Freeh Report on Sandusky and PSU BOMBSHELL: What They Missed

Blink is on location and will be filing this report later today.  I am opening the thread to keep discussion on the Freeh Report here in advance of the piece.    Set your RSS.

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  1. beejay says:

    @erose: I’ve archived everything long ago about Spanier, his “good friend” Ronald Roskens, etc. Unfortunately, I totally fail at researching old posts here on BOC.

    @lizzy: TY for that link to today’s letter to the editor. Don’t we all suspect that Sandusky was on a criminal rampage outside of PSU facilities as well as within them? That’s why I started with Washington, PA yesterday.

    It’s also Corbett’s old stomping grounds. If we believe JKA’s allusions, or even or own guesses, we need to look at the courts and agencies that in some way could have been involved. And, therefore, have good reason to squelch everyone. Remembering that the AG has more victims, but wanted to confine the first group to those that fit within a certain profile. IMO, that profile pulls in both TSM and PSU.

    Art Sandusky ran Brownson House till 1986. In Touched, JS said he stayed at B.House whenever he got over that way. IIRC, I posted the instance from his book where he was recruiting high schoolers at a location 30 miles from the B. House, so he bunked there. BTW, he was recruiting for another PSU team–not football, which I found interesting as it expands his hunting grounds.

    I guess I’m kinda getting away from the current “story” but I’m pretty sure JS didn’t scope out all his kids thru TSM. Just IMO.

    I sure hope parents aren’t really sitting around waiting for law enforcement, the courts, state agencies, PSU, politicians to ACTIVELY try to round up Jer’s victims. There are too many vested interests for that to happen. And, I don’t think PA courts have the budget to pursue all those potential cases in court. Maybe the feds don’t either.

    Lizzy’s earlier link:

  2. beejay says:

    For anyone who’s looking up the person who penned that letter at Lizzy’s link:

    I don’t think this man is the Entertainment reporter for The Morning Call. (I was hoping for a reporter of any stripe!) That reporter has a ‘J’ as his middle initial. And no listing of a residence in the city as the author of that letter. A man who does live in that author’s city has a ‘C’ as his middle initial.,0,3538313.htmlstory

  3. beejay says:

    As long as I’m running my mouth this a.m., I’ll go ahead and say that one of the protections Sandusky might have had was knowledge that PSU officials had protected another victimizer who is/was connected with PSU. That’s why I’ve been looking at others there.

    Personally I think JS’ choice of wardrobe might be a clue.

    If you extrapolate from what one of his victim’s lawyers was discussing today, the Catholic Church, it makes sense that there was more than one Jer at PSU. And not necessarily a staffer. Could be a Trustee, or other. I’m not stuck on this idea; it’s just one trail.

    Oh, and in that same article there’s a ray of hope in this:

    “…lawyer Marci Hamilton, who is representing a client who says Sandusky abused him. “They [PSU admin] exhibited depraved indifference to the welfare of children.”

    Jeff Anderson, one of the nation’s best-known lawyers litigating child sex abuse cases against the Catholic church, is working with Hamilton in the lawsuit against Penn State. Anderson described the Freeh report as a mere starting point for further investigation. He employs former police and FBI agents to gather evidence for his lawsuits, and he said he expected to find more cases of abuse by Sandusky.”

    Read more:

  4. beejay says:

    Never fear. Reporters are all trying to tie the current happenings back to the Franklin Scandal. Here, from yesterday, this article:

    ‘The Franklin Cover-Up’ author linked Sandusky and Penn State abuse scandal years ago

    Red Dirt Report
    July 15, 2012


  5. beejay says:

    If anybody wants to follow the upcoming reportage attempting to link Sandusky back to the Franklin Scandal, it might be going by way of Porter Goss’ resignation/the DC Madam(Deborah Palfrey, who committed suicide)/and the missing link.

    We have up here way back some things about Ed Rendell possibly being the unidentified person per Palfrey. Also, a linkage to Jonathan Luna’s murder. I’m not going to go there myself.

    Some current directions:
    (and see the comment by Miguel Grande)
    (which also gives a direct link to “Is the Resignation of CIA Director Porter Goss Hookergate Related?”)

    I’ve tried, and failed, to find a nefarious reason why Spanier was sought out as PSU President. Doesn’t mean there isn’t one; just I haven’t found it. Unfortunately, William A. Schreyer died in Jan 2010 and he was a major actor among the Trustees on the search committee who recruited Spanier.

    I do believe Spanier, among other things, brought background knowledge about setting up a university-related retirement development. A $$ motive. Because the alumni at UN were looking into setting one up there before Spanier left. And Spanier took credit, in 1995–when he’d just arrived at PSU in August or so–for the foray into Penn Village. So, I’d guess Penn Village’s financial partners on the private side might have valued some input and promise of immediate efforts into that from Spanier.

  6. beejay says:

    Ganim has an article today about the yet-to-come civil suits, at least one of which might date back to pre-Second Mile days. It’ll be interesting when info is released, as to whether the assaults were outside of PSU facilities and unknown by PSU officials. JS started TSM in 1977.

    “Sources close to the Jerry Sandusky case say that three men have come forward and told police that they were abused in the 1970s or 1980s by the convicted pedophile.

    They are the first men to allege abuse before the 1990s….”

  7. A Texas Grandfather says:


    You post about the Penn. State police kept information from the the case worker is just another reason to completely remove all campus police units from control by a university administration. This particular incident needs to be thoroughly investigated by the FBI.


    I am quite familiar with the area around the Texas state fair grounds as I had a friend that lived there. I have not thought of the H.L.Green five and dime stores in a long time. I ,as a child, was fascinated by the mechanical donut machine they had in all their stores.

  8. redly says:

    at the risk of being snarky, this may not give one confidence that the new board of trustees won’t allow this to happen again.

  9. Word Girl says:

    Thanks, erose for the Spaniers chart on Muckety Mucks. Covers a lot of ground! (or peeps, if you will)

  10. MKAY says:

    For: A Texas Grandfather’s question regarding the mural.
    July 15, 2012 @ 8:04 p.m.

  11. MKAY says:

    I recall a poster briefly discussing this woman in a long ago thread. I can’t find the exact comment right now. This article deals with what she experienced at PSU.

  12. erose says:

    @ATG, We knew about Nebraska, but I have never seen Roskens referred to as Spanier’s long time friend.

    “…Mr. Spanier’s long time friend and associate Ronald Roskens (former University of Nebraska chancellor and president) was directly linked to the Franklin Scandal as well as its ringleader Lawrence King. Roskens was fired in 1989 from his post when his involvement in various orgies was reported on (incl. surveillance photos of nude young boys in Rosken’s home) .”


  13. erose says:

    I feel ya sista! This type of thing has been upsetting me, too. And then no one is asking how they can get away with this. While I agree Sandusky no doubt got his victims other places, IMO, TSM is still responsible for the children they failed to protect. I guess internal reports are somewhat worthless, or at least bias, as I believe we have just witnessed. I can only hope there is an honest federal investigation.

    Kate says:
    July 14, 2012 at 11:05 pm

    I am shocked…

    There’s a false belief that more information may still come from The Second Mile’s internal investigation.

    It won’t.

    Essentially, what Lynne Abraham’s (who is she) firm found, they used to recommend the children’s charity dissolve and transfer assets to Texas-based charity Arrow Ministries.

    No internal report was completed and no public reflection about whether policies were violated will be released publicly.

    So, that’s it?!?

  14. MKAY says:

    “The temporal scope of the interviews ranged
    from the late 1960s, when Sandusky first attended the University, to the present.”

    This quote is from pg. 12 of the Freeh report. S. Ganim didn’t go into much detail in the article I linked earlier about the most recent victims to come forward. I wonder if they were interviewed during the Freeh investigation and if this statement alludes to them. A statute of limitations will probably prohibit a case for them, right? Although their testimony could be valuable in civiI cases I guess. I did hear S.Ganim state in a TV interview that there were much earlier allegations (reported at PSU) against JS way before 1998. I wish I could find if she put that in an article anywhere. If these allegations are true it makes things even worse for PSU and the Paterno camp, if that is possible. All of this is just my speculation.

    Sending positive thoughts to you and yours Blink. Take care.

  15. Word Girl says:

    Mkay and Lizzy thx for the articles about the victims from 70′s-80′s coming forward. May they stay strong.

    Here’s some good info on the Franklin scandal, Roskens, et al. I’m not good at searching the BOC site (most of the time).

    @beejay–wasn’t it odd that the author who linked Sadusky and the Penn State abuse scandal doesn’t remember doing that? He said he’d have to check his notes?

  16. beejay says:

    beejay says:
    June 26, 2012 at 7:29 am


    As to Spanier, he’s old enough to retire. If civil suits come his way, he’ll have to scale back his lifestyle. Perhaps his very old and very rich friend Ronald Roskens could find a retirement job for him in his own businesses?

    OK, we DO know stuff. I apologize for not being more systematic and not keeping notes. I knew I would be too busy to follow thru on this case. But in that June 26 post, snipped above, I made that comment because I’m sure I posted long ago the info about Roskens and Spanier. Rose might have too? IDK. We’ve got a lot of stuff in the archives here; I just don’t know how to retrieve it.

  17. beejay says:

    Dr. Shrien was a piece of work; Spanier was purportedly also friends with him in Nebraska. (Ronald Roskens has business interests with Warren Buffett, btw) Erose–you knew this!

    erose says:
    March 5, 2012 at 11:30 pm

    This link doesn’t seem to work, but the implications of this blogger may be of interest.

    Monday, November 7, 2011

    Nebraska VS Penn State……Is It Irony Or Disgrace?

    We are speaking of the Penn State child molestations by Coach Sanduski. It seems these things turn up wherever current Penn State chancellor, Graham Spanier works.

    In our years of chasing pedophiles Graham Spaniers name has turned up time and again. When he was the Chancellor at Nebraska University one of his underlings, Ronald Roskens, was fired from NU because he was repeatedly caught with young boys in his home.Victims swore out affidavits to myself and Investigators Gary Caradori and Karen Hughes in 1989. Hughesnet111 and Caracorp did in fact produce 4 surveillance photos that led to Rosken’s termination after they were presented to the N.U. Board Of Regents and the Lincoln Police Department.

    Spanier and Roskens are both “closeted” gay men who are sexually aroused by young boys.They are “classic” pedophiles. Spanier has ties to former Franklin Credit Union President and convicted felon / child molester Larry King as well as a long list of known pedophiles throughout the United States. Several of Spaniers “military friends” were recently charged in an international pedophile scandal at the Department of Defense. Spanier was also a close friend and longtime “associate” of convicted child molester and former Gladiator official, Dr. Daniel Schrien. Yes, Graham Spanier, former Cornhusker hack and current Nittany Lion hack.

    You can taste the wicked irony as the Cornhuskers and Nittany lions meet this weekend. It is very bizarre and former Nebraska Cornhusker official / university Chancellor Graham Spanier is right smack in the middle of it. The whole story drips with disgrace and pure evil. Both universities have alot of blood on their hands when it comes to pedophilia and “conspiracies of denial”.

    Guard your children folks. There is an evil force slithering through youth, college, amateur and pro sports today that can reach out and touch your family anywhere, anytime in any town. Pay attention or the devil will.

    Brent Goodwin / US Naval Intelligence / former CIA field officer / homicide detective / and current member of The Hughesnet111 Staff.

  18. Rose says:

    @Beejay & all. ty for reading materials.
    You saw where Smeal Business School flew a PS student
    contingent to Omaha for a day with Warren? I think
    it was 06 or 08.

  19. Rose says:

    I think Sandusky is too much in denial & into appearances to take
    the pre-sentencing opportunity to offer up
    other adults. What do you think?

  20. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Thanks for the link. I read FreeRepublic every day and remembered reading this one when I reread it. There is probably a lot of things about the Franklin scandal that have ties to Spanier. He seems to have escaped at an opportune time. “Birds of a feather flock together” is an old time expression that appears to fit this case.

    It also makes me think that there may be others that escaped detection that may have transferred to other universities.


    I knew about the rework of the painting. My whole point was did JoPa know about the painting? If he knew and did nothing to remove the halo, this just lowered my opinion of him. There is no mortal IMO that should be depicted in a work of art wearing a halo.

  21. beejay says:

    @Word Girl, you said:
    @beejay–wasn’t it odd that the author who linked Sadusky and the Penn State abuse scandal doesn’t remember doing that? He said he’d have to check his notes?

    We’ll see if his recall improves. IDK if there is any link back to Franklin Scandal at all. Thru Sandusky; thru old friendships of Spaniers, etc.

    I do know there will be an upcoming Part II to that article. Stay tuned, ya’ll. And they mentioned ABC 20-20 maybe bringing out Noreen Gosch again for a special. So, whether it’s merely a $$ motivated media event or not–we shall see.

    Can I ask kindly for a repost of that link please? I only had about 3 seconds today to try to review and I did not want to hold it up. Tia.

  22. MKAY says:

    For A Texas Grandfather
    @ 7/16/12 7:20 p.m.

    I agree with you and understand your point. I posted the article because your earlier post left me with the impression that you had a question of when the halo was painted. Below there is a quote from the article that states it was painted after he passed away. He did not know about it.

    “Michael Pilato had put a halo over Paterno’s image after the beloved coach’s death in January, but said he felt he had to remove it Saturday after a report that Paterno, former university president Graham Spanier and others buried allegations of child sex-abuse against ex-assistant Jerry Sandusky. Paterno’s family denies the claim.

    Pilato added a large blue ribbon, instead, on Paterno’s lapel symbolizing support for child abuse victims, a cause the artist said Paterno had endorsed.”

    Read more:

  23. MKAY says:

    Sorry, I forgot to add that the article does not say if the artist informed the Paternos of his decision to add the halo. Perhaps the artist was intending to portray him as an angel now in Heaven. I don’t know. Sorry If I caused confusion. Just trying to be helpful.


  24. Rose says:

    pilato stricks me as … won’t say, but why is there no supervisory control over his ins and outs, ups and downs, at Penn State?
    Is this mural on Penn State property?
    If so, he’s as unsupervised & idiosyncratic as Joe.

  25. Rose says:

    I would think even Michelangelo had to answer to someone.

  26. Lyndsay says:

    @beejay: I’m not sure about that article – it seems to have a very anti-gay slant. The author loses credibility by implying that they were “classic pedophiles” because they were “closeted gay men”. It seriously pains me to see that in writing. The author loses a lot of credibility by associating homosexuality and pedophilia, IMO.

    Nevertheless, thanks to those who made the link to the Franklin scandal – wow, I had no idea this took place (I wouldn’t have, since I was 10 at the time). I definitely want to follow up on this case. For Spanier, what are the chances that your name is associated with not one but two sexual abuse scandals? Hmm I wonder what Ronald Roskens and Lawrence King have been up to since this scandal. Does Spanier currently have a relationship with Roskens?

    Can someone kindly re-do the Franklin link, if their is one outside of speculation please.


  27. Lyndsay says:

    @A Texas Grandfather: I had the same reaction to hearing about this halo. Have they learned nothing from this about the dangers of elevating a college football coach to the level of a deity??? Absolutely ridiculous.

    The whole separation of church and state thing notwithstanding-


  28. Kchoo says:

    Not seeing that- which post?


  29. Lyndsay says:

    Reading Roskens’ bio, I wonder if Spanier is connected to any of the other companies and organizations Roskens is involved with.

  30. A Texas Grandfather says:


    I did read the Vancouver Sun article. However, I must have misread the timing of the painting of the halo. Thanks for clearing that up.
    I hope that your take on the reason for the halo is the correct one. I was thinking that perhaps the artist got caught up in the sports worship trip and decided to paint the halo.


    Thanks for reposting the blog by Brent Goodwin. The link takes you to the current page where there are links to the archives. They do not work and just loop back to the blog about hockey.

    I have this printed out in a folder that I keep on cases such as this. It is a real indictment of this whole situation. Based on what I have been reading by the FBI officer on sexual predators, Brent may be slightly off in his claim that Spanier and others were “Gay” and also pedaphiles. But, the possibility exists that if they were abusing children twelve or under he would be correct.

  31. erose says:

    Graham has been playing washboard with the Deacons, and occasionally with other bands, since 1995. He started when the band pulled him out of the audience to try out a washboard, the rest is history. The washboard has grown over the years and now includes 25 different percussion instruments and sounds. Graham is also a magician and is host of television programs on public broadcasting and the Big Ten Network. In his spare time he serves as President of Penn State University.

    The Deacons have played in New Orleans at Fritzel’s Tavern on Bourbon Street, the Cafe Pontchartrain, the Cafe Brazil, the Tin Roof Cafe, and at Preservation Hall, where in January, 2001 they opened for the nationally renowned Preservation Hall Jazz Band. The band has played for several years at the W.C. Handy Music Festival in Florence, Alabama. They have also played at the James Street Cafe in Pittsburgh and at the Hilton Hotel in Harrisburg. Some of their Central Pennsylvania engagements include:

    The Second Mile, Senior Games, Hope for Kids, PSU Thon, and various fund-raisers.
    DelGrosso Park, Lakemont Park, Knoebels Amusement Resort, Derry Township Park, Valley View Park, Penn’s Cave, Victory Park in Lewistown, and Raystown Amphitheater.
    Fairs and Festivals:
    Lemont Strawberry Festival, Beaver Stadium’s July 4th Fireworks Celebration, People’s Choice Festival, Coleman Park in Lebanon, Mt. Gretna, and the Centre County Grange Fair.
    Additionally, they have played at nursing homes, retirement centers, political rallies, funerals, and weddings. The Deacons have entertained for many years at Penn State tailgate parties-both public and private-including a very successful series of three-hour performances outside The Student Book Store prior to home football games.

    Check out the photo of the band at Clem’s on Raystown Lake, coincidentally where Gricar was the day before he disappeared.

  32. erose says:

    To be clear, Gricar was said to be at Raystown Lake the day before he disappeared. I did not mean to imply he was at Clem’s.

    Check out the photo of the band at Clem’s on Raystown Lake, coincidentally where Gricar was the day before he disappeared.

  33. erose says:

    Kinsey’s kooky shrinks

    Has the clergy sex-abuse and cover-up scandal made you angry? Better save up some indignation for a more far-reaching scandal in other professions: Psychiatrists and professors are lobbying to normalize and decriminalize pedophilia (child rape and molestation).

    You heard right. The movement to legitimize pedophiles has been gathering steam for some time. In the late 1980s, for example, during the two years I spent as principal investigator for a U.S. Department of Justice study on “Images of Children, Crime and Violence” in mainstream pornography, my research team encountered a stable of paid pornography agents we dubbed “Academic Pedophile Apologists.”

  34. erose says:

    Not making excuses for Lauro, but the Freeh Report established Courtney knew in 1998. He was the PSU and TSM attorney. Is he off the hook because of some attorney client privilege, or is he held to a higher standard due to his expected knowledge of the law?

    Law required children’s charity to be told of Jerry Sandusky investigation in 1998

    That now seems to be an apparent violation of a 1994 Pennsylvania law that says child-protective services — in this case, the Department of Public Welfare — is supposed to tell any child care agency if one of its volunteers or employees is under investigation.

    When a complaint is made, the child care and welfare agencies are supposed to work together to develop a written supervision plan until the investigation is complete.

    Sources close to the charity say no safety plan was put into place in 1998 because DPW never told The Second Mile about the weekslong investigation.

  35. erose says:

    Former PSU president Graham Spanier keeps national security clearance amid Sandusky scandal

    Metrix says:

    Right after Roskens lost his job at Nebraska, he was appointed by George Bush Sr. to head the AID.

    And Wick Sollers has been the attorney for both George Bush Sr. and the Paternos. It’s a small world.

  36. erose says:

    Someone is playing hardball.

    June 16, 2012
    Penn State Investigator Louis Freeh Accused Of Heading A Massive Cover-Up As Director Of FBI

    Read more:

    My thoughts on that are put up or shut up. If you can’t cite the cases and outcomes and this just looks like disgruntled employee stuff- what’s the point.


  37. Steve says:
    Specifics regarding the next court date for Curley and Schultz.

  38. Rose says:

    not on Penn State campus but “across from” above “The Deli”

    his website promoting his business
    michael Pilato, painting the halo:

    continuing national press each time he modifies:
    painting out Sandusky
    painting in Dora
    red hands   blue ribbons
    haloing Joe
    removing halo

    http://www.collegian.psu .edu/archive/2012/07/14/pilato_removes_paternos_halo_on_mural.aspx

    not associated with Penn State
    independent contractor

  39. lizzy says:

    Lyndsay says:
    July 16, 2012 at 9:52 pm
    @A Texas Grandfather: I had the same reaction to hearing about this halo. Have they learned nothing from this about the dangers of elevating a college football coach to the level of a deity??? Absolutely ridiculous.

    The whole separation of church and state thing notwithstanding-


    Veering a little off-topic, but I’m going to add some local perspective to the mural topic, and weigh in a little strongly.

    First, don’t know where the separation of church and state comment is relevant. The mural is on private property, although along a public street. I certainly hope that separation of church and state does not mean one cannot have religious imagery on private property. If so, the communists have won. Although I guess we could debate the secular versus pluralistic interpretations of separation of church and state, I personally stand firmly in the pluralist corner for most purposes.

    Second, the only “they” involved is the artist. Or maybe the owners of the property on which is painting had a voice; I wouldn’t know. At any rate, he painted in the halo after Paterno’s death. I’m sure it was a somewhat emotional over-reaction, but the artist has reconsidered. I’m sure it was difficult for him to show his changed emotions so publicly. This is the same artist who added a handprint from one of the jurors in the week following Sandusky’s trial, and who hopes to add handprints of the Sandusky survivors.

    P.S. I’ll reserve a discussion of the history and symbolism of the halo. But I am sure, from this artist, it was not intended to signify that Paterno was a deity.

  40. lizzy says:

    Today’s Centre Daily Times Opinion column on the statue and the new blue ribbon. Reasonable, I think. Relegate the statute to the museum, as part of Penn State sports history, and remove the ribbon. Shouldn’t have a ribbon for what he “wished” he would have done.

    (Sorry for the typos and repetitions in the previous post. Somehow my final edits didn’t make it through.)

  41. MuffyBee says:

    Blink, I don’t know that much about posting here, but I read at least daily. For those that keep asking if Joe Paterno knew about the halo the artist painted over Joe’s head in the mural: The halo was painted after Joe’s death. I have read an article that indicated the artist paints halo’s over the heads of the deceased in his murals etc., Don’t have that link this second, but here is the one that indicates the halo was painted after Joe’s passsing:

    “Michael Pilato had put a halo over Paterno’s image after the beloved coach’s death in January, but said he felt he had to remove it Saturday after a report that Paterno, former university president Graham Spanier and others buried allegations of child sex-abuse against ex-assistant Jerry Sandusky. Paterno’s family denies the claim.”

    Thank you the lovely and talented MuffyBee , moderator at SM.


  42. MuffyBee says:

    Joe Paterno couldn’t have known about the halo painted in the mural. The halo was painted after Joe’s death. I have read an article that indicated the artist paints halo’s over the heads of the deceased in his murals etc., Don’t have that link this second, but here is the one that indicates the halo was painted after Joe’s passsing:

    “Michael Pilato had put a halo over Paterno’s image after the beloved coach’s death in January, but said he felt he had to remove it Saturday after a report that Paterno, former university president Graham Spanier and others buried allegations of child sex-abuse against ex-assistant Jerry Sandusky. Paterno’s family denies the claim.”

  43. beejay says:

    The link to the first of two John DeCamp interviews?

  44. beejay says:

    You guys need to understand that the Franklin Scandal and coverup has largely been dropped by mainstream media. But the “lunatic” fringe, so to speak, has jumped all over linking to the promise of a tie from Sandusky back to those Franklin events. And John DeCamp is hinting that he might make it:

    ““One of Sandusky’s contacts was [here in Omaha],” DeCamp said. “Somehow those Pennysylvania people knew about it from my book; they said ‘you brought it up in your book.’”

    DeCamp’s next media attention could come in the form of an ABC News 20/20 special.

    The Lincoln-based lawyer was interviewed about three weeks ago along with Noreen Gosch, the mother of still-missing Johnny Gosch, a Des Moines newspaper delivery boy who was kidnapped in the mid-1980’s.”

    Please understand that many of the media sources you’ll see this in ARE less than reputable. You’ll have to wade thru a LOT of derailing as every nut case rages on about their own agenda. But there is a kernel of truth in that. Look for it. And go back to the original sources, which Blink is quite familiar with.

  45. beejay says:

    Why can’t we find that DeCamp interview published DIRECTLY by its source, the Texas Ellis County Observer?

    I think he pissed off some officials in TX:

    “The Ellis County Observer publisher is banned from the Internet, the State seized….

    Dauben [its publisher], who faces charges in Ellis County of fraudulent use of identifying information in connection with an Internet report he published last year and alleged sexual assault of a 15-year-old male teenager in Navarro County four years ago, is not allowed to use the Internet as a condition of his release on $50,000 bond pending trial in Navarro County.”–Ellis-County-Observer-obeys-court-Internet-ban-prints-20page-newspaper–that-might-anger-some-officials/210

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