Boy In The Basement: Is Etan Patz The Prince of Prince Street?

SoHo, Lower Manhattan, NY- I have never seen a picture of this cherub that did not mirror my smile in response.

Etan’s innocence emanates from his baby-toothed grin like a neon glow stick.

It is all I can see at the moment I gaze upon it in its Willy Wonka technicolor.   Not the Depp version.

Patz was wearing similarly fluorescent sneakers when he left home for the last time.

Etan , named from the Hebrew meaning- strong, firm and impetuous- lived up to his name while he was alive for six short years.

Perhaps his everlasting gobstopper is metaphoric, and he is about to rise out of the fizzy lifting drink chamber at 127B, which is currently disguised as a dank concrete slab and former workshop of Othniel Miller.

I was 10 years old when he went missing.   My Father hales from the Bronx.

My last business meeting on Prince Street was in 2005 with Madam Fabulosity Kimora Lee Simmon’s assistant James.  Great guy.

We got reamed.

“You have to back off the retouch on that one, she looks like a dude.”

He was right.  Scott , the oracle of fashion print- ad- retouch saved the day and I had forgotten we were in “that building”.


Got Milk For Missing?

Etan Patz is the case study the criminology enthusiast and true crime aficionados can regurgitate verbatim.

A word to the wise to those who may not say his name correctly in professional conversation-  It is on the “things you must never do  if you wish to be taken seriously” list.  Colleagues will involuntarily cringe.

He was the first missing child featured on the milk carton.

Ironically and without public service calcium he disappeared just after his own breakfast on his way to meet his  school bus at  the corner of Prince and Broadway.

The unofficial suspect for the last 33 years has been Jose Ramos.  Ramos is currently incarcerated for child rape in Pennsylvania and is due to be paroled in November.

Lisa R Cohen, a former abc reporter and emissary to the Patz’s  wrote about Etan’s case following a 2004 civil victory where he and Etan’s  Mom Julie were awarded about 2 million in a wrongful death action against Ramos.

AFTER ETAN may need a new epilogue.

What was not known publicly before the FBI began jack hammering the first quadrant of the Prince St building basement which housed his old workshop on Friday, was Jamaican national Othniel Miller was also on the short list of possible suspects in 1979.

Investigators renewed their acquaintance with Mr. Miller twice last week before securing a warrant which has been sealed.

The basement space was also home to a makeshift playgroup made possible by donated space from an adjacent gallery, and renovated by resourceful parent tenants.  Shira Patz, Etan’s older sister, was a member.

Photo by Don Gangemi courtesy of NY Post

Miller was known throughout the neighborhood as a skilled carpenter and handyman.  Ramos was considered a vagrant who mostly lived in a drainage ditch and managed to skirt multiple molestation allegations.

Miller paid Master Patz a dollar the day before he disappeared as he skipped down the block to tell his parents  Stan and Julie.

“I want to spend this at the bodega tomorrow!”

Can’t you just hear that jubilant voice exceeding his height in volume in your head?

Etan Patz never made it to school on May 25, 1979.

May25th is now National Missing Children’s Day courtesy of Former President Ronald Reagan.

Which one would know if you lost the sibling battle to read the cereal box  quiz and were therefore forced to hide your “slight” behind the milk; like it was AS interesting.

Reading the nutritional value of same aloud in retaliation over the voice of your sister notwithstanding, we both shut up.

In retrospect the yogurt moustache branding thing would have been preferable.

Mom enters upon the conversation battle void anomaly to remind us how lucky we were that Grammy and Poppa moved Daddy out of the city or we would never have been born.

She would never have agreed to  live there no matter how much she loved Daddy.  It was not safe for children.

“This happens in the city in big buildings because you can’t possibly know everyone that lives there.”

“Don’t ever take anything from or talk to a stranger and finish your breakfast or you will be late for the bus,” she scolded.

“What if he has a golden ticket?”,  lamebrain in pigtails asked.

“Especially NEVER”, Mom replied.

On last Thursday afternoon, Othniel Miller was returned to his home by investigators  walking with a cane he has been using since a multitude of strokes since 2008.

Othniel Miller

Customers found him easygoing and polite. He knew the Patz family, worked on the oak doors in their lobby, and did carpentry for at least one other family in their building.

Julie Patz described him to police in 1979 as a family friend.  There is at least one witness account that claims Ramos had a key to Miller’s workshop.

An as yet unidentified former assistant of Millers in 1979 has law enforcements ear and is said to be cooperating with investigators.

Also audible on the possible pedophilic public address system is Miller’s former wife.  They were divorced in 1986, but Phyllis Miller is alleging her ex raped a 10 year old girl.

Millers only known criminal offense at this point is driving with a suspended license in 2004 while visiting the couple’s daughter in Tampa.

Miller’s attorney  Michael Farkas  met the media head on.

“He is innocent,” the attorney said. “He is not involved in this terrible murder. He is going to continue to help authorities as best he can.”

Note to self:  unfair to say Farkas rhymes with Farces when it really does not.

Let’s be clear about something.  The Eff Bee Eye does not even escavate walk ups in Soho without the strongest probable cause warrant 33 years can bye.  Misspelling intended.

Cadaver canines with the prestigious Quantico address alerted to the death pads and their NYPD counterparts confirmed their findings onsite.

Will modern forensics and strong teamwork between NYPD and the FBI recover Etan?

Photo Credit Robb Bennett For WSJ


Precariously Perched On a Precipice

Taking snapshots from the balcony overlooking the “recovery site” ,Etan’s Dad has his lens fixed on the building he has seen, walked past and  perhaps spit on, for 33 years.

Photo Credit John Taggart NY Daily News

When odor absorbing pads are placed in a building within your purview  and subsequently generate multiple warrants to find items of your missing child,  the “view from your fire escape” must feel like no escape at all.

Stan and Julie Patz remain the sentry watch for Etan both literally and proximately.

Stan Patz has sent Jose Antonio Ramos a copy of his sons flyer bi-annually on October 9 and May 25th; Etan’s birthday and the anniversary of his disappearance respectively.

He handwrites “What Have You Done To My Little Boy?” on each one.

Immediately prior to my meeting  on Prince,  which by now qualifies as “who gives a shit” in context,  I had a kaffe in the same shop that Mrs. Patz was enjoying when the press approached her once the dig started.

Please Find Him.  I pray to God they do not find him.

Like most, I fluctuate between the two travesties.

“I still gag at the fear he must have felt at the thought that an adult betrayed him.”

Me too Mr Patz,  Me too.


Ramos has not left the top of the skeeve list,  and there is evidence that Miller and Ramos worked together on a few projects.

All of which after a third of a century are seemingly reliant upon finding  Etan or some evidence allowing prosecutors to indict.

Cy Vance, when running for Manhattan DA, made a promise to Stan Patz and the Patz family.  If he was elected, he would reopen the investigation into Etan’s disappearance and probable murder.

With much help from former Federal prosecutor Stuart GraBois,  he has more than made good on his word.

GraBois actually deputized himself in the state of Pennsylvania to be able to investigate and charge Ramos in a string of offenses ultimately ending in his current incarcerati0n.

Ramos befriended a woman who worked briefly for the Patz’s to gain access to her son.  Although she is not willing to be identified,  she believes Ramos molested her son for years, causing him to take his own life after troubles with the law.

She walked Etan to school during a brief period in 1979 during a transportation strike.


Etan’s anguished and unwillingly patient parents wait  for news at 113 Prince St, E 3.

They have made it clear to all members of the media they will have no comment right now, and ask for their privacy.

Stan and Julie Patz 1980

Scapular removal of the basement cement poured shortly after Etan’s disappearance is expected to continue through the early part of next week.

If  Etan Patz is  destined to be found finally , and I pray that he is:  I dub him my prince of Prince Street.

For Etan:



Check back to for updates on Etan’s recovery.


Update #1

A stain on a wall which was previously the workspace of Othniel Miller reacted positively to a luminol field test.   The wall portions have been removed and sent to the FBI lab in Quantico, VA.

An unamed source said “there is truth to that” when asked if Miller blurted out “what if the body was moved” while in the basement with investigators.



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  1. Malty says:

    Prayers and Hope for Etanp

  2. Malty says:

    Etan sorry for miss spelling
    A beautiful child
    Thanks Blink for the info

  3. Sandy says:

    Beautifully written Blink.
    Your love for this missing child is very obvious in this article.
    It was touching to read.

    Thank you Sandy- I have no explanation why some cases just stick to me so to speak, but I distinctly remember thinking after he disappeared I wondered if he watched a lot of tv and if his parents thought to look for him in it like Mikey in Willy Wonka.

    I was certainly going to learn much about the world since then and in my mind, Etan is the hallmark for missing children with similar circumstances whose cases remain unsolved today.

    Finding Etan is a much needed win in the hope category for so many, in addition to his anguished parents.


  4. pale rider says:

    I remember this case so very well. I was about to become a mom for the second time, and I felt the thrum of horror that Etan’s parents have had to endure for over 3 decades.

    I pray he is found, and even though that won’t stop or erase the eternity of pain for his parents, they will at least have him back. No one will ever take him from them again.

  5. pale rider says:

    I just wanted to add, Etan and Adam Walsh were the 2 cases that cemented my character as the uber overprotective mom to the point of being phobic – The Gift of Fear. And I happily passed it on to my children and grandchildren.

    But as I have seen too many times through the years, there is no such thing as too protective.

    God bless our children.

  6. Jane says:

    I hate the thought of so much evil in this world. I suppose the one thing that eases the pain is hope. Hope that people like Cy Vance, Stuart GraBois and so many others have refused to stop looking for Etan after all these years. May this precious child be found and reunited with his family.

    What I wish to underscore is that the team of investigators and prosecutors, all from different field agencies, were proactively pursuing leads and refused to give up on Etan or the fact that THEY KNEW there was a dangerous predator out there.

    I want to have the case study so new detectives and seasoned investigators alike emulate their strategies.


  7. Ode says:

    I was never aware of Etan untill this week. What an adorable child, what a nightmare his parents have lived for 31 years plus. “Little Etan, I am so glad that people did not forget about you and are still trying to find out what happened to you child”. Blink how strange that you may have been in the same building where Etan may have been resting, spooky kind of. Maybe some of his energy was able to reach you and guide you. I was in Florida when they found Adam Walsh which I will never forget. I have often wondered if I had passed the place he was waiting in to be found. Adam is the child that shaped my over protecting of my young one. These children are the true angels in Heaven. The people who sent these angels to Heaven are nothing more than earthly monsters. They will never see these sweet souls again.

  8. Carolyn S from Maryland says:

    What striks me most is that we can teach our children to stay away from strangers, but these predators disguise themselves as “nice” “kind” “helpful” “loves kids” “good carpenter” “exellent Handyman” “next door neighbor” – they are chameleons and look just like us and our friends, and we don’t see it coming until it is over.

  9. daydreamer says:

    I have to commend you on this article Blink.Wonderful job!
    Jose Antonio Ramos in my mind is the pedophile that killed their cute little boy.I hope he rots in hell, and after watching this video with
    the reporter he is a ticking time bomb.As we know they never change their stripes.Living in a tunnel like a rat with all those pictures of him and other boys.I wonder what happened to them.He reeks of evil.
    He is the video,and Ramos is at the end.

  10. daydreamer says:

    I also noticed what Etan’s Dad said in a interview.Etan was asking to walk to the bus stop by himself.I just wonder if someone had a talk with Etan that he should start walking to the bus stop by himself.So
    he would have that chance to take him…..Or was he just being independent.I say it was planted in his precious mind.

  11. Blink says:

    @ daydreamer
    Agreed. Good observation

  12. Word Girl says:

    @pale rider, I appreciate your advocacy! Your words “thrum of horror” haunt me. Well put. And I also had to laugh at your and Blink’s (especially not with a Golden Ticket!) dedication to your children’s safety.

    (Here’s how the scenario might go…”go ahead kids,” your offspring says, “give Grandma Phobic a kiss goodnight. We’ll be seeing her again in the morning.” LOL

    @daydreamer–I so totally see that playing out, if it was a handyman job. Or…I guess the other one–handyman’s helper–is more likely since he preferred boys?

    Remember how we let our kids do things (and we got to do more things as kids) without too much fear of danger? Now? Never doing that, kiddo.

    Here’s a poem called “Everlasting Thrum.” I think the poet has captured a bit of what we’re talking about here.

    Word Girl- breathtaking and breathgiving for me. Thank you.

    Thanks for acknowledging me Mum on the especially never. She is the grammar police of our family and for her- when she spoke like that, we knew it was serious, lol.

    Come home Sweet Etan.


  13. osu says:

    Thank you for following this case. I have been following it since reading After Stan a few years ago. I pray for closure for his family.

  14. TLS says:

    I remember this case so well — I was the mom of a not-quite-2 year old little boy. You remember what it’s like when your babies are still babies? You haven’t yet come to terms with that overwhelming love — you’re still surprised by it. You spend hours just watching them sleep…when they snuggle in and place their heads on that part of your body between your neck and shoulder blade? You say “THAT’S what that part of my body is for…”! Everything in your world revolves around your baby and being a good mom. And then this happens, and you are sick. Physically sick with how much those parents must be hurting…because until now, you didn’t get it. I’ve said many prayers for this little imp and his mom and dad over the years…Now I will say another one. I pray that this is it for this family and the rest of us can finally put a face and name to that particular boogey man. God Bless this family.


  15. Rose says:

    Thank you for directing me here.
    You are right.
    Individual investigators with a passion kept at it methodically over decades, and prosecutors kept an open mind too but imo were investigator dependant here.
    I agree outside influence may have led Etan to ask to walk to bus. And what better influence than the boyfriend of the lady walker home in the strike. Perhaps Ramos was with her on those walks.
    Imo Ramos & Miller collaborated on some level, if only disposal, & the objective is to find Etan to hold them accountable.
    I do think parental pressure on investigative teams invaluable and missing to public view in another similar case.
    Watching the LE MO in Isabel Celia abduction.

  16. Ragdoll says:

    I’m especially appreciative B took the time to elaborate on the meaning of his Hebrew name. This name has a special place in my heart and so does this precious boy. He’s every bit firm and strong; always whole in spirit!

    Humbly XO

    I want him found and for his name to be in the next year top baby names.

    I know I am corny, Oh well.

  17. Ragdoll says:

    @ Word girl.

    Just wow. I’m sure I’m not the only mother praying I never experience that kind of darkness. My heart and prayers go out to The Patz family…and all who’ve experienced the loss of a child. May God keep your heart whole and comforted until we all meet back home.

  18. connie says:

    I too remember the milk carton and this case is heartbreaking. My prayers to the Patz family. Blink, great job! Etan is a special,
    cute as a button kid and his smile can turn your frown upside down as my kids say. Kuddos to the many agencies who have kept this case alive.

  19. Rose says:

    @Word Girl. TY for Thrum whose content reminded me of the death in the campus woods of this other son of New York, motherless thanks to 9/11:
    Tox report never released & I always felt homicide possibility ignored.
    There are too many like Etan still in limbo.

  20. T. Ruth says:

    daydreamer says:
    April 22, 2012 at 7:42 pm

    I also noticed what Etan’s Dad said in a interview.Etan was asking to walk to the bus stop by himself.I just wonder if someone had a talk with Etan that he should start walking to the bus stop by himself.So
    he would have that chance to take him…..Or was he just being independent.I say it was planted in his precious mind.


    I think you may be right. Thinking about Kyron Horman, and how someone complained he was not following “an adult’s” instructions at school. Maybe there was a reason, who knows what the adult may have been asking him to do?

    I actually remember Etan’s beautiful little smile on the milk cartons. I hope his parents can find some kind of closure and peace. I also hope the media leaves them alone as they’ve requested. I’m glad LE hasn’t given up the search for this little guy, but I don’t understand why this wasn’t done long ago.:

    Miller, originally from Jamaica, was interviewed after the boy disappeared and had what authorities deemed a solid alibi at the time.

    Authorities, however, noticed that Miller had a newly cemented concrete floor around the time of Etan’s disappearance, but opted not to dig it up.

  21. pale rider says:

    @ Word Girl, LOL, yep my daughter caught the safety bug from me, and now is a practicing Fear Phobic. Her daughters, my granddaughters, have learned not to roll their eyes when Mimi and Mom start in.

    I established a secret safety word for my kids when they were young. No one who wasn’t in our circle of trust knew that word.
    And we practiced it weekly.

    If anyone ever approached them and didn’t know that word, no matter what their professed level of authority or familiarity, they were to get away as fast as they could, screaming at the top of their lungs.

    Thankfully they never had to test it.

    Come home Etan.

  22. pale rider says:

    And WG, just WOW on that poem!!!!!

    @TSL, you so beautifully described a mother’s love and total awe of the feelings that such a small being can evoke.

  23. pale rider says:

    Sorry, TLS, I’m a tad lysdexic! ;~)

  24. Idahogal says:

    Blink, thanks for writing about Etan, he deserves no less. I remember when he went missing and the subsequent milk cartons.
    I hope he is found now so his parents have answers and the responsible parties are held accountable.
    I also hope it doesn’t take as long to find out what happened to sweet Kyron.
    Gob bless both their little souls, prayers for all.

  25. Word Girl says:

    Aton should be in the next top baby name list! (spelled Eton, pronounced Aton PAtz–both A’s as strong as beautiful Eton.)

    I’m glad you liked the poem, Blink, Rose, ragdoll.

    Blink’s Mum knows the power of language. When used carefully it can speak from the depth of one’s conviction, through the courage of one’s own heart.

    Especially in poems.

    “A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness.” ~Robert Frost

    “If you cannot be a poet, be the poem.” ~David Carradine

  26. T. Ruth says:

    Etan Patz: Search Ending With No Evidence of 6-Year-Old Boy

    (more @link)

  27. T. Ruth says:

    In this day of the rapid media and internet discussions, I hope this latest search brings forward the one person who may know what happened to Etan or bust open some POI’s alibi and bring closure and justice for this little boys family.

    True dat


  28. osu says:

    All these cases make me so sad :(
    I’m not cooking tonight. Curling up on the sofa with my puppy. Tomorrow is another day.

  29. Jay says:

    What a self righteous piece of crap this article was written. The author clearly wrote it to showcase his/her “talent” and clearly took away from the tragedy that is this case. Disgusting. This whole site is disgusting. It does more harm than good. Weirdos



  30. BeenThere says:

    Jay says:
    April 23, 2012 at 6:20 pm

    This is just uncalled for.
    May God continue to Bless You Blink !

    ♥ PJ

    I have been called many things in my day, but I am just not going to stand for “talented”.

    LOL Heart u

  31. TLS says:


    Maybe English isn’t your first language? I dunno. I want to understand how you first: clearly didn’t get this piece, and 2nd, if you felt this way about this article, why bother to even comment? Just move on down the road a bit.. I think you are probably a very-easy-to-please individual, and I’m sure some of the othe sites have what you are looking for? Wait. What exactly IS it? Whatcha lookin’ for?


  32. Carol says:

    Jay go away! Obviously you are a new reader and don’t understand Blink and her selflessness.

    Blink ~ you are more than “talented”.

  33. A Texas Grandfather says:


    I have no clue as to why you make such an acusation about the writing. However, whether you agree or not Blink is a caring person who spends a great deal of her time and talent to try and help solve cases. Some, such as this one, are decades old.

    There are many who read and post on this site that agree with the clarity of the writing and the idea that we can come together to help those in need.

    This is not a site like some, where trash talk is the main theme. We respect one another and if we disagree we do so in a civil manner. If you do not ascribe to such ideas, I strongly suggest you go somewhere else to vent.

  34. Jay says:

    Wow. You are all so angry at the fact that I happen to disagree with Blink.

    Why dont you google Blink and check out how others view her. Others who have actually done some good and have not utilized the distress of others for personal gain.

    I stand by my wordage and, if you all dont like it, too bad.

    Jay, as usual, you came on here to condemn me for featuring a piece that is very dear to me, and at the root of it appears to be some sort of personal attack agenda.

    The line for that forms at the left and has for a very long time.

    I learned painfully and early that this work has a dark side where y’all line up behind the building until I walk past and then you bean me with your “insult darts” or “meanie arrows.”

    Hav at it. While you are at it please call my accountant and tell him what you mean by this site bringing me personal gain- I can assure you he would be all ears at such a concept.

    Boy, be successful and look out, there is hell to be paid. I get it.

    Google till your fingers are numb, and make sure you believe those lunatic BS anonymous rants based on the same claptrap nobody cares about and haters wear like cloaks to never do THEIR PART.

    I am a simple woman doing what I feel called to do, and hoping it matters to someone that can make a positive difference in their situation.

    Yep, that is my plan for world domination via blink. Muuuuuhhhhaaaa.

    And then, perhaps you could remind yourself how unbelievably better the world would be if we had compassion for Etan, and each other, instead of needing to make somebody wrong you do not even know.

    Good Day to you sir.

    ps- please do not respond to Jay everyone, let’s move on- much appreciated.


  35. Jay says:

    As stated previously, this site does more harm than good.

    Sheesh, read all the cockamamie concepts that these freaks come up with by sitting at their computer.

    Go out and actually make a difference. Dont sit there and do nothing.

    I disagree. This site is full of self promotion and, like I stated, it does more harm than good for these poor families that are suffering from the loss of a child. How dare you.

    Seriously, not one crime was solved from this site, regardless of what you lead your cronies to believe, Blink. That is truth.

    You sit there and concoct stories and act like you are making a difference by having a soundboard for other nutjobs.

    How dare you tell me of what you know absolutely nothing about.

    No crimes have been solved by my work, no families have been able to recover a loved one?

    Do your damn homework before you drag your muddy feet across my foyer.

    Wear clean PJ’s Christmas Eve as I believe you will have 3 guests.

    And then, lemme know where I can drop off a special pie I baked you.

    Have 2 slices.


  36. Jay says:


  37. Kim from PA says:

    ………….3 guests and a pie! LOL!

  38. Ode says:

    It is just so hard to restrain myself. God bless you Etan.



  39. Word Girl says:

    Ode you could write one to ‘a commode’ or even, ‘a toad’ so I’m glad you’re restraining yourself!

    Actually, I think it’s good to have an oddball (besides me, i mean) pop in to challenge us. How much are we actually doing in the world–although I’m guessing, from reading posts for years now, actually, quite a lot. How much more can we do in advocacy?

    Yes, we’re concerned, soul-stricken, astonished, and depressed over these horrible stories and broken-hearted families who wait and wait.
    What can we do to help? The milk carton didn’t seem to work, or did it?

    If Blink allows it, I would like to hear of readers’ goals for advocacy and what we, on the ground floor, can do to make a difference.

    And if our sweet interloper wants to contribute, I’d love to have Jay/Jane write, also.

  40. SusanNH says:

    You go Blink, I would bet that Pie is Chocolate Cream with special vanilla.

    Your comment made my night. You are the bomb!


  41. Ronnie says:

    Thank you so much for this superb piece of writing … so sincere, respectful & uplifting. I am resident in Sydney, Australia and (as an avid true crime reader) I have been seriously following this case ever since I came across it so many years ago. Yes … I can quote many aspects of it verbatim. Yes … Etan’s angelic little face never ceases to make me smile; so full of innocence, happiness and potential. To know that this was robbed from him makes so so sad; angry too! It appears that the search has not turned up anything of real significance. I was hoping it would. I was hoping it wouldn’t! RIP, Prince Etan, where ever you are!

    Thank you kindly Ronnie and welcome to BOC.

    Allow me to share an email excerpt I got from my Mother, who I referenced in the piece:

    The thought that someone could have been harming that child while I chatted with my children over breakfast breaks my heart.

    Says it all really. I pray something progresses and Ramos never sees the light of day.

    I pray that if Mr. Miller raped a child he is prosecuted. Frankly, I am of the opinion the very threat of that has him talking in the first place.

    I pray the Patz’s can lay Etan to rest before they rest themselves.


  42. MandyVZ says:

    I think Jay has been indulging in some of Mustang Sally Karioth’s “magical thinking”. With Jazz Hands all around. : )

    OMG, you may be right. She will go down as the most sloshed witness I have ever seen live.

  43. Jay if anyones a wierdo it would be me….they have bashed me and clashed with me so many times here when i first came….i had to grow thick skin..i figured sooner or later they would understand my compassion and lack of proof reading, I beleive in blinks advocacy…if you do not like what you see you can move along and not comment…You obviously are for the same cause and do not even realize what your looking at…. Blink is an ADVOCATE…she never claimed to be whatever it is your wanting her to be or claiming she is not…. i beleive in the cause this site offers…it offers the victims a voice to be heard….BLINK DOES DO HER HOMEWORK, SHE IS HANDS ON… JAY, YOU GO DO YOUR HOMEWORK AND GO BACK TO LURKING, its better that way….it doesnt matter what PEOPLE THINK, AS YOURSELF… it matters what people do.. BLINK IS DOING JUST THAT! If we cannot come together to colaborate then what is the option…BLINK DOES HER HOMEWORK AND WORKS GROUND ZERO OFTEN. I COMMEND HER FOR THE COMPASSION …SORRY BLINK I COULD NOT RESIST.

  44. Word Girl says:

    Just had to post the 5-minute video of Jeff Ashton questioning Sally.

    Good Lord, needed that O/T today, thanks.

  45. one thing you can NOT do here, thats waste everyones time reading your bullcrap and vile choice of words about people you really have no business talking about until you know them personally. I have never seen Blink say anything or do anything that puts her self before her victim…she is a voice for the victims and a light through the dark to get us where we need to be to understand what has happend to these precious individuals…SHe has saved many of lives with her experiences and the content that is on this website…..

  46. correction—THE victim…not her victim.. sorry for that choice of wording…So sorry.

  47. SusanNH says:

    A Sally Martooni, shaken, not stirred.

    LOl, seriously, but cannot be serious.


  48. Jay says:


    You have severely limited research skills, you are angry in general, and I looked like I could take it.

    I can my friend. Namaste.

    Big Hug.


  49. Jay says:

    Awesome way to leave out my comment so as to not let your cronies see who you really are…pathetic individual.

    I am not an angry person, in general. I am angry at you for this site and self promotion. Its pathetic. These poor children and their families could be benefitting from so much more…absolute disgrace of an individual you are.

    Jay, I am not going to let you badger readers or me. If you had taken the time to actually read and or research here, you would know your comments are out of line, and unfounded.

    Sir, you are most definitely angry in general, and I hope you can find a way to turn that into positive energy and advocacy, instead of wasting my time and that of anyone reading this nonsense already.

    You are not a fan, we get it, move on.


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