Karen Swift Missing: Clothing Found Is Hers, David Swift Lawyers UP, Mr. Yuk Hogshooter Is A Doppelneighbor

Dyersburg, TN- Missing Mom Karen Johnson Swift’s disappearance is looking more and more like whatever fate the well-liked fitness buff  encountered,  happened very close to her home on Willie Johnson Road.

David Swift, Karen’s estranged husband, has told police Karen left the home at approximately 1:30 am the morning of October 30th after an earlier jaunt to retrieve the couple’s youngest daughter from a planned Halloweenfest  sleepover.

Karen attended a Halloween soiree at THE FARMS golf club earlier in the evening dressed as cat-woman;  her costume was found in her unlocked and abandoned car.

According to the Dyersburg Country Club by laws,  regardless of handicap all attendees  turned into pumpkins by midnight that evening so it is not likely Karen was headed back there.  Reports of her leaving the family residence at that hour are based solely on her husband’s last exchange with her.

Swift filed for divorce from David on October 1oth.   The couple had been divorced and remarried to each other previously.

David, a former Columbia Forest Products employee,  is an independent business owner in the aerosol packaging field and Karen has been developing a horticulture business as “The Yard Lady“.

While Mr. Swift has refused all requests for comment by the media, he is also now refusing to speak to investigators and has referred all inquiries to his recently retained attorney.

Mr. Swift was observed in his driveway after he returned from an interview with DCSO in the first days of the investigation on crutches.

Mr. Swift underwent emergency surgery for a torn patella tendon in April of 2011 but by all accounts has long since recovered from the injury sustained at his daughter’s soccer field.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, sources inside the investigation have confirmed to www.blinkoncrime.com that David Swift refused to allow a search by consent of the couple’s 5 acre property after the first meeting where he allowed officers to look throughout the home for purposes of confirming Karen was not there.

Following discovery in a overgrown area included in the search grid and submission to the state crime lab, the Dyer County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) prioritized  a pair of jeans and gray zip-up requesting expedited results.

The source goes on to say those items have been identified through test results of mitochondrial DNA to belong to Karen Johnson Swift.  The match was made from a sample comparative from Karen’s mother.

It is believed there are additional items that may belong to Karen that have been recovered- however, the forensic results necessary to confirm her positive association are pending.

During the topical search of the Swift home which did not  include crime scene processing, the Swifts’s two young daughters spent time at the neighbors home.

Jennifer Lamb kept the Swift girls while police were at the Swift home interviewing their father with the intention of locating Ms. Swift.

In a seemingly inexplicable coincidence, both the Lambs and the Swift’s uploaded an image of a rainbow appearing overhead of the two homes spanning over 10 acres, the very day Dave Swift was served his divorce papers.

Marty Lamb, on his way to work at Nucor early Sunday morning, pulled in behind Karen’s white Nissan Murano and “flashed his lights” , only to learn she was not in her car.  With no sign of foul play,  Lamb assumed Swift returned the short distance to her driveway with  no cause for alarm and continued his commute.

DCSO has reported that Karen Swift’s car had a flat tire and has been impounded for crime scene technician processing. What has not been addressed publicly is how the tire came to be flat in the first place.

Karen’s 2004 Murano is equipped with an electronic tire pressure monitoring sensor and she always backed down the nearly 200 foot driveway.   As their was no evidence of a tire blowout, nor could she have been traveling at a high rate of speed,  this editor questions how she could have missed a flat tire getting into the car in a well lit driveway in the first place,  followed by missing the alarm signal and light on her dashboard.  Swift’s car was found across from the home of John Hogshooter at 310 Harness RD.

Hogshooter Not Hogtied

John E. Hogshooter, in court yesterday on aggravated animal cruelty charges stemming from an alleged incident reported  on October 7  by David Swift, was granted bond.

Prior to Mr. Hogshooter’s brief incarceration, his vehicle was impounded and processed for any possible evidence relating to Karen Swift’s disappearance.  Nothing of forensic significance was found and the truck was returned to the former Dyer county Ervin  softball coach.

In contrast to Mr. Swift’s refusal to allow LE to search his adjacent property, Mr. Hogshooter allowed his home and property to be searched voluntarily.

Hogshooter is alleged to have poisoned the Swift family dog as well as an as yet un-named neighbors pet who died as a result.

Within the complaint filed by David Swift,  he states that he watched his dog walk onto the Hogshooter property and upon return, became  ill.

A medication was administered by the Vet to counteract whatever the dog may have ingested and JackBoots was returned to the family the next day.

My Dude JackBoots

JackBoots,  dog rescue of the Swift family,  has a scannable chip implant that emits a low level frequency signal detectable by a scanner,  or radio frequency identification (RFID), so it is possible to isolate for investigative purposes.

Doppelneigbor – the blinkipedia

(noun) Neighbor who is a ringer for the neighbor who is a person of interest.

These gentleman’s issues may have infinite degrees of separation- Siberian even, but how uncanny is it that they resemble each other to the point of  fooling CCTV resolution?

Check back to www.blinkoncrime.com for updates

Images courtesy family photos,  processing courtesy of Klaasend

Jacqueline Beaufort contributing editor

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  1. whoknew says:

    No problem. Most of us in the world are just normal people, luckily.

    On another note, i didn’t catch all of Nancy Grace tonight, but did catch some.. anyone have a list of any new info that was mentioned?

  2. daydreamer says:

    Per Nancy Grace Show.
    Karen called a good friend around 11:30 pm.She called three times in a row.She left a text message to friend that said Jenny call me please!
    She also said Karen was always on her cell phone,playing games etc.
    Nancy said it had been reported that David disapproved of the way Karen dressed,she had lost weight and didn’t like her going to friend’s homes.
    Her mother said that before she notified David about the divorce that Karen and the girls went on a vacation.
    Nancy said it has been reported that Karen’s phone was accessed at 5 am
    and someone was doing a google search.

  3. Cat says:


    “And she was really excited about what was going on in her life. And she had actually planned — she had a job lined up in Pokinis (ph), Arkansas. And I was going to go down, and you know, help her a little bit and be with her.”

    “she was just working herself up, is what she was doing.”



    Wouldn’t certaintly be out of the question to “assume” that there could have been someone fairly close to her that DIDN’T want her to go, appears to me that her life was moving forward and it could be possible “someone” was upset at that fact. The circumstantial timing of such events surrounding her disappearance are evident IMO.

    Agreed, I think Mrs. Johnson was being as reserved at possible considering the situation.

    Forgive me but I am beginning to wonder if the call from the little one was not a manipulation by her dad to get Karen back home.

  4. whoknew says:

    Thank you.. I didn’t hear if the friend was ever able to reply or call Karen back that night?

    It’s interesting to note that there’s also an early morning internet search in the (unrelated) baby Lisa case.. Hopefully the details of those, when they come out, will help both cases..

  5. BlackPearl says:

    re: MarieAmy says: November 15, 2011 at 4:13 pm

    Here is the correct link to the Nancy Grace article which mentions that Karen called a friend from the Halloween Party to say she was not having a good time. She later called and texted this same friend.


    I really wish someone would confirm that Karen was at the club party and not a different one.

  6. BlackPearl says:

    And here is a link to a video from the Nancy Grace show. Nancy speaks with Karen’s mother on the phone as well as her friend, Jenny, who is identified as the friend who recieved the phone calls and seemingly urgent text message on the night she went missing.


  7. daydreamer says:

    Forgive me but I am beginning to wonder if the call from the little one was not a manipulation by her dad to get Karen back home.

    I believe that to Blink,I am sure he didn’t want her to go to begin with,he might have even had words with her before she left and maybe put her in a bad mood for the party,could be why she said she wasn’t having a good time.Something tells me she was worried and was going to make sure the kids would be alright there with him.I believe she knew he was to the limit with his emotions.I feel so bad she didn’t take the kids and go to a safe house right away.Sometimes you have to let go of your present lifestyle so you can begin a new one.It is easier said than done unfortunately.

  8. Löni says:

    Good evening Blink and Blinkers:
    here’s a Quote from Nancy Grace that i red
    in the transcript from her show about Karen
    “What`s so disturbing, in addition to Mommy being gone, of course, i
    s that Mommy is asleep in the bed with the 9-year-old little girl.
    She was at a sleepover that night. She wanted to come home to Mommy.
    Mommy gets up in the middle of the night, drives to the sleepover, brings
    the girl home, 1:45 AM, they both get in bed together, like I do with Lucy
    and John David every single night.”

    i don’t understand i thought Karen was at the Farm and by CB
    before picking up her daughter? Or did i get this wrong?
    Karen wasn’t is her Bed and got up in the Middle of the Night.
    Karen was herself on a party.

  9. Löni says:

    Bink do you think Karen was at home when she texted Jenny?
    Quote from transcrit:
    “GURIEN: Yes, ma`am. Well, she called me at 11:38, at 11:39. And then at 11:40, she sent me a text that said, Jenny, call me please. And I had went to bed at 11:00 o`clock.

    GRACE: Did she leave a voicemail message when she called?

    GURIEN: She did not. I didn`t even have — I have a new phone, so my voicemail has not — I hadn`t even had it set up yet.

    GRACE: In her text message, she said, Call me please.
    Were there exclamation points?

    GURIEN: Yes, she did.

    GRACE: Was that normal for her?

    GURIEN: It was normal for her to text me.
    She did that a lot. But for her to call me two times in a row,
    and then when I didn`t respond for her to then text me, that was –
    that was — I felt like that she was upset about something.”

    no, I don’t.

  10. Löni says:

    Or was NG unprapered and got some wrong?
    Blink, some says clothes were found near the car
    others says Mr. Box does not comfirm the
    clothes were found there. You also seem to say they were not
    near the car if i remember correctly. I red also somewhere they
    were found
    near a property. Why all this confusion? Why don’t they
    tell where the clothes were found? How could this info
    danger the Investigation?

    You got me Loni.

  11. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Are we raising the question that Karen was possibly at a party not held at the country club?

    There is a lot of unknown behaviors that could have real bearing on who and how they made Karen disappear.

    LE could know most of this information, but are holding it away from the public in order to keep the perp in the dark.

  12. zeus says:

    So if Karen called and then texted her friend from the party, was she possibly afraid to go home and was looking for help or a place to stay that night?

    I agree Blink, I too wonder if David coerced the daughter into calling her mom to come get her–just to get Karen back into the house.

    If he suspected that Karen may have been planning to stay elsewhere that night to avoid him (and protect herself)-he successfully used the one thing that would bring her home–being worried about her daughter!


    Cat says:
    November 16, 2011 at 11:57 am

    Blink’s response:
    Forgive me but I am beginning to wonder if the call from the little one was not a manipulation by her dad to get Karen back home.

  13. GeorgiaDad says:

    If she called a friend to say she was “not having a good time” at the party, it is possible that something happened at the party, or possibly somebody was bothering her.

    I find it unlikely that the husband would use their daughter to lure his wife back home. Who invites a witness to a crime?

    The soon-to-be-ex is definitely suspicious. IF he is involved, I suspect he had help. If the daughter was really sick, there would be a very good chance that she would wake up while he was disappearing his wife, moving the car, planting the phone near the river. Possibly the daughter was just “home sick” and he knew that she would sleep through the night. If this was a non-planned heat of the moment event, I suspect his diversionary tactics would not be as well though out or complicated (Using the phone near the Mississippi River at 5AM and then trying to get home seems unlikely).

  14. Löni says:

    God i beg you please bring Karen Home<3
    I am so sad so very sad, poor Karen, poor
    Children, poor parents and friends.
    There is nothing new, no information at all. How is that?
    Where is our Meter Reader for this case?
    Blink maybe you find something. I know you are working
    so hard for a Karen a Holly a lovely Caylee or for our Beautiful
    I would wish DS to pass a Polygraph test so he could be
    exenorated or not!

  15. Löni says:

    I am reading all nights all topix ( and believe me that is not
    fun because they argue so much ) in hope to find something
    and tell you. But nothing! nothing that catched my attention,
    that could be reliable or true! The people in Dyersburg don’t
    know much sadly, some suspect DS some a serial predator
    but suma sumarum no facts for us. But i am searching further
    who knows…

  16. Löni says:

    Excuse please my Texts to be so weird formateted
    i don’t know why my Iphone does this when i try to write
    shorter lines. Hmmm… It maked what it wants like
    my Dog my Cat my Horse my son and my

  17. Jack says:

    Blink – do you agree that if the husband had something to do with this, she is likely somewhere nearby? His window of time with small kids at home could not have been that large.

    I would feel better if I could exclude some of his accesses due to his work, and training.

  18. Twinkletoes says:

    Even the best behaved spouses in a divorce use the children subtly. It sucks, but its true. My thought is then, why if David was home, did Karen end up being the one to go get the homebound daughter? Did daughter call home first? So much we dont know in this case. Patience…

  19. marnie says:

    @ twinkletoes

    that’s how i feel – so much we don’t know in this case. it’s hard to be patient when there is conflicting and confusing information. there seems to be more questions than answers. do we know yet if children were interviewed? do we know karen actually went to bed with daughter or was that david’s updated story? what did those poor babies see or hear?

    i just know i got a creepy feeling when i first read the story and david’s vague explanation – they spoke briefly in the stairwell and then karen left and he went back to bed? where was the daughter? he didn’t check on her?

    anyway, i just felt like “having a brief conversation in a stairwell @ 1:30 am ” with a soon to be ex is probably NOT going to end well.

    did he push her down the stairs? it doesn’t sound like investigators have found any evidence of a struggle in the house?

    is the daughter really not eating “until mommy comes home” or is she traumatized by something she witnessed? then again, he did allow her to go the neighbor’s while he spoke to police? did he tell her, she didn’t see what she saw? daddy and mommy were just “horsing around?” ( or some such BS ), don’t tell anyone?

    trying to stay patient til the puzzle is complete.

    Fwiw, and I am speaking based on statistics and experience here, I doubt highly that either child saw or heard anything that evening, but by the grace of God.

    I do however, feel strongly that the call from her youngest (name is being intentionally withheld) may have been a manipulation by Dad, and children are W A Y more perceptive than most adults give them credit for.

    Especially in this situation, where you have an alleged dog poisoning, a Mom and Daughter trip which included the announcement of the divorce, and the subsequent and likely awkward “back to the house”.

    I think this little sweetie-girl knows in her little heart her Mommy is not coming home, and I can honestly say for those that are talking about how much her father was devoted to his family- now would be a great time for that to be true and start this children on a path of healing.


  20. marnie says:

    hi blink. oh i hope you are right, that the children did not witness anything that night. i know you are right about children being more perceptive than people give them credit for. i hope the healing process can start soon for them. it sounds like there is alot of info that is not being released yet, and praying they are close to solving this. i look forward to the info and insights you can share.

  21. zeus says:

    Interview with Preston Swift on HLN is quite interesting. These are things he confirmed that I believe, haven’t been said publicly yet:

    1 Karen and the daughter she picked up, went home and got into “their pajamas” and went to sleep.

    2 The girl remembers her mom picking her up and putting her into bed with her sister, “so she obviously was going somewhere”(said by Preston).

    When asked by Jane how he knew that, Preston said; “my little sister told me first hand, we actually took her to a specialist and talked to her, but she has told me this firsthand that Mom put her in bed with my little sister.”

    3 The girl has been interviewed by a specialist-although it does not talk about what kind of specialist during the interview.

    Preston also said that his Dad told him the details when the divorce was filed, and that his parents were trying to get through it quickly for the older boys and the little girls.

    That part of the video was hard to understand, maybe someone else here on BOC will be able to make out what Preston said or meant?


  22. A Texas Grandfather says:

    If the spouse is actually the one who is responsible for Karen’s disappearance, I don’t think the children witnessed anything. A witness is something that most killers don’t want. Therefore, the children would have been made to disappear as well.

    It is too bad that Karen didn’t use the vacation to find a safe place.

  23. Löni says:

    Good evening Blink and Blinkers! I found this post in a topix Forum and it seems quite interesting.
    But it is only hearsay so we don’t know what we can believe in this:
    Man Up wrote:
    I just that if I had found my wife’s car on the side of the road with a flat tire and no wife my first response would NOT be, “oh why did mommy leave us” . And certainly not to my little children.
    I would however be contacting anyone and everyone in my power to help me search. I wouldn’t have simply waited 8 hrs to even call around to her closest friends. I would have been the one to report her missing rather than her friends.
    David, you have the information to contact willing professional volunteer search teams. All you have to do is call. Dude! What are you waiting for?
    The stage knee injury three days before the disappearance? The ability to jump off and of an ATV all evening at a bonfire Friday night. Didn’t appear too injured to me that night man.
    The whole thing very much appears staged. Phone conveniently sends out a ping near the river, her clothes found there too, nearly folded neatly. Car conveniently close enough for you to scurry home through the woods. Clever turning it around to be facing toward home, you made a Uey. Clever that it’s still on the main busy thoroughfair.
    I’m an investigative reporter and the facts are very telling David. You stalked her, creepered her phone, laptop, friends, you cut her off financially so she had no other choice but to stay in the same house as she got her business up and running and got on her feet.
    I guess you can’t relate to what you’ve done to those children since you never had a family. I guess you figured you turned out ok without parents (obviously wrong about that), so they will be fine with out their mom.
    And why don’t you quit telling those sweet girls that their momma didn’t love them and she ran away? They need counseling, not brainwashing and manipulation.
    And to the LE…great job on waiting 12 days to process the “crime scene”. But, you forgot to collect David’s private laptop,which I know for a fact He Still Has it.
    And whats this I hear about you, David, having a loud altercation with a pretty blond at an eatery in Jackson a few weeks ago. Threatening her life if she takes you to court. And that you have been working less and not making as much $ since your injury. What’s up with that man?
    Man, You really are a good actor. But, Karen has said to me before, if anything happens to her, it’s David.
    So, where is she man? Have the decency to be a man. You screwed up and you will be caught. If you go in now and confess, maybe you just lost your temper. You’ve been under a lot of stress this year. You could get plea bargain and be out in a few short years. Man up!!!

  24. Edward says:

    ” it’s David ”

    What is going on with LE and the prosicuters office back there ??

    Seems to me that average people on the street know more then LE does..


  25. eloise says:

    DYERSBURG, TN (abc24.com) – It’s been three weeks since a Dyersburg woman went missing and investigators still don’t have many clues in the case. They’re checking Karen Swift’s phone records and her car, trying to find any information they can. In the meantime, friends and neighbors are holding out hope she’ll be found alive.

    “He has to look in their eyes and dry their tears. He doesn’t have anything to reassure them with any honesty because he doesn’t know where she is. He’s left in limbo,” Angela Naifeh told abc24.com.

    Naifeh giving abc24.com a bit of insight into what life has been like for David Swift the past three weeks. His wife, Karen is missing and he has no answers to give the children.


    Who is Angela to David Swift?


  26. daydreamer says:

    I am very curious about this “bonfire”.I wonder if it was at the Swift’s
    home and if any of the neighbors or friends were there?It sounds like
    David was out and about that Friday night.

  27. eloise says:

    Angela is a neighbor on Harness Rd.

    Thanks E, a very sympathetic one to David apparently.

  28. eloise says:

    Search tomorrow:

    Sheriff Jeff Box
    Karen Swift, Missing Person Investigation Update. Dyer County Emergency Management Director James Medling will be assisting the Sheriff’s Office in organizing search parties comprised of Volunteer Firemen & First Responders from the Dyer County Fire Dept’s, and the Dyer County Rescue Squad. The EMA Director has curren…tly requested that only the following civilian personel respond: volunteers from the Area that are highly familar with the rugged terrain in the Millsfield area and experience boaters that will be used in water searches. All searchers are required to wear reflective vests to protect searchers from Deer Hunters on opening day of gun season,which starts Saturday, Nov. 19. Snake chaps or protective boots are also suggested. Any personel without a reflective vest will be turned away. All personel will meet at the Millsfield Fire Department at 8 am Saturday, Nov. 19. Any other civilian volunteers that show up with a reflective vest may be restricted to searching roadways.See More
    LikeUnlike · · Share · 41 minutes ago


  29. Edward says:

    This case reminds me so much of and is the pattern and behavior of scott powell..

    even LE is responding in the same pattern ..

    Just amazing to me..

    Happy to see LE and others are getting out there, looking for answers..

  30. Rose says:

    Sympathetic neighbor seems to have similar age girls:

  31. Twinkletoes says:

    It feels like there is nothing happening in this case, but I cant help but think the silence is the calm before the storm.

  32. Eloise says:

    Case being discussed on NG. Karen’s brother is on, and he states the clothes in question were found alongside the Obien River, hence the dragging of that site.

    correct, and nowhere near the car, as some reported.

  33. Jeff D says:


    A: She decides to walk to that river and skinny dip, or
    B: She is the victim of a sexual assault, or
    C: Those clothes were put there…

  34. daydreamer says:

    I am glad to see Nancy keeping Karen in the media.Concerning the dragging of the Obien River,i feel this might staged by David.Why
    have her clothes there and the pinging of the cell phone,if she is in
    that river.He had a short window of time and I don’t believe she is far.
    But where?Since he brought Hogshooter into the picture,I wonder if she could be on his property,since it is close? Just rolling around some thoughts this morning.It would have to be somewhere familiar and not a risk to be seen.After all there were Halloween parties that night.

  35. Sharon says:

    Why don’t they use the tracking dogs to track the husband and/or neighbour’s scent from the vehicle? Seems to make a lot of sense, and they certainly wouldn’t have problems obtaining a sweater or shirt of theirs to do so …

  36. Josie says:

    My thoughts are with Karen’s children, parents and all who love and miss her this Holiday season. I hope something breaks in the case soon and answers are found soon.

    Thanksgiving blessings to you and yours, Blink and Company and all here at BOC.

  37. Twinkletoes says:

    @Daydreamer–very good thinking. If indeed, husband was trying to frame the neighbor, she is on neighbor’s property. Or somewhere connected to neighbor. I wonder if Hogshooter has consented to a search of his property.

  38. Liam says:

    Another domestic? Another poor woman missing…


    This young lady has met a predictable end, sadly. If a man is abusive physically to a woman even just one time, imo, it never gets any better. I truly wish people would understand that finally.


  39. Word Girl says:

    While I realize I’m behind on the research in this case, I’m wondering if we have a full profile of David yet?
    Lingering questions for me:
    *Does he have any ties to LE in Dyersburg or elsewhere?
    *Does he have access to an ATV (and what does he keep in that shed
    on their property?)
    *How tall is David?
    *How familiar is he with wooded territory–does he hunt?
    *Where do his parents/family live?

    Thanks for patience, Blinkers. I tried advanced search of this forum, but didn’t see those answers. Any help would be marvelous! WG

  40. Eloise says:

    Sheriff’s dept. provides update on search for Swift


    Sheriff Box also noted that cell phone records show the last known activity from Swift’s cell phone was at 5 a.m. on Oct. 30, 2011. That activity from her phone was reported to have been an automatic Internet access by the phone itself and not by an individual. The access was only detected by one cell phone tower, which made it impossible for the cellular providers to provide law enforcement with a precise location that can be triangulated when a phone has access on multiple towers.


  41. zeus says:

    Hi Word Girl! I have been following this from the beginning, the ATV question was answered by Blink in response to one of my posts(I don’t have the link to it though). The Swift’s have two ATV’s on their property.

    I don’t believe we have had answers concerning the rest of your questions though.

    Word Girl says:
    November 24, 2011 at 11:30 am

  42. Jeff D says:

    So many lives effectively affected,
    infected with hate, too late to
    rewind or undo.

    Madly, sadly these numbers
    climb badly, too fast to
    attack, nay, track.

    Devotion to emotion, Greek
    masks behind peek, answers too few,
    we seek….we seek.

  43. Josie says:

    Thank you Eloise for the update. I was just getting ready to ask if there have been any. The last one I had seen was the interview with Karen’s son. I’m glad to see LE has released the search locations and that evidence has been and is being found. I’m so afraid this is going to develop into another unsolved mystery and I just don’t want to see that happen. I guess at times I’m impatient, but I want Karen found now, sooner than later. It seems these missing person’s cases are happening now on an almost daily basis and so many are unsolved. This really worries me.

    Does anyone else feel like more than one person is involved in this?

  44. Josie says:

    I may have missed it, but has it ever been established what caused the flat tire on Karen’s car? Was there a puncture, slash, etc.?

  45. Black Pearl says:

    I don’t know that this is worthwhile, but there is a comment on the article Eloise shared which says:

    Choctaw Transportation Company has a 4 acre storage yard near the Heloise, TN dock where they store up to 50 tons of fertilizer, manure, sand, stone, limestone, etc. and that company has and uses refrigerated trucks. Cadaver dogs could be used to search that yard. If it has been searched already maybe it should be searched again. The company can do its own search of its storage yard at Heloise and its refrigerated trucks, its office is on E. Court Street in Dyersburg, TN a short distance down the street from the Humane Society. Apparently Ms. Swift did landscaping, someone that hauls those kinds of materials might have had opportunity to observe her. I wonder if any of the other missing women or their neighbors had any landscaping done or were engaged in any activities or projects that would have required large quantities of fertilizer, manure, sand, stone, or limestone materials before they disappeared?
    – Posted by LisaDe on Fri, Nov 25, 2011, at 7:43 AM


  46. Blink says:

    Haunting dear sir.

  47. Jeff D says:

    It’s a dark and dreary road we travel on these pages Ms. B.

    Mostly, yes.

    It’s the only way I know to get to the sunshine for a while, and make the crooked places straight.

    God Bless all on the weary travel.

  48. Josie says:

    It is a dark road that we travel, but you dear Blink are a ray of sunshine that lightens the way. I’m so glad I found BOC two years ago. It renews my faith that there are still a lot of good caring people, amidst all the evil. It does my heart good!

    Thank you kindly Josie, and I agree that I am more than proud of the sum of our parts here.

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