Jerry Sandusky Verdict Watch Breaking News: Jury Deliberating, Judge Cleland Dismisses Two More Counts, Sandusky Son Almost Prosecution Witness, Media May Not Release Verdict Before End of Full Reading And Adjournment

Bellefonte, PA- In a sua sponte order dated today, Judge Cleland dismissed two counts with prejudice after waiting for both the prosecution and defense counsel to bring it up on their own.   The issue was relative to victim #4 not testifying that an actual penetration occurred and therefore would not be supported by the victims testimony.

Sandusky is now facing 48 counts instead of the 52 he started with.

Read the Order Here.

Judge Cleland would have been required, had the jury found Sandusky guilty on those counts to set aside that particular verdict and made the decision the jury should not have to deliberate on the two counts knowing that regardless, he would be required to vacate them.

Sources inside the courtroom have confirmed the jury has received the deliberation instructions and is now deliberating the charges against Gerald Arthur Sandusky.

In what could be considered a stunning development,  Matthew Sandusky, the last child adopted by Jerry  and Dottie Sandusky, was set to be called as a witness for the prosecution if Jerry Sandusky were to take the stand in his own defense.  Matthew Sandusky, recently married and expecting his third child, contacted prosecutors once testimony began in the trial, although it has not been released what the content of Mr. Sandusky’s testimony was going to include.

Victim #4 testified that Matt was in the area when they began showering,  then appeared nervous and left,  prior to when the alleged assault occurred .   Matt Sandusky was expected to be a rebuttal witness.

Also today,  Judge Cleland warned the press their would be sanctions should anyone or any news outlet report the verdict prior to the court’s adjournment.  He ordered that the verdicts be read in full, and not gestures or alerts be received to any outside source .  Publications of the verdict and the courts timestamp would be reviewed, he warned.

Should be a quick one folks, check back to for updates.








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  1. T. Ruth says:

    (Victim 4) is a young man that came into Jer’s life. It was a difficult time for Jer because he had lost his dad. Jer and his dad shared so much, did many things together. (Victim 4) comes along and he and Jer seem to enjoy the same experiences. Both seemed to be in need. They loved playing games, competing, singing, laughing, sharing experiences, just being themselves. Jer remembers driving (Victim 4) home. (Victim 4) would say, “Tell me another story, Jer.”

    Those letters, holy cow. One needy, needy, sick man. It’s all about “Jer”.

    This letter, are you all reading into this what I am? He is speaking of “Jer” as if he’s another person. Do you think he’s saying he was molested by his own father as well? Creepy, creepy stuff.

  2. Tar Heel Gal says:

    I just need to stay away from CBS news, good grief! This judge is a piece….fill in your own blank, please ;-);contentBody
    about halfway thru article, snipped–….”When Friday’s readings were finished, Judge John Cleland told jurors he wanted them to move along in their deliberations and that in the future they would have to rely on their memories of testimony because he isn’t inclined to take up more time doing additional readings, Reid reports.”….snipped

    Move along, chop-chop, no more coddling, jury, speed not justice is what we’re agoin’ for here. I feel like it’s all a joke and a sham, sorry for the negativity, guess I better go nibble a hunk of Scharffen Berger bittersweet…

    Glad the itch is healing, Ms. Blink.

    Disillusioned hugs from NC

    Itching, bitching, pacing, thinking of new words with pompous involved.

    I say Cleland reads his own RSS.


  3. First-time says:

    First-time says:

    June 22, 2012 at 11:39 am

    34.Word Girl says:

    June 21, 2012 at 11:58 pm

    I’m looking for the middle name for Travis Weaver, age 30, who lived in State College, from at least 1992-1996 when he moved to Ohio.
    I believe it it Travis K or Travis D.
    Scap that – I don’t think either is correct, but I do think that TW dob is 1/9/1982.

  4. erose says:

    Ditto for every other judge who had a hand in child services. I think, due to TSM relationship with the child welfare agency, we need a full investigation of every decision for every child out of that court. Maybe that is why all Centre County judges recused.

    Rose says:
    June 22, 2012 at 7:51 am

    I woukd like to see the State DOJ investigate every placement Grine made while on the bench using not just Court files but the social worker’s records on the children and family whether in the juvenile system or child welfare system for evidence supporting his placements or the reverse looking for evidence of political or personal favors, quid pro quo (in kind) payola, or any instances where he acted contrary to the probation or welfare agency’s recommendations as with Matt.

  5. erose says:

    Michael M. ?????

    Karen June 22, 2012 at 7:39AM

    There are 12 people this morning, in some hotel, each with their own little room and bed (no tv or electronic devices) who would be glad to tell you that this is far from over…..(not to mention 8 and counting very courageous young men and one very Special Michael M.)

    Maybe it is not him, sigh.


  6. twinkletoes says:

    My compassion and support to these men who endured Sadist-Sandusky’s abuse throughout the years. I have mentioned before on this site that I too was a victim of childhood sexual assault and I want to extend the message to others who were victimized that you can and will have a whole, beautiful life in spite of the violations done to you. My number one rule is that I refuse to be ashamed of what was done to me. I won’t carry the perp’s shame. That’s his. Number two is that I refuse to shut up about it or keep it a secret. I am a professional with a very public profile. I don’t talk about the abuse in daily conversation but where my experiences can be helpful (ie, speaking at women’s shelters, mentoring foster kids, voicing my experience when the topic is being discussed such as here) I speak up and I speak honestly about the pain and the struggles (and the incredible strength born of adversity!) with the intent to lift that cloak of darkness off the topic of sexual abuse. While I really hate seeing Sandusky’s ugly bugs-toothed face in the news every day, FINALLY these boys/men have the opportunity to fight back against the bastard who hurt them. Finally, those wounds can reach open air. And my advice to them is to keep talking, resist shame, and move in pain. Love and prayers…

  7. erose says:

    I wonder if the testimony of Victim #4 was the turning point for Matt. People with low self-worth often will do things for others before they do things for themselves. Perhaps it was the guilt of not standing up for a victim, at the time, in that hotel shower, that forced a grown up Matt into the truth about Sandusky, which led him to confront his own abuse. How horribly painful, coupled with guilt, shame, remorse and loss.

    I think the media has been sitting on these stories up until the point the jury was sequestered, then they ran with them before their competitors beat them to it. To do so before, could have tainted the jury. To do so post verdict, could have been misconstrued as “getting on the band wagon.” I makes sense to me that other victims chose now to show some solidarity with the victims who did testify and to do so before the verdict says to the world that it is what it is, regardless of what is legally resolved.

    Rose C says:
    June 21, 2012 at 6:57 pm

    I don’t understand why Matt waited until now to come forth with the truth about his abuse too. The jury will not have that to add to their deliberations, maybe they don’t, hope they don’t need it to convict him, but can’t help think back to the surprise verdict in the CA trial last summer. Praying for justice.

    I have a distinct feeling Matt is evolving in his victim cycle. I know that sounds obtuse, but it really is not, and I pray for him and his family that I am right.

    He is making such a huge step, and we need to support him, whatever his timeline for discussion, imo.


    erose, you may be right, but it has been my experience that MSM is either lacking research resources, controlled via editors, or lazy and just “report”.

    There is no doubt in my mind this is a very small pool of reporters and they are well aware of their “status” among this cluster. Emphasis on cluster. As you might imagine, I frequently get tossed at such folly because truth for me comes in every social standing- I care not.

    I do not feel this little community is helping itself to appear “contemporary”.





  8. Rose says:

    coming down to those jury instructions

  9. Word Girl says:

    oh, thx for the possible middle intials and dob re TW, First-time.
    Helps a lot.

  10. Word Girl says:

    Blink–okay to post the letters here?

    The Sandusky letters as we call them, from one to six:

    1. Love can overcome all things
    2. I am a great pretender
    3. I have many Forrest Gump qualities
    4. I’m Jer
    5. You leave a trail of broken promises
    6. Thanks for your special touch

    I suggest we refer to them by number/and or title, using the links already provided within this article. Shorthand such as “overcome” or “pretender” or “Forrest Gump” or “We” or “special touch” will work as long as we try to include the number.

    Word Girl, if we were not on verdict watch, I would make this your own post, outstanding.

    I can read what nobody sees yet, lol. Really strong analysis, well done.


  11. Word Girl says:

    Letter #1 ‘Love can overcome all things”

    (Victim 4):

    I know that I have made my share of mistakes.

    However I hope that I will be able to say that I cared. There has been love in my heart.

    My wish is that you care and have love in your heart. Love never ends. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

    I believe that it can overcome all things!

    With love,


  12. Word Girl says:

    Letter #2 “I am a great Pretender”

    (Victim 4):

    Yes, I am a “Great Pretender.” I pretend that I can sing. I pretend about many things. However, I can’t pretend about my feelings and want you to always remember that I care.

    Not always a pretender – “Jer”

  13. Word Girl says:

    Letter #3 “I have many Forrest Gump qualities”

    “(Victim 4):

    Driving home the other night, I had many thoughts. Some happy, some a little sad. As you know, I am very emotional and kind of let everything out. I’m not good at hiding my feelings. I have many “Forrest Gump” qualities and I thought a lot about that more as I was driving home. As you would expect, I cried at that movie.

    I remembered Forrest and how he was so naive (oblivious to the world) and not very smart. He was so happy because he wasn’t caught up in being anything other than a caring person (I wish that I had more of that in me).

    There was his wife and some friends who didn’t understand what he had and tried to find their happiness by partying and living the fast life. So many people look for happiness that way. It didn’t come for his wife or his friends. They turned away from him and went searching. Unfortunately, they only found hopelessness, despair and became depressed.

    Forrest stayed loyal, he didn’t know any better. Somehow, people like him are blessed. He never gave up because he cared. When those special people came back to his simple life of love and concern they found hope and true happiness.

    As you go through life you may have moments when you think that there is a lifestyle out there somewhere that is the answer. I hope that in the back of your mind will be a memory of simple times, hopefully laughter, joy and warm smiles.

    Try not to ever forget all of those who care. Try to remember canoes, squirt guns, water balloons, fighting outside, miniature golf, Polish soccer, basketball, racquetball, football, swimming, studying, lifting, working, golfing, volleyball, kickball, soccer, laughing, hurting, arguing, crying, caring and so much more fun.


    Forrest Jer”

  14. Word Girl says:

    Letter #4 “I’m Jer”

    “Very few people know about this story and probably less care. I guess that I’m writing it for me. I’m Jer.

    (Victim 4) is a young man that came into Jer’s life. It was a difficult time for Jer because he had lost his dad. Jer and his dad shared so much, did many things together. (Victim 4) comes along and he and Jer seem to enjoy the same experiences. Both seemed to be in need. They loved playing games, competing, singing, laughing, sharing experiences, just being themselves. Jer remembers driving (Victim 4) home. (Victim 4) would say, “Tell me another story, Jer.”

    Jer, of course, being filled with them would come up with one. Jer remembers how he didn’t want those rides to end.

    Jer became attached to (Victim 4) and always will be. (Victim 4) loved Justice and Staush, and they love him. He and Jer played Polish soccer, wrote papers together, rode (Victim 4)’s four wheeler even though Jer was scared to death, studied in the playground, roller skated, ice skated, jet skiied, went to a bowl game, spent days at football and soccer camp, canoed, traveled and more. He met and did things with Penn State football players and spent many hours with them and Jer.

    It wasn’t (Victim 4), Jer, LaVar, Mac, Courtney, David, Anthony, Josh, etc., it was “we.”

    Times were not always perfect. There were ups and downs. There were arguments, fights, they cared! No matter what, there was a connection that would help them last through their difficult times. There was always a sensitive, caring feeling deep inside. Jer had learned through many experiences that life isn’t perfect, even with someone he considered to be his “best friend.”

    Life is far from perfect at this stage. Something or things have come into (Victim 4)’s life that appear to have taken him over. It’s powerful, a cloud of smoke that has engulfed him, for Jer it has been a dark cloud. (Victim 4) seemed to fight it, coming over trying to do hockey, but couldn’t pull it off. He seemed to be losing these battles more and more.

    Inch by inch the cloud has chocked him and taken over. It has smothered sensitivity and love, taken away his caring and enthusiasm. His enthusiasm has been replaced by sleep, his caring replaced by apathy (no concern). “Tell me another story, Jer, “ has been replaced by “I don’t care.” This cloud has destroyed soccer and hockey, choked smiles and laughter. There is fear that it has reached his insides, killing his feelings.

    Jer believes that there will always be something special inside (Victim 4).

    He hopes that it will last, return, if it has left. The players miss him.

    They say, “come back, (Victim 4)!” “Stay with us, (Victim 4)!” Jer would love to have the good times back. The players shout, “be with us to the end!”

    Jer would love to hear “Tell me another story, Jer.” Jer may not be worthy, but he needs a “best friend.” It doesn’t look real good.

    Jer understands life and its changes. He’s proud, too proud to beg for a friend, extended family member. The story will end the way (Victim 4) wants it. Jer wants to be there to the end, but that’s (Victim 4)’s call. If (Victim 4) ever needs him, he’ll come.

    Regardless, they have had an experience that others won’t. Jer will not forget and always care!”

  15. Word Girl says:

    Leter #4 had no salutation nor closing except for “Jer will not forget and always care!”

  16. Word Girl says:

    Letter #5 You leave a trail of broken promises (also known as “WE”

    “(Victim 4):

    Once again, I have decided to write some of my thoughts.

    I write because you mean so much to us. I write because I am concerned about all of us. I write because I have seen the hurt on [redacted]‘s face when you don’t show for him, even though you have given your word. I write because of the churning in my own stomach when you don’t care. I write because I still hope that there will be meaning to the time we have known each other.

    [Redacted] and I have seen this before, had similar experiences and to be honest, not very happy conclusions. You like to express yourself in a straight-forward manner. This will be a very direct message from us.

    We seem to be a convenience. When it is inconvenient or a better deal comes along, you leave a trail of broken promises. Commitments seem to be meaningless.

    You are able to bounce from person to person, object to object. You seek happiness through control, domination and what satisfies the moment.

    You have to hit the home run, swing for the fence. You don’t understand or choose not to worry about loyalty, commitment or caring. The motivation is to get what you want regardless of others.

    On the surface this many appear to work for you. People enjoy your youthfulness. Different people show up to give you temporary fulfillment.

    We could be wrong but don’t believe that this works. Our experience shows otherwise. You will get older. People will expect more. Your youthfulness will disappear. If you cannot care, you will not be able to live up to the expectations. Your so-called “best friends” will vanish. Happiness will escape your life.

    You might want to stop and think about true happiness. It seems to come more often when you don’t try as hard, look to just get a single, reach out to others, lose yourself, become satisfied with plain, simple people who care.

    It’s your life! You can continue as you have, keep looking for happiness or you can find it. We’d love to be a part of your life, but that’s your choice.

    We’ve been here, made it through some challenges. We want to always be there for you!

    With some hope and a lot of caring.

    We are,


    Remind me to analyze this as a piece when this is over. Jerry Sandusky is part of a “ring”, and if anyone doubts that, I say stay tuned.

    This hump. Unreal.


  17. Word Girl says:

    Letter #6 “Thanks for your special touch” written to witness David Hilton, 21, who testified on behalf of Gerald A. Sandusky


    Thanks for the memory!

    Thanks for being so warm and friendly!

    Thanks for your special touch!

    Thanks for trying so much!

    Thanks for being a very best friend!

    Thanks for your willingness to care to the end!

    Thanks for all you say and do!

    Thanks, mostly for just being you.

    Happy birthday,


  18. Word Girl says:

    Since we don’t have the original handwritten letters at hand, I must only vouchsafe my entries above are taken from the written by Matt Kemeny of the Patriot-News.

    I have a sense that the letters were faithfully copied when I see the ‘b’ in birthday is not capitalized, but the ‘H’ in Happy was, as well as incorrect punctuation repeated in the copies.

    Thanks Matt and the PN for getting the letters out. Thanks, Blink, for the enormous time and talent you’ve poured into this endeavor.

    WE are. Advocates. for Justice!

  19. Word Girl says:

    This might be cruel or a brilliant discovery–you get to choose.

    Joe Hermitt, a seasoned staff photographer who has covered Penn State football for 12 years (on staff since 1997) has had many opportunities to photograph the Sanduskys.

    In this photo we find the key, the true secret, to how the husband and wife have managed to obfuscate the truth in this trial.

    Write me back if you don’t get the answer (you might have to flip through all nine photos to find one of Gerald and Dorothy getting into a black vehicle.)

    Freaking me out twice today. I sent this image to a colleague earlier. My focus was different investigatively, but I agree with you in overall tone.

    One observation:

    JLA ESQ.


  20. Word Girl says:

    Yep. that’s the right link. Hint: in one case she almost does and in the other, she’s got it nailed.

  21. erose says:

    Prediction. Most all, if not all guilty verdicts. IMO, jury has decided on the verdicts for the victims who were in court, and now are focused on the unidentified victims and if can they come up with a guilty verdict with only witnesses and no accusers. If they had decided not guilty on victims who testified, they would not be deliberating over witness testimony. IMO, 90-100% guilty verdicts.

    Agreed and solid analysis erose.

  22. connie says:

    Erose- I agree. Where’s the DOJ when we need it most? Forget the Edwards trial and the baseball/steriods trial and put your resources towards this awful debacle. Like many others have already stated- if Sandusky is found not guilty I totally give up on our Judicial System. This rocks me to my core.

  23. T. Ruth says:

    Watching the Travis Weaver interview with Kate Snow, at the end Brian Williams and Snow discuss *if Sandusky comes off as not guilty here*, then the Feds will take the case with others’ testimonies who were not included in these charges, but some of whom have already testified to t he GJ, such as Weaver. (Assume that would also include Matt now.)

    Is that what’s going on here? Do the Feds want a piece of Jerry? Is that why the Judge is rushing this jury? To open up a bigger case? Adding Gricar maybe? I’m lost as to what he’s up to.

  24. erose says:

    @Blink, Your MSM analysis is dismal, though I am sure, true. Sigh.

    @WordGirl, Way to pull apart those letters, and put it all together for us. They don’t call you WG for nuthin’. I agree with Blink, it’s a ring, and I would bet that some local judges, among others of course, are a part of it.

    @Connie, I agree 100%. Can we please set some judicial priorities? I think a lot of the stuff is so we “watch the ball” over here, so we don’t notice the corruption over there.

  25. lizzy says:

    Word Girl says:
    June 22, 2012 at 5:32 pm
    Yep. that’s the right link. Hint: in one case she almost does and in the other, she’s got it nailed.

    Thanks for the humor. You nailed it. I needed it right now.

  26. Ode says:

    Blink, I am standing here in spirit holding my breath and your hand .

    I am holding it back with you my friend. The beginning of light. I know you know what I mean.

    God Bless these men, and God Bless justice.


  27. NY Liz says:

    here comes the verdict…watching live on

  28. [...] a violation of our First Ammendment Rights Under the US Constitution, has confirmed the jury has reached unanimous verdicts in this case, which are being read in open court, and so [...]

  29. Cindy says:

    #16 – “part of a ring” – omg – sick sobs, I hope that they get all of the others who are now shaking in their shoes. Justice has been served.

  30. Ragdoll says:

    This is probably none of my business…but…..

    Is there a cryptic message of sorts about ‘Jer and Dot’…


    in one case she almost does and in the other, she’s got it nailed


    I feel like I’m asking a dumb question that has an obvious answer but it wouldn’t be the first time.

    I’m in total awe of the posts, especially of late. Out of my league but I continue to read b/c this is where it’s really at.

    Nuffin but wubb XO

    Dunno but wanted to say heart u to my friendLY.


  31. Ragdoll says:


    Speaking of rings….one in Minnesota has been discovered very recently. Possible link to ‘Jer Cares?”

    Good Lord, my heart goes out to the brave survivors of such evil atrocities. This should have been stopped years ago. It should never have gone this far. Very mixed emotions…but my prayers are focused on those who matter the most XO.

    FriendLY- you have a link for that one? Sadly, I may have an interest in an unpublished case.


  32. Ragdoll says:

    Not sure if huff is a legit source (more info ….


    Investigators have busted a child pornography ring spread across the U.S. and Europe that produced and distributed sexually explicit images of babies and toddlers online, federal prosecutors in Indianapolis said Thursday


    I truly hope this helps with your research! XO

    Thank you I will let you know, much appreciated. Holding the other post until I can run through it, again thank you friendLY


  33. Word Girl says:

    Friendly Ragdoll,

    Jer and Dot are nicknames for Gerald and Dorothy Sandusky. No more, no less.

    About ‘nailing’ it, I was referring to Dorothy’s crossed, manicured toes.

    Remember when we were kids and someone would say, no finger crossing and we said okay, but then, oops, our toes were crossed! Cute.

  34. Word Girl says:

    Matt (Heichel) Sandusky was an 8-year-old child when he met Jerry Sandusky in 1987 through The Second Mile charity. Jerry took an interest in the young boy and treated him to tickets, and gifts, escorting him around the football team and grounds, as well as on trips, much as the victims have testified.

    After Matt set fire to a barn, which his step-father called normal ‘kidstuff’, he became a ward of the state and began living with the Sandusky family in 1995, when he was 16.

    His stepfather was worried about Matt from the time he was 11 years old, onward. He saw deterioration in Matt’s behavior and had his own suspicions about Sandusky. Mike Long said that one night, around 1995, Matt ran away.

    “Long said that one night in a rainstorm, Matt ran away from the Sandusky house to go to the home of his biological grandparents. When Harold Heichel, Matt’s grandfather, saw Jerry Sandusky driving up to his home, he hid Matt. Jerry Sandusky went on to confront Heichel that night, Long said.

    “Harold pushed Matt into the basement behind the door,” Long said of the grandfather, who died about seven years ago. “He was in his protective mode.’”

    I want to know the caseworker with CPS and the client liason or case manager TSM on this, as well as the rest. And Grine, take a seat in the line.


  35. Word Girl says:

    Right, Blink. We’ve been working on that, but can’t seem to pin it down yet.

    I do find it interesting that Matt was adopted with the Sandusky name change when he was 18. Anybody guessing ‘payoff’?

  36. Word Girl says:

    The adoption and name change was in 1997-98, correct?
    There was a wee bit of trouble brewing about that time–a Grand Jury investigated Sandusky in 1998, along with Penn State police and Pennsylvania Dept of Public Welfare.

    The most recent Grand Jury said in their presentment that abuse was traced to 1994.

    “1998 — Penn State police and the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare investigate an incident in which the mother of an 11-year-old boy reported that Sandusky had showered with her son and may have had inappropriate conduct with him. In a June 1, 1998, interview with investigators from both agencies, Sandusky admits showering naked with the boy, admitting that it was wrong and promising not to do it again, according to the grand jury report. The district attorney advises investigators that no charges will be filed and the university police chief instructs that the case be closed, according to the testimony included in the grand jury report of the police detective who investigated the incident.”

  37. Ragdoll says:

    @ Word girl….

    It got the ‘Jer and Dot’ (when I hear Jer…I think of Seinfeld…or used to),but I thought you were picking up body language cues from ‘JerDot’…or codes of some kind.

    Nailing it…LOL. They look like they’ve been ‘crossed’ for some time.

    Thanks for enlightening me, friendy! ‘preciate it muchly :D

    Anyone else foresee further charges in the near future? They trial may be over, but Matt’s stepping forward later on makes me thinketh this isn’t the epilogue.

  38. Rose says:

    @Blink. re yr response to Word Girl.

    Imo no CPS worker was involved with Matt. He was not to
    our knowledge in that system
    for sbuse or neglect.

    He was in a different system, the Juvenile system.
    His Court disposition for the Barn burning (Q here is who
    owned the barn & ensured charges were pressed?),
    included an out of home placement.

    It is rare probation as part of juvie sentencing includes an out of home
    placement on the first offense. Maybe his brother had ready been through the
    system and the home was known for severe problems.
    An out of home placement could have bedn part of the punishment (punitive juvie
    facility) or part of the rehab (group foster care with rehab “program” attached. So maybe TSM held itself out as
    group foster care for adjudicated juvies, including a rehab program component.
    But I’m darn sure living in a single family foster care slot is a very atypical juvie out of home placement–that setting doesnt differ enough from the home of origin. And I bet Sanduskys were not a licensed foster home. And I bet Grine violated juvenile justice system placement policies. And did it for others

    I am going to have to ask if anyone can recall if Matt was involved in CPS, I seem to remember that he was and Mrs. Long wrote several letters to his CPS caseworker regarding issues and concerns with Jerry, and the only reason his adoption went through was because of a letter from a psychologist and Judge Grine.

    Lastly- I believe a kid over most adults any day of the week. The problem is, Sandusky was such a skilled and prolific offender at grooming and manipulation they never came forward until confronted.

    That element of these crimes is criticially important to expose, imo.


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