Freeh Report on Sandusky and PSU BOMBSHELL: What They Missed

Blink is on location and will be filing this report later today.  I am opening the thread to keep discussion on the Freeh Report here in advance of the piece.    Set your RSS.

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  1. erose says:

    In researching Dave Joyner, I turned to Ira Lubert, which took me to Brian O’Neill and eventually Pete Musser. If you have time, read the article on O’Neill, Lubert’s friend and business partner (Nutrisystem, who knew?) Hosting the Bush Family and Clinton’s and the “Dolly.”

    This article on Pete Musser, and the time frame of the death of Craig Musser in 1984 of aids, made me wonder about Savitz, when I saw the mention of The Rittenhouse Square fashion show that his father’s new wife attended after Craig’s death, it made me think about the circle the Musser’s were in and if Craig had fallen victim. I can only wonder, no facts here, except Lubert, PSU BOT Abbey teammate, friend of Joyner runs in some pretty fancy circles.

    THE TRAGEDY OF Musser’s life wasn’t losing his fortune, but rather losing his son, Craig, in 1990. An artist and Harvard graduate, Craig had worked as a model in Manhattan before contracting AIDS in 1984. He moved back to the Main Line, eventually dying at home. The New Yorker story and HBO movie In the Gloaming, written by a Bryn Mawr-based writer friend of the family, is said to be modeled on the Mussers.

    She enjoyed hosting parties, having guests, traveling. “I found her delightful,” says one socialite who sat next to her at a Rittenhouse Square fashion luncheon.

  2. erose says:

    Penn State alumni Ira and Karen Lubert of Moorestown, N.J., have committed $1 million to a variety of programs and projects that will benefit students at University Park campus, Penn State Great Valley and Penn State Abington.

    From the total gift, $200,000 will support planned renovations of the Recreation Building (Rec Hall) at University Park, home to the Intercollegiate Athletics wrestling squad and the men’s and women’s gymnastics and volleyball teams, among others. Ira Lubert is a former Penn State wrestler.

    Penn State Great Valley, a special-mission graduate center, will receive $250,000 for a fellowship in entrepreneurial studies named for Warren V. “Pete” Musser, a financial and business associate of Ira Lubert’s. Musser and his Wayne, Pa.-based company, Safeguard Scientifics, recently donated $3 million to Penn State Great Valley to help build a new conference center.

    In September 1995, the Luberts gave an initial $1 million dollars to endow a wrestling coach position, scholarships for Penn State Abington students and a professional development program for students in the School of Hotel, Restaurant and Recreation Management.

  3. erose says:

    Building $3 billion empire Without fanfare, Ira Lubert has created the area’s top investment group.

    January 04, 2004|By Porus P. Cooper INQUIRER STAFF WRITER

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    Philadelphia’s private-investment community, personified in the ’90s by Internet enthusiast Warren V. “Pete” Musser, has a new public face – the Internet-averse Ira Lubert’s.

    In a business in which players keep score by how much money they raise from pension funds and wealthy individuals, Lubert earned local bragging rights last year when his group raised nearly $1 billion for new real estate investments and nearly $200 million for a new biotechnology investment fund.

    The group is also set to announce it has raised part of a new $300 million pool of money for an existing technology investment fund.

    Still, the relative anonymity must rankle, for Lubert added: “We have gone from zero to $3 billion in seven years, but very few people know it.”

  4. erose says:

    So…what I’d like to know, is if David J Gray is related to Gary J Gray, because David took over Schultz’s job, and if he is related to Gary, who is friends with Spanier and played ball with Lubert and Abbey on that famous Sandusky defense and is currently a prof at PSU, then, I can see the family circle, Joyner as acting AD and Gray as Veep of Finance.

    David J Gray

  5. erose says:

    To verify what I have said about Gary Gray (link won’t post) Google Gary Gray + letter or the article in the Collegian “Former Player Details Last Meeting with Joe Paterno.” 09/22/12 by John McGonigal.

  6. erose says:

    Just a reminder that Ira Lubert was treasurer for TSM, as well as the PSU board.

    and then there is this (and I will quit)

    The more informed media speculation has focused on Joyner and fellow committee member Ira Lubert ’73 as the key figures in this search. That matters (or seems to) because Joyner and Lubert—former Nittany Lion wrestling teammates—are widely credited with convincing Cael Sanderson to leave his alma mater and take over the Penn State wrestling program. Sanderson, of course, is the biggest name in collegiate wrestling, and he led the Lions to a national title last spring.

    I think I know who is running the show.

  7. erose says:

    Just a reminder that Ira Lubert was treasurer for TSM, as well as *on* the PSU board.

  8. erose says:

    Oh yeah, in that article I posted on Musser:

    Or, in Musser’s case, flying off in friend Ira Lubert’s jet to Lubert’s villa on St. Thomas.

    Musser also recently backed InfoLogix, a digital data company with medical applications for its products, and stacked its board with friends like former Eagles coach Dick Vermeil; along with Vermeil and cable billionaire Gerry Lenfest, he has invested in Sprinturf, an artificial turf company that he believes has potential to carpet thousands of high-school and college fields across the country with bright-green, seasonless faux grass.

    Remeber Vermeil, the guy that wrote the foreward in “Touched.”

  9. lizzy says:

    Former Centre County ADA dealing mj?

    THUD. Did not see that coming.


  10. erose says:

    According to this, not just mj.

    The Centre County Courthouse in Bellefonte, Pa. Photo by Ben Jones,

    Steve Sloane, a former Centre County assistant district attorney, is wanted by police and faces felony drug charges for allegedly dealing pot to co-workers that he received by mail.

    According to the Centre Daily Times, a criminal complaint that was filed on Monday Sloane, 53, could be charged with seven counts of felony, a third-degree felony and a misdemeanor.

    Per the report, a narcotics officer based in Modesto, Calif. contacted State College Police in Oct. 2011 after getting a hold of a package, its contents two ounces of marijuana and 20 hydrocondone pills. The criminal complaint said a Steven Ice was shipping the contents from California to Sloane’s place of work, the Masorti & Sullivan law offices, according to the newspaper.

    Police interviewed witnesses who said they bought pot from Sloane, according to the report, but Sloane told the newspaper he was not aware of the charges and acknowledged the 2011 investigation.

  11. erose says:

    Are we back to Sassano’s drug investigation?

    That was my first thought, but that cannot be right, not after all this time and how would he be linked to Sandusky phone number.


  12. erose says:

    Top Romney Supporters in Philly
    (note Lubert has a billion $ in PA state pension $, and has federal lawsuits, and Sasso, Corbett man and Archdiocese defender.)


    Ira Lubert (real estate investor, Valley Forge casino owner, and lead partner in Independence Capital, whose $12 billion+ in assets includes a billion dollars in PA state pension money)

    William Sasso (Stradley & Ronon law firm, co-chair of Gov. Corbett’s transition team, lawyer for the Archdiocese and other prominent clients, chairman of the National Constitution Center)

    Read more:
    Watch sports videos you won’t find anywhere else

    Sasso, a cochair of Gov. Corbett’s transition team, may soon be named by Corbett to the unpaid post, according to sources close to the appointment process. Corbett, a Republican, took office last month, succeeding Gov. Edward G. Rendell, a Democrat.

    His legal clients include the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, which is targeted in grand jury indictments released last week alleging sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests.

    Sasso was a vigorous defender of the archdiocese after another Philadelphia grand jury, in 2005, issued a damning 418-page grand jury report on pedophile priests. The report was “incredibly biased and anti-Catholic,” Sasso said at the time.

    Is Lubert-Adler Partners in trouble? Not financially — at least, not yet. The vaunted Center City real-estate investment firm’s current fund is worth $2.5 billion, and its clients include a who’s who of big-shot Philadelphia investors. But if the company, headquartered in the Cira Centre, finds itself on the losing end of several nine-figure federal lawsuits filed in Florida and inching toward trial, that could change

    It’s not just the developers on the hook. One of the fraud claims also names as defendants hundreds of Lubert-Adler’s investors — Harvard, Yale, Drexel, Jefferson, and the pension funds for Pennsylvania government and school workers — because they benefited from Lubert-Adler’s alleged misdeeds.

    Of course, for Lubert-Adler to take a hit, the local media would have to notice — and so far, that hasn’t happened.

  13. erose says:

    NYT Article referenced in the previous post.

    He (Ginn) got a big break in 1997, when Lubert-Adler started investing in his projects. Over the next decade, the firm, whose investors include the endowments for Harvard and Princeton, pumped about $800 million into his properties. Their partnership was structured such that the private equity firm put up all the money and took 80 percent of the profits.

  14. erose says:

    The nine-count lawsuit, filed May 29 in U.S. District Court in Michigan, is one of several potholes that have appeared lately in Edward R. “Bobby” Ginn III’s expansive real-estate empire.

    Ginn has bounced back before, and he has an investment partner with very deep pockets.

    Ginn has had a long-standing relationship with Lubert-Adler, a Philadelphia-based private-equity firm. Ginn recently strengthened his ties to other potential backers by quietly hiring Robert Gidel, a real-estate veteran with his own close links to major private-equity firms, including Lubert-Adler, and experience managing property portfolios.

    I wonder when Don Abbey got his life back on track around 1990, and he amended his relationship with Paterno, if it was Lubert-Adler backing his start up?

  15. beejay says:

    This makes no sense IF Sloane got the hydrocodone for personal use. Unless he was receiving a similar package very frequently. How far would 20 pills go for an addict?

    It’s true that hydrocodone isn’t something you can just buy (illegally)online and get what you order. So, an addict wants a reliable source for the real thing. But 20 pills? He couldn’t develop a local source?

    The 2 oz of mj is different.

    They have “thrown the book at him”; taken a long time to bring charges. Maybe he didn’t provide all the info investigators wanted in whatever they were actually investigating?????

    (Rumor is that Sloane has long had an abuse problem. Alcohol was named by most water-cooler gossipers. Can I say that?)

    You can, because I have heard the same thing. Pre and post accident.


  16. Rose says:

    an attorney using the US Mail as the supply route?
    –imo his brain was fried long ago
    receiving & distributing at the work site, a law office?

    1) check him into a mental hospital
    2) he’s capable of anything
    3) his frontal lobes/judgment was lost long ago

  17. Rose says:

    “Gricar pursued several controversial cases involving football players…..
    Steve Sloane, an assistant prosecutor in his office, handled most of those cases,
    and is known as one of Gricar’s closest work confidants.”

    It seems to methe timing of felony charges relates to JS’ sentencing.
    they may be offering SS a plea for information, telling him the time is short. .

    Fornicola used to get the mail as office secr: http://www.lockhaven (dot) com/page/content.detail/id/515321/New-Centre-DA-cleans-house–fires-one-assistant–accepts-resignations-of-two-others.html

    So maybe this was the PS drug-associated target whose phone calls brought JS to the State investigator’s attention? http://www.linkedin (dot) com/pub/steve-sloane/26/470/477?_mSplash=1
    Does anyone think the revelation of an investigation in Oct ’11 originated by a “find” in Modesto CA rather than being the product of an ongoing PA investigation?

    I guess back in the day Sloane could’ve been an easy blackmail target for any high level dealer facing prosecution. get Gricar’s schedule & vulnerabilities, for example. I wonder if Madiera and Sloane shared interests? What if Gricar was innocently at the top of a drug-corrupt DA’s office and was just figuring it out?

  18. beejay says:

    14 minutes ago, the reported facts changed. Now, Sloane didn’t (acc to one source) sell pot to other employees at his then-law firm. No; he “gave” it to students.

    So, um, what “case” was Sloane (Stephen P. Sloane, fyi) working on back in spring, 2011 when he began getting documents from Ice??


    IIRC, Sloane is helping Emma, the former wife of Gricar, with her non-fiction book about life with Ray. Sloane is also working on, assuming they’re 2 separate books, his own fictional mystery novel. A murder mystery, I think–can’t verify that at the moment.

  19. Rose says:

    If you ask me, the football prosecutions of that ADA era had a couple
    sources of pressure, and only one was parents.

  20. erose says:

    The articles state the drugs came from Steven Ice. There is a Steven Ice from Altoona, PA.

  21. erose says:

    To me, it seemed relatively minor for personal use. Some pot and 20 oxycodone, except he sold it. And, there is a manufacturing charge in there. How do you “manufacture” mj? They aren’t even charging him on the oxycodone.

    Oxycodone is the tamer version of the highly addictive oxycontin. I know a dentist that had cardiac surgery and became addicted to oxycontin, and he said his doctors had a heck of a time getting him off of that prescription. From what I understand people that can’t get oxy go for heroin. Serious stuff.

    Would not surprise me if Sloane became addicted to pain meds after his accident (although I was never sure it was an accident.) Maybe he is being set up? He just might have the info that Gricar had, and through what is currently being revealed, just realized it. All MOO.

    erose says:
    October 1, 2012 at 11:12 pm

    Are we back to Sassano’s drug investigation?

    That was my first thought, but that cannot be right, not after all this time and how would he be linked to Sandusky phone number.


    He is a former prosecutor, and current lawyer. It’s not shocking per se, but the surface of is so rinky dink, for loabw.


  22. erose says:

    Did he give the pot to Penn State students in his law class? Was he even teaching in 2011? If so, could have come from Sassano’s investigation?

    Perhaps it is a study group writing a thesis. You know, all legal and what not.

    Was it the Big Lebowski experiment? “The Man”


  23. Rose says:

    @Beejay. he ‘s gonna call it medical marijuana.
    maybe even “prescribed.”
    OK on the west coast…??
    Read the essay ” my body, my weapon, my shame” by Edwood Reid.
    more focused than his book. the pains and mindset of a big 10 linebacker
    (at UM) on & off field. imo med marij for football
    players in pain is part of the game

    @beejay. imo the Sloane thing will go back yo his
    own college years and predate law school

    imo someone got a hold on him back when
    he was prosecuting those 80s players

  24. Rose says:

    oh my med marj for players was tongue in cheek.
    i did not mean the legal route

  25. beejay says:

    McQueary filed his lawsuit against PSU today.

    Here ya go:

    So, is Spanier next in our little viewfinder?

    The pkg to Sloane was said to have been shipped out of Modesto, CA by a Steven Ice. There are 4 men with that name in Modesto. One is online in the social media and shows, alternatively, a “relative” or a “friend” named Steven Sloane. That tracks back not to PA and is the incorrect spelling for our Stephen P. Sloane, aka “Steve”.

    I know he’s a eff-up; I just want to be sure he isn’t being framed for a strategic reason in this instance. (Setting aside the issue of whether or not he has engaged in this behavior on other occasions.) He is already being quoted as admitting to receiving earlier pkgs of drugs from his old Air Force acquaintance Steven Ice. See earlier links/posts here.

    Once again, IF Sloane is telling the truth, what “legal documents” was his old service pal Ice sending him in spring, 2011? That’s before he got the job with the law firm.

    Roy K Lisko is representing Sloane in this matter. Lots of these guys know each other. Lisko was an ADA in centre county while Ray was there, I think. I did see one old case from 1986 where Lisko was prosecutor for centre county. So, he, Sloane and Gricar go way back. Lisko also represented that Scirrocco(sp?)PSU kid in 2007. He has been on the opposing side in at least one case, too. Lisko is a local boy; grad h.s. in ’68 in Montour county. Admitted to bar in 1978. Also claims he was an Asst AG in PA, but I’m not trying to run that down.

    You can’t tell me some of these local attys don’t know something about Ray’s disappearance, or at least relevant background info that might bear fruit.

  26. erose says:

    “The Dude” (in my top 25.)

    O/T: LOL. About to give away some very personal blinkism.

    I have never and will never be a “smoker” of any kind. However, I do have a very dear professional friend who I kibbitz with frequently about entertainment, movies, music, etc.

    In fact, if I were to give you details about him, he would easily be identified and his goal in life as ringer on certain private golf courses on the west coast would get him booted.

    He was telling me I would love that flick, and I watched it and my immediate response was – how the hell long have you known me and my habits? I laughed at exactly one thing. The check written for .74 at the convenience mart in the robe, lol.


  27. Word Girl says:

    Love the OT, Blink.

    Just was looking over all the Steven Ice names in the US/

    There are 18 people in the U.S. named Steven Ice, according to

    “There are 4,626 people in the U.S. with the last name Ice.”

    German origin of the surname:

    I have no basis to think this is involved, but we all know the different ice acronyms, right?

    Immigration and Customs Enforcement


  28. erose says:

    Too bad, must be west coast humor (and, for me, a little bit, Jeff Bridges). Out here I think most of us have had occassion to meet a dude or two like that, whether or not we ever smoked, or inhaled. His lifestyle in Venice was spot on, and then to throw the Goodman character in there as his BFF, well there are a lot of these combos, the ones who can barely “think” their way through an average day, regionally speaking.

    Well I have the whole jersey shore thing- wth could I ever say, LOl


  29. beejay says:

    I’m lost. All I found was someone trying to analyze The Big Lebowski with reference to Joseph Campbell’s Hero Of a Thousand Faces. While I loved Campbell, I never saw TBL, the movie, so I’m still lost.

    However, Jeff Bridges in that movie reminded me of my major college love–the one I lost when I refused to move to Israel and live on the beach with him for the indefinite future. Not in a beach house. On the beach. On a towel, I guess.

    I feel like we’re about to all get stoned and spend the evening at the planetarium whispering “far effing out, man”. That’s where I came in, so I’ll leave the rest to you guys who understand it all!

  30. erose says:

    @Beejay, I think the gist of the comment of is:

    The Grand Experiment (Paterno)
    The Big Lebowski Experiment (Sloane)
    ie. giving pot to students.

    [Insert my west coast accent] (BTW, How is this not funny? “The usual,” as in don’t we all.)

    Maude: What do you do for recreation?
    The Dude: Oh, the usual. I bowl. Drive around. The occasional acid flashback.


  31. erose says:

    ROTFL, I promise I need to give it a second look.


  32. erose says:

    I think Donaldson’s resume is worth reading carefully. He has had a varied career, and would have been an instructor at PSU in the same department as Sloane. Donaldson went to PSU ’77 and was working for the OAG in ’05. Interesting timeline. The whole “other” career is different, too.

    Operation Sun Burst Phase II October 2005

    Corbett said the defendants will be preliminarily arraigned before Lewisburg Magisterial District Judge Leo Armbruster. They will be prosecuted in Union County by Deputy Attorney General Robert S. Donaldson of the Attorney General’s Drug Strike Force.

  33. erose says:

    “I think he died of a broken heart,” said Robert Donaldson, one of the hundreds of Joe Paterno fans who gathered to mourn the coach, and create a memorial, at his bronze statue outside Beaver Stadium.

    “This school was his life, it was his identity, and it was his family and it was taken away from him,” said Donaldson, a criminal defense attorney and a former deputy attorney general for the state of Pennsylvania. “The speed (with) which he deteriorated after, really, was astounding.”

  34. erose says:

    Sloane’s former boss is pretty involved in the Sandusky case.

    Donaldson: Although Sandusky case nears end, Penn State likely to be on the hook

    Local attorney Robert Donaldson has commented on the Jerry Sandusky trial for the Mirror over the last two weeks.–Although-Sandusky-case-nears-end–Penn-State-likely-to-be-on-the-hook.html?nav=742

  35. erose says:

    (scroll down) for Donaldson’s “other” business:

    A food service distribution company with longtime ties to Blair County is winding down operations under a voluntary liquidation plan with its bank, the company’s president and CEO said Monday.

    The closing of Lee Food Service Inc., which was created after the 2006 bankruptcy of W.S. Lee & Sons Inc., will eliminate 90 jobs. Details of the liquidation plan have yet to be worked out.

    Company employees were notified of the decision Monday.

    “Like a good football team that didn’t have enough time on the clock, our great team ran out of time on the game clock,” President and CEO Robert S. Donaldson said. “We have a great group of employees who have been through a lot over the last four years.”

  36. erose says:

    has links to all his Sandusky articles

  37. beejay says:

    Bringing some snips over for those who haven’t yet visited my earlier link. Referencing The Complaint.

    “Police also said a Western Union customer receipt shows that Sloane sent $250 to Ice on Aug. 21, 2011.

    In an interview on Nov. 9, Sloane reportedly told police that Ice was a friend he met in the Air Force, and that Ice began sending him packages in April or May 2011 that contained legal documents.

    “He said one of the first packages from Ice contained a small amount of marijuana. Sloane said he was upset with Ice for sending the marijuana,” the complaint stated.”

    The article went on to say that Sloane, in that interview, said
    he’d gotten prescription pills from Ice one time and pot three times and that he had “given” the pot to several people.


    Question: why didn’t they arrest Sloane late last year? Waiting to see what happens next. Or, in time. As in, shall we try to discredit Sloane now? Or, maybe just a coincidence.

    I read at one source Sloane sold the pot to 2 people in the Masorti law offices. But I believe that was edited later and the people were some he had “met” in that office. Didn’t capture the original. And as of last night I couldn’t find the online court documents, but they are available, just not to me.

    So, Ice seems to be a real person, acc to Sloane.

    TY for the explanation on Lebowski, etc. Good times!

  38. Steve says:
    I wasn’t sure if I posted his before. I believe the taxpayers had to make up the difference in the retirement fund.

  39. beejay says:

    Oh, wait a minute. Erose? We know Lee Foods from WAY back. And a local commenting in some obscure place about something sexually hinky. Are you working on that?

    I just got back online and found Blink had posted your recent stuff. Haven’t read it yet; will do now.

  40. beejay says:

    Not to add to the confusion, but there’s a different report of the Sloane situation which, as usual, the link won’t let me post. Can’t even rig it to post. It’s at collegian(dot)psu(dot)edu archive for 2012/10/03. Article named with words former(underscore)district(underscore)attorney(underscore)Steve(underscore)Sloane(underscore)arraigned. Then add the suffix aspx

    That article says Police also found text messages between Sloane and Ice, which referenced the fact that Ice was sending drugs to Sloane. Sloane reportedly said he got fewer than 5 pkgs from Ice, which were delivered to his own HOME address. They contained classified ads from the Modesto Bee newspaper. (Huh? Thoughts here? Is this where that earlier manufacturing charge might have come from?) And that he received 12 Vicodin pills–said as he was taking them by prescription and was out. (ok, so we have a lying addict here…no surprise. So “rinky dink”, “predictable”, whatever)

    This source does have Sloane admitting, per Police, that he sold the mj to law students at the Dickinson School of Law.

    And has Sloane admitting that he received 10 other pills from Ice he thought were Percocet and that he was supposed to receive codeine from Ice, but never did.

    Oh my.

  41. erose says:

    Let. It. Ride. (great article Steve)

    The New Jersey State Investment Council, which oversees pension money for over 200,000 state workers, teachers and retirees, voted last month to give Lubert-Adler $100 million for its new $400 million Fund VI-B, “to acquire assets at significant discount through the distressed debt opportunities provided by the current real estate market,” director Timothy Walsh told council members in a memo last month.

    Read more:

    Steve says:
    October 3, 2012 at 12:14 pm

  42. erose says:

    I’m giving it my best. IDK what’s going on, but it’s as if back in April 2011, when all the GJ stuff was presumably leaking into the inner circles, Sloane is caught with accepting drugs from an ex-USAF buddy, with whom he was exchanging legal documents. Sandusky is with days of being sentenced, and now, “let’s prosecute Sloane.”

    What does get me is I have tried to research this story “from” Modesto, the place where the narcotics agents became suspicious of these packages, and “nil.”

    beejay says:
    October 3, 2012 at 1:09 pm

  43. erose says:

    On second thought, Ganim’s first Sandusky article was out March 2011, and Modesto didn’t just bust one of their ex-ADA’s. Still, the timing here is suspect.

  44. erose says:

    Sloane’s USAF experience seems to be intellegence and security analysis.

    He either had or maintains clearance of some kind I would think. The whole thing is bizarre to me.


  45. erose says:

    Oh LOL, check out Sloane’s films.

    LOL. I swear I did not see that before ever or prior to my Lebowski reference.

    Yom Kippur was lovely thank you, but nobody asked me :)


  46. beejay says:

    What does get me is I have tried to research this story “from” Modesto, the place where the narcotics agents became suspicious of these packages, and “nil.”

    Ditto here. I was in agreement with you till i saw a different story on Sloane. And now I see a former addict who has started using again. Not that the other part isn’t in play too–still is in my mind. Why now? I’m guessing his history has been well known for quite some time.

    Who was the target of that investigation–Sloane or Ice? IDK.
    If Sloane is using again, not very heavily. Or, he’s got multiple sources. Don’t know enough yet.

    Other things on the near horizon (probably):
    1) possible charges against Spanier
    2) victim 1′s book coming out Oct 23. Remembering most of the accounts i read about Sassano and the toll call procedure lead right into a discussion about victim 1 and his mother, their home and cell phones and Jerry’s home and cell phones. Leading me to believe Vic 1 and/or his mother were the ones under investigation by Sassano when he identified one of their regular callers as Sandusky. Who, coincidentally was under (slow-speed)investigation for child sex abuse.
    3) ??

    Pretty scary if an ADA with a drug habit is prosecuting drug users and dealers.

    I don’t have a timeline for when Sloane was actually in that DA office working. Admitted to bar around ’82? We know he was ADA in 1998–1st Sandusky investigation. That we know of. And in Oct 1998 he and Gricar went to PSU for that mtg with campus police about–something. His car wreck was in 2000. In April 2005 he was about ready to return to work. Don’t know if he was on the job betwn 2000 and 2005–maybe some, in between med leave.

    He was at work in 2008. Fired Jan 2010 or was it 2011 by Parks-Miller. Was he ever in rehab full time program? IDK

    Agreed. I remember thinking that strongly when I watched him on the Disappeared episode.

    He was definitely on medical leave in 2005 when Gricar went missing, and again, because of her choice of words, I got the impression Sloan was on the kind of medical leave that is only referred to as medical leave for men.

    Lastly, has anyone heard from Ms. Arnold?

    I had respected her for what I thought was a deep commitment to answers in Gricar’s disappearance and also a few comments she made about the Sandusky case. She refused to meet with Freeh. She is not in the best company in that regard, and frankly, she has a lot of nerve with the quotes on her blog.

    In the interest of full disclosure , I attempted on numerous occasions to use Ms. Arnold’s own words to ask questions and expect answers. I think her motivation is word play and relevance, sadly.

    I guess I was setting up my own disappointing expectation, I remain baffled at the ambivalence of the man’s end to the enth degree.


  47. beejay says:

    Uh, Blink? I feel really dumb, but what is “medical leave for men”?

    Not dumb, I worded that poorly. In general, if women are on medical leave, it is FMLA or maternity, men can certainly qualify on occasion for FMLA, but other than that the short term disability kicks in, etc.

    It was really my prejudice when I hear it, I should have been more clear.


  48. beejay says:

    For anyone who needs the info, Sloane was admitted to the bar in 1992:

    And he ran for Judge of Court of Common Pleas, Centre County, in 2007:

    In those campaign docs, as of Sept 2007 he said he was working as ADA there. His wife (I guess) also signed those docs. Still married?

  49. erose says:

    Now I feel bad, especially because the first time you go through a holiday without someone in the family it is especially tough. I am glad you can still say it was lovely.

    The best high school teacher my son ever had was a Mormon. They studied all religions under him and when he came to the religions under the umbrella of Protestant, (which is from my mother’s side) he curtly said, “Most of those people (ie. me) don’t even know their own doctrine.” The guy was right. most of the time.

    So from a clueless WASP, peace and love (and congrats on being a clean slate.)
    Yom Kippur was lovely thank you, but nobody asked me


    My dearest erose, I was half kidding. I observe those holidays as the great granddaughter of a czech jew only, I do not practice outside of fasting and my general faith and spirituality.

    I was riding the Lebowski wave and it just came out- your fault I believe and since I kept that post private I will have to keep at the ancient history.



  50. erose says:

    I am only getting information from PA sources, ie The Centre Daily Times, Collegian, etc. This story doesn’t seem to pop up in any Modesto news sources. I get that it is big news in PA because of Sloanes prior position in the county, but it was the Modesto Narcotics Dept that made the bust. I would think they would get a mention in the paper, and maybe they have and I just haven’t found it yet.

    beejay says:
    October 3, 2012 at 7:31 pm

    What does get me is I have tried to research this story “from” Modesto, the place where the narcotics agents became suspicious of these packages, and “nil.”

    Is this Federal? Forgive me, I should know, but I am burning the candles on both coasts at the moment.

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