Freeh Report on Sandusky and PSU BOMBSHELL: What They Missed

Blink is on location and will be filing this report later today.  I am opening the thread to keep discussion on the Freeh Report here in advance of the piece.    Set your RSS.

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  1. erose says:

    The United States Postal Inspectors opened a new investigation in order to find out if Sandusky shared child pornography, this is how the witness came forward.

    [So this is someone Sandusky shared porn with?]

    The unidentified source, who “has a strong tie to the booster he is accusing,” is claiming that Sandusky and the fundraiser sexually abused two boys while on a private plane in Pennsylvania, RadarOnline reported.

    “He claims it happened on a private plane, with no pilot or crew around, and that he was an eyewitness.”

    [The plane was in Pennsylvania. Parked.]

    [All IMO's]

  2. beejay says:

    @Rose: I assume that was a rhetorical question about Judge Baldwin on the PCCD.

    In a random press release I picked up, Nov, 2005, she and AG Tom Corbett were on the membership list, only 2 names apart. She served for a decade or more, though. Hard to get excited when you read that list of 2 dozen lawyers and judges mostly, and wonder how they all ever got together in a room at the same time. Schedules being what they are. Like PSU’s Bd of Directors in terms of activity, I’d guess.

  3. erose says:

    One of Graham Spanier’s lawyers, Peter Vaira, said Tuesday there are “many, many errors” in the report by former FBI Director Louis Freeh, and the legal team will meet with reporters in Philadelphia early next week to point them out.

    Read more:

  4. erose says:

    Sherman Lutz

    Started building model airplanes at age 11
    Began learning to fly full-sized planes in the early to mid-1920s
    Spent a year barnstorming in 1926 at age 22
    Taught engine building and radio engineering at Beckley College in 1928 and 1929
    Organized his airport in 1929 – the Boalsburg airport
    Started teaching others how to fly after his airport was organized
    Served as a flight instructor for Pennsylvania State University‟s Civilian Pilot Training program
    Taught 476 people how to fly at his airport

    And more on the history…

  5. erose says:

    Lutz collection.

    Papers and correspondence of Sherman Lutz and the State College Air Depot donated by Lutz’s niece, Phyllis Barr. This collection documents the development of aviation in Centre County. Lutz taught 477 students to fly between the years 1933 and 1985. Lutz and his students and colleagues, many of whom went on to work for the military or in the private sector, maintained life-long friendships.

  6. erose says:

    All these old airfields. Boalsburg scroll about 75% down. I guess flying to places like Cleveland would be easy.

    According to Rodney Hersh, his father “learned to fly from Sherm Lutz… in the 1930s at the old Boalsburg location.”

  7. erose says:

    County aviator left churches $200,000: Sherm Lutz’s gift will support 2 area churches

    One of probably many…

    He [Arthur Beier] earned his pilot’s license from Sherman Lutz, one of State College’s aviation pioneers. Before being grounded by health and age, many of the trips he made to State College for Penn State’s home football games were just a 40-minute commute by private plane from his home in Maryland.

    Airlines replaced railroads as the subject of local travelers’ tales. Sherm Lutz opened the area’s first airport, near Boalsburg, in 1929. He operated a charter service, gave flying lessons, and cooperated with Penn State’s aeronautical engineering and civilian pilot training programs. Lutz moved hi’s operations to the new State College Air Depot, just west of the borough, in 1946. Local government leaders considered acquiring the facility and putting in a hard surface runway, and All American Airlines ill 1949 began scheduled flights with the legendary DC-3s. The borough eventually decided against buying or improving the Air Depot, however, and All American (soon to be Allegheny Airlines) ended service in 1951.

  8. erose says:

    Taken from my previous post, but here you have “it.”

    And Jill became a part of Centre County‟s “Old Boy” network of pilots, as Sherm‟s friends included her in social gatherings in their homes.

  9. erose says:

    Another almost 500 local pilots trained?

    Bob was captivated by aviation from youth. He learned to fly at age 16 from his lifelong friend and neighbor Sherm Lutz. They flew in and out of their familys’ adjacent farms across from what is now University Park Airport. Prior to World War II, he was an instructor for the CPT(Civilian Pilot Training Program) teaching Penn State students to fly at the Boalsburg Airport.

  10. erose says:

    Heim was most recently in the public eye for his eviction of 67 families from the Mellott Mobile Home Park in November 2006. Social service and county workers scrambled for months to find housing for
    residents. That property has not yet been developed.

    Tricore is apparently offering exactly that convenience. Their sales materials include a “financing package” from Graystone Bank, a newcomer to a county that seems to sprout banks like Pennsylvania mushrooms in the summertime. Mega-developer and “P” partner John Disanto conveniently sits on Graystone’s board.

    ***(Graystone’s first community donation, given at its Centre County branch grand opening in October, was to The Second Mile, a charity Bruce Heim once directed and on the board of which Heim’s son Ben, representing Tricore, currently serves.)***

  11. erose says:

    Philadelphia product Greg Bucceroni said he reached out to the U.S. Postal Investigative Service on Tuesday in an effort to assist the agency with its investigation of former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky.

    Read more:

  12. erose says:

    Can I take this statement to mean there is a pedophile ring with in the supporters of the PSU football program?

    The Postal Service’s criminal investigators are reportedly looking into whether Sandusky had any ties to a pedophile ring that involved child pornography and other supporters of the Penn State football program.

    Read more:

  13. erose says:

    Bucceroni’s Twitter Links

    This Guy Says He was Offered $200 to Have Sex With Jerry Sandusky in 1979 and 1980 as Part of a Child Sex Ring

    2004/5 PSU MessageBoard Chat Gives Investigators New Evidence

    Erose, I absolutely encourage everyone to read the crossingbroad piece.

    I absolutely believe the bad business deals Jerry Sandusky referenced in Touched will tie in to mutual acquaintances of this circle of sick. My research work in some as yet unrelated cases support Bucceroni’s assertions that a major pedo ring was real and multi-state.


  14. erose says:

    Well, thank God for this.

    But then, here comes the mention of Paterno: whether [they] saw him, or they said he was in the room—because these are not small rooms, these are big halls—whether they saw Paterno, or he was in the area… all that shit stopped and everyone was straight and narrow.”

    “I didn’t know who [Paterno] was. I knew he was some kind of no-nonsense guy – this is what Sandusky said – that didn’t tolerate it. He wasn’t down for all that stuff. Savitz said that and Sandusky confirmed it to us.”

  15. erose says:

    Well read on, because I may have misunderstood.

    I pushed back on Bucceroni here because I found it odd that Paterno stood out to him if he didn’t know who the head coach was. Bucceroni explained that the kids Savitz brought with him (and those involved in the Second Mile) were troubled. Paterno not being “down for all that stuff,” meant that he wouldn’t tolerate any fighting, cursing, drinking, etc. Basically, sex solicitation notwithstanding, the kids were to be on their best behavior when Paterno was around and at the Second Mile events in general.

    same link

  16. Rose says:

    @Beejay. not rhetorical. too much driving & memory dimmed.
    knew you were on it.
    would’ve liked to have known Lutz.
    Thank you & erose in addition to our hostess & guide Blink
    for all this info.

    erose. re evictions,
    it’s a son who’s in charge of property mgmt isn’t it?
    Are the business’ tax returns public?
    How about contributions to a PAC?

  17. Rose says:

    when I read about Bruce Heim “reforming EZ under the aegis of 2nd Mile, and about Paterno “sentencing” errant players to be mentors, I realized the issue wasn’t “football culture” dominating or JP as an authoritarian control freak. To me the salient issue (apart from the overriding failures to report possible sex abuse) on the football front was the symbiotic relationship between the U team and what happened to be a nonprofit, tho
    it could have been a for profit, or any other nonprofit. It was in the symbiotic organizational interdependence that the organizations failed.
    I think Peetz has to resign now. Not for her abysmal last Board meeting attire, but for hiring Freeh rather than letting the litigation process take its course. Could’ve ordered records preservation and thrown open the doors to AG. Didn’t need to supply surrogate AG manpower.

  18. erose says:

    On Thursday, Paterno met with his coaches at his house. He sobbed uncontrollably. This was his bad day. Later, one of his former captains, Brandon Short, stopped by the house. When Brandon asked, “How are you doing, Coach?” Paterno answered, “I’m okay,” but the last syllable was shaky, muffled by crying, and then he broke down and said, “I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself.” Nobody knew how to handle such emotion. Joe had always seemed invulnerable. On Thursday, though, he cried continually.

    “My name,” he told Jay, “I have spent my whole life trying to make that name mean something. And now it’s gone.”

    Read More

  19. erose says:

    Prosecutors collected a “great deal” of “highly incriminating” evidence against Jerry Sandusky, including interviews with several other victims, that was never introduced at his June trial, according to a transcript of a closed-door hearing released Tuesday.

    Here’s the thing. If NBC paid a licensing fee for it’s use, and this was released by defense counsel, we have a major ethical breach that is sanctionable and actionable.

    Who is Rominger kidding? Don’t blame the lawyering blame the kid? I would completely agree with redactions of victims names, but unless the content is part of an ongoing ancillary investigation, sealing this completely is a violation of FOIA and Sunshine Act in PA.


  20. erose says:

    The cross-state road show that is the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal hits Harrisburg Thursday, with pre-trial arguments scheduled in the perjury cases of retired Penn State vice president Gary Schultz and university athletic director Tim Curley.

  21. erose says:

    court transcript re: Matt Sandusky tape/disk protection order,0,2267143.htmlstory

    Barry F. Feudale (b. August 31, 1946) was a senior judge on the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court. He joined the court as a visiting senior judge in 2004.

    Fuedale served in the U.S. Navy from 1965-1969 as a meteorological observer and cryptographic operator. He then graduated from Bloomsburg University (1972) and the University of Bridgeport School of Law (1980). He worked in private practice in the law and as a solicitor for Children and Youth Services and as Chief Public Defender n Northumberland County.

    Feudale was elected to the Northumberland County Court of Common Pleas in 1987. He became that court’s President Judge in 1995 and moved into senior status in 1998.

    Judge Feudale is a licensed pilot and scuba diver.

    He has his wife, Violette Feudale, have two children

    Are we to conclude that Judge Feudale has something to do with the GJ?

    I believe he was sitting over it, at least the indicting one.

  22. erose says:

    transcipt page 30-31

    Fuedale calls this a complex, controversial and continuing evolving case. He also states he has the responsibility for secrecy and facilitating the GJ investigative process.

  23. erose says:

    I thought the same thing.

    Rose says:
    August 15, 2012 at 5:46 pm

    would’ve liked to have known Lutz.

  24. Rose says:

    I think Paterno’s name will be just fine after the Curley & Schultz trials.
    And as I get countless emails from UM’s “Big House” promoting football,
    I don’t think PS did any different from any other U with a competitive team.
    And, sports have been the way for many a poor or minority student to get to college.
    Sports have been the driving force of college diversity and opportunity.

  25. Rose says:

    see Partners
    Heims & Potter have other contacts (iwom, tricore)

  26. WordGirl says:

    Spanier may still face charges, attorneys say; just because he hasn’t been charged yet, doesn’t mean he won’t be charged in the end. (ouch.)

    In the comments, a poster mentions close relationships between the GCracker and female profs. Vicky Triponey’s name comes up again and I’m wondering if the work crew here could bring us into the light about her?
    Spanier was forced to side with her against Paterno’s desire to sanction his players (on behalf of the university). She maintained that her office would dictate any consequences but Paterno was free to punish his players as he saw fit.

    Now, why did GSpan go to her house? Do we have that in print somewhere?

    Thanks, Crew!

  27. WordGirl says:

    Vicky’s years of service at Penn State have been called “A Reign of Terror” by some.

    It appears that students felt their voice and representation in official matters was not appreciated.

    I have never met her personally, but I know folks who have. I can only say from everything I have read that she penned, and speaking with colleagues, she was an assett to PSU had they allowed her to actually function in her role.

  28. erose says:

    I expected the multi-state ring, as things seemed to be going in that direction, but I am blown away that you are “researching as yet unrelated cases” for a tie in.

    I talk about this case to people, and they know I am constantly looking for new information, and they come to me and say, “Did you hear or read so and so?” And I keep saying this “thing” is going to get getting bigger and bigger and bigger. I know we all here just hope for the truth.

    BTW, JMO, they must be building one heckova case against Spanier, and IMO, it looks like Curley and Schultz are going to trial. When these are they “fall guys” one can only wonder and assume who the big guys are.

    erose says:
    August 15, 2012 at 4:21 pm

    2004/5 PSU MessageBoard Chat Gives Investigators New Evidence

    Erose, I absolutely encourage everyone to read the crossingbroad piece.

    I absolutely believe the bad business deals Jerry Sandusky referenced in Touched will tie in to mutual acquaintances of this circle of sick. My research work in some as yet unrelated cases support Bucceroni’s assertions that a major pedo ring was real and multi-state.


  29. erose says:

    This is presumed to be the fat guy in the crossingbroad story:

    When the Philadelphia Phillies report to Clearwater, Florida on Saturday to begin Spring Training, it will mark the first time that Bill Conlin will not be there to cover the team, either as a beat reporter or a columnist, since 1965.

    For those awaking from a long coma, Conlin resigned from the Philadelphia Daily News in December after learning that the Philadelphia Inquirer was about to publish a story accusing him of molesting four children in the 1970s. Shortly thereafter, the number of accusers rose to seven, dating to the 1960s.

    Conlin, through his attorney, said he would clear his name, but there will not be a trial. The statute of limitations passed.

    On December 20, 2011, Conlin resigned from his sportswriting position just hours prior to the publication of allegations of child molestation.

    One of Conlin’s accusers was his niece, Kelley Blanchet, who is now a prosecutor in Atlantic City, New Jersey.[6] The claims of abuse were first reported to the police in 2009, when Blanchet says she became concerned for the safety of Conlin’s other young relatives.[6][14] Since the initial allegations were made, three further people have claimed they had been abused by Conlin.[15][16][17]

    The baseball writers association (BBWAA) secretary/treasurer Jack O’Connell issued a “member in good standing” statement on December 20. It said in part “The allegations have no bearing on [Conlin's] winning the 2011 J.G. Taylor Spink Award, which was in recognition of his notable career as a baseball writer”.[18]

    The day before the story broke, Deadspin editor A.J. Daulerio reported he had an email conversation with Conlin in which Conlin talked about suicide and criticized his accusers and Inquirer reporter Nancy Phillips.[15][19] According to Daulerio, Conlin’s attorney, George Bochetto, called Daulerio in the afternoon and requested him not to post the story and said Conlin denied emailing Daulerio. The story was posted and about three hours later the Inquirer posted its story.[19]

    [The wiki has several good references linked about this story.]

    This is What Bill Conlin Had to Say About Jerry Sandusky

    Interestingly, the usually opinionated Conlin directed hardly any vitriol at Sandusky. Rather, he wrote about the public’s reaction and fallout for the school.

    I just knew that was coming back. Any ties to Savitz?

  30. Word Girl says:

    Biographical information on Conlin, who has been nicknamed: “Skinny Bill Conlin” and “Wee Willie Conlin” is 78 years old.

  31. erose says:

    Aug 17, 2012 – As reported by Laura Nichols of, the selection of a jury for the trial of former Penn State administrators Tim Curley and Gary Schultz has been set for January 7, with the trial beginning immediately after the jury selection.

  32. erose says:

    Former Columnist And Accused Child Molester Bill Conlin “Enjoying His Retirement” At Undisclosed Location, His Lawyer Says

  33. erose says:

    @Blink, FYI. Post or not.

    AnonymousAugust 1, 2012 12:34 AM
    Thank you for shedding the truth. Sandusky absolutely provided boys to wealthy donor, star football player at penn state, and penn state alumni. This wealthy donor i reference is Donald g Abbey who is a former penn state player and graduate. He currently runs a billion dollar real estate company in Long Beach, ca. He pays off everyone to get away with his pedophilia ways. After being caught in sexual acts with young boys provided by Jerry, he started writing checks to penn state, second mile, and beta theta to the tune of almost 15 million. Maybe, the Sandusky trial has scared him because he is trying to unload his home for 78 million and vacation home for 80 million. He is either preparing for war with legal funds or he is going to flee……

  34. erose says:

    Donald G. Abbey, Penn State ’70 recently completed a record-setting gift to the Alpha Upsilon chapter of Beta Theta Pi at the Pennsylvania State University. The gift of over $8.5 million, which is the largest donation to an individual fraternity chapter in North America to date, was used to fully restore the historic chapter house at 220 North Burrowes Street and to fund the reestablishment of the chapter from 2009 to 2011. What began as an original donation of $50,000 to fix an aging patio in 2004, turned into the most generous donation of its kind over the course of the next seven years as the chapter house was restored to the condition it was in when it was originally built in 1929. The house, which is listed as a part of the National Historic Registry, now features new hardwood floors, antique fixtures, handsome leather furniture, and ornate plaster molding in the common areas as well as heated bathroom floors and imported Argentinean hardwood bed frames in the living quarters.

    In addition to the transformation of the chapter house, Mr. Abbey’s gift funded the reestablishment of the undergraduate chapter from a suspended group in 2009 with no members to a vibrant colony with over 80 members in 2011. The colony has remained the top academic fraternity on campus each semester since it began and has blazed a new path under the Men of Principle banner. Scholarship, community service, intramural excellence, and a brotherhood based on shared principles create the fabric of the new fraternity experience at the Alpha Upsilon chapter.

    Donald G. Abbey, Penn State ’70, was born and raised in Massachusetts before being recruited to the Pennsylvania State University in 1966 to play football for the Nittany Lions. During his prep-school days, Abbey earned high school All-American football honors. At the collegiate level, Abbey played fullback for Penn State and lead the nation in scoring his junior year before earning All-American honors again as a senior. He has subsequently been inducted into the Penn State athletic hall of fame.

    Off the field, Abbey was an active member in Beta Theta Pi Fraternity during his time at Penn State and has supported the chapter tremendously as an alumnus. On the academic front, Abbey graduated from Penn State’s College of the Liberal Arts. He was later named a distinguished alumnus of the college in 2003. After earning his B.A., he went on to attend medical school and graduate school before enlisting in the United States Navy.

    After completing his military service and graduate degree, Abbey began his business career in real estate in southern California and later went on to found The Abbey Company in 1990. Since its founding, the Abbey Company has grown to manage and lease a portfolio of office, industrial, and retail properties. The company has over 100 employees, owns or manages over 100 properties with more than 6 million square feet of commercial space, and maintains 8 branch offices in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego and Sacramento counties. The Abbey Company handles all aspects of real estate ownership including in-house leasing, management, construction, and property services.

    In addition to his professional and personal achievements, Abbey is a noted philanthropist through his generous support of a number of charitable causes. He has given sizeable donations to support the Pennsylvania State University, Beta Theta Pi Fraternity, law enforcement efforts in California and Montana, youth sports initiatives in Massachusetts, and organizations that support wounded Navy Seals, among others. Abbey has also been recognized for his contributions with awards such as the Oxford Cup – the highest award a Beta Theta Pi alumnus can receive – which recognizes service to the fraternity, as well as personal and professional excellence.

    The Abbey Co.

    Abbey played football for a series of memorable coaches – Bob Dobias in high school, Jim Smith at Deerfield Academy and Joe Paterno at Penn State.

  35. erose says:


    Just before Penn State’s spring game, Coach Joe Paterno said, “Don Abbey is so strong and tough and such a good field-goal kicker that we’ll be a threat to score one way or the other anytime we get inside the 40-yard line.” Paterno wasn’t just humming the Penn State fight song, either. That afternoon Abbey, a 6’2″, 225-pound sophomore fullback, ran for 102 yards, scored two touchdowns, kicked two extra points and made a 24-yard field goal that won the game with 30 seconds to go.

    “Abbey is more advanced and has more potential than any sophomore we have had in a long time,” says Paterno. The son of a dental surgeon, Abbey is a premed student. He almost went to Princeton, but decided upon Penn State because “I really wanted to find out how good I was at football.” He will have a fine opportunity, for Penn State is out to regain its No. 1 ranking in the East, and Abbey plays a key part in its hopes.

  36. WordGirl says:

    Conlin and Savitz come from the same city and are/were peers. Savitz would be 7 years younger than Conlin

  37. WordGirl says:

    From Conlin’s Hall of Fame speech last summer (July 25, 2011). People knew he was dirty way before the HOF induction.

    “My first year on the baseball beat for the Philadelphia Daily News was 1966. The Connie Mack Stadium press corps included Evening Bulletin veteran Ray Kelly, Inquirer fixture Allen Lewis and Trenton Times “roadie” Harold “Bus” Saidt. All have been Spink Award recipients. It was one tough press box for a rookie to work in.”

  38. WordGirl says:

    Conlin inducted into Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame in 2009.

    The article cited above was written last summer, July 25, 2011.

  39. WordGirl says:

    This wiki article gives a bit more information about the child molestation charges which had passed their time of jurisprudence.

    “One of Conlin’s accusers was his niece, Kelley Blanchet, who is now a prosecutor in Atlantic City, New Jersey.[6] The claims of abuse were first reported to the police in 2009, when Blanchet says she became concerned for the safety of Conlin’s other young relatives.[6][14] Since the initial allegations were made, three further people have claimed they had been abused by Conlin.[15][16][17]

    The baseball writers association (BBWAA) secretary/treasurer Jack O’Connell issued a “member in good standing” statement on December 20. It said in part “The allegations have no bearing on [Conlin's] winning the 2011 J.G. Taylor Spink Award, which was in recognition of his notable career as a baseball writer”.[18]”

  40. WordGirl says:

    “Another woman has come forward to say that Bill Conlin, the Hall of Fame baseball writer and former Philadelphia Daily News columnist, sexually assaulted her when she was a child.

    The woman, who asked not to be identified, said Conlin repeatedly abused her when she was about 7 and lived in the Whitman Square section of Washington Township, Gloucester County. She was a childhood friend of Conlin’s son, Peter, and often spent time at his house nearby. It was there, she said, that Conlin molested her.”

  41. WordGirl says:

    Worse than pink slime!

    “In e-mail messages to Daulerio, Conlin derided his accusers as “late middle-aged women” who decided it was “Sandusky time,” a reference to former Pennsylvania State University coach Jerry Sandusky, who is charged with sexually abusing boys.

    “I’m a lot bigger to the Daily News than Sandusky ever was to Penn State,” he wrote. And yet, Daulerio wrote, Conlin feared the loss of his career.

    “They can toss my good name out there while alleging a crime that was never charged?” Conlin wrote. “F- that.”

    Nowhere in the e-mail exchange did Conlin deny that any abuse occurred says reporter Nancy Phillips of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

    His good name? The man is a pedophile, and quote me please.

    The false pompous efect on this man is nauseating.

  42. Rose says:

    beejay/erose or any other Great Notetakers, do you recall offhand the years (dates)
    Art resided in State College?
    Do we know if he/Evie resided in his son Jerry’s home?

  43. Word Girl says:

    I’ve been thinking about you and how grief never really leaves us.
    This week has been sad here because we lost a young, singing Houston friend on her way home from the Grand Canyon. I guess that canyon is near big enough to hold our hearts.

    Since Laura left so suddenly, it’s been reminding me of my Dad who never was much of a lingerer. Here’s a poem that gave me insight and comfort this week.

    Our poet laureate Natasha Trethewey has so much to share. Here are the first six lines.


    for my father

    I think by now the river must be thick
    with salmon. Late August, I imagine it

    as it was that morning: drizzle needling
    the surface, mist at the banks like a net

    settling around us—everything damp
    and shining. That morning, awkward

    and heavy in our hip waders, we stalked
    into the current and found our places—

    you upstream a few yards, and out
    far deeper. You must remember how

    the river seeped in over your boots,
    and you grew heavy with that defeat…”

    PS I put it here for Lizzy, erose, rose, beejay, and all to see this beautiful expression of love in an elegy from a ‘ruthless’ daughter who stuffed memories into her creel (as I imagine it), so stuffed that there is not room for even a lipstick, if you follow my line. If not, just ask Jr. and Blinkette.

    I do not and will likely never have your gifts of prose m’lady.

    I am finally comfortable with the skills I have and their designated use, but I often find myself envious of others who possess whimsical expression that can lower a drawbridge and compel anyone to seek something they do not have- but are now willing to walk miles on a yellow path with a previously rusty dude et al, to get it.

    This is particularly poigniant to me because as a child, my Dad and I entered a fishing contest, and would have won, except I pretended to need to go to the bathroom and when Dad took me to shore, I let all the fish go from the holding line. He said I should pick my fishing hole carefully.
    He taught me to cast in our backyard with a key on my line so I could see it, and so that I understood the balance.

    He did not yell or reprimand me. He told me that while I may never be a great fisherperson, I had great technique, and that I should figure out what to apply that to. Life, in general, was a bit like casting your reel with confidence. He said I should pick my fishing hole carefully.

    I suppose he told my Mother about it, but I never did, because it was ours, and it was strangely similar to any lesson she would have pointed out.

    Those 2.

    Heart u WG.


  44. erose says:

    This is more than a monster truck – the Ballistic Engineered Armored Response vehicle is now part of the Kalispell Police Department fleet, courtesy of a $300,000 donation from part-time Flathead County resident Don Abbey.

    Nasset bristled when asked about the comment by one Inter Lake reader that the donation was inappropriate, creating a potential perception that the department has been “bought” by Don Abbey.

    Not one stat in that entire article and frankly, the reaction about negotiators driving up to the door and the suspect throwing in the towel is laughable, if not egregiously incorrect from a tactical perspective as any trained crisis mitigation team will tell you.

    A donation of that magnitude should come with a “This is why” tag from an occasional resident.


  45. erose says:

    Donald G. Abbey, Chairman and CEO of The Abbey Company and of AC-Catalina Landing, LLC, developer of the facility, is a 130’ megayacht owner himself and is basing the facility’s design on his experiences and those of his captain and crew, as well as those of other international megayacht owners, crews and facility operators, and an experienced design and management team.

    “We intend to provide facilities, services and attention to the unique requirements and preferences of the international megayacht markets and be a ‘next new destination’ ” Abbey commented.

    “We also want to be sure that the offshore and onshore experiences of owners, guests, captains and crews take full advantage of what Southern California has to offer, from Catalina and the Channel Islands to the Los Angeles Disney Concert Hall and Beverly Hills, Palm Springs, the nearby shipyards, marine services in our nearby ports and ***our airport private jet*** and helo services” he related.

  46. erose says:

    John Cappelletti was Paterno’s fav, on the honorary board of TSM, partner (as one article I linked) of Don Abbey, and this happened on the heels of the Sandusky Scandal. All that seems to have been taken was football memorabilia.

    Sports Hero and Heisman Winner’s Laguna Niguel Home Robbed

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