Jerry Sandusky Trial Begins: Witness 4 Says Dottie Sandusky Walked In- Amendola Commits Jerry Will Testify In His Defense- Histrionic Disorder Causes Love Letters To Kids

Bellefonte, PA-   The trial of Penn State’s claim to shame entrepreneur,  Gerald Arthur Sandusky began yesterday.

The victim, “just wanted a father figure,” McGettigan said, “but the defendant would spoon with him, put his hand down his pants, touch his genitals.”

- Prosecutor Joseph  McGettigan

The following is my editorial on day one.  Bring your air sickness bag.  It is promising to be that bad, and worse.

Witness (victim #4 ) testified to resorting to hiding in his closet with the phone after months of  alleged abuse by Sandusky.  13 at the time, He said the alleged assaults became as frequent as two to three times a week and lasted for about three years.  He weighed 90 lbs.

“I’d come home from school and look out the window and he’ d be there and I’d grab the phone and hide in the closet..”
Do your own math, I can’t stomach it.

He also claimed that Dottie Gross Sandusky walked in on him and Jerry during an assault.

Dottie-Gross-Sandusky.  You tell me- what’s in a name?

No sound sucking vortex overcame the courtroom.

No gasps.

Mrs. Sandusky, adoptive mother of 6 can say what she wants to those in town,  but at the end of the day, it is this authors opinion that Dottie will find herself a party to a legal proceeding or two of her own if she is not already.   I have had the opportunity to speak with a few locals last week off the record,  and the consensus was that Mrs. Sandusky is in supreme denial.  No doubt brought on by her husband’s recently diagnosed lack of consideration of others.

Backfields New Motion

Joseph Amendola claims Jerry Sandusky suffers from Histrionic Personality Disorder in a motion filed yesterday.

Is this a window to both Amendola’s defense strategy and laying the groundwork for leniency in the event (when) Sandusky is convicted by a jury of his peers?

Interesting that such a diagnosis surfaces now.  In offenses that stem since 1994- how consoling to know that Jer Sandusky was simply creating conflict in romantic relationships.   ( Author reminds readers that instructions to provide ones own air sickness bag appeared at the beginning of this piece).


The World Health Organization‘s ICD-10 lists histrionic personality disorder as:[9]

[A] personality disorder characterized by:

  • shallow and labile affectivity,
  • self-dramatization,
  • theatricality,
  • exaggerated expression of emotions,
  • suggestibility,
  • egocentricity,
  • self-indulgence,
  • lack of consideration for others,
  • easily hurt feelings, and
  • continuous seeking for appreciation, excitement and attention.


Perhaps I need to further inspect my friend and colleague pool.   I know like 20 people that qualify for all of those traits and not one of them is a pedophile, or an alleged pedophile, nor has any ever sought the sexual companionship of children.

Amendola would have done better to motion that Sandusky had obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) resulting in mutual showers after contact with children of “abstract backgrounds”.   I mean, disadvantaged children in the foster care system should shower more frequently as well, right?


McGettigan also produced a contract between a victim and Sandusky (via The Second Mile) that guaranteed the victim up to $1000 in college expenses if he kept his grades up.   The Second Mile does not promote unsupervised visits with it’s participating children and therefore the contract would be invalid.

Um, someone maybe should check the handbook- every one of this victims over 15 years came from The Second Mile and everyone of the alleged atrocities were committed sans “supervision”.


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  1. beejay says:

    Professor of Recreation, Park and Tourism Management

    Human Development and Family Studies (courtesy appointment)

    Faculty Affiliate, Prevention Research Center


    I think that is her questionnaire that we knew about earlier.

  2. Boz says:

    Blink, you probably think I’m dead because I haven’t commented on this yet. I’ve been reading. I’ve watched this a-hole coming and going. He doesn’t seem affected.

    Someone needs to march his ass up to the middle of the courtroom, strip him, bend him over and shove a cactus branch up his ass!

    And let him die right there!

    Oh wait, he’s innocent until proven guilty, right?

    I’m just sick beyond sick of the world we are living in!

  3. Rose says:

    Caldwell is completely unknowledgeable and unprofessional to opine on therapeutic contracting which is behavioral psychology. Penn State… yoho, who’s her supervisor. Send her for training.

    If I wanted to discredit her testimony, tonight I’d fly in a PhD behavioral psychologist, or msw, who teaches applied group and individual work with children. U Michigan (a big school for contracting) once had Sallie Churchill or Charles Garvin, idk now. All would say you don’t contract for money as the positive reinforcer. The closest you get to that would be tradeable tokens. And you sure wouldn’t do it for increased time with a mentor or therapist or coach. You might do it for grades, or arriving at appointments on time, etc.

    Caldwell’s view of contracts should be impeached by any PhD academic behaviorist who’s done & taught applied work.

    A couple sentences would do it.

    In the meantime, Penn State save kids from this employee designing & running programs for children.
    God knows what she’s teaching her college students to do.

  4. Word Girl says:

    Great article from today’s NY Times, calling Dorothy Sandusky an “intriguing figure” who has been referenced in her husband’s sex abuse trial. The article speculates and questions, much as we have here over the past six months.

    On a nerdy note: the reporter of the NY Times article directly quotes one of the victim’s statement from court. While I’m delighted to hear what the man said about Dottie inadvertently interupting an attack, it seems that the writer disobeyed the judge’s order.

    “One accuser testified last week that Sandusky once halted an assault in the basement after he heard Dorothy calling to him from upstairs.
    “It was actually the one night I got a decent amount of sleep,” the man said. ‘She never came downstairs.’”

    SGanim reports on the judges original order and its clarification:

    Um, wth was their hate and brutality at a football camp- anyone think to ask him that? I am betting that was the one where he got popped in the face by a player?


  5. Word Girl says:

    Here’s more direct quoting from Ganim, so I am sure I did not understand the judge’s order.

  6. georgiamom says:

    I apologize in advance if this has been posted and I missed it – but this explains a little of his thinking that I hadn’t heard before…'t_air

    I told ya, I told ya, I told ya.


  7. Rose says:

    maybe State College Moms will call the local Y and ask how often girls under 6 are allowed in the shower with Gramps, and how do Y staff know it’s the girl’s grandfather anyway? His say so?

    Yes, foolish of TSM to transfer assets out of state.
    No other pockets will be left but Board members for tortious negligence actions.

    Hope they have umbrella policies.

    Here’s why they will be liable imo. While the victims were TSM clients, the activities Jerry engaged in with them
    were not TSM activities. They were his activities.

    The Board put no policies & procedures, or supervisory controls, in place to ensure volunteers did not act outside of program boundaries. The Board let him represent himself as a TSM Mentor without training supervision or controls.
    He ran amok with the representation they were well aware of that he represented the organization.

  8. beejay says:

    Really confused here. I thought trial attys prepped their witnesses with some really specific instructions, including: just answer the questions and don’t volunteer extraneous info.

    Well, um, did Amendola NOT know Brooks would discuss showering his toddler granddaughter at the YMCA?

    Or, did Amendola know that, and think it would be just a fine thing for Brooks to say?

    It makes a difference to me. Because if he knew the YMCA thing, he either has no clue himself as to what are healthy boundaries with children. Or, he’s intentionally trying to help his client get a guilty verdict.

    I’ve been more frightened today for our children than at any other time I can remember.

  9. Rose says:

    To clarify. Board members will defend JS acted outside the scope of his volunteer jobs with TSM in these assaults.
    Vics can just put those guys testifying for Defense today, and about 100 others on the stand to show Jerry represented himself at nimerous TSM events, with Board members present, as a TSM mentor, as he represented to Vics’ parents

  10. erose says:

    Yep, it benefits Gary Schultz and Tim Curley from what I can tell, but since Sandusky was not technically an employee, IDK if he would be covered, though he had emeritus status and an office in that building. It depends on the conditions outlined in the policy. So much happened in those PSU showers.

    A Texas Grandfather says:
    June 18, 2012 at 3:44 pm

  11. Rose says:

    yohoo, case in chief….
    this is the PhD child group and individual worker long a prof in a “contracting” U
    who could testify the K was hogwash with a pithy quote or two.
    not to mention being a child abuse expert.

  12. erose says:

    Costas & crew must have puked when this interview was over. Wonder why they didn’t air the whole thing? Would this have guaranteed Sandusky could not have received a fair trial. IMO, this is an admission of guilt.

    not every young person = but some
    many that I didn’t have = some that he did
    hardly any contact = some contact

    “I didn’t go around seeking out every young person for sexual needs that I’ve helped,” Sandusky told Costas in footage that never made the November airing.

    “And I didn’t go around seeking out every young person for sexual needs that I’ve helped. There are many that I didn’t have — I hardly had any contact with who I have helped in many, many ways,” he added.

    Read more:

  13. erose says:

    Does he mean the prosecution did not present enough physical evidence? The trial sure looks different from the outside looking in.

    The trial began today with a surprising statement from Judge John Cleland saying he had doubts about the strength of the prosecution’s case, but at this point in the trial is convinced that there is enough credible evidence that the charges should go to a jury. His comments were made while the jury was out of the courtroom.

  14. Rose says:

    thinking about Brett Witmer of Bellefonte.
    I remembered every male teacher in my son’s public el ed was openly gay.. his 5th gr teacher, the 3rd grade teacher etc. Not that a gay person would condone pedophilia.
    I knew males in el ed wasn’t the culture of Bellefonte though, though it is here.

    So I went looking for Brett of Bellefonte.

    How is he related to a Kristen GRINE?

  15. Rose says:

    Did David Grine get her all those LE resume enhancing gigs?
    and is she Brett’s live in?
    So how close are the Grine and Sandusky familys?

  16. Word Girl says:

    Here’s a June 1st staff report from pennlive explaining the Judges order. I’ll tack on the actual Motion, also.

    “Several media outlets filed a motion Friday asking Judge John Cleland to allow direct quotations in electronic communications from the courtroom during the Jerry Sandusky trial.

    Sandusky, a former Penn State assistant football coach, is charged with sexually abusing boys. Jury selection in his trial is to start Tuesday in Bellefonte. The judge has said that journalists may tweet and blog from the courtroom as long as they don’t quote testimony directly.”

    Motion from the media asking for direct quotation privelege:

    Judge’s Order GRANTING direct quotation privelege:

    Sheesh. I feel dumb and dumber. Glad I straightened myself out, though!

    Lol, how cool are you to provide that. Straightened me out as well, many thanks.


  17. Rose says:

    I knew the Y thing. And iirc, girls can be in male locker room til about age 6 and vice versa. Not that a mother would allow it.

    The Y is NOT the PS athletic facility.

    PS get rules, CAMERAS, and supervision.

    JS was a Dad in public showers
    and a girlfriend off hours,
    in private, 1 to 1
    say the victims

    so this testimony about public persona is irrelevant

  18. annals says:

    Interesting article in NY Times about Dottie. Nothing on the 1st page of the article we didn’t know but at the end on the second page; is something new. On the morning of Nov 11, 2011 a neighbor stood outside the Sandusky home with Jerry, Dottie & their dog Bo looking at the damage done by a brick through the window.

    Snipped: Kletchka said he asked them if they had anyone they could stay with.

    “I said, ‘I’m concerned for your safety and, honestly, I’m concerned for my family’s safety too,’ ” Kletchka said. “Jerry said, ‘I’m not going anywhere without Bo; Bo is all I have left.’ ”

    I agree with Blink; I don’t think Dottie is going to testify, pre-judgement.

  19. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Thanks for the link Georgiamom

    This interview is a little strange and we know that most TV interviews are much longer than what gets put on the air. Sandusky’s answers in the aired portion are a little devious. The prosecution has asked for the complete unedited interview. This may be the smoking gun that they need to prove their case. Guilty by his own words.

    I remember Blink saying that giving interviews on national TV was a big risk at the time it was done.

  20. A Texas Grandfather says:


    I read somewhere that all of the assets of TSM were transferred to another charity operating out of Ft. Worth, Texas that had similar programs. Then TSM was disolved as a charity. Under the 503 section of the IRS code, a disolved charity may give any assets to another charity without any tax liability.

  21. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Any large charity such as TSM should always have an umbrella policy for their board members. This was a large board. IMO it was too big to operate efficiently. We don’t know anything about the written policies and proceedures and how closely they were followed. Apparently, JS had no difficulty in having things his way. Leaves a very large hole for liability


    I share your concerns about our children. We must all learn to be alert to activities involving children and adults and their behavior and then be prepared to do something if things are not right.

  22. erose says:

    @Beejay, Did a little research, looks like this is a precedent in the making. There is also a bill in the state legislature. (Also, I read that this policy is for 1M, apparently there is no aggregate, umbrella or fidelity coverage, just liability.) This reads as if Sandusky had the means (who knows from where, and maybe it wasn’t much) for his defense up until this trial when he applied in Dec.

    Charity’s Insurer Need Not Cover, But May Have to Pay to Defend, Sandusky

    “Such a contract would allow an insured to shift the consequences of intentional, reprehensible conduct to an insurance company, thereby abdicating personal responsibility,” Kane said. “It is entirely clear, and this court holds, that the public policy of Pennsylvania as announced by its courts prohibits the reimbursement of Sandusky for any damage award that he may ultimately be found to owe arising from the allegations that he molested and sexually abused children.”

    Turning next to an issue of first impression, Kane said, “the Pennsylvania courts have not squarely addressed the remaining and most pressing issue before the court: whether in light of the strong public policy against allowing a perpetrator to insure against the consequences of his own intentional wrongdoing, Federal’s duty to provide Sandusky with a defense to a civil action or a criminal indictment is likewise unenforceable as against public policy because of the conduct alleged. ***On this issue, the court writes upon a blank slate.”***

    Simply put, Judge Kane declined to apply public policy to prohibit the enforcement of the insurer’s defense obligation while the conduct at issue was merely alleged, and not proven. Using the same reasoning, she declined to make any ruling as to any prospective “award of damages”, which, at least in my opinion, could only come after a trial on the merits. But, what about a settlement in the civil action?

    Judge Kane noted that there is apparently no guidance from Pennsylvania courts on the issue, particularly in the cases of D&O policies.

    Stay tuned. There is much yet to take place in the underlying criminal case, civil action and insurance coverage dispute.

  23. Rose says:

    The Founder lives in Spring, and I think hdqtrs is Houston.
    It’s primarily a church based foster care agency with an evangelism mission.
    Different state structures & local organizations because they are regulated & licensed differently in each state.
    Under our New World of contracting out basic govt services (created by Reagan, expanded by Bush), they recruit,
    licence, train & supervise their own foster homes. Just like Powell-land. kids come into their homes placed there randomly by govt (cps or juvenile system, just like Jerry-land).
    Some state operations with heightened political connections to Republicans (MD under Erlich; Fla) imo have more sophisticated operations. All this is IIRC and IMO.

    Sunday I Enjoyed the TX State Society’s annual picnic incl the usual live band playing such as “Waltz Across Texas.”
    Well, that agency, ATG,has found the ne plus ultra of US “mission fields” (captive, emotionally needy children) and government pays them–supports their missionaries (the foster parents) that is.

  24. erose says:

    Jerry Sandusky Still Has A Legal Advantage Over His Accusers Because Pennsylvania Law Is Still Stupid

    Greenleaf campaign fund/connection study STAT. Very well written piece and I have to say that the journalists in this case know how to share, and attribute like none other I have seen. Kudos.


  25. Boz says:

    Too bad Pennsylvania lawmakers don’t understand what this makes us dumb people think of them. Thier justice system must be filled with rich, old male pedophiles. That’s my conclusion as of now.

    All they have to do is make sure the kid they’re abusing doesn’t have any proof and is scared to DEATH to tell on them.

    I thought Florida was the pedophile capitol of the US. I’m now changing my ass-umption and putting Penn at the top of my list.

    If they don’t change these laws soon, there will be another whole generation of needlessly abused children in that state.

    All pedophiles should be migrating there too if they haven’t already. Maybe it would be good NOT to change these laws. At least the other 49 states would be a little safer.

  26. Rose says:

    I’d wondered why Penn State didn’t let Baldwin go immediately.
    Maybe she had some greater juice.
    Here are Greenleaf & Baldwin on a Committee together prior to her elevation to State Supreme Court,
    for which job Greenleaf would be the kingmaker as Senate Chair of Judiciary:
    They served on other Committees together.

    They’re both in here as Duquesne Law alumni, Alito’s school. Looks very Catholic to me.  Maybe Greenleaf’s concern are priests accused of pedophile acts:

    This one says Baldwin appointed a Duquesne grad as her Chief law clerk & Greenleaf appointed a Prof to a State something(perr google)

    Blest be the school ties that bind. 

    You got a new research nod on the fp Rose.


  27. Rose says:

    like the Grines, the Greenleafs keep it all about family:

  28. [...] Senator Greenleaf’s recent turning over a new one in finally passing the bill through, the creepy love letters the prosecution introduced into evidence during the testimony of the first witness have allowed the [...]

  29. Survivor says:

    @beejay says:

    June 18, 2012 at 10:42 am

    I agree that is was a rough week last week with some being too much to absorb.

    For my own sanity at one point in my 20-something life, I was tired of the “prove it” type comments and/or questioning. With counselor firmly by my side, my response evolved into: “It doesn’t matter whether you believe him or me. The reality is that he, God and I know the truth. Your opinion only matters to you. Further, you can continue to have a relationship with me on the condition that we do not discuss it again, no matter who you believe.” I can’t say that I had 100% conviction in delivery early but I did grow in it and I believe it saved me a lot of heartache. Looking around me 20+ years later, I am not surprised in the least by who is still a cherished part of my life. Ironically, I don’t recall a single time that I ever had to give any of them “the spiel”. I wasn’t part of a high profile case. In fact, I wasn’t a “case” at all.

    For these young men who are in a high profile case, I REALLY hope and pray that they can view this as a cleansing process and necessary (legal) evil to their own recovery without being dependent on the verdict. Knowing what I know now, I wish I could give them those words which were so empowering for me to address directly to the jury, the media and all of the others who won’t be around for them for the next 20+ years. Ideally, they should be able to walk away from the courtroom and never hear the verdict. Neither the verdict, nor any juror’s post-verdict interview is going to fix it. Nothing “fixes it” but one’s own will and resolve to be better, do better and set great examples for those around them.

    In short, I wish it didn’t matter for them what anybody else says or believes. They already know the truth. MOO

  30. Rose says:

    Greenleaf is on Senate Appropriations Committee.
    I assume that includes Penn State’s Budget.
    One would want to treat his protegees well.

  31. Word Girl says:

    And so the defense rests.

    When will the Jury return? I suppose there are people betting on that.
    For me, I will hold vigil. I take no joy in any verdict.

    Masy the victims receive support and encouragement to continue therapy and to know that they are very courageous.

  32. Word Girl says:

    Can anyone explain why David Hilton’s testimony today was interupted and why it mattered if his father had called the defense team last night (Tuesday)?

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