Jennifer Kesse Missing: New Evidence And New Leads Connect To Old Names In Casey Anthony Saga


Orlando, FL- Jennifer Kesse, the newly promoted mortgage process engineering manager for Central Florida Investments, parent company of Westgate Resorts was an upstart.

Recent BOC article coverage can be found here, here and here.

After interviewing with upper management for other advancement roles within the company- her new position was actually created For Her.

Was this a forward and prophetic corporate strategy based on mortgage industry trending data?

Was her promotion a result of Jennifer’s own market analysis and efficiencies recommendations to the suits on the top floor?

Yes and Yes.

At 24 Jennifer Kesse was the youngest new manager among her peers in their respective management roles at CFI.

While she did not have the subordinates they did reporting to her directly, the initiative she was leading and launching was going to save the firm almost $900,000 annually.  The installation and rollout of a new debit system interface allowing timeshare owners to pay fees, mortgages and incidentals by ACH automatically was a corporate priority for Westgate Resorts.

Which is why on the morning of Tuesday January 24, 2006, the day after she returned from a brief trip with her boyfriend Robert Allen- when Jenn did not show up to her office in Ocoee, there appeared to be immediate concern.

According to Jennifer’s outlook scheduling calendar she did not have an interoffice meeting until the afternoon.

By 11:15 her parents living two hours away in Bradenton were called to see if she had some sort of family emergency.

The exact escalation of events within CFI leading up to the phone call and who made it are being withheld for investigative reasons.

By noon, a trifecta of calamitous and simultaneous events takes place.

Drew, Joyce and Logan Kesse, speeding from Bradenton to Orlando in a respite from paralytic panic reach the property manager of Jenn’s new condo at Mosaic On Millenia and learn her car is not parked in her spot.  She is not inside.

A self-confessed admirer and now CFI lateral management peer, Johnny Campos arrives 4 hours late to the Ocoee office.

The only suspect ever declared to date in Jennifer Kesse’s disappearance is parking her vehicle while captured on 3 separate closed circuit cameras at the Huntingdon Tavern On The Green Condominiums and apartments.  It is less than a few blocks from two large CFI warehouses and within a mile of  several CFI owned properties.

By late afternoon The Kesse’s, Rob Allen and Jennifer’s closest friends were using her condo as a command center to develop immediate and organized searches for her.

Detectives Julius Glenn Gause II and Joel Wright of the Orlando Police Department respond to the scene.

Detective Gause assures the Kesse’s that Jennifer had a fight with her boyfriend Rob Allen, who is now standing in her living room vehemently disagreeing with his investigative assessment.  Who can blame the guy?

Gause’s opinion was reached without ever interviewing a single person who was  not on-scene, and was sure she would be back by tomorrow.

In a mandatory meeting called at the request of Central Florida Investments CEO David Siegel and conducted by Chief Financial Officer Tom Dugan, it was announced that Jennifer Kesse, a respected and valued member of the management team had been reported missing.

Dugan adamantly assured all that the company would encourage  employees to join any organized search efforts to find her.

Jennifer did not return as Gause predicted.

Her car did however, and on January 26th   her case  was declared a criminal investigation.

The First 48… Months

Upon the classification of Jennifer’s case as a criminal investigation,  J. Glenn Gause told the Kesse’s that his partner  Detective Joel Wright asked what he considered a dumb question during a briefing.

As a result, Gause informed- he kicked him off the case and requested new partner Det. Emmett Browning.

While such a move would  obviously be outside of Det. Gause’s authority, it is more likely the pair were reeling from the Internal Affairs investigation that ensued after they knowingly interviewed John Evander Couey after his arrest for the murder of Jessica Lunsford.

Shortly after Couey’s confession to Citrus county detectives was thrown out of court because it violated Couey’s Miranda rights,  Gause and Wright decided to inform their Orlando PD sergeant that they interviewed Couey following his arrest in Citrus County on the chance he might be a suspect in the Regina Armstrong murder because he grew up in Orange County.   They claimed he actually confessed to the Lunsford murder.

The confession was not recorded and at no time did either detective inform the Citrus investigators or their OPD supervisor of the visit itself- let alone  Couey’s statements made to them.

That is, until they learned his original confession in the Lunsford case was inadmissible.

Interviewing an incarcerated man who is represented by an attorney with charges pending in a potentially related case without permission, notes, or a recording by veteran detectives is outrageous.

John Cuoey was 5’4”, 125 lbs with a flag tattoo.  The suspect composite from direct witnesses in the Armstrong case was a man around 40, 6 ft tall with medium build and a mermaid tattoo on the opposite arm.

They were lucky their actions did not derail the prosecution of both cases.  The second alleged confession was also thrown out and reprimands to both detectives remain private in their respective employee records.  Regina Armstrong’s murder in 1985 remains unsolved.

John Evander Couey died of natural causes on death row awaiting execution for the rape and murder of Jessica Lunsford.

Patented Police Work- Who Knew?

Detective Emmett Browning, Jr and J. Glenn Gause II will lead the investigation into Jennifer Kesse’s disappearance by keeping the single most promising clue from the very folks that could help the case instantly.  The public.

Browning and Gause made the investigative decision not to release video footage of the man parking a victim’s vehicle within 24 hours of her missing persons report.

They were 48 hours into the case they now assumed was a lovers rift.  The case had since turned into a criminal investigation and thought it wise not to engage the public’s efforts in locating an individual seen on video in a very distinctive uniform less than one day earlier, a mile from her home.

I am aware that is a run-on sentence.      How could one possibly break that up and convey how ludicrous that was?

There were no obvious signs of foul play in Jennifer’s condo or her car.   An entire complex watched as the car was removed.    How could they possibly have ruled out that Jennifer was abducted and held against her will?

Might a tip on the immediate suspect have saved her life?

They had time to make the 6 o’clock news and blast the web.

Fresh eye witnesses, fresh leads – what a break!

Fresh fizzle was the way this was going with these two.

Investigators informed the Kesse’s they would not be processing Jennifer’s condo because there were too many people in it and it had not been preserved.  Drew Kesse told Detective Gause that he was in contact with some family friends employed in international security and law enforcement in different jurisdictions and he was told the scene should be processed and known prints and samples could be eliminated from any unidentified.

Gause responded by telling the bereft  father of a missing daughter if he got one more call or one more question about his investigation he was going to start arresting people.

Gause and Emmett, otherwise known as “Gammett” by colleagues  for their years of friendship and  joining the Orlando Police Department patrol together in 1981 worked the case through August 2007 without ever interviewing a single person at Jenn’s work, developing a suspect or releasing the footage of the suspect parking the car.

The duo felt they had a better offer they could not pass up.  Hard to Imagine, I know.

“The right opportunity came up and you don’t know if you’re gonna get another opportunity like that,” Gause said.

Upon their departure, it was discovered by Orlando Police that neither officer kept a note, recording, binder, or interview outline on the Kesse case and if they had,  they emptied it from all files of their cases within  OPD.

Gause wished the Kesse’s luck and his hopes in finding Jennifer.

“If They don’t find her this hunting season, they definitely will by the next.” – Glenn Gause

With homicide cases in the collective rearview for the pair, they set forth with new employer Aqmi Strategy Corp.

Putting their combined 50 years of investigative prowess to work in white collar crime via the private sector was the plan.

They probably should have started with the new boss.

Aqmi Strategy Corp- a division of Mirabilis Ventures was about to expose one of Orlando’s more notorious billionaire frauds by way of an international security incident.  A retired Orlando Police captain and a former secret service agent were detained in the Democratic Republic of the Congo while allegedly conducting security detail for  presidential hopeful Dr. Oscar Kashala.   Kashala is a Harvard educated Congolese national.

Frank Amodeo, a felonious, disbarred Georgia bankruptcy attorney and equal opportunity bilker of the DINK and COCOON sets formed Aqmi under the Mirabilis umbrella in 2004.

After fake-buying the Trump Tampa Tower and raising the US Treasury’s eyebrows following rumors that the real reason for being in the DRC was to raise foreign capital for US interests surfaced, the IRS and Mr. Amodeo became acquainted. Although those particular rumors were likely started by the opposing parties who detained the the team in the first place,  an American security detail contracted by a major pharmaceutical executive running for office in the Congo is going to get a look.

Amodoe is currently on the hook to the IRS for $181 million in unpaid payroll taxes and serving 22 + years for  conspiring to commit wire fraud, obstructing an agency proceeding, impeding the IRS and failing to remit payroll taxes.

Dr.  Kashala failed in a second bid for the African nation’s presidency in 2011.

In 2009 following an informal inquiry by officials within The Orlando Police Department, new investigators received an 80 page report on the Kesse case compiled by the original investigators Glause and Browning.

How it got there and upon whose request has not been disclosed.

“Better late than never” might be one of those  axioms  I stop using.

Gammett  currently works with several colleagues from the defunct and bankrupt Aqmi days as independent security consultant for Center For Security Solutions.

Detectives Browning and Gause’s legendary dogged determination to solve cases has made them experts in Cold Case Management.  Their “patented” concept of methodical Cold Case organization and review has a proven success rate. Their irrefutable investigative skills has made them equally effective in handling Internal Affairs cases, completing thorough, fair, factual and concise investigations.

Largely devoid of any of the aforementioned but chockfull of spurious, you can read Gammetts full bios here.


Detective Sergeant Rich Ring buoyed Jennifer’s case until Joel Wright and new partner Detective Roger Brennan picked it back up.

First order of business sixteen months later- release the vehicle video and declare a suspect.

I will spare the details of how much difficulty these detectives went through reconstructing a two year old investigation without the proper background from the first team at bat.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity to Blink on Crime, a source inside the OPD confirms the files removed from the Kesse case included reports like her cell phone records and ping studies.

To their profound credit the parents of Jennifer Kesse,  Drew and Joyce pushed a bill through the Florida Senate to mandate standard operating procedures and other practices that would preclude anyone walking off with the case files in adult missing person’s cases in Florida.

The Jennifer Kesse Tiffany Sessions Missing Persons Act was signed ceremoniously into law on October 28, 2008 by Governor Charlie Crist.

Bill 502 expanded the authority of The Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s Missing and Endangered Information Clearinghouse (MEPIC)  to provide assistance in missing persons investigations for those under 26 and over the age of 26 that are believed to be endangered.

In it’s first three years in existence, the Act has helped 716 adult missing persons cases including Jennifers.

The disappearance of Jennifer Joyce Kesse brought some of the largest volunteer search efforts for a single person in both Florida and the United States to date.  David Siegel, the president and CEO of Westgate Resorts and Central Florida Investments offered a $100,000 reward for Jenn’s return through March 8, 2006.

In July of 2008 the disappearance of 34 month old Caylee Anthony catapulted the Orlando landscape back onto to the screens of the nightly 14 minute intro recaps of her case.

With no similarities in the victims or any known associations to the cases outside of the fact they were last seen within a few miles of each other there was no way they were related.

Except One.  Peter Benevides.

Big profile, big reward, big name-  Peter “Pedro” Benevides pledged a $100,000 reward for the return of a living Caylee Marie Anthony.

Background is Foreground With A Skyview

In December 2008 Florida’s statewide prosecutor Bill Shepherd reviews Jennifer’s case.  Prosecutor Shepherd’s office is only tasked with reviewing cases that may require multi-circuit jurisdictions and the possibility or probability of PONZI SCHEMES.

Prior to joining Holland & Knight, Shepherd served seven years in the Office of the Attorney General of Florida. He was appointed in 2007 by former Attorney General Bill McCollum as Florida’s Statewide Prosecutor and was responsible for leading eight offices throughout Florida in the investigation and prosecution of multi-circuit criminal activity. Shepherd’s focus was on RICO prosecutions in the area of white-collar crime, mortgage fraud, securities fraud, healthcare fraud, ponzi schemes, corporate and private embezzlement, money laundering, narcotics trafficking and gang-related crimes. He also worked in the Office of the State Attorney in Miami as an Assistant State attorney from 1996-2000.

The results of the Statewide Attorney recommendations are unknown.

After a review of Jennifer’s case by the Federal Bureau of Investigation at the request of Drew Kesse in 2010, her case was again in the hands of OPD.   Detective Patrick Schneider and Sgt Det Richard Lane were the lead investigators at the time of this publication,    Following Schneider’s retirement, the case is now led by Sgt. Theresa Sprague.

According to a statement given to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office by the now infamous Roy Kronk, he was under the impression that the reward posted by Benevides for locating Caylee was set to expire.   Not his original statement to Detectives John Allen and Yuri Melich of course, but he gets there.

On December 11, 2008 the remains of Caylee Marie Anthony were recovered off of Suburban Drive in Orlando. Kronk never realized that it was only payable if Caylee were found alive.

Two weeks later a discovery of a different kind befalls a local couple walking their dogs in a Windermere neighborhood.

What is believed to be the pepper spray pouch and attached mail key of Jennifer Kesse was recovered.

The names of the advertent couple and precise location are being withheld by for investigative reasons.

The couple tried for weeks to contact the established crimeline  tip line as well as Orlando Police before turning  the item over to Windermere Police with a note.  The note said the finders thought it may be part of the Kesse investigation but they had been unsuccessful reaching detectives.  After a last try in late January, detectives returned her call.

It was not until BOC analysts came across a work order request from Jennifer’s condo maintenance staff requesting a replacement key and new mailbox assignment prior to her disappearance the connection was made to Jennifer’s case.

The key in her vehicle, the key attached to the fob of the spray holder pouch and the existing key to the mailbox number assigned to Jenn are identical.  The pouch is an exact duplicate of several purchased by Jennifer’s parents for her as well as extras for her girlfriends, when she moved on her own.

Drew Kesse has an exact duplicate purchased in tandem on his keychain today.

In January 2009 Pete Benevides registered a Limited Liability Company under the name Skyview Funeral Home , LLC with a PO Box in Clermont, FL.   He does not own a funeral home, is not licensed to conduct funeral services and the entity was dissolved a year later for not receiving an annual report.

Considering the fact that Benevides was outed as the benefactor for Caylee Anthony’s memorial service by Dominic Casey, Anthony family private investigator and head of security for the event, one has to wonder if Skyview Funeral Home’s business model is focused more on laundry services.

Not for long though. At precisely the moment the Memorial Service is taking place at First Baptist Orlando,  the United States Treasury descends on the Orlando business interests and assets of Mr. Benevides and his co-horts in “Project Rumpelstiltskin”.

On February 10, 2009, orchestrated presumably upon received intelligence, “There’s gold in them thar hills” is not just the dream bubble of Parker Schnable of Porcupine Creek.

Through an ongoing criminal investigation sparked by “unspecified illegal acts “ as sworn by Noel Martinez, Jr, Special Agent IRS- USSS Financial Crimes Task Force , it seems the cast of Gold Rush missed the glory hole by a few thousand miles.   Federal agents however,  hit the Orlando bedrock without the need for excavation.

Javier Fernandez,  Angel Sanchez, Luizia Trindade, Luiz Trindade,  Skyview Aviation, Pedro Benevides, Luis Hernandez, German Cardona, Daniel Rojo Filho,  Evolution Market Group, Superior International Investments Corp, Brittany Sprague Benevides, Michael Clark, Heather Perkins, DWB Developers, their officers and registrants therein watched their 9 vehicles ranging from a $270K motor coach, Audi A8 and custom Lamborghini drive away without them under an REM forfeiture complaint.

Unbeknownst to them at the time, the nearly 400 gold bars  stashed in 3 different states were also seized between February 9th and 11th in addition to  bank accounts totaling over a few hundred million dollars, wired from multiple international locations.

Additional seizures of an undisclosed amount of gold and silver were seized from 3 safes in a warehouse owned by Ralph Munyan of Clearwater.

Several notices of civil actions referencing sealed criminal cases and John Doe participants as co-conspirators are pending against all.  It is likely they will be put on hold until the completion of all criminal investigations and subsequent complaints.   The sealed cases to date are in Oregon, Texas, Arizona, Florida, Colorado and Nevada.

Further coincidences between the Benevides et al clan and involvement with the Casey Anthony case include the fact that pass through accounts referenced in the seizure filing and the first Caylee Marie Anthony Trust were closed at the same bank within one business day of each other.

The first four days of transactions including opening deposits of the first Anthony Trust have never been revealed publicly.  One thing is for certain.   If Mr. Benevides or anyone attached to the criminal matter used those derived funds for any purpose related to Ms. Anthony or Mr. Baez, we are all going to know about it at some point, the individual payments and transactions of these accounts have only been partially released in support of the warrant.

The seizure action brought by the United States Attorney has been ordered “stayed” with 90 day updates in order to allow the pending criminal investigations to proceed against all the above defendants, both named and as yet to be named.

On September 16, 2009 Pedro Paul Benevides was arrested on Federal charges of cocaine smuggling after two of his pilots were arrested in Pensacola and fingered him as the mastermind.

Benevides was remanded to the Orange County Jail through February 2010 where he was released after charges were dismissed against him when a witness against him changed their story.  It is not known if Casey Anthony, who was also housed at the Orange County Jail and Benevides were leaving notes at the library for one another ending in ~FLUSH~.

On February 11, 2010 Pete Benevides was released from custody, still under investigation by the Feds for his and his associate’s involvement in an alleged ponzi scheme that has bilked over $450 million dollars from investors around the world.  However, with a heavy concentration of folks seeking damages for same around every corner of the neighborhood, it can’t be the same hitting the in and out burger in Orlando these days.

On February 19, 2010 based on an informant tip,  OPD conducted a search behind the Knights Inn on South Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando.   Both that site and the location on 72000 International Drive  are known former business addresses of Filho, Hernandez and Benevides.

Until last month Pete and Brittany Benevides, Luis Hernandez, Daniel Filho, unspecified John Doe’s and Angel Hernandes managed to dodge subpoenas in the pending civil actions.  Luis Hernandez and the Benevideses maintain homes and offices in Leesburg,  Astatula, Clermont, Orlando and Windermere.  The pending class action civil suit process servers were headed off by security at every gate.

The State of Florida was happy to be served on their behalf at the request of the plaintiffs attorney.

*  It is this author’s intention to present the parties associations, conduct and occurrences to the relevant time periods and commonalities to the case of the disappearance of Jennifer Kesse and by no means should be considered a complete background or biography.  Y’all are itching to know how any of this is connected as it is or you’re asking yourself-  did Blink drink her Google juice today?  I get it.  Stick with me, read on.

Encumberance And Conveyance, In Deed

The first investigative interviews conducted at Central Florida Investments, Jennifer’s employer were in May 2009, or so the management team thought.  She had been missing three years and 4 months.

What they did not know is a work colleague of Jennifer’s called them on his own to tell OPD what he knew in the months before that.   “Adam Frank” referred to previously on BOC, not his real name as he is a material witness in the case, called police in an effort to stop the harassment he was enduring at work since Jennifer disappeared.  Adam overheard a confrontation between Johnny Alberto Campos and Jennifer Kesse the morning of January 23rd, 2006.

For the first time exclusively on, we have uncovered additional witnesses to corroborate the interactions between Jennifer Kesse and Johnny Campos leading up to and including the days following her disappearance.

On or about the day after Jennifer’s disappearance, Johnny Campos asks Frank to drive him to an impromptu meeting at the new Lake Eleanor Office.   When the pair arrived, Campos told Frank he would meet up with him in about 30 minutes in the cafeteria.

Adam Frank watched as the manager of the branch,  Linday Hernandez met Campos at security and the pair headed to her office.

Linday Hernandez, A Venezuelan national, is a business partner of Peter Benevides in more than one venture, and her husband Luis Hernandez is and was a former principal in several business interests including currently held properties.

Mr. Hernandez as previously noted is under Federal criminal investigation in multiple states and a defendant in several civil actions resulting from those alleged activities.  Linday Hernandez is not named individually in the ongoing federal or class action civil matters to date, however, companies which she has or had a principal interest in, are.

A recent financial filing of the couple requesting significant debt relief and a stay from a foreclosure sale on their Windermere residence was filed in Ms. Hernandez’s name only.  Luis Hernandez’s whereabouts are unknown.

Witnesses inside the investigations of both Jennifer’s case and the Federal inquiry describe the relationship between Linday and Campos as “confident” and friendly with Linday visiting the Ocoee branch frequently ending in an offsite lunch for the two.

An additional witness interviewed by BOC and wishing to remain anonymous provided an account describing how Campos approached him with a scheme for making quick cash.  Several timeshare owners were asking to renounce their weeks without compensation as long as they did not pay annual fees.   It was alleged Campos saw it as an opportunity to rent the week out, covering the fees, without ever telling the owners.  Westgate/CFI had folks with access keeping track of unoccupied timeshare properties.  Who accessed them and by what means remains to be seen.

A simple keycard report would be able to tell that information for the timeframe of Jennifer’s disappearance easily.  It has not been requested to date.

The Ponzi Peninsula

In May 2011 a tip was received from a Columbian national and former resident of the United States claiming to have had to leave the country due to immigration issues.

Dimitri Duran Soto is also a former realtor and mortgage broker for Sky Land Realty Group and DPG Realty after a failed cleaning business venture in 2003. His real estate license in Florida has been revoked.   Mr. Duran Soto is a trained architect and is currently working as such in Columbia.

It was the intent of BOC to withhold Mr. Soto’s name but he has since posted a request for the person who he believes may either be responsible or knows who is,  for what happened to Jennifer Kesse as he claims was told to him.

Soto told police while he was discussing seeing the Kesse’s on TV, a friend of his claimed to have seen Jennifer in a white pickup truck sitting between two men with a look he described as “like, help me” when the vehicles were next to each other at a traffic light turning left onto International Drive South.

That evening Soto printed out a flyer from the Kesse website and showed it to him the next day to confirm.

At the time he says he felt his friend did not come forward and neither did he because they both had what he termed immigration issues.  He was afraid of deportation.

Upon return to his native country, Soto learned his friend had taken care of his status but had not yet informed police of what he knew.   Soto reached out, and was put in touch with OPD.

The January 6th search conducted and organized by Orlando Police and FDLE in the area of the 13000 block of International Drive was based on the account of Soto’s friend, however, a posting of Mr. Soto’s indicates there may be more to it.


Soto’s friend describes the pickup he was now watching in his rearview mirror makes a right turn just before the Partners Credit Union onto a dirt road leading into the woods and property searched recently- unsuccessfully.

However, the dirt road access which is commonly known to many ATV riders in the area is also a way to access the undeveloped plat #723 owned by Luis Hernandez and Pedro Benevides.

The BenHen parcel has not been searched nor seized because of it’s purchase prior to any allegations of ponzi.

Considering the fact that the last known person to have had a public disagreement with a missing woman arranges an impromptu meeting with a woman whose husband, and by way of a marital asset so does she, owns a parcel in the direct vicinity of a recent search area OPD felt credible is worth a conversation- no?

check back to

Images by Klaasend

Contributing Copy Editors Jason Mateos and Jaqueline Beaufort



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  1. Rose says:

    I suspect what concerned someone on staff at work was that Jennifer & JC were missing at the same time without explanation from either, not the meeting

  2. edward says:

    “susanm says:
    March 7, 2012 at 7:54 pm
    hmm, just thinking about it all and mullin it over. maybe jc and cohorts did not want jenn in her newly promoted position,they wanted someone more corrupt.”

    In my guess..
    yes, something like that susanm.. it would appear that Jenn was the new addition to the club, but, what ever words that were overherd by witness seem to bring the little man Campos to a higher leader, who then makes a decision to eliminate a possible threat. It was quick too. BEFORE Jenns return to her office.
    Alarming. She must have made threat to Campos.
    Campos and Linday, Linday contacts another who makes a call. The rest is history.

    On another note:
    I do not know..I have been driving all over the place in the last few days and I have kept a vigil in my rear view mirror. I would be hard pressed to see any expression on a persons face in my rear view.

    No direct allegations please, even though this is your opinion.

    The witness/tipster allegedly saw Jenn’s expression when next to the vehicle, which I don’t believe personally either.

  3. wpg says:


    According to Mr. Dimitri Durand’s friend’s account, his friend and the truck he says he saw Jennifer in, would both have been traveling east-bound on World Center Drive, then stopped side-by-side in the 2 left-turn lanes at the traffic-light controlled intersection, before both vehicles turned left (north-bound) onto International Drive South.

    map – - I know, yet another map ;) – - of the intersection showing the 2 left turning lanes on World Center to International S:,+Florida&hl=en&ll=28.358353,-81.487389&spn=0.000875,0.001223&sll=28.358295,-81.486996&sspn=0.006996,0.009785&hnear=World+Center+Dr+%26+International+Dr+S,+Southwest+Orange,+Orange,+Florida&t=h&z=20

    Question is . . . where was the truck carrying Jennifer coming from?

  4. wpg says:

    Edward and Blink,

    I didn’t see your comment and reply until I finished typing mine and posted it . . . kind of spooky.

  5. Tarheel says:

    Has Campos ever gave an account of where he was the morning of Jennifer’s disappearance? Whether true or not….

    To LE, yes

  6. Delilah says:

    Do the police know about Jennifer in the truck? Why was this never released to the public?

    They know. Details of the tip were released after the search, as appropriate.

  7. connie says:

    I can’t stop thinking about the pain and suffering the Kesse family has endured…how does Mutt and Jeff sleep at night? Many people in this mess are definitely without a conscious and almost a mob type mentality. Oh…the almighty dollar.

  8. wpg says:

    This is a posting made July 11, 2007 in the Guestbook of the Kesse family’s “Please help find her” website:

    “Entry: 2612 07.11.2007 – 00:34:48 AM

    Name: dimitri duran (
    Text: Jennifer, tonight I’m going to dedicate all my prayers to you; wherever you are never forget that your parents and we all care about you.”

    I feel sick.
    Where is his most recent post, Blink?

    He did say he knew but was afraid to come forward due to fear of deportation.

  9. A Texas Grandfather says:

    The area around appraisal tract 723 is level for the most part,but contains heavy brush and some taller timber. There is a creek through the area where timber has been cut.

    Google earth has new photos dated January 2012 of the area. The area borders a powerline right-of-way that has dirt roads on both sides. Also, there is plenty of evidence that ATV’s have used the area for a place to run in the mud when the area is wet.

    This whole area is mixed in that there are farming tracts, developed tracts and undeveloped tracts such as 723. A search would take a lot of time. There are many ponds,canals and lakes in the area. I don’t know if any are the habitats for gaters.

    What is the significance of the finding of the holster for the pepper spray and mailbox key. Was this an attempt by Jen to leave an object to tell those searching that she was there or was it something the perps threw away?

  10. Rose says:

    Why did Gammett say the surveillance video showed a man in dark clothing?
    They announced retirement only 6 months after case assignment.

    You know the prolific incorporator BSB is a notary like Heather?
    Their names are even listed as joint managers on one Corp.

    Yes, well how else do you get peeps to affix their names and not make them show up and show a DL?

  11. wpg says:

    Thanks, Blink (not a Facebook member, so can’t access).

    Yeah, it’s just the communication to the Kesse’s in 2007 . . . and that it was read by the family in 2007 . . . huge sigh.

    Familia Upegui Well done dimitri.
    January 11 at 12:28pm
    Dimitri Duran Darling, it will be better if our guy help us telling what he saw that night! Don’t you think? XOXOXO
    January 11 at 2:29pm

  12. Delilah says:

    “Soto told police while he was discussing seeing the Kesse’s on TV, a friend of his claimed to have seen Jennifer in a white pickup truck sitting between two men with a look he described as “like, help me” when the vehicles were next to each other at a traffic light turning left onto International Drive South.”

    When did this man see Jennifer in the truck? Was it the day of her disappearance? Then where was she, as you’re claiming she was abducted the night prior, that night? Being held captive?

    Allegedly the 24th.

    I am not alleging Jennifer was ever abducted or when. I am saying that it is possible she left her condo the evening of the 23rd.

  13. Edward says:

    Please delete any post i make that appears inappropriate. I will not be offended.

    thanks your fine, just want to keep it loose

  14. Rose says:

    don’t you think maybe Dimitri is his own best friend?


  15. Rose says:

    and he could, as a friend to man, tell what he saw that night, confidentially?

  16. LaLa says:

    I wish you could reveal where the cell phone pinged from. That is I’m sure a huge key to unraveling all of this. We know that she ended a phone call with her boyfriend from her house phone right before 10pm. Then by 10:40 her cell phone battery was removed. Whatever took place happened pretty fast. Every time I try to put together a timeline, it just doesn’t jive. If she ran out the door to go meet up with someone after ending the call, there would be evidence of that. Someone would have reported seeing her out and about, or her cell phone records would have shown calls to people at that time. Was she intercepted in the parking lot of her complex? At a bar? None of it really works out, someone would have seen or heard something. We know the people who are under a cloud of suspicion. Where were they around 10:40 pm?

    It is my personal belief that the 10 PM call actually came from her cell.

  17. Rose says:

    thought Gause & Browning absconded with cell ping records. were they reconstructed?

    cannot answer that one Rose, sorry.

  18. Jane says:

    I was curious as to whether the new LE team will interview/reinterview all the names you’ve mentioned. The OPD must be thrilled with all your research and findings. I hope they can put it all to good use, solve this crime and make an arrest. You’ve certainly done an amazing job and given the Kesse family some new found hope.

  19. wpg says:

    “It is my personal belief that the 10 PM call actually came from her cell.

    Nodding yes to your belief, Blink.

  20. wpg says:

    Okay, Blink . . . the “Darling” and the “xoxoxo’s” gives me a better understanding of the man.

    “Darling, it will be better if our guy help us telling what he saw that night! Don’t you think? XOXOXO”

    BIG emphasis on “NIGHT” in support of a timeline.

    True Dat. I will say however, that came well after the fact of my initial belief that the timeline did not make sense to me, supported by the cell pings I was not aware of either.

    As you can see from the date, that is recent, and in fact did not match the initial tip either.

    That surprised us.

  21. Sweetie_Pi says:

    Might be helpful to go through these photos?
    Private Security Contractors
    Mar 4, 2009 – … major ones ) 3D Global Solutions Alpha Point Security AQMI Strategy Corporation Blackwater USA (Now XE) Braddock Dunn & McDonald.

    Apropos of nothing, when big bad boys want to do something big and bad, they arrange for someone to take a day off… who else was not at CFI that day.

    I have that complete list. Problem is- it is what I will call old school.

  22. Sweetie_Pi says:

    I sure as heck hope I’m not duplicating efforts but I downloaded articles and searched to make sure I had not. If I am please delete.
    Here’s a thought FWIW:
    When large new systems involving money transfer are to be put in place, (all technology stuff) consulting organizations are hired in to review or fine tune the business requirements in precise languaging, and select the technology compnents that will fit the business process, data model etc. Aqmi and its various incarnations use business language describing they provide exactly those services. Jenn – no staff, these things are almost always contracted out. Here’s how it tends to go down: the brain child has the bsuiness model for the new way of doing things, and the peer person helps with the technical implementation. Blink did you interview the CEO/CFO? They are the two who know what vendors were in place. Was Aqmi or its myriad technolgy incarnations in Orlando involved in the discussions? Because the age old arguments always start over which vendors to chose to fulfil the requirements. If some version of Aqmi was on the table, there were objections, helooooo… because saying no to such money system vendors that smell really hinky can get you in deep doody, I would know that for a fact, and finding out what the vendor is truly up to, is a death sentence one can only narrowly avoid.

    I have 8 years of experience in technical solutions consulting and process improvement with a fortune 50 consulting company. In fact, my sister company built the machines used for processing the debit transactions in the first place before converted to the “VISA” network as a POS item. The ACH interface Jennifer was launching came much later, but it is exactly the same technology.

    There is no connection to Aqmi, or any outside security as it related to CFI, the have and had their own employees. All of which we have run down and established no connection to her disappearance.

    That said, I started a great deal of my investigation from this angle in order to exclude it so you are right to query.

    I did not have a specificity in finance, but overall data access and storage retrieval in real time vs. retrieval needs such as customer service and billing applications.

  23. Sweetie_Pi says:

    IOW, if Jenn figured it was a shell, and she would get her system but with a lot of backdoors, if she even suspected that… poor baby.

  24. wpg says:

    “I will say however, that came well after the fact of my initial belief that the timeline did not make sense to me”

    I was leaning towards that belief after watching an interview with Rob talking about their last phone call . . . something felt odd to me.

    Sorry, my bad. I know exactly what your referring to- his explanation of her pressure at work or words to that effect. If not that, reconciling the quickness of the call and an earlier “discussion”.

    I don’t have a better explanation for my first thoughts on this case many years ago except to say that a random broad daylight abduction without a witness or evidence of struggle made zero sense to me.

    If one is perpetrating that, no need to move her vehicle. You are not showing up for that unprepared.


  25. Sweetie_Pi says:

    When a shell such as AQMI does it’s thing (there are at least 5 different really amazingly astonishing self-descriptions of AQMI over their active years) they hire lobbyists. AQMI has access to one of the heavy hitters. How come?
    Lobbyists representing AQMI Strategy Corp:

    Total number of lobbyists: 3

    Lobbyist Dutko Worldwide $50,000 AQMI Strategy Corp

    1) Donaldson, Nancy
    2) Painter, Sally
    3) Tramontano, Karen A

    But for 2006: Subtotal for Parent AQMI Strategy Corp : $319,993

  26. Sweetie_Pi says:

    I’m following Aqmi because as per usual in this sort of high level stuff the “LE fix” is usually in from the get go.


  27. Sweetie_Pi says:

    PS I knew from previous cases you discussed you have the IT background, but not sure others reading here do. Hence the “overview”.

    Understood, just wanted to let you know what I weeded through thus far- thanks

  28. wpg says:

    That sounded too simplistic – - was not just Rob’s interview.

    Should have added your article dated January 18, comments and discussions on that thread that brought me to the same belief, Blink.

  29. Sweetie_Pi says:

    I’m just going down the Aqmi on a hunch for who knows why. As, MOO, any hope for Jennifer was gone the moment “Mutt” and later “Jeff” showed up. They seemed to have had serious juice. They could do what they wanted, when they wanted, how they wanted. They could walk off with whatever. They could threaten with impunity to arrest Jenn’s dad when he merely questioned them about a missing human being, his daughter. Reminds me of how bad things got in Boston with Whitey Bulger. Moreso than the usual bad cops. Here’s some other folks with some bad interactions with them.

    “During the mini-crisis over its Congolese employees, AQMI was able to set up an operations center with access to the White House, State Department, even as far as the streets of Kinshasha. It’s all very mysterious. Also mysterious was that the AQMI employees were providing security without firearms. ”

    (Yeah right!)

    So Mutt and Jeff, foot soldiers to ? Suspect BenHen merely a bit higher level foot soldiers.

  30. susan2 says:

    Blink, You’ve stated that you do not believe that anything happened in her Condo. You’ve also stated that you believe whatever happened, happened when her cell phone was turned off. Do you believe she was taken from her parking lot (near the mailbox, with mace and key) or do you believe she had actually left the parking lot, when she was taken?
    Also, do you believe she was ever in that truck or do you believe that was used to take the investigation in a different direction?

    susan2 to clarify:

    1. I see no evidence that Jennifer was harmed in her condo and I base that on accounts inside the investigation and her family. I have seen pics that have not been released publicly and Jennifer was uber neat and organized in her home. Because of the layout and Jennifer’s size and strength, it is unlikely that something nefarious occurred there, but not impossible.

    2. Jenn was NEVER without her cell phone. She was either IMing, texting or talking on it. The model of her phone allowed LE to know that the battery had been removed, not run down, by some manual means. This occurs by 10:40PM away from her condo. I have not been able to determine an additional explanation for that other than it is likely that is when she became separated from it.

    If you recall, detectives opined she may have left to fedex Travis’s phone. The translation is that they knew she left the building (her phone so presumptively her) but not why- otherwise the investigation stays focused on the condo. So following the theory she is with her phone and the lack of evidence that there was any sign of struggle in the condo, or hallways, etc, she may have left on her own.

    I have concerns about the cell/landline records accuracy in this case as it seems to change with detective assignment.


  31. Ann Nelson says:

    Hi Blink,

    I apologize up front if you got this same email last night, I tried it from my new IPhone and I am not sure I did it correct. I am sending you a link with a photo. It is from the discussion forum. The 2011 topic was about if it was Jen and Rob in the photo, and who made the account. After discussing it, the photo was mysteriously taken down. I thought the photo was particularly intriguing, because I thought I saw Jose Baez in the photo. So in light of all the Casey Anthony connection talk, I am sending you a link to the topic page. The photo is on the first page about the third item down:,113.0.html

    See what you think, or put it in the circular file, just thought it was interesting.

    Ann Nelson

    I did not see a pic and the link went to a private fb in Jenn’s name. Is the pic somewhere I am not seeing?


  32. Rose says:

    @S Pi. I saw same ronbo last nite & while he’s off the rails on some topics, he seems very helpful & more fact based on this one. So you saw 2 cops (1 retired from Grammett’s PD) ran Aqmi & no doubt dished the jobs when Mtt/Jeff needed a lucrative get out of town card fast?

  33. drumstick says:

    I am not even sure either are in their possession, I have reason to believe they are not so I think it is a memory thing at this point.

  34. LaLa says:

    Thank you for reading and responding to so many comments!
    I am operating under the assumption that Jenn did leave her condo that night. But why and where did she go? Will we ever know? According to reports Jenn was extremely safety conscious. It seeems out of character for her to leave her home at night without telling anyone where she is going. The other issue that boggles me is the whole DNA issue with the car. Supposedly absolutely no DNA other than Jennifer’s was located in the car when it was taken in by LE. If you watch the video of the car parker, The person sits in the car for a little over 30 seconds. When the person exits you don’t see any sign that they are carrying a towel or wearing gloves to wipe away fingerprints. That person was brazen and knew they would never be ID’d. That car should be crawling with DNA evidence! Why don’t we know who the car parker is by now? The cops really covered that up?

  35. Ann Nelson says:

    You have to b signed in to see the picture, which is right below the link. Sorry about that. I will send u the picture when I get home. Otherwise the only way you can see it is if you sign up for the forum.

  36. wpg says:

    “I have concerns about the cell/landline records accuracy in this case as it seems to change with detective assignment.”

    Blink, is Rob available to you in getting accuracy on the call/phone# through his phone records?

    Everything is in the hands of OPD

  37. susan2 says:

    LaLa, For what it’s worth, I was carjacked a few years ago and when they recovered my car, the police got my fingerprints and DNA to have something to compare against any they were able to find in my car. They were able to find very little and when they plugged what they had found into the data base, there were no hits. In other words, unless the person’s information is in the data base because of past arrests, there is nothing to compare it to.

  38. LaLa says:

    Thanks, Susan! Good info. I’m sorry you were carjacked-that is terrible! I have been going back and reading comments to the older posts here. I don’t mean to tread over old stuff. Just so utterly flabbergasted by all of this.

  39. GeorgiaDad says:

    Very interesting article, Blink. I suspect most of the connections are not related to this case, but there is a extensive web of connections here. Unfortunately, real estate development can lead to a lot of quick money and tends to attract a lot of nefarious characters.

    Unfortunately, with the information we have, it seems we are trying to solve this case backwards. There is a lot of hinky activity, with one POI leading the hinky list; but, I have not seen a good motive for this abduction. There seems to be a common thread that Jennifer “knew something” that was a threat to powerful people, but there doesn’t seem to be any evidence that she actually knew anything damaging enough to lead to murder.

    Although I would like to think that Jennifer is living happily in the Cayman Islands under a new identity, this case looks like a “clean hit” None of the typical scenarios I would envision make sense to me.
    1) Romantic jealousy. I associate this with messy violence. This appears to have been a “clean” crime.
    2) Random attack at home. There is no evidence of struggle at the scene and the victim’s car was taken. I have read suggestions that she was kidnapped by construction workers who did not have a vehicle, but this seems like too professional a job for that.
    3) Carjacking. Possibly she could have been carjacked on her way somewhere, but carjackers usually don’t clean the vehicles and return them with DVD players still in the back seat.

    As much as I dismiss conspiracy theories, this comes across almost like a mob hit, a la Jimmy Hoffa. My gut feeling is that she went to meet somebody and was betrayed. The fact that her car was cleaned and returned instead of being burned or dumped in a swamp suggests to me that the people who made Jennifer disappear returned her car as a message to some other party who has similar knowledge to Jennifer. I don’t see renting out unused timeshare weeks as the type of activity that would lead to murder. I also consider it entirely that she did not actually have the knowledge that her abductors thought she had (which would explain why she was not acting strangely around her family and BF).

  40. Ann Nelson says:

    Hey, again, sorry about that link – it is a bummer, as I now remember that you cannot see the photo unless you are a member and signed in. I am having trouble finding a way to cut and paste it here, it is not working. I saved it to my desktop, so could probably send it as an attachment in an email. Let me know if you think it is worth the effort and I will do so. Otherwise, you will have to create a login on Jennifer’s discussion forum. Then you can see the jpeg under the link I sent you. It’s funny, my 9th grade daughter could probably figure it out, but alas she is in school.



  41. Blink says:

    @Georgia dad.
    I agree with 99% of your comment.
    The 1% I think is still possible is a personal relationship gone south being a messy crime. We do not appear to have a crime scene I am aware of so I don’t think we can discount it.

    I would like a show of hands of anyone who still think it is possible this is the random act of a condo worker occuring as jenn leaves for work?

  42. Blink says:

    Ann I will email you.

  43. A Texas Grandfather says:

    If there is concern about the accuracy of the cell phone records, the detectives had to be working from data supplied by the telephone carriers. Somewhere, in a file, there should be the original data.

    It has been six years so the carrier may have destroyed their copy. However, because it is a criminal case, they may still have them. It may be benifical to try and obtain records from the carrier.

    This may give new information regarding the general location of the phone prior to it being disabled. The phone records should provide some information regarding a time line of Jen’s whereabouts.

  44. Word Girl says:

    Blink, because of no sign of struggle anywhere near the condo, I believe Jennifer was off-property when she was attacked;

    Because her cell phone was disconnected at night, I believe the crime occurred at night;

    The condo workers may have been leering and crude, but why would they take the risk of murder? Any crime calls too much attention to their immigration status. And they need those jobs.

    Therefore, I place the time of the attack at night, not morning.

  45. Rose says:

    I don’t think it a mob hit–car parking video dude too messy. It may have been a personal favor hit by weaker wanna be pros.
    I also don’t think it based on workplace or other knowledge of malfeasance: would’ve been other indicators.
    I think it based on a perceived slight of an easily narcissitically wounded man. This is not the romantic jealousy you and I are familiar with Georgia Dad but something more cultural & psychological.
    I have an example. A K Street lobbyist (former entry level attorney) bought a McMansion in my neighborhood. He grew up in PR the son of a hotel tennis teacher & used tennis to attend & complete college here. Married well. He was immediately out on the crowded school playground here threatening & attempting to fight other dads who’d set limits on one or more of his very adhd young boys who’d hurt other kids when he wasnt there. Once when Dads were unable to calm him verbally in front of many kids, I walked over to try to talk to him, althought I feared I too would risk the assault he threatened the Dad with in front of his child. Thereafter whenever he walked by my home, he’d shout obsenities across the street. Now these are million $ homes & peer dads who are lawyers & other professionals. It seems though great tennis & golf skills go far to lobbyist success. This year my daughter said about the PE teacher Dept head at her high school (hispanic), Mom, he’s just like X in our neighborhood; he’s very touchy & easily offended and can just go off with kids (not her, she sucks up). So, Georgia Dad, there are some cross cultural temperment things some Hispanic men, a few, act out no matter how rich or successful. JC’s mug shot, and his taking an arrest rather thansign a traffic ticket, tells me he’s one of these easily exquisitely narrcissists who will go to the mat for his definition of his honor even if it means assaulting a woman or getting caught.

  46. Rose says:

    btw, I think Sandusky another of the same psychological kind. Behavior is so egosyntonic, Jenn’s killer would feel totally justified. no remorse.

  47. Rose says:

    btw Blink you might consider rather than a sexual jealousy killing, this could be morphed mentally in POI’s mind hispanic immigrant male) into an honor killing.
    Fits the profile: female teen or young 20s. just returned from a sexual party trip & easily defined by a male with “honor” proclivities (for females, not males, culturally) as having “loose morals.”

  48. Rose says:

    You know, in 2006 the Bush admin had a policy pro hispanic immigration & grandfathering illegals.
    An honor killing’s press in Fla would’ve undercut State & Federal policy. just my vague impression.
    No wonder the FBZ took a powder.

  49. Rose says:

    FBI. gotta double down again.

  50. Rose says:

    she was an active young person.
    personally I see her getting a hook up for dinner or drinks suggestion by text (most likely) or cell & heading out to the CA Pub.
    Lousy Gammetts; it would have been so easy to investigate then.

    I never fault honest errors by LE, and the great ones admit them and move past them.

    I personally hold Gammett responsible for hindering this investigation and that is a shared opinion.
    Anyone who knows my work knows I am a staunch supporter of LE- I take absolutely no joy in forming such a pointed criticism. That said, I do.


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