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S. Christina Stoy, Editor In Chief www.blinkoncrime.com discusses the Peterson verdict tonight on the DANA PRETZER SHOW.  PODCAST ADDED- LISTEN HERE

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Drew Peterson, former Chicago policeman and suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, has been convicted of murder in the death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio.


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  1. Tango says:

    Finally! Thank God!

  2. Donnie says:

    Kathleen received justice today. Stacey is next. Prison won’t be so kind to the convicted murderer.

  3. T. Ruth says:

    Won’t be such a cocky cop when he’s in prison I’ll bet. RIP ladies, you are still being looked after and he will not be able to kill again.

    It is my sincere wish that for a lifetime supply of soap on a rope this monster tells Stacy’s family where she is.

    Outside of the fact she is in a blue barrel. Immunity to the step-brother, let’s bring her home.


  4. jnetk0828 says:

    Maybe prison will wipe that perpetual smug grin off his face. Praise God for justice. Now for the other victim.

  5. Angellica says:

    Bought time!!

  6. Angellica says:

    Oops! I meant ’bout time! It’s been a long day. LOL

  7. Jane says:

    Who’s smiling now?

  8. connie says:

    Yeah! Justice is served on a silver platter for the great Drew.
    Next- justice for Stacy. Way to go jury!

  9. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Justice at last for Kathleen. This guy spent decades learning how to kill and not be caught. Thanks to his knowledge of the system and how his fellow officers would not do a proper investigation because he was one of them.

    Now let them find Stacy. She is in the blue barrel. By this time, there will be little of her remains. We can’t use torture to get the answers, but I am for really putting the pressure on him and his brother-inlaw who helped carry the barrel.

  10. NancyS says:

    I am freaking out thinkin there may be more of his killings close to home? Ya never know, what a creepy, cocky Bas(*&(*&(*& geesh.

  11. Word Girl says:

    With all that is in me, I hope that infernal blue plastic barrel doesn’t disintegrate, but holds Peterson’s DNA good and strong. Stacy will get justice, but I don’t expect that her “husband” will grant it her.

    He’ll be appealing his life away in jail, without a care for anyone else, just as he lived his pathetic life outside the jail.

    He’ll be in good company with the other serial killers who take their secrets to the grave.

  12. Lòni says:

    It is so nice this time justice has been served. i hope authorities will be able to find Stacy.

  13. Rose C says:

    Hope they throw away the key, never want to see his smirky face again. SO glad he did not walk. Justice finally.

  14. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Word Girl

    I agree with your sentiments regarding the blue barrel. However, this guy IMO is such a creep that I believe he used chemicals in the barrel to destroy the body. He made the statement about Kathleen “my greatist mistake was to not have her cremated”.

  15. Ode says:

    A short note to Drew. “Gee, Drew it is such a shame that you are locked away now for some time….at least 20+ years…we will see. I had such a perfect match for you. Her name is Casey and the 2 of you would be such a pair. What a husband you would have made for her. You would have been able to take such good care of her. It is just a shame.”

  16. A Texas Grandfather says:

    I hope Blink’s assesment of the future of the appeals case will be true, they will not overturn the jury.

    I don’t believe that I ever saw the coroners report that indicated the actual cause of death, nor do I remember if any of the later autopsies actually gave an opinion regarding the cause.

    The one thing that I did see was the drawings showing the two bruse marks on the front of the body near the clavicals. That to me said she was drowned in the toilet by forcing her hard against the china front with the top of her head hitting the back to cause the gash. Once she was dead, Drew moved the body to the tub. He also striped the body of clothing, but made the mistake of leaving her jewelry on the body. No woman is going to take a bath wearing jewlry.

    The ancient method used in Illinois to have a coroners jury with people who knew little about the human body and further helped along by the state trooper who was a friend of Drew’s was how the original cause of death was officialy declared. The state has now changed the law and that is a positive that has come from this case.

    And now I will have to add another book to my Amazon order to get Pat Brown’s new book. I have already done the “look inside” which gives some of her ideas of teaching children early about expections and behavior.

    The story in the book of the children going to a small town resturant where many older people were enjoying lunch is somethig that all parents need to do. Children want to please their parents and grandparents and when given a good reason for a particular behavior will always comply to the best of their ability. Values have to begin being taught as soon as a child has the ability to understand. Waiting for some future magic time to do so is waiting too long.

  17. Eloise says:


    Drew Peterson charged with trying to hire hitman to kill prosecutor
    Published February 09, 2015

    This guy. I would like to see his PET scan.


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