Freeh Report on Sandusky and PSU BOMBSHELL: What They Missed

Blink is on location and will be filing this report later today.  I am opening the thread to keep discussion on the Freeh Report here in advance of the piece.    Set your RSS.

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  1. beejay says:

    Well, Christopher G. Lee has copyright dates, where I saw his “Not Guilty” lyrics, of 1985-2009. 1985. That was before any legal troubles of his that I know of. Sounds like folk song lyrics by an aging hippie-wannabe who missed the Sixties.

    He dragged his cousin along to a Centre county Council meeting once, when cousin, Mr. Jean-Baptiste Bonhoure, French Exchange Student, was in town. Interesting, though the meeting was a real snooze. Minutes at:{6AD7E2DC-ECE4-41CD-B8E1-BAC6A6336348}/uploads/{E6C1BDB7-F991-4C90-A916-40B927172A85}.PDF

    May I offer a jumbo-latte to anyone who pulls up out-of-state ARDs, or similar?

    I’m off to do some really boring reading from some documents that MSM doesn’t publish. And to crash some parties. When is Mrs. Brady’s dominoes social?

  2. beejay says:

    Chris Gavagan ‏@ChrisGavagan

    @gregbucceroni Thank you for your courage in speaking out and your determination to have the full, decades long story told.
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    3h Greg Bucceroni Greg Bucceroni ‏@gregbucceroni

    @ChrisGavagan If you can PM me and we can chat a little
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    5:12 AM – 6 Aug 12 via Twitter for iPhone · Details
    5h Greg Bucceroni Greg Bucceroni ‏@gregbucceroni

    @ChrisGavagan Greg Bucceroni victim survivor TSM tri-state (PA-NJ-NY) pedophile ring’s Ed Savitz-Jerry Sandusky connection 1977-1980
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    2:47 AM – 6 Aug 12 via web · Details
    6h Greg Bucceroni Greg Bucceroni ‏@gregbucceroni

    Unfortunately TSM victims have lawyered up chasing $$$$ instead of the “Real” truth. Penn State was a small part of a “BIGGER” problem!
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    4 Aug Greg Bucceroni Greg Bucceroni ‏@gregbucceroni

    The Freeh report & TSM internal investigation making Paterno a political scapegoat while protecting Pennsylvania political careers
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    Link to this is at bucceroni’s twitter:


    If, like me, you don’t know beans about twitter, be sure to click on everything there. Names will open up a profile of who is sending the twitters. “Expand” and similar will open up the hidden side of the conversation. Give it a few seconds to open.

  3. beejay says:

    Bishop Bartchak is an expert in cannon law. Example of his recent scholarly publishing is catalogued at this site; link below. This is recent work, examining canon law and child pornography. Snip:

    “Bartchak, Mark L. (2011). Child pornography and the grave delict of an offense against the sixth commandment of the Decalogue committed by a cleric with a minor. Periodica de re Canonica, 100(2):285-380.
    Bartchak is a Roman Catholic priest, canon lawyer, and Vicar for Canonical Affairs, Diocese of Erie, Pennsylvania. Revised version of a paper presented at the Gregorian University Cannon Law Colloquium, 2010, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Written because “very little has been write about [a priest’s use of] child pornography as it relates” to the Church’s “grave delict of an offense against the sixth commandment of the Decalogue,”…”


  4. lizzy says:

    beejay says:
    August 5, 2012 at 11:16 pm

    You did read that he said he moved to Boalsburg to run the Mansion when his mom died, I guess.

    Not sure where you saw that. His mother died in August 2011. He’s been in Boalsburg since at least 1973.

    I think another family member who had taken care of the mansion museum died, but I can’t find that reference now.

  5. beejay says:

    @Lizzy: I know about the conflicting dates, but thanks for posting it. I’m not sure why he said that either.

    @rose: I’m sure MOST of the locals don’t know about Christopher G. Lee’s ARD plea on those child sex abuse charges. But they need to. Some of the local press does. One is Anne Danahy who got credit on the Amendola article that reported Lee was represented by Amendola. Some locals are going to have to get together. Where are all the other pedophiles around there? Lee and Sandusky are merely the ones we know about. At:

    credit to her: CDT staff writer Anne Danahy contributed to this report

    I know Greg Bucceroni has sent twitters to centredailytimes, but I only saw two so far: 1 a generic tweet addressed to CDT; the other a tweet to Mike Dawson, courts and crime reporter at CDT there.

    Spanier, must know Lee from their shared music activities. Do we have a photo with the two of them together?

    Should someone notify Spanier about Lee’s ARD, so Spanier can follow up on that? I’m sure he’d want to.

  6. beejay says:

    DIME, you say?

    Bishop Bartchak took a friend from Poland with him when they toured Boal Mansion on Monday, July 30, 2012. There are now 8 photos available on Boal’s Facebook. Hope this link takes you directly to the photo. Here’s how Boal Mansion captioned it:

    “”These are the confessionals. Since there are no more sins in the family, we have put in shelves…”
    — at Columbus Chapel and Boal Mansion Museum.”


    Here’s a diff photo, with link below, captioned by Boal Mansion with:

    “Chris shows the Bishop the Knights of Columbus lamppost dedicated to Joe Yourish, whose visionary effectiveness brought the Knights of Columbus together with the Columbus Chapel. At the end of the Bishop’s visit, Chris asked the Bishop, “How can we help the Diocese?” Educating our youth about the the heritage is one answer, of course.
    — at Columbus Chapel and Boal Mansion Museum.”


  7. beejay says:

    Blink: if you have a second, can you remind us about the connection between active pedophile/abusers and child pornography? Don’t some of them channel their sexual energies into child pornography as an alternative release to actively abusing? (I know that you know I know the answer. I just want new readers to get that.)

    beejay, sorry I am taking a while to get to this, and by all means, repost with my permission so it is in the newer comments as you see fit.

    Adult serial criminal pedophiles (sexual molesters, meaning they have abused at least once) will satisfy this need to the extent they can ( there is no way for me to use a blanket statement on this, not with integrity, and no way to cover the exceptions which are largely the rule) with porn of interest, or they will also create same, which does not fall under illegal ( animations, cartoons, the like) for stimulation purposes, yes, but it CANNOT be said this will be a replacement for active abuse, in most cases, if they have acted out, they will seek to do so given the right set of circumstances because there is no cure.

    In other words, one should assume that once a pedo acts out, offends, they will always be in danger of doing same because the action alone is a statement that other “means” of satisfaction are not satisfying the urge.

    There are cases that a pedo that never acts out, in fact, they are likely greater in number, but I am personally of the opinion that sexual attraction of a child is a psycho sexual disorder that can evolve at anytime, period.


  8. Rose says:

    good radio interview of the 13 yo (now 44 yo) swimmer sexually abused by Coach Curl on wamu today (DC’s NPR). Those with internet radio, maybe you can get a repeat. Explains the psychology of being abused by a coach

  9. erose says:

    1966, at the age of 16!

    erose says:
    August 5, 2012 at 10:00 pm

    page 3 Lee has been director since 1966 at the age of 16.

    erose says:
    August 5, 2012 at 10:25 pm

    1966, the year Lee was made director of the manison.

    Pierre deLagarde Boal

    Pierre became a U.S. Ambassador and couldn’t return to the Boal Mansion until 1952 when he opened it up as a non-profit museum and began to restore it. He died in 1966. His daughter, Mathilde (Mimi), married Blair Lee III (1916-1985) of Maryland in 1944. Lee was Governor of Maryland in the 1970′s. Their son, Christopher Lee, is the current resident and CEO of the Boal Mansion Museum.

  10. Word Girl says:

    Here’s a photo from a musician’s union event.

    Spanner and Lee had to hobnob there.

    Kovalchik remains in charge of the Olin Butt scholarships even though he is not the union’s president.

    Sry if this had been posted before.

  11. Rose says:

    this is today’s npr program re a County swim coach abuser of a 13 yo f
    (same County as Chris Lee ‘ family, so don’t look for an ARD in MD Beejay).
    point is, when parents went to police, County ADA advised them
    he’d just get a slap on wrist, no point in charges, just do a contract for $ for her treatment. Definitely same would’ve been done with Lee don’t you think? The year he was moved by sibs from DC to resituate in PA is relevant to any
    underlying motivating factor for family? Seems he has dividend shares in family owned land co.
    I assumed the suicide meant older bro had a mood disorder. Read somewhere (no url) it was said in a positive light that Chris could have incessant speech and brim with ideas. (pressured speech/flight of ideas?) One of the two
    cousins running the co. went to what I know as an LD college.

  12. erose says:

    Here is one of the interns that helped at the Boal Museum, also a PSU grad and his current linkedin info with job in DC. Perhaps he would have insider info on CGL, as Lee guided him. He was in the boxing club at PSU and considers himself a filmmaker, though it must be a hobby, as I see no job pertaining to that field. Maybe he filmed the website tour of the mansion, or something.

    Event coordinator Christopher Lee explains that research into the earliest land records for the Boalsburg Bicentenary in 2008 overturned the story handed down to him by his grandfather, Pierre Boal, before he died in 1966.

    “Family folklore said Revolutionary Captain David Boal built the pioneer cabin which is now the kitchen of the Boal Mansion in 1789 and that his son David Boal, who built the tavern in Boalsburg in 1804, added to that,” explains Lee.

    However, research by Penn State History intern Patrick Miller, guided by Lee, showed conclusively that it was the David Boal of the 1804 tavern who purchased the tract which is now the Boal Estate and he didn’t purchase it until 1809.


  13. erose says:

    Here’s what happens when you cross ref Kiesling and Scull (per my post last night). This was Bill Kiesling’s grandmother.

    Beatrice G McClymer Keisling – 5 May 1966
    Scranton (PA) Tribune , 6 May 1966

    Mrs Beatrice Keisling Killed in Fall at Home: Mrs Beatrice Keisling, 52, of 7 Spring Lane, Moscow, was killed Wednesday when she fell down an inside staircase of her home about 3 pm. She was pronounced dead at the scene by Dr John Brundage, Moscow. Dr Edward Notari, deputy county coroner said death was due to a fractured skull. Mrs Keisling’s body was discovered by her husband, William J Keisling, Jr, at 4:55 pm State police from Dunmore Barracks investigated. She was the mother of William J Keisling III, Harrisburg, vice-president of Gann-Dawson Advertising Inc, former member of the news staff of the The Scrantonian-Tribune and former assistant to Gov William W Scranton.

  14. erose says:

    CGL’s sister:

    Jennie Stataloff

    Clearly the VLP is unable to contain the children’s happiness and enthusiasm within the walls, but instead lets it overflow into the neighborhood. And happiness is contagious! Watch out Charles Village.”

    -Jenny Sataloff, VLP Library Associate

    Martin B. Sataloff (1986)
    Athletic Trainer; Wellness Program
    State University of New York at Brockport, B.S., A.T.C.

    they have six sons

  15. erose says:

    Still on the Lee Family and am confused. The Gov outlived his son Pierre, who died in 1973, but upon his death in 1985 he had six sons:

    Gov. Lee’s survivors include his wife, Mathilde Boal (Mimi) Lee of Silver Spring; a daughter, Jennie Sataloff of Baltimore; six sons, Joseph, of Olney, Md., Christopher, of Boalsburg, Pa., Philip, of Lewiston, Maine., and Blair IV, Frederick, and John, all of Silver Spring; two brothers, Bruce, of New York City, and E. Brooke Lee Jr. of Chevy Chase, and six grandchildren.

    From Mimi’s obit:

    Blair Lee died in 1985, and their son Pierre B. Lee died in 1973. Survivors include seven children, Blair Lee IV of Silver Spring, Joseph W. Lee of Old Fields, W.Va, Christopher G. Lee of Boalsburg, Pa., Erica B. Lee of Corvallis, Mont., Philip L. Lee of Potomac, John F. Lee of Brookeville and Jenny Sataloff of Baltimore; a sister; 19 grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren.

    So you tell me, is Frederick B now Erica B?

  16. erose says:

    (Reuters) – Two central figures in a probe of the sex abuse scandal at Penn State are continuing to draw salaries from the university, a spokesman said on Monday.

  17. beejay says:

    Why, once again, can an ARD be granted to a child sex offender in Pennsylvania?

    I can anticipate some rationales for that being okay. But, given that this is an election year, and a few all-important months remain before Nov, I think PA voters should fight a battle to change the ARD laws and prohibit that. Not that I think it will win. Although it might. But because it will raise awareness, and that in itself is worth doing. And, laws might be changed in the future.

    Meanwhile, a judge in Lancaster county’s instructions, dated year 2011, on filing for an expungement of ARD-related records includes this info:

    “6. File the Original and fourteen (14) copies with the Clerk of Courts….”

    That’s a lot of copies floating around, isn’t it?

    An ARD can be granted for a number of offenses, not just sex offenses.

    Some of the rationales in opposition to prohibiting ARDs for child sex offenders might include:

    (1) Not fair to innocent husbands whose wives/their divorce attorneys are using false child sex offenses as a tool in a divorce battle;

    (2) Not fair to innocent persons who can’t afford the legal battle to fight the charges in court;

    (3) Not fair to innocent persons (or even guilty ones) who don’t want to fight the charges in court due to fear of damage to reputation, hurt to their families, etc;

    (4) Not fair to guilty persons, who deserve a second chance–as everyone deserves.

    Add your own. These, and other objections can easily be anticipated. Prepare to counter them with statistics and expert statements.

  18. beejay says:

    Here are the 2 major political party candidates for PA congressional seats (state level; not US Congress) for the newly-drawn 171st district. That district includes parts of Centre County and Mifflin County:

    State Representative; Pennsylvania State House of Representatives; District 171; Republican PartyClick here for more info on this contest including known links to other sites

    * Kerry A. Benninghoff, Republican

    State Representative; Pennsylvania State House of Representatives; District 171; Democratic PartyClick here for more info on this contest including known links to other sites

    * Christopher G. Lee, Democratic


  19. beejay says:

    There ARE lawmakers who’re sponsoring, or supporting, better child-protection laws in PA right now. As I read it, the focus is, rightfully, on prevention. However, it could be argued that tightening up ARD laws so that child sex abuse offenses are prohibited from ARDs, is a form of prevention. At the secondary level. It helps protect potential victims of a known-offender (someone out there already has data on this).

    A recent article on what is ongoing on the prevention front is this:

    Lawmakers seek to change laws to better protect children and bring transparency to state-related universities

    Published: Tuesday, July 31, 2012, 6:00 AM Updated: Tuesday, July 31, 2012, 7:59 AM

    ROBERT J. VICKERS, The Patriot-News By ROBERT J. VICKERS, The Patriot-News The Patriot-News


  20. beejay says:

    Spending just a tad of time looking for existing resources that might be helpful to any BlinkOnCrime readers who want to pursue changes in PA child protection laws. Including seeking a prohibition on granting ARDs to child sex offenders.

    “Governor Corbett, General Assembly Urged to Create a Child Protection and Accountability Task Force

    Call to action originally issued in April renewed in the wake of the PSU child abuse scandal

    CONTACT: Cathleen Palm – 610-488-5059 or 717-215-1440

    November 14th – We, the undersigned, are deeply pained by the shocking allegations by at least eight children that they were sexually assaulted by a former Penn State University football coach.
    We are equally disturbed by the fact that this serial abuse against children may have been widely known but not reported, even when it…”

    Read the rest of her Nov, 2011 renewed call to action at:

    That same group has an excellent FAQs on child protection on their website. It explains how an abuse investigation proceeds in PA, how records are retained or destroyed, etc. On this page:

  21. beejay says:

    Here’s another resource. I’m suggesting that some of these resources might be able to make referrals to other helpful people, if they can themselves not help.

    “Justice4PAKids is a coalition of child & victim advocates, lawyers, mental health professionals and concerned citizens dedicated to eliminating the Pennsylvania statutes of limitations for childhood sexual abuse. We believe childhood sexual abuse should be treated the same way murder is in this state.”


    And they post clickable links to current articles of interest, another source of potential help on this page:

    That’s it for me. I’m not trained in any sort of advocacy, political or community organizing. But there are people who already know all about that. It could help protect PA kids.

  22. Rose says:

    @beejay or anyone else. I’ve recently seen Larry King’s pic and read some on Franklin.
    1) do you believe in the broad outlines of this story?
    2) if so, are you wondering if there was a connected, or unconnected parallel, enterprise arising in PA?
    3) do you believe there is another aspect, kidnapping for pedophilic purposes by some group whether organized crime or other (the IA missing)?

  23. beejay says:

    @rose: Blink knows a LOT more about the Franklin story than I do, but she’s kinda busy right now. You know I’m always a skeptic about conspiracy theories. Because a lot of people jump on the bandwagon. Oh, and the “banKwagon” as I originally typed. Lol!

    Plus, some folks need to take their meds regularly.

    IDK what to think. It’s tempting to think that Spanier was brought to Penn State partly because he could be trusted, company man that he is, to keep a secret. And some of those folks who recruited him had some secrets to keep. Either about Sandusky, and/or otherwise.

    Looking at Spanier’s recruitment committee, and I did but have trashed it, you just can’t know. Locals, or others who’ve “heard things” would be a start for processing that.

    Not only that, but could’ve been powerful folks whose names you’ll never read in connection with Spanier, who bent the ears of those who recruited him. And, of course, Spanier brought other things to the table. Aside from his academic and administrative qualifications. Within a few months of his arrival, that building project of the university-connected life care community got underway. Pretty quick. (Alumni where GS was in Nebraska had been working on a similar project for awhile, so I figure he knew something/some people who could be helpful. I posted way upstream on that).

    In short, my eyes/ears/mind are wide open. I’m interested. But for now, I think I’d look more at Hershey School at those visitors out of Washington, D.C. who always stay overnight there.

  24. beejay says:

    Rose, the other thing I never explained was why my interest in Mel Blount Youth Home (MBYH). The day I worked on that, I thought I might be playing Whack a Mole, with potential pedo organizations popping up faster than you can smack them down.

    MBYH was/is an object of interest to me for several reasons. First, my homebase is in GA, where he founded his first Home. I was aware years ago of its problems with claims of physical abuse, state agencies threatening to pull their license, etc. Mel’s brother Clinton ran/runs it. Last I heard they resolved the issues and were fully licensed for residential care in GA.

    Other reasons: I read that MBYH has had support of the casino/racetrack now in western PA, Washington (14 miles from MBYH in Claysville). Receives donations, hosts fundraisers, etc. Given the events at TSM, that caught my attention.

    Then I read the adult, who I believe struggles with his psychiatric meds and schizophrenia, who posted on his own website about abuse at MBYH in Claysville.

    Next post, lest I time out, I’ll post more recent research on them; they got a clean bill of health from DPW–I’d say an excellent one for a facility that takes the kids they do AND takes emergency placements.

  25. beejay says:

    Continued, on MBYH in Claysville, PA…

    Mel Blount Youth Home in Claysville (near Washington, PA) has its residents, as part of their therapeutic milieu, involved in caring for the horses and their stalls. Its founder lives on the property; Blount is an excellent horseman. His son is going to play football at a college in FL, IIRC, this fall.

    From Sports Illustrated in 2009:

    “Blount’s decidedly old-school manner has sometimes been a source of controversy. Over the years both the Georgia and Pennsylvania homes have drawn complaints from state agencies over issues such as corporal punishment. But the success stories are abundant….”

    Details, different source:

    “Here, troubled inner-city youths awake at 5:30 a.m. to shovel manure, care for the animals and exercise. Here, a wrong move may be greeted with a poke in the chest, a grab of the shirt collar or a crack on the rear.

    “You have to have kids knowing that there is a price you pay,” said Blount, still muscular and intimidating 11 years after leaving the National Football League. “I mean, when will they finally draw the line? When they kill someone and end up in the new jails we are building?”

    But the methods of the man the boys call “Mr. Mel” are controversial.
    Children and Youth Services of Allegheny County pulled some children out after hearing of Blount’s use of corporal punishment. Last spring, a family court judge told Blount he couldn’t even say hello to the boys in the wake of a complaint about Blount grabbing a youngster’s collar.

    …Blount lives at the home and spends much of his time raising funds for its work. He eats with the boys, helps out around the barn as they do, exercises with them and goes to church with them.
    The boys – all from troubled homes – clean stables, exercise, go to school, eat square meals, study and hit the sack by 9 p.m. For youths whose parents permitted them to roam the streets at all hours, it can be an adjustment.

    When they rebel, Blount said, he gives them a crack on the rear as a last resort, though he has been warned repeatedly about it by referral agencies….”

    The May 2012 DPW inspection report was fine, with only minor corrections needed to be in full compliance. License was immediately issued/extended for 1 yr. See:

  26. beejay says:

    @erose: better you than me wrt the Lee heritage. Will you give us a summary if you ever can get these folks clarified? TIA

    Also, CGL currently claims he has 3 children. Where are they? I never see them. What about their mother?

  27. beejay says:

    Don’t waste time with this. I’m just archiving it here and putting it up for researchers who might be looking into beneficiaries of western PA’s thriving corporations.

    Washington Trotting Assn, founded long ago, is d/b/a The Meadows Racetrack & Casino, which has contributed heavily to the economy of Washington, PA. As well as its charities.

    If you look at their presentation of their casino license renewal application (Aug 18, 2011), you see that they are being a good community member, donating to a lot of charities. Over $1 million for 2007-2011 as of their figures in this app. Included in their largese : Mel Blount Youth Home (see pg 27, column on the right)

    The Meadows also sponsored 2011Mel Blount Blackjack Tournament, benefiting the Home (see pg 28, photo on the left)

  28. Word Girl says:

    I’m working hard for that quad, nonfat latte and have found the acronym unique to Pennsylvania. Also exclusive is allowing an ARD for felonious charges of child molestation.

  29. erose says:

    Yes X3

    Rose says:
    August 7, 2012 at 10:55 am

  30. beejay says:

    FYI. A Sept 29, 2005 article by Lara Brenckle of CDT can be accessed on scribd, link below. Describes Christopher G. Lee’s preliminary hearing in Bellefonte before District Judge Allen Sinclair. Defense counsel Joe Amendola; ADA Lance Marshall prosecuting.

    The 2 boys, brothers, appeared at the hearing and described the events of the night of June 3, 2005 at Boal.

    Although “it was all a terrible misunderstanding”, Lee was bound over for trial.

    You can use your browser’s search feature to word search for “Lee”, then scroll down in the popup results to pg. 307.
    Or, easier, near the top in the box containing a ’1′, of ’427′, just delete the ’1′ and replace it with ’307′. You’ll zip right to it.


  31. lizzy says:

    Letter to the editor on pg 26, “Mistreatment at the hands of a newspaper”

  32. beejay says:

    @Word Girl: Really? Must be a special need for that in PA. Responding to what you said, “Also exclusive is allowing an ARD for felonious charges of child molestation.”

    Here’s what I pulled off CGL’s campaign website today. IDK if Judge Kistler appreciates being described by Lee as such a chum. Although, Kistler did delay a couple of days after Judge Lunsford issued new orders replacing those questionable ones that Amendola said some misguided clerical person put in.

    From CGL’s campaign website:

    “…Chris ran into Judge Thomas Kistler, an old friend. Tom said he was impressed both that Chris was going door-to-door and that he was doing it “before September 1,” the sign of a dedicated, hard-working candidate. Both Lee and Kistler agreed they liked meeting people while campaigning….”


    “”Oh, my, yes. There’s definitely a First Amendment issue,” Lunsford told The Associated Press on Tuesday in a phone interview before he signed the new order.

    Kistler, who received similar proposed revised orders from a newspaper lawyer, said he wanted to schedule a meeting this week with county President Judge David Grine and Amendola before taking further action.

    One of the Pennsylvania cases involved a man who had charges including sexual assault and aggravated indecent assault withdrawn in a plea deal in which he admitted two counts of indecent assault.”

    Those Amendola orders made national news and legal eagles have included them in professional publications on First Amendment issues. For ex, one is here:

    I’ve always wondered if CDT’s longtime editor, who left there in early 2012, wasn’t just fed up with efforts to control the media.
    At the time of Amendola’s unusual orders, inadvertently signed by Judges Kistler and Lundsford, Heisse said, in 2010:

    ““Imagine getting such an order, right before the July 4th holiday,” said Bob Heisse, executive editor of the Centre Daily Times, one of the newspapers involved.”

    Someone with a microphone and camera needs to ask the candidates for the 171st congressional district in PA if they’d favor amending the laws to exclude ARDs for child sex offenders.

  33. erose says:

    @Beejay, Well the family is easy as far as relationships go because it is all outlined on the museum website. You can type in any Lee/Boal family member and get all the info.

    I think his ex is this yoga/life/business coach, not the insurance woman in Ohio of the same name as I tracked down her tree and the kids don’t match up. Seems Jen and Chris made it for ten years, divorced in ’96. Their daughters are all early 20′s, but with the pedigreed names, their ancestors come up first on searches, and I was just glad he did not have any boys.

    I was interested in his sibs, since so many, and mostly male, and what kind of childhood they might have had. Can not believe CGL was director of the mansion at age 16, without someone supervising. The parents were busy politicking and canoe-ing, so who supervised Chris, and where did he go to school while staying at the mansion with his folks in Maryland? And I guess we would want to know what was going on when he was 8 or 10.

  34. beejay says:

    “All of these alleged charges only go back to the 1990s. So out of the blue, after all these years, when Mr. Sandusky is in his mid-50s, he decides to become a pedophile?” Amendola asked the jury. “Does that make sense to anybody?”

    Widely published; here’s one link:

    Christopher G. Lee, CEO of Boal Mansion, currently Democratic candidate in PA for 171st congressional seat:
    Date of birth: 11/18/1948

    Doing some math:
    In August, 2012, CGL is age 63
    In June, 2005, CGL was age 56

    Christopher G. Lee was charged with child sexual abuse crimes related to events that occurred on June 3, 2005. And I believe these same boys described similar events at other dates (at Lee’s prelim hearing in Sept 2005.) Lee was bound over for trial, but in lieu of clearing his good name, he chose to accept a plea deal, known as an Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (“ARD”). PA law on that can be found at:

    From one article, a snip:

    “The 2 boys, brothers, appeared at the hearing and described the events of the night of June 3, 2005 at Boal.”


    It’s difficult to find relevant articles now. Perhaps there weren’t many published. One reason for that could be heavy coverage still being devoted at the time to the disappearance of DA Ray Gricar, who was last seen in April, 2005.

  35. beejay says:

    @erose: TY for your work on the Lee family tree.

    I’ll tell you, though, Lee’s accusers in 2005 were 8 and 10 year old boys. But, and I’m sure you know this, many pedophiles abuse BOTH genders. I hope the public is aware of that as well.

    As to CGL’s schooling, this was a family whose children may well have attended private prep schools in lieu of public schools. Boarding schools away from home (which opens a child up to certain risks). His mom, Mimi, did. And she had her hands full with 8 children, especially if they were all at home. When would she have pursued her Girl Scouts activities, her outdoor sports, her competitive sports?

    For such a prominent family, I’m finding it really difficult to find many details about CGL. If CGL truly attended Princeton, we at least know he was not a hands-on manager of Boal Mansion for that period of time. Maybe more like those child-kings of faraway lands/times.

    Actually beejay, that is absolutely possible, but in the minority as it relates to proclivity and preference. If one is talking about someone engaged in producing illegal pornography, I would agree.

    It is more likely in the event of a hypothetical “indifference” to gender that it has to do with more than one offender, luring of another victim or offender, or production purposes.

    Otherwise we are talking about a likely ritual offender which we have yet to see in this case.


  36. beejay says:

    @ erose: and the Chinese person related to both CGL and Jen(Jen, age 58) named Chaohsing G. Lee is who? A widespread database error?

  37. beejay says:

    Some people let mutual business and/or social interests override their judgment. Others simply are not educated. That’s why it’s important for people, esp in PA, to understand that entering into a plea deal and an ARD arrangement does NOT constitute a dismissal of charges.

    Thanks, Lizzy, for that letter to the editor link. Letter penned by Cynthia Shaler of Boalsburg, who has had a business relationship with Christopher G. Lee. On Shaler’s website appears Lee’s endorsement of her services:

    ““Cindy Shaler is a joy to work with. In multiple publicity brochures we have produced with her help, she has provided invaluable design and content service, on time and under budget. She understands what is needed and provides effective, elegant solutions without fanfare.”

    – Christopher Lee, CEO, Columbus Chapel and Boal Mansion Museum
    President, American Federation of Musicians Local 660
    Former President, Boalsburg Village Conservancy


    Lizzy’s link has Shaler’s letter. In part, the essence of her complaint:

    “…In 2005, Lee was accused of sexual misconduct.
    The accusation was ballyhooed in
    the newspaper, yet we saw no similar article
    about Lee’s vindication when, if fact, all
    charges were dismissed last year by the
    Centre County Court….”

    [note: I believe the words intended were "in fact", rather than "if fact". I interpret that from the entirety of her letter.]

    Oh, but, to me, there IS some good news if Shaler is correct. Another snippet:

    “A Penn State intern at the Boal Mansion
    Museum created a social studies curriculum
    unit about Boalsburg’s heritage, but our
    local school district will not even speak
    with Lee about using it, nor will they allow
    him to recruit high school students as summer
    docents, something he has done for
    several decades with good results for all.”

    Link, again:

    As an educational service, someone needs to contact that intern and refer him/her to PA code regarding what an ARD is–and is not.

  38. beejay says:

    Common sense tells me that an innocent man MIGHT chose to accept a plea and an ARD for something on the order of a traffic offense. But under no circumstances can I personally imagine an innocent man accepting that deal in the face of child sex offenses. Especially not when it was all over the newspapers, including coverage of the alledged victims’ testimony at the preliminary hearing. Which, at the time, even the accused’s experienced attorney was unable to prevent appearing in print.

    How could his name, his business, go forward without a court trial, where the “misunderstanding” that lead to such charges could be fully explained? I just don’t understand that thinking.

    From memory, that plea was not even on the table until one of THREE alleged victims bowed out.

    Therefore, let’s note this started as multiple offenses on different dates.

    I wonder if he knew you know who’s brother? The no helmet one.


  39. beejay says:

    Sounds like that letter-writer, Cynthia Shaler, does some good work with a sight-loss group. As well as for C.G. Lee. Penn State is, or has been, a client of hers as well.

    Read more at TRA360′s website, where she’s on their advisory board:

    This is a small town.

  40. lizzy says:

    @erose, where did you find that he was director of the mansion at age 16? If so, who took care of it while he went off to get his history degree?

    I haven’t been able to locate the article entitled “Columbus descendant apt guide.” Do any of you have it?

  41. erose says:

    @Lizzy, It is in this preservation newsletter. Looks like he took over after his grandfather pass, but at 16, whoa!

    erose says:
    August 6, 2012 at 3:34 pm

    1966, at the age of 16!

    erose says:
    August 5, 2012 at 10:00 pm

    page 3 Lee has been director since 1966 at the age of 16.

    erose says:
    August 5, 2012 at 10:25 pm

    1966, the year Lee was made director of the manison.

    Pierre deLagarde Boal

    Pierre became a U.S. Ambassador and couldn’t return to the Boal Mansion until 1952 when he opened it up as a non-profit museum and began to restore it. He died in 1966. His daughter, Mathilde (Mimi), married Blair Lee III (1916-1985) of Maryland in 1944. Lee was Governor of Maryland in the 1970′s. Their son, Christopher Lee, is the current resident and CEO of the Boal Mansion Museum.

  42. erose says:

    @Blink, OMG! THREE VICTIMS AND MULTIPLE DATES! That changes everything for me wrt Ray Gricar if the third victim made a complaint before Gricar disappeared.

    To my knowledge, two vics were related, one date, a third victim was a different date.

  43. erose says:

    Shouldn’t be funny, but LOL, if only they would.

    beejay says:
    August 8, 2012 at 2:10 am
    Someone with a microphone and camera needs to ask the candidates for the 171st congressional district in PA if they’d favor amending the laws to exclude ARDs for child sex offenders.

  44. Rose says:

    @beejay. the key is he didn’t plead guilty (which Madeira should have insisted on). He got the ard without pleading guilty or innocent. Of course it was a misunderstanding, or the DA never had a real case, the small town would natter. As to child 3, likely resolved the “coach curl montgomery county ada way,” with a good will payment direct to victim.

  45. Rose says:

    the pic of shaler looked to me like one of the ladies rockin out on the piano/guitar music video I put up.

    It seems sensible the Boal family home in PA was made a museum, a non-profit with family directors, for tax purposes. to write off upkeep & improvements & take it out of the tax base. No doubt gramps skipped a generation for tax purposes too, and a directorship was Chris’ at 16 only due to timing of his death. Likely residence privileges attached to whichever family director resided there–and likely it was Mimi from time to time until Chris moved in.

  46. Rose says:

    St Paul’s in Balt has , or had then, a very heavy alum admit and a very heavy MD politician admit. And takes that sort of kid not making it in other privates. A friend second-married a 50 yo adult son of a deceased MD politician (atty gen?) of Blair’s age a decade ago. He was also a well off Balt attorney. When her 2 had to leave another private (one twin LD, other average), he got them in there. In C Lee’s day it also fed Princeton. So my bet is St Paul’s or residential.

  47. Rose says:

    @beejay. I thot boys might’ve gone to St Pauls Concord NH (J Kerrys Sch), and darn if that one wasn’t Blair 3′s, not Balt:
    movin’ my bet for the next generation of sons, Chris & IV. With the Lee’s centuries at Princeton, could’ve no
    more rejected Chris than god. (P foolishly rejected my dau this year.)

  48. lizzy says:

    I’m not explicitly connecting any dots here, but I need to move my chit, especially since the date confirmation of when CGL started here. My bells keep ringing around St John the Baptist, if you get my Gist. But I’d like to post these links, and let these persistent intelligent minds see where they go, date-wise, if you don’t mind. I’m thinking they may head to the beach trailer, too.

    Go with your satellites first and always.


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