Freeh Report on Sandusky and PSU BOMBSHELL: What They Missed

Blink is on location and will be filing this report later today.  I am opening the thread to keep discussion on the Freeh Report here in advance of the piece.    Set your RSS.

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  1. Rose says:

    geeze louise. David Freed IS Leon’s soninlaw.
    So who do State AGs kick criminal investigations over to when there’s a family conflict of interest?

    Is that real? His daughters last name is Freeh Freed?


  2. erose says:

    What hat are you wearing today, gov? I thought, he is Penn State.

    Corbett says prosecutors ‘probably’ investigating whether Penn State obstructed justice

    I have no pith.


  3. Rose says:
    age 41 married to amelia or amy zimmerman (progeny of Leon)
    a county DA at present
    He fits the profile of electable gop males in PA.

    Look for campaign appearances with Freeh imo.
    symbol of law & order.

  4. erose says:

    PSU Tustee Chair During Sandusky Scandal Resigns

    Well, in the face of a 267 page report..

  5. Rose says:
    snip: “A 1959 Penn State graduate, Garban worked at the university for 33 years, the last 12 as treasurer and senior vice president of finance and operations. Alumni first elected him to the board of trustees in 1998, and he began his fifth three-year term in 2010.”

    Sorry for my stupidity, but I thought PS’ VP Finance had been Schultz and it was really Garban …. 
    The article is unclear.  Did he hold this PS job concurrently with serving on BOT 1998ff?? 

    In the job of VP Finance, did he place U investment funds in or with the businesses of any peer Board member?  
    If so, that’s “self dealing” on the Board.  The State Corp Comm or AG should be auditing & investigating for Board self-dealing dating back to 90s anyway. 

  6. beejay says:

    I know there’s a lot of blaming of John Seasock. I think that we should consider that he might have been more or less “set up” to conclude “no findings” wrt Sandusky. By limiting the info given him. IDK. I sure think it’s the best explanation. Here’s some more recent publicity on him, non-Sandusky-related.

    Misc work of John Seasock

    Presented at Midwest Conference On Child Sexual Abuse, Oct 24-27, 2011

    Workshop 30
    Advanced Trauma Interventions for
    Adolescents with Co-Occurring Mental
    Health Disorders
    John Seasock, PsyD

    Link to brochure:

    The video from that workshop has been used for educating professionals. It was presented for video conferenceing by National Children’s Alliance & Midwest Region Child Advocacy Center in 2012:

    National Children’s Alliance &
    Midwest Region Child Advocacy Center
    2012 Education Video-Conferences
    Shown from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. at
    Project Harmony
    11949 Q St
    Omaha, NE 68137
    OR You may access from your desktop


    Project Harmony serves eastern Nebraska and southwest Iowa. They do forensic interviews, work with law enforcement, etc.
    Intro (snip) of Project Harmony’s purpose, from their website:

    “Project Harmony exists to provide effective, immediate and sensitive support to children who are victims or suspected victims of abuse and neglect, and their non-offending family members. …”

    Not sure if this is the same Dr. John Seasock. Here’s a 2009 photo of a man by that name, speaking at NAMI (Nat’ Alliance for Mental Illness, an education & advocacy organization). Photo at the southwestern PA chapter; second link to NAMI for organizational info:


  7. beejay says:

    @rose: you’ll need to work out the dates on Garban. He was first elected as trustee in 1998 (by alumni); re-elected for subsequent terms. Snipping for copyright reasons”

    “…Garban started at center for Penn State football in 1958 when former head football coach Joe Paterno was an assistant coach…also a captain of the team.

    …graduated in 1959…sales representative at a steel company for a few years before being rehired by Penn State in 1961 as an assistant to business manager Ed Czekaj who would later become the Administrative Director.

    [in that position, for 10 yrs Garban] maintained close contact with Penn State athletes and coaches, planning team travel arrangements and maintaining business functions of athletic department.

    …promoted to Deputy Controller in the financial department in 1971. He held that position for another 10 years before becoming Vice President in 1981 and retired 12 years later in 1993.”

    Link won’t post anyway i manipulate it. Google Rachel White Former Chairman Garban steps down from Board of Trustees. That should bring up her article at The Collegian, dated 7-20-2012, now showing it as 8 hours old.

  8. beejay says:

    So…the AG has been delaying charges against Spanier till ALL the evidence is in? Noting that Erickson still has not appeared before the grand jury.

    And, obstruction of justice charges will catch who all in their net?

    From erose’s triblive article, a random expert speculates that the AG’s investigators

    ““are certainly checking into it to see why emails were not turned in earlier,” said Bruce Antkowiak, a former federal prosecutor and law professor at St. Vincent College in Unity. “That doesn’t mean there was obstruction of justice. Obstruction is not something you can commit negligently. It is a crime of specific intent.””

    But, uh, what did Corbett mean by his ‘if I limit it to that’? He’s hinting there are more people than just the prior administration/people in control??

    ““I think you need to say prior administration, prior people who were in control,” he said. “Now if I limit it to that, I am very disappointed in the lack of forthcoming evidence to the subpoena that was given to them by the Attorney General’s Office.””

    Again, that link:

    I’d like a serious, honest look-see into Obstruction of Justice. I think it goes far beyond negligence.

  9. Rose says:

    TY beejay. A football man thru and thru and longtime associate at PS of Sandusky.
    A PS Captain, a team player. By the dates & job description, tied by long years of work
    to Paterno & the team more than to Spanier.

  10. Rose says:

    Bet he resigned over statue coming down, if that BOT rumor is true

  11. beejay says:

    Did we post a link to Ganim’s recent article about who said they knew what and the reporting law requiring DPW to notify TSM of the existence of an investigation into JS? She brought in the various angles, statements, lies, etc. But omitted Wendell Courtney’s name.

    Law required children’s charity to be told of Jerry Sandusky investigation in 1998

    Published: Monday, July 16, 2012, 10:56 PM Updated: Monday, July 16, 2012, 11:21 PM


  12. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Thanks for your link. After reading the piece, it has become apparent that many on the board were not given information by those in the know.

    A board made up of 32 members where many are alumi of the university, is going to have a very political agenda. A BOT should be as broad based as is possible and sould include few alumi of a school.

    The person responsible for the continuation of the pedaphillia and for being the principle person for the cover up is IMO Spanier. This guy needs to be prosecuted and if convicted given a long prison sentence. He should be charged as a specific accessory to each of the victims since the time of his employment.

    We are seeing stories about others that have had similar problems at
    PSU and have transferred to other schools probably with the idea of hiding the crime and getting them out of town.

  13. erose says:


    By virtue of their of their education and presumed knowledge on the subject of sexual child abuse and pedophilia, I agree with you, I hold Spanier to a higher standard and will include Raykovitz to that same standard. As mandatory reporters I include Dranov and McQueary, Sr. With regards to knowing the law, I have to include Courtney, Baldwin and then AG Corbett. Those seven people is where the buck should have stopped, IMO, and they all seemingly failed. 0-7.

    A Texas Grandfather says:
    July 20, 2012 at 1:35 pm

  14. erose says:

    Mr. Steve Garban is the Senior Vice President of Finance and Operations/Treasurer Emeritus of The Pennsylvania State University.

    Penn State announced on Tuesday that David Gray was named senior vice president for Finance and Business, a position previously held by Gary Schultz who faces charges for perjury stemming from the Sandusky scandal.

    Al Horvath who worked under Schultz, replaced him upon Schultzes retirement, and went on to the Smithsonian, which was the impetus for Schultz to return as interim Sr VP before the scandal broke.


    During his tenure as Senior Vice President for Finance and Business from 1995 to 2009, Mr. Schultz oversaw the construction of over 50 buildings across Penn State’s 24 campuses totaling over $1.5 billion. Additionally, under Mr. Schultz, total institutional operating revenues increased by 160% from $1.5 billion to $4.0 billion and the university’s endowment increased 260% from $363 million to over $1.3 billion.

    Mr. Schultz was elected to chair the newly created Penn State Investment Council in 2000, with responsibility for the investment of endowment funds currently totaling more than $1.8 billion.

    Additionally, Schultz was a member of the Penn State Hershey Medical Center Board of Directors overseeing the health care system. The organization grew from $400 million to over $900 million in annual revenues between 2000 and 2011.

    Investment Council

  15. beejay says:

    Guess what? Baldwin served as a Deputy AG under LeRoy Zimmerman, long ago! I wonder how many Deputys Atty General there were at that time?

    LeRoy S. Zimmerman became the first elected Attorney General ever. He served two terms from January 1981 through January 1989.
    this link also has list of AGs and dates they served

    “In 1979, Cynthia Baldwin was a Law clerk at Hollinhead and Mendelson. For the years 1980 and 1981, she was a Staff Attorney with the Reginald Heber Smith Fellowship. The two years after that, she was Deputy Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and from 1983 to 1986, she was the Attorney in Charge for the Commonwealth.”

    Para immediately above, and some of my own summary below, are taken from:

    Baldwin was a professor at Duquesne School of Law from ’84 to ’87; then in private practice.

    While she was judge for Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas, she served in the Family Division, Civil Division, as well as the Juvenile Court.

    In 2005, she was appointed justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court by Gov Ed Rendell. She finished out the term of a non-reaffirmed justice, with the usual promise made to not run for that office at the end of her term.

  16. Word Girl says:

    Has anyone else posted Garban’s resignation?

    Sorry if it’s a duplicate. Garban knows a lot, I’m sure.

  17. beejay says:

    Bios on these various folks aren’t totally consistent. Ex, here’s one that describes Baldwin not as a Deputy AG, but as “…worked in 1983 as the attorney-in-charge in the Office of the Attorney General at the Bureau of Consumer Protection under LeRoy S. Zimmerman.”

    I’m trying to figure out how she got so well-connected. And other stuff.

    Will bring over some articles from a few days ago that I’ve looked for, but not seeing here.

    Appreciated beejay.

  18. beejay says:

    Here’s material from pennlive and ESPN articles, both recent.

    “In 2004, former Penn State University president Graham Spanier and then-board chairwoman Cynthia Baldwin said no to a proposal that would have given the board of trustees more oversight power over Spanier and coach Joe Paterno, according to an report.”


    Here’s a snip from the EPSN article referenced above:

    “In November 2004, four of Penn State’s leaders, including then-president Graham Spanier, sat down at Joe Paterno’s kitchen table on a Sunday morning. The men asked the iconic coach to retire. Paterno said no, and that was that.

    That same month, seven members of Penn State’s board of trustees proposed sweeping reforms that would have strengthened the board’s oversight power of Spanier and other campus leaders, including Paterno, according to documents obtained this week by “Outside the Lines.”

    …But the board never took a vote on the proposal. Spanier and then-board chairwoman Cynthia Baldwin considered the reforms — and, just as Paterno had done, said no, three current trustees say.”


    OK, the documents referenced in that ESPN article are fairly straightforward, but I’ll bring their links over:

    Link to the memo that accompanied documents 7 PSU Board members were asking Baldwin to distribute in advance to the full board for consideration at the upcoming Bd Mtg:

    Link to those 7 Trustees’ agenda item they wanted distributed:

    Link to the relevant PSU Bylaws related to those governance items under consideration: excerpts.pdf

    My paraphrasing, followed by another snip(in quotes)from ESPN’s article:

    2 or 3 PSU trustees gave the authors this info. And 2 of them said Freeh’s investigators had asked them and other trustees about the 2004 good-governance proposal. Another trustee also said Freeh’s investigators said they had obtained emails between Spanier and Baldwin and others [WHO? Inquiring minds want to know!] about the trustees’ proposal.

    One trustee claimed to have been told by Freeh’s investigators that the emails showed “Spanier and Baldwin put a stop” to the good-governance proposal because “They didn’t want the added scrutiny.”

    There was no mention in the Freeh report of the trustees’ failed proposal. And a spokesman for the Freeh Group declined to comment.

    The author noted: “The board’s failure to improve its good-governance practices is a curious omission from the Freeh report, which made the trustees’ governance failure a main focus of its findings.”

  19. beejay says:

    Going back to July 12, pennlive carried an article with a summary of Freeh report’s recommendations to PSU Trustees. It had a good intro:

    “On the day in November when charges were announced against two senior Penn State officials in the Jerry Sandusky scandal, one of the university’s trustees suggested hiring an independent investigator.

    Then-university counsel Cynthia Baldwin dismissed the idea, emailing then-President Graham Spanier, “If we do this, we will never get rid of this group in some shape or form.”

    [skipping on down, it indicates that Freeh's group found emails between one trustee and Spanier, and then Spanier and Baldwin, wrt that trustee's questioning. The questioning occurred right after the Patriot-News "leaked" story broke about the grand jury investigating. Don't we know which trustee that is? Can't remember.]

    “A month later, the same trustee emailed Spanier, writing, “What is the outcome of this? I frankly think that, despite the grand jury secrecy, when high-ranking people at the university are appearing before a grand jury, the university should communicate something about this to the board of trustees.”

    Spanier replied to the trustee that Penn State was “on the periphery of this.” But in a separate email, Spanier criticized the trustee, writing Baldwin that “(the trustee) desires near total transparency. He will be uncomfortable and feel put off until he gets a report.”

    The same day, Spanier testified before the grand jury, accompanied by Baldwin.

    Spanier and Baldwin later downplayed the investigation to then-board Chairman Steve Garbin. Baldwin said she expected Garbin and Spanier to explain their view to the unnamed trustee.”


    [Can't we summarize this as a bunch of he said-she said, you-were-supposed-to-take-care-of-that nonsense??]

    Comments in [brackets] above are beejay’s. Remainder is taken directly from the pennlive article linked.

  20. beejay says:

    I keep thinking, “Who IS this woman and how did she get in the middle of everything?” Misc bio tidbits I’ve gathered and am archiving here:

    “Supreme Court Justice Cynthia A. Baldwin has again
    been elected chair of Penn State’s board of trustees.
    Justice Baldwin was first appointed to the board by then-
    Governor Tom Ridge in 1995. She was elected vice
    chair in 2001 and chair in 2002, 2003 and 2004. Justice
    Baldwin received her bachelor of arts degree in English
    and master of arts degree in American Literature from Penn State.”

    “Justice Baldwin has served on the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency….” [Wasn't that the group Corbett was on while serving as defense atty for someone--and Gricar wrote him the letter about? Maybe not.]


    Also at that linkt is the announcement of that confusing program enlisting volunteer attys to finalize the adoption papers of foster kids–started by Baldwin’s cohort in Allegheny Cty, Judge Max Baer. Called Adoption Legal Services Project. Which I also found this on, at another site:

    ““In 1996, the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, through SWAN, established the Adoption Legal Services Project in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. The program was designed to address delays within the legal process that slowed a child’s move to a permanent family. The program was very successful, developed into the Legal Services Initiative (LSI) and, in 2009, expanded to 54 of 67 counties. The Legal Services Initiative model is known outside of Pennsylvania as the Legal Partnership for Permanency.

    For more information on FDR’s work with SWAN, visit


  21. beejay says:

    A newspaper article from May, 1987 is at this link:,3521819

    Is about Baldwin running for Allegheny Ct of Common Pleas. Among other things, it notes she was recently elected VP of PSU Alumni Assn. And states that means that the next year she would become Pres of it. [wikipedia says she was its Pres 1989-1991]

    Below is her husband’s bio. He’s also a Thousand Points of Light honoree for volunteerism! Fellows Bios 3.pdf

    So, she’s got some valuable connections around PA. This Lone Ranger and Tonto thing she and Spanier had going on was a bit over the edge, wasn’t it?

  22. erose says:

    Hope you caught The Mckeesport Counseling & Tutoring Services in that article. In the article, Baldwin claims she and her husband opened it in the ’80′s and regret having to close it due to time constraints, yet it seem still active (1974 – 2012) according to this link:

    Baldwin’s husband is “a senior-level official for the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) of the United States Department of Energy (DOE), where he is responsible for projects involving coal and gas, renewable energy, carbon capture, and carbon storage. He also is involved with developing, planning, and implementing strategic initiatives that strengthen NETL regional capabilities with corporate and business partners and educational institutions. Prior to his current position, Baldwin held other senior-level positions within the NETL, providing direction, oversight, and project management for petroleum refining, oil shale, oil sands, synthetic gas, gas-to-liquid conversion, solid fuels, and feedstocks. Baldwin also is the president of Baldwin Investment Management Group, LLC.”

    He also has the couseling and tutoring nonprofit on his resume.

  23. erose says:

    Correction: opened in the ’70′s.

  24. sirensong says:

    Wow, I just want to say thank you all for your research and sharing it. You all are awesome. It is so interesting to see all the information come out, and the links to others that may be involved (very upsetting too). The whole thing is outrageous, and I am waiting, hoping all these people are exposed and prosecuted. Am afraid its such a big group, and involves money, investments, politics and crime, that the higher ups will close ranks, as they all seem to be protecting their own interests.

  25. Rose says:

    the newspaper article in 1988 erose linked is hard to read but has good detail on those jobs. for ex, her State litigation job litigating consumer protection cases was in the western district. also she ran for that common please judgeship twice, explaining a gap. (much better job than litigator for a mom). and Duquesne job was part-time: the 1L research & writing course (great for an English major) and consumer protection. Around here courses like that (specialities) can be farmed out to fulltime employed elsewhere teachers too. her startup apparently was Neighborhood Legal Setvices. more thoughts on her early career later.

  26. Rose says:

    the readable script below way down describes what it meant to be a Reginald Hill Fellow:
    the best litigation boot camp around imo.
    great training. neighborhood legal sevices. she refers to doing criminal cases, and imo it was here.
    she got this Fellowship imo on the merits due to her academic & employment resume and brains. from there
    after the 2 yr Fellowship the next possible step for a black female was State or Fed employment, and she went
    to work for the State in it’s Western Office litigating consumer
    protection cases. Working there didn’t mean she knew L Zimmerman, although it’s more likely
    than not mentors heading the PA work of the
    Fellowship, or at Duquesne did, and she got notice of job opening to apply for and maybe some grease with
    the hiring supv in the western office. It was also a natural transition for an ambitious Mom to bail on a litigation
    job to run for common pleas judge, tho it took her twice to win. It was no doubt the committees she served on that got her noticed by Rendell for The Vacancy, but I would bet she was put on the bench specifically for that
    eminent domain case benefiting the Philadelphia diocease which was in the pipeline up. With her background her majority opinion was guaranteed. Imo it was dead wrong and any judge with more background academically, in substantive law, in appellate work, or I’m sorry to say from a better law school, would’ve known it. Imo her character flaw was she didn’t know her limits, or what she didn’t know. She took a political viewpoint throught life. Her achilles heel in the end was trusting all those white good ol boys of a certain age who’d never have let her into their private law firms or Corp legal offices in 1981 upon graduation and thinking she was finally one of them. They used her because she didn’t acknowledge what she didn’t know (basic models of legal practice). Her gaps come from never working in someone else’s private practice litigating corp/business law nor in a Corp legal Dept.

    A bit of background, beejay. Imo her career path at least until 2005 came not from connections but from being a black female. She was slightly before my time, and in a more conservative town. Even so, in 1981-85, I don’t remember a single black female in my GW law class. There were also few females, and those often came from political reasons (husband working in Congress; advocacy agenda). Women didn’t get summer jobs in firms, the way to get hired on graduation, unless you’d been a paralegal there before entering school. The jobs on graduation were in Federal gov’t (perhaps State). The only 2 black female attorneys I’d met worked for Fed govt litigating child abuse & neglect. One lateraled over to DOJ tho she was absolutely incompetent. The brilliant one quit law. I remember when the VA Women’s Bar Assn was founded and debuted at the Annual Meeting in 80s–a handful of outcasts on the periphery, though it quickly became something and a force by 1990. That early 80s and before female law grad demographic changed over the next decade. In late 1990s I met plenty of women lawyers, at home no less, mostly georgeous blondes who married a partner in their firm, who all went to law school around 1990 and were able to get employed by regular firms on graduation.

    But, at the time Baldwin graduated, it was a time in America that the places she could get hired were in Neighborhood Legal Services or State or Fed govt. A line-level litigator in a Western State office was entry level. McQuaide would have touched her, or any woman probably, even as a summer assoc in 1979-81. Common Pleas is not a great job either. The problem is, somehow she got from there to the Boardroom withought proper legal or political preparation and somehow deluded herself that she belonged without that preparation.

  27. Rose says:

    firms in western PA like mcQuaide imo in late 70s, early 80s would Not have employed her imo,
    even the all important summer jobs.

  28. beejay says:

    Bringing over interesting comment by


    More conflicts of interest at Penn State. Of course, we all know that Cynthia is a partner at Duane Morris who handles legal work for Penn State (including work relating to the Sandusky scandal). We also know that Adam Taliaferro (whose name recognition alone swept him into the BOT) is an associate at Duane Morris. Both claim that there is no conflict of interest.
    Now, as Cynthia gets into trouble, she hires Charles De Monaco from Fox Rothschild.
    Of course, Fox Rothschild has their own representative on the Board of Trustees, Stephanie Diviney, an associate at the firm.
    The Duane Morris and Fox Rothschild firms are additionally connected to the BOT through their dealings with Ira Lubert and Mark Dambly, both governor appointed. When will the CDT investigate all of these very apparent conflicts of interest?

    * 05/26/2012 12:10 PM

    Read more here:


    Also, the commenter just above that one said that Dean Susan Welch has also lawyered up. I haven’t tried to verify any of this.

  29. Cath says:

    first time…long time…
    Statue is down, and CBS reporting NCAA will announce “unprecedented penalties” Monday morning at 9am EST. The ESPN reporter actually said “I don’t know what ‘unprecedented’ means”…REALLY??

  30. Rose says:

    NCAA action based on Freeh Report, not Sandusky’s underlying conviction.
    the BOT hoisted the school on its own petard:

  31. Word Girl says:

    It looks like this thread hasn’t updated for a while so I’m sure y’all have posted anything I could bring here.

    Along with sirensong, I want to thank you for your time and efforts to share your research. Beej, Ro, and eRo are the best.
    I loved that oral history on Baldwin. I don’t think I would have stumbled on that by myself.

    I also agree with sirensong that there will be many ranks closed and secrets protected.

    In Alcoholic Anonymous they say that if you leave a secret untold, healing will not fully occur. Likewise in therapy and, I suppose, in Catholic Confession.

    I have run my head against university administrations and it’s been one of the major frustrations in my life, though it happened many years ago.

    Will the NCAA explain why they are denying the football program, if they do 86 it? Can any explanation be satisfying to all involved?

    A lot of people want to go on as if nothing happened and have Penn State play all of its scheduled games. Is there a way to acknowledge the tragedy in their midst without closing down the team.

    I say, let them play. Use every game to testify to never letting something like this happen again. Use every dollar in proceeds to directly benefit abused children. Be the leader in instituting oversight to any program where children are involved.

  32. beejay says:

    Did my post disappear? Might be a linking problem. Testing:

    From the link I posted earlier, Bucceroni also claimed, “Savitz had an entire photo album from TSM.”

    “On a final note, Bucceroni added, “There are a lot of politicians that take money from these wealthy pedophiles. That’s why the Freeh Report didn’t go very deep. He kept the focus limited. Similarly, the mainstream media hasn’t—for the most part—touched this story either.””

    I’ll buy that. Totally. But I’m always skeptical. Who is trying to verify Bucceroni’s claims?

  33. beejay says:

    OK, that link to Bucceroni’s interview of today won’t post. I’ll post the part I posted first time here and lost. In a separate post immediately following I’ll try a workaround to the link.

    “Greg Bucceroni, currently employed as a school police officer in the Philadelphia, Pa. school district while also volunteering with the District Attorney’s office.

    Bucceroni told this reporter, “In 1979 and 1980—when I was 13 and 14 years old—a well-connected pedophile named Edward Savitz took me on trips from Philadelphia to TSM fundraisers. I knew the minute I got there it was a breeding ground because of Savitz’s involvement. While [Jerry] Sandusky interacted with wealthy donors, the other men were sizing-up kids. I felt like a cheap whore because I was in these naked pictures that Savitz was passing around.”

    When asked how certain he was in regard to these claims, Bucceroni replied, “I’m sure of it. Savitz talked about taking kids from Philly to TSM and introducing them to men—soliciting them to ‘his friends.’ They exchanged and swapped kids like baseball cards….”

    Taken from today’s online publication of article titled:

    WEB EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Victim Claims Sandusky Sex Scandal Connected to Philadelphia Pedophile Network
    July 22, 2012 AFP By Victor Thorn

    I personally won’t discount this sort of source without a closer look. His claims are so damaging that I can see mainstream media staying far away.

  34. beejay says:

    Trying to get the link up to Thorn’s article of today on Bucceroni. Is it an indictment of a site when you can’t get any kind of workaround to let you post the url??? (Not BOC–the article’s site)

    It’s at americanfreepress

    Add in front: http://

    Add at the end: .net/?p=5116

  35. beejay says:

    Greg Bucceroni was interviewed for an article published on pg 2 of The Public Record, Feb 24, 2011. Art titled “Guardian Angels Breaking the Law?” [ya'll all know who they are, right?]

    Seemed legit to me. Says Bucceroni reported to mayor, LE, behavior by G. Angels where they were exceeding their authority by seizing drugs & paraphernalia from users. Videotaping and putting their work up on You Tube.

    Gave GB’s title as Coordinator of Crime Victim Services/Youth Violence and Crime Reduction Partnership.


  36. beejay says:

    Bucceroni appears, so far, to be who he claims to be. Here’s a photo captioned “DAs Office Takes To The Neighborhoods”. There’s GB (that’s him) with current Phillie DA Seth Williams (Lynne Abraham’s successor) and a handful of community outreach folks.

    See Pg 11 of The Public Record, Sept 22, 2011 at:

  37. beejay says:

    Bucceroni makes a comment to an article at

    “I guess we’ll never know the entire truth regarding the Marc Lamont Hill case. I’ve made two recent official complaints regarding the questionable “stop and frisk” practice in Philadelphia.

    During the Kensington serial-strangler investigation, many young Latinos and blacks were profiled and targeted under this practice.

    A court-warrant unit that picks up persons with bench warrants was using “stop and frisk” practice on young Latinos and blacks in the Kensington area who weren’t wanted by law enforcement or involved in any criminal activities. Both incidents are similar to what Hill is talking about.

    Gregory Bucceroni, coordinator

    Crime Victim Services, Philadelphia


  38. erose says:

    You are too kind, when your knowledge and flair is so appreciated. I say let ‘em play, too, but take all of the profits for a good long while and use it for child sexual abuse awareness, advocacy and repirations, even research. As for the statue, I hope it is being taken in to the sports museum. I’m glad it is being removed, as it risks being defamed, from this point on. I’m not sure Paterno is, what they say, yet, I still think they are blaming the dead guy, but he is a part of Penn State sports history, and what better place than the museum.

    Word Girl says:
    July 22, 2012 at 3:50 pm

  39. erose says:

    Incredible post and I’ll bet spot on.

    Rose says:
    July 21, 2012 at 4:24 pm

  40. beejay says:

    Does everyone know about the lawlessinamerica film project? You can read about it at the link below. Final film will be presented at Sundance Film Festival and elsewhere. There’s major TV network airing; etc. (Didn’t they already do the filming in PA? IDK) Bucceroni is a part of that.

    Greg Bucceroni PA Criminal Courts Coordinator – Transit Crime Watch

    Link to article from April 2, 2012:

  41. beejay says:

    From a different publication, a few days ago, there’s this:

    “…Bucceroni says he doesn’t know if any of his abuse claims were part of the charges brought against Savitz in the early ’90s. He adds that he talked to Lynne Abraham, the former Philadelphia district attorney who prosecuted Savitz, in December, but that she couldn’t recall all the victims whose claims led to Savitz being charged. There were over 5,000 photos of Savitz’s many alleged victims recovered by authorities from Savitz’s apartment, including many of Bucceroni…”

    So, GB says he talked with Abraham last December about the Savitz case. She was already on board with Second Mile at that time, IIRC.

  42. beejay says:

    Who decided that Lynne Abraham would be the best attorney to do the self-study and other legal work for The Second Mile last November?

  43. erose says:

    Right (with proper voice inflection), on all counts, Freeh not going deep, MSM and does anyone want to vet this guy, or do they hope he goes away? I mean the statue is getting more coverage than this story. Does America have institutional denial?

    beejay says:
    July 22, 2012 at 8:24 pm
    “On a final note, Bucceroni added, “There are a lot of politicians that take money from these wealthy pedophiles. That’s why the Freeh Report didn’t go very deep. He kept the focus limited. Similarly, the mainstream media hasn’t—for the most part—touched this story either.””

    I’ll buy that. Totally. But I’m always skeptical. Who is trying to verify Bucceroni’s claims?

  44. Rose says:

    Am I wrong in thinking PS is a state college?
    If it iz, imo what has to happen is some sort of Court receivership enabling replacement
    of the BOT, whether as a remedy through State Corp law violations are found (duty of care)
    or something else, similar to State Foster Care or Fed mental hospitals
    became Court supervised to clean house & change policies and
    operations. These volunteer Board members have cost the school too much.
    Somehow a new Board with reputable Corp law attorneys, cpa investment advisors,
    academicians (I vote Lizzy & word girl in), etc, has to get in there.
    Need a new national reputation Pres in 2013…(try recruiting from UVa)

    Freeh was a costly, unnecessary mistake imo.
    Like Lanny. Now some can say there was just a rush to judgment.
    Should’ve let the cases proceed.
    Board could’ve found the emails by inviting fbi in
    and the file when AG subpoena’d Schultz
    & Asst, as it was probably found.

  45. beejay says:

    @rose: I followed you on “double-minority” Baldwin. Now, if you will, ‘splain to us what qualified her to serve on the Board of Koppers/Koppers Holdings? They increased their Bd size by one in 2008 just to bring her aboard.

    “”We are honored to have Cynthia join our board. Her extensive legal
    and experience will be extremely helpful in achieving our future goals and
    objectives,” said Robert Cizik, chairman of the board.”

  46. Lulu says:


    I am very familiar with that information, we discussed it a little early on. I am going to be in-depth on the issue in my follow up work on the case.

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