Jennifer Kesse Missing: New Evidence And New Leads Connect To Old Names In Casey Anthony Saga


Orlando, FL- Jennifer Kesse, the newly promoted mortgage process engineering manager for Central Florida Investments, parent company of Westgate Resorts was an upstart.

Recent BOC article coverage can be found here, here and here.

After interviewing with upper management for other advancement roles within the company- her new position was actually created For Her.

Was this a forward and prophetic corporate strategy based on mortgage industry trending data?

Was her promotion a result of Jennifer’s own market analysis and efficiencies recommendations to the suits on the top floor?

Yes and Yes.

At 24 Jennifer Kesse was the youngest new manager among her peers in their respective management roles at CFI.

While she did not have the subordinates they did reporting to her directly, the initiative she was leading and launching was going to save the firm almost $900,000 annually.  The installation and rollout of a new debit system interface allowing timeshare owners to pay fees, mortgages and incidentals by ACH automatically was a corporate priority for Westgate Resorts.

Which is why on the morning of Tuesday January 24, 2006, the day after she returned from a brief trip with her boyfriend Robert Allen- when Jenn did not show up to her office in Ocoee, there appeared to be immediate concern.

According to Jennifer’s outlook scheduling calendar she did not have an interoffice meeting until the afternoon.

By 11:15 her parents living two hours away in Bradenton were called to see if she had some sort of family emergency.

The exact escalation of events within CFI leading up to the phone call and who made it are being withheld for investigative reasons.

By noon, a trifecta of calamitous and simultaneous events takes place.

Drew, Joyce and Logan Kesse, speeding from Bradenton to Orlando in a respite from paralytic panic reach the property manager of Jenn’s new condo at Mosaic On Millenia and learn her car is not parked in her spot.  She is not inside.

A self-confessed admirer and now CFI lateral management peer, Johnny Campos arrives 4 hours late to the Ocoee office.

The only suspect ever declared to date in Jennifer Kesse’s disappearance is parking her vehicle while captured on 3 separate closed circuit cameras at the Huntingdon Tavern On The Green Condominiums and apartments.  It is less than a few blocks from two large CFI warehouses and within a mile of  several CFI owned properties.

By late afternoon The Kesse’s, Rob Allen and Jennifer’s closest friends were using her condo as a command center to develop immediate and organized searches for her.

Detectives Julius Glenn Gause II and Joel Wright of the Orlando Police Department respond to the scene.

Detective Gause assures the Kesse’s that Jennifer had a fight with her boyfriend Rob Allen, who is now standing in her living room vehemently disagreeing with his investigative assessment.  Who can blame the guy?

Gause’s opinion was reached without ever interviewing a single person who was  not on-scene, and was sure she would be back by tomorrow.

In a mandatory meeting called at the request of Central Florida Investments CEO David Siegel and conducted by Chief Financial Officer Tom Dugan, it was announced that Jennifer Kesse, a respected and valued member of the management team had been reported missing.

Dugan adamantly assured all that the company would encourage  employees to join any organized search efforts to find her.

Jennifer did not return as Gause predicted.

Her car did however, and on January 26th   her case  was declared a criminal investigation.

The First 48… Months

Upon the classification of Jennifer’s case as a criminal investigation,  J. Glenn Gause told the Kesse’s that his partner  Detective Joel Wright asked what he considered a dumb question during a briefing.

As a result, Gause informed- he kicked him off the case and requested new partner Det. Emmett Browning.

While such a move would  obviously be outside of Det. Gause’s authority, it is more likely the pair were reeling from the Internal Affairs investigation that ensued after they knowingly interviewed John Evander Couey after his arrest for the murder of Jessica Lunsford.

Shortly after Couey’s confession to Citrus county detectives was thrown out of court because it violated Couey’s Miranda rights,  Gause and Wright decided to inform their Orlando PD sergeant that they interviewed Couey following his arrest in Citrus County on the chance he might be a suspect in the Regina Armstrong murder because he grew up in Orange County.   They claimed he actually confessed to the Lunsford murder.

The confession was not recorded and at no time did either detective inform the Citrus investigators or their OPD supervisor of the visit itself- let alone  Couey’s statements made to them.

That is, until they learned his original confession in the Lunsford case was inadmissible.

Interviewing an incarcerated man who is represented by an attorney with charges pending in a potentially related case without permission, notes, or a recording by veteran detectives is outrageous.

John Cuoey was 5’4”, 125 lbs with a flag tattoo.  The suspect composite from direct witnesses in the Armstrong case was a man around 40, 6 ft tall with medium build and a mermaid tattoo on the opposite arm.

They were lucky their actions did not derail the prosecution of both cases.  The second alleged confession was also thrown out and reprimands to both detectives remain private in their respective employee records.  Regina Armstrong’s murder in 1985 remains unsolved.

John Evander Couey died of natural causes on death row awaiting execution for the rape and murder of Jessica Lunsford.

Patented Police Work- Who Knew?

Detective Emmett Browning, Jr and J. Glenn Gause II will lead the investigation into Jennifer Kesse’s disappearance by keeping the single most promising clue from the very folks that could help the case instantly.  The public.

Browning and Gause made the investigative decision not to release video footage of the man parking a victim’s vehicle within 24 hours of her missing persons report.

They were 48 hours into the case they now assumed was a lovers rift.  The case had since turned into a criminal investigation and thought it wise not to engage the public’s efforts in locating an individual seen on video in a very distinctive uniform less than one day earlier, a mile from her home.

I am aware that is a run-on sentence.      How could one possibly break that up and convey how ludicrous that was?

There were no obvious signs of foul play in Jennifer’s condo or her car.   An entire complex watched as the car was removed.    How could they possibly have ruled out that Jennifer was abducted and held against her will?

Might a tip on the immediate suspect have saved her life?

They had time to make the 6 o’clock news and blast the web.

Fresh eye witnesses, fresh leads – what a break!

Fresh fizzle was the way this was going with these two.

Investigators informed the Kesse’s they would not be processing Jennifer’s condo because there were too many people in it and it had not been preserved.  Drew Kesse told Detective Gause that he was in contact with some family friends employed in international security and law enforcement in different jurisdictions and he was told the scene should be processed and known prints and samples could be eliminated from any unidentified.

Gause responded by telling the bereft  father of a missing daughter if he got one more call or one more question about his investigation he was going to start arresting people.

Gause and Emmett, otherwise known as “Gammett” by colleagues  for their years of friendship and  joining the Orlando Police Department patrol together in 1981 worked the case through August 2007 without ever interviewing a single person at Jenn’s work, developing a suspect or releasing the footage of the suspect parking the car.

The duo felt they had a better offer they could not pass up.  Hard to Imagine, I know.

“The right opportunity came up and you don’t know if you’re gonna get another opportunity like that,” Gause said.

Upon their departure, it was discovered by Orlando Police that neither officer kept a note, recording, binder, or interview outline on the Kesse case and if they had,  they emptied it from all files of their cases within  OPD.

Gause wished the Kesse’s luck and his hopes in finding Jennifer.

“If They don’t find her this hunting season, they definitely will by the next.” – Glenn Gause

With homicide cases in the collective rearview for the pair, they set forth with new employer Aqmi Strategy Corp.

Putting their combined 50 years of investigative prowess to work in white collar crime via the private sector was the plan.

They probably should have started with the new boss.

Aqmi Strategy Corp- a division of Mirabilis Ventures was about to expose one of Orlando’s more notorious billionaire frauds by way of an international security incident.  A retired Orlando Police captain and a former secret service agent were detained in the Democratic Republic of the Congo while allegedly conducting security detail for  presidential hopeful Dr. Oscar Kashala.   Kashala is a Harvard educated Congolese national.

Frank Amodeo, a felonious, disbarred Georgia bankruptcy attorney and equal opportunity bilker of the DINK and COCOON sets formed Aqmi under the Mirabilis umbrella in 2004.

After fake-buying the Trump Tampa Tower and raising the US Treasury’s eyebrows following rumors that the real reason for being in the DRC was to raise foreign capital for US interests surfaced, the IRS and Mr. Amodeo became acquainted. Although those particular rumors were likely started by the opposing parties who detained the the team in the first place,  an American security detail contracted by a major pharmaceutical executive running for office in the Congo is going to get a look.

Amodoe is currently on the hook to the IRS for $181 million in unpaid payroll taxes and serving 22 + years for  conspiring to commit wire fraud, obstructing an agency proceeding, impeding the IRS and failing to remit payroll taxes.

Dr.  Kashala failed in a second bid for the African nation’s presidency in 2011.

In 2009 following an informal inquiry by officials within The Orlando Police Department, new investigators received an 80 page report on the Kesse case compiled by the original investigators Glause and Browning.

How it got there and upon whose request has not been disclosed.

“Better late than never” might be one of those  axioms  I stop using.

Gammett  currently works with several colleagues from the defunct and bankrupt Aqmi days as independent security consultant for Center For Security Solutions.

Detectives Browning and Gause’s legendary dogged determination to solve cases has made them experts in Cold Case Management.  Their “patented” concept of methodical Cold Case organization and review has a proven success rate. Their irrefutable investigative skills has made them equally effective in handling Internal Affairs cases, completing thorough, fair, factual and concise investigations.

Largely devoid of any of the aforementioned but chockfull of spurious, you can read Gammetts full bios here.


Detective Sergeant Rich Ring buoyed Jennifer’s case until Joel Wright and new partner Detective Roger Brennan picked it back up.

First order of business sixteen months later- release the vehicle video and declare a suspect.

I will spare the details of how much difficulty these detectives went through reconstructing a two year old investigation without the proper background from the first team at bat.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity to Blink on Crime, a source inside the OPD confirms the files removed from the Kesse case included reports like her cell phone records and ping studies.

To their profound credit the parents of Jennifer Kesse,  Drew and Joyce pushed a bill through the Florida Senate to mandate standard operating procedures and other practices that would preclude anyone walking off with the case files in adult missing person’s cases in Florida.

The Jennifer Kesse Tiffany Sessions Missing Persons Act was signed ceremoniously into law on October 28, 2008 by Governor Charlie Crist.

Bill 502 expanded the authority of The Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s Missing and Endangered Information Clearinghouse (MEPIC)  to provide assistance in missing persons investigations for those under 26 and over the age of 26 that are believed to be endangered.

In it’s first three years in existence, the Act has helped 716 adult missing persons cases including Jennifers.

The disappearance of Jennifer Joyce Kesse brought some of the largest volunteer search efforts for a single person in both Florida and the United States to date.  David Siegel, the president and CEO of Westgate Resorts and Central Florida Investments offered a $100,000 reward for Jenn’s return through March 8, 2006.

In July of 2008 the disappearance of 34 month old Caylee Anthony catapulted the Orlando landscape back onto to the screens of the nightly 14 minute intro recaps of her case.

With no similarities in the victims or any known associations to the cases outside of the fact they were last seen within a few miles of each other there was no way they were related.

Except One.  Peter Benevides.

Big profile, big reward, big name-  Peter “Pedro” Benevides pledged a $100,000 reward for the return of a living Caylee Marie Anthony.

Background is Foreground With A Skyview

In December 2008 Florida’s statewide prosecutor Bill Shepherd reviews Jennifer’s case.  Prosecutor Shepherd’s office is only tasked with reviewing cases that may require multi-circuit jurisdictions and the possibility or probability of PONZI SCHEMES.

Prior to joining Holland & Knight, Shepherd served seven years in the Office of the Attorney General of Florida. He was appointed in 2007 by former Attorney General Bill McCollum as Florida’s Statewide Prosecutor and was responsible for leading eight offices throughout Florida in the investigation and prosecution of multi-circuit criminal activity. Shepherd’s focus was on RICO prosecutions in the area of white-collar crime, mortgage fraud, securities fraud, healthcare fraud, ponzi schemes, corporate and private embezzlement, money laundering, narcotics trafficking and gang-related crimes. He also worked in the Office of the State Attorney in Miami as an Assistant State attorney from 1996-2000.

The results of the Statewide Attorney recommendations are unknown.

After a review of Jennifer’s case by the Federal Bureau of Investigation at the request of Drew Kesse in 2010, her case was again in the hands of OPD.   Detective Patrick Schneider and Sgt Det Richard Lane were the lead investigators at the time of this publication,    Following Schneider’s retirement, the case is now led by Sgt. Theresa Sprague.

According to a statement given to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office by the now infamous Roy Kronk, he was under the impression that the reward posted by Benevides for locating Caylee was set to expire.   Not his original statement to Detectives John Allen and Yuri Melich of course, but he gets there.

On December 11, 2008 the remains of Caylee Marie Anthony were recovered off of Suburban Drive in Orlando. Kronk never realized that it was only payable if Caylee were found alive.

Two weeks later a discovery of a different kind befalls a local couple walking their dogs in a Windermere neighborhood.

What is believed to be the pepper spray pouch and attached mail key of Jennifer Kesse was recovered.

The names of the advertent couple and precise location are being withheld by for investigative reasons.

The couple tried for weeks to contact the established crimeline  tip line as well as Orlando Police before turning  the item over to Windermere Police with a note.  The note said the finders thought it may be part of the Kesse investigation but they had been unsuccessful reaching detectives.  After a last try in late January, detectives returned her call.

It was not until BOC analysts came across a work order request from Jennifer’s condo maintenance staff requesting a replacement key and new mailbox assignment prior to her disappearance the connection was made to Jennifer’s case.

The key in her vehicle, the key attached to the fob of the spray holder pouch and the existing key to the mailbox number assigned to Jenn are identical.  The pouch is an exact duplicate of several purchased by Jennifer’s parents for her as well as extras for her girlfriends, when she moved on her own.

Drew Kesse has an exact duplicate purchased in tandem on his keychain today.

In January 2009 Pete Benevides registered a Limited Liability Company under the name Skyview Funeral Home , LLC with a PO Box in Clermont, FL.   He does not own a funeral home, is not licensed to conduct funeral services and the entity was dissolved a year later for not receiving an annual report.

Considering the fact that Benevides was outed as the benefactor for Caylee Anthony’s memorial service by Dominic Casey, Anthony family private investigator and head of security for the event, one has to wonder if Skyview Funeral Home’s business model is focused more on laundry services.

Not for long though. At precisely the moment the Memorial Service is taking place at First Baptist Orlando,  the United States Treasury descends on the Orlando business interests and assets of Mr. Benevides and his co-horts in “Project Rumpelstiltskin”.

On February 10, 2009, orchestrated presumably upon received intelligence, “There’s gold in them thar hills” is not just the dream bubble of Parker Schnable of Porcupine Creek.

Through an ongoing criminal investigation sparked by “unspecified illegal acts “ as sworn by Noel Martinez, Jr, Special Agent IRS- USSS Financial Crimes Task Force , it seems the cast of Gold Rush missed the glory hole by a few thousand miles.   Federal agents however,  hit the Orlando bedrock without the need for excavation.

Javier Fernandez,  Angel Sanchez, Luizia Trindade, Luiz Trindade,  Skyview Aviation, Pedro Benevides, Luis Hernandez, German Cardona, Daniel Rojo Filho,  Evolution Market Group, Superior International Investments Corp, Brittany Sprague Benevides, Michael Clark, Heather Perkins, DWB Developers, their officers and registrants therein watched their 9 vehicles ranging from a $270K motor coach, Audi A8 and custom Lamborghini drive away without them under an REM forfeiture complaint.

Unbeknownst to them at the time, the nearly 400 gold bars  stashed in 3 different states were also seized between February 9th and 11th in addition to  bank accounts totaling over a few hundred million dollars, wired from multiple international locations.

Additional seizures of an undisclosed amount of gold and silver were seized from 3 safes in a warehouse owned by Ralph Munyan of Clearwater.

Several notices of civil actions referencing sealed criminal cases and John Doe participants as co-conspirators are pending against all.  It is likely they will be put on hold until the completion of all criminal investigations and subsequent complaints.   The sealed cases to date are in Oregon, Texas, Arizona, Florida, Colorado and Nevada.

Further coincidences between the Benevides et al clan and involvement with the Casey Anthony case include the fact that pass through accounts referenced in the seizure filing and the first Caylee Marie Anthony Trust were closed at the same bank within one business day of each other.

The first four days of transactions including opening deposits of the first Anthony Trust have never been revealed publicly.  One thing is for certain.   If Mr. Benevides or anyone attached to the criminal matter used those derived funds for any purpose related to Ms. Anthony or Mr. Baez, we are all going to know about it at some point, the individual payments and transactions of these accounts have only been partially released in support of the warrant.

The seizure action brought by the United States Attorney has been ordered “stayed” with 90 day updates in order to allow the pending criminal investigations to proceed against all the above defendants, both named and as yet to be named.

On September 16, 2009 Pedro Paul Benevides was arrested on Federal charges of cocaine smuggling after two of his pilots were arrested in Pensacola and fingered him as the mastermind.

Benevides was remanded to the Orange County Jail through February 2010 where he was released after charges were dismissed against him when a witness against him changed their story.  It is not known if Casey Anthony, who was also housed at the Orange County Jail and Benevides were leaving notes at the library for one another ending in ~FLUSH~.

On February 11, 2010 Pete Benevides was released from custody, still under investigation by the Feds for his and his associate’s involvement in an alleged ponzi scheme that has bilked over $450 million dollars from investors around the world.  However, with a heavy concentration of folks seeking damages for same around every corner of the neighborhood, it can’t be the same hitting the in and out burger in Orlando these days.

On February 19, 2010 based on an informant tip,  OPD conducted a search behind the Knights Inn on South Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando.   Both that site and the location on 72000 International Drive  are known former business addresses of Filho, Hernandez and Benevides.

Until last month Pete and Brittany Benevides, Luis Hernandez, Daniel Filho, unspecified John Doe’s and Angel Hernandes managed to dodge subpoenas in the pending civil actions.  Luis Hernandez and the Benevideses maintain homes and offices in Leesburg,  Astatula, Clermont, Orlando and Windermere.  The pending class action civil suit process servers were headed off by security at every gate.

The State of Florida was happy to be served on their behalf at the request of the plaintiffs attorney.

*  It is this author’s intention to present the parties associations, conduct and occurrences to the relevant time periods and commonalities to the case of the disappearance of Jennifer Kesse and by no means should be considered a complete background or biography.  Y’all are itching to know how any of this is connected as it is or you’re asking yourself-  did Blink drink her Google juice today?  I get it.  Stick with me, read on.

Encumberance And Conveyance, In Deed

The first investigative interviews conducted at Central Florida Investments, Jennifer’s employer were in May 2009, or so the management team thought.  She had been missing three years and 4 months.

What they did not know is a work colleague of Jennifer’s called them on his own to tell OPD what he knew in the months before that.   “Adam Frank” referred to previously on BOC, not his real name as he is a material witness in the case, called police in an effort to stop the harassment he was enduring at work since Jennifer disappeared.  Adam overheard a confrontation between Johnny Alberto Campos and Jennifer Kesse the morning of January 23rd, 2006.

For the first time exclusively on, we have uncovered additional witnesses to corroborate the interactions between Jennifer Kesse and Johnny Campos leading up to and including the days following her disappearance.

On or about the day after Jennifer’s disappearance, Johnny Campos asks Frank to drive him to an impromptu meeting at the new Lake Eleanor Office.   When the pair arrived, Campos told Frank he would meet up with him in about 30 minutes in the cafeteria.

Adam Frank watched as the manager of the branch,  Linday Hernandez met Campos at security and the pair headed to her office.

Linday Hernandez, A Venezuelan national, is a business partner of Peter Benevides in more than one venture, and her husband Luis Hernandez is and was a former principal in several business interests including currently held properties.

Mr. Hernandez as previously noted is under Federal criminal investigation in multiple states and a defendant in several civil actions resulting from those alleged activities.  Linday Hernandez is not named individually in the ongoing federal or class action civil matters to date, however, companies which she has or had a principal interest in, are.

A recent financial filing of the couple requesting significant debt relief and a stay from a foreclosure sale on their Windermere residence was filed in Ms. Hernandez’s name only.  Luis Hernandez’s whereabouts are unknown.

Witnesses inside the investigations of both Jennifer’s case and the Federal inquiry describe the relationship between Linday and Campos as “confident” and friendly with Linday visiting the Ocoee branch frequently ending in an offsite lunch for the two.

An additional witness interviewed by BOC and wishing to remain anonymous provided an account describing how Campos approached him with a scheme for making quick cash.  Several timeshare owners were asking to renounce their weeks without compensation as long as they did not pay annual fees.   It was alleged Campos saw it as an opportunity to rent the week out, covering the fees, without ever telling the owners.  Westgate/CFI had folks with access keeping track of unoccupied timeshare properties.  Who accessed them and by what means remains to be seen.

A simple keycard report would be able to tell that information for the timeframe of Jennifer’s disappearance easily.  It has not been requested to date.

The Ponzi Peninsula

In May 2011 a tip was received from a Columbian national and former resident of the United States claiming to have had to leave the country due to immigration issues.

Dimitri Duran Soto is also a former realtor and mortgage broker for Sky Land Realty Group and DPG Realty after a failed cleaning business venture in 2003. His real estate license in Florida has been revoked.   Mr. Duran Soto is a trained architect and is currently working as such in Columbia.

It was the intent of BOC to withhold Mr. Soto’s name but he has since posted a request for the person who he believes may either be responsible or knows who is,  for what happened to Jennifer Kesse as he claims was told to him.

Soto told police while he was discussing seeing the Kesse’s on TV, a friend of his claimed to have seen Jennifer in a white pickup truck sitting between two men with a look he described as “like, help me” when the vehicles were next to each other at a traffic light turning left onto International Drive South.

That evening Soto printed out a flyer from the Kesse website and showed it to him the next day to confirm.

At the time he says he felt his friend did not come forward and neither did he because they both had what he termed immigration issues.  He was afraid of deportation.

Upon return to his native country, Soto learned his friend had taken care of his status but had not yet informed police of what he knew.   Soto reached out, and was put in touch with OPD.

The January 6th search conducted and organized by Orlando Police and FDLE in the area of the 13000 block of International Drive was based on the account of Soto’s friend, however, a posting of Mr. Soto’s indicates there may be more to it.


Soto’s friend describes the pickup he was now watching in his rearview mirror makes a right turn just before the Partners Credit Union onto a dirt road leading into the woods and property searched recently- unsuccessfully.

However, the dirt road access which is commonly known to many ATV riders in the area is also a way to access the undeveloped plat #723 owned by Luis Hernandez and Pedro Benevides.

The BenHen parcel has not been searched nor seized because of it’s purchase prior to any allegations of ponzi.

Considering the fact that the last known person to have had a public disagreement with a missing woman arranges an impromptu meeting with a woman whose husband, and by way of a marital asset so does she, owns a parcel in the direct vicinity of a recent search area OPD felt credible is worth a conversation- no?

check back to

Images by Klaasend

Contributing Copy Editors Jason Mateos and Jaqueline Beaufort



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  1. Jane says:

    What is it all these people can continue to miss? With so many teams to have reviewed this file, each new team would start from square one right? They aren’t just sitting on their arsses waiting for it to come to them are they? I would think they need to get out and interview, reinterview, rereinterview – even if you have to be as annoying as Columbo – just do it. What a disappointment.

  2. wpg says:

    The command post for the January 6, 2012 search was set up at the Partner’s Federal Credit Union lot, just NORTH of World Center Drive at the address 13705 International Drive South, sitting on the perimeter of the searched Shingle Creek area.

    google map WAS accurately marking the location . . . WAS.

    Is there an explanation why google map NOW SHOWS 13705 International Drive South to be SOUTH of World Center Drive at what appears to be a vacant piece of land for sale?,+FL+32821&hl=en&ie=UTF8&ll=28.370936,-81.477871&spn=0.055961,0.075531&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=49.57764,64.6875&t=h&hq=Partners+Federal+Credit+Union%E2%80%8E+13705+International+Dr+S+Orlando,+FL+32821&z=14

    wpg, I have no earthly idea.

  3. wpg says:

    Gadzooks, it appears google map has given Partner’s a new zip code of 32837:,+Orlando,+Orange,+Florida+32837,+United+States&hl=en&sll=28.625062,-81.387577&sspn=0.027311,0.029655&t=h&hnear=13705+International+Dr+S,+Orlando,+Orange,+Florida+32837&z=17

    The original zip code of 32821 seems to fall on the same boundary line as the zip code 32837 area. Whateverrrrrr.

  4. wpg says:

    ““Faldo’s on the Marriott. How weird is this- I think I played that course in May 2005.

    It would be even weirder, Blink, if you stayed in one of the Marriott ExecuStay furnished apartments at the Heritage On Millenia . . . the condo complex just behind Jennifer’s Mosaic at Millenium.

    Blink, seeing who you are focusing on, does he have a connection to the Faldo course and/or the Heritage On Millenia LLC and/or Millenia Luxury Condominiums LLC (Jennifer’s condo) ?

  5. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Zip codes could have been changed by the Postal People and Google could just be catching up with the changes. Just remember the Google information is often acquired from several sources.

    The entire area around International Drive appears to be a mix of developed and undeveloped parcels.

  6. A Texas Grandfather says:

    If OPD are active on this case, why don’t they take a team and attack the case from another direction while continuing to work what they have? It is insanity to keep pounding the same old information from the same direction.

    Six years of little or no success ought to tell them that something is very wrong with their approach.

  7. wpg says:

    A Texas Grandfather,
    Thank you. What you say makes sense. Partner’s and the OCPA have yet to make a zip change, fwiw.

    from your article:
    “By 11:15 her parents living two hours away in Bradenton were called to see if she had some sort of family emergency.
    The exact escalation of events within CFI leading up to the phone call and who made it are being withheld for investigative reasons.
    By noon, a trifecta of calamitous and simultaneous events takes place.
    Drew, Joyce and Logan Kesse, speeding from Bradenton to Orlando in a respite from paralytic panic reach the property manager of Jenn’s new condo at Mosaic On Millenia and learn her car is not parked in her spot. She is not inside.”

    Blink, what time did the Kesse’s actually reach the property manager?
    Not making any accusations, just wondering if there was enough time, for example, for a scenario following that call that put into motion the moving and parking of Jennifer’s car at 11:58/59am.
    Again, not making any accusations, was the property manager (one of those who had access to Jennifer’s condo) cleared/poly’d?

    The car was not seen by the landscapers at 7am, and yes, there were 3 people that had at one time or another access to the condo for repairs, and all were cleared.

  8. wpg says:


    Yep, I know about the car not seen at 7am. Just wanted to eliminate the car being on the property “somewhere” when the Kesse’s called. Thanks for the info about the PM being cleared as well.

    Any upcoming Scared Monkey Radio on Jennifer?

  9. A Texas Grandfather says:

    I hope that the clearance of the maintenance people was double checked after “dumb and dumber” were off the case. These guys were so bad that they should have their state licenses pulled.

    I am having thoughts that Jennifer may have another group of people she sometimes “hung-out” with that she did not share with others. This is dangerous behavior for any young woman.

  10. Rose says:

    @wpg. you are the best.
    @ atg. my reluctant thought exactly. esp after reading marriott execstay was just behind her condo.
    I don’t think ath’s suggestion is outside of current social norms
    Plenty of good teens are so far behaviorally from involved parent awareness

  11. wpg says:

    Rose, cheers and thank you, but I can’t hold a candle to what you continuously bring to BOC. xoxo’s

    Detecting a pattern of some sort:

    (snip from Blink’s January 25 2012 article)

    “While it is not known if she was alone or with a friend, Jennifer visited the Cricketers Arms 2 month prior to her disappearance.”

    Blink, were you able to speak with the pub owner or any long time/former staff about Jennifer’s October 29 2005 visit ?

    Yes. Nothing noteworthy

    article link

  12. Deborah says:

    I hope I am not the only one deeply concerned for Mr. Soto’s welfare.

    In what way?

  13. Terri says:

    “According to a statement given to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office by the now infamous Roy Kronk, he was under the impression that the reward posted by Benevides for locating Caylee was set to expire. Not his original statement to Detectives John Allen and Yuri Melich of course, but he gets there.”.

    Wow! Where did you find that statement? Does this give credence to Roy Kronk knowing all along where baby Caylee’s body was? And his son saying Roy Kronk told him in advance that he would be in the news soon because he knew where her body was. If that’s true, then I’m not surprized that the murdering mother got off. How could so many degenerates have been involved in the case of a murdered baby?

    Not at all, he mentions the reward on his first phone call to dispatch where they tell him to call the tip line.

  14. wpg says:

    Unless LE has identified the car-parker, I do not understand why they have not released the ENTIRE capture from all 3 cameras that includes every image of the person IN, EXITING, AT and INITIALLY WALKING AWAY FROM the car.
    48 Hours – - almost 4 YEARS AGO – - June 30/2008, did not show that section (yes, probably on the say-so of LE) and the loop that is fast-running on the family site is not at the same caliber as what was on 48 Hours.

    Blink, what is the significance of the golf course ?

    Slightly North of the plat/plats last searched and one owned by Peter Benevides. There is a culvert that runs straight down to the area.

  15. Deborah says:

    B, In the historic way. Dangerous position to be in. Close friend of witness to crime where there is great evil and great wealth at stake. I’m beginning to believe living in Florida is akin to living in the old west: a snake or six-shooter behind every rock. Seems like Jennifer unknowingly walked into a card game where the deck was already stacked against her.

    Got ya. Fwiw, I did not get the impression whatsoever Soto felt he was in any sort of danger outside of immigration, nor was the alleged witness.

  16. Donnie Griffin says:

    Can I reach you at this email?

  17. Donnie Griffin says:

    My short answer is it is likely monitored so no, but I can answer you more specifically next week, appreciate it.

  18. Deborah says:

    Did I read somewhere that Travis’ phone battery was dead? And that Jenn had spoken to Travis regarding his phone? Could Jenn have switched batteries to check out his phone messages for him? And then the evening unfolded?

    Regarding that evening, I’d like to play Devil’s advocate. So Jenn goes on wonderful vacation with Rob and she is excited and basking in the glow of love for him. She returns to work and a co-worker is visibly distraught and demonstrative about her absence. How does she take this? Is she angry at him? Does she argue back at him? Is she insulted? Shocked? Secretly flattered? Disgusted? What? Remember this is a co-worker she has no reason to fear. She speaks to her family after work and shares her trip with them. She is tired so she takes a nap after work. She wakes up, takes a shower, gets ready for bed. She speaks to Rob. She wants to continue the momentum of their trip by hearing a commitment from him. She wants him to take it to the next level. He disappoints her. She is crestfallen, then hurt, then annoyed. She feels her mood changing to her pre-vacation doldrums. The old will he? Won’t he? And if he won’t, why not? She is upset that Rob doesn’t seem to want her with the same fervor with which she wants him. She wonders if he even knows what he wants at all and, if he does, if she is part of his plan. Exactly how long she is going to have to wait for him to make up his mind? What exactly does it take to get him to commit to her? She is reminded of her co-worker. The one who was furious with her for leaving with Rob in the first place. The one who doesn’t seem to have a problem showing his feelings for her. She knows where this man stands. Heck! Probably the whole office knows! She likes that feeling of knowing where she stands with someone, knowing how they feel about her. It makes her feel attractive, wanted, confident. She likes this man and trusts him enough. Perhaps on this evening she decides to let him tell her how beautiful she is because she needs to have her ego stroked, she needs to wash away the dejection she feels and wants to regal someone with her feelings about her trip. She thinks this man would be the perfect person because he seems to care about her and, unlike Rob, is even a little possessive. He will listen to her because she knows her power over him and he has always been such a good guy.

  19. Deborah says:

    This is only one scenario, of course and purely fiction.

  20. drumstick says:

    Blink, have you been able to establish a timeline for the week prior to Jennifer’s abduction? Are there any clues there, if you have?

    Thank you

    Nothing new, no.

  21. Deborah says:

    B, I don’t get it! We’re talking about multi-million dollar property deals, buried treasure in the form of gold bars, Lamborghini cars being re-possessed, etc., etc., etc., yet you say neither Soto nor alleged witness “feel” they are in danger? Didn’t we just leave this party? Isn’t this exactly what happened to Jennifer? Underestimating the opponent? I mean last time I checked, there are plenty of airlines still flying to South America!

  22. SouthernMom says:

    I had a roomate in college who had a “somewhat” “secret” life for a while. She is now an attorney who functions for the most part very professionally with a few “glips” here and there but still functioning and successful in the sense she is able to sustain a comfortable lifestyle as a divorcee with 2 kids approaching their teens 1/2 the time. My college roommate was diagnosed (late) with bipolar disorder in her mid-twenties after her marriage and in between her 1st and 2nd child. She has struggled throughout her life and still does I believe. She is able to “maintain” for the most part to this day, with the help of medication.

    The reason I mention this is she did lead a somewhat double life in collage as maybe Jennifer could possibly have if only briefly as my roommate did. It so happens, my roommate was named Jennifer as well, so I’ll refer to her as “Jenn”.

    In no way am I implying Jennifer Kesse was bipolar in any way, but want to convey my experience with a roommate who did maintain friendships with persons outside of our crowd and kept them a “secret”.

    Jenn was a all girl catholic school daughter of highly successful and wealthy parents. Very close to her family…Parents & Brothers, and they were all entrepeneur types and very smart,a legacy she carries on today. Jenn was pre-law undergrad with a 32 on her ACT and aced her classes whether she attended class or not. I was her polar opposite financially/social status wise but was smart and had a lot of connections because I began working in industrious (not illegally) ways at the age of 13 (out of sheer financial necessity) and did have some deeply connected roots familialy in our college town. I was able to help her gain connections in the legal world and helped her find a good job. We met at orientation and became instant friends. Within two weeks, we’d both cashed in our dorm/meal tickets and found an apartment off campus within walking distance. I helped her find a job making good money for a college student like mine and we were able to make it on our own sharing an apartment, paying utilities and still had money to shop for clothes a lot and go out partying.

    We spent 5-6 nights a week together or at least knowing where the other one was if we were working…for the first month or two. Around Month 3, she would disappear for a night and come in the next day saying she’d “crashed” at so-n-so’s house or something that appeared legitimate. After a time or two, some of her stories didn’t add up as I’d run into “so-n-so” and they hadn’t seen Jenn the night before or couldn’t verify Jenn’s “story”. I wasn’t the nosey type, and didn’t dig into it, but there were things that didn’t add up in my mind and I just kept it on file, not really concerned about it. We were college co-eds on our own for the first time and we were all doing our own things and figuring out who we were. I worked a LOT more than she did as I didn’t have parents supplementing my expenses as she did so there were also nights I wouldn’t have known if she was already asleep in her room or not when I got home. For the most part, we were stuck like glue when we were together and as most roommates do spent many hours talking about life plans and goals.

    I was the local to the area and she was the out-of-towner. She followed my lead for the most part and pledged the same sorority as I, she becames friends with my friends, etc. She always paid her part of the bills and was there for me whenever I needed her so I just ignored the MIA nights that occured at first since they were only once in a while. As time went on, they were more frequent, but not more than a night/day and not more than once a week.

    One night, we were having a pledge meeting/study group and there was a knock at the door. Three guys showed up at our apartment asking for Jenn. They were dressed in a way that was NOTHING like our crowd and were obviously stoned (this was the 80′s so I’m guessing just weed) but definitely a different crowd than the beer guzzlers of the Frat Scene we would have expected to come knocking. She went outside for about 10 minutes and they were gone. She explained they were friends of coworkers of hers and she didn’t really know them. Again, I blew it off.

    A week or so later, they showed up again when Jenn was at work. I invited them in (crazy me) and offered them drinks while they waited. I learned a LOT that night that surpised me. I learned then and there that someone could totally conceal for a time “other friends” and “another lifestyle” completely!

    I think it’s entirely plausible Jennifer Kesse could have befriended a different crowd she knew wouldn’t have been accepted in her “normal” crowd and therefore kept them a secret. That being said, it doesn’t mean there was seriously bad stuff going on, but just a “social/class” thing and she kept it separate. That could explain why we don’t know who she was with the night before vacation or who the sweatshirt belongs to.

    In the end, I realized my Jenn had some vices she concealed from us because she felt we would judge her or feel they were bad vices and she was embarassed. She didn’t need to because I still loved her anyways regardless of her choices.

    Hope this helps remind some of us that it’s entirely believable Jennifer had an “unknown” set of friends that could explain a lot and possibly lead us to someone who knows something.

    Prayers for the Kesse’s and Jennifer.

  23. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Thanks for sharing your story. It is narratives like yours that give us insight into the behaviors of young women out on their own for the first time. Your story is not uncommon. It is just such a behavior pattern that I thought about with Jennifer.

    Your did not say if your Jenn gave the names of any of the guys that came to the door. The one thing that always worries me about such encounters is that the “real” friends and family are always left in the dark. All one would have is a description rather than something like a name and where they lived or “hung-out”.

    There is another disturbing trend amoung early teens and beyond today. That is they do not give a last name when talking about someone. I had to teach my middle and high school students to do this when we were in a conversation.

  24. Deborah says:

    By way of qualifying my last post, let me say this. Jennifer was only 24, probably sheltered and more than a little naive to the ways of the world, out on her own for the first time. The Mosaic, where she purchased a condo, while beautiful, is a hop, skip and a jump from some dicey, sketchy areas – areas with people who have nothing to lose, who live by “invading” others’ boundaries. Due to her youthful inexperience, I wouldn’t expect her to be savvy about the kind of people she could encounter there. Nor could we expect her to even imagine all the machinations Blink has revealed regarding those with whom she worked. It makes my head swim just thinking about it! This is why I am concerned about the safety of Mr. Soto and his witness “friend”. If these folks have so much at stake, plentiful resources and questionable connections, doesn’t it stand to reason they’re going to use everything at their disposal to make certain no one gets between them and their greedy desires or, at the very minimum, eliminate anyone who could tie them to a jail sentence? Isn’t the point now to stay out of their crosshairs? “Feeling” safe doesn’t necessarily translate into “being” safe.

  25. SouthernMom says:

    @ ATG you are correct about me not being able to find her as this was when cell phones were huge bricks and $1 a minute, so none of us had them. Once I knew about them, Jenn was very protective of their identity, she didn’t want me to know about them at all. I would have had a description and the first names they gave me, yet 2 of the three used nicknames. Furthermore, I didn’t know where they lived except it was on the complete other side of town.

    Thankfully nothing bad ever happened. I never really figured out how they met, but it was NOT through friends at work. My best guess is she befriended them after a night of partying and ended up at their place and then continued to see them on occasions.

    Thanks for the tip on using last names, I’ll be putting that into practice with my middle school & high school sons beginning today.

  26. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Good for you about the boys SoutherMom. One more tip,that you already know about. That is the use of nicknames to hide a real idenity. Do not accept such from young people. They don’t realize the need for proper ID.

    Your story is the thing that caring parents have nighmares about when children first leave home. This young woman was probably from a home where such characters were never around. She wanted to experiment a little on the “wild side”. She apparently did not have any real problems that you know about. Being a real friend to someone that wants to try that lifestyle is hard work.

  27. wpg says:

    Morning, Blink.

    Listened again to The Dana Pretzer Show on Scared Monkeys Radio – - – the January 18 2012 broadcast where you talked about Jennifer’s case (Drew Kesse was unable to take part that evening).

    Picked up on some things this time around, specifically your mention that Adam Frank was the one who alerted about the area that was subsequently searched on February 19, 2010.

    Blink, if this was the area at Orange Blossom Trail and Oak Ridge Road, where the cadaver dogs hit and was dug up by LE on Febraury 19 2010, I am a bit taken aback.

    What on earth kind of knowledge does Adam Frank have that would lead to that area as a possible burial site for a human body . . . did it come from his friendship with JC or something about his own brother or what?
    (article snip)

    “Investigators with the Orlando Police Department and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement scoured an area west of Orange Blossom Trail between West Oak Ridge Road and Wakulla Way after receiving a tip.
    Sources told Local 6 that a tipster claiming to be a family member of the person who may have abducted Kesse said Kesse’s body is possibly buried in the field. Three K-9s alerted on an area, prompting a larger dig using heavy equipment.”
    (end snip)

    The area concentrated on at the February search was in a somewhat hidden clearing amidst trees/vegetation directly behind the Bochasanwasi Shree Akshar temple.
    at the 1:31 time mark, upper right corner, visible are purple structures
    on the temple property which are close to the chain-link fence;
    at 4:48 the video eventually pans out to show the area being excavated by LE

    I had originally thought the “purple structures” was an area for “reflection”, but on google map I see a tennis court, basketball hoop and a possible cricket run (looks about the right length).,+1325+West+Oak+Ridge+Road,+Orlando,+FL+32809,+United+States&hl=en&ie=UTF8&ll=28.474034,-81.398724&spn=0.004942,0.00441&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=51.089971,76.464844&oq=Bochasanwasi+Shree+Akshar%E2%80%8E+1325+West+Oak+Ridge+Road+Orlando,+FL+32809,+United+States&t=h&hq=Bochasanwasi+Shree+Akshar,&hnear=1325+W+Oak+Ridge+Rd,+Orlando,+Florida+32809&z=18

    The map link shows imagery from 2012.
    fwiw, the map I originally viewed and posted here at an earlier date must have been an older image, because the vacant Orlando Wholesale building that “was” visible and clearly marked (and listed in my post as to what buildings sat on that “city block”) appears now to be gone, torn down.

    Blink, did you show Adam Frank images of the parker of Jennifer’s car and if so, was he able to offer some insight?
    Thank you.

  28. wpg says:


    The Orlando Wholesale building is still on the 2012 map, between Popeye’s Chicken and the Knight’s Inn – - – it is no longer marked or highlighted, though.

  29. Donnie says:

    Snippet from Blink’s article

    Campos was remanded to Lake County jail on bond, and after his wife posted the required $500 and a brief appearance on the 18th returned to work on the first day Jennifer Kesse was off; likely learning about her departure then.

    My question is could whatever have happened to Jenn supposed to happen on the evening of the the 16th, 17th or 18th, (while JC was locked up) and for whatever reason did not. Doubt there is a better alibi to a missing person than being incarcerated.

  30. Donnie says:

    @ wpg, zoom in on the google maps just north of the temples parking lot/rec field. It shows what appears to be a white pick up, hidden behind trees. And just in front of that looks to be like a piece of earth moving equipment. Did you notice that?

  31. Rose says:

    good inferences wpg
    having a problem determining who was Adam’s brother in Fla:
    to check google images of course

  32. Donnie says:

    Rose, Adam Frank is not his real name.

  33. wpg says:


    In her first article January 18, Blink wrote of “Adam Frank”:

    “Because of the open investigation and a probable civil litigation on behalf of this witness, I will refer to him as Adam Frank, which is not his real name.”

    Blink has discovered and brought forth so much information, it is mind-boggling, Rose.

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


    Good spotting!
    No, I didn’t notice the truck and equipment. There’s a green tractor off to the right as well.
    That undeveloped land is owned by the Salvation Army, according to the OCPA parcel map:

    Clicking the “Oblique View” option on that page, it looks like the land is well maintained. Here’s the the oblique view, that can be manipulated:

    fwiw, the parcel map shows that the Knights Inn has a walkway that runs along the side of the Temple.

    On the page of the Oblique View, below the image on the left is a link
    for a Bing Map view. imo, the walkway appears to be accessible not only from the Temple, but from the sidewalk on West Oak Ridge Road.

    Blink placed significance on the hotel/motel in her above article:

    “On February 19, 2010 based on an informant tip, OPD conducted a search behind the Knights Inn on South Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando. Both that site and the location on 72000 International Drive are known former business addresses of Filho, Hernandez and Benevides.”

  34. SouthernMom says:

    @Rose & @WG – I too have wondered about “Adam Frank’s” brother. He was mentioned only briefly but it has ‘stayed’ with me. Did “Adam” and JC visit him that day on the way to or from the other office? If so, was “Adam’s” brother home? Did they explore the empty apartment? Did “Adam” speculate why he thought JC mentioned it…or why JC noted the empty apartment? How is the empty apartment connected to “Adam’s” brother having an update or knowing anything?

    If only we could have been a fly on the wall in the car that day!!!!!

    Prayers for the Kesse Family.

  35. wpg says:

    Snippet of Blink’s reply to Doug on January 19, 2012 at 12:48pm:

    “As far as Campos’s request to travel to the Lake Eleanor office and stop at “Adam’s” brothers home, whom Campos had never met, and was not part of eithers tasks at CFI/Westgate, I am making the assumption there was nefarious intent of some kind.

    I asked Adam about that extensively, it was clear to me he did not understand the motivation then or to this day. I am obviously suspect. To the best of his recollection, Campos did not bring anything with him like a briefcase or duffel, and there are a few details I had to leave out that Adam was not 100% sure of, although LE is aware of it.

    I do know that there was an extensive ground search conducted based on this information and it was not clear to the Kesse’s why until we developed this information.”

    SouthernMom, yes, the brother was there per Blink (different reply, short one, apologies . . . tired eyes can’t find the link!)

  36. wpg says:

    Evening, Blink.

    Anything new on LE gaining direct contact with Mr.Soto’s friend, the alleged witness?

    To my knowledge they have not.

  37. Deborah says:

    Blink, Do you believe Jennifer was sold into sex trafficking? Do you believe she is being held somewhere? Or is it your opinion she is deceased?

    There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever she is deceased, unfortunately.

  38. Deborah says:

    Do you believe she was seeing someone romantically other than Rob?

    I don’t know.

  39. Rose says:

    motivations for murder:
    money or in commission of a theft,
    jealous rage,
    in the commission of rape,
    impulsive violent act,
    what else?
    have you a motive speculation?

  40. Blink says:

    Out of respect for the Kesse family who is aware of my opinion I am not going to speculate That publicly.

    They are very committed to locating Jenn and want to focus on that, which was also my personal advice to them.

  41. wpg says:


    Did Jennifer mention to either her close friends, family or Rob that she was going to or had gone to The Monkey Bar the Thursday evening before her vacation?

    Did she go to The Monkey Bar from work or later from her condo?

    The Waitiki Retro Tiki Lounge, located below The Monkey Bar . . . is this the Tiki bar where Jennifer and Rob first met (or was it the Oasis Tiki Bar on International Drive)?

    To my knowledge we do not know anyone that knew she was there or with whom.
    I know she did some shopping that day, and a few other errands, but that is it.

  42. Rose says:

    I appreciate your response.
    I guess I just thought motivation was a clue to the perpetrator.
    I think I am understanding now the immediate goal is her recovery,
    in part so the perpetrator can be brought to justice, and that is why wise
    ones here have been map and terrain focused.

  43. deb says:

    Thanks Deb, but he and his sidekick Gail St. Fraud are exactly that, frauds.


  44. wpg says:

    I applaud North Carolina LE in the Kellie Bordeaux disappearance for publicly disclosing the area of this missing young lady’s cellphone final ping.

    JMO, it is long overdue that LE in Jennifer’s case do the same.

  45. wpg says:

    Did not realize until recently that the February 19 2010 search was of an area that was within a larger strategic search area, formulated only ONE WEEK from Jennifer’s disappearance.

    snipped from article dated Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2006:

    “Meanwhile, detectives looked through an expanded area Wednesday, bordered by Texas Avenue, Orange Blossom Trail, Holden Avenue and Oak Ridge Road.
    The Kesse family is hoping to inject a new energy into the search for Jennifer. Hundreds of volunteers will take part in the biggest effort yet to find her this weekend.
    In the meantime, though, police began Wednesday what they are calling a new grid search, based on tips that have been coming in. Sheriff’s deputies with the mounted patrol jumped off their horses and over a fence Wednesday along Texas Avenue off of John Young Parkway after a citizen called in a tip.”

    bordered area:,+Orlando,+FL+to:S+Texas+Ave+%26+W+Oak+Ridge+Rd,+Orlando,+FL+to:W+Oak+Ridge+Rd+%26+S+Orange+Blossom+Trail,+Orlando,+FL+to:S+Orange+Blossom+Trail&hl=en&sll=28.483455,-81.40293&sspn=0.027913,0.030384&geocode=FYbKsgEdZvsl-w%3BFdPJsgEdG8sl-yldO755CnzniDFawlVuf6w-Xg%3BFXR0sgEd68sl-ynddWiZFXzniDG8Re1eJnYGrA%3BFf50sgEdfvwl-ylrF35EaHzniDFH92e8aQzevA%3BFeDEsgEd9vsl-w&t=h&mra=dme&mrsp=4&sz=15&z=15

    Cannot help but wonder if the tips back in late January 2006, the early search areas, and the tip provided by “Adam Frank” for the 2010 search are supported by ping information indicating the movement of Jennifer’s cellphone up to and including 10:40pm. I do keep in mind that were very likely additional searches done unknown to the public.

    Watching the May 13 2006 Dateline, the Orlando Police Sargent being interviewed acknowledges to the interviewer that after the 10pm phone call with Rob, Jennifer goes off the radar. I presume he was keeping quiet on the 10:40pm information, because he does go on to talk of the possibility that Jennifer left her condo night.

    The May 2006 broadcast includes footage of “the parker” and interviews with the Kesse’s. Heartbreaking to watch this mother crying for her daughter . . . unbelievable that it touched no one to come forward to ease this mother’s pain.

  46. wpg says:

    correction – - – not “footage” of the parker, but 3 photo stills.

  47. wpg says:

    Good Morning.

    I would like to request a Dana Pretzer/Scared Monkeys Radio update show on Jennifer Kesse. Thank you.

    Blink, what is the present momentum level on this case?

    It is an active and ongoing investigation is all I am told wpg- I am afraid I do not have any other updates at the moment.


  48. wpg says:

    Thank you, Blink.
    You’re the best.

  49. Deborah says:

    Blink, In your last post to wpg, you state, “It is an active and ongoing investigation is all I am told wpg – I am afraid I do not have any other updates at the moment.” I was under the impression you were doing your own investigating? Through your own sources? Isn’t that how you got all the info on Jenn’s co-workers and Mr. Soto? I didn’t think it was a case of “all I am told” (from whom? LE?). If you or we waited to hear from LE, we’d all be old and gray. I thought it was a case of you doing your “SAMantha SPADE” thing and telling LE “all THEY should be told”, but were afraid to ask. ????????

    Wpg is a seasoned case follower, as I am sure you are as well. She knew what I meant, and you are right to call me out.

    IN Jenn’s case, your correct, all our work, all the exclusive sources and content was developed by my team, I can only present findings and hope for the best.

    As many of you have seen me quote my dear friend and mentor- You cannot unf*ck a case.


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