Jerry Sandusky Verdict Watch Breaking News: Jury Deliberating, Judge Cleland Dismisses Two More Counts, Sandusky Son Almost Prosecution Witness, Media May Not Release Verdict Before End of Full Reading And Adjournment

Bellefonte, PA- In a sua sponte order dated today, Judge Cleland dismissed two counts with prejudice after waiting for both the prosecution and defense counsel to bring it up on their own.   The issue was relative to victim #4 not testifying that an actual penetration occurred and therefore would not be supported by the victims testimony.

Sandusky is now facing 48 counts instead of the 52 he started with.

Read the Order Here.

Judge Cleland would have been required, had the jury found Sandusky guilty on those counts to set aside that particular verdict and made the decision the jury should not have to deliberate on the two counts knowing that regardless, he would be required to vacate them.

Sources inside the courtroom have confirmed the jury has received the deliberation instructions and is now deliberating the charges against Gerald Arthur Sandusky.

In what could be considered a stunning development,  Matthew Sandusky, the last child adopted by Jerry  and Dottie Sandusky, was set to be called as a witness for the prosecution if Jerry Sandusky were to take the stand in his own defense.  Matthew Sandusky, recently married and expecting his third child, contacted prosecutors once testimony began in the trial, although it has not been released what the content of Mr. Sandusky’s testimony was going to include.

Victim #4 testified that Matt was in the area when they began showering,  then appeared nervous and left,  prior to when the alleged assault occurred .   Matt Sandusky was expected to be a rebuttal witness.

Also today,  Judge Cleland warned the press their would be sanctions should anyone or any news outlet report the verdict prior to the court’s adjournment.  He ordered that the verdicts be read in full, and not gestures or alerts be received to any outside source .  Publications of the verdict and the courts timestamp would be reviewed, he warned.

Should be a quick one folks, check back to for updates.








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  1. January says:

    We all know what the outcome will be, but I can’t wait to hear it read outloud! I don’t believe for one minute that Mrs. Sandusky didn’t know what was going on… Mr. and Mrs. Bastards!!!

  2. Sammy says:

    Recap of the prosecutor Joseph McGettigan closing arguments.
    “Find him guilty of everything”

    Unbelievable that Sandusky is sitting in the courtroom repeatedly SMILING inappropriately as the State lays out exactly what a POS pervert that Sandusky is.
    The jerk even smiles as McGettigan is recalling how witness #9 had to hide his soiled underwear from his mom.

    Prayers with this jury – that they bring some justice for these poor victims souls.

    Blink admits law-crush on McGettigan.


  3. rob says:

    I have to say my faith in our legal system has been shaken, but I will pray for these young men, and for the jury hearing the case. I no longer understand what a jury expects to find a person guilty. I’m sorry to say, someone might vote not guilty for the sake of football.

  4. A Texas Grandfather says:


    We need to remember the words that the prosecutor used in his closing arguement. JS is a pedaphile without a doubt. I am not suprised to learn about him smiling. People who do things against others often relive the experience during a trial.

    I can remember sitting in a courtroom listening to a trial several years ago where a guy that had attacked a woman in her seventies in her home. He had beaten her, raped her and stolen property and money. When the prosecution described the scene, the perp began to smile and laugh softly to himself. It was not a jury trial, so the judge rebuked him for his behavior.

    Thanks for the link to the closing argument or perhaps the rebutal argument by the prosecutor.

  5. sunshine says:

    I think i’m still jaded by the pinellas pinheads. i’m praying the jury gets this one right. i live in PA and I think I know more about the justice and court system in florida than I do in my own state.

    i’m thinking we might have a verdict around 9 pm.

    thanks blink for your excellent coverage as always

  6. sunshine says:


    i hope no one will vote not guilty for the sake of football. I can only speak for myself but as a fairly recent alumni of PSU (2007) i know myself and my friends from college all want to see Sandusky spend the rest of his pathetic life behind bars.

  7. Gypsy DD says:

    Hi Blink,
    Hope you and yor family are well my friend.

    I think you meant Gerald and Dottie Sandusky’s the above segment.

    Anyway..I am wondering if Matt would have been testifying for his own son with his former wife..whom she has accused Jerry S of inappropriate behavior with that child as reported by that child and his siblings.
    As referenced in the following article from February of this year:


    Sandusky’s former daughter-in-law reportedly claims accused molester unsafe for ‘any children’

    Although I have kept silent up until now to protect my children and my family’s privacy, I can no longer keep silent about Jerry Sandusky’s request to be permitted to see my children,” Thomas said. “Shortly after news of the child sexual abuse criminal charges against Jerry Sandusky became public, my children reported to me that Jerry Sandusky, their grandfather, had inappropriately touched my son. I was devastated by this news.”

    Thomas said she reported her son’s claim to authorities, who determined there was not enough evidence to charge Sandusky with a crime. But a psychologist who worked with her son after the revelation said Sandusky may have been grooming the boy for sexual abuse, Thomas said.

    There you are my dearest! Wonderful to see you.

    Thank you, you are correct, I fixed that, I am burning the daylight candle at both ends, lol.

    I cannot confirm this at the moment, but I have to say that Matt is struggling with the abuse cycle that he endured. He is a “son” he is a father, he is a father to be. He is a victim.

    God bless him and his family as he seeks to heal.

    This effwad is a monster DD. Unreal.


  8. erose says:

    It would take me from lunch to dinner just to read the now 48 counts. 12 people have to decide 12 counts per hour. What is that a vote every 5 or so minutes? Under defended, absolutely. None of his adopted kids testify, just people who shower at the Y. “All My Children” disgusts me. A measure of justice, we can hope, the truth? hardly.

    “All people that shower at the Y”- priceless


  9. Rose says:

    I think Dottie testified to establish a Court record clearing herself, not him. She can always point to it to deter civil suits.
    I also think her more culpable, because he is clearly mentally ill with psychotic beliefs about the nature and meaning of his young people relationships. Hers, though, was choice. I believe she has inherently negative views to kids shared by uneducated adults of a certain rearing due to her use of the word “conniving”–a state of mind that really belongs to adults capable of abstract thinking planfully, not appropriately used of the young by an adult.

    I have never met her personally, but I don’t think she testified to clear herself, nor could she grasp the concept she could be culpable either legally or morally.

    I know plenty of folks who live in a similar terroriam. Yes, I misspelled that for effect.


  10. Gypsy DD says:

    Blink this article just posted with more info on Matt Sandusky from his own lawyer.

    Matt was abused by Jerry Sandusky when he lived with the family as a foster child before his adoption. Still can’t help but think what revulsions went through Matt’s mind when his ex wife told him of the accusations from his son..

  11. Malty says:

    I am sorry but I have little faith left in the jury system
    I hope and pray that this jury will turn
    My low respect around

  12. Rose says:
    what an addictive character.
    This was enabled by Dottie and PennState goodies & freebies.

  13. Mom3.0 says:

    Waiting- hoping -

    Thanks for the new piece Blink-

    I am hoping this case proves to be the high profile case that will restore our trust-

    Either way I want to offer my thanks to the victims who came forward- you did the right thing- no matter the verdict- I wish them all peace and happiness.

    To all the other children who may not have had the courage to come forward I wish you Peace and happiness too, and the strength to someday speak out.–spt.html

    “Sandusky’s son says his father abused him”

    Good Work Blink- the story needed to be told who knows maybe someday his wife and supporters will be able to discern the truth.


    If Matt Sandusky is ready to talk , he will have no bigger advocate than I.

    I am being intentionally vague, but that man has been a victim his entire life and I would absolutely applaud his rebound off that column, so to speak.

    I only know academically and professionally what these men have gone through, but I do know that they are victims who should never bear shame and I hate that for them.


  14. redly says:

    Matt was apparently also a victim according to “reports.” I guess not surprising, but make the wife look even more complicit IMO.

  15. marnie says:

    @ rob, #3 – i agree, sadly. i’ve been in PA the past few months but haven’t had time to really follow this trial. talked to some friends tho, ages 50ish, and they want to see the SOB fry. they have older in laws tho, who don’t believe he is a perv. but they are also supporting their priest who is on trial for abuse. i guess they don’t believe in abuse – but believe in institutions. football and church.

    pray for this jury to do the right thing, and prayers for the vics. may they receive justice and healing.

  16. NY Liz says:

    I feel terrible for all the victims, especially Matt Sandusky…it really hits close to home. My mother was sexually abused by her foster father. She kept it a secret because she didn’t think anyone would believe her and she didn’t want to be moved again to another home. It was kept a secret until he then abused his granddaughters (I was lucky, my cousins were not). Noone ever pressed any charges against him. My only comfort is knowing that he suffered for 10 years in a nursing home before he died.

  17. connie says:

    My thoughts and prayers to the victims who had to endure the h@ll Sandusky put them through, and Karma is waiting big time for those baffoons who support him especially his attorney and low-life wife Dottie. How do I want to see Sandusky in a year from now?
    1. Serving life in prison.
    2. Wearing a “Hannibel Lecter” mask full time and having meals from a sippy cup.
    3. No watching sports on tv.
    4. No interaction with other people.
    5. No blue Penn State clothing of any kind.
    He needs to be in a dark, cold and musty cell of a basement with only himself and Satan.

  18. Word Girl says:

    Waiting and holding vigil for the victims.

    It’s not a time to criticize, but does Reporter Ganim know not to go sleeveless into court? Or was her video just Jacket-off-now status.

    You kill me. More than that, you sometimes creep me out because you see things I would absolutely pounce on. This is one.

    Ms. Ganim has done an outstanding job in her written work, coverage, and source development, but don’t let me sway your thoughts on that, ask Mr. Pulitzer. She absolutely deserved that.

    Crossing over into broadcast work in the throngs of Centre County PA is going to be another matter, and as you could see, she has no advisor to tell her differently. A seafoam frilly tank and improv are for radio, as us 43 year old women living in fear of HD can tell you.

    That said, having attended the Anthony trial in a suit when it was like 95 degrees Florida style, I remember what it felt like to want to peel when I got out.


  19. Rose C says:

    I don’t understand why Matt waited until now to come forth with the truth about his abuse too. The jury will not have that to add to their deliberations, maybe they don’t, hope they don’t need it to convict him, but can’t help think back to the surprise verdict in the CA trial last summer. Praying for justice.

    I have a distinct feeling Matt is evolving in his victim cycle. I know that sounds obtuse, but it really is not, and I pray for him and his family that I am right.

    He is making such a huge step, and we need to support him, whatever his timeline for discussion, imo.


  20. Tar Heel Gal says:

    These “instructions” from the judge to the jury concern me greatly:
    snipped….”He told them that, “poor judgment does not in and of itself amount to criminality,” and to consider “whether the witnesses have anything to gain or lose by the outcome of the case.”…snipped

    Consider what the witnesses have to gain or lose? Are you kidding me? This guy is as messed up as JS. How is that even relevant? They’re not the ones charged and on trial!

    I agree with Rob’s comments, totally, after the nightmare FL jury last July and several head-scratching wife-killing cases w/in the last year or so here in central NC. I pray these people have some sense.

    Ms. Blink, are you trying to break Jeff Ashton’s heart with your new law-infatuation? Mr. Blink better start spouting some torts and motions and legalise tonight! (Hope your poison ivy is better, ma’m)

    Hugs from NC

    ugh, this would be a very big response if I let it, lol. So I will just say thank you for the good wishes on the poison, lol.


  21. Word Girl says:

    Blink, I do commend Ms. Ganim on her prize. She did a great job and still is doing a good job.

    It’s going to be hard work to not let it go to her head. We’ve seen it happen many times over with celebrities of all ilk. Those with greater talent and more success might seem to fall harder, but fall they do.

    Pride goeth before a Fall.

    I do hope someone can help mentor her and that she’ll understand that it’s necessary to crawl before walking, and walk before running.

    Sara, I hope you surround yourself with the best. Keep working. Try to better each piece. Stay organized. Read. Read, and read some more.
    Be gentle with yourself and avoid the partying that can cause you to miss the moment. I only write this now because I know of what I speak.

  22. lizzy says:

    Travis Weaver says he testified for a grand jury, but not the one that led to this trial.

    I am outraged.

    Are statutes of limitations in play now?

  23. Rose says:

    Well did any employee from Penn State testify at Weaver’s grand jury?
    Were they accompanied by a Penn State contract out lawyer
    (I assume this was preBaldwin.)
    Who was the DA then?
    If anyone associated with PS knew of that GJ,
    WHY did JS still have building keys?
    And why wasn’t Dottie paying attention afterwards?

  24. erose says:

    I guess Ms. Gross was unaware of Matt’s abuse, too?

    At the risk of taking the easy route, her name is fitting.

    That woman is deplorable. It pains me to speak of someone in that way who has ignored the basic morality obligations of motherhood. Not the first time, won’t be the last, but man, I pray she finds a role in the upcoming Federal indictment.

    Not sure what that says about me so Happy Summer Solstice to even out my chi, lol.


  25. connie says:

    Blink- As always, you are a guiding light and kuddos to have the strength and integrity to sit through this gut-wrenching trial. I personally have had nights (after reading details) of this case of using the barf bag. My kids have asked: ‘mom- are you sick and do we need to take you the e.r.?’ and why are you sitting next to the trashcan and clutching a roll of paper towels? I explained the case and its deporable ugliness to them ( they are 18 and 22) because this world does have a dark side and I have worried that perhaps I have raised them in a vacuum. Please Lady Justice-do the right thing.
    Again, Blink you are my heroe.

    Thank you kindly, I am no hero. The hero’s are victims #1-8, and in many ways McQueary, ultimately.

    This world has a very dark side, and it is right and just to make sure our children know it.


  26. connie says:

    Excuse me – hero

  27. Redly says:

    Are they still deliberating or have they been sent home?

  28. lizzy says:

    Due to technical difficulties, I missed the first part of the Rock Center interview with Travis Weaver. In the sum-up, I understood that adoption came somewhere into his story? And how on earch did a 14-year-old move to Ohio to get away from Sandusky.

  29. Word Girl says:

    lizzy, I don’t have more information on Weaver’s interview, but I’m confused about which GJ he testified? Not this one, of course. He claims over 100 times of sex abuse over 4 years.

    The Jury, redly, deliberated for 7 hours today and then retired for the evening. They will spend the night at their hotel, with the two alternate jurors separated from the group. All will return to the courtroom tomorrow morning at 9 am.

  30. lizzy says:

    Word Girl, first I thought that he testified for a previous grand jury. But after listening to the last minutes of the interview, my understanding is that he testified for a MORE RECENT grand jury.

  31. Word Girl says:

    Here’s a quote from a different article by Anna Schecter/Rock Center

    “A 30-year-old Ohio man is the first accuser of former Penn State football Coach Jerry Sandusky to speak publicly about the sexual abuse he says he endured.

    Travis Weaver, in an exclusive interview to be broadcast Thursday, June 21 at 10pm/9c on NBC’s Rock Center, said Sandusky performed oral sex on him in the upstairs bedroom of the Sandusky home, right across the hall from Sandusky’s wife, Dottie.

    Weaver said Dottie Sandusky never witnessed firsthand any of the abuse but he suspects she had an idea of what was going on.” You might have to search for Travis Weaver’s interview with Kate Snow.

    Travis related that he felt so ashamed for all these years and never told anyone about the abuse he was suffering from Jerry Sandusky. He thought if only he had told Sandusky to stop it would have helped other kids….Poor Travis, I feel so bad for him!

    Here’s more from the same article–edit if necessary for copyright laws, Blink.

    “Weaver said he met Sandusky in 1992 at the Penn State outdoor swimming pool when he was ten years old. He was there with his younger brother as part of a Second Mile summer camp.
    “It was like meeting my hero,” he said.

    The sexual abuse began to occur gradually, he said, and started in the Penn State locker room.
    “After the shower was over…he’d dry me off with a towel. He’d say he was trying to wrestle with me….and then it progressed into oral sex,” he said.

    Weaver said Sandusky abused him more than 100 times in the Penn State locker room, at the Sandusky home, and even in a hotel in Pasadena, California where Weaver and the Sandusky family stayed while on a trip to the Rose Bowl.
    “We went to a professional football game, and [Sandusky and I] left early and went back to the hotel. And he performed oral sex on me in the hotel,” Weaver said.

  32. Word Girl says:

    I’m looking for the middle name for Travis Weaver, age 30, who lived in State College, from at least 1992-1996 when he moved to Ohio.

  33. Word Girl says:

    Second-third-hand information from those who caught the whole interview at Rock Center:

    Travis Weaver’s dad worked Penn State during the time of his son’s abuse.

  34. Word Girl says:

    Just to clarify. The Travis Weaver, above, is not Travis Weaver of baseball fame.

  35. erose says:

    I don’t think it’s lost on any one here that the judge that “supervised” Matt Long’s aka Matt Sandusky’s adoption was Judge Grine, who’s son-in-law was a pro-defense witness in this trial. I think Debra Long might have just got her son back, albeit as an adult.

    Right, one of them, anyway.


  36. erose says:

    I got Matt’s former last name wrong, it was Heichel, not Long, and I once knew that. Ganim recounts all the stuff we went over so many months ago, in case anyone else needs a refresher, she does omit the judge’s name, unless I missed it.

  37. erose says:

    IMO, Ms. Gross treated these children as a frigid woman might treat her husband’s mistress, “a necessary evil.” Apparently, she had her own “relationship” delusion going on.

    Weaver’s parents were separated and he didn’t have a good relationship with either of them.

    Matt had a rocky home life because his mother was a victim of domestic violence.

    They knew each other because both were regulars at the Sandusky home, but Hamilton said Weaver told her that Dottie Sandusky often kept the kids apart.

    (same link as I previously posted)

  38. Rose says:

    I woukd like to see the State DOJ investigate every placement Grine made while on the bench using not just Court files but the social worker’s records on the children and family whether in the juvenile system or child welfare system for evidence supporting his placements or the reverse looking for evidence of political or personal favors, quid pro quo (in kind) payola, or any instances where he acted contrary to the probation or welfare agency’s recommendations as with Matt.

  39. rob says:

    Go to to read the full tests of the sicko letters sent to victim #4. This man is one sick puppy. I am wondering what will happen if the jury either lets him totally off, or off on majority of the charges, then hears all the new witnesses who have come fwd since the jury got the case.
    I’m with the prosecutor, FIND HIM GUILTY OF EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here is the direct link.

    Gonna be honest, not feeling my best today and the letters sent me to the hurlcatcher.

    Lastly, I do not believe Hilton, sorry. I might take Redly’s cue and stop calling him Jer.


  40. Rose says:

    I too am troubled by Judge’s instructions due to his colloquial language choices.
    Specifically his use of the word “lust” when explaining intent, rather than a professional description such as
    the behaviors being consistent with a sexual gratification motivation .
    You can drive a reasonable doubt truck through lust as it has such strong connotations,
    but as Jimmy Carter demonstrated, no one can know if a man lusts but he himself, confessing it.
    that’s a kind of cultural belief. And the use of the term lust I believe came out of the Judge’s Sunday School teaching,
    rural farm background and current life. Personally I now think the Judge believed Jerry a dogooder with very poor judgment but believes no one can know the intent piece in Jerey’s heart. Judge will be back home teaching
    Sunday School this week imo.

  41. T. Ruth says:

    Someone clue me in, how is one is “almost a witness”? The jury is off sequestered, not having any idea about Matt’s “almost testimony”. Something is just not right about this.

    If Sandusky gets off, I will lose faith in this system forever. I agree with Tar Heel, above, those are strange words indeed coming from a judge to a jury. Scary stuff, IMO.

    Accolades and prayers for all the young men that came forward, they are the heros. I have a feeling in this case, there are some who will never get the chance to come forward, as they may have become suicidal and succeeded as Matt did not.

  42. Rose says:

    Amendola wasn’t old enough to play Dranov.
    They needed 40 more years on a reenactor to emphasize his feeble memory potential relative to McQueary

  43. T. Ruth says:

    BELLEFONTE, Pa. (AP) — Jurors in Jerry Sandusky’s child sex abuse trial have gone back behind closed doors for deliberations after rehearing testimony from two witnesses.

    The jurors took copious notes Friday morning as they listened again to testimony by former Penn State graduate assistant Mike McQueary and a family friend of McQueary’s.

    (snipped, more @ link)

  44. First-time says:

    34.Word Girl says:

    June 21, 2012 at 11:58 pm

    I’m looking for the middle name for Travis Weaver, age 30, who lived in State College, from at least 1992-1996 when he moved to Ohio.
    I believe it it Travis K or Travis D.

  45. T. Ruth says:

    Wow, who is he referring to as “we”, in this letter? Someone else at Second Mile? One of his sons? Very, very strange stuff.

  46. Rose says:

    I believe rombinger recessed while Hilton was on cross to avert McG establishing He’d perjured himself, and in chambers they all agreed to let it go & not hit himwith that too.

  47. Rose says:

    listened to a “family friend of McQ’s”?
    More like another chance for Amendollar
    to put his face before the jury role playing a kindly old well
    meaning doctor for an hour.
    Now I know who the “conniving” label fits.
    And I feel this enactment was a judicial mistake.

  48. sunshine_4me says:

    Reading the letter to victim#4 makes my blood boil. Jer’s audacity to chastise this boy while Jer was abusing him. Just sick.

    ..”We seem to be a convenience. When it is inconvenient or a better deal comes along, you leave a trail of broken promises. Commitments seem to be meaningless.

    You are able to bounce from person to person, object to object. You seek happiness through control, domination and what satisfies the moment.

    You have to hit the home run, swing for the fence. You don’t understand or choose not to worry about loyalty, commitment or caring. The motivation is to get what you want regardless of others.”…

    Both Sandusky’s need to be put in jail because Mrs. Jer is just as guilty as Mr. Jer. Those poor boys. Makes me shudder thinking about the timeframe when the Sandusky’s were initiating the adoption process; how distraught were those boys knowing they would be with these sickos permanently.

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