Missing Iowa Girls Lyric Morrissey and Elizabeth Collins: Dad Daniel Morrissey Has Long History With Burglary, Drugs, Battery, Possible Mental Illness

Missing since Friday July 13th from right outside the Lederal Safety Shoe shop since about 12:15 PM,  Lyric Morrissey, 11, and her cousin Elizabeth Collins, 8 are the subject of an exhaustive air and foot search for the third day.

Both girls bikes were found 2 miles away from where they were last seen at Meyers Lake next to route 27.  About 20 yards away,  the bag and cell phone of one of the girls was also located.

Misty Morrissey,  mother of Lyric, believes the girls have been abducted.


Investigators are stumped and frustrated they have not found any sign of Lyric and Elizabeth whatsoever and compared the disappearance to” vanishing into thin air”.

Heather Collins,  Elizabeth’s mother, is Misty Morrissey’s sister.   Lyric Morrissey also has a brother,  Dillin.


As with any alleged abduction, family becomes the initial focus of investigators in an effort to rule them out.


Daniel Eugene Morrissey,  Lyric’s father and Elizabeth’s former Uncle by marriage,  has had a very long and varied criminal past.

While it is of course not known if Mr. Morrissey has had any recent contact with his daughter, court records show that he was investigated for a dismissed domestic abuse battery with a weapon /mental illness charge less than one year ago.

He has been in and out of the corrections system since as early as 1997.

Mr. Morrisey has a myspace  set to private entitled urmomsamessedupbitchhh.

At the time of this publication,  calls to Black Hawk PD for comment on this story had not been returned.

No clothing description or bike specs have been released.


map by Klaasend





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  1. Tar Heel Gal says:

    24. Jane says:
    July 19, 2012 at 1:23 pm
    Honestly, children who are brought into this world with parents who have criminal backgrounds or parents who expose their children to such just don’t stand a chance. These two girls are so cute – as were countless others. They seem to have noone who can do a thing to protect or save them. It is truly heartbreaking.

    BLINK SAYS: I believe strongly their is no such thing as a perfect parent. I know, because I am not one.
    However, I also believe that the safety and security of children should be paramount and if that is compromised by a parent, alternative arrangements for the child to get what they need for the time they need it are in order.

    Praying for the safety of these 2 little ones. I just saw this piece below with my jaw dropped and then came here and read this response by Ms. Blink. With all the evilness and child snatching, who in the heck lets a 10 yo and a 2 yo walk alone on a deserted street, FOR PETE’S SAKE?!! Obviously the parents don’t watch the news or read BOC! Thank the Lord this perp was a big lily-livered coward who gave up quickly or Ms. Blink might have another case for her overloaded workload!

    Ms. B, thinking of your mom and your family daily, sending healing thoughts. Hugs from NC, stay cool

  2. zeus says:

    Lyric had tried to run away from home just days before the disappearance. So there were obvious issues between Lyric and at least her dad as evidenced by what Grandma Cook said in this article:

    “Wylma Cook on Wednesday confirmed that Lyric had tried to run away from home several days before the cousins were reported missing. She said Lyric packed a bag after her father got mad at her for not completing her chores.

    “She headed for the door, and I grabbed her,” Cook said. “She dropped the backpack and I hugged and kissed her and I said it’ll be OK.”


  3. Word Girl says:

    January, I feel a lot less dumb after your comment! It’s hard to keep up on these very intense cases with some super-sharp sleuths here!

    But, as Pooh says, “think, think, think.”

    “When you are a Bear of Very Little Brain, and you Think of Things, you find sometimes that a Thing which seemed very Thingish inside you is quite different when it gets out into the open and has other people looking at it.”

  4. tango says:

    Re: “Really good point. My bad. Talk amongst yourselves, lol”

    This is why we love you Blink. You’re real.

    To a fault I am told, :)

    Ty Kindly.

  5. Hejlena says:

    Prayers for these young girls. I imagine I’m preaching to the choir, but this complete lack of a sensible timeline makes me think…um… There isn’t one.
    I live in a wonderful blue-collar neighborhood, “just on the right side of the tracks”, with a park/ playground/ basketball court taking up a square block across the street from my house. In the ten years we have been here, I have watched many children, including my own, grow and stretch within a caring community of love, play, and trust. two individual children and two different sets of siblings, the oldest of any of them being ten this July, I have watched raise themselves.
    I and many of my neighbors have clandestinely fed children, walked them home, talked to mothers, filed police reports, and parented these brave little grown-ups who know where to come to be part of something safe and good.
    I watched one mother drop her 6 year-old off with a can of Pringles at three in the afternoon. At nine when I brought him home and told her everyone was going home because it was dark, she got huffy, said, “I was just going to get my nails done,” and reluctantly let her boy in the house.
    A sibling group of three was spending 6-8 hours a day at the park this summer. oldest brother 9, youngest girl 6, nice kids, never caused any trouble. I called police one evening when the six year old was knocking on doors asking to use the bathroom.
    My point, of course, is I really don’t believe there is a single grown-up who had any hint of Lyric’s daily activities or whereabouts.

  6. jade says:

    Seems to me that the seizure of their computers by law enforcement – as noted in many of the articles – would make it rather difficult for them to be updating their Facebook pages to current info about the girls. Borrowing a friend’s computer just to update my FB page sure wouldn’t be high on my priority list, given the circumstances.

    Then again, I’m pretty sure I’d be so tranquilized that the media would have a fine field day dissecting my every word and expression.

    They have smartphones and I presume access just about anywhere.


  7. January says:

    jade says: July 20, 2012 at 12:31 am

    It’s not just that they haven’t updated their FB pages that bothers me, (although that fact does immensely- seizure of computers or not). It just feels lonely and strange to me that there were zero comments (at least not the last I checked) from friends and well-wishers. Terri’s FB page was full of well wishers and prayers for the family.. These people’s pages had nothing, no mention of the situatuion from anyone. Just thought it strange.

  8. Sherlock says:

    Off topic, but….
    Searching for pictures on Google of James Holmes, the shooter in the
    tragedy in Aurora, CO. Can’t find one photo of this guy, and the police
    haven’t yet released a mug shot. Strange, being 24 yo, that he would have no pix on the web. Anyone else finding anything??
    God this is awful, there were kids shot.
    Sorry for the news interrupt.


  9. Jack says:

    Such a glaring difference in the demeanor of Lyric’s parents and other missing kids’ parents, like Lauren Spierer’s, on these videos. The Spierers are so clearly devastated and crying and angry and all the rest on every video we see, while Lyric’s mother is damn near smiling and dad is completely unemotional. Don’t get it.

  10. Just my two cents and certainly not to be misconstrued or assuming I am taking anyone’s side. But I have to say Tarheels hit a sore spot for me when they made the comment about parents with criminal backgrounds or histories. while I certainly do not have a criminal past….I have to acknowledge this comment because it is not fair to judge and say all criminals that have a past will not stand a chance and will be scrutinized all of their life because they couldn’t possibly be rehabbed to being a contributing involved parent…..No body is perfect, and I think everyone has it in them to DECIDE to make a great parent or NOT.. it is a decision…it isn’t based on percentiles….THANK GOD…..That statement was making a blanket comment and stereotyping in its oldest form….just because someone has a criminal past doesn’t mean they will not make good parents. If they are committed to their family and do what they are REQUIRED to do to be a good parent. their criminal past has nothing to do with being a good parent in their future….yeah if we go by percentages based on the past in society I guess you can make a statement like that, but now a day you have to be so politically correct that that is null and absolute to make a statement that all criminals are bad parents or do not deserve to be parents. i am not perfect and so happy becasue my parenting decison wasnt based on what others thought of my parenting capabilities. I have never done anything illegal as far as criminal… i have ran a few stop signs…yep have to admit those because I got tickets back when i was a teenager…and yes i got speeding tickets….TECHNICALLY i am a criminal in the laws eyes, i broke the law.. gezzz. i can promise you my driving skills will have nothing to do with my parenting skills unless someone is standing in front of me with a Gun and my kids are are in the back seat..hipothetically lets say this is real and is happening right now…so my next move would be to— I will run over that person….i will speed off and i will go to a safe place while i am dialing 911, i will take what ever consequences come my way…go to jail if that is what my peers of society necessitates my punishment. they will probably call into question why i was in the situation in the first place….. and hopefully grant me immunity when they find me to be innocent of any wrongful involvement and hopefully none of them jump to the conclusion i was at a drug deal and decided to roll my contact and take off …anything can be spinned to make an audiance think it is one way or the other, you will have to know me and the circumstances…for one, i have never ever done drugs or gotten drunk even…. but you dont know that do you….so in saying that all we know is this dad has a mental past..he has mental health history and a criminal past…lets be fair and say where was the custodial parent or who ever had custody of these kids and why isnt the resposibility falling on both parents. in normal circumstances both parents should know where their kids are…this isnt a convenience thing…your just a parent when it is convenient?? when the non custodial parent calls to se ehow their kid is doing, the custodial parent should be able to say, they are playing in their room, wanna speak to them? or they are outside want me to call them to chat or have them call you back? secrets raise flags,if a parent doesnt let you talk to your child, you ask questions, you follow up….dont let it gooooo hold these custodial parents accountable too.. ask questions…make them let you talk to your kids, if they cant you show up with cops to physically see those kids in person to make sure they are okay, thats called a well check. Police departments do these all the time…its when you have parents that DONT CARE, and think kids are liabilities in their lifes preventing them from doing WHAT they want to do. is when you have problems. when you have a mental parent YOU dont let the parent see the kid, but you take extra measures to make sure the non custodial parent doesnt have opportunity or access, EVER…I have a friend that has a weirdo non custodial parent in her life with her kids…MY kids CAN NEVER go spend the night with her kids. I know the dynamics of my chidrens friends family and their backgrounds, any questionable situations, they dont go. PERIod, i do not make exceptions for situations i have no control over, i control it!

  11. sorry my comment was so long.. probablyu the smartes tthing i have ever said… but that is how i am with my kids.. i am all over the placew with saying too much usually, but when it comes to my kids I may say too much but i am straight to the point.. it hurt smy heart all these kids dying a the hands of their parents…i cry every time i read these articles .. all throughthe comments and that is probably why i cant make it past my first sentences before rambling…grrrrrrrrrr.. again my apologies. My emotions run rampade for these kids! thank you for listening! ;o)

  12. my last comment wasn’t clear, i am not saying this particular two little girls has had a tragic happening at the hands of their parents….i am saying in general, i am tired of kids dying and they were in the care or resposibility lies on their parents in the sense of where they were, last seen in bed (Heleigh Cummings)…. at a nannys house (Caylee Anthony). etc etc.. .

    I honestly do not know what to make of this case, but i have a few questions– Where was the parents? Why wasnt these kids being watched better with a mental health parent running around… and why wasnt these kids whereabouts accounted for all all times…these questions do not place blame on any one particular person, but there ARE indeed alot of unaswered questions…Just because the kids wer enot in your presents doesnt mean it isnt your responsibility to KNOW where they are at all times. it should be agaisnt the law for kids under a certain age to be without a parent or adult present with them at all times. I am not one of these people that thinks we should have LAWS for everything, but since people cant use their better judgement with their children (which is ashame) then we need laws we can inforce so that parents start being PARENTS or being held accountable. not letting the neighborhood raise their child.. back when i was a kid, we had a little girl that ran the streets all day and just was allowed to go wherever she felt, he rmother didnt care where she was….and people treated her so bad…all the other kids whispered and called her names…Me and my friends were not allowed to paly with her…my mother was a business women and flat out said, i am not raising someone elses child and would chase her off and not let her eat supper. ( yeah i know, i had strict parents..I felt so sorry for her) ( i toold my mom i felt sorry for her and she said if we feed every stray that comes around, i cant afford to feed YOU) LOL i kinda knew she was kidding but my mom was a hard ass. what was i to say other than maybe get a whippin for arguing. so i just kept my mouth shut, but i did tell our preacher and just luckily my best friends mom was a teacher at our church and just happen to live right next door to me.. (what a blessing) LOL.. becasue yes it was known my mom was a mean momma.. she was. But she raised me to respect others and resepct myself and not take no CHIT. LOL.. but i do have empathy for the less fortunate and people that dont have what i have too…I was raised to share, although i didnt dare tell my mom to practice what you preach!! LOL

  13. A Texas Grandfather says:

    There is nothing that prevents two people, a male and a felmale beyond the age of puberty, from creating a child. Does that mean they will be good parents? Children having children are not very successful. People who get themselves involved with drugs including alcohol are not likely to be good parents.

    What does that leave for the unfortunate children who find themselves in this situation? They either more or less raise themselves or they may get some help from a grandparent,uncle or aunt. The state may step in and provide a small amount of help or place them in a care facility operated by a charity or a government agency.

    I agree with Blink. There is no perfect parent. However, as imperfect as all of us are, I believe that those who read and post here are always concerned with the well being of all children and are likely to be better than average parents. IMO a lot better than average.

    There was a book written by a Swedish doctor, a woman, in the 1930′s titled “It takes a village to raise a child”. That title probably rings a bell for some as it coincides with a book title suposedly written by Hillary Clinton while she was working on a child advacocy project as first lady.

    The whole theme of this book was that everyone in the village contributed in one way or another to raising a child. Unfortunately in our current society not many think it is necessary to pay attention to the children of others. We must change this if our society is to become successful.

    The posts by twinkle and Hejlena and a long ago story Blink herself posted about teaching her children to be good and kind to other children by giving a gift to a child that was handicaped. These are all the things that better than average parents parents do. I am certain that there are many more stories of caring kindness by posters regarding helping children they know or have known.

    These two little ones in this piece were known to some in the community and I am certain that they have recieved help from time to time. They need to be found. Hopefully alive, but realisticly not likely.

    The lake is being drained and job may be nearing completion. A lake that size if it has an average depth of five feet will contain between 45 and 50 million gallons. The size of the pump and the capacity of the drain line will determine the time it takes.

  14. jade says:

    I’ve seen the village, and I don’t want it raising my children, thank you very much.

    How do we know that they can afford and have working smartphones with active service that have not been seized? Even here in techy Oregon the rate is somewhat around 50%.

    Seems like the parentals in a case like this are damned if they update FB, damned if they don’t…

    Starting to wonder if there ought to be a parenting class entitled “Proper Decorum If You Child Goes Missing”… or some such thing, since I’m not sure I’ve seen a parent get it right yet. Which reminds me… is there some who have? I’ve been wondering that for a while.

  15. PeteinPtown says:

    For someone to make a blanket statement like Tarheels did is disgusting.

    When I was 18 I did something amazingly stupid. Its on my record. I also, about 10 years ago, got a DUI. Amazing stupid of me. Probably the worst thing I could have ever done. Anyways, I learned my lesson. Wont do that again.

    I happen to have a 4 year old and a 4 month old. My 4 year old daughter and I have the best relationship ever. She is amazingly smart, beautiful and gifted and Im sure my 4 month old will be the same.

    While I am not the most perfect parent I try to be the best that I can be. My kids are my life and I will protect them from anything or anyone.

    How dare you make such a disgustingly inappropriate comment like that. Very ignorant.

    For the record: I happen to have an MBA. That doesn’t make me better than anyone but, just to let tarheels know, that not all “criminals” are degenerate scumbags.

    1. If you are going to respond to a comment, it is appropriate to quote it, because if you had, I think it would be clear that your characterization of it is way overboard.

    2. Tarheel said in part, children born to parents with a criminal background, or otherwise expose them to one don’t stand a chance. While I can agree with the fact it is a generalization, and it also 100% true as to the present tense, and mostly true for parents having a criminal history, although, in context, I believe the assumption is we are talking about a similar history to the instant matter in discussion.

    3. At no time did anyone use the term degenerate scumbags- and this is not the first time I have seen you bloat an issue meritlessly.

    4. I don’t know what you did that is on your record at 18, am not asking, nor do I care as it seems that you are accountable and you have been able to move past it. I would also guess if you could, you would want to take it back and not have it interfere- so that is really the message, imo.

    5. I have no idea if you really have an MBA, again, helpful at BOC but not a requirement and frankly for someone with your education you may want to amp up on the decorum delivery.

    I am a forever grad student it seems, and I can tell you that I still know that on occasion I can be misinterpreted by many as ascerbic if I am not careful, or when I actually am.

    Lastly- I have someone very close to me whom I love dearly who had a very serious drug problem for years before I ever knew about it, and it took several years for them to get back on track, and now has an advanced degree in the medical field. That said, they would be the first to tell you that it has absolutely effed with their life, and all they can do is their very best “today”.

    I support that entirely.


  16. Ode says:

    I can not seem to dismiss the thought of a pedophile who targets children with parents or relatives that stick out like a sore thumb as “would be” possible suspects. We talk about face book activity and it may turn out that the activity before the crime may have more importance than what is posted now. Grandmother’s had their hands full taking care of their children and their children’s children. Lyric is 10 with a facebook account. How much monitoring do you think was done there? Lyric tested the water several times it seems about leaving, imo.

  17. Jack says:

    In a Fox News article, it says that “A judge has ordered Daniel Morrissey, 36, placed in a pretrial supervision program of the Iowa Department of Corrections while he faces September trials in two separate drug cases …”

    Maybe someone who was afraid that Daniel would “talk” took the girls in order to keep Daniel quiet until the September trials are over?

  18. zeus says:

    So there is evidence that has been sent to a crime lab. Link below.

    If the dad did do this, I have to wonder why. Especially since both girls were taken. I can see an irrational, drugged up, insane person hurting his/her own child, it happens all too often-but the little cousin? Was she just in the wrong place at the wrong time?

    I could really see this as a criminal element, taking the girls to stop either or both Misty and Dan from turning in any of their names on drug deals. But you’d think we would have heard some hint of that by now.

    Or Lyric really wanted to run away and contacted the worst person possible to help her-and Elizabeth just got caught in what happened.

    Flummoxed as usual….

    “Investigators are confident that the two girls are not in Meyers Lake,” Abben said.

    Abben said investigators have also “obtained evidence” that was forwarded to the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation lab in Ankeny.

    He would not say when or how the evidence was obtained. He also said there are no suspects.

    Read More: http://wcfcourier.com/news/local/the-hunt-for-elizabeth-and-lyric-missing-girls-case-now/article_507d9bca-d2b1-11e1-8f0b-0019bb2963f4.html#ixzz21DMmDute

  19. Irish says:

    Well, I believe we make our own ‘village’ and include those that are similar to us, really. I am a fine parent (no, not perfect) and I would trust my child to live with any of our chosen friends in the event we were unable to care for her. But again, that’s because we have *chosen* those people to be in our village. I trust them to correct her, to love her, to be my eyes and ears when I’m not available. I haven’t chosen to be friends with known drug offenders and the like. My village is a reflection on me (and us). Unfortunately, the village for these children just wasn’t so wholesome, I’m afraid. I feel like some kids just don’t have a chance – it breaks my heart.

  20. tanya says:

    People with criminal pasts probably are in some cases capable of being good parents. I have known plenty of people who have had some troubles with the law that I would happily invite to my Thanksgiving table. It does not mean that they aren’t engaging, fun, and loveable – just that they have made bad decisions. But if you are raising a child and one or both have done time in federal prison for METH while raising said child….then I feel at liberty to say conclusively that, yes, in fact, you are bad parents…You have no business having a child if drugs (prescription or otherwise) fall anywhere on your priority list. And yes, like it or not, a village will be taking a hand in raising your children. The more you don’t want that and try to shield them, the more curious they will become. We are a sum of our parts – being every single person we interact with, and best case we have loving, guiding parents who will take the time to explain to us right and wrong, good and bad, and end up with a good head on our shoulders, a sense of caution, and also empathy for those less fortunate….I don’t think there needs to be a class taught for “Proper Decorum for if Your Child Goes Missing”, I think it goes without saying that the point of being on National TV is to gain sympathy and get the word out, rather than act like ‘well, whatever will be will be’.. MY GOD. No wonder they told them not to talk to the press anymore – I personally hate this woman whether she has anything to do with it or not, based on her interviews. I also assume since she recently got out of prison on drug charges, that she is under mandatory urine testing. I could be wrong, and prescription drugs might be fine in the eyes of the law, but to all those who say they would be tranquilized as all get out, so would I – but I think I would still be shedding a few tears in my daze. She is also remarkably well spoken and together looking if she is in some prescription drug fueled haze……And OH LOOK, NOW THEY AREN’t COOPERATING.

  21. Jane says:

    Not necessary, but thank you.

  22. OH MY, i am sorry Tarheel, i went back and read your comment and you did quote someone else. I didnt even see that time stamp and the name above it….i read through that so quickly….your reference to a comment makes a world of difference.. i seen your other comment over the weekend on the new article as well…Never did i want to sound like i was chatizing you for the comment, no matter who wrote it. My apologies if it has caused you to get attacks..PinPtown seemed moved by it too. Sorry if i caused a Bandwagon. I was merely using THE comment as to explain and point out “all criminals” aren’t bad criminals..(did i just say that?) I feel wierd saying that… please dont think i am for a criminal if there is one …I try to stay objective, after all that is what laws are for…innocent until Proven guilty…but if your guilty, they should throw the book at you and be stiff…stiff stiff stiff… I agree with most here, crimes agaisnt children should be prosecuted in most stict of ways….crimes against the innocent, the youth, the elderly, the less fortunate/needy,or handicap…hit a major nerve and hurt my heart..i am sorry i got people questioning your post tarheel…

    About the “takes a village to raise a child”, but this day and age who would want the village having anything to do with their children,…..i know alot of people that are wonderful people…but yeah statistics have shown us Do-gooders are slowly loosing the battle… and you really do not know who is good or not…friends show us what they are willing for us to see, we really do not know if they have problems or not…family is likewise…we think we know our own family , then bam we are hit with finding out dreaded truths we never knew existed…..with society acceptance to things back along time ago that would have never flew by and unfortunate family situations out there, people of all walks of life are turning to criminal activity……its amazing to me how people are so self distructive. Its about self accountability-thats what most lack now days…people do not seem to care anymore, or they turn a blind eye… Village involvement?-thanks but no thanks!..i think i am more than capable with the slim pickings we have had here lately. I know most here on BOC have the best interest of these children and in finding them, giving them a voice and letting them be heard. Sorry if i started a lench mob, that wasnt my intention…tarheel please forgive me…i try to stay focused objectively, sorry to subject you to criticism that wasnt even on really your thoughts at all…..i know most certainly your intention were intact…i will go back to worrying about these kiddos…I really hope they are alive. I worry who will get custody upon their return…and now that we have so much info on the individuals around these children…. Prayers…I pray for a safe return and a safe place for them to seek refuge and grow up away from such questionable antics and lifestyles.

  23. i hate to say this but Saying we MAKE our own village is inevitably a misguided statement. If it was all that easy, sometimes we do not have the option to “pick and chose” the types of people our children are around…Church, Cub Scouts, School, Parent teacher organizations, Library, Daycares> Need i say anymore. Just becasue LAWS govern what deems quarentine or not ( jail or Society) doesnt mean because you do or dont have a criminal past makes you a good or bad person. It is niave to think YOU KNOW everyone persoanlly in your village. Just because you KNOW them doesnt mean you really KNOW them. I think the better words to say would be, until i see otherwise i trust people that are in my circle of friends. I am constantly on guard looking… i do not give people a pass just becasue I “KNOW THEM” MY KIDS come first above all. they know how to act and they know what is acceptable behavior from them, other kids and adults. I have taught them. i never tell them or let them beleive i would take an adults word over theirs and vice versa. However yes i trust my friends.. but my friends know my kids have a voice and i will listen…Lets say this, i have a friend , her teen boy thinks he is above all kids when around…I have a huge problem with this, for one, he suppresses everyone, he tries to manipulate and control situations…I DONT TRUST THIS BEHAVIOR. He is 14, he is a great kid, i have never seen him act out or behave inappropriately, but i dont trust him. There is NO LAW that says i have to either. or give a reason becasue i dont. I just do not have to trust people i do not care to trust. but that doesnt give me the right to be hurtful or rude either…i simply treat him the way i would want to be treated. I try to set an example until i have good reason to react. otherwise he is just on my radar. I think it is a intuition thing. But i do not trust EVERYBODY I ADD to my friends/village list, and i dont TELL everyone on my friends list/ village everything either. its learning how to use discreation. Just because someone is a friend, or suited for friendship doesnt mean you let your guard down either. YOU truly never know who has motive, secret motives- waiting for opportunity, or just purely plainly calculated. people that want in our lives for various reasons, are drawn in…we dont know why they are there, either we add them or they add us…it usually goes without saying..and we dont know where they came from, where they are going (where ever life leads them) we have NO control over that aspect. Its safe and WISE to be vigilant always. with friends, family, co-workers, Acquaintances, teachers, doctors, lawyers, anyone be vigilant– ALWAYS! Be safe, there is a world of the unknown out there!

  24. Ode says:
    July 20, 2012 at 5:09 pm
    I can not seem to dismiss the thought of a pedophile who targets children with parents or relatives that stick out like a sore thumb as “would be” possible suspects. We talk about face book activity and it may turn out that the activity before the crime may have more importance than what is posted now. Grandmother’s had their hands full taking care of their children and their children’s children. Lyric is 10 with a facebook account. How much monitoring do you think was done there? Lyric tested the water several times it seems about leaving, imo.

    –omg you hit the nail onthe head…activity beofre the crime..almost like premeditation! I try so hard to explain this to teens at church …teaching them self responsibility-so people do not make them an intended target for crime…kids now days have no idea. THANK YOU FOR THIS COMMENT- i about spewwed tea all over my monitor.. OMG.. thanks!

  25. [...] speaking on the condition of anonymity  have confirmed that the remains are that  of  Eliazbeth Collins and Lyric [...]

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