The West Memphis Three HBO Paradise Lost Purgatory: Victims Parents Plea For No Oscar, Call Film Cruel Hoax

Beverly Hills, CA- Following an announcement that The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences  is considering the HBO documentary Paradise Lost III : Purgatory, as one of 15 submissions being considered for an Oscar in the documentary category branch of AMPAS, chaired by Rob Epstein-  Todd and Diana Moore took action.

The Moores are the parents of James Michael Moore, one of three eight your old victims murdered on May 3, 1993 along with Chris Byers and Stevie Branch.  Within days of an exclusive series on the murders appearing on which included the discovery of potential new evidence;  the nearly 18 year old case that resulted in 9 previous convictions of three suspects took a radical turn.

On August 19th  Jessie Misskelley, Damien Echols and Charles Jason Baldwin pled guilty to the murders of all 3 children via an Alford plea and were immediately released from jail as convicted murders on parole.

Paradise Lost III produced by Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky follows it’s predecessors I and II,  released in 1996 after the initial convictions of the West Memphis 3.

Berlinger is a member of AMPAS,  and has produced several unreleased documentaries of Hollywood A- listers including Charlize Theron, Hugh Jackman, Oprah Winfrey and Cameron Diaz.

Click below to read impassioned and unedited letter sent to Chairman Epstein.

The following is the unedited letter sent to Chairman Epstein by Todd and Diana Moore:



PO Box 721

2004 Main St.

Hughes, AR  72348

November 22, 2011

Chairman Robert P. Epstein


Awards Office

8949 Wilshire Blvd

Beverly Hills CA 90211

Re:       Paradise Lost III:  Purgatory

Dear Chairman Epstein and members of the Documentary Branch of the Academy:

We are Todd Moore and Dana Moore.

Our cherished eight-year-old son, Michael, was brutally murdered on May 5, 1993 by Jessie Misskelley, Damien Echols, and Jason Baldwin.  Misskelley was tried and convicted in 1994.  Baldwin and Echols were convicted by a separate jury later that year.  All three entered Alford pleas to our son’s murder August 19, 2011.  They are now, as they have been for the past 17 years, guilty as a matter of law.  They have been guilty as a matter of fact since the moment water flooded Michael’s lungs after he was beaten, stripped, hogtied, and then discarded into a stream to drown.

Michael was the joy of our lives.  In addition to our son, his murderers also tortured and slaughtered two other children, Christopher Byers and Stevie Branch.  These three precious victims were classmates and friends, and their loss was a tragedy felt throughout the entire community.

We are horrified to learn that a documentary that glorifies Michael’s killers, Paradise Lost III: Purgatory, is among 15 documentaries being considered for an Academy Award.  Because of public pressure that exploded due to gross misrepresentations of fact in two previous documentaries, Michael’s killers were unjustly able to enter into a plea agreement, were released from prison, and now pose additional threats to society.  This third documentary further insulted the families of these three boys and may lead to further injustice.  We implore the Academy not to reward our child’s killers and the directors who have profited from one of the greatest frauds ever perpetrated under the guise of a “documentary film.”

We realize that documentaries have a point of view and advocate a position to some degree or another.  As with the two before it, this film crossed the line into a cruel hoax that had real-life consequences larger than even those of us who still mourn our horrific losses.  It is not art.  This film is cynical and exploitative deception that compounds our pain needlessly and rewards those who inflicted it.  It and the two films that preceded it are simply tasteless tabloid entertainment presented as social commentary.

We are private individuals.  The directors, Bruce Sinofsky and Joe Berlinger, are aware of this because we refused to participate in their last two films.  We appeared solely in the first film because the directors lied and told us their purpose would be to “protect children.”  You can imagine our shock and disgust when the first film opened with gruesome and gratuitous images of the crime scene and remained exploitative and salacious until the credits rolled.  It did nothing to promote child welfare.  It did everything to support child killers and to benefit monetarily from a ghastly crime.

We were hardly the only people Sinofsky and Berlinger misled or manipulated.

Consider what happened to John Mark Byers. He was Christopher Byers’ adoptive father. Confrontations between Mr. Byers and Echols’ supporters at hearings were staged.  Of course, Berlinger and Sinofsky were there to film these episodes.  Berlinger and Sinofsky would transport Mr. Byers to the hearings and wire him for sound beforehand.  Furthermore, Berlinger and Sinofsky maneuvered Mr. Byers and Echols’ supporters in order to film the anticipated confrontations.  Later, after the cameras were packed away, Mr. Byers acted like a different person.  Instead of being belligerent, he was affable. When asked about his change in demeanor, Mr. Byers stated that he was supposed to act that way when the cameras were present.  Mr. Byers was quoted as saying he received $500 per hour for “exclusive interviews.”

These contrived “confrontations” and other distortions caused many viewers to believe Mark was the “real killer.”  It had a terrible impact on his life.  We brought this to the attention of HBO. Our complaint was ignored because these falsehoods proved lucrative.

The complete list of distortions would be a long one. The above example is illustrative of the manipulation and distortions that are prevalent throughout the entire Paradise Lost franchise. The films are bereft of ethics, principles, or factual accuracy and basis.

Publicity from the first two films did generate millions of dollars in donations.  Much of that money went toward the defense’s investigation of the case.  Not a single piece of exculpatory evidence was produced.  In other words, between $10,000,000 and $20,000,000 has been collected, although no one knows the exact amount collected or how it was spent.  In eighteen years, nothing was found to clear the names of the actual killers.  Late last year, the windfall that went toward the legal defense resulted in the granting of an evidentiary hearing which was set to be held a few weeks from now.  Instead, the murderers opted to initiate a plea negotiation with the State.  As a result, they remain convicted of the deaths of three children.

We have to note that this situation is similar to the one that confronted the Academy when Capturing the Friedmans was nominated for Best Documentary Film of 2003.  Two of the Friedmans’ sexual abuse victims presented another Open Letter to the Academy.  Capturing the Friedmans had much more artistic merit and integrity than Paradise Lost III: Purgatory, yet it did not receive the award. The Academy made the right decision then, and we pray it does so this time as well.


Todd Moore                                                                            Diana Moore

cc:        (via eMail)

Commercial Appeal

Jonesboro Sun

LA Times


Hollywood Reporter

People Magazine

Associated Press

United Press International


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  1. Link Please says:

    You failing to post a link to your claim is just another thing to add to the list of things that have ruined your reputation. Post a link you coward.

    lol, you think you are going to bully me into doing your research for you?

    It is on this site, in several places, look it up, stop cyberharassing me with your 50 different sign ins, act like a grown up and go about your day.


  2. PookyBear says:

    Link Please — it was quite easy to find a link to such a statement and took me less than 5 minutes —

    …She has asked West Memphis prosecutors to re-open the case, and prosecutor Scott Ellington, who accepted the “plea deal” brokered by West Memphis Three attorneys, said he’s reviewed the “new evidence” provided by WM3 lawyers and it did not persuade him to re-open the case. He said the real killers pled guilty…

  3. Ragdoll says:


    I wish y’all the best. I pray there’ll be answers to some questions. My heart tells me God’s keeping some to Himself (always for righteous reasons).

    I’m so grateful these precious victims have a voice and so many who care and stand behind their legacy.

    Hope to see y’all up the road or over the rainbow, some sweet day. <3

  4. Mom3.0 says:

    Hi- I have not given up I am still researching still thinking-
    - I just find it extremely hard to put my thoughts into words on these threads -especially since most have made up there minds one way or another-
    Its hard to bounce thoughts off of noone – most here and elsewhere seem to have lost interest in discussing this case

    I still check this thread and I still someday hope to get my thoughts together.

    I hope everything is okay with you Ragdoll
    Your post seemed rather melancholy- I hope this is due to the horribleness of the crime and the loss of the three little boys and does not speak to something amiss with you.

    It would be my honor to someday meet up with you on the otherside Ragdoll-

    Peace to you

    Please take case of yourself.

  5. Mom3.0 says:

    Today I ran across some information that DE is trying to put his artistic leanings toward work-
    He is a tattoo artist and his tattoos are only by appt. If I read correctly he charges $200 dollars for his “signature” tattoos-

    I realize he is a new tattoo artist and that an “X” can be used to represent ones signature and I ofcourse do not begrudge anyone from trying to make a living doing what they love to do- nor do I begrudge any consumer from making a poor decision to buy over-priced crap-
    To each his own…
    But I cant help but draw a connection to the black spray painted “x”s that were used to mark the areas where Little Stevie Mike and Chris were found-

    I doubt this crossed Damiens mind but for goodness sake- think before you leap-


    1. I heart u always, but especially in this thread and in this case. What a tenacious advocate you are, and have always been- I applaud you.

    2. I want to vomit. You and I have different perspectives on this case, but we are in solid agreement this is in utter bad taste.

    What we may not agree on, is the part that Damien did not consider the X on the tree when deciding his “signature tat of choice”. I have seen his artwork, this is his signature alright- X marks the spot.

    He is an intelligent man aware of this case more than most. He also claims to be a Buddhist.

    How does that jibe to this endeavor ? I do not know.

    I appreciate you bringing this forth. I so heart your “you-ness”.


  6. Ragdoll says:

    Just poppin in to say thank you Mom! What a sweet and kind message….oh so typical of your heart. I concur with B…..your you-ness is enriched with infinitely beloved qualities. It’s been an honour!

    On DE’s new tattoo career… yeah. Dunno know if those x’s near the sites of our wee cubs murders, are relative. What makes the ‘X’ so signature to DE, I wonder? For a Buddhist, you would think he’d relate to a peaceful, self reflective symbol that reveals his new found spirituality and state of mind. Instead, he’s cashing in on the X, which is highly associated with crimes he insists he had nothing to do with? Seems like he’s still chummy with the old demons. I believe he’s stuck in a place in time, for obvious reasons.

    Lord help us, this guy needs intensive therapy. That is not the mind of a guilt free conscience…..imho.

    Love Love Love

  7. Cindy Blair says:

    Just saw West of Memphis at the Wellington (New Zealand) film festival tonight and Damien, Lori and Peter Jackson were there and took questions after the film. Damien said that Jason is in law school in Seattle and Jessie doesn’t leave his house because he’s scared of being sent back to prison. They were very well received and Damien said NZ is like his second home.

  8. Riverpearl says:

    *There’s more @ LINK.

    For nearly two decades, prison was the only home Jason Baldwin, Damien Echols and Jessie Misskelley Jr. knew.

    Convicted as teenagers in the gruesome 1993 murders of three Cub Scouts in eastern Arkansas, the men known as the West Memphis Three were released last Aug. 19 after years of questions about the evidence in the case and attention from such celebrities as Pearl Jam front man Eddie Vedder and the Dixie Chicks’ Natalie Maines. Now, they are trying to move forward while dealing with a new world of iPhones and Twitter as well as their own status as celebrities.


    Echols is preparing to crisscross the country to promote his new book, “Life After Death.” Baldwin spent time on the set of “Devil’s Knot,” an upcoming movie about the case starring Reese Witherspoon and Colin Firth. Misskelley has been eking out a quiet life in the trailer park where he grew up near West Memphis.

    “My greatest piece of technology as a 16-year-old kid was my Super Nintendo,” said Baldwin, who was 16 when he was arrested. “Now I’ve got this thing called the iPhone.”

    Their case seemed to be headed for a new trial when the three men suddenly reached a deal last year that allowed them to go free and keep proclaiming their innocence even though they pleaded guilty to murder. Though they have their supporters and fans, they also have detractors who don’t believe the men were wrongly convicted.

    “That people would support three convicted child murderers speaks to how sad and deviant the world has become,” Todd Moore, the father of one of the slain Cub Scouts, said in a statement responding questions from The Associated Press.

    His son, Michael Moore, and the boy’s two friends, Christopher Byers and Steve Branch, were found in a ditch, naked and hogtied with shoelaces in May 1993. They were 8.

    The men convicted of killing them are now in their 30s.

    Since his release, Baldwin got a driver’s license, a part-time job at a law firm and an apartment in Seattle, where he stayed at Vedder’s house after he and Echols were whisked away last year. He’s traveled to movie screenings and film festivals, met the actor playing him in the upcoming Hollywood adaptation “Devil’s Knot,” and celebrated Thanksgiving in Amsterdam atop a floating Chinese restaurant.

    “I just wake up every day and I’m like, ‘Wow,’” said Baldwin, who is taking classes and hopes to earn a law degree.

    He doesn’t see Echols or Misskelley often. When they do get together, Baldwin said they don’t really talk about the case.

    Like Baldwin, Echols has been traveling. He headed to New Zealand, where director and supporter Peter Jackson has been filming “The Hobbit.” In addition to gearing up for his book tour, Echols has been working on the latest documentary about the case, “West of Memphis,” due out at the end of the year.

    “All of these things serve the purpose of continuing to put pressure on the state of Arkansas in hopes that they will eventually do the right thing and reopen the case,” Echols, who once came within three weeks of an execution date, said in a statement provided by a spokesman.

    Prosecutor Scott Ellington, who agreed to the plea deal, has promised to look at new evidence as it comes in. But he said he hasn’t seen anything that would make him consider reopening the case.

    status as celebs? This is a concept I will never, ever understand.

    These children died a gruesome and heinous death, this case will never leave me.

    I had a very private conversation with my late Mother when I was set to publish my work on this case, but I will share her final thoughts, in part, on the topic.

    “..Sometimes the Universe has a plan that exceeds our immediate comprehension. Perhaps where you or I see an abysmal failure and shock to our faith, it is really a thinly veiled recruitment process for advocacy.

    I have to believe that karmically, a decision was made that for right now, there is a pending lesson whose importance supercedes earthly justice as we perceive it, in the short term.

    Injustice is a a perception, if you allow it to be.”

    True dat.


  9. Ragdoll says:

    Your momma is right. God says so Himself (He is after all, all knowing):

    Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5

    Where Caylee’s and Chris, Michael and Steve’s cases are concerned, I had to give it up to the Lord and trust His hand is very much involved in the ultimate justice.

    Drawing strength from the Lord ends up being the only answer (I speak on my behalf only) rather than searching for ones that aren’t meant to be known, whether in our time or God’s. Perhaps this can comfort others. That is my prayer, but I won’t give up hope on the path the Lord prepares before me.

    Shalom xo

  10. MandyVZ says:

    So, I just saw a report on my local (Memphis) news that Jason Baldwin accepted a spot as an executive producer on Devil’s Knot… And Damien called him up and said that he would no longer make public appearances with him.

    I’be always been a fence-rider where Damien’s guilt is concerned, but I am starting to really heavily question his entire attitude about his release. Jason held out against the Alford plea, until it was made clear that it was an “all or nothing” situation. Damien himself thanked Jason for that specifically. If the attorneys are to be believed he also refused to testify against Damien to save himself from the beginning.

    Aside from all that, what are we, still in high school here? It looks to me like Damien is afraid some of his “thunder” might get stolen… It has become apparent to me that he tries to paint himself as the MOST wronged due to his death sentence. His is behavior is becoming very prima donna-ish.

  11. JB says:

    So apparently the fiber evidence that was used against Jason and Damien is actually not at all similar to fibers found at the homes of Jason and Damien after recent and more advanced testing. This combined with the jury tampering and admittedly unreliable witnesses pretty much leaves zero evidence against Jason Baldwin, or at least discounts the evidence that was presented against him in the trial.

  12. Cindy says:

    This make me ill………the making of celebrities out of murderers….

    That film is scheduled to open Christmas Day. Regardless of one’s thoughts about guilt, how grossly inappropriate is that.


  13. Ragdoll says:

    Where the supporters of WM3 are concerned, there is no ‘inappropriate’. In their minds, the victims are the guilty.

    …and ya gotta just love how these 3 minions wasted no time searching for the real killers.

    Lurking and reading about Megan, Kyron, Penn State….. Praying, mostly.

    Thank GOD for redemption (atonement for guilt, to be more specific).

    My very best xo

  14. MandyVZ says:

    West of Memphis will be showing for free in Memphis and Arkansas starting today and continuing over the next 7 (I believe) weeks. It’s first come seating and the first showing is tonight at 7 at the Paradiso in Memphis. Tomorrow it shows at 7 at the Malcolm Cordova. I’m having trouble locating a good link with future showtimes as the Commercial Appeal is a paid site.

  15. Ragdoll says:

    I cannot believe Canada let this killer into our country…and Echols has the audacity to whine about the extraordinary measures he faced to cross the border. At least you still have your life, unlike our wee cubs who’s lives you literally destroyed. I’m especially unnerved at the eerie physical resemblance between Depp and Echols.

    As for Johnny Depp, this is about him and his issues. The truth is blurred for him simple because he sees himself in these creatures. Has he seen the graphic photos or read docs related to this case? Does he even know the boys’ names? I dare to say no since he’s never really talked about it.

    Most people who felt judged/misunderstood growing up, dressed differently, expressed themselves against mainstream AND AND AND…. supported the ‘worst murderers 3′, were duped by the killers. They bought into their woes, not the truth.

    No felon would get these traveling privileges.,,20629289,00.html

  16. Gyspy DD says: are 100% felon..not even a person guilty of shoplifting is normally allowed into Canada/ I mean we all know that film companys pull strings so that their actors may film in other countries that they may not normally be allowed into due to some past scrap with the law. However..murder, with a guilty plea..not so much.

    Obviously in my opinion Mr Echols should not have ever been given a passport to leave this country, nor the masses part to allow him to then travel to a film festival in a foreign country where his movie production..a self styled whine about injustice done to him (forget the fact he plead guilty to the murder of three innocent little boys) is making news..and one would suppose therefore money for all involved.

    As far as his pal Johnny D goes..they both appear to be going through some adolescent male bonding ritual of their own..getting tattos together, wearing dark sunglasses together..ignoring the truth together. Very sad commentary on todays view of entertainment…and with enough connections anyone can become rich and famous from their own misdeeds.

  17. JB says:

    How’s that piece coming Blink? Guess you don’t have much to add.

    I would add that my prayers continue to be with Stevie, Michael and Chris.


  18. Ragdoll says:

    Gyspy DD says:
    September 13, 2012 at 2:12 pm

    Great insight, Gyspy! The tattoos….that is usually a bonding experience, indeed. I believe it makes 3 that they share now. Pathetically pathetic.

    I appreciate your feedback. Funny how the ‘pled to guilty’ part manages to be kept out by the wayside. Again, people are not getting the full story. If the media is involved and celebrities are advocating for the cause, then it must be the truth? I guess it’s easier than researching the truth for themselves. Most don’t have a clue about this case, yet are weighing in like Nancy Graces. This is our society. Lazy. Uninformed. Buys into anything, regardless of source.

    I’m grateful God is a great Redeemer. This will die down, the notoriety will fade and these 3 killing machines will be left to their own devices. I doubt Echols has had any time to process the truth since he’s been surrounded by Hollywood. When they’re gone, he’ll be alone. Eddie Vedder, Johnny Depp, et al will move on, too. They won’t be best budds. I’d love to know if JP would allow his daughters around Echols. Ultimately, life moves on and people get left behind.

    This is not a death wish, but I would not be surprised to learn Echols commits suicide before he’s 50. As for Baldwin, I don’t get him. I believe he’s helping produce the Devil’s Knot movie coming out soon. I found this comment on a facebook page. Now he claims his motive for taking the plea was NOT just for Damien; it was for Jesse, too. I never got that impression at their press conference following their release from prison. Their stories and reasons change like the wind, but what remains consistent is Baldwin’s grand sense of heroism for saving 2 lives. Including his own, that saves 3, which makes up for the 3 they took away from this world. Applause applause.


    Ultimately, I changed my mind for Damien and Jessie and their families. I gave no real credence to the idea that I wouldn’t be supported if I chose to stay in while Damien and Jessie walked free (which was not an option anyway). The truth is, I am fortunate enough that both of my parents are still in good health, and I could have survived another couple of years. But I knew that even when we were exonerated, it was likely that Damien’s mother and Jessie’s father—perhaps even Damien himself—wouldn’t be alive to see it. I couldn’t make that decision for them, and that is why I took the deal, after Holly and I both spent the few short days we were given agonizing over this impossible choice.


  19. Ragdoll says:

    Wasn’t sure if anyone would comment on this.

    Just happened to be watching Anderson Cooper’s talk show last week. Low and behold, Damien and his insecure wife are guests.

    Treated with kid gloves much? I love AC and always thought of him to be very knowledgeable and prepared when it comes to his commentaries and interviews. I CANNOT BELIEVE he treated these 2 like royalty. He and Oprah are the 2 I always thought could make a killer confess. so to speak. What a disappointment.

    Just my 2 Canadian bits.

    ROTFL on the bits part. We have an even exchange rate on BOC so your all good my FriendLY.

    I have yet to see one journalist ask a moderately well researched question about this case or any of it’s convicted murderers.

    I am a few comments down.


  20. Ragdoll says:

    Thanks for the like ‘LY’. Checkin it out now. Miss B, are journalists, reporters, media, simply afraid to corner these people? I would just LOVE to see you get that oppty. I’d be front row (most likely b/c I’m stealing someone’s chair or simply telling them how it’s goin down. Oops…that my Jerry Spring dream).

    The economy is always on my mind and the equality parity is so stinkin appreciated! Bless your heart, friendLY o’ mine.

  21. Ragdoll says:

    I wish I withheld commenting for the sake of saving you moderating, and other issues I have. LOL

    WOW. Just WOW! You did exactly what I was hoping Anderson Cooper would do.

    Not just well done, friendLY. You ARE a voice for our wee cubs, again, on a critique that was nothing short of egotistical. Goes to show anyone can write a book. Telling the truth after great, intense, dedicated review of information made public AND available to anyone who searches….GOLDEN.

    May I say it again…you are the real deal. Don’t change. I adore and admire your wild cat-ness. Not brown nosing. I hate facial pigmentation. Lemon juicing my face as I type, in fact. True story.

    You are your momma’s daughter ;)

  22. JB says:

    If they did indeed commit the crimes, something will eventually slip in an interview or something at some point. Blink, I hate to say it, but you need to make your voice heard more. A blog and posting in comment sections of other sites isn’t going to do much good. You need to contact a journalist and get them to ask the difficult questions where a wider audience can hear them.

    I think you meant a big three journalist. I have been approached, I have provided some supporting documentation. This is not a boat so far any investigative journalist besides myself wants to rock at the moment.


  23. Krista says:

    In response to the timeline of all involved, Terry Hobbs did not report for work that day.

    Which day specifically? Link please.

  24. momof2 says:

    I go over all the info again and again. Bottom line, Misskelley’s confessions have staying power that I cannot shake. I wish the WM3 were innocent. I would like to believe they now have a chance at redeeming some of their lost years. I would like to believe that Damien was misunderstood, that Jason was as sweet and innocent as he looks, and that Jessie was strong-armed in to a confession because of his slowness. How can they continue to profess their innocence, even demanding to be exonerated, when they are guilty? I have thought about that a long time, too, and how someone could actually believe they are innocent when they in fact are responsible. I do believe as you do, that the situation escalated and then there was no turning back. Bullying gone bad. Fueled by alcohol. They were kids when they committed this crime. Jason and Damien probably went into a deep state of denial and Jessie wished he had, too. Damien may rationalize that he is a different person now and therefore not responsible and that Damien back then was a product of his dysfunctional parents and environment, which he has disconnected from, or that the fault lies with “corrupt” law enforcement who he felt persecuted him unjustly. He may rationalize that because the prosecution presented a flawed case that they don’t have a case. He may see himself as reborn through his varied religious practices and therefore not responsible. From his interviews of recent he exudes victimhood, that’s for sure. I am just speculating.

    My fixation on this case may be strongly influenced by an incident that happened to my family many years ago. I was 8 or 9. My brother, 11 or 12, and his friend were out on their bikes. They were lured into a vacant lot by 2 teenagers (called juvenile delinquents back then) and forced to orally copulate them at knifepoint. It was 2 on 2, not 3 on 3. My brother broke free and went for help. Same damn thing, except no one ended up beaten and/or drowned. It was a terrible incident but not a fatal one. I cannot think of any other scenario for what took place back in 1993 to those 3 little boys. It just fits.

    I went to the planetarium today at our local junior college and recommend it highly for those feeling saturated by the weight of the horrific stuff going on here on Earth. The beauty, the order, the bigness, the smallness, the intelligence. Really put it all in perspective. And your Mom’s words came to mind,

    “..Sometimes the Universe has a plan that exceeds our immediate comprehension. Perhaps where you or I see an abysmal failure and shock to our faith, it is really a thinly veiled recruitment process for advocacy.

    I have to believe that karmically, a decision was made that for right now, there is a pending lesson whose importance supercedes earthly justice as we perceive it, in the short term.

    Injustice is a a perception, if you allow it to be.”


    I bolded my Mom’s words because I will likely do that always from now on- That said, reading them again brought the same guttural reaction I had when she said them to me originally.

    She was far more eloquent than I- These three men murdered Chris, Stevie and Michael are they are now capitalizing on that crime, and I stand behind that opinion based on my analysis 100%.

  25. momof2 says:

    Your Mom’s words are deserving of bold. And Chris, Stevie, and Michael are deserving of being remembered by name, which you always do, and is my new resolve. Thank you Blink.

    Thank You momof2

  26. Ragdoll says:


    She was far more eloquent than I- These three men murdered Chris, Stevie and Michael and they are now capitalizing on that crime, and I stand behind that opinion based on my analysis 100%.


    Let this be my testimony to the WM3 Child Killers that the truth has not eluded everyone. I stand behind Blink’s quote %10000 +. God has provided clarity to precious few. Your wickedness has not escaped some of us.

    Proverbs 21:15

    When justice is done, it is a joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers.

  27. Ragdoll says:

    I watched Soledad O’Brien take on Atlanta Child Murders Murderer, Wayne Newton.

    I would LOVE to see her use that no holds barred, in your face, explain this to me, is it yes or no?, confrontation with the WM3 murderers. It was gratifying to see WW squirm in his chair, and at times, left speechless.

    I’m still watching these boys. >(

    (sorry B. I’m crusin the threads and praying for updates, etc. My better half is putting in new flooring. I was kindly asked to stay out of the way. Love & chocolate!)

  28. Ragdoll says:

    PS…it seems the WM# are allegedly accepting ‘donations’ from complete strangers, despite making $$$ for butchering 3 precious children. This gong show needs to be shut down for good.

  29. Ragdoll says:

    3 new possible suspects. I don’t know what to believe *hands up in the air*

    Snake oil.

    I do support a FULL inventory of evidence however, as I understand it from an inside source, there are missing items.

  30. Rose says:

    April 3, 2013 New York Review Of Books has an article by Nathaniel Rich
    reviewing 4 films & 1 book.


    Is this what I get for posting graphics, lol?


  31. Rose says:

    Reviews are on the West Memphis 3.

    Article: “The Truth About the West Memphis Three”
    I might add, as seen thru their eyes.

  32. Julio says:

    A terrible anniversary…20 years ago today.
    Justice unserved.

    Yes, I’m still here, having broken my promise about watching silently.
    Still praying and hoping (but not expecting) someone other than Misskelly to tell the truth.

    Again, Blink, may God continue to bless you for your faithful advocacy.

    It took me a long time to remember these wee men by their faces and not by who had what wound patterns. Some of the hardest analysis and work I have ever done with an outcome I still await the lesson from.

    But I wait with 3 new friends in my heart.


  33. Ragdoll says:

    I caved and watched ‘West of Memphis’. I decided to put my personal feelings of this case aside and observe from an impartial perspective.

    I have to admit, I’m not so convinced the WM3 are guilty. IMO, too many unanswered questions regarding Terry Hobbs, who not so subtly, tries to subliminally sway his ‘friend’, David Jacoby they were together (Hobbs needed the alibi…..Jacoby SWEARS Hobbs was over for an hour, pickin guitar and left. He also claims they were NOT together all night, as Hobbs claimed. Jacoby = convincing), all the eye witnesses who saw Terry Hobbs yelling at the boys on their bikes on the day/evening ( 6 pm-ish ) of their murder (when he claimed to be with Jacoby), the hair tied within the laces (linked to Hobbs), his lack of cooperation w/ investigators & vague responses are just some of the issues that make him, imo, a person of interest. There was enough information that painted Hobbs as someone with a violent temper with an abusive history.

    Also, the detailed visual of the snapping turtles feasting on the pig cadaver convinced me the trauma to the boys could easily be post mortem and due to predator activity (scratches, emasculation and scrapes, for example, were quite consistent with local creatures).

    I know I’m missing other details. like times, location of certain parties, witness recantations, perjury. It’s really quite disconcerting. I also feel Misskelley was interrogated in a manner that reflected leading questions by police.

    I surprised myself that I could have a change of heart. Hobbs definitely needs to be investigated. Our wee cubs deserve a closed case with finality! JMHO

  34. Ragdoll says:

    UGH! I meant to include, before submitting my previous post, that I lean towards Mom3.0′s thinking. I now understand why she feels their guilt is not a convincing verdict, at the end of the day.

  35. Ragdoll says:

    Just found this….

    Alleged ‘cutting room floor’ scene from Paradise Lost 1. Contradicts my post….but I’m reaalllyyyy trying to observe from a ‘critical thinker’ perspective.

    The link, comes from Terry Hobbs website:

    I still don’t find him to be credible, but it doesn’t make him a murderer. If this is true, WHERE’S THAT NECKLACE?????

    Do you know the results of the blood typing/testing of the necklace Ragdoll?

    I would also point out that the necklace exchange excludes the fact that Jason was drawing pictures of it months before the murders.

  36. Ragdoll says:

    The witnesses were named in ‘West of Memphis’. One of them is Terry Hobb’s nephew, Michael Hobbs. The other 2 witnesses claim that Michael was told by his father that Terry ‘confessed’ to the boys’ murder.

    Like I say…until he can be ruled out completely….. ~smh~

  37. Ragdoll says:


    Do you know the results of the blood typing/testing of the necklace Ragdoll? No, Blink. I do not.


    I would also point out that the necklace exchange excludes the fact that Jason was drawing pictures of it months before the murders.
    B I’m sorry, drawing pictures of the necklace, or the crime scene? Thanks for clarifying.

  38. Ragdoll says:


    On the night of Damien’s arrest, a necklace he was wearing was taken in as evidence and sent away for testing as there appeared to be blood spots on it. The results of these tests were not available when other evidence had been presented at the trial so the prosecution asked for a continuance in order to obtain these results. The continuance was granted and the court reconvened two days later. The minute quantities of genetic material present for testing meant that only the blood types present could be determined. It was found that one spot was consistent with the blood type of Damien and the second spot was consistent with the blood type shared by both Jason Baldwin and Steven Branch, and 11% of the world’s population.

    Quite damning, I admit.

  39. Ragdoll says:


    June 7, 1993: Jessie’s own family members believed he could have been involved with the murders. Jessie Misskelley Sr. was interviewed by KAIT-TV just days after his son’s arrest. On camera, Jessie Sr. admitted Jessie Jr. may have been with Echols and Baldwin at the crime scene.

    If the above is ‘fact’, why did Misskelly’s friends testify that he was with them at a wrestling match that evening (West of Memphis)? You would think years later, their minds would lack peace and reconcile their lies. Who could ever live with the knowledge they helped cover up for a murderer? Kids do things at the time they feel is right…but they’re adults now, and likely have families of their own.

    My heart will never rest as far as this case is concerned. These dayum documentaries…..

  40. Ragdoll says:

    I would also point out that the necklace exchange excludes the fact that Jason was drawing pictures of it months before the murders.

    I thought I posted a question wrt to your statement. I must not have ‘submitted’ properly.

    Clarification, if you don’t mind humouring me….Jason was drawing pictures of the necklace…is that correct? TIA

    My appollies Ragdoll, burning the sunrise oil at both tailpipes, or something like that :)
    Yes, Jason was drawing that necklace or a grossly similar image.


  41. Ragdoll says:

    Understood….and thanks. I appreciate your time and efforts!

    Back at ya :)

  42. Lanni says:

    She was far more eloquent than I- These three men murdered Chris, Stevie and Michael are they are now capitalizing on that crime, and I stand behind that opinion based on my analysis 100%.

    Well I had believed these three innocent having seen the documentary and how could Depp be wrong :) . Time to read up.

  43. Lucy says:

    Very interesting to read this thread, I haven’t followed anything much related to the case since they were released (it was too frustrating), so I’ve been catching up.

    I’d just like to express once again how unconvincing the snapping turtle predation theory is to me.

    First, we have the luminol results which point very heavily to something very bloody happening on shore (and it needs to be remembered that an 8-year-old doesn’t really have that much blood in their body – about a big Coke bottle-ful, as I’ve seen someone compare, and the luminol tests were carried out after 2 weeks and rainfall).

    Second, the body of water doesn’t strike me as big and plentiful enough to be the habitat of such big and voracious turtles. Of course, though I’ve heard people who grew up in similar areas confirm this opinion, I’m no expert on turtle habitats, and I’d gladly hear from someone credible who is (and who isn’t paid by WM3′s billionaire supporters, for a change).

    Third, the position the bodies were found in (and obviously deliberately placed in by the killers) wouldn’t make such animal predation on Chris (or on Stevie’s face) easy.

    And finally, Chris Byers, unlike Stevie and Michael, didn’t drown, he died of bleeding out.

    On another note, what I’ve found most distasteful about Echols’s celebrity status and Baldwin’s semi-celebrity status are their constant appearances as stars at horror conventions. I’d find it grossly inappropriate even if I didn’t believe they were guilty. It’s not like they (especially Echols) are hungry and desperately need money. It should be clear even to their supporters at this point that they either don’t care about how this affects the victims’ parents, or are enjoying rubbing salt in the wound.

    Instead of starring at horror conventions, signing autographs, appealing to the French president (!) to help him win an exonaration, and taking selfies, if Echols had a hint of decency, he’d be thinking about spending some time with his son, who’s racked up multiple arrests for petty crime in the last year.

  44. Lucy says:

    Just to clarify my point about Chris bleeding out, not drowning, the point I’m making is that that’s another thing that points pretty decidedly at his castration wound being inflicted on shore, before the murderers hid the boys in the water.

  45. Ragdoll says:

    ….and oh, how convenient to take the Alford plea…but now promoting t the ‘I want my name cleared’ Jason Baldwin Tour. How can he have it both ways, I ask?

  46. Ragdoll says:

    my post isn’t showing up (moderation)….I had 2 comments. No big deal, but just in case there’s ‘trouble on the line’. :D

  47. Ragdoll says:

    Sorry! I guess I didn’t click ‘submit’. Big DOY moment. Heavy heart with the loss of 3 Mounties in Moncton, NB. (don’t get me started on Danny the dog, who lost his partner June 4, 2014) :o (

    Oh my- I do not have any lingering comments for you FriendLY- lemme know if I need to look out back or if you can re-post.

  48. Ragdoll says:

    Hey all. Just a small case of insomnia. I’m up, reading more about this case and a few questions came to mind.

    Does anyone know if Lorri Davis communicated with other inmates, or attempted to write to other inmates before connecting with DE?

    Does anyone think it’s possible the Bojangles man was a ‘victim’ of WM3, and our wee cubs came upon the 3, beating on this man…..surprising them, which lead to their murders? Bojangles man was never found, obviously escaped and as far as anyone knows, has never filed a report or been ID’d. If he was a transient, who would miss him? It seems like the perfect ‘kill’ for WM3….but the boys possibly stumbling across the event made them witnesses. The perps were already in ‘a state’.

    Last….was it determined that Echol’s was seen walking home later the night of the murders, with blood all over his coat or clothing?

    I’d be interested in anyone’s thoughts…and if they know of Lorri Davis writing to other inmates.

    Love and light~~~

  49. Mom3.0 says:


    Not sure if yr still reading and searching for those answers

    heres my thoughts FWTW

    Its * possible* Bojangles was the first attacked By the perp or perps-

    and its * possible* he got away and the perps turned their attention to the kids who may have stumbled upon the beating-

    There are two accounts of Echols being seen in the area-

    One was a remembrance of a possible sighting by Moores parents on the morning after- PP they saw a scragily man they later thought to be Echols dressed in black with a long trench coat near the vicinity- this remembrance was newly recalled a year or more after the murders/IIRC after the trials.

    The next was Narlene Hollingworths ever changing recall/statement of driving with her family and driving past Echols and his girlfriend on the road near the truckstop the night of the murders

    As you know I do not believe her account/s as she was determined to place herself at the center of this crime as a witness first claiming to be an alibi witness for Jesse-
    then claiming she and her nephew saw the victims-and spoke with them in the late afternoon early evening- then claiming to see her niece and Echols that night in muddy clothes by the light of her headlights- times changed descriptions changed drivers changed Etc

    No witness claimed they saw echols bloody-

    The parent remembrance I tend to believe but alas I can not put my confidence in it 100% because it was only remembered and brought to light year/s later- there is ample room for mistakes

    I wish as Im sure the Moores wish that they would have remembered and shared/recorded this possible encounter sooner.

    I can not answer yr inquiry about Echols wife- I have no knowledge that she did or did not previously befriend or write other inmates.

    Hope that helps.

    Still praying for Michael Stevie Chris and their families.

    AJMO Peace

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