Blink On Crime Feature Previews For Next Week: Josh Powell, Jerry Sandusky, Pat Brown

Princeton, NJ-  Taking a break in observance of The Easter Holiday, previews next weeks featured articles.   Comments always open;  joyous and safe celebrations to all.


The Joshua Powell Backstory Even Susan Did Not Know

Part 2 of the backstory on Josh Powell.  Blink analyzes the analysis that should have prevented the horrific murders of Charlie and Braden Powell.  Part I featured Here.

Sandusky Pretrial Begins- Curley and Schultz To Plead The 5th.

At a pretrial hearing Thursday afternoon, defense attorney Joseph Amendola told the court if called, former Penn State Administrators Tim Curley and Gary Schultz, currently facing perjury charges, will invoke their fifth amendment rights.

Sandusky, through Amendola expects to refile a motion to dismiss all charges against him when prosecutors add to the thousands of discovery documents they have already been given.   Follow the Nittany Nightmare Series Here.


Blink Reviews Criminal Profiler and Psychological Mystery Author Pat Brown’s New eKindle Book: Only The Truth

Pat Brown,  criminal profiler,  true crime author and frequent national guest expert releases her first fiction work.

Blink reviews Only The Truth,  eKindle version of Pat Brown’s latest release.

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  1. Mom3.0 says:


    Its okay we are good- we just see things differently you see yourself as right and I dont- Ha Ha J/K— Luv and respect you too TGF

    Blink thanks for your input- I did not take offense to your cooking analogy- it would be sexist on my part to do so.

    I think Zimmerman is in the wrong here, and i do not think police did their due diligence in the beginning- it is like everyone just assumed that george was defending himself and trayvon was the aggressor-
    I am worried that The State is going for 2nd degree murder, can this charge be proven to the jury beyond a reasonable doubt?
    We have alot more evidence to see and hear so I am not sure… If I learned anything from Caylees case it is that, the prosecution can not just hope the jury will get it- and it is better not to “over” charge- and then hope the jury will understand they can go with the lesser one…

    My prayers for the family and the community.


  2. A Texas Grandfather says:

    One never knows when you are in the right place at the right time. It happened this afternoon at the grocery store. This is the largest grocery store in the area. We are thirty miles one way from the store. We had to be in the area for another reason and took advantage of the opportunity.

    My wife is slow like cold molases in a grocery so I usually find something to do while she shops. Spent time at the magazine rack and then went outside. I immediately noticed a scruffy looking guy hanging out near where the grocery carts are stored. He did not appear to have a reason for being there, so I just watched him.

    In a few minutes a police car appeared in the lot driving slow as if the policeman was looking for something. The scruffy guy stepped back as if to make himself less visable and watched the police car. Apparently one of the women shoppers had called 911 regarding the guy. As the car got close to me, the cop gave me a brief wave and I nodded in the direction of the guy. He looked in his mirror and waved back, but could not turn around to approach him because of the traffic.

    At that point the scruffy guy took off walking rapidly towards the West end of the lot. I kept my eyes on him and waited until the cop had turned around in the street and returned. He asked where the guy had gone and I pointed out where he was. The cop drove over there and began to question him. Then he put him in the back seat and locked him in.

    I thought the guy was standing there waiting for an opportunity to snatch a woman’s purse. He probably was. However, there must have been a warrant outstanding for the cop to put him in the car. Guess I will find out in a few days when the county jail logs are printed in the newspaper.

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