Morgan Harrington Murder: FBI, Metallica and Virginia State Police Ask You To Help Them Find Her Killer

Morgan Harrington disappeared from the John Paul Jones arena on October 17, 2009.  Morgan’s remains were located and recovered the morning of January 26, 2010 on the Anchorage Farm in Charlottesville, VA.


Reported exclusively on,  Morgan’s alleged attacker was tied via DNA to a sexual assault in Fairfax, VA in September 2005.

With the help of a multi media campaign,  the FBI, Virginia State Police and Fairfax Police are asking for the publics help to catch her killer.

Revised Sketch of Harrington Suspect


Metallica offered this public service announcement:


Metallica Statement On Harrington Case

FBI Press Release:

Authorities Launch Multimedia Campaign in Morgan Harrington Murder Case
Murder Suspect Linked by DNA to Sexual Assault in Fairfax City, Virginia

FBI Washington June 13, 2012
  • Public Information Office (202) 278-3519

Today, federal, state, and local law enforcement launched a multimedia campaign that includes two enhanced composite sketches of a suspect in the 2009 murder of Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington. The unknown murder suspect is also connected by DNA to a 2005 sexual assault in Fairfax City, Virginia.

Authorities recently enhanced the composite sketch created in 2005 from a description by the sexual assault victim. One of the composites shows the suspect with facial hair, as the suspect was described at the time of the attack. The second composite sketch features him without facial hair.

The two attacks were connected through DNA after a forensic profile was submitted by the Virginia Department of Forensic Science to the FBI’s national DNA database. The search found that the suspect in the Harrington murder investigation matched the DNA profile of the attacker in Fairfax City.

The multimedia campaign includes a public service announcement by Metallica lead guitarist James Hetfield appealing to the public to come forward with information concerning the Morgan Harrington investigation. The composite sketches of the suspect are being featured on bus shelters in Washington, D.C., as well as on digital billboards in Richmond, Virginia; Roanoke, Virginia; Washington, D.C.; and in 23 other states along the East Coast. Social media outreach and alerts via Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, along with a website dedicated to the Harrington case were also launched Wednesday. Podcasts are now available on iTunes, and radio spots are airing to further raise awareness of the ongoing investigation. The multi-pronged effort is designed to develop new leads and renew the public’s attention in the attacks. The campaign implements techniques similar to those that have led to the arrests of the East Coast Rapist as well as Ten Most Wanted fugitive James “Whitey” Bulger.

The Jefferson Area Crime Stoppers is offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for Morgan Harrington’s murder. In addition, the band Metallica is adding $50,000 to the reward, for a total of $150,000.

Morgan Harrington Murder

On the evening of Saturday, October 17, 2009, Harrington attended a Metallica concert at John Paul Jones Arena on the University of Virginia (UVA) campus in Charlottesville, Va. At approximately 8:30 p.m., she left the arena and was unable to re-enter the facility. She was last seen hitchhiking for a ride from passing traffic.

Harrington was dressed that night in a black T-shirt with the word “Pantera” spelled out in tan letters and was wearing a distinctive Swarovski crystal necklace made of large crystal chain links, which investigators have yet to recover. Harrington’s “Pantera” T-shirt was found on November 11, 2009, in front of a row of apartments along 15th Street, NW near Grady Avenue in Charlottesville. Harrington’s skeletal remains were later discovered on January 26, 2010, in a remote field on an Albemarle County, Virginia farm along Route 29. A camera that Harrington had in her possession that night has never been recovered.

Sexual Assault in Fairfax City, Virginia

On the evening of Saturday, September 24, 2005, a 26-year-old victim was walking home from the Giant Food Store located on the 3700 block of Jermantown Road in Fairfax City, Virginia. The suspect grabbed the victim from behind as she walked down Rock Garden Drive toward her residence. He then carried the victim to a grassy area behind a maintenance shed, where he sexually assaulted her. The suspect was last seen running from the area.

The suspect is described as an African-American male with black hair and facial hair at the time of the attack. He is approximately 6’0” tall and was believed to be between the ages of 25 and 35 years old at the time of the attack.

The public is asked to review this information and consider whether they know someone who generally fits this description, who lived or had ties to the area around the times of the assaults, or who may have been known to spend considerable amounts of time in those areas.

People who know the suspect may not believe that he is capable of committing these crimes. He may not necessarily have a violent criminal history. Because investigators are in possession of DNA evidence that can either positively link the suspect to his crimes or exclude innocent parties, citizens should not hesitate to provide information, even if it is just the name of a potential suspect.

The following agencies are cooperating in the investigation of these crimes: the Virginia State Police, City of Fairfax Police, University of Virginia Police, Charlottesville Police, Albemarle County Police, Albemarle County Commonwealth’s Attorney, Virginia Tech Police Department, George Mason Police Department, and the FBI.

Law enforcement agencies are asking anyone with information to contact the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324) or the Virginia State Police Tip line at 434-352-3467.

Press Contacts:

Virginia State Police
(804) 263-5547

City of Fairfax Police Department
(703) 273-2889

FBI Richmond Field Office
(804) 261-1044

FBI Washington Field Office
(202) 278-3519

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  1. Dr. Pepper says:

    Words cannot describe my anger with this. It’d be one thing if the plaintiff even testified at the trial. But she didn’t. This is a kick in the face to all families of missing or murdered loved ones and sets up a terrible legal precedence. AJMO

    Connecticut Superior Court Judge Thomas Corradino Awards $52,666 in damages to a woman who claims to have been defamed by the family of missing Billy Smolinski…She herself admitted to taking down the man’s “missing” fliers!

    Outrageous and will be overturned on appeal.

  2. A Texas Grandfather says:


    I too was hopeful that the lawsuit filled by the estate of Morgan would create some additional activity. Redly thiks the suit is just sitting there as a holder because the statue of limitations was about to run out for filing. We cannot track the case as we found that in Virginia filings are on-line,but tracking is not.

    There was also a filing by the Love family for Yeardley against the university. We have nothing further on that filing.

    The thing that concerns me is that with three agencies and one of them reporting to UVA administration that full cooperation was not done. This is why I think an outside agency needs to come in and review all evidence. Did VSP find enough information to give themselves a direction that would solve the case or did they overlook something that would have changed the direction of the investigation?

    I have never discounted the possible connection at the Econo Lodge and the sighting by Norma Parsons. The tip at the fraternity house party is new to me.

    We have a possible time line break beginning at 9:30 P.M. and nothing further except what may have been revealed to LE by those that accompanied Morgan to the concert at JPJA. The next real piece of information was the finding of the purse and later the phone in the overflow lot at Lanigan field. Then two weeks later the shirt and finally her body being found on AF in January.

    The postings on the Hook site have little information and the comments section soon evolves into an ugly exchange that does nothing to help the case. We should all be proud that this site is populated by people who want to help and are respectful to one another.

  3. LeeLee says:

    Mom3.0 interesting point you brought up about Morgan altering her look to get into the party. I hadn’t thought of that possibility. My comments on the clothes were meant to point out that Morgan would have stood out in her outit and been quite noticeable to the band numbers hence they probably would have noticed her both during and after their performance just based upon how her beauty and attire would make her stand out.

  4. says:

    A brilliant comment from someone else on the last Topix article:

    Lubinksi said, “Virginia State Police have rendered the case a Cold Case. What does that mean? Does it mean that they are not actively investigating this case anymore? If the band members think they saw her, then why not pull those people at that party back in and question every single person that was there. I would like to see an unbiased audit performed on every record in the case file to include UVA Cville Albemarle & VSP. Yes I know I am dreaming.”

  5. cosmo says:

    Does anyone know the actual date for the civil suit?

  6. Sydneyfrog says:

    Dr. Pepper- I am familiar with that case and yes, DISGUSTING!! I hope Blink is correct that it will be overturned.

    Also LeeLee- I thought too about Morgan maybe taking off her tights. If she was soaked from walking around, the wet tights would have been horribly uncomfortable. Just a thought….

  7. redly says:

    Dr. Pepper — I believe the plaintiff in that case did testify at the trial. I read that the ruling is 34 pages long. I imagine there is a lot more to the case and to the evidence than what was reflected in that opinion piece.

    Texas Grandfather — the Virginia online court system does track filings in cases. It is possible that the tracking system is not being applied to that case but I doubt it. I suspect the case is just sitting there as a place holder for now.

  8. Mom3.0 says:

    Hello Jme, Yes I do know you have no camp – Im sorry if my rant seemed to infer that you did. I tried to make sure you and others reading my post would not think that way- but I guess I fell short. Please do not second guess yourself Jme it is evident to all that have followed Morgans case that you are doing your best to help.
    Thank you for bringing the tip to our attention.
    Jme, I understand your reluctance to name names- I certainly do not fault you for that. As for Topix I wasnt questioning your actions JMe I only wanted to make sure you were aware that some discussion had taken place IRT the band members.

    Jme, are you aware of the exact circumstances of the original tip?

    If so can you please share what prompted the band members to think that this young woman could have been Morgan?
    Did she fit the description of Morgan as NP recalls tights, jacket- boots – heavily made up eyes no mention of purse? Or did she fit more into the BK sighting- Pantera shirt, black tights- distinctive high heeled boots over the knee-

    I think it is an important detail- because as we know Morgans purse and contents were left behind – she would have had no way to reapply and fix her makeup- she had been crying- she was blotting her injury in the bathroom- it had been raining- I would think after all this she would have had to reapply her make-up otherwise she *IMO would have looked more like a raccoon – or her make up would have washed away- –
    If NP sighting was correct and if these Band members saw her too at a frat party just prior to NP sighting then Morgan Harrington would have had to have access to makeup and a mirror–
    Did she borrow someones eye
    makeup? Did she use the mirror in their car? she had no brush- she would have had to borrow one-

    Which makes me wonder how she looked when Curtsy duo saw her..and the F/D they mentioned no purse either..

    NP made no mention of messy hair- although her accounts changed on whether the girl had long blond hair or if her hair was inside her jacket…. NP also made no mention of an injury to the womans chin or to messy make-up in fact she said she recognized Morgan from comparing her photo with (pp) dramatic eye make-up to the woman she saw (heavily made up eyes)…

    Well no girl takes a picture willingly with makeup running – or with it poorly applied- no pic like that ever ran of Morgan in a paper… So if we are to consider these accounts as possibly Morgan then she reapplied make-up and combed her hair and as we know her purse and contents were found back at the lot-
    So when did Morgan fix herself- and when did her purse and contents end up in the lot- and what about her cell sans battery and the 9:30 dead time?

    You know what really gets me down? Its the worry that this potential tip wasnt taken seriously and the frat was never questioned nor the party goers- and now its years later and how in the world is anyone going to track them all down to take witness statements?
    I hope LE did this already and they easily were able to rule out this young woman as Morgan and that is why it was “dismissed” quickly- otherwise sadly this case falls dangerously close to being a cluster**** of the highest proportions.

    Lee Lee- understood on your thoughts- thanks for clarifying

    Dr pepper- thanks for the link and that really is wrong- She sued and she won wow- She certainly had the right to not look but to tear down the signs and to sue? and to win emotional distress hog wash- It was her boyfriend for goodness sake why would she mind having the missing posters up with a smiling reminder of her once love and the hope of his safe return?

    That judge is wrong in my opinion and I hope it is over turned like Blinky says


  9. alexandra says:

    my mascara doesn’t run at all and I cry alot. waterproof mascara.
    and if her purse was planted later, she could have still had her purse with her at 3am.

  10. Pam Lembo Keasey a/k/a Ross says:

    “I do not feel their is any basis…..” – BLINK

    “let me underline I believe strongly their will be one…” – BLINK

    my god woman, have you not learned the dif between “their” and “there” yet?

    by the way, hows your cayleeslaw page coming?

    Hi Pam Lembo Keasey, sorry about your house. That would be your house and not you’re.

    Since you asked, I am very excited about my plans for all things Caylee as it relates to my work on her case.

    You do realize being homeless is no reason to be a deceptive and evil bitter middle aged web troll, right? Btw, My Mother, who you called and harrassed in between cancer treatments is dead, in the event you needed something to smile about.

    Since you posted this, I am guessing your regular routine of drowning bags of puppies, running over kids in cross walks or faking you have a murdered child has grown boring.

    Was bound to happen. Did you think being a creepy evil creepy person was going to work out?

    God Bless woman, I cannot think of a soul in more need of it.


  11. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Your cluster comment is the one thing that has always bothered me about this case. Though not discussed, the ugly possability is there.

  12. says:

    Thank you Mom3.0, I know you meant no offense and none was taken. Just clarifying since there are some who will tend to mince words.
    I agree with all you said/suggested and have suggested some of those inquiries myself about the hair, make-up, clothing/state of dress etc. Also, I have no details except that “the members who saw her were adamant” that it was Morgan. The FBI was receptive to the re-submittance of this tip, otherwise “Law Enforcement” has been very closed-mouthed about it…I have nothing to add except that sometimes silence speaks volumes. I simply suggest that anyone else who may have reported a valid tip early on, with no confirmation that it was considered, should also re-submit that tip to the FBI (202) 278-3519. has always had, and will continue to have my full support. She has been a tireless advocate for Morgan as many have- yes, but I most respect her tact and integrity in respecting potential case sensitive intel especially.


  13. alexandra says:

    Dear Blink. I’m sorry about your mother. I’m sorry you/your mother had been harrassed….by Ross? OMG how awful. You do such good deeds with BOC, I just can’t imagine. What’s wrong with our society?

    Thank you to all the good people. I know there just HAS to be more good than evil. Isn’t there? There are more decent folk than not. right?

    alexandra you are a kind soul. Yes, to your point good outweighs evil every time. Some folks don’t have those genes, sadly. I appreciate your kind words.

  14. Mom3.0 says:

    No problem Jme thanks for trying to answer more questions I am glad to know you have had and have asked some of the same questions.

    I am glad the FBI are revisiting the tip and I hope they have went back thru the files for any other potentially overlooked tips. lets hope they are successful in figuring out if it is pertinent to Morgan or not.

    Hopefully anyone reading of the reemergence tip, and the FBIs interest will make the move to call back in if they felt they had some potentially helpful info….

    TGF, thanks for voicing your fear about the ugly cluster bleep comment most appreciated. I hope it proves out to be so far from the truth that one day I am ashamed of even thinking it for one moment.

  15. Mom3.0 says:

    Alexandra- hello you bring up some important points -

    Youre right not all mascara runs– but IMO we are not only talking about mascara-

    Morgan Harrington was very adept at applying make-up- She had many different looks she could achieve-

    NP said the woman she saw had heavily made up eyes she said she recognized this woman as Morgan from a pic of her with dramatic eyemakeup which was in the paper-

    Morgan Harringtons “dramatic” look would have consisted of more than just mascara- especially for a Metallica concert-

    Notice in these pics Morgan not only enhances her eyes with mascara but with eye liner- eye shadow etc


    and these pics of Morgan from Blinks articles:


    …This last one I think illustrates how easy it would be to observe Morgan with an injured chin- which quite a few people did that night…but not NP which to me either points to her not seeing Morgan or to Morgan reapplying make-up not just heavy eye makeup but also some type of concealer- otherwise wouldnt the “artist” NP have made mention of the recent now raw abrasion which previously had been bleeding …

    Alexandra- yes the purse may have been planted later- but it would still need to be reapplied if she was subjected to further rain or crying etc… KIMLE doesnot account for the purse being planted later it either was there when she was on the bridge by their accounts or it immediately was left behind as the perp exited the lots after picking her up on the bridge….- BUT if this IS the case it was planted much later then wouldnt someone have seen a lone person traveling back thru JPJ after 345 am….right?

    when did Morgan Harrington reapply her makeup? We are missing a big part of the timeline IMO For LE to be right about the purse-Perhaps In the moments it wasnt raining…but she was seen on the bridge while it was the same problem of runny makeup and injured chin no concealer is still there…
    For NP sighting to be spot on then Morgan Harrington had to have reapplied her makeup after the bridge sighting and then she couldnt have walked off IN THE rain because the same problem of messy makeup occurs…
    She would have had to have had a ride—which brings to mind where did she ask BBP to take her- was it to this frat party?

    So if she did have her purse noone saw it with her on the bridge and NP did not mention it…and LE doesnt account for it being placed later….
    The timeline is very tight remember- She walked with BBP they hung out looking like they were gonna party… they converged she asked for ride- they got scared off- they left all gone by 9:20 either before or after curtsy duo see her she curtsies no mention of purse no mention of umbrella in hand or makeup..etc… on bridge at 9:20 no later- gone by FD second pass- no reapplying of makeup on bridge It was raining off and on- not conducive for reapplying makeup- or not messing it up again in the elements… Dramatic heavily made-up eyes… – as always the purse and the cell are the major hang-ups

    Thanks for making me think Alexandra I dont have the answers only more questions.


  16. Leelee says:

    Sydneyfrog another reason Morgan could have ended up without her tights is they may have gotten fairly torn up during the parts of her evening where she was rather unsteady which would have added to her discomfort on such a nasty night. 
    Yet another frat connection is that BE is a member of a fraternity. As I’ve said many times the chain of events around his story make me wonder if he found her shirt elsewhere. From my research I I got the impression that he  would have gotten along really well with Morgan  in high school. He was a sort of emo kid who was a member of a band before he got to UVA where he was became part of the Greek scene and also played on the UVA rugby team. I don’t mean to imply sinister behavior on his part I can just envision him perhaps being in a situation where he could have felt a bit torn after finding her shirt somewhere other than that bush. Then a mixture of loyalty to a person or organization  along with sympathy for Morgan could have resulted in coming forward with her shirt but not with where it was really found. There just seems to be something missing from his story. Of course it often seems this entire case is full of little lies and moments of dishonesty from almost everyone involved. Almost everything we know has a hinky feeling to it. 
    Mom3.0 I believe it was Capuzzo who said that the reason witnesses such as the father and daughter didn’t see her bag is that it was a backpack style purse that may have blending in with her clothes. I often try to think of the little details that give a better picture of what Morgan was doing that night. LE said there didn’t appear to be any sign of a struggle where her belongings were found. One sign of a struggle would have been if items were scattered. It seems that would mean her phone was in her purse. I wonder why she initially carried it and why she eventually put it back into her bag. I walk around all the time holding my phone but I often do that because I am either trying to contact someone or waiting  for someone to call me. Was that why Morgan was carrying hers despite repeatedly dropping it? And when did she put it back into her bag and why? Was she coherent enough to think to put it in the bag do avoid further damage or did she put it in there because she realized it was no longer working? Putting a phone into a purse seems like a pointless detail but it becomes interesting to think of someone careless enough to hitchhike yet concerned about her phone.
      In terms of the phone I had a little lightbulb moment. At one point LE expressed interest in speaking to anyone who may have let Morgan use their phone. Keeping in mind the likelihood that Sketch engaged Morgan in some way could he have asked to borrow her phone? I can picture a harmless looking guy asking to borrow her phone. Unknowingly he removes the battery which would have been especially easy since the back was gone. He fakes a call then either attacks her on the spot or offers her a ride back towards the arena in return for her letting him use the phone. 
    I had an interesting experience in the drive thru last night that made me think of the frequent discussions regarding witnessed and their reliability. As I waited in my car a young woman who looked eerily like Morgan randomly walked out of the McDonalds and got into the truck in front of me in the drive thru. She looked so much like her that if I had been in C-ville in 09 and had seen that girl then later saw Morgan on the news I would immediately have thought  the girl may have been  Morgan. The weird thing is that in that moment I was fully aware that there were physical differences between M and the other young woman yet in my memory her image has been replaced by Morgan’s. No matter how much I try to remember the girl’s face I just picture Morgan. It really made me think about the reliability of the witnesses especially NP whose story seemed to change slightly overtime. I’m now less suspicious of her story. Not to the point that I feel certain she did see M but instead she knew she have may have witnessed something important and in attempting to remember every last detail her mind simply filled in the blanks potentially replacing the person she glimpsed with Morgan’s image. 

    Leelee- I would refute that the locations of the items from Morgan’s purse do not point to any sort of struggle. I have not seen the purse personally, and neither has anyone else since it was placed in evidence, but keep in mind that the phone goes dead via battery removal of some kind at 9:30PM, and it rained that night- the purse was not rainsoaked as it would have been had it been out in the open all night long, imo. I believe the purse was returned to the scene based on it’s location and was tossed right out the window by someone returning to the scene.

  17. deetee says:

    i don’t think it likely the perp would have planted the purse “at the scene” which in this case i am considering the scene of abduction (rv lot) and possibly (but not necessarily) the rape and murder. unless someone can explain otherwise, this would seem counter intuitive to the reason a perp would plant it in the first place.

    i think the perp would put it there because he wanted to suggest that’s where it went down, rather than the actual location and/or suggest that whomever she was last seen there with (the bbp) is actually the perp(s). can anyone offer a scenario where the location of the purse is the scene of abduction, but the perp returned the purse to the scene?

    i also think there is something to be learned from the battery removal time. i’ve got to work all the possibles out in my head, but since it was removed, it seems to me that is the point in the timeline the perp(s) evil plan began.

  18. alexandra says:

    Thanks for the pics of Morgan mom3.0. I hadn’t seen the first one before. She was so beautiful.
    Everyone has been trying to figure out who hurt this child. It is all very frustrating for everyone. Especially the Harringtons.
    Let’s not give up.

  19. CentVA Native Away says:

    I looked at the list before, but never really scrutinized the builders- and where they build- that are listed on the website. One of the builders listed is Thomas Builders, Inc., which is based in Lynchburg and has worked with other builders and developers in new developments in that area over the last several years, including those that have been impacted by the significant growth in the Liberty University/ Candlers Mt. corridor.

    The list also includes Artisan Construction, which specializes in high end restorations and green-based technology/ design to both residential and commercial clientele. These types of services are high end folks, much like the demographic not unlike those who reside in Blandemar Farm Estates and in some of the more select areas of Albemarle County.

    Making scheduled security stops at properties under construction is invaluable to a construction firm to ensure loss prevention. The following, which include the two builders that I mentioned, are listed on the above referenced website as service recipients:

    Alpha Kappa Alpha – Theta Kappa Chapter
    Artisan Construction, Inc.
    Buffalo Wild Wings
    Cooter Mangold Tompert & Karas, LLP
    Contract Services Inc
    Cyron & Miller, LLP
    Davidson & Kitzmann, PLC
    Global Entertainment Security
    Golden & Barrera LLP
    Jason Floridia
    Magnus Music, LLC
    Mahogany Dance Troupe
    Nelson Builders Inc
    Owen & Owens PLC

    Paula Rank Family Law/Mediation
    Preemptive Process Servers/Attorneys
    Relman & Dane PLLC
    Rivals, GGP Inc.
    Hallberg Management Co.
    St. Moritz
    Starside Security & Investigation
    Double Wide LLC.. The Meadows
    Thomas Builder Inc.
    Thomas Tours Inc.
    Daniel Travostino, PC
    Walker Law Firm
    Zinger Tours
    Zoll Kranz & Borgess, LLC

    Also, would a vehicle that KIND of looks like a local law enforcement vehicle, but doesn’t quite match that of what is in the collective conscience of the local community, and thus not recognizable, stick out like a sore thumb, and be deemed “suspicious”? I’m talking about Fairfax, btw.

    Sorry for the random comment given that the topic has been more about the condition of Morgan’s attire and how it relates to purported eyewitness accounts on and around UVA grounds early on. However, I keep thinking that I’ve run into this guy, Sketch, at some point in my life, being from the area and all; I may just have run into him on a previous thread! It’s been nearly three years. I agree that it’s time to bring in some cold case experts with all due respect to local LE, seriously.

    Damn! I want this bastard(s) nailed.

  20. A Texas Grandfather says:

    The non-wet purse after a night of intermitant rain and not even wet from early morning dew tells me it was planted as was the shirt. This is new information to me. Maybe I just missed it in the early part of the case.

    Yes, Mom3.0 I hope that we are both wrong about our thoughts of the cluster. However, this may be the prime reason that the case is not yet solved. Too many involved, including those in powerful positions.

  21. Leelee says:

    Always love hearing your thoughts Blink. I am on the fence when it comes to the bag being planted.The lack of struggle comment could mean there was no struggle since nothing actually happened at that location. It isn’t just that I think it would be risky because as you pointed out previously it wouldn’t be a risk for someone who was expected to be in that area. There can only be so many men in the area with reason to be near the RV lot that night and the next morning. Then add in a familiarity of the area and Sketch and the list would get even shorter. However if it was planted in the manner you suggested do you believe the road in question would have been that little private road the curtsy duo were using? I looked at the site that allows you to see the weather for a particular day in the past and it doesn’t seem that there would be enough rain during the pertinent hours to soak Morgan’s bag and belongings if properly closed;especially since it was leather ? At 10:53 and 11:53 light rain was reported but the precipitation was 0.0 both times. The rain was not constant and by 2:53 am in the 18th there was only .01 inches of rain. By 4:53 am 0.02 inches more fell. Precip on the 17 th was described as being a trace. Morgan’s bag would have only been exposed to .03 inches of rain if the data on the wunderground site is accurate.

  22. Kris says:

    I seem to remember LE telling the Harringtons that Morgan was already deceased by the time the concert was over. I always wondered if they had evidence suggesting such or if it was only a theory. If true, it makes me think there’s probably a lot of case sensitive info the public doesn’t know.

  23. Leelee says:

    I just read the latest update on the Mickey Shunick murder and it made me think of Morgan. I know some of y’all have mentioned it a time or two. The cases aren’t related but the similarities are eerie. The killer’s confession is interesting when it comes to how he gained control of his victims, the manner in which they fought back, and the reasoning and time frame surrounding the disposal of Mickey and Lisa Pate. It breaks my heart to read about it. It breaks my heart to read about it. I know I am frequently guilty of dismissing theories in Morgan’s case because it often seems illogical to me that certain behaviors would go unnoticed by the public. But in Mickey’s case he purposefully ran into her bike,loaded it into his truck, attacked her twice, drove back home with her body in the passenger seat, Dumped her near a cemetery, tossed her bike into a lake, dumped his weapons in separate locations and even went to the emergency room to seek treatment for his wounds while never raising any suspicion.

    Kris this link mentions the information you referenced. The statement was made by Gil but the reasoning behind it isn’t clear.

  24. Mom3.0 says:

    Hello Lee Lee- I understand your thought process on the shirt and the kid who found the shirt- Heres how i look at it-
    If he was going to make up some story about where he found the shirt He would have made up a more believable lie than someone planted it on a bush in front of the apt building- on a rainy day and noone found it prior- despite it being there until I happened by on my way home from class…

    You could be right Lee lee IDK and I am not ruling out that LE are wondering about the shirt placement also- although I wouldnt go so far as to say they wondering about the kid who found it– but it does seem they are because of Cappuzo and Raders comments in the Disappeared show IRT the “recovery” LE seemed to hint as much but again that could just be due to the editing or my imagination…

    Lee Lee you wrote in part:

    Mom3.0 I believe it was Capuzzo who said that the reason witnesses such as the father and daughter didn’t see her bag is that it was a backpack style purse that may have blending in with her clothes.

    –Yes this is what LE said BUT it seems Morgan Harrington was not wearing it on her back all thru out the night- witnesses recall seeing her emptying her purse– dropping her purse and her phone— rummaging in her purse- and carrying it thru the lots- and into the BBP lot… So from app 8:20 till 9:10 Morgan never wore the purse on her back-

    So LE is making a leap that she after 9:10 began wearing it as a back pack- also KIM witnesses recall her walking on both sides of the bridge…not one of them happened to catch a glimpse of a bulge on her back? yes its plausible they never did and its plausible that she was wearing it as a BP at that point– but its also JUST as plausible that she didnt have it at that time…and its also JUST As plausible that it was left on the ground on the bridge while she was HH and someone picked it up and she chased after them and thats how she disappeared off the bridge in between F/D passes and that may account for the stolen purse call which took place during that same time period- and its also JUST as plausible that the stolen purse call was suspended because some body posing as a good samaritan found the purse and brought it back to Morgan and that is why it was found where it was because Morgan was checking to make sure nothing was missing from inside and thats when the BG took the opportunity to incapacitate her or possibly the person posing as a good samaritan offered her a ride to the security station and she accepted only to be attacked once she was inside his vehicle and he knowing what lot she had been in return the purse to that lot after his trip to AF…

    None of these scenarios is any more or less “out there” than Morgan disappeared within a six minute span or her shirt was found nicely folded lettering facing up- on a bush weeks later with forensic evidence still viable…or that a brutal rapist came in contact with her sometime prior to her death at charlottesville..or she was walking the campus that night and only NP and now possibly a band have come forward but not any of the other countless PGoers or wedding guests or hotel patrons and if they did LE decided still to dismiss the accounts… despite LES talk of (pp)missing persons case HOWEVER- those seeing her after Oct 17th come forward… friends know her habits… she is missing but no signs of foul play… she may have left on her own… she has taken off for a day- friends say she does hookup and leaves… she was desperate HH -and all the rest of it .. oh and lets not forget that with all the witnesses that have come forward-and all the evidence they do have that Morgans case has not been solved.

    So yeah everything in this case is farfetched or not depending how you look at it

    You wrote in part:

    I often try to think of the little details that give a better picture of what Morgan was doing that night.
    Me too but I think everything she did is being told to us thru a skewed lens – she was erratic- why because she dropped her purse? because she was wobbily in high heels? because she was drunk? the guy who parked next to them said no signs of drinking— her friends say she was drinking but not drunk she fell but LE says the injury was nothing- she fell and hit her chin- meaning she did not brace herself well enough with her arms- she HIT her head- possible concussion….

    LE still says they dont know if she was drugged or what but remember they said what happened in the arena was not important- if they dont know if she was drugged then how the hell can they say that what happened in the arena isnt important? Le says she “somehow” ended up outside- but she was not forced out- How the heck do they know- because the female security guard said so or the TT? it was due to “policy” but the policy states in emergencies there are exceptions and leaves it up to their “well trained” personnel…

    MH tried to get back in at multiple doors but couldnt one security person was devastated by MH disappearance and “wished he could have done more” WHY couldnt he have done more? Morgan was an injured patron \..who was preventing him? who was preventing MH from regaining reentry? There have been exceptions to the no re-admittance policy according to Blink there were people who regained reentry THAT night…but not Morgan why?

    Lee Lee you wrote:
    LE said there didn’t appear to be any sign of a struggle where her belongings were found. One sign of a struggle would have been if items were scattered. It seems that would mean her phone was in her purse. I wonder why she initially carried it and why she eventually put it back into her bag.

    Yes LE have stated that at the same time they told searchers to be sure to look for items that could be carried in a womens purse they werent specific on these items but still-AND Geller at one point said (PP) the purse and the contents looked as though they had been just emptied out as if to infer the purse was dropped again or tipped out…well MH had dropped her purse numerous times but EACH time she picked it up AND depending on how you look at it a purse with contents that looked to have been spilled out can also be achieved by a struggle of somesort.. like a arm lock -And it can also be achieved by a perp throwing the purse out the window ata later time or helpfully staging to look like they spilled out…
    The only time I have ever read that Morgans phone was in the purse was in the Cosmo article..otherwise every other account has the phone near the purse not in it or under it as the case may be… the back was found days later on the slope walking up to the lot- but the battery was never found-

    So it is likely MH lost the back to her phone but never her battery not on her trek to the lot Why? Like Blink says Because of the 9:30 dead time- no battery = dead phone- battery was in phone up to 9:30 MH was supposedly HH on bridge at 9:30 and willingly got into a car so how does purse and batteryless cell end up back in lot? oh and how does it remain dry? thanks Blink…

    ps Lee Lee thanks for speaking about your witness account very enlightening. and who knows everything you thought could be the truth of the matter –
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts hope you dont mind me sharing all of mine…lets hope they help.

    Sorry for the length

  25. Mom3.0 says:

    dee tee Hello-
    Ill try …
    Perp may have planted it there right there because MH was attacked on UVA grounds but not there- he may have planted it in an area which police say there were no signs of a struggle because that was his point his plan leave her purse there- but not where it went down…to hide the exact details or area from LE or possibly to make it more feasible to believe that Morgan HH the erratic drunk irrational desperate girl who strangely curtsies and scares BBP was last seen in that lot and on that bridge and thats that-
    See nothing to see here- girl who HH and hooks up and leaves for a day has just wandered off on walkabout…

    You have a purse you have a cell phone but you have no signs of foull play-

    Youve got nothing.

    Dee tee it may be that the evil timeline began much earlier in the night as the BG watched as Morgan Harrington was left alone in the lots denied reentry denied a ride from BBP didnt flag down curtsy duo or call a taxi or get a ride from F/D or MV…and he waited until then to strep up and take advantage of the situation…

    Deetee please do post your next thoughts – Thanks

    TGF- great point about the dew- and Lee Lee thanks for looking at the weather site but there were people that said it was raining sometimes misting windy but always cold- Skyler said at one point there was a down pour so I dont know how accurate that site is- i mean there have been times when the sun is shining on one side of the street and it is raining or snowing on the other side you know?
    AJMO Peace

    Kris- Hi yes here is Gil discussing her thoughts on when Morgan may have died.

    also yes it seems LE does know some things as when Morgan was found VSP said (PP) there was alot of evidence significant items were found


    Colonel Steve Flaherty of the Virginia State Police told a crowd last Tuesday that “significant items and evidence” were found with Harrington’s remains on Anchorage Farm.


    Blink hope youre doing okay.

  26. Mom3.0 says:

    oops Dee tee forgot to write it may have “went down” right there- He attacked swiftly and got her in the car and the rest was after he left al;so KIM we dont know exactly wear or how the purse and phone were found they were turned into lost and found- I doubt the LAX player could recall exactly where they were unless there was a marker of some sort…also this too may account for the dryness of the purse- and the explanation of contents etc–we are getting it filtered thru the best recollection of the finder and do we know if he Immediately turned the items in–and if he did did JPJ or L&F immediately handle the problem were they present when they were turned in?or did they sit somewhere for a period of time?

    Alot of unknowns you know?


  27. Mom3.0 says:

    *where …duh sorry for all errors -

    back to you guys-

  28. says:

    Mom3.0, Did we hear somewhere that the purse was “dry” when turned in on Sunday?

  29. Leelee says:

    Mom3.0 I always love your lengthy posts because to me more discussion equals more hope in this case eventually being solved. One point about the shirt being found: there are two dates which are possible. Blink says the 5th and LE says the 11th. A previous poster pointed out that the 11th was very rainy but the 5th wasn’t.I have long wondered and questioned why BE thought the shirt was Morgan’s when it was found yet LE didn’t initially take it seriously.The case must have been on his mind to some degree especially since the shirt he described didn’t match the description provided to the public. I also wonder if anyone else saw the shirt. BE stated he saw it when returning from class and then discussed what he saw with his roommate. The two then decided to contact the police. Did they call from the building or did they wait down near the bush. If it was so blatantly placed why haven’t we heard from more people? BE couldn’t have been the only one who saw it. Also wasn’t the back of the phone found in the parking lot halfway between U-hall and the RV lot instead of on the grassy slope?
    Mom3.0 I agree Morgan’s bag and purse could have ended up back in the lot if she herself went back. I seem to remember Blink doubting the validity of the path the bloodhounds tracked although I’m unsure if she was just questioning if she really made it all the way Food of All Nations. We don’t know for certain that she was gone from the bridge at 9.30 because she had be taken at that point.Whatever happened at 9:30 could have occurred in the area where her bag was found. There wasn’t much traffic that night and the bridge has been described as creepy by some people so she might have thought twice about hitchhiking. I really really wish we knew where she wanted the ball players to take her that night.
    I’m trying to find an article I saw awhile back featuring the fence where Morgan’s bag was found so we can have a clear image. I did note that several articles do flip back and forth between referencing one LAX player and multiple LAX players. There is also a discrepancy as to what the player ( or players) were doing. Most articles say they were heading to practice but according to Gellar the playerwas on his way to board the bus for an exhibition game in Annapolis. If the bag was planted I wonder if there was any of Sketch’s DNA or Morgan’s blood on it? And allow me to reiterate my belief that if Sketch planted that bag or her shirt on top of being a soulless psycho he is also an absolute idiot. It is hard to imagine someone so dumb yet incapable of being caught despite LE being in possession of his DNA and his “sketch”. This man can rape a women then escape on foot, snatch and brutally murder a young woman, dump her body on private property, potentially dump her bag in a parking lot, and potentially dump her shirt in broad daylight and no one sees a damn thing. If I were him I would buy lottery tickets weekly because he sure is lucky.

  30. susanm says:

    does anyone know when the(rv lot) portapotties were brought in?takin out? were they specifically for the concert?what company delivers and picks them back up? are they(the company) construction related?(the equipment,used). golf carts are part of concert sercurity.i went to an outdoor concert this past weekend ,and staff carts aplenty,parked em in the tourbus lot, next to the portapotties.

  31. Mom3.0 says:

    Hey JMe – you asked:

    Mom3.0, Did we hear somewhere that the purse was “dry” when turned in on Sunday?

    My “dryness” comment on the purse was in reference to Blinks response of:


    the phone goes dead via battery removal of some kind at 9:30PM, and it rained that night- the purse was not rainsoaked as it would have been had it been out in the open all night long, imo.

    Blink IMO is correct IF the purse had been outside with Morgan from 8:20 till 9:30 it would have gotten quite wet..if the purse had been dropped on the wet grass by Morgan then the contents and the purse would have been even more wet…if the purse laid out on the grass after being thrown out a window or planted purposefully- it and its contents still would have been wet by the time LAX player found it-

    Your question is important Jme we do not know one way or another if the purse was “dry” when LAX player found it- but IMO it should have been wet or rainsoaked at that time- and if the player turned it in immediately and if L&F handled the find immediately then LE should be able to know if the purse and the contents were wet or dry -

    - If I were the BG
    I would plant the purse and its contents back at the concert lot where Morgan was seen dropping it repeatedly I would plant it in such a manner as to infer that MH dropped it and left it…

    why to what purpose?


    to ensure MH the purse was found with contents in lots
    why? to steer LE in the wrong direction

    to try and keep LE and her parents and her friends guessing as to whether or not MH judt lost it and she was fine and had just HH and wandered off

    to make sure that the elements helped to wash away any prints and DNA
    to hopefully mask the fact that the purse and the contents were wiped clean of prints to mask my hosing it down

    and if dry- then to infer that it had laid there all night to give a reason as to why there was no prints and dna etc but had dried due to time…

    to try and ensure that most would think “there were no signs of a struggle”

    2 hopefully to ensure a non LE person would find it and handle it thereby adding another reason it would be useless for testing
    by anyone checking to find out who the purse belonged to and then by helpfully placing all items back in the purse-
    -then by L&F when they took out ID and called the Harringtons

    1 why remove the battery and not return it?
    -a- to make sure MH didnt have the use of the phone-
    -b- to make sure anyone finding the phone and the purse could not immediately call the contacts in the phone
    -c- to make sure the phone was useless and to give LE a reason as to why MH may have never called anyone for help
    -d- to infer that MH herself lost the battery due to its back being found which was found within throwing distance of the purse and phone
    -e- to try and control the timeline and hide the importance of the 9:30 deadtime

    Why not just keep the purse and contents and phone?
    Because they helped to tell a story
    the same as the shirt-
    it was left to tell a story

    What story was told- what story did these findings help bolster and what info did they help to mask or confuse?

    ” We have a purse we have a cell phone we have a missing girl”
    no signs of foul play….

    Who benefited from the purse and phone find who benefited by the shirt find?

    The perp-
    because they masked the urgency of MH plight- they confused her whereabouts and her welfare and the timeline and obscured the truth
    The truth we are all still trying to uncover years later

    When did MH disappear
    Did she HH
    Did she return to the lots
    Was the purse left behind by her wet or dry
    Was the phone inoperable due to MH dropping it and losing the battery

    Was she attacked in that lot- near that lot
    at FOAN
    where was she last alive
    when and where did she meet her demise
    when was she placed on AF
    was the purse
    What happened to Morgan Harrington on Oct 17 2009

    Whose to blame?

    Thanks for keeping the info straight JMe and thanks for making me think.

  32. Mom3.0 says:

    +sorry for typos

    Lee Lee-
    the shirt find is confusing IDK the answers but if we were to rely on the Disappeared show which I dont..
    But if we were they showed the shirt find being called in immediately via a cell phone upon discovery-

    I think the friend was with BE when he found it- I think he just isnt referenced as much because it was BE who called CPD
    I dont know why more people didnt see it or realize its importance-BE is in a band- he is MH age- therefore I am sure he was aware of her disappearance and if any of us had found a Pantera shirt during that time period- regardless if the writing was white or rust or ithere were Pics – we would have recognized the potential of it being important–

    I must say he is smarter than me though as I think I would have touched it- picked it up as I am not sure I would have believed my own eyes until I did so—

    again this may have been the planters purpose as I theorized IRT the purse- it was placed to tell a story and to mask the evidence- had BE touched the shirt- then the chances of it still being a viable piece of forensic evidence would have dropped significantly….

    I dont know when the shirt was placed but we know from Common sense it had to haave been after Halloween why? because it would have been found then and if it laid there for any amount of time it would have been sun bleached also-
    BE says it wasnt there when he left for class but was there after–

    Blink first theorized that it was placed to confuse jurisdiction- it did-
    and she theorized it was done to steer LE /search away from AF this makes sense to me but IDK if it is fact.

    The phone back yeah there has been more than one supposed location for the find- I do not know which is factual- but IMO all make it possible for a planter to leave it there….

    tes Blink does question the accuracy of the dogs and I wholeheartedly agree

    it was ten days later
    2 it had rained and it was windy during that time period leaves were dropping blowing around

    3 I remember Gil lamenting commenting about her dismay over there being no play book for families of the missing noone ever told her not to disturb the victims things- Alex had slept in Morgans bed- everyone had toched her things.. Gil was having a hard time finding a good source of scent item to give LE-

    Dogs need to be trained and certified and retrained
    they are trained on specific things-
    their handlers MUST be trained and must make sure they dont inadvertently lead the dog…

    5 rader accounts for the scent at FOAN as scent drift-
    yet does not account for all findings as being just as questionable

    IMO the scent dogs finding are likely useless.

    Yes that was my point Lee lee- the 9:30 dead time establishes the timeline and it is one of the biggest reasons LE admits it has no timeline-

    MH was on the bridge at or before 9:20-
    and MV and saw her there at 9:30 and at least one other witness LE say within ten minutes of both F/D passes she was gone the 7-11 receipt gives time estimate of about 9:36

    Morgan Harrington was not gone from bridge at 9:30- she was there by LEs own witness account estimates how is she on the bridge still but phone is lying with purse? how is it thrown out immediately by perp if Morgan is still on bridge at 9:30?

    As for the traffic Lee Lee according to all accounts I have read- there was alot of traffic that evening- remember for instance Skylers accounts and others from online who remarked about the traffic but said JPJ did a great job of handling it

    We know for a fact there were countless taxis limo drivers BBP in separate vehicles wedding guests- add concert goers tail gaters employees- coaches-students – parents weekend etc- there was alot of traffic..
    But we only know of 3 Independent witnesses who saw her or a person matching that description HH

    Heres the thing about the HH a HH does not HH in both directions- they have a destination in mind MH was seen on both sides why? I too wish we knew where she asked BBP to go-

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Lee lee- when you find the article please post it- if I come across it ill do the same.

    susanm- IDK but great questions- I seem to recall someone stating the portapotties are always there…. but Im not sure


  33. says:

    OK….Thanks Mom3.0. The purse should have beet wet, or at the very least damp.

  34. A Texas Grandfather says:

    All this discussion about the purse/backpack and no mention of the type of material it is made from. This would affect its condition after being in the rain. If it was 600 denier nylon, it would be practically waterproof and would quickly dry or could be wiped off to nearly dry. Even thinner nylon can be made waterproof by weaving with 15 or 20 denier nylon with a very high thread count.

    My life experiences has always led me to believe that Morgan did get a ride and made it to a party destination (Econo Lodge perhaps) and finally to the location where Norma Parsons thinks she saw her at 3:00 A.M.. Was she under the control of someone else during this period? It is possible, but we have no knowledge of this.

    The battery compartment of her phone was not secure and we don’t know how good the connection was between the battery and the main circuit board. The phone lost power at 9:30 P.M.. Was it an accident or did someone purposely remove the battery? No one knows.

    I am very suspicious of all the public announcements made by LE. I don’t think they ever added anything to help solve the case and may have in fact been a large impediment.

    You know I heart you ATG, and I rarely disagree with you, but on this point, we do, I say respectfully.

    She was ambushed.


  35. John says:

    Yes, this was a blitz attack.

    No question in my mind. I say respectfully to anyone that is an advocate for Morgan but feels differently on this issue- there is a dna match to dna and suspect profile.

    In this instance, and I apologize for seeming simplistic perhaps, but one has to go with the incident intel and this incident says “this is a walmart investigation.”

    Except, it may be the one place people did not see her the evening of October 17, 2009.

    Shiney girl :)

  36. Mom3.0 says:

    Hello we have not discussed exactly what the purse material – good point & thanks for weighing in

    My life experiences both as a woman and a mother of a daughter tell me that for the most part women would not choose a purse based solely on it being water-proof or nearly water proof-

    Yes Morgan Harrington picked out the purse she wore that night- she chose from many and according to Gil she settled on one that could be converted to a back pack- thats practical… but I venture a guess that MH did not choose the purse just on this point-

    I bet she chose it because it complimented her outfit and I bet it was made from something cuter than nylon-

    It was chosen to be an accessory

    It wasnt an easy decision-
    as illustrated in this article-

    Before the concert, Morgan Harrington tried on three different outfits for her mother to appraise; ultimately she chose the all-black ensemble. The purses she discarded were left in a pile in the room.

    A pile of discarded purses…not one or two or three but a pile…

    Morgan Harrington never thought she was going to be outside in foul weather- therefore she under dressed for the weather and she would not have chose a water proof purse either-
    Remember this is the girl who chose to wear the missing necklace and her bracelet and her earrings

    Morgan IMO with care picked out her outfit- right down to the littlest detail- and practicality lost to – the “wow” factor

    —ps it was also reported early on that Morgans purse strap may have been broken- I dont know if this was proven false or not- as Blink said no one as seen the purse once it was taken into evidence… just thought Id mention it

    TGF NP reportedly saw a woman she thought was Morgan at 3:45 in the morning not close to 3am–IF the band at the fraternity(after leaving) saw her that was then 3am….

    - The battery was gone from the phone TGF- it seems to me that is why the phone went dead – because if it was due to a poor connection it seems MH would have called someone or cont to text- all it would take is a slap or a wiggle to reconnect a battery with a lose connection IMO and also it would have periodically reconnected due to regular movement- ther was no signal after 9:30….

    I dont know whether or not Morgan went on to another destination after the bridge to the lawn or a frat party- it seems unlikely-

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us TGF most appreciated


  37. alexandra says:

    She was ambushed.

    As he did in Fairfax, Va. in 2005.
    Ambushed and nobody saw anything.

  38. Leelee says:

    SusanM it seems as if the potties are there most of the time. They are visible are visible on this map.

    Mom3.0 I went back and retread the source I had in mind and it actually said the road was devoid of pedestrians not traffic. Too much to keep up with sometimes. However I looked at a streetview of the bridge and it still blows my mind that no one saw the perps car pull over to pick Mirgan up. Who is MV that you referenced in your comments about the FD timeline? I understand your doubts about Morgan attending a frat party. Looking on my beloved IPad map it seems clear that if it was Morgan that was seen at the party by that band she definitely got there either by someone given her a ride. Given the weather and her potentially fuzzy state of mind I doubt she made it on foot.
    A TGF’s mention of the Econo Lodge brought up something I read on here awhile back. Details are a bit fuzzy but DS is one young lady who was mistaken for Morgan a time or two. She was at the concert with a friend named Zack. Either DS or Zack was friends with either Sarah or Amy and there had been a discussion about the two groups getting together and sharing the cost of a hotel room. However One of the girls spoke to DS and said that wouldn’t be an option because someone from their group(Morgan) was missing. Was this story just a rumor from early in the case or is It credible?
    Quick note regarding the battery which was never found. There seem to be three options for how it was lost. The first being it fell out at some point once the back was lost and Morgan didn’t realize it. Looking for that battery could have caused her to leave the bridge and return to the RV lot. The loss of power at 9:30 could also represent the Sketch purposefully removing the battery . The third would be that Morgan was ambushed somewhere other than the RV lot and Sketch did plant her belongings later. The battery would either be at that unknown locale or in Sketch’s car. Perhaps this mystery location is also where she lost her necklace. Her killer could have kept it as a trophy but given what we know about the Fairfax case she probably was chocking and struggling at some point resulting in the loss of the necklace.

    Speaking of the father an daughter would it be fair to say that if the scent dogs weren’t correct then any hitchhiking sittings are more or less credible than sittings from other witnesses like NP and Granny?

    Whenever the ambush is brought up I always wonder how the perp got control of Morgan in order to drive away with her if something did happen on the bridge.

  39. tango says:

    Ambushed from where though? The RV lot? The bridge? The slope or lot where the back of the phone was found? FOAN? What about the Granny sighting? Was that guy Sketch? Or has Sketch taken on a partner?

  40. First-time says:

    With regard to the timeline: I know a lot of us have issues with the timeline, Blink included. I, for one, think if this is an ambush, with QUICK disabling of Morgan at the end of the bridge at 9:30 (give or take a few minutes), then the timeline does work. It is TIGHT, but maybe it does work. It only takes him a few seconds.

  41. says:

    A Texas Grandfather says:
    August 20, 2012 at 7:53 pm
    All this discussion about the purse/backpack and no mention of the type of material it is made from. This would affect its condition after being in the rain. If it was 600 denier nylon, it would be practically waterproof and would quickly dry or could be wiped off to nearly dry. Even thinner nylon can be made waterproof by weaving with 15 or 20 denier nylon with a very high thread count.

    My life experiences has always led me to believe that Morgan did get a ride and made it to a party destination (Econo Lodge perhaps) and finally to the location where Norma Parsons thinks she saw her at 3:00 A.M.. Was she under the control of someone else during this period? It is possible, but we have no knowledge of this.

    The battery compartment of her phone was not secure and we don’t know how good the connection was between the battery and the main circuit board. The phone lost power at 9:30 P.M.. Was it an accident or did someone purposely remove the battery? No one knows.

    I am very suspicious of all the public announcements made by LE. I don’t think they ever added anything to help solve the case and may have in fact been a large impediment.

    You know I heart you ATG, and I rarely disagree with you, but on this point, we do, I say respectfully.

    She was ambushed.
    OK….my thoughts on this are that yes, Morgan could very well have made it to the party. Morgan could very well have been seen on the West Range of the Lawn at 3 am. Neither of these possibilities negate a Blitz Attack/Ambush. The scenario could have been that Morgan made it as far as 3 am, was tired and decided to go alone to a friend’s dorm or place by herself. One of the dorms of several girls we know who were Morgan’s age was off Rugby Road within a stone’s throw of University Circle…basically just 3 blocks from the shirt location. Whoever she was with until 3 am (3 men in black?) may have decided their encounter with her that night was too self incriminating and decided to remain silent, figuring they were innocent and had no idea who could have done this. An ambush after 3 am would be easier than 9:30 pm on a busy Sat. night.

    Respectfully, not in the cover of the lot, and without a legit credible witness sighting anywhere past that time.

    Until and if it can be confirmed, this is yet another non-lead. An ambush is easier at 3 AM for whom?

    Wouldn’t that mean that the friends were calling repeatedly by the minute to know whether or not to leave- with HER car, while she was missing her phone, camera and purse- keys to her car?


  42. A Texas Grandfather says:

    I don’t disagree about the fact that Morgan was ambushed. The question is where and when? Did she manage to go to one of these other locations and then get ambushed or did it happen at the point in time that the phone became disabled?

    The phone battery connection is a very small connector with little mechanical strength. The weight of the battery could disconnect it and let the battery fall to the ground.

    My whole premise was the purse was planted at a later time to misdirect anyone searching, just as was the shirt.

    The description of the material in the purse was to illustrate what might have been found external to the purse from the weather or lack thereof. Don’t forget, I have two daughters in their middle fifties and six granddaughters between the ages of sixteen and thirty-five. I have some experience with how women select clothing and can tell some funny stories about the process.

    It doesn’t matter how the purse was chosen. I was looking at how it was constructed in regards to the effects of the weather. With the way young people use backpacks today, I am not at all suprised that Morgan would own a purse that could also be used as a backpack.

    Agreed, and I affectionately chuckle at your comment about girls fashions for your daughters and grands.

    I do not feel that this perps actions are that of a post 3 am offender, nor do I think Morgan was phone and purseless for several hours. If I am to believe this is an opportunistic offender, and most importantly the phone cover is put BACK on the phone, I believe this individual was aware of it’s battery removal, period.


  43. Sydneyfrog says:

    Irt Morgans purse. Totally speculating here but I would wager it was leather. Those backpack purses are very common (especially at concerts) and I have one myself. I doubt Morgan would have had anything other than leather for that particular style of purse. I frankly just do not ever see them in anything but leather. Also most purses are treated and dry quickly. I know all mine are and do.

  44. says:

    my post disappeared….?

    Nope, you are posted.


  45. redly says:

    The hitchhiking sightings are more credible than NP and granny because multiple, independent witnesses saw her there. Same reason they are more credible than the sitings at the econo lodge, Sheets, train station and in various west virginia strip clubs. The dogs simply give some support to the belief as to her path. Their results would never be admissible in court and are not really all that important.

    There is next to no doubt in my mind that she was on the bridge and did attempt to hitchhike. The does not mean of course that she successfully hitchhiked or stayed there long.

  46. tango says:

    Blink has thought taser and it would be quick like First-time says and I agree it would definitely have to be to fit in the timeline.

    The problem I’m having is *where* did it happen. If the fight Granny witnessed is when Morgan lost the back and battery of her phone, was this Morgan’s abduction? Then Parking Lot Guy HAS to be either Sketch or Sketch’s accomplice. If LE felt this lead was plausible, wouldn’t his description be publicized? Hmm. This encounter did not happen in the RV lot….or did it?

  47. alexandra says:

    Leelee says:
    August 21, 2012 at 5:21 am
    Who is MV that you referenced in your comments about the FD timeline?

    MV is Maggie Voth. She posted on FB (?) that she saw Morgan on the bridge HH. I think she is the daughter of the father/daughter bridge sighting.

  48. susanm says:

    thanks for that map leelee,its a clearer view than the google one from almost 3 year years, that’s a cart in that photo, on the other side of the fence. as i mentioned,way back ,–the purse was found in, what would be a parking spot cuz the cars park perpendicular to the fence)..wonder what car was parked there and when it moved? does anyone know where her phone was found?if she’s ambushed ,how does her phone and purse show up in two different places ,phone could be knocked out of her hand. ,her backpack could be snug and stays on. if that were the case,she’s ambushed near the phone ,the purse is brought back and dropped in a bbp’s spot(or lax).i think blink is saying – how did the back of the phone, get put back on without the battery in it,and the battery is never found ,and then dropped in the parking lot,if she disappears at 9:30 ,and the battery disengages at 9:30. is that right blink? hmm,well it cant be both ways ,the back was known to be loose and fall off easily ,yet it stays on regardless of being found in a parking lot(dirt?concrete?). still, it could be where she is ambushed, as in,she is walking at that spot , she has the dropsies ,picks up the phone, cant see the battery on the ground,says oh well,puts the back on,bam ambushed. phone drops out of hand ,back does not fall off,this time.the battery is cleaned up as trash in the lot before search commences. i wonder who it was that claimed they saw her drop her phone,and i wonder if they noticed if the battery fell out on that occasion and her rengaging it(i know it was earlier than 9:30),if that person was on the short list,hmm. i wonder if he claimed ,he picked it up for her ,double hmm. just speculating. idk.if her card was attempted to be used ,i cant rule out parking lot robber.

  49. LeeLee says:

    Blink what do you mean about the phone cover being put back on? I’m having trouble envisioning which part of the phone you mean.

    Tango like you the thought of Morgan being ambushed also make me wonder about the killer having a partner. Although I flip back and forth on the partner being involved in the actual murder instead of just the coverup.
    I have a hard time believing Morgan was taken forcibly from the bridge. If the bridge was really her final location then I think she willingly got in the vehicle with her killer. Any other option would have been so noticable on that bridge if the perp was alone at the time. He could have offered her a ride back to the arena. Being a bit unfamiliar with the area she may not have intiially realized she wasn’t going to the location she requested. Once she did she may have already been further away from any potential witnesses.

  50. deetee says:

    CentVA Native Away, thanks for bringing up that list, and I had the same thought about the suspicious vehicle in the Fairfax case. I also noticed, and was wondering if you did too, that some of those service references on the client list includes businesses that are in the Fairfax/NoVA area. I brought this up before that website was redesigned, and I am not sure the nova ones still remain, but it looks like someone just copied the old website appearance for that list specifically. the staff pictures are gone from the new website too, btw.

    Mom 3.0, thanks yet again for going back to your seemingly endless well of intricate case details and filtering through it all so precisely. I still have a lot to think about and you have given me more, but there is something right there staring me in the face and I can’t quite put my finger on it yet. I haven’t had much time to focus on this lately, but I won’t let it dissipate without reaching some conclusion, fruitful or not.

    What I will say for now is i am also of the mind that this was an ambush, and probably very similar to Fairfax. I am thinking sketch engaged Morgan earlier, somewhere near the arena. She seemed to have the purpose of leaving JPJ vicinity in the company of someone, as if she was irked or pursued. She tried to link arms with kickee and join in the the BBP’s, and shortly after they left her, her phone goes dead. its quite likely that is the time of the ambush imo.

    now what i want to know is who tore up her ticket and why wasn’t it found with her purse? she said it was in pieces in the bottom of her purse to one security person per LE. i am thinking whomever tore up her ticket (and it wasn’t her, she clearly wanted back in) did so to make absolutely certain she would not be readmitted.

    it is one thing to kick her out, but the fact that someone took the time to destroy her ticket means they really wanted to make sure she could not get back in the venue at all. they eliminated any chance of her going to another part of the arena and talking her way back in with an intact, but already scanned ticket. unless that is jpj policy, it is as if it was personal. so where is the ticket and how did all the pieces disappear?

    now if granny saw morgan in a struggle with someone over her purse, what was that about – keys? phone? ticket? we can forget keys because DC must have kept them. the friends drove her car home, so they had the keys. so phone? ticket? or was the struggle over something else entirely?

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