Jerry Sandusky Sex Abuse Trial: Sandusky Convicted On 45 Counts, Sent To Jail Immediately

Bellefonte, PA-  not subject to Judge John Cleland’s order, which is likely a violation of our First Ammendment Rights Under the US Constitution, has confirmed the jury has reached unanimous verdicts in this case, which are being read in open court, and so far, they are guilty.


Update: Sandusly convicted of 45 of 48 counts


check back to for updated verdict information.



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  1. Word Girl says:

    Wth? Where is Ganim’s article on Matt?
    It was linked in Joel’s piece and now it’s gone. Maybe at the drycleaner for a little freshening? It’s gone from the Pennlive site,too.

    Joel said WashPo made 95% of their press run with Friday’s late night verdict. I wonder if The Patriot-News stopped the presses?

    If Ganim’s story on Matt doesn’t return, I’ll have to check with Punxsutawney Phil. It’s a good thing I can’t drink, cuz I’m feeling a little rummy right now

  2. erose says:

    From Litigation and Trial (Nov 2011)
    If PSU had any sense at all — which I wouldn’t necessarily assume, given how they didn’t even have a general counsel until 2010 — they would have productively used that access to the billion-dollar reinsurance market to obtain multi-million or multi-billion dollar excess liability insurance policies.

    The corporation of Penn State was organized in 1985. It is a non-profit with 3 for profit companies; The Nittany Insurance Co., The Research Park Management Corp. and Penn State Hershey Health Systems. The PSU BOT elect the corporation’s BOD annually. (Does that also mean the BOD term is for one year?)

    In 2011 they were:
    Alexander, Erikson, Garban, Hayes, Hintz, Horvath, Paz, Spainer, Strumpf and Surma.

    In 2012 the were:

    Members reelected:
    Erikson, Garban, Hintz, Paz, Strumpf and Surma.
    All but Paz are on BOT, except Paz, who is CEO of Hershey MC.

    Members not reelected: (Dr.)Alexander – still BOT, (Ex-PA rep and Juniata College Prof.) Hayes – still on BOT, Horvath (went to Smithsonian) and Schultz came back to fill in on his old job and Spainer – (well, you know his story).

    Members elected: Gray – not on BOT but has Schulzes job in finance, Pangborn (has Erikson’s old job of provost).

    I have read so many articles stating that PSU and other big U’s are more like corporations than charities. If so, we are looking at the people that really drive this machine, or at least run the balance sheet.


    About the profitable companies; we know about the captive insurance company, but here is how the Research Park Management came to be:

    It was in the wake of these failures [refering to other university research parks], in 1991, that Meade received a visit from Gary Schultz, Penn State’s associate vice president for finance, in Blacksburg, Virginia. At the time, Meade was director of a successful research park affiliated with Virginia Tech.

    “He asked me why research parks weren’t doing well,” Meade remembers. “I told him what I thought. He asked me if I’d be interested in coming to help start the project at Penn State.”

    Penn State Hershey Health System was formed in 2008 to provide a formal management structure to manage Penn State Hershey Medical Center’s relationships with other health care providers throughout Pennsylvania, including joint ventures and other collaborative agreements. In support of our strategic vision, the health system has partnered with other hospitals and health care systems to assist them in bringing high quality clinical services to their local market. The Penn State Hershey Health System continues to seek new opportunities for outreach and partnership in areas of patient care, research and education.

    Kevin Splaine would have been instrumental to the formation of the for-profit “affiliate” (the term PSU prefers) of the health system.

    For the past nine years, Splaine has worked for the Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, a $1.2 billion fully integrated academic health center, including a college of medicine, university hospital, children’s hospital and a 750-physician medical group. He served as the chief operating officer for the *Penn State Hershey Health System*, and the chief strategy officer for the academic medical center and Penn State College of Medicine.

    Just want those “kids” to find out what is in all the baskets when they go looking for the money. For good or bad, Gary Schultz played a big part in the transformation of college to corporation, and the for-profit companies seem to me cleverly disguised to google up as their non-for-profit counter parts. (Not that the victim’s lawyers haven’t already figured this out, but to the general public, like me, it’s a bit confusing. Who wouldn’t confuse Penn State Hershey Medical Center with Penn State Hershey Health Systems? and are they, as the Litigation and Trial article suggests, under insured?

  3. beejay says:

    @rose: yes; in 2000 PSU took over formerly independent Dickinson Law Schl.

    Pamela Ruest said she joined McQuaide Blasko in 1997. Prior to that, she was in independent practice w/ offcs in both Millheim and State College


    Her law schl was in Connecticut. Admitted to bar around 1986, IIRC. Moved to State College area w/ then-husband Barry Jones. She did use her married name, at least socially; she was a/k/a Pamela Jones during the marriage. Middle initial ‘A’ for Alyce or simiar.

  4. beejay says:

    Ganim was interviewed on TV late last week, In Session. She brought up that on day 1, while Victim 4 testified, Matt was in the courtroom. And that she looked for him constantly after that but never saw him in the courtroom again. (Vic 4 is the one who said Matt was in shower when he and JS came in, seemed nervous and left)

    Of course prosecutors knew what Vic 4 would testify. And, if Matt did not reveal that at grand jury when he should have, Matt also knew then he would be subject to possible perjury before grand jury charges. My guess is this was a strategy on prosecution’s part to get Matt as their ace in the hole. They never wanted JS on the stand in court, for fear some nutcase juror might develop a case of reasonable doubt/get conned by JS.


    As to Spanier, he’s old enough to retire. If civil suits come his way, he’ll have to scale back his lifestyle. Perhaps his very old and very rich friend Ronald Roskens could find a retirement job for him in his own businesses?

  5. beejay says:

    My take on the Sanduskys’ motive in 1995 was that JS had been abusing Matt for years, knew Matt was acting out. Matt was having way too much contact with outsiders (juvie POs, etc); JS was afraid he’d rat him out. So, JS needed to call in all favors, con all the susceptible, to get Matt placed in the Sandusky home where JS could have more control/better isolation.

    In the mid-90s, it’s hard to imagine that a kid with firesetting and a suicide attempt didn’t get committed for psych evaluation. I guess only the “special” foster home the Sanduskys ran was up to the task of Matt. It’s really, really hard to place a firesetter. Perhaps the system decided they’d better take the Sanduskys up on their offer before they changed their minds? Or, maybe there were other reasons. I did look at the Dr. Fox; didn’t keep notes; thought I’d posted it here way back then. Maybe March? IDK.

  6. beejay says:

    I have to make hay while i have electronics. Don’t know if you’re holding something similar by Word Girl, but here’s my input:

    Who is the “we” and especially, who is the other male that victim 4 made promises to but failed to show for?

    In the “we” letter, Sandusky names the group that victim 4 and Sandusky were hanging out with. Some are football players, perhaps mentors. Was there one amongst those named (or in the “etc” unnamed group) who was also a pedophile or perpetrator of crimes against victim 4?

    Putting 2 letters together, from the letter referred to as the “we” letter:

    It wasn’t (Victim 4), Jer, LaVar, Mac, Courtney, David, Anthony, Josh, etc., it was “we.”

    Read more:

    And from the letter referred to as the “I’m Jer” letter, who is the male [redacted]? Sounds like he was a regular part of JS’ group at the time; I didn’t think JS would share a victim; was [redacted] an innocent party? Here:

    I write because you mean so much to us. I write because I am concerned about all of us. I write because I have seen the hurt on [redacted]‘s face when you don’t show for him, even though you have given your word. I write because of the churning in my own stomach when you don’t care.

    [Redacted] and I have seen this before, had similar experiences and to be honest, not very happy conclusions. You like to express yourself in a straight-forward manner. This will be a very direct message from us.

    We seem to be a convenience. When it is inconvenient or a better deal comes along, you leave a trail of broken promises. Commitments seem to be meaningless.

    Read more:

  7. beejay says:

    Mystery solved: Tim is [redacted]. CDT printed it:

    Somebody help me out here. Would CDT at this time print the first name of a child in that letter? A child victim? An adult witness?

    Is Tim in that letter a child? Could Tim be that Clearfield High football coach whose name I posted yesterday? And would that fit that letter????

  8. beejay says:

    Commenter at that previous link, abc 1866 says Tim is the coach:

    Tim was the boy’s coach at school, I was at the trial. These are not creepy. They sound like letters written to me by my step dad and other mentors when I was in my youth making dumb decisions.

    * A Like
    * Reply

    * 06/21/2012 09:00 PM

    Read more here:

  9. beejay says:

    Uh oh. Exhibit 26–that letter was actually signed ‘Jer and Tim’. And it doesn’t sound innocent to me. A child’s football coach, who has been though this before with Jer and other kids, is “hurt” when a child doesn’t show up for–what? practice???? Holy crap!
    “I write because I have seen the hurt on Tim’s face when you don’t show for him, even though you have given your word.”

    Read more here:

  10. beejay says:

    If any of you researchers need it, there’s a partial Soc Security no. for JS on the order for his evaluation as possible sexual predator:

    TY Beejay, Not that I could or would ever publish it of course, but through legacy documents, which are usually poorly redacted, I have it. It was one of the reasons I opined that JS might actually have been adopted himself. I do agree he bears a strong resemblance to Art, however.


  11. PaMom says:

    (“The verdict ended the fallacy that this was an area too devoted to Penn State football to render a fair and proper judgment,” Dan Wetzel wrote at Yahoo Sports.) This is from #34 Rose C’s link to the Washington Post.

    I am from this area, and I am proud that these jurors had no problem finding guilt in this pedophile. In the past, there were so many children abused by pedophiles, and it was kept quiet. The victims bore the shame as their rapes were swept under the carpet, so to say.
    This verdict is like a breath of fresh air and hope for all the victims and their families.

    I am so thankful for the people (victims, families, advocates and law enforcement) who’ve had the courage to stand up in front of the whole world and speak the truth about sexual abuse. They have opened the eyes of the public and allowed justice instead of shame for other victims. They have become the victims advocate just like this site.

  12. beejay says:

    I could save Blink some work if I’d read around the web before I post. Sorry. Here it is from Matt himself:

    “The adopted son of convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky detailed claims of sex abuse in a 25-minute audio tape with police, but he also worried about a perjury charge because he told a grand jury nothing inappropriate ever happened.”

    I’ll be quiet now.

  13. Rose says:

    could’ve been a relative adoption. Frequent in those days, and undisclosed, with out of wedlock relative’s births, especially in Northeast Catholic families of Northern European origin. I had this occur in my own Catholic relatives of the early century era.

  14. Rose says:

    One key to this win was the Judge’s wisdom in sticking with a Centre Cty jury pool because they’d be more highly educated in a university town and less likely swayed by the small stuff defense threw up.
    Kind of like having an Ann Arbor jury pool over Flint or Detroit.

    Interesting analogy Rose.

  15. T. Ruth says:

    Matt Sandusky:

    So, if I’m doing my math right Matt’s abuse started in 1987, when he was 8, while he was at Second Mile.

    I am so looking forward to a thorough investigation of Second Mile.

  16. beejay says:

    Headline, Aug 5, 2008: Second Annual Football Letterman’s Club Golf Outing Draws More Than 100 Former Nittany Lions
    “Players spanning more than 50 years of Nittany Lion Football returned to campus for golf, dinner and fellowship. Head Coach Joe Paterno joined the former players for dinner.”
    Copyright prohibits listing all the attendees, but there were names we recognize from our discussions or elsewhere, including: Sandusky; McQueary; Lance Mehl; Fran Ganter and sons; a couple of Suheys. And a non-case-related name, Josh—Josh Kroell.

    Josh Kroell played under Coach Tim Janocko at Clearfield High. Then in the early 1990s at PSU (fullback, IIRC). Others in the Kroell family have played likewise. Josh’s football career was cut short early on by 3 concussions.


    Link referencing Kroell and Janocko at Clearfield High:

    On a separate note: I have to admit that I’m looking at the possibility of generational cycles of abuse. And not just in the Sandusky family.

  17. beejay says:

    Back to the group JS identified in his “we” letter. LaVar Arrington apologized in print to Victim 4 for not having recognized that he was victimized by JS. LaVar spent some time with Vic 4; said they had a couple of laughs at one of those bowl games (Alamo?) Maybe LaVar was a mentor to him.

    I found and posted a possible Josh, though he wouldn’t have been a PSU contemporary of LaVar’s. Somebody needs to check my time perspective, lol.

    Here’s a possible Courtney, who was a contemporary of LaVar’s”

    “Courtney Brown and LaVar Arrington were the first and second players chosen in the 2000 NFL Draft….”


    “It wasn’t (Victim 4), Jer, LaVar, Mac, Courtney, David, Anthony, Josh, etc., it was “we.””

    Read more:

  18. Word Girl says:

    Beejay, you’re a force to reckon with! Welcome Back!
    I agree that it is Tim as the redacted name in JS letters, but I don’t see any evidence to implicate him in molestation or its coverup, but that remains to be seen.

    More, it seems, that Tim and the team served as a legitimate cover for JS to maintain relations with Victim 4.

    The excellent article on Matt’s bio (by Ganim) reappeared this morning. Thanks for your original post on it.
    I recommend it for all to read:

  19. MKAY says:

    I apologize if this article has been posted already. I am behind on my reading. It has some interesting information regarding a defense witness. I believe it was the young man whose uncle was to have reportedly contacted the prosecutors before his nephew gave his testimony.

  20. beejay says:

    @Word Girl: TY. Always happy when I’m “wired” and able to be here! I have a question. You said, “More, it seems, that Tim and the team served as a legitimate cover for JS to maintain relations with Victim 4.”

    I certainly hope so. But look again. Two diff letters are involved. I didn’t make it very clear in my earlier post. Will you read them again? I’d love your input.

    In the “we” letter, with LaVar, Courtney, etc, TIM is NOT the redacted name, nor is he listed. Altho he could be in the “etc” category. That looks like a group of PSU football players that the Victim hung with.

    OTOH, the “I’m Jer” letter was not signed only by Jer, as we first saw in print. We now know it was signed Jer and TIM. A local who was in court says, yes, Tim is the Victim’s football coach; is Tim Janocko.

    Look at the language–this is your expertise. Does it strike you as odd that his football coach would be SO very disappointed? And what is it that the victim promises to show up for, that would leave Tim that disappointed? (Not a star ball player, I don’t think).

    Or, Jer could be lying, manipulating with the Tim’s disappointment stuff in the letter. Snip:

    “I write because I have seen the hurt on Tim’s face when you don’t show for him, even though you have given your word.”

    The other section of the “I’m Jer” letter that bothers me, again if it’s representative of the truth, is this:

    “[Redacted--now know to be Tim] and I have seen this before, had similar experiences and to be honest, not very happy conclusions.”

    Partly it seems like two pals who routinely do something. And it also sounds a little threatening. Not happy conclusions for whom? In what sense?

    I don’t want any perps to be missed while the roundup’s going on around there. If you google something like Tim Janocko + Jerry Sandusky, or maybe Second Mile, you’ll find that JS was always going to Tim’s events around Clearfield. They were tight; both thru football and TSM.

    At the link I gave at my post of beejay says:
    June 26, 2012 at 7:42 am, that source published the letters in a sequence so it’s easy to separate out the two in your mind:

  21. Word Girl says:

    MCKAY, the defense witness is David Hilton, 21, and I don’t believe a word out of his mouth. More will come of this, I believe.

    Yep. Yep and Yep.

  22. Word Girl says:

    Irony that I believe I don’t believe Hilton. Just word play.

  23. erose says:

    The tragic lesson of this saga: It takes more than one disturbed person to steal a kid’s soul; it takes a village of disconnected people looking the other way.

    Seriously solid editorial by Wise.

  24. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Thanks for the link erose.

    The article is very powerful. I agree that a big effort needs to be made to connect all the enablers that did the coverup and looking the other way in order to protect reputations. They should all be charged with aiding and abetting a criminal rapist as well as providing a safe environment for him to operate all the while making it possible for him to make a lot of money.

    As we have seen in this case, it just takes one evil person to infect a whold community of people if the community allows it.

    I have a little different take on the term “soul murderer”. Your soul is yours to build with GOD and while development may be delayed, another person cannot murder your soul.

  25. MKAY says:

    Word Girl @ 8:57 pm, thank you for the name. I agree with both your beliefs. :)

  26. Rose says:

    @Beejay. Great letter analysis. Based on your analysis, this
    paragraph makes sense to me if you add the words “with other boys” after “experiences”:
    “[Redacted--now know to be Tim] and I have seen this before, had similar experiences and to be honest, not very happy conclusions.” Tim certainly sounds like a co-, but only this Victim would know. Tim didn’t testify as a defense character witness?

  27. Rose says:

    @Beejay. imo TSM was not the only fishing pond, and Jerry was not fishing alone.
    You have to look back at how this many 8 year old boys got into the TSM pond. Everything I’ve read
    has said at that young age, public school teachers referred them or nominated them to the summer
    camps and other TSM programs. It was part of making the boys and girls feel special to be nominated for this Penn State football player group. The lure wasn’t just Jerry, it was all those football players who were involved as mentors, their trading cards, etc.

    I think it appropriate for public schools to provide a list of support non-profits to all homes in a category such as Free and Reduced Meals (farms), but not to recommend one and only one to parents for a particular child. Just like you give a list of doctors accepting Medicaid but don’t tell people to go to a specific doctor. The local School Boards need to tighten up their referral policies and train staff.

  28. Rose says:

    Rose- thanks for posting that. It confirms that CPS ( PA Child Welfare) encouraged placement with Sandusky and removal from his bio family IN SPITE of the probationers ( court system) concerns.

    I want to know who that CPS worker was, and all their placements analyzed. Were any of these placements outsourced as we discussed in the beginning?

    Everytime I read this I got incensed. That boy’s cry for help was textbook.


  29. Rose says:

    ps above url speaks to Jerry’s power with the local District judges.

  30. beejay says:

    @Rose: Janocko did not testify at JS trial that I can find. However, he’s been busy stonewalling or defending TSM’s Clearfield chapter, which he at one time headed/was on BOD/said to be instrumental in starting. And JS’ frequent presence in Clearfield at a variety of events, annual Sports banquet (not a TSM event). TSM summer youth football camps at Clearfield, etc.

    If you read the 92 entries at the topix Clearfield forum dedicated to Clearfield TSM, you get more info from locals. Some very concerned parents, PO’d that they couldn’t get any explanations out of TSM chapter there, which ceased TSM events around 2009.


  31. beejay says:

    Chiming in: don’t believe Hilton either.

  32. beejay says:

    I checked PSU’s 1999 football roster. All the names listed in the “we” letter were present on that roster. A Tony for Anthony. A couple of names with the sound “Mac” which could’ve been nicknames used.

    That’s to say all the names could’ve been PSU football players. However, with the exception of LaVar, an unusual name, if you checked most any roster you might find those names. Well, maybe not Courtney, it’s a little unusual too. So, nothing definitive in my little digging effort. Still a possibility.

    1999 was last season JS coached; was bowl trip where LaVar remembered Victim 4 being there.

  33. beejay says:

    Cleland was spanking the hands of the trial attorneys for leaks of evidence. Did ya’ll see where McGettigan requested that Cleland instruct defense attys to stop saying they didn’t put JS on the stand because they found out that if they did, then Matt would be called as a rebuttal witness? So, are prosecutors just wanting that info protected? Or, um, maybe that’s NOT why the sudden decision to keep JS off the stand. It makes sense, and maybe everyone here except me has already sorted it out:

    “Without explanation, defense attorneys requested a recess during testimony from one of their own witnesses [David Hilton]. Then — after an unusually long break during ,which both legal teams joined the judge in his chambers amid speculation over whether Sandusky would take the risky step of testifying — defense attorneys said they were done….

    The defense decision came after the witness, David Hilton, 21, reacted with surprise when he was asked whether he knew that his uncle had called the defense team Tuesday night. Sandusky attorney Karl Rominger then asked for a recess.”


  34. beejay says:

    David Hilton was served out of TSM’s Lancaster Chapter. It ceased operations in late spring, 2011:

    “The Lancaster chapter formed in 1997, 20 years after The Second Mile formed. It ceased operations about six to eight months ago after a core group of volunteers decided to move on to other things. That decision, Groff said, had nothing to do with the Sandusky case.”

    Read more:

    For a few of their more recent years TSM selected “Professional Partners” to honor. In Aug, 2008, the honoree was a Lancaster County caseworker. There are other CYS supervisor names at the link below. Granted, they might not be in the division we’re interested in right now, but these folks move around. So, names for you researchers at:

    Other Prof Partners at the link below, including Elaine Steinbacher:

  35. Rose says:

    Yes, Beejay. Other artices said uncle called the prosecution team. Maybe both imo. He was probably trying to stop an invitation to perjury. I speculated because both parents & brothere were deaf, Hilton’s uncle had been his confidant. It is possible during that long bench conference where the question undoubtedly arose as to whether
    prosecution would put on evidence of perjury, Matt’s rebuttal testimony also came up. I expect defense was somehow reminded putting the accused on would open the door to both prospects and more we don’t even know about. Maybe even Tim J would be used in rebuttal.!

  36. Rose says:

    @Blink.  I bet you not only know it was CPS, you could get the name of the worker.  I  have learned confidence in your sources and methods. 
    This article repeats previously published information. I think the key words you see must be “foster care” after the barn and “probation and child welfare officials recommended continued placement.”

    You are right, it is vital to investigate which “child welfare official” recommended continued placement.  And which “probation official” — the same as the one writing the questioning case note. Do an audit of their cases of that era. Was this an anomaly 

    Idk how PA was organized then, but in that era contracting out foster care worker activities to a private provider should not have begun yet, except apparently to TSM. 

    Child Welfare would likely have been divided into Foster Care and CPS.  In the old days, they didn’t mix up functions. 
    Also, as Beejay said, the Juvenile Dept also placed into foster homes (with no CPS involvement) which could be individual, group and relative. As Beejay said, placements to an individual foster home for a fire setter just wouldn’t happen.  Also as noted in various readings, it was very rare Matt would be removed from his home, a home that was a placement for a relative as well, for a first offense.

    I believe Jerry pulled strings and had the Judge sign a placement made by the Juvenile Justice Dept Intake worker into his home as a TSM foster care home.  He undoubtedly then got foster care payments.

    The key above is the language “continued placement”–some sort of status hearing or placement review.  It does not refer to the original placement which imo was a piece of Grine/Jerry work. At that time the Foster Care arm of Child Welfare which was the Cild Welfare Branch with the foster care placement supervision portfolio (not CPS) might have, in addition to a Probation Official, done a home study of the Longs and Sanduskys and recommended continued placement.  All this being said, if you have inside scoop someone in CPS was originally involved in the first placement, I defer gladly.

  37. Rose says:

    Press hasn’t mrntioned foster care payments Sanduskeys got for any Court placed foster child. And I think in mid 80s due to Fed legislation State agencies made payments for families adopting foster children (as minors).

  38. beejay says:

    Dottie isn’t the only catty person that supported JS. Just saw this quote, Elaine Steinbacher discussing Victim 4 and his bringing his girlfriend and child to the Sandusky home. Steinbacher was mooching off them herself at the time, as she stayed at their home 8 to 11 times a year on business:

    “They stayed a few hours, and it was friendly, she recalled on the stand. “Just a lovely afternoon,” she said. “I remember saying to Dottie, ‘You’ll see a lot of them. Obviously he’s looking for foster grandparents.’””

    Meow. Link:

    Note that I mentioned her earlier today as a TSM “Professional Partner” honoree. She was adamant about JS’ good character. IDK if you can readily get there Rose, so I’ll bring over some stuff from those TSM “Prof Partner” links above. See next post, please. Appreciate your work, Rose. I’m lost with these agencies.

  39. Word Girl says:

    Rose, I think you could dig out the amount of those foster placements better than any of us. (blink probably’s already got them.)

    I’m w/o computer now. Will bbl.

  40. beejay says:

    “When not working diligently on her professional duties, Elaine spends time with her husband of 43 years, Donald E. Steinbacher, a former Penn State football player in the same graduating class as Second Mile founder Jerry Sandusky.”

    More info is given at the link about her work with migrant education and how it fits into TSM programming:

    Now, as to those mysterious PA agencies, at least in the early 2000s.
    At Profession Partner for Aug 2008′s webpage, there are statements about her work made by:

    Angie Leed, Senior Caseworker, Lancaster County Children & Youth Resource Unit

    Kurt Miller, Director of In-Home Protective Services, Lancaster County CYS

    In-Home Protective Services, Rose? The Prof Partnr is a resource person to foster care families, from what I can figure out; probably worked with Leed. And Miller also worked with those Resource caseworkers, but not having direct line authority over them. This may not be helpful. Feel free to ignore me.

    Here’s a description of what this Prof Partnr does (very long article; think i can snip this much):

    “Mandy Gallello has worked over 30 years for Lancaster County Children and Youth Social Service Agency (CYS) in its Resource Unit, which is the unit that recruits, trains, and provides services to resource parents. Currently collaborating with about 200 resource homes, Mrs. Gallello’s primary jobs are recruitment and pre-service training of resource parents, home studies, support services to resource parents, annual reevaluations of 30-40 resource homes, investigation of any complaints or concerns about these families, and author of a quarterly unit newsletter. She also serves as liaison to The Second Mile and the South Central Coalition of Foster Care Providers.”

    She was with Lancaster CYS from 1974 to 1983, quit to start a family, returned to work in 1985.


    Here’s a brief snip of what these Resource families do. Back in my day we called it providing Respite Care:

    “…call daily to offer themselves as substitute parents to the children of others. They rearrange their homes, disrupt their routines, change their personal goals, and share their financial resources with children…”

  41. Rose says:

    It is important to kniw when Matt’s probation ended.  But he apparently  was still in probation & subject to Court-ordered living arrangements at the time of tge suicide attempt.  So hypothetically speaking , it’s my opinion the Court hearing at which the recommendation for continued out of home placement occurred was some sort of a Status Hearing responsive to the suicide attempt.

    That sort of Court Report by tge Child Welfare  Foster Care worker responsible for supervising and reporting to the Court on the child could be very short, hypothetically a page and a half, as well as oral in the Hearing.  Contacts could be limited to Matt, the Sanduskys (should have been one home visit), someone from the school (can’t you just see Sandusky saying “Here’s Coach Tim’s phone number”?), and the treating doctor after the suicide attempt.  I would be surprised if a Foster Care worker of that era visited the family home. 

    There was no realistic chance a suicidal teen on probation for fire setting would go to any other family placement.  Obviously he needed to be worked up in a residential private youth psych setting, but governments hate to pay for that, and it would have taken a Child Welfare worker supported by a supervisor willing to fight internally for it.

    Love to see Matt sue the County  Child Welfare agency  for continuing the placement rather than providing mental health care.

    In my experience, in that era when Foster Care and CPS were separate divisions of Child Welfare, both adoptions and returns to family of origin did not happen–a reason for reforms later on.  The Foster Care workers were invested in the foster homes and their adults they regularly monitored and interacted with (aka the foster family providing services was the de facto client), and they were not invested in family reunification.  All this is general opinion, not specific to Matt.  I believe the details of his child molestation should have remained entirely private unless he made disclosure. 

  42. beejay says:

    You know, Matt’s release to the Sandusky home, with help from Tim Janocko, from juvie detention after the barn fire incident makes no sense. But what makes it even more absurd is that after he and Dottie’s niece take aspirin together at a hotel in a suicide attempt (or gesture), Matt still stays at the Sandusky home.

    In what kind of backwater burg did this happen in the mid 1990s? If ONLY as a CYA effort, whatever agencies were responsible for him should have all sorts of written documentation justifying that. More probable, to cover everybody–including the Sanduskys–Matt should have immediately gone for an inpatient psych evaluation.

    The more I think about it, it makes no sense in terms of liability, if nothing else. I’m not sure we know all of what happened. The Sanduskys weren’t even, so far as I know, a specialized foster care home. There were some available back then, at least group homes. Really, he should have at least spent some time at PA’s Devereux facility.

    I’m totally aghast at all these adults. And that’s putting Matt’s needs aside.

    And was Dottie aware of the fire and suicide attempts? I’m guessing so. And she WANTED to “SARGE” her way through that because…she luvved Matt so much?

    This is so effed up I’m not sure it really happened that way.

    Dottie’s niece was living at their home? WTH did I miss? I am laughing at you affectionately because I am pretty sure I taught you the word “effed”, lol.



  43. Rose says:

    Driving around a lot this week with houseguest from H as well as kids’ lessons, so pop in and out for 30 min or so during lesson waits, best in peaceful wee hours. Hard to keep up here.

    Idk County and State Child Wefare ops have morphed so over the years, responsive to Fed legislation mid-80s, then again and again. First MBO models (contracting) swept in from Portland of all places (late 70s), then mergers of foster care and cps functions to try to get agency foster kids to adoption or reunification, then contracting out the worker functions themselves.

    What I think Beejay is you can’t analyze Matt’s time in placement in the mid-90s by any early 2000s job descriptions or personnel. Line level workers would have high turnover, supervisors stayed longer and might even retire there. Fostef care supvs who headed home recruitment, licensing, training were likely to becomes fossils in their job as it was cushiest. Not a lot of home studies, but a imo she might have done Matt’s because prize foster parents, Sanduskys, were involved.

    I’ll look at your links/info Beejay and think.
    Do you remember the barn burning year? the suicide attempt year?
    Counting back, was the latter 1996?
    An agency worker would have to get a Court order on her own agency to get inpatient eval ordered, which should have been done but it would take a maverick employee, otherwise the alternative was to send him home. We don’t know that whole story on the home.

  44. beejay says:

    An interesting aside. A blogger, Malinda Chilcote, of Mill Creek, PA, who owns a legal research company, wrote an article about the Luzerne county juvie justice mess. But here’s an unexpected comment, in the parentheses. Written in January, 2010. Judge Grine retired this year or last.

    “In September a federal grand jury issued a 48-count indictment against former Luzerne County judges Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conahan , charging them with numerous counts of racketeering, bribery, money laundering fraud and tax violations. ( Authors note: Be afraid Judge David Grine, be very afraid*).”

    “During the same proceeding James Anderson, the executive director of the Juvenile Court Judges Commission, recommended…”

    [listed several, but note this one:]

    “To require the Judge to state on the record why he or she has made that decision that a child is to be placed in an out of home facility and to enumerate the reasons why the chose a particular facility .”

    The author’s asterisk note was this:

    “*Judge David Grine presided over Juvenile Court Proceedings, including Children and Youth Services Hearings, in Centre County Pennsylvania from the 1980′s to the present.”


    I can smell it beejay. I can tell you can as well.


  45. Rose says:

    OK Beejay here’s my guess (only) from that single blurb about Mandy at an organizational snapshot in time (2008) which imo is unreliable for mid-1990s org analysis.

    I would guess In-Home CPS covered children reported abused or neglected who were residing in their home of origin.
    I would guess there would now be a counterpart CPS Unit covering children in any kind of residential placement including family foster homes about which this article is silent. That is the type of Unit formerly called Foster Care I mentioned above. That may be where Blink gets CPS from. That type of re-org would have come about from legislation giving fed $ to incentivize adoptions out of foster care, or returns home, skills not present in foster care worker units of old. So this would be simply relabelling the Foster Care Child Welfare Dept (after a child was removed from the home and sent to foster care. In the old days it was called Foster Care; now my guess is it is called out-of-home) as an ongoing cps unit (non-inhome).

    The old functions of recruiting and training, licensing, and “servicing” foster homes seems to have been put together, adding the servicing into what was formerly recruiting and training, and licensing (both separate functions). This separated the foster home family liaison function out of the case management of the children themselves function, the latter simply having a name change to ongoing cos. Who knows when this re-org happened in this State/County?.

    Imo Beejay, in this new wine in old wineskins relabeling and reorg, the Resouce Unit’s 200 homes ARE the County’s foster homes, not respite care but it might include temporary emergency placement homes.

    IIRC TSM’s foster care functions were
    1) hosting parties or special thank you or holiday events for foster parents
    2) owning one (or more) group homes

  46. Rose says:

    I’m sorry to post so much opinion/hypothesis. I value facts. I’ll be quiet now…

  47. Rose says:

    Couldn’t resist. Here’s the PA Code, passed ’85, doubtless here before:
    idk if revised. And haven’t looked yet for agency regs.

    Seems sensible to me County Child/Youth Services ( that Foster Care Resource Unit) got its nose in the juvie probation system child client pie either before the suicide attempt because juvie put Matt in one of their licensed homes, OR the suicide attempt made Matt an “at risk” child so CYS got involved in evaluating the Court ordered placement (home study) itself
    and rubber stamped their own prize foster home. That is, if ot existed in 1996, I bet the CYS screw job on Matt happened personnel-wise in the Foster Care Resource Unit.

  48. Rose says:

    @Beejay. imo this chart sucks and who knows the chart in @0s:
    but imo
    1) Intake is the first complaint screening unit (very short time frame for first contact)
    2) Assessment is the ongoing assessment unit of complaints (they had 90 days long ago idk now
    3) In- home probably ongoing services to kids in their homes ( wouldnt this have to be voluntary at a point? or children being returned home by court order after a period in court ordered foster care?)
    4) Placement- probably kids in ongoing nonhome placements by Court order or temporary voluntary.
    This would be a new name for the old Foster Care Unit.

    just my guesses.

    this chart doesnt even mention the Foster Care Resource Unit

  49. Word Girl says:

    Beejay, I think you asked about the We letter. I don’t have any expertise with language; I just find words kind of cool.

    Sandusky was a Great Manipulator, not a Great Pretender. He wrote a letter as if it was composed and signed by two people, himself and Tim Janocko, of Clearfield High School. Since his epistle often used the pronoun, ‘we,’ it’s been named the “We Letter”

    The long, winding road from State College to Clearfield is only about an hour’s drive for Sandusky to go assist the small town football team where Janocko has been coaching for nearly 30 years. A former Penn State fullback, under Sandusky (hmm),Tim raised his family in Clearfield. His oldest son is now coaching football at Rutgers.

    This legacy is very common in PSU parts. “There were more than 50 Penn Staters coaching in high school, college or professional football during in 2004,” according to

    With a few hints from the Clearfield topix posters, it appears that Janocko didn’t play much for PSU, if at all. It’s difficult to verify his playing time from 30 years ago, but some say it was slim to none.

    There was definitely a lot of involvement with Sandusky, however, in Clearfield. A TSM chapter was installed there, but most of the money raised each year went to the state-level TSM charit. Each year Sandusky would have a benefit banquet, bringing along a number of players, until that ceased in 2009.

    The last banquet must have been Feb. 25, 2009, for $15, featuring dinner and a chance to mingle with local athletes.

    “Clearfield graduate Andrew Janocko, Moshannon Valley grad Ryan Gmerek and Philipsburg-Osceola alum J.D. Mason will be joined by several of their Pitt and Penn State teammates.

    Gmerek and Mason, along with Daryll Clark, Sean Lee and Stefen Wisniewski, are scheduled to represent the Nittany Lions, while Janocko, Henry Hynoski, Myles Caragein, Dan Cafaro and assistant head coach Greg Gattuso are slated to appear for Pitt.”

    This article is worth a read as it is most alarming in retrospect.
    Of course we know that the organization was used by one criminal in particular, but the extent of that situation is not yet known.

    “The Clearfield Chapter uses high school students to provide area youth with some tips for the future.”

    Clearfield TSM chapter Vice-Chairman Jamie Quick indicated that the banquet funds were used for their Super Thursday events.

    “On Thursday evenings, we take some kids up to the high school, actually the field house, to offer a program. The three components of the program are physical, social and educational. Each component is 25 minutes in length. We match high school students up with the kids … we used fifth- and sixth-graders last year … and they worked together as a team throughout the night.”

    In addition, TSM had organized a summer camp for 14 years, and be in its 14th year and is a lot like Super Thursdays as far as how the youngsters benefit from their time with volunteers, as reported by the Progress News.

    “We visit elementary schools,” Quick said. “We take high school kids to the schools, and they share with the youngsters the kind of activities they are involved with both in and out of school and what helped make them successful as they were growing up.”

    So much room for disaster there. How many TSM parents are along on these evening events and during summer camp play?

    But back to the ‘We’ letter. JS was clearly involved in Clearfield. He was very eager for his victim 4 to stay connected to football, to him, and to Tim.

    Now Acting Principal of Clearfield High School, Tim Janocko must know why Jerry Sandusky felt he needed to include him in a letter he did not write. Unless he was also just pretending.

  50. beejay says:

    Blink: yes, you taught me to become a lady and say “effed”. I came of age in the radical sixties and so I normally just say “f**k”. A lot!

    I do smell it. It’s the only thing that makes sense. Although, Chilcote and her husband are disgruntled. And she hates JKA. I guess you drilled down that far. However, she is also bright, witty, and doesn’t sound either mean or totally insane, so I give her some credibility.

    I say we skip right over the caseworkers, except for a final tidy-up connections, and go right to the jurist(s).

    @Rose and Word Girl: TY both so much for your work! Gotta hand over my ‘puter now for some sort of procedure (aliens, strange probings, something not in my realm of comprehension). Will get back. Digesting all your stuff.

    Tim Janocko also was in the role of guidance counselor at one point. As was one of the defense witnesses–the man with 3 names who recently retired as social studies teacher and was, more importantly, the football coach at Bellefonte H.S.(where he also coached wrestling and swimming at various points). I hate it when I hear JS was tight with men who were into football and in a position to make referrals to TSM thru their additional/occasional role as guidance counselors. Stinky stuff.

    BTW, WG, I ran across the Jer letters published at a diff site and saw Tim’s name in a different letter! Only it was misspelled as ‘Time’. I’d have never known it was a name till we knew about Tim Janocko.

    So, we have another secret that a lot of people have suspicions about around Happy Valley, do we?

    OT: heard thru Rominger that JS prefers “heart healthy” food and isn’t getting it at the jail. Jail official said he gets what everybody else gets and he’s been eating it. Rattled off: chicken fingers, spaghetti, hamburgers. I told my DH, whose bitch-wife tries to feed him healthful food. Now DH wants to bunk awhile at centre county jail–for the jail food!



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