicinity and you might not realize it but you probably have some information for us that you don’t even think is important.”

In an earlier article, published shortly after Harrington’s remains were found, we reported the most recent activity of the land and it’s owners David and Nancy Bass.  During the time of Morgan’s disappearance, the farm house, or the home on the Va historical register occupied at the time by the Bass’s daughter Jenny, was undergoing renovations to its hvac.

A carpenter working for Mr. Bass  during the Summer of 2009 recalled stopping a black male driving a black jeep on the back of the Bass property and was told he was David Bass’s brother.

While the farm’s renovations, rezoning and subsequent withdrawal from a previous taxation commitment was compelling reading, it did not produce any leads and The Bass family did not recognize the image of sketch when shown in July 2010.  Perhaps  the historic property needed more history.

Time For Loud- Not Enshroud

If Anchorage Farm holds the key to revealing Morgan’s killer or killers, what other secrets does it hold?

Plenty, and they lead right back to a time in Virginia history that rips the scab off of a fairly fresh wound for many generations, and back to The University of Virginia.

In the 1740’s, Albemarle county, which was formed from Goochland and Louisa counties, was a vast frontier largely owned by Peter Jefferson, Thomas Jefferson’s father, and Col. Charles Lewis, brother of Robert, grandfather of Meriwether Lewis.

Courtesy of Legends Of Lewis

The men opened two plantations near each other, and produced three generations of one or more first cousin marriages between the two families.

Both families amassed great wealth over the years through slaves and land, but as the eighteenth century drew to a close, through a series of farming failures and poor plantation oversight, the Lewis family fell on extremely hard times.

Charles Lewis sold everything he had with the exception of the North Garden property which he gave to sons Randolph, Lilburne and Isham.

The Lewis plantation later named Anchorage Farm by the White family, would remain with Lewis family members through 1846.

In 1808, with looming debt, resentful neighbors and and little cash to parleigh into prospects, Lilburne and Randolph decided to immigrate to Kentucky, the popular new destination for those in crisis, leaving Isham, and a few aunts  to toil what is now known as Anchorage Farm.

With remaining slaves in tow, the Lewis family traveled by barge to their new home “ Rocky Hill”.

Three family members would die in the first eighteen months, and the worst was yet to come.

In the Fall of 1808,  Isham Lewis traveled to Rocky Hill to pay his respects to his recently deceased older brother Randolf, announcing his plans for an indefinite stay.

Isham was widely known for his less than gentlemanly status and his reunion with brother Lilburne, who by this time had spiraled into a deep depression treated with ardent spirits.

Thomas Jefferson’s nephews Isham and Lilburne forged the unholy alliance that would eliminate the possibility of a Lewis dynasty in Kentucky, forever.

The fuse igniting the transformation of Rocky Hill to Rocky Horror was lit.

A teenage slave named George, who traveled with the Lewis family from Albemarle three years earlier,  ran off for a few days in December allegedly due to Lilburne’s treatment of him.

Fueling the alcoholism and depression, Lilburne’s new wife Letitia Griffin Lewis was pregnant with James Griffin Lewis, the couple’s first child together.

On December 15, 1811 George was asked by Lilburne to fetch a pitcher of water believed to belong to his beloved Mother Lucy.  He broke it and returned to the plantation, met by the homicidal rage of the Lewis brothers while all the slaves were made to bear witness, lest they had any ideas such behaviors would be tolerated.

Lilburne and Isham drug young George to the main house, gathered all the slaves to watch, and Lilburne buried an axe in George’s neck to the horror of all.

He ordered another slave to dismember him and threatened all that If anyone had any similar notions to his, they would receive a duplicate fate.

Fate, in fact, would make an appearance shortly in the form of an earthquake, which made George’s remains accessible to the family dog, ultimately discovered by a neighbor and reported to police.

Isham and Lilburne were indicted and freed on bond.  The brothers formed a suicide pact and headed for the Rocky Hill cemetery where Lilburne ended up shooting himself in the chest while showing Isham how to release the flint lock.

Isham fled only to be captured a few days later and jailed for assisting in his brothers suicide.

Letitia, now a widow, fled Kentucky in fear with her newborn son.

Mysteriously, Isham garnered his freedom anyway, through an assisted jail-break.

He disappeared, was believed to live under an alias, marry and was allegedly killed in the battle of New Orleans in 1815.

His remains were never positively identified.

Brother to Dragons, indeed.

In his eventual biography of Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson eluded to the explorer and Governor of Louisiana’s familial afflictions with mental illness following his suicide.   A memoir of an escaped slave, written by Francis Frederick, is believed to depict the treatment of the slaves owned by Thomas Jefferson Randolph, with whom Thomas Jefferson and family resided and attended the adjacent school as a child.

In this period, Virginia was the largest destination for slaves from the Bight of Biafra on the West side of the African coast, and the natives spoke patois.

The extended Lewis family owned plantations on Buck Island, Red Hill Depot, and Monteagle, which is believed to be the former name of the Lewis Plantation.

Committed at a time  and place where it was illegal to murder a slave, George’s story is definitely an anomaly due to the horrific murder becoming known publicly.

Thomas Jefferson is believed to have owned about 200 slaves; a combination of in inheritance from his Father Peter, his wife’s very prominent family the Rudolphs, and through sale.

His father Peter and he were also very close to the William Cabell family of Tuckahoe, one of the largest slave owners in Albemarle, and relatives of Samuel Cabell, murdered  for “taking up” with a former slave and living openly with her and their children.

Could the current Albemarle descendants from either side of the family tree shed any light on family legends that might lead sketch to dump Morgan Harrington’s remains on the former Lewis plantation?  Have they even been asked?

There is no shortage of information today about slave masters and plantation owners producing offspring of mixed race.

In the case of Morgan Harrington’s murder, there is a forensic DNA link to an African American male, also linked to a brutal rape and assault years earlier, who by VSP’s own confirmation, possesses the navigational prowess of an individual who was comfortable traversing an area of the farm unreachable by vehicle as much as 1000 feet away, in the dark.    He is local, period.

Is the paradox of Morgan’s recovery in the hollows of a historic slave plantation while her legacy enriches the lives of African children that will gain educational opportunities previously not possible, in her honor, be enough to stimulate the concscious of someone who has the answers?

To be continued: Morgan Harrington Murder Part II: Two Years Cold- Two Women, Two Locations, Too Long.

*Investigative Analysis of Morgan’s last known activity in the lot of JPJ and Copely Bridge

*Independent investigation of adherence to UVA/JPJ background policy for employees and contractors

*Investigative Analysis of new evidence

Contributing Editors:  Jason Mateos,  Jacqueline Beaufort,  Madeline Tanner, Klaasend

Image Credits:  Harrington Family,  As Credited.

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  1. Mom3.0 says:

    Blink just finished reading your buddy system warning-
    Thanks for keeping us ever vigilante-

    You urged parents to make sure siblings go together- utilizing the buddy system – good advice but just wanted to point out that if a sicko is determined – they will find a way-sadly even when dealing with more than one victim-
    see here:

    whats even more sad is that these little guys did not even alert their parents afterwards- it wasnt until later, the parents uncovered what had happened.

    You cautioned parents to check the bathroom- good advice- but does not always assure that a sicko wont enter later – you urged parents to sit close by- especially if the child has a propensity to go back and forth to the loo- to wait outside- all good advice but I must caution further- that if a sicko has targeted the child they have also been watching -and learning both the childs habits, and yours and will wait for the slighest opportunity -

    I realize nothing can prevent every case- I think the best advice is to have a parent go to the bathroom with the child every time- – which is why I think there should always be a choice of a “family” bathroom not just women/slash men’s rooms. These bathrooms are also safer as they are smaller and can be checked easier and even parents with older children can send the child in unattended yet still be right outside the door…

    PS- just because you were a nice lady Blink- and you nicely warned the childs parents- does not mean you are nice….since they & the child now know your name that still does not make it better or proper for the little girl to feel safe with you….the little girl is not safe with you- had you been a sicko your helpful stranger danger “ruse” could have been a successful attempt to put the parents and the child further at ease- thereby setting up an opportunity for you- now a safe “un” stranger to be free to be trusted by the innocent child and the well- meaning yet somewhat clueless parents….

    Hope you dont mind me sharing these thoughts Blink- Sadly I think little Matthew’s parents were right:

    “Parents out there should watch their children even to the point of being paranoid,” said Louis Cecchi. “There are creeps out there. We live in a society of predators.”


    Mom 3.0

    You raise many good points of course, and I agree, but I really relayed the conversation verbatim, and I did not want to appear “lecturous” to the parents in front of the kids, and they were in earshot at all times. I took their cues for latitude, lol, and picked my battle.

    I completely agree parents need to watch their kids as if they already know a predator is in proximity and I hate it, but that is reality.

    Which is why I used the word deterrent instead of prevent, in a targeted situation one is simply reducing the odds at best. The only thing I know in such a situation is to teach your children what to do in that situation when they are old enough to comprehend it, and also develop their spidey senses- they work if they learn to listen to that little voice.


  2. Questioner says:

    Thanks John, I just hope that my thoughts along with others can help in some way to make things a little clearer. When I watched the episode with Morgan’s story, I just kept on going back to that doorman/security person. I would LOVE to have been a fly on the wall when he was questioned. He gave us alot of info that we didn’t know as fact before, and now that we have it, I still wonder what else he told or didn’t tell LE about that night.

    Thinking a little bit more about that particular security man, I’m wondering if he called any other security inside the arena to let them know that Morgan had done what she did, dumping out her purse etc. And if LE wasn’t thinking that security wasn’t THE issue, then why go to the other venue I think it was at another concert in NC was it? That I can’t remember, but they must have been thinking that the same security people would have been at that venue also.

  3. Mom3.0 says:

    Questioner says:
    January 1, 2012 at 7:56 pm

    Mom3.0 – Thank you for making us think, making us realize that after this long Morgan will NEVER DIE, we will all be here talking until we are blue, if that’s what it takes for justice for Morgan and the Harrington’s.

    That said, I had once before long ago, stated that if the doorman KNEW that Morgan was missing her camera, which he stated he did, then why was it that he didn’t escort her back into the arena to search for it, possibly the last place she had been? Why indeed did LE keep the public thinking for the longest time that the camera wasn’t still possibly inside the arena? And why indeed was it that knowing that they had a missing person on their hands did they NOT secure the JPJ Arena and as you stated, NOT keep ALL the trash from the night before?

    It would seem to me, that the job fair and the money it would bring to the arena was far more important than conducting a correct police investigation. There is so much negligance here it stinks! I’m not done yet!

    Hello Questioner- First let me say youre welcome and thank you for sharing all of your thoughts- you have given me and others so much to think about.

    I agree that security should have helped Morgan with or without a new ticket they should have escorted to the nurses station- or to lost and found- or called for her friends to come and aid their friend something-
    She was an injured patron in distress- if she was angry and belligerent and erratic and possibly drunk they should have called for LE or the drunk tank- if they thought she was drunk then they should have realized that she did not have a wrist band and checked her id and held her for underage drinking and called her parents or her friends…

    If it is as Blink says- other patrons were allowed back in that night and other nights- why not Morgan and if it was a “loose” policy- then for Petes sake- do something that would aid the injured girl-

    Q, it seems to me that the account is intentionally vague, although, this account, like so many others, makes sure to explain away others actions or inactions
    By this I mean
    She was warned but went anyway-
    She was told to buy another ticket if she wanted to return…
    She told them not to worry she would find a way home…
    She was offered help and a ticket but declined…
    She was with but not with-
    She did not “flag down” the duo but strangely curtsies instead…
    Yet…she was increasingly “desperate”

    The way the account plays out is as if Morgan walked toward the exit and the nice informative door person merely stating policy, warns her- hey if you leave- you cant return…
    She is seen just outside the doors emptying her purse… it is assumed she is looking for her missing camera…

    At first I thought that the door person knew of the camera missing- but I think perhaps that is a misinterpretation:

    snip ** by me
    Morgan acknowledged the warning, Cappuzzo says, then left anyway, where she was seen emptying the contents of her purse in an apparently unsuccessful effort to find her red Kodak digital camera, which has never been recovered. Standing in front of the Arena, **WITNESSES ALSO** reported seeing her drop her phone, then retrieve it.

    So is the reporter saying that witnesses saw and heard Morgan looking for her missing camera and also dropping her phone…or did the door person see/hear the purse drop/camera look /or was ttaker already aware of missing camera????

    Hook article: Snipped ** by me

    The Arena’s no re-entry policy has been a source of controversy, and Cappuzzo at last addressed questions about the **moment** Morgan left the Arena. While some have speculated that she was lured outside, Cappuzzo revealed that a ticket taker warned Morgan about the Arena’s no re-entry policy as **she prepared to exit** through the main doors facing Copeley Road. Morgan acknowledged the warning, Cappuzzo says, then left anyway, where she was seen emptying the contents of her purse in an apparently unsuccessful effort to find her red Kodak digital camera, which has never been recovered. Standing in front of the Arena, **witnesses also reported** seeing her drop her phone, then retrieve it.

    When she tried to reenter through the main entrance of the Arena, says Cappuzzo, the ticket taker asked for her ticket.

    But then we have this: ** by me
    “She said, ‘It’s in pieces in my purse,’” says Cappuzzo, who says the ticket taker stopped her **when it appeared she planned to dump the contents of her purse AGAIN.** ( “again” seems to convey that TT was aware of earlier Pdrop and trying to locate camera-and stopped her before she could empty her purse AGAIN….

    cont snip-** by me
    Told she’d need to purchase another ticket if she wanted to return, Morgan left the Arena **a second time** and remained **in the immediate area for as long as 10 or 15 minutes, interacting with various concertgoers**— several of whom offered her assistance, which she again declined.

    This account makes it seem as if TT was willing to accept her old ticket..but sadly it was torn up- then she is told to buy another- this would be against policy to accept the previous t- and if the TT was trying to be nice and give her a chance to come back in with her ticket…then why not go that extra step- and let her in as he knows she had been a paying customer…he warned her about reentry.. confusing isnt it?
    AND what about the mention of
    _ the SECOND TIME —wait but she remained in the area for ten to 15 minutes- and is said to have made “multiple attempts” IF this is the 1st and second attempt then how could kickee have encountered Morgan — “moments* after this commotion? If Morgan was out at 8:20 and remained in the area for ten to 15 minutes that would make it 8:35- not nearly 9:00…

    What happened to the multiple attempts? and if morgan made these attempts then security would have encounmtered morgan several times during the night, and i would assume like most of the witnesses would have described her as erratic- wobbily injured possibly very drunk- why wasnt this patron who was possibly a danger to herself or others dealt with appropriately?

    At 8:48 Morgan gets the call from Sara- which has Morgan being offered other ideas on how to regain admittance…No talk of missing camera? No talk of ticket torn up? No talk of get out here and help me…?

    Or is it as Blink and you have hypothetically stated that Morgan did tell Sara of her plight and DC made his way outside to give Morgan her keys or to help in some way leading to the encounter that granny saw?


    BUT what if Kickee’s “commotion” heard by him -was the phone call between Morgan and Sara- not between Morgan and TT? and if it was it seemed to have been quite a long convo- about 12 minutes….AND if this commotion was this call then Morgan was not happy and conveyed this info : Dont worry….

    Kickee reported that moments after this “commotion” Morgan made her way to him and said something like lets go?

    Blink and you have hypothesized that DC may have came to “help”… Was Morgan told to go to the side door and to try and meet up there with DC? Does kickee resemble DC?

    Why did Morgan walk off with BBP and go to the RV lot that was next to the field? Was she trying to get in the smoking area? or did she think someone was going to meet her there? What destination did she ask the BBP for a ride to?

    Why did curtsy duo who were coming from the road near the BB field see her near that area- and if she was “desperate” why did she refuse all offers of help and not flag down curtsy duo- yet all of a sudden go stick her thumb out in a classic HH pose?

    IF Morgan was the girl that granny saw- then how does the bridge sighting fit? Where was grannys sighting in relation to the lot and the bridge? Did boy go off to retrieve the car? Or still arguing with boy Did boy throw out the umbrella and purse and phone and tell Morgan to find her own way “home” – Did Morgan go to bridge to wait for boy …if Granny sighting coincides with phone death- then why was Morgans belongings and an umbrella- left behind in the lot?


    Alexandra- I am confused too, I thought we had confirmed that DC was never the driver only SS-….so much in this case is known then unknown ….

    SS drove to concert…. DC drove home…who drove to the restaurant?

  4. Questioner says:

    Dr Pepper – I have no doubt that it could very well be a college student that had a hand in this, and if so, what my next question is, how did he know sketch?

    Sketch has no record at least for any felony where he was put in jail, so, how is he staying under the radar? In what capacity is he? More over, how would a general college student come into direct contact with such a person? Possibly through a criminal justice degree?


    You cannot say that he has no felony record. He could have one in a different state that does not mandate a DNA submission. I do agree that this particular individual does not have a match in CODIS for reasons we cannot know until he is identified.

    Many times, plea deals reduce charges, but let’s say for the sake of argument that individual gets a first time offender sentence or ARD or probation which would expunge the felony and result in just the misdemeanor, that person is also not required to have his sample in the db unless a specific condition of probation and parole, and that is not likely to happen unless he violates.

    Moreover, I have seen repeat first time offenders getting probation while they are in the midst of it, and still getting off in a different county. Somepin is up with that circuit court system.


  5. Dr. Pepper says:

    Hold the phone. I think that I have missed something. Has the been a new piece with new info that I’ve missed? Crapola. I am so far behind in my reading : (

  6. Mom3.0 says:

    - Gotcha Blink- and I think you did the best you could in that situation- and again I say thanks for keeping us and others ever vigilante-
    Just wanted to go further in the warnings thats all- cause I am the paranoid type :)

    I guess What scared me is that the little girl now referred to you as not a stranger- thanks for setting me straight.

    Nope, you were absolutely correct, taking the stranger dialogue further is essential.

    I expect you to call me out and expand the issue, and I welcome you and it, anytime mon frier.

  7. George says:

    Dr. Pepper says:
    January 3, 2012 at 1:32 pm

    “…Do any UVA big wigs live around AF?…”

    Well, yes.

    In the year before the concert the head of the UVa endowment fund was busy losing 25% of the four billion dollar UVa endowment fund. Yes, he dropped one billion dollars.

    Several months after the concert the endowment head was named in a divorce suit as having an affair with his married assistant. The charge was brought by the assistant’s husband. The UVa fund manager was also married. The fund manager eventually resigned his post with UVa and left the area and I believe he also got a divorce. His million-dollar house house in Blandemar Farms was put up for sale.

    err.. Did she mean the entire plot before it was tracks? Blanca?
    George- you really are a local, no other way you could know that in that detail.

    Mr. Fund Manager was on my radar because of some of these things and their timing early on.

    Very sad, his son was acting out as this was going on.


  8. Questioner says:

    Point taken Blink I didn’t even think about that, and yes indeed something is up with the circuit court system.

    Q- at least you continue to think, like many here, that is all anyone can ask for my friend.


  9. redly says:

    alabamamom says:
    January 3, 2012 at 2:53 am

    Above post # 40 B. commented “To security their was obviously nothing more urgent than denying a woman in that condition re-entry, reasons unknown except for one individual who said he talked to her and wished he had done more to help her.”
    This makes me wonder exactly what this security person saw or heard? If he knew she needed help & did nothing ..WHY ? Was it because he was afraid of retaliation ?

    If this is who I think it is I am not sure he was security. It was the guy with the facebook page that was under a different name right? I think he was an usher. Maybe there isn’t much difference. I think he said he saw her inside the arena in a line or something, not at the door. Not sure he said he knew she needed help either. Personally I suspect he made the entire sighting up to impress his friend (as did several of the alleged witnesses in this case).


    If we are talking about the same dude, and I do not recall he had a FB page, I think you may be combining 2 witnesses. He is definitely security, he worked the lot, has friends in security whose posts I have read that discussed the exchange, and did I mention he is definitely security.

    He posted on his ms by the afternoon of the 18th about Morgan- jus sayin’.

    I want to credit WPG with originally figuring out his real name, without referencing it specifically, if I am wrong, I will agree to the thousand flees and all that.

    It has not been made public where he saw her and specifics about that exchange, intentionally as they may be case sensitive.


  10. Mom3.0 says:

    bern1417, welcome. glad o have ya here.

    In the post from Veracity- he conveyed his worry over UVA handling a missing persons case for even a moment- he asked if they were still handling it- or if they still we cohandling it- or when they did hand it off- disappeared show states it was the 3rd day..) according to the 1st pressconference- , even though Rader was speaking to the public- UVApd was still in charge- he was sorely lacking in info- why didnt Feilding speak UVApd was in charge…?

    According to Rader, they had asked for assistance because VSP had more in there arsenal- Hcopter- ect and he said that they were conducting all the interviews of witnesses potential witnesses also friends and family-

    Rader said that in the coming days there would be re-interviews done (not sure if at that point he meant by UVApd or by VSP-)
    We also have Blink stating that according to her sources there was a meeting with security that had people stating emphatically that Morgans car was never at the arena-
    So we have info coming from everywhere, and we have security/uva/uvapd and somewhat vsp conducting investigations- who was was calling the shots determining the course and the importance of witnesses accounts?

    When were certain witness accounts brought to light and by whom? It seems all the info we have now, has been stated from pretty early on, in one way or another…how did “they work so fast in weighing accounts and info

    We had lots of info like from reporters like CS finding potential witnesses- NP and kickee- we have granny going to the media- as well as DS- DG and NP we also have Sara and WT and LC and MV and others conveying info via the internet- but still we have others that remain anoymous- even kickee and BK and limo driver and curtsy duo-

    How can we be sure UVApd handed all pertinent info off to VSP how can we be sure mistakes werent made in the dismissal of some witness accounts and the confirmation of others?

    With so many taking witness accounts how can we be sure there accounts were taken properly?

    It is very easy to confuse a witness or to inadvertently or not, change their perceptions of person time or place-

    LE must be trained to do there jobs properly- what if the LE conducting the interviews accidentally steered the witnesses?

    Many of these witnesses did not have watches what if it was suggested they could be mistaken on times so their recollections then changed ever so slightly by a well meaning suggestion from an interviewer? What if other witness accounts differ on relating “known” facts- it becomes easy to change witnesses perceptions- or to dismiss them entirely if they seem to not confirm a theory ect perhaps not outright- but subconsciously……

    What of those that were reading others accounts like on FB? how can we be sure their accounts are independent of others?
    What of those that may have an agenda? and want to portray facts as something there not…. what if these witnesses come forward to try and skew publics perceptions?

    What of those that want desperately to help police and may come forward with seemingly helpful but wrong info?
    The sheetz sighting- a girl was seen in a “Panera” shirt-

    I took note that during the press conference Rader said “Panera” and begged witnesses that had sen Morgan or anyone fitting the description- either in a convenience store or other to not hesitate to call…. Did this PC happen before or after the Sheetz sighting?

    My point is that it doesnt necessarily have to be a security person or someone affiliated with LE or UVA ect- all these people in “protection mode” and going under their own theories or perceptions or being swayed by others, could have inadvertently skewed the investigation-

    Some by trying to paint themselves in a better light- perhaps this is what the BG was counting on- If it is as Blink has opined he possibly over heard Morgans plight or saw her or learned of it from her, then he had all the ammo he needed to commit the crime and be hidden in plain view amongst a bunch of well meaning but skewed accounts…


  11. tango says:

    Dr. Pepper you asked: Do any high ranking officials with connections have college kids? One of the black basketball players has a very high profile grandfather…Check the roster and look at last names and you’ll see what I mean…Sports fans correct me if I’m wrong but one of Howie Long’s sons played football at UVa and then went on to the NFL. Another son played lacrosse at UVa? Those are just the two most high profile names I’m aware of but I’m sure there are others.

    I have a question for George: Did you ever get to the courthouse to check on prior owners of Blandemar Farms?

  12. George says:

    Dr. Pepper says:
    January 3, 2012 at 1:32 pm

    “…Do any UVA big wigs live around AF?…”

    Well, yes.

    Lol, indeed, as in, Denise Lunsford.

  13. alexandra says:

    If DC didn’t ride home with the 2 girls, where did he go? How did he get home? Why was he lawyered-up the next day or so?

  14. MarchmallowWI says:

    Mom 3.0 – Did you perhaps mean Silverity on MS?

  15. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Thanks Blink for sharing the story verbatim of your encounter with the father with zero knowledge and concern for his little ones safety.
    Thank GOD a person such as yourself was there to make a difference.

    Boys in my generation were taught to take care of their sisters if they had them. I can remember standing outside a restroom many times while my sister was inside. Your boy should do that as long as he is in Blinkett’s presence and you are not there to go with her.

    The mother of those three little ones has a problem in that her husband cannot be relied on to teach the children proper behavior or take care of them. She has a physical man with a childs mentality. She is probably a mommie to him as well. She needs to forego her mommie time when taking her children to public places.

    Our oldest daughter and one of our daughters in-law left yesterday for Florida to take care of her father-inlaw who recently fell breaking an arm and a leg (he is an old 80). Pryor to them leaving, I sat them down and talked to them about safe behavior. May have been redundant since both are fifty-six years old and on is a licensed LE. In my mind, a father’s job is never done when it comes to safety of their children.

    Has anyone checked the progress of the civil suit by Morgan’s estate?

    I am hopeful that the ability to take depositions for this case will shake loose some information that will lead to finding Morgan’s killer. If nothing else, it will probably lead to some major changes to the behavior of security and LE on the UVA campus.

  16. Mom3.0 says:

    Hi MarchmallowWI,

    You asked:

    Mom 3.0 – Did you perhaps mean Silverity on MS?

    I am sorry Im not following…did I mean what? where? How? when?]

    Perhaps my typos and longwonded ramblings got in the way somewhere and my meaning was lost… Can you quote directly and then Ill try to decipher what I meant- TIA

    Alexandra- Im not sure if DC wasnt in the car on the ride back. IIRC it was said that all were in the car except Morgan DG said he noticed Morgan wasnt there…am I remembering this right?


  17. Mom3.0 says:

    Hi MarchmallowWI,

    You asked:

    Mom 3.0 – Did you perhaps mean Silverity on MS?

    I am sorry Im not following…did I mean what? where? How? when?]

    Perhaps my typos and longwinded ramblings got in the way somewhere and my meaning was lost… Can you quote directly and then Ill try to decipher what I meant- TIA

    Alexandra- Im not sure if DC wasnt in the car on the ride back. IIRC it was said that all were in the car except Morgan– DG said he noticed Morgan wasnt there…am I remembering this right?


  18. Mom3.0 says:

    oops sorry for the double posts- silly me tried to fix a typo in mid-submit…

  19. Dr. Pepper says:

    Black white green purple….whatever race

    I would like to see a list of every male attending UVA at that time who lived or ever lived in Charlottesville.

    Then narrow it down to a 10 mi radius around AF.

    Any cops have kids fitting those parameters?

    Does HH have a son?

  20. alabamamom says:

    Blink , Thank you for sharing your encounter with the couple & the 2 children . As I was reading it as soon as you mentioned pool along with the restaurant , I was also having flashes of Maddie McCann . As a matter of fact I made it a point this Christmas to go to their page & post words of support in finding their child… so very tragic ! I am proud of you for taking the time to speak to the parents as Nicely as you did , I’m afraid I would not have been so kind. I used to get my girls red in the face for approaching people that I saw who acted without thinking, possibly endangering the safety of their child. One thing that always made me speak up was when I saw parents get out of the car, lock the car door with toddlers inside. Someone running in for just 1 quick thing to get would find me waiting & I would tell them I had something for them to think about. I asked if you had 1 million dollars cash , would you leave it in your locked car , there for everyone to see , or would it be that it would be too valuable to risk someone coming by being tempted by the sight of it & breaking into your car to take it & run ? I told them, that to me , my children were worth more than a million $ & I would never ever leave them in a public place locked in the car. No-one ever got mad at me , well , except for my children . They were mortified every time.

  21. alabamamom says:

    I have a question that may seem dumb to ask , but I have gotten older & with time ,& memories tend to fade. there was mention early on about Morgan being on the phone texting with a person who was supposedly out of town doing a video shoot. I recall others who posted she was texting online with others at the Metallica Concert , from the fan page , people who posted on Metallica’s fan site page who’s going to be at the concert in Charlottesville ? Do we know if LE ever got any of the phone texts from those attending the concert who took part in the group text ?
    Also , the night #2 that Jane Velez Mitchell was talking about Morgan’s disappearance , the 1st night she had Dan & Gil on , WT also called in . I believe he 1st said he had talked to her while she was in line at concessions. Later he said no , that a group was texting . He became tongue tied & was contradicting himself to the point of JVM yelling & telling him (paraphrased)Hey ! Hold on , just a minute , I don’t know what you’re trying to pull here buddy , but that’s not what you said. And JVM also added (paraphrased) We did not call YOU , You called us. It was all very odd . the full encounter is not posted on her site . A rough transcript is all that remains. And you cannot view the program in full like you can most . Anyone else see this program & find it odd ? Any thoughts ?

  22. alabamamom says:

    # 14 above alexandra says:
    January 3, 2012 at 8:15 pm
    “If DC didn’t ride home with the 2 girls, where did he go?” “How did he get home? Why was he lawyered-up the next day or so?”

    Hmmmm that’s what I’d like to know .

  23. redly says:

    TG — nothing appears to be going on in the case. RMC has not even answered or filed a motion to dismiss yet. Assuming they have been served, these are past due so, either the Harringtons are holding the case and not serving RMC yet (unlikely IMO) or they have reached some standstill agreement with RMC that will just let the case sit there until a later time. They filed it because the time to do so was about to pass for good and the opportunity would then be lost forever (barring some extraordinary showing of fraud). It is not clear if they seriously mean to pursue it. Not sure how useful depositions would be with an ongoing criminal investigation. Personally I doubt that it will lead to major changes in the behavior of law enforcement on any campuses.

    Tango — yes the Longs are a local family. Chris Long was one of our best defensive players ever and was drafted by the Rams in 2008. There was also a basketball player with a famous grandfather (who did not live in charlottesville and rarely if ever visited). I had expected the conspiracy theorists to come out about him years ago and have been pleasantly surprised by the restraint. None are “high ranking officals.” The Rock and John Grisham also live nearby though I doubt either murdered anyone. Lots of rich/famous people move into the area as it is beautiful.

    George — The endowment fund went from over 5 billion to about 4 billion during the financial meltdown. It recovered some when the market rebounded. This was par for the course for the significant university endowments across the nation. I don’t think the hokie who was running the fund was really responsible for losing that money, as opposed to the financial market collapse.

    Blink — my memory about the security guy may be way off. It was from ages ago. I thought he had a facebook page with one main friend (the lass infatuated with Ireland) but maybe it was myspace.

  24. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Your list of questions is long. IMO one needs to make a picture board of all the persons identified along with a time line.

    My thinking on this case is that there is one or more persons of importance in the community involved. Did UVAPD give all their information to the State Police? Did UVAPD screw up the case out of ignorance or was it deliberate? We don’t know.

    I find it very difficult to believe that Morgan wandered around outside in the rain without a coat for almost an hour and no one had the girls safety concern them enough to do something to help her.
    The fact that we have reports of strange behavior is all the more reason for security to act, not stand around and make statements after the fact that they wished they had helped her. If the above sounds a bit snarky, it is meant to be that way.

    We have to ask ourselves how long the university administration covered up assaults and rapes of women attending UVA. There is the possibility that UVA is covering for some very large doners to their endowment funds. Could this lead to another scandal such as PSU?
    We don’t know. We can only hope that it will not.

  25. redly says:

    Blink — I think I did confuse the myspace poster with wayne townsend who I think said he saw her in line inside.

    yep, no problem, easy to do.

  26. redly says:

    My guess as to why Dan “lawyered up” is that he had intelligent parents who knew that was the right thing to do whenever your kid is questioned by the police concerning a serious matter, especially where, as here, he will have known that Morgan and her friends were certainly involved in illegal drinking and may well have been involved in illegal drug use as well that day/night. I haven’t heard that the lawyer caused him to obstruct the investigation or LE’s access to the facts (of course I don’t know what was said, but I haven’t read any complaints by LE). Other than true suspects who LE would prefer not have lawyers, it is sometimes better for LE if a witness has a lawyer who can act as a conduit of information and also can counsel/reassure the witness that being forthright about embarrassing/minor illegalities like the drinking etc. is the best way to go. If your kid is ever in this terrible situation, do the same thing right away.

    I haven’t seen anything credible suggesting that he did not ride home with the two girls.

    What do you know, it has happened. Redly and I agree on something, lol.

    I never freeze up when I hear someone, a witness in particular, has hired counsel. Especially when they have relatives in LE. I would never allow a child of mine that age to be interviewed by LE without representation and to be honest, the best investigators encourage it.

    They all rode home together, DC did not drive home.

    Something that continues to bother me. When Dee S called “the friends” she indicated they were supposed to meet up, but that “the party” had lost a friend (Morgan).

    Now, Dee, Zack, and friend were headed back to the same location, and this conversation took place while all of them were still in the venue.

    If the friends knew Morgan had a ride home as she told them she would, why would they consider her still missing, and moreover, how did they know for sure that Morgan did not have her own keys with her, or a spare? It would seem they had no concern for their own transportation or they would have asked if they had room for them, no?

    Remember Amy’s sisters comment they were shocked to see her car sitting there.

    Who was shocked exactly, I wonder?

  27. George says:

    redly says:
    January 4, 2012 at 10:23 am

    “..This was par for the course for the significant university endowments across the nation. I don’t think the hokie who was running the fund was really responsible for losing that money, as opposed to the financial market collapse…”

    I would have to respectfully disagree. UVa, under the manager that left, was trying to emulate the Harvard and Yale style which worked fine – until it didn’t. Those funds also got their heads handed to them by their managers’ overreaching. A lot of conservatively, well-managed university endowments only sustained a mild loss during this time.

    UVa endowment is still trying to unwind some of the positions taken during the collapse and has publicly endorsed, on their web site, a much simpler, more transparent, fund structure and allocation.

    The point I was trying to make was that it was a time of intense stress for anyone involved in dropping that much money. That stress may have been a partial reason for the poor judgement shown in the extra-marital fling.

  28. Cat says:

    Blink, do you really believe the friends waited for Morgan? Not a chance in hell IMO. They knew she didn’t have keys, knew that she was out on her own, and frankly, didn’t really give a damn. The fact is evident by the initial decision not to escort her to the bathroom, or offer any logical assistance when she was stuck outside the venue. They were mad at her and that took precedence in the situation.

    Being young and immature, mixed with mind altering substances, often leads to some extremely poor decisions in hindsight. The opportunity for someone who is perceptive to those limitations, and is capable of exploiting them, is what is incredibly frightening. She was a sitting sheep among wolves in that lot, and that should have been judiciously and appropriately noted. The fact that it wasn’t is even more frightening.

    If you call going out to eat waiting for her, then yes.

    I believe that if Granny sighting is Morgan, she was trying to get into her own vehicle by some manner.

    Agree on the rest of course as you know.


  29. George says:

    tango says:
    January 3, 2012 at 5:54 pm
    “…I have a question for George: Did you ever get to the courthouse to check on prior owners of Blandemar Farms?”


    Thanks for the question. No, it is still on my “todo” list with several other things related to the case as well. I have not forgotten it!

  30. bern1417 says:

    Mom3.0 thanks,it’s nice coming here(although I would rather not,bc that would mean this case is solved)

    For those of you who live in the VA area and are closer to this case than myself.Is Morgan’s case still talked about in the media?

    I for one am taken back by the effort of LE.I understand there’s a cival suit going on,but come on.This was a case that dawned some serious national coverage.I was working in NOVA when this happened and remember vividly the news coverage that this case held..The Police from day 1 have not said much,and I’m not sure that’s a good thing.I have so many questions surrounding Morgan’s night on VA campus.

    My first problem with this whole case is her friends.As I’ve read there was a little tiff between Morgan and one of the other chicks.Was this tiff due to Morgan being messed up?Judging from her action/behavior(from what I’ve read via the stories on internet,or watched on disappeared)to me it sounds like extacy or coke or maybe some pain pills.Regardless of the tiff someone should have went to the door where she was trying to re-enter,or they def should have gone after her.Yes I’m aware Monday morning quarterback is easier,but a female in a strange environment(especially with the crowd that was at that concert)should never be left alone.
    The Pantera Tshirt really bothers me.To me where that was laid out screams “SOMEONE PLANTED IT”.I don’t think it was a student who placed that there.I believe it was made to look like it was a student.Was that Tshirt def Morgans?With all the movements through this parking lot,through that field,it’s hard to not think that a student didn’t play a hand in this.The perp def had to know their way around that campus for them not to be detected on any camera.I’m not from anywhere close to UVA,so I’m not sure how big the campus is or if there are a lot of people who live close to UVA who are not students.
    I also have read and watched a vid where LE stated that whoever put Morgan’s body on AF had to know the area well.Any chance this was done to mislead the investigation?I’m sure someone could do a little research and find a place where they thought was going to be safe hiding spot.There’s no guarantee Morgan was placed there that night,right?Any chance her body was placed on one part of that farm,and then moved by animals?I def think that Sketch looks nothing like the real perp.There’s no way 2 yrs later and 150k on the line if sketch resembled someone he would still be atlarge.
    I have more questions,but I’m going to start with those questions..2 yrs later and this case has progressed very little.Something doesn’t add up.For the Harrington’s sake I really really hope that LE is just keeping 90% of their findings to themselves

  31. Ode says:

    I feel such a renewed energy here…it is just great. I read everyday and go back over all the information my poor old brain allows me to remember. I just have to wonder if Morgan got out of her car and left her purse on the ground or the top of her car. That could have brought her to the BG’s attention immediately if he witnessed this. I feel her crime started as soon as her car hit the lot that afternoon. She could have reported her purse missing before she even went into the arena. Someone could have been in a postition to let her in without her ticket before the concert. Did someone tell her the purse was found but when she got it back it did not have her camera, her extra keys and her ticket was torn up. Was she surprised to find no camera and a torn ticket when she got the purse back? Did someone say that the phone call about the missing or stolen purse was cut off? This my old brain has forgotten.

  32. pale rider says:

    IIRC Mr. Townsend set up a FB page to help find Morgan.

  33. tango says:

    I really really like Howie Long. He’s funny…he knows football…and we’re the same age! I don’t think he or his sons had anything to do with Morgan. Unfortunately I can’t rule out any of the basketball players having some kind of connection, if nothing more than actually taking her somewhere…I’m not convinced the suspensions of Sene and Tucker were completely unrelated…

    I guess I’d feel better about the BBP if they had ever made a statement on their own. I know the consensus is that every witness should remain completely silent, but look at Amber Frey. She came forward immediately and explained her involvement with Scott Peterson. It didn’t hurt that case and it didn’t hurt Amber Frey.

  34. first-time says:

    Hello everyone. I’m still here, every day, but I don’t have many constructive comments, I’m afraid.

    I had forgotten about Granny’s sighting. I didn’t realize until now that it is is beleived to have occured at about the same time the phone lost power. Can someone explain where in the lots this occured and where we think Morgan’s car was?

    Keep on keepin’ on.
    2 4 1

  35. Questioner says:

    Well, I know as a fact that Morgan didn’t have another set of keys with her that night, not even anything like one of those magnetic key holders under the car, per Dad. Now, with Amy and Morgan living together, my guess is that at least SHE would have been aware if DC had the keys, inside the venue, no way was Morgan going to drive anywhere. They were roommates and I’ll bet my right arm that Amy at times drove Morgan’s car and knew that she only had one set of keys on her that evening.

    Which then REALLY makes me more wonder if indeed you could be correct and someone inside JPJ came out to at least let her inside her car. NO ONE but that person would know if that happened because THEY would have been the only ones to know if her car was locked or unlocked when they came out after the concert. And, why would she need to carry her umbrella inside the venue, and if she got into the car, had to go to the portapotties she may have needed it then, but it was not found with her purse as I understand.

    Sorry just writing and thinking, so things may come out of my fingers as jumbled as my mind is.

    You are right on her group saying that one of their party was missing, and by God, why state it that way when she said she was going to find another way home. THEN, turn around and wonder why her car was still parked in the lot, what did they think, that she was going to hot wire the car and drive away?

    Blink I don’t remember, BUT, did Morgan’s group specify WHO the missing party member was when they spoke with Dee? I honestly don’t remember but I’ll look that up now. It’s just possible that the party who left to take the keys to her also couldn’t return inside the arena, and so who knows what may have happened from 9:30 – the end of the concert. I don’t even like where my mind is going at the moment.

    Q- you are correct about the keys, but the point is, we do not know WHAT the friends knew or thought.


  36. Olivia says:

    Gosh, this is a lot to take in. I did not believe that the Grandmother’s sighting was pertinent for two reasons: first, it more or less disappeared from the discussion (here and in the papers) and therefore I thought it had been discredited or was unrelated, and second, I didn’t think it likely that Morgan had put her hair in a ponytail. That seemed like something a girl with beautiful long hair would be unlikely to do on a night when she was trying to look her best (as she clearly had been doing by planning so carefully her outfit, etc.). I had such hair in my youth, and I did not put it up in a ponytail unless I was jogging or cleaning my house. Why would she have gone out with it down and then decided to put it in a ponytail?

    Has anyone considered the University buses? They drive and park temporarily around U-Hall until late at night. I never thought of it before–she could have hopped on a bus, warm and dry, and from there…vanished. Have any drivers been questioned? Surely they have. The buses go from U-Hall to all points around the university, including the 15th street area (shirt). The city buses also travel in those areas plus go all over town. The buses can be very empty at night.

  37. Judi says:

    This case is SOOOOOOOOO much like Morgan’s. At a concert, got seperated from friends, missing for a month.

  38. first-time says:

    Olivia – I actually think it is very possible that Morgan did tie her hair up. My 18 yr old daughter has beautiful long hair, much like Morgan did. She goes NOWHERE without a hair tie around her wrist, in order to pull it back in a pinch. In the rain, Morgan’s hair would have been kind of a pain to deal with, no? Easier to just pull it back. I think Granny did see Morgan. I need to go back and read the initial Granny accounts.

    I would really like to try to flesh out her walking back to the paved lots, or maybe getting a ride to her car from the bridge. Knowing where her car was would be helpful. Could she have willingly gone with someone toward the car and then began resisting advances of X and that is what Granny saw? Was she told to head back and someone would meet her near her car to attempt to get he in to it? Would she have wanted to get in her car, if she didn’t have keys and couldn’t drive it anywhere? So many questions.

    Anyone have links to Granny’s statements or have info on where the car was parked? Thanks in advance.

    2 4 1

    Morgan’s hair was tied back, I can’t source how I know that, but it was.

  39. susanm says:

    marshmallow,wi,yes silverity.dr pepper,yes hh/rh has a son.

  40. susanm says:, may 13 2011 ,another pond with car nearby. i always wondered if blandemar pond was the intention and something upset that plan.

    I worked on her case privately, Sarah was a definite and very unfortunate suicide. I told LE that in my first 10 minutes of the case discussion.

  41. lizzy says:

    While traveling last summer, I cleared a McDonald’s men’s room and wouldn’t let anyone back in until my son was finished. Unfortunately, he was SLOW. Still, no one got angry. Mama Bears can get some respect.

    I challenge McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, Target, and other big chains to put MULTIPLE family restrooms in every new or remodeled store.

    Our biggest challenge are the pools at the YMCA and the Penn State Natatorium. At both, boys are EXPLICITLY not allowed in the women’s room if they are over 6. At the YMCA, at least they have a few single bathrooms, labeled Men and Women, as well as a Family Changing Room. Problem is you still have to go through the gender-specific locker rooms/showers to get to the pool.

    Agreed and Bravo. The disadvantage is that for the most part, and I know it varies, but in my house Mom had primary daily excursions with our young children, and therefore was not allowed in the mens room. That said, I made Blink Jr open the door and loudly tell me if there was anyone in there and then replied in an equal tone I would be right outside waiting.

  42. bern1417 says:

    Blink-Could you maybe answer some of the questions I asked above,when you get a chance.Also,why have I not read anywhere else(The Hook,or Collegiate Times etc..)about the “Granny sighting”.If that is true that’s one of the bigger clues that happened at UVA IMO.Is ita DEF that Morgan’s hair was pulled up?Also, I feel that we(the public)are only getting a very small portion of what LE knows,do you agree or disagree?thanks

    Bernie- with much respect I did not see anything specific to me, and when I read your post, I can tell you that I have answered every angle of your thoughts many times.

    Wrt to this comment, The Granny sighting was well publisized and links to it appear if you click this piece and older comments. I am telling you that at some point in the evening Morgan pulled her hair up into a ponytail, yes.

    I honestly cannot say that I believe LE knows much more than the public or I doubt there would be pending litigation. In general though, I do not discuss my conversations with LE at any point without their permission or case sensitive information.

  43. bern1417 says:

    Judi:Yes it seems a lot like Morgan’s,but there are quite a few diff as well.Jimmy apparently was on the phone with friends from a bar after the concert.He told whomever he was speaking too that he was really f*ckd up,and that was the last anyone spoke to him.Unfortuneatly,Stage AE(located in Pittsburgh)is really close to the Allegheny river.The venue sits really close to Heinz field where the Ohio,Allegheny,and Mongehella rivers all meet.I think there’s a really good chance that due to him being messed up he may have fallen in the river.Pittsburgh is a decent size city(I live there),but we don’t have many attacks like this.I’m not saying he wasn’t attacked or that foul play wasn’t involved.You never know,you maybe on to something.Perhaps,somebody should look at security personal and see if something catches somebody’s eye..IMO I think he may have been walking too close to the river,and possibly slipped or something like that..Either way it’s another sad story about a young person who is missing.The family has been handing out flyers in the city and the suburbs that surround PGH.It’s a shame and I really hope this case gets solved ASAP.

  44. Olivia says:

    Well, this is huge–that B knows with certainty that Morgan had her hair pulled back in a ponytail. I now think it is very possible that Morgan simply left the bridge after dad/daughter duo saw her and walked towards her own car (cold, wet, desperate) with the intention of attempting to unlock it, having been denied a ride anywhere. She may have dropped her phone or had it knocked to the ground then. Granny saw her struggling with a man around the same time. The U-Hall lot runs from the train tracks under the Copeley Bridge all the way to Massie Road next to JPJA.

    Do we know for sure that the young man who drove the three women to the concert left the arena afterwards with two of the three? Is that a fact?

    Aren’t parking lots supposed to be one of the two or three most dangerous places for women to be alone?

  45. Josie says:

    It’s great to see so much going on here and posters we haven’t heard from in a while. Still so many thoughts and ideas being rehashed. I still read every chance I get. I don’t have anything important to say, but always am interested in what all of you share. Thanks Blink for sharing some things that we didn’t know for sure.

    My thoughts are still with Morgan’s family. May the New Year hold answers and I can’t wait until the scum that did this is brought down. And he will be.

    He will He will He will.

  46. local mom says:

    My Capture
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    Posted: 10:06 PM Jan 5, 2012
    Albemarle County Sheriff Reserve Deputy Charged with Rape
    Albemarle County Sheriff Reserve Deputy Charged with Rape
    Reporter: Dan Schutte

    width:200 and height: 131 and picwidth: 200 and pciheight: 131


    Font Size:

    A reserve deputy with the Albemarle County Sheriff’s Office was arrested Thursday night and charged with rape.

    Sean M. Horn is currently in the Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail pending a bond hearing on January 6.

    Horn was formerly a member of the University of Virginia Police Department and the Albemarle County Police Department.

  47. Debbie says:

    Albemarle county sheriff’s deputy accused of rape !! He was a former UVA police officer and Albemarle Police officer. !

  48. acho says:

    Hi everyone.
    Just saw this Albemarle sheriff reserve deputy rape arrest article and wanted to share. Says he was formerly with both UVA and Albemarle police departments.

  49. alabamamom says:

    From Jan 3rd , Dr. pepper & Questioner were talking about possibility of this being a college student & how did he know sketch ?
    My thoughts are that this could be a college student or College aged student along with 1 or 2 juvenile friends , or 1 or 2 friends that have a past Hx of being in trouble with the law.
    * How does a young person know sketch ? Well , several ways , but if Sketch had a business that somehow serviced homes in the North garden area , and/or if sketch had questionable “goings on” with some of the LE who were in trouble for “goings on ” in the Red Hill Rd area , that would perhaps be the link. Maybe Sketch was the go to guy for helping to clean up certain situations. Maybe Sketch had some contact with those who had to come to him for help when they needed help after being arrested ?

  50. alabamamom says:

    One thing I am keeping in mind with witness accounts of Morgan & how viewed by LE is this :::: One person can have a true witness sighting ; Two people can have false witness sightings BUT LE goes on Verified witness sightings. To verify a sighting , there must be more than 1 person who saw it .
    So how does it weigh out ? Two false accounts = verified sighting //
    Seems to me that two lies can hold more water than ONE truth !

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