The Nittany Nightmare Continues: More Financial Incest At PSU- Accused Perjuror Gary Schultz Head of Nittany Insurance Pays First Victim Payout AND His Lawyers

State College,  PA & Burlington, VT-  In the latest example of financial incest involving PSU, The Second Mile, and a bevy of double-dipping board members and executives, we arrive at the first discovery between an accused suspect in the case and his principal interest in an insurance company that recently paid out a settlement to an alleged victim of Jerry Sandusky.  As the filing has likely been sealed as a condition of it’s settlement, it is unknown if Schultz or anyone else within PSU in addition to Sandusky was named in the civil action.

Gary C. Schultz, interim Sr. VP for Finance and Business returned  following  previous retirement from PSU this past July.


His return to the PSU payroll  around the time that a grand jury was meeting about his possible complicity, FOLLOWING his own alleged perjurious testimony begs the question-As Schultz knew he was under investigation as well as Sandusky and Curley-

Did Schultz come out of retirement in anticipation of  incurring significant legal fees he did not want coming out of his own pocket?

-Record Scratch-

You read that correctly.

Mr. Schultz, who along with Tim Curley were bound over for trial at their preliminary hearing on perjury charges and a misdemeanor failure to report summons last month,  is being provided legal representation costs through Nittany Insurance Company, where he is a paid Director.  According to Acting President Erickson,  it will also be used to cover any civil settlements and judgements in the Sandusky debacle et al.

This would seem to be in violation of the Vermont Captive Insurance Regulations Section 12, or conflict of interest.

In a letter sent to Penn State Interim President Rodney Erickson,  Senator Michael Stack (D) Philadelphia,  expressed his concern that taxpayers and donors should not be footing the bill for the Universities necessary legal representation for the various civil and criminal issues  and potential settlements.

In a response to Senator Stack,  President Erickson assured him that such costs would be accommodated by it’s liability insurance.  Nittany Insurance Company  is listed as the professional liability insurance company of record on the PSU site as well as the provider for PSU students in programs including the Hershey Medical Center.

President Erickson did not reference Mr. Schultz’s directorship position within Nittany Insurance Company although was able to confirm with the Vermont Secretary of State that as of this afternoon, there are no pending changes to its registration.

Gary Schultz’s co-director at Nittany Insurance Company, is Allan Anderson,  Former VP and Chief Executive Officer for Hershey Medical Center.

While the captive insurance firm is self-administered, as Director,  Schultz would be in a position to review,  award, accept, negotiate or reject settlements within the framework of their contract with PSU and appropriate regulatory requirements.   Captive insurance companies are often developed as part of a risk mitigation strategy and as an entree to the reinsurance market for payouts exceeding a fixed amount.  Registered in Vermont, Nittany Insurance Company was formed in 1993.

It would seem a good starting point for questions on the regulatory  and compliance matter might be how the bid is/was awarded for initial self-administered liability coverage directed by a potential party and what the premiums, which are deductible to PSU,  were and  are?

What adjustments to same have been made in relation to the known incidents and corresponding dates alleged against Sandusky, Curley and Schultz?

What else is Nittany Insurance funding it may have had ample heads up about?

Does Schultz have a poster of Ken Lay in the top of his humidor?  Bernie Madoff?
 poster erose contributed to the research of this article.




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  1. Rose says:

    given the fact he passed Sandusky on to a State Grand Jury, who decided to throw Jerry under the bus finally? (from the perspective of a decisionmaking MM mentor or cabal)

  2. Rose says:

    looking at google for Grine (gimme a break Urban Dictionary), due to the strongest nexus with Gricar & Smith (hired both), Looking for his MM nexus, I re-stumbled on youtube election dis-video of his son. wondering if this chip off the block really got elected, I went to gov’t site and found a Fornicola is County Treas
    any relation to?
    This place reminds me of Texas in the 50s.
    Imo only the DOJ can clean the County up, depending on the forward party calling DOJ shots, & their hutzpah & priorities

  3. Word Girl says:

    Congratulations to Washington State for passing, and signing into law, their own Sandusky Bill.

  4. beejay says:

    @rose: the Treasurer is Patty F’s cousin. I checked it at more than one source, but here’s one we’re familiar with:

    “Ms. Fornicola’s uncle, the late Gino Fornicola (the only member of the family I’ve ever met or spoken to), a prominent businessman, served as Mayor of Bellefonte (1982-6) and was elected as County Treasurer in 1985, the same year Mr. Gricar was first elected District Attorney. He was succeeded by his son, Richard Fornicola, the current County Treasurer.

    Read more here:

  5. Rose says:
    stellar nite on npr, heard on iphone tunein radio appl on wamu. first up
    a big interview on Bales, then Taynor/Fla, then Holt a youth sex abuse victim talking about this hockey coach 2 years sentence. So I looked Holt up (link above), perp coach ‘s probably dwarfs Sandusky. Link also cites Amendola’s latest “success” in getting contact info. . now on, a spot on sex abuse in Dutch Catholic church re castration as punishment for boys blowing the whistle on clergy higher up’s abuse.

  6. Rose says:

    this picture suggests a defense of dementia secondary to TBI in football would be the most credible approach rather than they’re all lying:,0,5045308.story
    instead he’s pursuing a scorched earth approach to victims.
    Imo his litigation aggression to victims will be his legacy to football.

  7. beejay says:

    Forgive me, it’s late. I see that Thal and DZ were both referred to as detectives. But some local elsewhere had said only Thal was and that he was the most experienced person. So, IDK.

  8. beejay says:

    More specifically, Gricar was seen on April 14, 2005 at 7 points Marina at Raystown Lake. That’s in the same area as Juaniata College–Huntingdon PA.

    Mr. Sandusky and Mr. Gricar have a mutual aquaintance there, iirc.

  9. beejay says:

    Eventually, I’ll either fall asleep typing, or will succeed in posting what I think might be useful. Lol.

    snipping a section from post #15 in Dec 2011:

    “Usually, the max. number of people who can be involved in a murder and not snitch out of personal need, and assuming that those involved aren’t also dead, is 2-3 people.

    Thus far, I have read about 1) Penn State money and power
    2) Sandusky specifically
    3) T. Corbett
    4) a drug lord
    5) Someone in power who made Cindy Song disappear and
    6) Organized crime
    as being responsiible for Ray Gricar being missing and that the reason he is missing is because some experts killed him, hid the body, and then staged the scene.

    You want to know who I think could do the murder, body disposal and staging the best and possibly alone or with one other person? Someone in Law Enforcement. Someone very close to Ray Gricar….”

    This is at TruTV, and lest I lose it, the link will be in just a minute in my next post.

  10. beejay says:

    Here’s one account of the highlights of Gricar’s day on April 14, 2005. The midday trip to Raystown Lake is said to be about a 3-hour drive from the Bellefonte area.

  11. beejay says:

    TruTV discussion and link for earlier snipped post will not post for me. Here’s a possible work-around. Google this phrase:

    Ray Gricar – Well thought out theories

    It should bring up page one of what is a new thread, the page where my earlier snipped post is (and other interesting posts!)

    Welcome Back world traveler!

  12. erose says:

    Hershey Trust abuses and sham investigations

    Posted on March 17th, 2012

    “ Sadly, these Pennsylvania Attorneys General have a shameful record of protecting the beneficiaries of the Hersheys’ $8 billion legacy, the at risk children who can be characterized as the lambs. Certainly, the at risk children of the Second Mile charity can also be considered lambs. Koons and Sandusky fall into the obvious wolf category, but what about the guardians who look the other way when the lambs are attacked? Not exactly the good shepherds.”

  13. erose says:

    After reading this summary, my guess is that Agent Sassano got the ball rolling and Acting PA DA William Ryan was in the right place for a very short time to keep it rolling on Sandusky. The perfect storm for an otherwise decades long cover up.

    As for Madeira, his mentors are most likely Fisher, Zimmerman and/or Corbett, but things probably go up the food chain from there.

    It seems that both parties are dipping into “the chocolate” and there may be no end in sight to really clean up this problem. Those poor (former) kids.

    There is significant evidence indicating that former AG Zimmerman has benefited directly from money meant for at risk children in Hershey. Zimmerman’s money from the Hersheys’ legacy has been in the form of astronomical compensation for minimal service on the various Hershey boards and free use of Trust venues and amenities. The AG regulated Hershey boards and apparently the Second Mile Charity’s Board have been cash cows for unscrupulous politicians and their cronies.

    Overwhelming documentation supports the contention that Pennsylvania officials have abetted crony misconduct for years resulting in harm to at risk children. Childcare advocates have sought remedies in the courts and elsewhere for years — all to no avail. The investigations sought by childcare advocates into the dysfunction and asset misuse in Hershey have gone nowhere. MHS Alumni sponsored reform gains, won in the Pennsylvania Appellate Court, were reversed by the politically connected and patronage-motivated Pennsylvania Supreme Court. At risk children in Hershey, State College and other communities in Pennsylvania continue to be harmed because of the willful neglect of those charged with their care. Their advocates’ pleas for help continue to fall on the deaf ears of State officials who have abdicated their legal authority and obligation to remedy this harm to children. Childcare advocates have no one in a position of authority to appeal to for help in Pennsylvania.

  14. beejay says:

    If anyone needs Gino Fornicola’s obit again, here’s the link:

    From Gino’s obit, at:…pa-centre1.htm

    As my partner discovered at WS, the Sporadic-Gricar blogger was not aware that Patty F had any relatives in Ohio. But she does, or did in 2002, when Gino died:

    one of Gino’s daughters Cristina Brandt(married name)of Westerville, Ohio (it’s near Columbus).

    Gino started his career in Ohio. (looking for interesting things about Ohio)

    And, the Fornicola men have been Centre Cty Treasurer since the mid 1980s, when Gino got that position. His son (Patty’s cousin) followed him as Treas. and still is, IIRC.

  15. erose says:

    Beejay! Welcome back, we missed you, and expressed as much, especially about a week after you left. Hope you have time to read back, especially about the federal investigation of the Clinton County judge and the doctor convicted of child sex assaults and his associates paid for trolling victims.

  16. beejay says:

    TY for the welcomme-back. Can’t stay long.

    Blink: Mays i post this snip from same truTV link? If not, maybe it will have meaning to you?

    “…The person I believe that took over the drug smuggling is a high profile person thats no longer with us. I believe when the Clinton scandal arose and much of it covered up involving the mena airport, a torch would be handed over to someone capable of supplying another rural airport. One that could hide what was coming in -inside the military storage units at the least used airport. A powerhouse figure that nobody would expect. A person who had enough power to get earmarks even when the presid- was opposed. he got his way each and everytime and nobody understood how. He had ties to Penn and was facing ethics corruption at which was closed after his death. PMA among other contractors was investagated and found to have multiple wrong doings. Money for campaigning was always given back to him. Fraudlent names of donators was even found including a few contractors who got earmark money that have a drug charge history. Ray IMO did not go to the 7 point marina at the lake for nothing (the day before he disappeared). I have someone in mind that he met. Thats as far as I am….”


    Here is the link beejay and all:

  17. Rose says:

    oh gosh! You Came Back! thought I’d missed the Rapture.

  18. Rose says:

    you got me beejay on the 4/15 rondevous (sp…) & the tru post allusion.
    colby & mcnamara have no penn ties
    o north & rumsfeld & ridge arent dead, bushies or cheneys either
    drug planes landing at a rural airport & military cover
    who else was alive 05 & gone now?

  19. beejay says:

    @Rose: The Rapture?! I could use a little rapture myself.

    I googled Clinton and mena airport and a bunch of stuff came up. Drug and weapons smuggling at airport in Arkansas. Reagan, Bush, Clinton all administrations had it going on. IDK. I’m always afraid of wading knee-deep into some lunatic stuff. But willing to look, in case of a grain of truth that connects.

    I’m really out of it and empty handed on this. It’s just too big for me and I have no contacts to work with. I was away awhile, but did some work with a helper back home. Still. Nothing useful.

    @erose: Not your job to catch me up, but give me a name on the doc or judge in Clinton Cty?? Gricar did drive thru there–supposedly–when he headed toward Lewisburg. You got any connection?

    @Blink: I have no idea who Gricar and Sandusky’s mutual acquaintance was around 7 points marina. Can you say?

  20. Word Girl says:

    What may superficially seem a noble offer for Penn State to offer free counseling to alleged child-abuse victims, seems to be not only too little too late, but could be a serious conflict of interest, depending on the types of civil suits emerging.

  21. Word Girl says:

    Wait. It sounds even worse because they’ve hired an outside, Risk Management company to do the soft-peddling–I mean counseling.

    “The university Wednesday described the arrangement with Praesidium Inc., an abuse risk management company, as a way to fulfill a commitment made by school officials after Sandusky was charged in November.” Wait, again. Did I miss some offer in November?

  22. erose says:

    February 21, 2012 at 5:24 pm

    Let me get this straight ( or try).
    Grine recuses himself on this case. Williamson, who LATER goes on to invite both sides to file a motion to recuse instead of doing it himself rules prosecutorial misconduct and throws out the prosecution?
    Did anyone tell these esteemed “honors” these are not mulligans?
    You do know Carolyn Fenton was Grine’s JA?

    erose- beejay is going to be like.. I leave for 5 minutes.. lol


  23. erose says:

    erose says:
    February 20, 2012 at 4:14 am
    Doctor facing teen-sex charges
    Police say cohort lured boys with drugs
    Saturday, November 10, 2001
    By Tom Gibb, Post-Gazette Staff Writer
    ALTOONA — Investigators say that Gilbert Stevenson rounded up the teen-age boys that 54-year-old physician Barry Bender tried to talk into sexual encounters.
    Stevenson is accused of rounding up drugs, too, from Ecstasy to cocaine, for Bender to use in plying the youngsters.
    And for his efforts, according to charges filed yesterday, Bender doled out $200,000 to his 27-year-old associate.
    “Gilbert Stevenson was making $300 to $500 a kid for the kids he brought in,” Anthony Sassano, a narcotics agent with the state attorney general’s office, said yesterday. “The guy’s only held a job for two months in two years.”
    Exactly the kind of organized activity we are looking for.

  24. beejay says:

    @Word Girl: Yes, PSU made a statement about free counseling for victims months ago. Whether or not that constituted an “offer” legally–well, IDK.

    Then, and now, that is such a legal fubar that it can ONLY be intentional. PSU’s counsel can’t possibly be that inept. IMO the “offer” is being made only to work to either the PR or future legal-quagmire advantage of PSU. The victims, if they have attys, will stay far away from it. Let a court order PSU to pay for their counseling as part of a civil suit settlement or damages award.

    Third party payment for the kind of psychological services victims need (IMO) has virtually dried up. Years ago. It drove a lot of private practitioners out of their practices and into managed-care where they provided short-term counseling only. (And psychiatrists have become pill-pushers for the same $ reasons.) That can’t begin to address what these victims need. Nor will shoving them into a group without any individual therapy.

    Off soapbox. I’ve waited months to say it.

  25. beejay says:

    @erose: TY. I’ll do some reading today.

  26. beejay says:

    “…As far as Ray being at Raystown, if you go there especially to the seven points marina you will find it no secret that he did. IMO he embarked on same fellow that I did. Its not just your average Joe but the man with the weird nickname that I wondered who he was for years ( a legand). Firefly a psychic spoke about him on this case and its a bingo to me. He spoke of his gait and described that as a sailors gait. He also spoke about him being like a navy radio man in his past. I don’t about that but he definately uses a radio CB comunication device.”

    Same poster also said her (psychic?) clue involving sunbursts also related to this man because of the gear he uses. At the marina.

    Any ideas?

    TruTV links won’t let me post at BOC. Still trying to figure out how to handle it. this is from their site, at


    beejay- I posted the link the other day no problem, you can’t just copy and paste it? What does it do?

  27. Word Girl says:

    Excellent analysis of the counseling offer, Beejay.
    I wasn’t aware of how dire the counseling profession’s situation had become.

    I sniffed that PSU “offer” correctly, then. I agree that the victims need to demand payment for long-term counseling in their quest for civil settlement.

  28. Rose says:

    read this
    part of business is plaintiff litigation support in testifying about org (PS, TSM) policies & procedures.
    PS just hired them first lest any plaintiff do so in civil litigation

    I want toknow who owners are, when incorporated, what govt entities contract with them, etc. My fantasy is friends of Freeh.

    I knocked around in my metro area a long time. True experienced sex abuse victim phd psychologists and child psychiatrist specialists are rare, and these vics deserve nothing less.
    If PS was sincere, they’d just indemnify the bills of the treating professional of the vics’ choice.

  29. beejay says:

    beejay- I posted the link the other day no problem, you can’t just copy and paste it? What does it do?

    Blink: I just tried and the same thing happens as when I copy/paste myself directly from trutv’s website: my post never shows up as Awaiting Moderation. Just evaporates.

    Hmm, dunno, maybe a malware setting? ANyway, don’t worry about it then, I will do my best to help post the links you need

  30. beejay says:

    I don’t know how much rumor we want, but with B’s okay, I’m willing to explore a bit.

    “This bust was rumored in the SC legal circles to point straight at Mifflin Co. officials. What I heard through some lawyer friends who practice/practiced in Centre County was that Mifflin Co. essentially had a Boardwalk Empire situation going on where the political machine was running production and distribution of narcotics in and through the county and Gricar uncovered this information. There were some heavy hitters from NYC and Philly allegedly involved and when Gricar was rumored to be turning his investigation over to the FBI they took him out.”

    same trutv link as B gave us and I can’t get to post. This is post #387 there, on 2-2-12 (thread 303734-pg 10). There’s a link at the end of that post to an article of interest. Because some of these posters are locals who know local lawyers and such, I’m willing to look at the rumors.

  31. beejay says:

    ruh roh.

    I think we heard awhile back that the Postal Inspector was gonna get in on this. Sara G has an article today. And of all the 200-or-so crimes that Second Mile could be investigated for, oddly the one that grips me at the moment is money laundering. This is rich! And I could be totally wrong.

  32. Rose says:

    interesting, today’s press says one thing Amendola wants to avoid is the possibility of anything seized in Sandusky home search being used as evidence. computer, dvds etc

    now, that’s titillating.

  33. Rose says:

    @beejay. I thought mail fraud was an excellent expeditious way for government to make a RICO case.

    also, as an aside, if they were frequent direct mailers, look to see who owns the direct mail business TSM contracted with.

  34. erose says:

    I have no idea if the Lake Raystown trip is significant or not.

    The Mini was spotted by a boat landing there. He was there around 10:30-11:00 AM. The closest landing was about an hour’s drive for a regular person, so he could have made it in less time. The meeting ended after 8:45 AM and he could have easily made it even to the far end of the lake by that time.

    The witness was a doctor.

    RFG might have driven back in the mid-afternoon.

    If you want something convincing, if you follow my hint book your fishing tour guide with the legendary…… trust me you will know it when you think back to things I’ve mentioned on another board. If you decide to go one day get a hold of me and I will explain the specifics. The what to do’s and the don’ts. Also please stop by the bait shop closest near the marina. Its got some interesting signs that if you remember what I’ve talked about, well lets just say it will surprise you. At the marina you can rent a houseboat and they do a quiz test that allows you to drive the houseboat. I recommend a week. Your tour guide will pick you up (get the right one hint hint) at the houseboat. You can do day or all night if you like. If I had the money I would gladly help you to do this. My trip was paid for. Why would I like to do this for you? Its simple, you will find the 4-14-2005 will take on a whole new meaning. Thats important to me because you blog on this and researched some of this. You can then make us understand why Ray went there on a work day and possibly why he came back from there NOT stress free but annoyed. Trust me it will make sense if you follow the right hints. See JJ no one, I don’t mean here is really listening. If you experienced it then they would have to listen. Im tired of talking and writing and its useless IMO. I don’t mean on here.

  35. A Texas Grandfather says:

    And what does Rose know about Texas in the 50′s? We had Mr. Sam and LBJ and the “Duke of Duval” to name three. All involved in local and national politics.

    Can we say a stolen election at Beeville? We can also Say Billy Sol Estes the “the phantom grain storage guy and “bag man” for the Democrats.

    That was a fine airport built to take a certain congress critters one plane a week. Great runway and other buildings.

    I don’t know about the marinas on Raystown, but I had the dwgs. fron the Corps of Engineers and wondered why it took five years to get all the pipelines and other utilities cleared prior to construction. Some of you in the know may want to take a look at contacts in the Corps. There may be some funny money associated with this too.

  36. beejay says:

    @erose: sunburst is supposedly the big clue to identifying the legendary tour guide with the catchy nickname. Sunburst relating to the gear he uses. Whether that means literally a sunburst shape, or the colors–bright yellow/golds, IDK. But she was talking to the wrong person if she thought “Blogger Boy” has any interest in discovering the truth, IMO. I’m lost on the sunburst guy; we need a local.

    @rose: yes, RICO. It’s always the gold standard and I think they could make it across TSM and some PSU folks and local businessmen. But I just find money laundering so captivating!

    @A Texas G’father: Bill Schuster is the only big politician I know of who brought so much $ into Raystown Lake that someone once wanted to repay him by renaming the lake Schuster Lake. Local businessmen objected because Raystown was in the names of their companies & the lake had that ID in all its publicity, etc. Name change not made.

    Rep. Shuster (PA) is chairman of the Subcommittee on Railroads, Pipelines, and Hazardous Materials, and is a member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. Didn’t look into his past doings; been around a long time.

  37. beejay says:

    Oh, and rose, my first question is “Paris Corp”???

  38. beejay says:

    I got that wrong. The bill was “To redesignate the Raystown Lake located on the Raystown Branch of the Juniata River in Pennsylvania, as the `Bud Shuster Lake’.”

    Bud Shuster?

  39. beejay says:

    Bud is Bill’s daddy.

    “Elmer Greinert “Bud” Shuster (born January 23, 1932) is an American politician who represented Pennsylvania in the United States House of Representatives as a Republican from 1973 to 2001. He is best known for his advocacy of transportation projects that critics deride as “pork barrel” spending.

    In 1996, Shuster was the focus of an ethics investigation by the Congressional Accountability Project stemming from the complex relationship between Representative Shuster and former Shuster aide turned lobbyist Ann Eppard, and Rep. Shuster’s interventions with federal agencies on behalf of a business partner of his sons.



    Business partner of his sons? Son? You mean Bill?

  40. beejay says:

    @Rose: “drug planes landing at a rural airport & military cover
    who else was alive 05 & gone now?”

    John Murtha? Died in 2010. US Congress, district next to Bud Shuster’s; Bud knew him well.

  41. beejay says:

    A MUST-read, hot off the presses. The other psychologist (other than Seasock) speaks about Victim 6 at this link, too. Snip:

    “NBC News has obtained the complete file on the investigation – the police report and assessments by two psychologists who interviewed the boys — which provides new details about Sandusky’s behavior. It also could raise fresh questions about how school and local authorities handled his case.”


    So how did the investigation get tossed from John Miller to John Lauro?

  42. Rose says:

    new HuffPost article; don’t know how to copy url there. Headline:
    Psychologist Warned Penn State About Sandusky In 1998, March 24, 2012 | 7:52:03 AM (EST)

    I appear new because I had to erase all cookies/browser whatever for a college appl results page
    I guess that means a quilt change maybe will occur

  43. Rose says:

    @beejay. Murtha’s a great theory
    same ol yellow here, whew

  44. Rose says:

    the reason for Murtha is he chaired House military appropriations
    you control appropriations in the House, Imo you have almost more clout than commander in chief

  45. Rose says:

    TX in 50s:
    My cousin’s fa-in-law was road commissioner for Tarrant Cty.
    Now that was equivalent then to chair of House appropriations now.
    Lucrative & controlled the County because every farm & developer wanted roads.
    There was a judge in Ft Worth with a red lite operated by his foot pedal.
    he’d tell defendants every time it lit up it meant they were lying.
    Yes I remember Billie Sol.
    Dallas Cty, my home, was all patronage. Political patronage was intermingled with society, charities & hospital boards, the DAs office, judiciary (until federal judge Sarah ? was appointed by lbj, & the money flow (banks, cotton, land) exactly like this Centre County bunch. and smu was the school, embedded in the neighborhood & religion (my family were all methodists then). Centre Cty seems to be mostly catholic, maybe presby. Same fusion of politics, judicial system/DA, hospital boards & other charities, banking, & development.

  46. beejay says:

    I’m clueless. John Miller of the wall st journal? Lol, that’s all i can think of


    So how did the investigation get tossed from John Miller to John Lauro?

    Did you read the police reports by any chance, I am referring to these “Johns”?

    John Miller- initial contact within Centre County CPS.
    John Lauro- Regional Porgram Dir, Harrisburg CPS


  47. beejay says:

    @rose: yes. The company was incorporated as Paris Business Forms in 1964. Dominic P. Toscani, a lawyer, became its president in 1972.

    Remember we were wondering why Jer and Toscani were the only 2 members on that co’s auditing committee? Toscani involved w/ TSM. And, IIRC, Paris Bus Forms (maybe diff version of name) involved in production of those Nittany tips football cards or something? Somebody can do a better job on this than me right now. But, yes, same suspicious characters.

    If anyone can find an authoritative reference to Gricar/maybe just his mini being seen at Raystown Lake/Dam/7 points Marina in late morning of April 14, I’d love to see it. Right now I’m questioning it because I’ve found one poster on a blog saying “we only have that one reference to it”. And I have James Renner saying, and I think the Sporadic Gricar blogger quoting him, saying that Det DZ said it. But I see not to whom. Is that just a rumor? Or, um, mistake made by some blogger ???

    agreed- I have not.

  48. erose says:

    Not trying to imply this authoritative but the witness is described to be a doctor or one type or another. Through my reading, it got my attention that Raystown was a known hang out for affluent older gay men.

    At some point during the day a witness who knew Mr. Gricar saw him at Lake Raystown. The time has not been disclosed. The witness has been identified as a “Doctor,” though it has not be been stated that it was a physician that treated Mr. Mr. Gricar or even a physician. There are a fairly large number of people with an academic degree of “doctor,” such as a Doctor of Philosophy, in Centre County, many associated with Penn State. The “Doctor” may not be a physician.

    Read more here:

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