Susan Powell Husband Josh Powell Murders Kids Commits Suicide During Supervised Visitation

Joshua Powell, husband of missing and presumed deceased Utah woman Susan Powell,  deliberately triggered an explosion Sunday afternoon killing himself and the couples two young sons Charles and Braden Powell.


A case worker arrived with the children for the court ordered supervised visitation was blocked entry by Powell, and shortly thereafter the home exploded.

Josh’s Father Steven is awaiting trial for various perv charges and all over creepiness, and Josh was just denied custody of the children in favor of them staying with Susan’s parents,  The Cox’s. wishes to extend our sincere condolences to The Cox and members of the Powell Family who are not perverted freaks or murderers.

It would seem I recall expressing my concern this was a definite concern early on.  I wish to commend all that recognized this and did everything in their power to give these beautiful little cherubs their best chance.

These little guys see their Mother today, and I pray that there is comfort in that reality for those dealing with this loss today.

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  1. sammi says:

    @ Boz, sorry, I don’t understand, what question of mine?

    re: the hachet, Josh was working, he could buy one himself. I don’t reacall that being part of FredMeyers purchases though. It could be he owned it earlier for his gem hunts or camping?

    @ blink, that confused me too. A quick google suggests it means Sandy UT, I didn’t find a hotel in the lists as a “Sandy” chain of hotels or any “Sandy” hotel name. And so far, the poorly written ABC article is the only one with that Robin Snyder’s story.

    @riverpearl, I took that article to mean in regards to reporting on the boys deaths. If you look at these other articles, you’ll catch how the flow went and ended up w the female reporters going into an explaining mode. I thought it a little over board to take a comment ‘didn’t need to know’ and run at least three stories in defensive mode. We hear grueseome details daily, this case is no exception.–2-the-tragic-details-of-the-Powell-boys-death.html?s_cid=s10

    It was the Comfort Inn.

  2. sammi says:

    @blink, Thanks

    I tried to post this before, it didn’t show up for some reason.

    Son-Slayer Josh Powell ‘Testament,’ Documents Found At Recycling Site In Washington

    A search at a recycling center recovered some papers, books and a map of Utah

  3. PigletinCT says:

    @Sammi -

    Regarding your post about Mr Nice Guy……you just scared the cr@p outta me. My sister has been going through some terrible stuff with someone I could only deem Mr Nice Guy’s twin. I’m now more scared for her and her two girls than I have been in the last three years……the court, CPS and couselors are involved – and somehow “Mr Nice Guy” always seems to come out smelling like roses, even though we all know different……

    If there is a legitimate fear of any person or person’s safety it should be taken seriously, period.

  4. PigletinCT says:

    PigletinCT says:
    February 14, 2012 at 1:05 pm
    @Sammi -

    Regarding your post about Mr Nice Guy……you just scared the cr@p outta me. My sister has been going through some terrible stuff with someone I could only deem Mr Nice Guy’s twin. I’m now more scared for her and her two girls than I have been in the last three years……the court, CPS and couselors are involved – and somehow “Mr Nice Guy” always seems to come out smelling like roses, even though we all know different……

    If there is a legitimate fear of any person or person’s safety it should be taken seriously, period.

    They (court & CPS) just don’t see it – it’s like they’re blind. He puts up the perfect “Mr Nice Guy” facade and we haven’t been able to get them to see through that veil. Word for word Sammi’s post rings true for the person I am speaking of. He was even successful at lying, and enough of a bully to have the children lie for him (they’re so scared of his temper they’ll do anything to keep him from blowing his top) that the court “recommended” that my parents not be left alone unsupervised with my sisters kids – all based on lies he had the children tell their counselors. He actually SITS IN on the oldest childs couseling sessions so there’s no chance she says anything he doesn’t approve of……….how sick is that?? I’m telling you – Sammi’s post scared the crap out of me – and these people who are supposed to help, play right into this guys game. We don’t know where to turn anymore. I actually cut & pasted Sammi’s post & sent it to both of my parents – and I know their reaction is going to be the same as mine.

    Understood, and I am not going to allow anyone to advise you legally or otherwise on the issue for obvious reasons, but my personal comment to you is that I pray for a kind and successful resolution for your family.


  5. Malty says:

    Does anyone know how Susan Cox met Josh

  6. Malty says:

    I hope they find Susan
    That father Steve looks real dangerous to me
    I am sorry Susan ever met those people and wonder how she could have known such
    A bunch
    Small town- college ?

  7. zeus says:

    Well, this is nothing new, since Troyer said the same thing the day after the explosion-concerning the Graham house being staged. But this is another detective stating it.

    “We kind of believe that he was kind of using that as kind of a prop; that he was spending most of the time at the other residence with Alina and John (his sister and brother-in-law) and Steven’s (his father) residence,” Detective Gary Sanders said.

    I did not like one of his statements though-I’m sure he was trying to be sensitive, but it was wrong the way he said it.

    “Although it was evil and the most horrific thing he could have done to those boys, he gave them the greatest gift of putting them in Susan’s arms,” Sanders said, referring to Powell’s missing wife, Susan Cox Powell. “Those boys are with Susan now, and that’s what I take from it.”

    I hope that doesn’t give ammunition to the next child killer out there….


  8. Rose says:

    Gas not poured until after chopping boys..
    1) If Aide waited until she smelled gas to call 911, time passed.
    2) he finalized execution only when her actions lined up with his plans.

    I have realized CPSD was likely playing no role in this case at this time if things are set up as they used to be. In ancient times, in my State, once a child came into care for a certain period, the case file & children were transferred to the foster care unit. these folks were generally not in the field to supervise the original families. Until the mandates for permanency planning began (when federal $ came for that) a foster care worker’s focus was getting out of the office to support the foster homes/parents. That was their training & interest. It looks to me from this Foster Care non-profit that this State had contracted out that kind of Foster Home supervision, & social work with children in the care of the State. These then imo would not be workers trained (even if licensed, which EG-H wasn’t) in the assessment of allegedly abusing or neglecting parents, the reasons kids come into care, or how to conduct investigations. Moreover if the State has set up a system of care whereby aides supervise visits, the assigned caseworker in the Office does not get to know the allegedly abusing parent.

    I say this because I think most CPSD caseworkers at 8 hours a week in the home would have picked up in a couple weeks it was likely a sham setting. I would have asked the local detective unit for assistance in determining that. I also think a CPSD worker would have been expected to ring at least one cul de sac bells and get neighbor references. Then I realized decisions about visitation for these boys and most likely content of the Court report were made by this foster care agency, not a cpsd worker trained to investigate.

  9. sammi says:

    @ piglet,

    Oh no! I am so sorry you found fear in my words!
    Mr nice guy like sociopaths, or any passive aggressive types
    are rarely murderers.

    Knowing the face of evil I believe to be a good, not scary thing.
    It helps us to know them, recognize their games.

    Please know mr nice guy was reduced to a weak wrinkled beyond his yrs POS. It wasn’t speedy, and yes can be very difficult battles. It is a war with many battles, lost some, but the war was won!

    I know what you are saying! It can be so hard.
    I couldn’t count the times I thought I was too weary to go on, wanted to give up, saw no ending to the darkness, thought I’d go crazy, felt I couldn’t take one more closed door, one moreprofessional promising something they never deliver. Deaf blind every where. I couldn’t see a light in the tunnels. (Footprints) God carried me! There was more than once, He had to put His hand on my back and gave a good shove too.

    I hope you can find some comfort in a few highlights —

    His mask did get ripped away!
    Lost any / all rights to have any contact with his kids.
    He lost everything really.
    Too bad the IRS sent him to poverty huh.
    Too bad he lost his good paying job along the way!
    It’s been years, he never got hired for a good job again.
    And a low paying job of his meager pickings he was left to accept … got him an accident, which left its toll on his physical body forever.
    He won a dollar settlement, and ran through that in a yr, gambling.

    Hang in there!

    You are in my prayers!
    May God open eyes and ears, and send wisdom all invovled!

  10. Boz says:

    Sammie, I was just making a reference to the media paying this creep for interviews. You say he had a job, OK, I didn’t know that. He seems to have had an awful lot of money for a man in his position, raising two children. I’m sure he couldn’t have gotten any money from his wife’s life insurance, right? I believe, but don’t KNOW, the media helped him sustain his lifestyle which means they could have helped him purchase the hatchet and the gas for his evilness. JMO

    Whoever paid him anything in the last 2 years should feel about as big as a pinhead right about now.

  11. sammi says:

    @ zeus,

    I’m suspect of this old, new version What support do they have that leads them to these details. Speculation or are there facts to base these statements on and if so, what are they? What facts support what order he took those steps in? What besides speculation tells them this was staged. What do they have to indicate where he lived if not here?

    Neighbors said they never saw anyone there. WTH, we KNOW they were there twice a week for three months! Not just him coming and going, his car, had to come and go, but the worker, and her car! bringing kids for visits. With that, how much value are these neighbors statements? Very little imo.

    Is it just me, or are they starting to sound like they are writing a movie not reporting LE facts?

    Takes them to the back of the house.
    They were found three feet inside “bravo wall” (firefighter recordings). Does bravo mean a back wall? Troyer said they were found in the middle of the house, not the back.

  12. sammi says:

    “Also gas cans,” Wood said. “We believe he got the gas from the storage shed.”

    A probable cause statement attached to the initial request for a search warrant also mentions a video taken of Powell purchasing a gas can. According to the statement, a Fred Meyers store security camera captured “a male subject they believe to be Powell purchasing a gas canister within 24 hours prior to the homicide.” That video has yet to be released.

    So did they come from storage, or did he purchase them.

  13. GeorgiaDad says:

    Many of the facts coming to light are interesting, and may suggest future improvements in supervised visitation. But, it occurs to me, that even if the case worker had immediately called 911 and started the emergency response, by the time of her call this was already a “hostage situation”. If LE had arrived immediately, they probably would not have immediately charged the doors and broken into the house.

    In this particular case, while LE was assessing the situation, trying to figure out if the perp was armed, the subhumanoid would have had the opportunity to blow up the house while LE watched.

    Unfortunately, although we would all like to feel that we are safe in our homes and businesses, there is very little that the government can do to protect us from persons intent on doing us harm. Adults can take protective measures themselves, but children rely on others. Much of the “protection” provided by supervised visitation is do to deterrence brought about by the possibility of future punishment (do something bad … you go to jail). As citizens of Iraq, Israel, and other terrorism riddled areas know, there is very little that can be done to deter a suicidal murderer. Even if visitation had been in a police station with JP having to pass through a metal detector, he could have easily found the kids at the grandparent’s house and done great violence there.

    I do not want any innocent person to go to jail, but our legal system has become so gun-shy that they are hesitant to lock up wrongdoers without an open and shut case. The only way the kids could have been truly protected would have been to put JP in jail.

  14. sammi says:

    Fire chiefs reach out to steady shaken Powell neighborhood

    Very nice article – helping those in shock / troubled by this in that neighborhood.

    Though there are complaints and scrutiny, Graham Fire and Rescue, men who raced swiftly, put their lives on the line, deserve an applause for their professional, excellent job.

  15. sammi says:

    @ Boz, thanks for clarifying that. Yes, he had a job, one of the 911 recordings was his boss. Also you can read statements the employer provided online. That is not to say media didn’t pay him. But I don’t associate the hachet or gas with media blame of any kind. They are both inexpensive items. The only person any blame goes to on those is Josh.

    dectective statement claims he researched gasoline explosive properties. Did they get his computer somehow to know that?

    Is this guy for real?
    Has he never heard of computer forensics???
    They let this be a detective?

    Sanders said he believes Josh Powell was just as calculated about Susan Powell’s disappearance.
    He said Josh Powell was a computer programmer who knew how to encrypt files and likely filed away crucial pieces of information.
    “But they’re hidden within hard drives or stuff, where we’ll never find them,” said Sanders.

    If this is the caliber of investigator dealing with Susan’s case, it is no wonder it has not been solved.

    1. Who would ever say that in an open case- which, btw, I thought there was a gag order.

    2. Who would ever believe that without having exhausted every possible technical analysis resource available. I can recommend some if he needs it.

    This is one of the truly concerning major issues affecting LE ( investigators specifically).

    Severe lack of technical training and web-based investigative tools.


  16. PigletinCT says:

    Thank You Sammi & Blink.

    We’ve been hanging in there for over three years now & it IS hard most of the time finding strength to keep going, but we’ve got to stand tall & strong for those 2 girls. There is a strong possibility our monster might finally be on the same path as yours Sammi – I just wish I could help him find the fast lane.

    There are many times I’ve had to help my sister believe there was a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel, even when it really did look quite bleak & dark, and I’ll continue to do so for as long as it takes. There’s NO WAY her monster is going to win his little game – not while I’m still breathing anyway.

    Your Mr Nice Guy & her Mr Nice Guy could be mirror reflections of each other by the sound of it. That’s what really hit me when I read your post. It was as if you had a window into our never ending nightmare. At least I know there is hope. I will pray that OUR Mr Nice Guy meets with a similar fate as yours.

    Thank you for your support & prayers, they are greatly appreciated more than you know.

  17. sammi says:

    @ blink

    1. mutt and Jeff?

    2. Wouldn’t they need two brain cells working to contact technical recommendations? You might be expecting too much. / Just saying.
    Did you watch that guy’s video, see and hear him?

    “Hidden inside hard drives OR STUFF”
    What exactly is ‘stuff’ in his mind if it isn’t “INSIDE” the hard drive.
    Lesson 1 training – files reside ON the hard drive, not IN it.

    That is three now that seem to be more fast talkers than detectives. If they try to sell me a car tomorrow, I’m outta here!

  18. zeus says:

    How much lower can the Powell family sink? They want JP buried 25 freaking feet from the kids HE murdered? And don’t anyone tell me it’s okay because JP is in hell and the kids are in heaven-this is a slam against the Coxes and I bet it was in JP’s master plan!



    “Josh Powell’s family wants burial near slain boys”

    “Powell’s relatives visited the public Woodbine Cemetery and selected a plot about 25 feet from the boys, City Manager Ralph Dannenberg told The Associated Press. They haven’t paid for it yet, and any sale is being put on hold because the parents of Powell’s missing wife have promised legal action.

    “We don’t have any rules or procedures regarding refusing plots to anyone,” Dannenberg said. “We’re going to wait to see what the outcome is in court.”

  19. Riverpearl says:

    If nothing can get ‘lower than the Powell family’ …’wants to bury POS by the boys’ …

    The Cox are seeking legally to bar it from happening …

    Now we all know ‘why Powell’s waited to bury POS’ – wanted to ‘find where the boys would be laid to rest’ …


  20. zeus says:

    Well this is no surprise.

    “Josh Powell’s Dad Takes Fifth on Susan Cox Disappearance”

    “Steven had previously been outspoken about his daughter-in-law’s disappearance, making statements to the media about how Susan likely ran away from her family to be with another man.

    But now he will not answer questions by any police, including the West Valley City, Utah, police department, which investigated the disappearance, and the Pierce County Sheriff’s department, which arrested Steven in September on child porn and voyeurism charges.”

    And again:

    “Neighbors at the rented home told police they never saw Powell there, while neighbors of Steven’s home said Josh Powell was there all the time. Police also said the home was decorated with pictures of the boys’ missing mother.

    Police said that if state authorities knew Josh Powell was still living in his father’s home where child porn was found, he would not have had a chance at getting custody of his children again. In addition to the sexually explicit images found in the home, police also found a noose and a poster of a naked woman with a sword through her body, along with other items that have not been publicly disclosed. The list of items found during the search is sealed until Steven Powell’s trial, they noted.”

  21. christy says:

    “Sherlock says:
    February 13, 2012 at 1:06 am”
    Sherlock, your post was thought-provoking.
    I hope to see you back.

  22. christy says:

    Headline:“Josh Powell’s family wants burial near slain boys”
    Outrage. Vomiting. Feeling riotous.

  23. zeus says:

    @ christy says:
    February 15, 2012 at 8:30 pm

    Outrage. Vomiting. Feeling riotous.

    I’m right there with you Christy. If ever I wanted to go spit in someone’s face, this is the time. I am so horrified right now, that if there was a protest planned in front of the Powell home-I would drive the four hours to get there without even blinking an eye. Seriously.

    Crimestoppers have purchased the plots on either side of little Charlie and Braden today-but that does not stop the Powells from getting a plot somewhere close to them anyway.

    I hope the Powell family is stopped. Because with each move they successfully make, it gives them more and more power. And that is wrong.


    “Crimestoppers buys cemetery plots next to Powell boys”

    “TACOMA, Wash. — Pierce County Crimestoppers has purchased the cemetery plots on either side of the plot that the sons of Josh Powell share in Puyallup, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department announced Wednesday.

    “Just to make sure that no plaques or no mention of Josh or he or anybody are around those boys that doesn’t deserve to be or need to be,” said department spokesman Ed Troyer. “We think that is a place people are going to go — they’re going to be hurting for years and years and years around here and we didn’t want any chance of Josh being there.”

    ….”The Pierce County Sheriff agreed.

    “It’s Disgusting that a murder suspect would be buried next to his victims,” Paul Pastor wrote on the department’s Twitter account.”

  24. moxiemom says:

    WAY TO GO, Sgt. Ed Troyer & Sheriff Paul Pastor!!!!
    ***Police buy cemetery plots to block Josh Powell from being buried next to his boys:

  25. Elected Mom says:

    Good folks stepped in to stop the insane:

    Donations being accepted to Crime Stoppers, the non-profit group responsible for doing this.

  26. cbickel says:

    The good news is that 2 Police Officers bought plots on both sides of the Powell boys so that their “father” couldn’t be buried beside them. Those are some stand up cops if you ask me.

    I would hope calmer heads in the Powell family prevail and they take Josh far away from those babies.


    Dang, a win people!


  27. Riverpearl says:

    Police have bought up all burial plots my Charlie & Braden so POS cannot be buried near them.

    May God’s grace be w/the Cox’x family.

  28. sammi says:

    Police buy cemetery plots to block Josh Powell from being buried …
    ‎A sheriff and his sergeant in Washington state have bought burial plots next to Josh Powell’s boys in order to block family members from burying him next to them, according to a media report Wednesday.

    What hate filled vindicitve evil left standing in that family!
    Isn’t there even one with a thin moral thread of any kind.
    Game spoiled you slobs, move on and take your POS elsewhere.

  29. connie says:

    I can’t wrap my brain around this evil Powell family-really? They want to bury this horrible monster near his kids that he killed-oh the agony. I too feel sick over this. WTH is wrong with these losers, and Steven Powell pleading the fifth just makes me mad as h*ll! Just when I think the Powell family can’t get any lower they do-
    Koodos to the police dept. for buying up those plots.

    I feel like I am watching a really, really bad movie or a disgusting soap opera. The Powell family has been a train wreck coming for a very long time and Steve-O must be the engineer.

  30. zeus says:

    Sadly, it’s not over yet. The plots next to the boys are safe, but the Powell family is looking at a plot just up the hill from the boys and within clear view of their grave site.

    I’ve also read MANY comments by people who have plans to defile JP’s grave site or remove his remains completely–and I have no doubt that will happen.

    The Powell family is walking on very thin ice right now and they need to take a step back and think about what they may be pushing people to consider doing.

    Karma will have lots of help if they insist on putting JP in the same cemetery with those kids….


    “Powell’s relatives visited the public Woodbine Cemetery and selected a plot just up a hill from the boys, about 80 to 100 feet away, City Manager Ralph Dannenberg told The Associated Press.

    The grave, which is in clear view of the boys’ plot, has already been dug and was covered with plywood Wednesday. The Powells haven’t paid for it yet, and any sale is being put on hold because the parents of Powell’s missing wife have promised legal action, Dannenberg said.”

    Add http in front of link:


  31. lizzy says:

    If JP is actually buried there, I’d just inscribe on the back of the boys’ headstone “Brutally murdered using hatchet and fire by their father whose remains lie nearby” and leave it there so the JP’s grave can be seen and despised as long as humans walk the earth.

    Great idea if it happens, agreed. These people are disturbed beyond comprehension.

    I know, maybe Chuck Cox can argue that there is a standing RO at the moment and so Josh cannot be within 500 ft of him.

    Not being glib, I just do not want that man to rot in visual proximity of anyone he haunted while he was alive. I have no mercy, sympathy or compassion for him.

  32. Slowroller says:

    @ Connie

    I never thought I would say this out loud, or even think it possible, but I believe you just slighted THE Steve-O…LOL

  33. Jnpgh says:

    The Powell family – with the exception of Jennifer Graves has to be THE CREEPIEST genetic grouping on the face of the earth. I refuse to call them a “family” – as that is a dignity that they do not deserve.

    Josh Powell’s remains should be pulverized and thrown into the sewer.

    He should not be buried in the same cemetery as his sons. Not next to them, nor 80 feet up the hill from them. TO even suggest that the murderer should be buried near his victims is mind-numbing and stomach-turning.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the cemetery in qustion would have the guts to say “no plot is eligible to be sold for the burial of Josh Powell.”

  34. Ode says:

    It is so ironic that the remaining Josh Monster supporting Powell’s are just digging their own graves.

    Ode, I know you did not mean for this to be humerous, but it brought a much needed laugh this afternoon after a harrowing few. I hope it does the same for others who need a slight respite from this grief.


  35. Bam from Ms says:

    Blink.. Or anyone that may know..

    What are they gonna do with the “blown up” property? Getting this disaster gone asap will be the only way these neighbor’s can start to recover from this.


  36. Ode says:

    There is humor in irony at times but I was also very serious. They are keeping the spotlight shinning on just how unfeeling this family is. The ire that they are creating towards themselves will follow them for a very long time ;)

  37. connie says:

    To: Slowroller: Thank you! I thought my hair was going to catch on fire or I would self-combust when I read the latest. Steve-O needs to be drawn and quartered and Alina, alias “Abi-Normal” needs a lot of psychiatric help or maybe sanity is defeinitely not attainable for this sad group. I know- I will get off of my soap box and find a more suitable outlet for my feelings like cleaning out the litter box.

  38. A Texas Grandfather says:

    There is a report that a local non-profit agency has purchased the plots in question and will prevent the burial of JP within close proximity of the boys. It is too bad that we don’t have a law on the books that would prevent the burial of anyone who commits murder. These people need to be cremated and their ashes scattered in the ocean or other large body of water.

    We are almost thirty-five years into the world of small powerful computers with hard drives (1982 5 MB Seagate ST-504)and these cops have about as much understanding of computers and technology as a nine year old. Makes one question how ignorant are they in regards to most things.

    I do know that in Texas (and this is true for other states too) the people who barely are able to finish high school and get into a college program are often steared to the “Criminal Justice” program or if they can do a little better, they become primary grade teachers. This means we have cops with a suspect degree working in our police agencies.

  39. Survivor says:

    36. Bam from Ms says:
    February 16, 2012 at 4:42 pm


    I saw an article a day or so ago that they owners of the property had not yet made a decision what they were going to do with it and were still waiting to hear what the insurance company was going to pay.

  40. GraceintheHills says:

    GeorgiaDad says:
    February 15, 2012 at 11:21 am
    Excellent post, GeorgiaDad. When someone is intent on destroying other lives there is very little one can do to prevent it. Individuals who are as evil as Josh Powell was, unfortunately, will always find a way.

  41. Malty says:

    Josh Powell still getting it all about Him
    Very sick

  42. christy says:

    “zeus says:
    February 15, 2012 at 9:15 pm
    @ christy says:
    February 15, 2012 at 8:30 pm

    Outrage. Vomiting. Feeling riotous.

    >>>>”I’m right there with you Christy. If ever I wanted to go spit in someone’s face, this is the time. I am so horrified right now, that if there was a protest planned in front of the Powell home-I would drive the four hours to get there without even blinking an eye. Seriously.

    I hope the Powell family is stopped. Because with each move they successfully make, it gives them more and more power. And that is wrong.”<<<<
    ______________________________________________________________________Zeus, I'd have been right there spittin' with ya.

    What a long-suffering, sickening display
    of ignorant and malevolent hostility ~
    allowed to fester and keep on crossing generations.
    I mostly can't find the words for my disgust.

    Those poor babies. They just make me cry.

  43. christy says:

    “Jnpgh says:
    February 16, 2012 at 3:47 pm
    The Powell family – with the exception of Jennifer Graves has to be THE CREEPIEST genetic grouping on the face of the earth. I refuse to call them a “family” – as that is a dignity that they do not deserve.

    Josh Powell’s remains should be pulverized and thrown into the sewer.”
    This was the agreed upon removal with my loved ones today:
    “Put him in the sewer where he belongs.”

  44. osu says:

    I’m thankful that JP can’t lie in rest next to the children. That place should be reserved for their mommy, hoping and praying that she will be found.

  45. SouthernMom says:

    Blink is right on target…use the 500′ RO. Someone call Mr. Cox and inform him of this idea. I know he can get a judge to enforce this in 24 hours if needed.

    Prayers for the Cox family.

  46. Jnpgh says:


    Since Josh didn’t have the brass body parts to blow up his own home or the home of any of the Powell genetic grouping…can the poor person who RENTED Josh the house that Josh exploded now go after the Powells??

    I hope that the guy who owned that house goes after the Powells (freak-in-law and Alina in particular) for EVERY PENNY THAT THEY OWN!!!!!!

    And Lizzy – I LUV your idea for the inscription on the back side of the gravestone of Charlie and Braden, if Josh is buried on the hill overlooking their graves.

    The Powells are simply so vile..I can barely be civil about them …but I don’t want Blink to be mad at me!

  47. connie says:

    Slowroller- My mistake! Sorry to the real Steve-O. I recently found out in the past year that Lady Antebellum was a group not a southern architectural movement, and for a while I beleived Justin Beiber was some movie star’s kid ’cause I kept seeing pictures posted of him. Two weeks ago I eagerly offered my kids tickets to accompany me to an Elton John concert and they replied “who’s that”/ I really should have your name Slowroller. I still drive 55 in a 70 mph. You know its bad when kids that work in a grocery store single you out and tell you-”Ma’am let me help you-that item is to heavy for you”, amd I reply its only 5 lbs.

  48. sunshine_4me says:

    The owners of the home that Josh Powell was renting in Graham, Washington are devastated that something this horrible could happen on their property. Patrick and Necia Small now live in Centralia, Washington about 50 miles South of Graham. The couple tells our sister station in Seattle – KOMO TV – they are still trying to understand how this could have happened and process the fact that it happened where they used to live.

  49. marnie says:

    i saw an article by CNN where josh’s mother said he will not be burried in the woodbine cemetary and they are making other arrangments. i hope that is true. sorry, i can’t seem to post the link, but you can google josh powell’s mother. article dated yesterday, 2/16/12

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