Karen Swift Missing: Body Found Believed To Be Tennessee Mother of Four

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Dyer, TN-  This afternoon,  Dyer County Sheriffs recovered an unidentified and decomposing body in what appeared to be a shallow grave along the fork of Burnt Mill and Harness Roads.

The location is just off Route 78, and approximately 3 miles from the home of Karen and David Swift, which is located on Willie Johnson Road.

Karen Swift disappeared October 30th after returning home with the couples youngest daughter, who asked to be picked up early from a sleepover.

David Swift, Karen’s estranged husband, told police his wife was having an affair, had filed for divorce, and likely was “shacked up” with her boyfriend as the reason he waited almost an entire day before reporting her missing, although many of Karen’s friends were concerned about her whereabouts immediately.   Ms. Swift’s friends were quick to provide police details that would contradict Mr. Swift’s assertions about his wife.

Karen’s 2004 Murano was located on Millsfield Hwy with a flat tire without any evidence of foul play, fueling speculation the scene appeared staged.  As reported exclusively by www.blinkoncrime.com,  clothing later determined by DNA testing belonging to Karen Swift was found in early search efforts to find her.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity to www.blinkoncrime.com,  a source inside the investigation has confirmed that conversation on a police scanner earlier this afternoon indicated the remains are believed to be that of Karen Johnson Swift, and they were found based on a tip from an undisclosed source.   It is not known if that source has ties to David Swift.

Jeff Box, Dyer County sheriff, refused to answer any questions regarding the recovery and said the Memphis Medical Examiner will determine positive identification and cause of death on Monday.

David Swift hired a criminal defense attorney within 48 hours of his Karen’s disappearance, and refused to answer any further inquiry or allow the property to be searched until search warrants were served last month.

Mr. Swift has not been named a suspect in his wife’s disappearance.

Contributing Editor: Jacqueline Beaufort

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  1. cupcake says:

    Thanks for your honesty, Blink. I agree the family needs to put major pressure on LE. I think they’re afraid they won’t win custody and will further alienate Mr. Swift, keeping them away from the girls indefinitely. Someone needs to speak very loudly for Karen NOW. Obviously, this standstill isn’t working. Time to try something different. Very interesting on the details of what actually killed her….even though that has never been publicly released. I would think Dateline or 48Hours would want to pick this story up….even though there’s been zero-zilch-nada out of the husband and there are still so many unanswered questions. I have the same passion as you on those babies being in the custody of the man who likely killed their beautiful, vibrant mother.

  2. @cupcake
    I have been approached by those outlets on this case and others. They will not touch it until an arrest and prosecution.

  3. Investigator says:

    Is there some way that we, (the public), can light a fire under DA/LE ass to get some progress in this case? I mean it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what happened, so if they don’t have the evidence to prosecute shouldn’t they at least notify Karen’s family so they can decide if a custody suit should be pursued? Or, (at least) file a wrongful death suit on the husband? To allow this case to linger while the Mayberry sheriff continues to give pacifying news releases every couple of months is a sham. What should we do? Can we write to anyone?

  4. Investigator says:

    Arrrggggghhhhhh! I am beyond words. To see such a beautiful woman murdered at the hand of her soon to be ex-husband and now to see that animal raising her children and living his life as if nothing ever happened is sickening. All I can do is throw up my hands in frustration and ask, WHY!

  5. Cupcake says:

    What exactly would you do in this case? What would you advise the family to do? I don’t think there’s enough evidence released to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Would contacting the TN Attorney General help? Honestly, I don’t think this family knows how to proceed. We need to help expedite this process. Also, it’s my opinion that DS tried to frame his neighbor for this murder. Could that be part of the hold-up if it was actually the case? I mean, hypothetically, if he did try to frame the neighbor…..would that evidence be part of the murder arrest hold-up? I really think there’s a lot more to this case……..very detailed, premeditated and well-executed. Would explain the comment from Box about this case being “complex.” Thanks for any suggestions in how to help the family members proceed.

    They need to speak to a qualified attorney with experience in wrongful death actions. I know one very well, in fact. I would be willing to pass that on privately upon request from a family member.

    Frankly, they had better do so now to preserve their rights if this is going to keep dragging on. It is my understanding this is a prosecutor issue. If Box is as frustrated he can’t file charges against Swift as he sounds, then perhaps they might be helpful to a civil action to bring the criminal aspect to bear. They will not do this publicly, it would have to be through an attorney retained by the family.

    Filing a suit ( I am assuming they have been told Swift is the only suspect, as I have had a few conversations with insiders on this case very early, he is.) All they need is that good faith basis, and let the discovery process do the rest. It is my best and strong suggestion.

    I don’t know what sort of life insurance policies the had, etc, but this would also come into play in thwarting his abilities for financing a criminal and a civil tort attorney.

  6. Cupcake says:

    Thank You So Very Much. Will advise.

  7. Cupcake says:

    Well, Blink….tonight Dyersburg Sheriff Box, several LE and one individual from the TBI served a search warrant at the home of David Swift. In an article in the State Gazette , Box said Swift “still remains a person of interest in the case.” He NEVER publically stated Swift to be a POI before. That is telling. Finally, I think they’re getting close. Prayers for the children and for their safety.

    Cupcake- I am glad to hear that and thanks for updating. I am on record.

    It is my opinion David Swift is directly responsible for the death ( and possible other allegations) of his wife Karen-

    He will face criminal charges in this case, as long as it takes.

  8. Rose says:

    @Blink. Do you have nonpublic info on this, like he beat her daily prior to her divorce action?
    Otherwise, without that, I do not see estrangement & divorce alone as sufficient to target him. Nor
    her car disability/finding. And she may have been involved with goodness knows who.
    And with J Chambers, one really wonders about this area’s small town’s ills. Why couldn’t
    a roadside impulsive killer have stumbled on a stranded lady?

    I do. It’s him. It’s a prosecution/LE issue- if this Sheriff was smart he would leak stuff (clinical term) he would get what he needs. I am telling you- I have never run into the issues I am seeing in similar pending matters than in TN.

    This was a glaringly staged crime scene, car was found down the road from the house which iirc ran down the rear of the property line.

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