Karen Swift Missing: Clothing Found Is Hers, David Swift Lawyers UP, Mr. Yuk Hogshooter Is A Doppelneighbor

Dyersburg, TN- Missing Mom Karen Johnson Swift’s disappearance is looking more and more like whatever fate the well-liked fitness buff  encountered,  happened very close to her home on Willie Johnson Road.

David Swift, Karen’s estranged husband, has told police Karen left the home at approximately 1:30 am the morning of October 30th after an earlier jaunt to retrieve the couple’s youngest daughter from a planned Halloweenfest  sleepover.

Karen attended a Halloween soiree at THE FARMS golf club earlier in the evening dressed as cat-woman;  her costume was found in her unlocked and abandoned car.

According to the Dyersburg Country Club by laws,  regardless of handicap all attendees  turned into pumpkins by midnight that evening so it is not likely Karen was headed back there.  Reports of her leaving the family residence at that hour are based solely on her husband’s last exchange with her.

Swift filed for divorce from David on October 1oth.   The couple had been divorced and remarried to each other previously.

David, a former Columbia Forest Products employee,  is an independent business owner in the aerosol packaging field and Karen has been developing a horticulture business as “The Yard Lady“.

While Mr. Swift has refused all requests for comment by the media, he is also now refusing to speak to investigators and has referred all inquiries to his recently retained attorney.

Mr. Swift was observed in his driveway after he returned from an interview with DCSO in the first days of the investigation on crutches.

Mr. Swift underwent emergency surgery for a torn patella tendon in April of 2011 but by all accounts has long since recovered from the injury sustained at his daughter’s soccer field.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, sources inside the investigation have confirmed to www.blinkoncrime.com that David Swift refused to allow a search by consent of the couple’s 5 acre property after the first meeting where he allowed officers to look throughout the home for purposes of confirming Karen was not there.

Following discovery in a overgrown area included in the search grid and submission to the state crime lab, the Dyer County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) prioritized  a pair of jeans and gray zip-up requesting expedited results.

The source goes on to say those items have been identified through test results of mitochondrial DNA to belong to Karen Johnson Swift.  The match was made from a sample comparative from Karen’s mother.

It is believed there are additional items that may belong to Karen that have been recovered- however, the forensic results necessary to confirm her positive association are pending.

During the topical search of the Swift home which did not  include crime scene processing, the Swifts’s two young daughters spent time at the neighbors home.

Jennifer Lamb kept the Swift girls while police were at the Swift home interviewing their father with the intention of locating Ms. Swift.

In a seemingly inexplicable coincidence, both the Lambs and the Swift’s uploaded an image of a rainbow appearing overhead of the two homes spanning over 10 acres, the very day Dave Swift was served his divorce papers.

Marty Lamb, on his way to work at Nucor early Sunday morning, pulled in behind Karen’s white Nissan Murano and “flashed his lights” , only to learn she was not in her car.  With no sign of foul play,  Lamb assumed Swift returned the short distance to her driveway with  no cause for alarm and continued his commute.

DCSO has reported that Karen Swift’s car had a flat tire and has been impounded for crime scene technician processing. What has not been addressed publicly is how the tire came to be flat in the first place.

Karen’s 2004 Murano is equipped with an electronic tire pressure monitoring sensor and she always backed down the nearly 200 foot driveway.   As their was no evidence of a tire blowout, nor could she have been traveling at a high rate of speed,  this editor questions how she could have missed a flat tire getting into the car in a well lit driveway in the first place,  followed by missing the alarm signal and light on her dashboard.  Swift’s car was found across from the home of John Hogshooter at 310 Harness RD.

Hogshooter Not Hogtied

John E. Hogshooter, in court yesterday on aggravated animal cruelty charges stemming from an alleged incident reported  on October 7  by David Swift, was granted bond.

Prior to Mr. Hogshooter’s brief incarceration, his vehicle was impounded and processed for any possible evidence relating to Karen Swift’s disappearance.  Nothing of forensic significance was found and the truck was returned to the former Dyer county Ervin  softball coach.

In contrast to Mr. Swift’s refusal to allow LE to search his adjacent property, Mr. Hogshooter allowed his home and property to be searched voluntarily.

Hogshooter is alleged to have poisoned the Swift family dog as well as an as yet un-named neighbors pet who died as a result.

Within the complaint filed by David Swift,  he states that he watched his dog walk onto the Hogshooter property and upon return, became  ill.

A medication was administered by the Vet to counteract whatever the dog may have ingested and JackBoots was returned to the family the next day.

My Dude JackBoots

JackBoots,  dog rescue of the Swift family,  has a scannable chip implant that emits a low level frequency signal detectable by a scanner,  or radio frequency identification (RFID), so it is possible to isolate for investigative purposes.

Doppelneigbor – the blinkipedia

(noun) Neighbor who is a ringer for the neighbor who is a person of interest.

These gentleman’s issues may have infinite degrees of separation- Siberian even, but how uncanny is it that they resemble each other to the point of  fooling CCTV resolution?

Check back to www.blinkoncrime.com for updates

Images courtesy family photos,  processing courtesy of Klaasend

Jacqueline Beaufort contributing editor

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  1. NaNa says:

    “If a man is abusive physically to a woman even just one time, imo, it never gets any better. I truly wish people would understand that finally.”

    Blink, you are absolutely correct. Coming from a home where my father was abusive, it gets worse as time passes. It was a life threatening situation in our home when my Mother escaped with us more than 20 years ago. But it took many years for her to finally accept that the abuse wasnt her fault and she could survive outside that house on her own.
    We have to educate women on the choices they have in life, and be there to support them so they can get out of those situations. It’s really scary when you are controlled (as the abusers do), and provide an escape for them until their mind can grasp opportunity and peace.
    It’s almost certain this young mother has met her demise. I pray for her children, parents, and those who loved her. I know their hearts are aching.

  2. Eloise says:

    I am getting very worried that this case is quickly going to the cold files. Way too quiet too quick, imo. Where are the friends and family pleading? Where is the reward offering? ( there may have been a $1000 crime stoppers type thing) Is LE asking them to sit tight?
    I can’t help but compare the the Orlando case of Michelle Parker and the frenzy going on down there and updates via LE. It makes a difference. Are you people in TN listening and watching? I want Karen found for you. Prayers.

  3. Edward says:

    So many cases have gone like this one. So much water in this area.
    Unless they get some camera images or witness to vehicle or people, LE appears lost.
    Look at this last search.. It should have been named “better late then never”

    Anyways …It is not going to be a nice christmas for these children.
    Sooner or later LE may get what they need to make an arrest.

  4. ClassyGal says:

    Blink~ Any word on the info I shared last week?

    I passed it on, but I was wondering why your contact did not-

  5. Starsky says:

    How about an update on some other stories you follow? Anything new on Morgan or Kyron?

    Today I got nothing on either friend.

  6. Pale rider says:

    I emailed you.

  7. ClassyGal says:

    Understood. Thanks.

  8. ClassyGal says:

    It is, yes. I took care of this personally.

  9. zeus says:

    Blink, I am sad that everything seems to be at a standstill-not just for Karen, but for so many other missing people. I just wish that some forward motion would start happening to help give the families answers.

    This is all I could find on Karen today, it’s from the “Karen-Swift-Missing-Mom-of-4″ facebook page. The asked for contact from Sheriff Box and this is what they got:

    Karen Swift Missing Mom of 4

    Dec 3, 2011 UPDATE from Sheriff Jeff Box – “The Investigation into the disappearance of Karen Johnson Swift is still an active investigation using many resources and utilizing investigative techniques that could be helpful to the Investigation. Our agency has been receiving results from the many items of evidence that was sent to the lab. The results do appear that they will be helpful to the Investigation and we are still very thoroughly looking at the case and all evidence. Currently, it still will not be beneficial to release the results, and making all the evidence public will not help us solve this case. While the lab results come in we are going over not only the evidence but are reviewing all previous interviews, to document any inconsistencies in any of the interviews, reinterviewing and have new interviews setup in an attempt to gather more information and evidence. Searchers cleared another area Wednesday, and have been and will search any new areas that we receive leads on or any area that becomes an additional area of interest. Our agency would like to release more information at this time, and does expect to release more info soon but not until we know it will not be detrimental to the case.

    Ms. Swift is entered NCIC as a missing person and entered in the NamUS System which is the National Missing and Unidentified Missing Persons System. As a precaution her photograph, dental records and DNA comparisons are being processed to be input into that system. The NamUS system is used by law enforcement agencies and investigators to search nationwide for missing and unidentified persons.”


  10. Eloise says:


    I had just come to post the same thing. At least they responded to the inquiry- hopefully there will be more news soon.

  11. Löni says:

    Good Morning Blink and Blinkers. In Germany we use to say
    no news, good news. But in this case no news bad news!!!
    It is so sad for those Kids, Christmas without mom. I hope
    they will find soon a lead to Karen.

  12. ClassyGal says:

    They found Michelle Parker’s cell phone. Let’s hope & pray it holds the answer to where she is.

  13. Edward says:

    where was it found ?

  14. Classygal99 says:

    LE will not disclose that info.

  15. Eloise says:

    Edward says:
    December 8, 2011 at 11:33 am

    where was it found ?


    They aren’t publicizing the details as of yet- Not sure if the family knows either. Let’s hope it furthers the investigation.

  16. Edward says:

    I did see where the “people court” missing womans cell phone was found by divers under a bridge.

  17. Eloise says:


    Women who knew Swift rule out possibility that she ran off on her own
    Thursday, December 8, 2011
    Dyersburg State Gazette

    I have a suspicion that David cut off her access to marital funds.

  18. Eloise says:

    Yes- it seems that way. It also seems hubby has sicked some folks to dog her on Topix the last few days. Really pushing the girlfriends killed her card. Ah yea, sure.


  19. Eloise says:

    The Dyer County sheriff confirmed a body has been found off of Highway 79 between Dyer County and Lake County, Tennessee.


    ??? :(

  20. Eloise says:


    Location change:
    “All we can confirm at this time is that we have recovered an unidentified body that will have to be identified by the medical examiner’s office,” said Dyer County Sheriff Jeff Box. “The body found was in the early stages of decomposition.”

    Although Box is not stating where the body was found, a roadblock was set up by sheriff’s deputies at the fork in the road at Burnt Mill Road and Harness Road off Highway 78.

  21. Queen says:

    Sadly, my friend, that is correct.


    I am on location next week for a different case, but I want to say that I am furious and heartbroken at the same time.


  22. Cat says:

    Body found near Karen Swift home…early stages of decomp…expect positive ID by Monday…no other details being released

    Sadly, it is her.


    My prayers for Karen, her devoted friends and family today.

  23. sandra says:

    Body found today.

  24. sandra says:

    Found in shallow grave in cemetery near the home. Based on a tip.

    Ok your seriously freaking me out, lol. I just posted my piece, and got your comment.

    It is correct, unfortunately.


  25. [...] a flat tire without any evidence of foul play, fueling speculation the scene appeared staged.  As reported exclusively by http://www.blinkoncrime.com,  clothing later determined by DNA testing belonging to Karen Swift was [...]

  26. Virginia Bush says:

    It just occurred to me that someone managed to lure Karen Swift to a lonely area, kill her, and hide her body near a cemetery a couple hours after she brought her daughter home from a Halloween party. Connect the dots….Halloween….car breaks down…lonely area…murder…cemetery. Is a psycho involved? Just a thought.

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