Jerry Sandusky Trial Begins: Witness 4 Says Dottie Sandusky Walked In- Amendola Commits Jerry Will Testify In His Defense- Histrionic Disorder Causes Love Letters To Kids

Bellefonte, PA-   The trial of Penn State’s claim to shame entrepreneur,  Gerald Arthur Sandusky began yesterday.

The victim, “just wanted a father figure,” McGettigan said, “but the defendant would spoon with him, put his hand down his pants, touch his genitals.”

- Prosecutor Joseph  McGettigan

The following is my editorial on day one.  Bring your air sickness bag.  It is promising to be that bad, and worse.

Witness (victim #4 ) testified to resorting to hiding in his closet with the phone after months of  alleged abuse by Sandusky.  13 at the time, He said the alleged assaults became as frequent as two to three times a week and lasted for about three years.  He weighed 90 lbs.

“I’d come home from school and look out the window and he’ d be there and I’d grab the phone and hide in the closet..”
Do your own math, I can’t stomach it.

He also claimed that Dottie Gross Sandusky walked in on him and Jerry during an assault.

Dottie-Gross-Sandusky.  You tell me- what’s in a name?

No sound sucking vortex overcame the courtroom.

No gasps.

Mrs. Sandusky, adoptive mother of 6 can say what she wants to those in town,  but at the end of the day, it is this authors opinion that Dottie will find herself a party to a legal proceeding or two of her own if she is not already.   I have had the opportunity to speak with a few locals last week off the record,  and the consensus was that Mrs. Sandusky is in supreme denial.  No doubt brought on by her husband’s recently diagnosed lack of consideration of others.

Backfields New Motion

Joseph Amendola claims Jerry Sandusky suffers from Histrionic Personality Disorder in a motion filed yesterday.

Is this a window to both Amendola’s defense strategy and laying the groundwork for leniency in the event (when) Sandusky is convicted by a jury of his peers?

Interesting that such a diagnosis surfaces now.  In offenses that stem since 1994- how consoling to know that Jer Sandusky was simply creating conflict in romantic relationships.   ( Author reminds readers that instructions to provide ones own air sickness bag appeared at the beginning of this piece).


The World Health Organization‘s ICD-10 lists histrionic personality disorder as:[9]

[A] personality disorder characterized by:

  • shallow and labile affectivity,
  • self-dramatization,
  • theatricality,
  • exaggerated expression of emotions,
  • suggestibility,
  • egocentricity,
  • self-indulgence,
  • lack of consideration for others,
  • easily hurt feelings, and
  • continuous seeking for appreciation, excitement and attention.


Perhaps I need to further inspect my friend and colleague pool.   I know like 20 people that qualify for all of those traits and not one of them is a pedophile, or an alleged pedophile, nor has any ever sought the sexual companionship of children.

Amendola would have done better to motion that Sandusky had obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) resulting in mutual showers after contact with children of “abstract backgrounds”.   I mean, disadvantaged children in the foster care system should shower more frequently as well, right?


McGettigan also produced a contract between a victim and Sandusky (via The Second Mile) that guaranteed the victim up to $1000 in college expenses if he kept his grades up.   The Second Mile does not promote unsupervised visits with it’s participating children and therefore the contract would be invalid.

Um, someone maybe should check the handbook- every one of this victims over 15 years came from The Second Mile and everyone of the alleged atrocities were committed sans “supervision”.


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  1. Rose says:
    No doubt url has been here before. 1982 article: the early years.
    Clear in 1982 JP thought JS was overdue to move on out to head coaching elsewhere.
    Wonder what happened to all those Fresh Air Fund kids from NY who spent summers with Sandusky in the 70s?
    I hope investigators talked to Ron Coder, houseparents, and the first 6 boys in the group home.

  2. Rose says:

    I hope it’s a forensic psychologist who includes projective testing.

  3. Rose says:

    this here before?
    (imo good olboys club)

    fwiw Penn State also issued bonds in 2009?

    lots of reasons to
    go slow in response to Sassano

    Silver & moon roof? Could’ve been a loaner from so many sources and for so many reasons….
    I guess Prosecutors could ascertain where JS had his cars repaired (credit card receipts), get the shops’ records of all loaner cars or cars owned then. Further narrow description with Vic 10 via pics and get all registrations for said model possibilities locally, and see who knew JS and may’ve loaned to him. Personally I think jurors can recognize he could’ve had a random loaner that day. But I expect it’s something he’ll deny on the stand.
    Personally, when the defense does that, I’d have a record of every loaner he could’ve had from his repair dealor from their 20 year record and ask him if he remembers x y and z. Obviously he’ll forget many which records could show he used.

  4. Tar Heel Gal says:

    Beejay–Appreciate much the update/explanation on the filing/ruling, good to hear JS may not get to have a leisurely Father’s Day. If this week was tough to hear with testimony, next week will be a nightmare of spin and lies, if JS and Mrs. JS get on that stand, gag.

    Hugs from NC

  5. beejay says:

    @erose: TY for reminding me that Lance Shaner (and his dad, as partner in some of his ventures) has an interest in Hilton Garden Inn. And Toftrees, site of some assaults, also.

    I can’t let go of this. Mandy Musser, if we have the correct info from the trial, was “advised”/”instructed” to give Jer a key to the pool-fitness facilities. And told her subordinates to do so. Mandy did not know Jer.

    IF we can presume that as Front Offc Mgr, Mandy would have either been instructed by her boss (who, if no intervening person exists, is the Gen Mgr of that Hilton. I believe that the Gen Mgr at that time was Greg Rowell, son of L.J. Rowell (Lester, or “Bud”).

    Failing that, let’s say someone outside the direct chain of command instructed Mandy, violating that sacred chain of command. In that case, Mandy should have at least informed Greg of her outsider’s instructions and her actions.

    So, I going with Greg knew about the key.

    Did Greg testify before the Grand Jury??? Why did prosecutors NOT put Greg on the stand? Because…they thought Mandy would be a more useful witness to them? Because…Greg failed to verify Mandy’s story? If that, then why didn’t the defense attys get that in the record? No, it couldn’t have been that. Because…Greg said he’d plead the Fifth if put on the stand? I just don’t know.

    Is this just incomplete reporting on this matter, and Greg was on the stand? No, I think not.

    Furthermore, why has no reporter brought up this question? It’s a glaringly obvious question.

  6. beejay says:

    @Rose says:
    June 17, 2012 at 5:20 am

    I hope it’s a forensic psychologist who includes projective testing.

    Would there be some sort of restriction on what areas the State’s expert could venture into? Or, maybe at trial the judge might limit it to addressing only the portion of Jer’s psyche that his own attys introduce into evidence? IDK, but I feel some restrictions will be made if/when it gets to court.

  7. beejay says:

    One last comment:

    IIRC, around midday Thurs, the judge was approached by an officer, handed a note, nodded, without interrupting testimony. Later on he commented something about not having total control over scheduling because of things that “come in unexpectedly”. Did anybody catch that?

    I’m thinking some evidence might have just come in, and that’s why the prosecution didn’t rest their case Thurs. Despite having heard from all their witnesses. Results from examining the long-withheld and voluminous items from Jer’s old office at PSU???

    Notice of federal indictment maybe? No, I have no info on that, just know something like that would go directly from the judge, but could have been the confirmation on the psych eval today.

    How fitting, Fathers Day.


  8. Rose says:

    @am sure Defense will try to limit Prosecution psychologist’s testimony to rebuttal of Defense psychologist’s diagnosis of HPD. that’s the purpose of the exam
    What’s he/she gonna say? No HPD, yes HPD? either way it sounds bad to the jury.

    the good news is to diagnose any PD a full forensic psychological needs to be done, including objective & projective testing, and including history, not just a talk session. The defense imo can’t limit the exam but can limit the testimony to an opinion on HPD diagnosis imo only.

    That is, probably can’t say “HPD concomitant with…. ”

    And if the prosecution psychologist says his symptoms are not consistant with HPD but can offer nothing else, he looks stupid. And if he says his behavior is consistent with HPD but I discuss the primary diagnosis because of the rules, he also looks stupid.

    But at least the prosecution will have the assessment.

    Personally, I find this a fat gamble for the defense outside of the fact that they can just withdraw the motion/not call the expert. This motion was not heard, correct? PA has some odd practices in comparison to some other states in terms of oral arguments and motions.


  9. Word Girl says:

    Beejay, I meant to reply a few days ago about the HGI key.
    HGI personnel need to be interviewed thoroughly about anything they observed while JS and a child were visiting.

    Several scenes are possible for key permission (key card, most likely, already scanned and on hand at front desk).

    We know Mandy had not met JS, but knew him by sight, so she was not contacted by him to arrange the key.

    Front desk agents may have been contacted by JS when he stopped by or was at HGI for another reason. They would have told Front Desk manager that someone is asking for a key for TSM kids (one at a time, not a group of them) to come and swim.

    It depends on the relationship between her and GM Greg, as she may have okayed it verbally, hand written a note, posted a memo, or other, but she certainly would have told Greg that JS had asked and she said okay to the request.

    Or Front Desk was contacted by JS in some manner (phone, note) and Mandy ran it by Greg who said, “sure, I don’t have a problem with that.” If Greg says he didn’t know about it, I would be surprised.

    Or a regional manager, especially OPs, could have asked her to give him a key card when he asked for it and she and her staff just complied. But then again, Ops would eventually tell his GM when he remembered the request.

    Now if JS asked Greg for the key permission, Greg is already in trouble. That’s going to be a hard one to prove…but once again, it depends on their local business culture (as in work place style; HGIs are independently owned franchises) to determine how much communication takes place on a daily basis.

    Some hotel front desk staffs keep a written log of their shift (documenting problems with guests, equipment, rooms, wifi, etc) in the form of a computer blog or just a notebook left at the front desk, for the morning manager and staff to read and remedy.

    I can’t find who their regional operations person is at this point. This HGI only has 111 rooms (counting the 8 suites) so they wouldn’t have their own operations manager. Most likely they’d have Head of Housekeeping and Head of Maintenance as BOHouse managers.

    Still, there would be a regional out there to support and supervised the General Managers within that brand.

  10. Rose says:

    @beejay. thinking of Amen’s attempt to discredit a vic by asking car color etc,
    my chief question is did Amen (cant remember 1st initial) ask every single other vic ontge stand who testified to riding in a car with him this same question, phrased the same way?

    if not, it was a set up by JS of THIS victim knowing he was in a different car no one would remember him in THAT day. Like maybe a Pro scout was in town and said, “Heh, Jerry, use my wheels while I’m meeting you (PS) guys,” tossing him the keys. And off he went to take a lad for a spin. Jerry’s had a lot of down time to think and cue traps for Vics’ cross. Amen, ask this Vic this question…

    Dottie on stand will backfire due to her volcanic nonverbal affect. I predict a few factual questions, ie, is your basement soundproofed? You’ve always heard the kids down there, havent you?

    Dottie will never testify pre-verdict. At no time will that pedophile enabler subject herself to cross examination in a criminal matter. Although, I hope she does. I hope Jerry does.

    I want them to blather blather.


  11. Word Girl says:

    I also realize that JS could have kept the key card and used it for many visits. The code would not change unless the hotel had problems with unauthorized use or disturbances.

    (Good Gift of Fear point here. If you think you’re alone in the hotel workout room, sauna, pool, or hot tub, remember that almost anyone can get a card or key. Hotels often have video cameras–those are especially helpful to find out who killed you.)

    Great Point

  12. Rose says:

    Ya’ll see the CNN story on Sandusky 8 today? on mt iphone appl.
    Page 9. Jerry’s story. A psychotic attachment to this young man on JS’ part. And clear he believes by the fusion with Jerry, this young man’s life was greatly bettered. Jerry sees himself as a magic pill for young men. Somewhat distasteful for good for them nevertheless.

    And Beejay, seeing JS call himself Jer throught the story,
    I get the objection to calling him by the name he chose to victimize others as a buddy with.

  13. Rose says:

    that’s “BUT good for them”

  14. Rose C says:

    Blink, what about the disappearance of Ray Gricar. Do you think it suspicious at all, and a thorough enough investigation to establish there was not a link to JS? The fact that his hard drive was found erased and an apparent search for how to do that found on it, and maybe projecting, but couldn’t the person who disappeared him also have done the search and destroy on the laptop. I thought I read that he was on the JS allegations at the time.

  15. Word Girl says:

    Rose and Blink, I agree that this Defense move is tricky. At first I thought that it could only backfire. With the info from Beej that the diagnosis is going to change and HPD is going to combine with other (worse) diagnoses, it could work in favor of the prosecution.

    It doesn’t look like an expert, psychological witness would have much lattitude, nor would either side, as Rose mentioned. Without any additional information about the defendant’s mental condition, the Jury wouldn’t be able to use the testimony determine guilt or innocence.

  16. beejay says:

    Every report I’ve found that mentioned Amendola’s motion to use expert testimony as to the HPD said the motion was FILED with the court; no one said it was read into the court record. No one said it was in the opening statements. (Doesn’t mean it wasn’t; but if so, no one has reported that). It was filed opening day–last Mon, June 11–see all court filings at:

    I think maybe the defense is just getting mileage out of the old “she’s standing by her man”; she might be a witness for him. They had her release that public denial/testament to his innocence a long time ago. (At same time, or close to it, she also stated that she could hear everything in her house–did she say in the basement?? And nothing improper had ever happened. Glad she said that.)

    In fact, quite a show has been put on this week, having her and Matt come into the courtroom with Jer’s group, then Amendola, IIRC, one day shooing her out before court began. (To me, trial attorneys are misplaced actors)

    Didn’t defense attys anticipate that Judge would allow prosecution to get their own expert re Jer’s histrionics???

    Blink, I agree it’s risky. I’m kinda figuring defense won’t call their expert on that. OTOH, grasping at straws, aren’t they? What else they got? Betcha this judge will control all that testimony with a strong hand.

    Defense attys have put forth something to avoid risk of misrepresentation charges, and I just don’t see what they’ve got. The car can be explained away. The histrionic letters can be debated and they amount to not much anyway.

    Already in evidence is list of TSM campers with handwritten asterisks by the victims’ names and not by others. And other written items with more weight.

  17. beejay says:

    @Word Girl: TY for your thorough explanation of how hotel mgt structure works.

    One of the reasons I’m stuck on it is that it is, to me, a glaring omission to fail to ask “and who instructed you, Mandy (front office mgr), to give Mr. Sandusky key access?”

    When the Gen Mgr is a close relative of a powerful person who has long been connected to PSU as a Trustee; served on the Board of TSM and donated regularly for years; and donated $150K or so to Corbett’s campaign–this raises a red flag for me.

    And no local reporter asks about this????

  18. beejay says:

    @Word Girl: you said, “…With the info from Beej that the diagnosis is going to change and HPD is going to combine with other (worse) diagnoses, it could work in favor of the prosecution.”

    OK, one problem with that is that so far as I can find out there has not been a final decision as to HPD’s fate in the DSM5. What was supposed to be the final version was put up on the APA’s website for public comment still. That closed on June 15, 2012. So, that makes prosecution’s expert’s testimony on iffy grounds there.

    I still think this judge will severely limit any alternative diagnoses or explanations. So, I’m less hopeful than I was when I first heard about it.

    I know that redly objected to it, but it began from quoting and I am not stopping the flow, redly may be interpreting outside of it’s intention, again, I do not find it inappropriate nor do I wish to police it.

    beejay, I agree and I respect your insight as you know. I also know that Amendollar (quote me, I am the first, lol) and Jer do not appear to be appropriately concerned in the face of the prosecution about to rest. There is a reason there are few bench trials.




    One thing about “Jer”. It’s so ingrained in my head, and notes, I doubt I can stop now. Just realize that it’s presumptuous and insulting to take the liberty of calling someone you don’t know by their nickname. That’s why I first started it–as a slam against him–after I read in his book. Bear with me.

  19. Word Girl says:

    Yep, Beej, my JerJeer was a slam, but I’m over it now. I’m very angry now, in a most incediary way.

    Au contraire, I want to wish all the good fathers who read and contribute here a very happy Father’s Day. Rejoice in your blessings and stay on your post! (We need you)

  20. Word Girl says:

    *incendiary….a most incendiary (sung as A spoonful of sugar lets the medicine go down,…)

  21. Word Girl says:

    AP’s recap of last week’s trial with an interesting bit:

    Motivation for the silence:
    ‘Motivated blindness’ caused by denial acc to Notre Dame professor:

    Ann Tenbrunsel, a professor of business ethics at the University of Notre Dame, attributes the failure to stop Sandusky to a phenomenon she calls “motivated blindness,” a tendency, whether subconscious or deliberate or sometimes both, to ignore unethical or even criminal behavior by others when you perceive it to be in your best interest to do so. Motivated blindness “means I don’t probe, I don’t ask, I don’t believe,” Tenbrunsel said. “I have evidence in front of me but choose to disregard facts.”

  22. beejay says:

    Whoa. Blink, Amen$$$ and your reference to a jury trial suggests that jurors will be bought off?

    I know why attys want jury trials. I know why I was told to never waive the right to trial by jury. I know that introducing this HPD thing is enough to confuse at least a juror or two.

    But, OK, I can put $$ going into a juror’s pocket in the mix now?

    And, big Whoa–that I don’t expect you to respond to–I wonder if Amendollar has the reputation of buying off jurors. And in JS’ instance, where that $$ is coming from.


    Not my intent beejay, but great points. Amendollar is being paid for, and has been paid for by insurance , but not in the beginning… Right now, I do not expect any jurors of impropriety.

  23. beejay says:

    beejay, I agree and I respect your insight as you know. I also know that Amendollar (quote me, I am the first, lol) and Jer do not appear to be appropriately concerned in the face of the prosecution about to rest. There is a reason there are few bench trials.

    Blink: I’m commenting based on the belief that this trial will be won or lost in court. If anything else is going on, just throw everything I’ve ever said out the freakin’ window! I’ll stop wracking my brain and just watch it play out. But I do so under extreme protest.

    I am not naive, and I HAVE been listening to you say all along that they’re not sufficiently concerned. So why am I suddenly stunned?

    Anyway, I guess Ganim is pretty PO’d that she’s on the defense witness list because she went pretty far into Amendola’s personal marital history in her June 10 article. Which is worth a read, for that, plus her small reference to Gricar.

    ” Amendola has been married several times. His most notorious divorce came when he left his wife, Diane, for his teenage intern. He eventually married the intern. But Diane remains his secretary, even sending out emails to the press for him. Amendola is now divorced from the former intern.”

    I guess he could make Ganim testify about all the people she has interviewed who said JS was a swell guy.

    I doubt very much Ms. Sarah “Pulitzer” Ganim ( I say that with pride and admiration for her) is a defense witness because she outed Amendollar as a Big Love guy- I suspect the tactic is going to be about any sources that are testifying and any contradictions to same. This is going to be a short visit to the box for Ms. Ganim, imo.

    As far as containment goes beejay- I am jaded. I have very little faith in juries of high profile cases- although not being sequestered is a plus.



  24. Rose says:
    Reading this reminded me a copious flow of football tickets were given by the PS Athletic Dept not to TSM’s office but
    directly to JS to give out to all the Vics, even those who had dumped him after they had “broken up”
    (and their guests), and I would assume they were not the only boys at each home game JS doled tickets out to directly. So, a bigger question than who enabled the HI swim/spa is who enabled tickets for Jerry’s home game retinue in the Athletic Dept? He was retired. His predelictions were known. This was not done for TSM kids or the tickets would go to that Office to be distributed equitably. This was a freebie gift of great value for Jerry for over a decade after his retirement.

  25. Rose says:

    I will be disappointed if the jury communicates to
    the lads they find some credible and not others.
    As a Vic that would crush me.

  26. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Thank you Word Girl for your thoughts about fathers.

    I’ll share a little fun my oldest daughter had today.

    She arrive a little after 2:00 P.M with a fathers day card in hand.

    The message on face of the card said “Dad here’s something for you to wear on Father’s day”. Thinking there may be a gift card inside, I opened it and found a stick-on tag that said “I am the Boss!”. Underneath was a message “You can retun this to Mom tomorrow”.


  27. beejay says:

    Been reading the early June opinion by Judge Kane wrt Federal Insurance Co v. Gerald Sandusky. So, Federal has already paid Amendola $125K. As of that opinion, things are in limbo till later in the trial. I don’t think JS purchased TSM’s insur policy, so that helps him. Now, Federal has to pay for JS’ defense. On the “public policy” issue. But, on that issue Federal does not have to indemnify JS for any judgments in civil liability cases. Kane didn’t have much to go on. I’m still a bit confused.

    But I know this. Any atty is happy to have an insur co paying his fees rather than a client. Esp a client who had to put up the equity in his house plus have his wife cough up $50K to keep him out of jail.

    I guess where I draw a blank is who was really paying Amendola’s fees before the insur started paying? JS sure did hire a lot of lawyerin’ on for a guy who didn’t look like he had much dough.

    Furthermore, looks to me like Federal will likely have to pay his defense costs to the very end in the criminal matter at least. And that includes thru a mistrial/reprosecution event or an appeal of a conviction.

    Like a broker, Amendola gets paid whether Jer wins or loses. AND, state prosecutors are on such tight budgets these days that an insurance co can outlast them dollarwise in court. Looks pretty dismal to me. So, is this trial just bread and circuses for the masses?

    And where’s erose–our insurance expert?

  28. beejay says:

    Link to that opinion on Federal v JS: FDCO 20120605B23.xml&docbase=CsLwAr3-2007-Curr

  29. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Your information about the tickets after 1999 raises a question of why give these tickets to JS if the school knew about the problem with pedaphilla? Is there or could there be someone else involved that controlled the tickets?

    The link to the Diane Dimond article certainly raises questions about the defense using a physc diagnosis that is yet to be approved. I have to agree that if Dottie is called as a witness, she is taking a big chance that she will become an accomplice.

    Personally, I think there are several more that should fall in the catagory of accomplice and be charged as such.

  30. suz says:

    Hi all, am trying to catch up,was out of town all last week. What ever happened to the child who was taken out of state (Alamo bowl?) and stayed in hotel with Sandusky? Did he testify yet?

  31. Redly says:

    No doubt in my mind he will be properly convicted. None. The biggest question in my mind is if his attorney is trying to set up an ineffective assistance of counsel appeal or if really is this poor.

  32. Word Girl says:

    Rose, someone suggested to me that any victim would be happy that JS is behind bars.

    I said ” you don’t get it, do you?”

    It’s going to be a challenge any way it goes.

    They are all in my pocket Blink.
    For those close to the victims and reading here, please stay strong and be there for the guys who’ve had the guts to put everything out there and still say “let’s roll,”

  33. beejay says:

    Maureen Dowd is/was in the courtroom. She wrote a powerful op-ed piece on 6-13.

    Some highlights:

    His “mano morta” grip on one victim’s shoulder in photos introduced into evidence

    “A string-bean who graduated from high school last week repeatedly broke down in sobs on Tuesday, recalling a similar pattern with Sandusky that would begin with blowing on his stomach. “I kind of thought he sees me as family, and this is just what his family does,” he said.” [beejay thinks: out of the mouth of babes…a window back into something in JS’ life…an explanation; certainly not an excuse]

    “It was an open joke in Penn State football circles that you shouldn’t drop your soap in the shower when Jerry was around.” [beejay’s unfounded opinion: betcha she’s right]

    American Horror Story
    Published: June 12, 2012


  34. beejay says:

    My dear brother, out of his career in local law enforcement–from night jailer to second in command–often told victims: First you get screwed by the perpetrator, then you get screwed by the System.

    To me, last week was the most important week in the trial for the victims. I hope they are able to use that testimony to further their own healing/coping. It was my most important week, personally, as well. I stood silent witness with them as they spoke the truth. They might not see “justice done” by the judicial system. I hope none of them views that as very important to them. It can’t be controlled; there are many ways for corruption to enter.

    I’m still looking for other perpetrators that are in any way related to JS’ activities. And hoping that others who read or post here are doing the same. Hoping something rings a bell with someone, and if so they take appropriate action.

    You can always get Blink’s private advice by starting your post with:


  35. beejay says:

    Football tickets:
    Until Nov, 2011, JS remained a Professor Emeritus of PSU. As such, he received 4 free tickets to all home football games. Whether he received other free tickets, IDK.

    But tickets given to your victim are a small price to pay to continue his silence. Not saying victims remained silent for the tickets. I am saying, that’s how I believe JS would view it. If a past victim/his family tells you they want tickets, and he hasn’t ratted you out, you’re going to give him tickets if you have to buy them yourself.

  36. erose says:

    Hardly an expert, but I have read my share of policies as they pertain to the business I represent, trouble is there are exclusions, coverage varies state to state, company to company. We were discussing fidelity insurance this morning as it related to this case, wondering if that portion of the policy is what would kick in, as pedophilia is a crime, and how it would aggregate per occurrence, or would it fall under general liability.

    We can only speculate without more information. The insurer has the right to control the insured person’s defense. That would include picking the lawyer that they are paying for.

    Will TSM policy cover Sandusky on PSU campus, at the hotels, or after he left TSM (perhaps by their demand), or will they turn around and sue since these entities appear now to have had prior knowledge. IDK, not an insurer, or an attorney, but he left one hell of a mess for them to sort out, and they might all be on the hook for their limits if the victims/survivors get any civil justice.

    Sandusky’s defense goes back quite a few years with this GJ and previous GJ’s. Courtney was the attorney for both PSU and TSM, and one can only guess that he was the first guy Raykovitz confided in when he got “the news” years ago, and the first guy Schultz called. Now that can get kind of tricky, to knowingly insure a fraudulent person under a fidelity contract. It’s fraud. I don’t think any of those insurance companies will let that go by. AJMO.

    beejay says:
    June 17, 2012 at 9:43 pm

  37. erose says:

    Oh yeah, and Courtney might be off the hook if they came to him with their “problem.” He has attorney client privilege after all. I guess that means that he can know about everything about PSU and TSM and keep his lip zipped. I notice he has not been available for comment for quite awhile.

  38. beejay says:

    Mystery solved. When prosecutors had presented their orignally-planned “last” witness thursday, and yet didn’t rest, we knew there might be another “last” witness this a.m. And here she is:

    “The mother of one of Jerry Sandusky’s alleged victims says her son’s underwear was frequently missing from the laundry and he claimed he’d thrown it away because he had an accident.

    The mother of the teen called Victim 9 by prosecutors was the last witness called Monday before the state attorney general’s office rested its case against the former Penn State assistant football coach.

    The woman’s son testified Thursday that Sandusky had repeatedly forced him to have anal sex that resulted in bleeding. The teen testified that he “just dealt with it.”"

    This won’t post with the link. Credit to: livewire.wgal; this is a tweet from this a.m.

    Mother bears! Go, mother bears. Did Amendola even believe there wouldn’t be a mother bear coming back today when he pressed this young fellow about the bleeding?

    Who wants to discuss their abused child’s underwear in a courtroom? Well, a mother bear will. A mother bear will pull up her skirt, remove her panties, and pass them around the courtroom if that will help her child. I would, without hesitation.

    Go, mom!

  39. beejay says:

    So, all the witnesses did not leave the courtroom during the trial? Because I read that Dick Anderson, first defense witness this a.m., was sitting in court with JS’ supporters during the trial. And that he, and Jon Sandusky didn’t look at the victim photos as they were put up.

    One of many articles about JS and Anderson’s friendship. Anderson told this reporter last fall, after being fired, that he couldn’t talk about the legal battle. Snip:

    “As the Sandusky sex abuse scandal ripped through State College this past fall, Anderson sat in his office only a few hours following a meeting with acting athletic director Dave Joyner, who informed all but two members of the coaching staff, including Anderson, that they would not be retained.”

  40. beejay says:

    What? What world do these people live in? Brooks and Anderson both showered with young boys, as did other coaches in Penn State locker rooms. Yes, prosecutors are clarifying the situations, drawing distinctions.

    But, HELLO, mother of Booker Brooks’ granddaughter. It seems he is taking her into the men’s locker room at the YMCA, where both he and any other boys or grown men are showering. Granddaughter showering with all the men and boys???? Just a little bit of a risk??? Mother Bear–hope you take action to stop this right this second:

    “Brooks also testified that showering with boys was a normal occurrence, both when he was a boy and as a coach.

    Brooks told the court he brings his granddaughter to the local Y.M.C.A, and, as she is not old enough to be alone in a locker room, he takes her in with him.

    “We go in and we shower and I put dry clothes on her,” he said.”

  41. beejay says:

    Blink: don’t publish if there’s some reason not to. I’ve been watching the commentary of reporters, posters in social media, and bloggers. Since we’ve followed this blogger’s CDT blog on Gricar, I was interested in his take on the shower activity, including that of Brooks and his granddaughter. Here’s a comment he made this a.m. after mention of Brooks:

    ” J.J. in Phila J.J. in Phila is offline
    Registered User

    Join Date: Feb 2012
    Posts: 218
    Originally Posted by jessie View Post
    This damn witness needs to be investigated too. It is not normal to shower with young boys or girls either for that matter. We leave my grandaughter alone since she was 4 years old. Check on her,but she has her privacy. And she has been told no person touches her private parts but her. I am just infuriated over this. It just keeps happening over and over again. And still adults dont listen to kids. imo
    Seriously, it is not uncommon. Parents bathe their children; grandparents bathe their grandchildren. Generally, everyone has the same junk.

    I’m not surprised about that part.

    It is the physical contact.

    Welcome to Central Pennsylvania Gothic! ”


  42. beejay says:

    OK, that justicequest post i just put up doesn’t make it clear who is speaking. JJ in Phila’s response to Jessie’s post was this part:

    Seriously, it is not uncommon. Parents bathe their children; grandparents bathe their grandchildren. Generally, everyone has the same junk.

    I’m not surprised about that part.

    It is the physical contact.

    Welcome to Central Pennsylvania Gothic! ”

  43. Rose says:

    I expect Ganim was on witness list to keep her out of
    the Courtroom. Fewer pithy firsthand press articles

  44. beejay says:

    I assume something has everyone’s attention. Someone who posts at another website just told me that for the first time she’s been posting there she got an immediate msg that her post would not appear till it has been approved by a moderator. Formerly, it was immediately posted, and moderated later or only on request. Posting after the testimony about kids in the showers.

  45. Mom3.0 says:

    Thanks for all your very informative posts-

    Does the mom and grandma know their grandfather or father brings a female child into a mens shower?
    How old is this granddaughter? If she is an infant – thats one thing- She is not aware of where she is and the family can keep constant watch over her- But if she is a toddler or over…
    How did the other fathers and boys react to this little girl being in the YMCA showers/locker-room with them- “Hanging out” as Sanduskys friend made mention of earlier… IMO that is putting others in a very off putting situation- and one that is potentially dangerous to all-
    Headlines grandfather sues YMCA over granddaughters scary experience in lockerroom…

    Besides there is a difference from a parent or grandparent making a decision about the child and a non family member making that same decision- or worse to shower alone with that child

    also Anderson saying he would shower or sleep with young boys if he thought it was necessary- Do these people not understand the “boundaries” that are there are set up for their own protections as well-
    can you imagine the fear parents would feel if we all learned that a teacher or mentor our children had in school while on a field trip slept in the same bed as them or showered with them?

    We try to teach our children about respect and boundaries -
    yet some authority figures seem to have none- and dont seem to care about the modesty and boundaries of others either- let alone impressionable vulnerably children

    And there is a BIG difference between gym/team showers and what these people are describing-


  46. beejay says:

    @erose: TY for weighing in. I read that TSM’s insurance has only a $1 million limit for liability/civil damages. Defense/atty costs are separate from that.

    Who, these days, limits their liabil. ins. to only $1. million? Is their insur per occurrence, in the aggregate? IDK. But they were under-insured and their Directors ought to be held accountable for that fact. And some of TSM directors might to want to hold each other accountable for that! Some of them have the really deep pockets. After sleeping on it, I’ve concluded that some of TSM’s directors assured Amendola that his fees would be covered. Now, I say the victims’ own attys, assuming JS is found guilty, go after those directors personally in civil suits for that insurance decision.

    What’s going on with court recessed for the aftn due to some “technical” problems with witnesses? What do “technical” mean in this instance?

    JS’ witnesses so far are looking like people who need investigating themselves. I am on the warpath–where’s Rose? There’s a little girl in State College who needs to be kept out of the YMCA’s men’s showers. Perhaps more.

  47. beejay says:

    I think I am missing how that boomerangs to reading here, but I am just catching up now, thanks beejay

  48. beejay says:

    Anyone got a definite answer yet for what the “Community Links for L.I.F.E. Mentor Program” is and under whose auspices it exists/existed? Looks like Penn State’s program to me.

    Dr. Linda Caldwell testified today that the contract between JS and Victim 4, introduced into evidence several days ago, was “not unusual”.

    She is PSU faculty member. Spanier appointed her in 2010 as faculty representative from PSU athletics to the NCAA. She was faculty member on the search committee for head coach to succeed Paterno. She organized a one-time event for TSM. (various sources to piece that together, including all her honors and research credits on PSU’s website).

    Is she the one/one of the folks who have the research grant that has summer camp kids complete the forms to check out their, uh, social adjustment? IDK yet.

    “Another contract, titled the Golf L.I.F.E. Mentor Program, was arranged the same way.
    Asked by the prosecution if such a program ever existed at The Second Mile, McCann’s answer was simple: No.”


    “Penn State President Graham Spanier has appointed Dr. Linda Caldwell, professor of recreation, park, and tourism management, to serve as Penn State’s faculty athletics representative to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

    A 1976 graduate of Penn State, Caldwell earned a master’s degree in recreation resources administration in 1982 from North Carolina State University. She earned a Ph. D. in recreation in 1986 from the University of Maryland.”


    Let’s see if this distinguished professor one will post:

  49. A Texas Grandfather says:

    This bathing in the shower with a granddaughter should raise all kinds of RED flags about this guys behavior. A child that age should only shower at home or if she is too little to shower, the grandmother should be in charge. If there is no grandmother, then unless she is absolutely filthy, take her to her mom. If she is that dirty, keep her clothes on and wash her down with a water hose.

    The idea that adult men would bathe with young boys in a multiheaded shower is questionable as well. In my youth, coaches sent the boys to a shower and they waited until all were showered and dressed before going in themselves. The YMCA is a different thing. The boys showered with the men or they waited to get home for a shower.

  50. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Is my memory off? I remember that there was an insurance company formed at Penn. State for the sole purpose of protecting administrative personnel and athlethic dept. people from liability exposure via lawsuit. The company then extended their offerings to other schools such as Nebreska and UVA in order to spread the risk.

    The other thing is would such a policy provide coverage for criminal offenses?

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