Kyron Horman Disappearance: Exclusive Three Part Series Debuts On Blink On Crime

Kyron Horman would be 10 years old this Sunday.  Maybe he will be.  According to his Father Intel engineer Kaine Horman, his only son is alive and well at an unknown location “secreted” away by an unknown person with an unknown connection to his estranged wife Terri Horman.

Kyron Horman’s biological Mother, Desiree Young, or Momma as he called her,  believes  Kyron is either alive or deceased- both locations known to Terri Horman and possibly others.

Kyron’s case has once again been featured on Jane Velez Mitchell and is scheduled to be featured on Americas Most Wanted  .

Reader interest in what I have affectionately dubbed our “red eyed tree frog dude”  has produced well over 20,000 comments on this site alone.

In our upcoming report series,  Blink On Crime, in conjunction with contributing BOC legal analyst Washington Attorney Lea Conner  intends to review both  current information in detail as well as exclusive new information developed by  Editor In Chief and Chief criminal analyst, S. Christina Stoy.

Part I:  Desiree Young V Terri Horman Case : The Little Engine That Could, Or Could Not?

Part II:  Sovereignty Is A Myth: Revelations About The Morning Kyron Disappeared

Part III:  The Big Muscle Theory- Does It Have Weight?


Part I publishes Tuesday  September 11.

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  1. kimberly says:

    Yeahhhhhhhhh!! ty Blink.

  2. mas says:

    Thank you Blink and contributors!! Can’t wait to read.

  3. Meg says:

    Looking forward to it!

  4. Malty says:

    Looking forward to Monday
    Thanks Blink

  5. jnetk0828 says:

    Thank you Blink for keeping this story alive. Praise be to God if he could be found alive. It’s forever etched in my mind of Kyron standing beside his frog project with the big grin on his face. Oh God protect that little guy if he’s alive.

  6. Rose says:

    truly a welcome Announcement about 3 part analysis.
    glad your magnum opus has matured to your professional satisfaction.
    I am intrigued with the blue names: dede, wishert, cook, sanchez, etc
    I guess as I’m the cat curiosity kills, I’ll be googling big muscle theory
    (so far, a golf term) and the sovereignty term until
    publication. to me sovereignty can mean jurisdiction,
    like mcso v ppb.
    I’m thankful in advance for your work.

  7. erose says:

    Is our answer behind #3?

    [sov-rin-tee, suhv-]

    noun, plural sov·er·eign·ties.

    1. the quality or state of being sovereign.

    2. the status, dominion, power, or authority of a sovereign; royalty.

    3. supreme and independent power or authority in government as possessed or claimed by a state or community.

    4. rightful status, independence, or prerogative.

    5. a sovereign state, community, or political unit.

  8. Rose says:

    I suppose DAD could’ve been part of the violent fringe of the OR citizen
    sovereignty movement. These are people that reject
    the Federal government. I remember Ron Tarver
    was part of the southern OR secession movement,
    looking for a new State:

  9. erose says:

    The theories of the big muscle proponents:

    The dog wags the tail.

    The inside moves the outside.

  10. jden says:

    Say the MFH was true and TH did want KH dead. For whatever the reason – controlling, manipulative, philandering, sexist, abusive. What if TH did secret Kyron away for what she thinks is his own protection. Wouldn’t she tell her attorney and start a case of self-defense for herself and her children?
    Who else would secret Kyron away?
    The plan was for Kyron to leave that day to be with DY and TY. Was there a reason to keep Kyron from being with the this time?
    Blink you stated, from KH “his only son”. He didn’t consider James his son?

  11. Gypsy DD says:

    I’ll be watching for your updates. This child has never left my thoughts..I have no doubt..nor have I ever… that Terri knows exactly what happened and who is involved. She has always been, in my mind anyway, the catalyst that let the vampire into their it another person or persons..or just herself on steriods, other drugs and alcohol.

    I give Desiree big props for being the the woman she is..I may have found the need to resort something less comely then a lawsuit to shake this B–itch Terri up..

  12. Rose says:

    what else is there to think about but the meaning of words? To whet our appetites
    for next week! I decided big muscle was probably the civil cases’ squeeze on Terri–has she anything to give?
    And, agreed— I thought earlier that it was probably sovereign immunity of a gov’t
    employee acting in course of employment. maybe a police officer was there
    doing a demo at the fair. Maybe a school employee.
    Looking to hear from Lea if Sov. Im.
    would apply with gross negligence. I don’t want to press Blink
    on Entrance at all. But am eager.

  13. Rose says:

    logan storm was a math AND a science teacher at Stoller and specialized in interactive learning:
    Any chance he was on site at Skyline 6/4–just dropping in at a neighbor’s, or there for an interview with
    Keefer for the next year 10-11, or helping out in the gym, the middle school IB area Blink once commented Kyron could’ve met SZ in @ the cool electric one.

  14. Jane says:

    Wow, I can’t wait to read your upcoming report on Kyron’s disappearance. I am shocked to hear Kaine actually thinks Kyron could be alive. Is that just his way of coping or could it be possible? I will pray he is alive and well and knows his Mom, Dad, LE and so many others are still actively searching for the answers that will bring him home and find/prosecute those involved.

  15. erose says:

    Prosecutors raised concerns about Storm living with his parents, whom investigators say helped him out of the country the first time. Storm’s parents have not been charged with a crime.

  16. shelley buerer says:

    I wish there was a “like’ button.

    I suppose you just created one. Thank you Shelley

  17. Malty says:

    I am going move up here do I don’t miss anything
    From Blink or any of you

  18. A Texas Grandfather says:

    If Kyron is being held somewhere and is in fact alive, I will be suprised. In that scene it means to me that he is held somewhere that he cannot escape and there is no means of communication. I did not think that he was anything less than smart. While he did have some physical disabilities, IMO his brain functioned at a normal or perhaps more than normal level.

  19. Lauren says:

    Yay!!! Can’t wait!

  20. lyla says:

    @shelley buerer says:
    September 7, 2012 at 9:33 pm
    I wish there was a “like’ button.

    I suppose you just created one. Thank you Shelley

  21. Lauren says:


    What do you mean by physical disabilities? I have not read anything to that effect.

    Regardless of diagnosed/suspected/undiagnosed disorders, etc., one’s intellect cannot be assessed based on these labels. Trust me, I know.


  22. Sheila says:

    The fb photo…things that stand out to me…the spray tan, flamingos, the pointed glare, the “big arm”. I don’t think that the arm was photoshopped…it’s just the closest thing to the camera, making it appear distorted…or larger….

  23. Word Girl says:



    Those who’ve chimed in here already today warm my heart! I saw the Rose and Erose team who hit the same bullseye without knowing the other was posting at the same time…Yep. Blinksters are the best–many thanks to all of you as we revisit the Kyron Horman case, led by our guides, Blink and Lea.

  24. Idahogal says:

    Wrt the KH FB photo, I think the flamingo and other items have been left there over time. IMO the shaved eye brows always make a person look a bit strange, and I don’t know if there is some reason that people do that.
    Wrt the picture of Kyron, it makes sense to me that Kiara would have been next to him and clipped out of the pic. All JMHO.

  25. GraceintheHills says:

    Lauren, I can’t speak for ATG but I believe he may be talking about Kyron’s impaired eyesight. It has been written in the media that Kyron was quite uncomfortable without his glasses. If someone took them away he would lhave been even more vulnerable. JMHO.

  26. Jane says:

    I just don’t see how Terri Horman can wake up and face each day in light of all that has happened. I know God is all forgiving but I’m not sure I’m there or ever will be. I think I’ll feel even moreso when I read the three installments. Jeezie…what is wrong with people and how can there be so much evil among us. You have to wonder where so many survivors find the strength to carry on. God bless them all.

  27. Rose says:

    reminder, Blink said “Rudy is key” and
    Beejay stays on that path
    (can’t find the urls in 20,000 posts,
    apologies in advance).
    soverignty as myth could also relate
    to finding an illegal alien kidnapper needle
    in the US haystack. Rudy’s purported
    illegal status was something Terri erroneously
    thought she could use on him with LE I guess.

  28. Rose says:

    I do not follow OR politics. Were there Dem Congressional incumbants being challenged by Repub proponents of policies like border control in fall 2010? And majority Dem governance of mcso’s budget & DA’s budget that summer?
    If so, there were political interests in not going after an illegal alien yard man who colluded in taking a caucasian boy from inside a public school, but rather blaming solely on the caucasian collaborator or mistress.

  29. nelmel says:

    Reeeeeelllyyyy looking forward to this series.

  30. MandyVZ says:

    I’m goofy on percocet after oral surgery Thursday, but I read “sovereignty is a myth” as a rejection of the idea that TH is the only one (or “sovereign being”) who can answer what happened that morning, as DY seems to believe. Maybe I’m not thinking deeply enough? It sounded good in my head, but with the painkillers you never know. Okay, maybe not.. Move along, nothing to see here.

    lol. I am proud of the fact that this site attracts posters that admit upfront that they may be committing a BUI.

    Blogging Under The Influence.

    Gonna Have to Wait for it, but you know I prefer ambuiguous.


  31. erose says:

    I wasn’t very clear, but the arm I meant was Kyron’s arm in the photo hanging on the wall. This is the same image used in the SF picture that we first saw. In the SF picture, there is no left arm visible, however in the recent picture of KH, there is a left arm.

    Compare Kyron’s image in this picture, to the one Blink just posted of KH and pay particular attention to Kyron’s arm.,,20420187,00.html

    Sheila says:
    September 8, 2012 at 1:24 am

  32. kimberly says:

    29. Rose says:
    September 8, 2012 at 10:51 am

    If so, there were political interests in not going after an illegal alien yard man who colluded in taking a caucasian boy from inside a public school, but rather blaming solely on the caucasian collaborator or mistress
    Very good points there Rose.
    Once I read this similar story, it put some things into a simpler context for me.

    Investigators said they believe the suspects had some kind of connection to her father’s landscaping business, and the possible tie is under investigation.

  33. T. Ruth says:

    Can’t wait to see what’s behind door #1, door #2, and door #3, in particular “revelations”. Love, the teaser, gives one much to ponder.

  34. January says:

    40 hour count down :) Looking forward to Blinks good read and possible new information to analyze!!! Thank you Blink!!

  35. T. Ruth says:

    Hmmmm, so could the big muscle the DA? Trying to control everything in this case. Will he find out it doesn’t work that way?

  36. Word Girl says:

    No Sovereignty may mean that Terri was not acting alone on Science Fair Day. She is not the only one who knows what happened to Kyron Horman. Was Dede and/or Rudy in the white truck? And where is little what’s his name, accomplice to Rudy and the MFH? Still on a US Marshall’s hold?

    And the Big Muscle must mean Houze? Either that or it means that giant flap of stuff hanging from Terri’s hind–the remnants of bodybuilding, steroid drinking self-adoration.

  37. Rose says:

    @Mandy. I’m with you. Blink could be hanging that label
    on the case’s ruler of the universe, per LE & bios.
    Anyway, Blink’s got our brain juices revved.
    Nothing more painful than oral bone surgery. Enjoy.

  38. Malty says:

    I will just be glad to hear any new detail no matter how small
    And lately I keep seeing where some one posts a new pic of Kyron
    There seems to be many pic of Kyron out there

  39. T. Ruth says:

    @erose says:
    September 7, 2012 at 9:10 pm

    Thank you for that link on Logan Storm, I’d never seen that bit about him living with his parents and THIS:

    Prosecutors raised concerns about Storm living with his parents, whom investigators say helped him out of the country the first time. Storm’s parents have not been charged with a crime.

    Since when is it not a crime to assist someone in flight who is wanted by the law? For heaven’s sake, they just arrested something like 5 people who were hiding and helping a wanted man in Lane County. What on earth is going on up in Portland? I don’t get it.

  40. Rose says:

    went back to look at The Arm and saw many new (to me) posts.
    The women of FitnessMoms FB have the physique of the woman teaching
    the Edge kickboxing class. (Her pic is on their site.) Imo it was a FB page started around an Edge class or group.
    Hall appears a realtor after 21 years at Intel. If this is the right lady, she’s married but has 2 sons. I was just looking to see if she had a 7 yo. That could cut both ways; her sympathy (like us) or his MO.
    Who goes to the memorial garden with him and snaps his tanned arm for FB? The BKH jill of all trades Cindi used to be the FB event poster for the org; but mid-summer jennifer seemed to have taken that job.
    It took awhile to find my way back here from old thread. Kept looking for Idahogal.

  41. Lauren says:


    What pic did blink just post? Thanks in advance.

    I understand he needed his glasses, and I cannot imagine how scared he would have been without them

  42. Rose says:

    @Lauren. . The pic erose refers to is on the previous thread
    and perhaps 2 p back. It will be obvious, a real
    pic & not a url. Look for green quilt idahogal for the link to
    return here.

  43. T. Ruth says:

    Rose says:
    September 8, 2012 at 7:34 pm

    Who goes to the memorial garden with him and snaps his tanned arm for FB?


    Why the pose in the first place? I’m tellin’ ya, this is KH trying to say something to someone. I just don’t know what or to whom, he looks extremely determined, just like Terri did when she went to court the one time. Most obviously, with the glove, etc., ready to fight. Not mad, just read to fight.

    This may have nothing to do with this case,but I once actually knew a man who was being physically abused by his girlfriend. (And, yes, he still wanted to marry her, the same way many abused women fall prey to their abusers.) I am just wondering why Kaine Horman, a man who believes his estranged wife took his son, would seem to want to show off his physical prowess in front of a picture of his missing son. Makes my mind whirl.

  44. Riverpearl says:

    @Lauren says:
    September 8, 2012 at 7:52 pm

    … “What pic did blink just post? Thanks in advance.”

    RE: KH FB Photo – on previous thread – need to go to:
    @wpg says:
    September 7, 2012 at 10:15 am

  45. Lauren says:

    Thanks Rose!

  46. Bumble says:

    SInce everyone is speculating about Blink’s titles for her future pieces about Kyron, I have to point out the part about “Part II:  Sovereignty Is A Myth: Revelations About The Morning Kyron Disappeared” and ask, has Blink learned something new, or is she about to clue us all in on something she has known all along, about the day Kyron disappeared?

    Link to above announcement:

  47. MockingbirdSings says:

    erose says:
    September 8, 2012 at 12:41 am
    @MBS, I’ll speculate even further…That photo of Kyron in front of his project, seems just like the picture of Kyron’s project with no one in it. I think his picture was photo shopped on the project photo. I’m not sure that he was really wearing those clothes, though I think how irresponsible to report otherwise. He was wearing those clothes at the zoo just days before, as pictures have shown.

    Those pictures could have been taken the day before, as the date of the board reflects. TH could have delivered the project (and we were told KH was there) and then taken a picture of the project alone. A zoo picture could have been photo shopped with the June 3rd picture. I would venture to guess any pictures from TH’s camera are evidence and maybe not up for scrutiny. It was said at least once that this was one of the last known photos of Kyron. All just my constant relentless speculation.

    Do we have a verified date of the zoo visit?

    Kaine certainly knows the date of the zoo trip, but apparently no reporter asked or reported it. I’m guessing it may have been May 15 or 16 for the following reasons:

    “Their latest adventure was at the Oregon Zoo, checking out the animals.” I think this was quoting the OregonLive timeline.

    If their last “adventure” before June 4th was the zoo, and if they went bowling on Sunday, May 30th, then we can look at the other weekend dates in May. While the
    weather would not deter most families from going to the zoo if they wanted to – otherwise, we would hardly ever leave home – it might be helpful to look at the weather compared to the pictures. I think we can rule out Mother’s Day weekend – Kaine and Kyron didn’t seem to be around, and hopefully, Kyron got to visit his mom for Mother’s Day, so maybe Kaine was the pickup person that time. Also, we have the 911 call re RS threatening her.

    The other weekends in May were:
    May 1 -2 temperature peaked at about 60 degrees, small amount of rain, and sustained winds were 8 to 14 with gusts to 23 mph, making it feel even chillier. In the pictures I’ve seen, the people don’t look chilled or with hair blowing in the wind. Kiara and other young children in some of the pictures had short sleeves and no sweater or jacket. The zoo is uphill from downtown Portland and on an exposed hillside for wind gusts or sudden showers – the adults don’t look prepared for that.

    May 8 – 9 Mother’s Day weekend – my guess is that Kyron was gone that weekend.

    May 15 – 16 temperature peaked in the low 70’s both days, no rain, and the max sustained winds were 8 mph. Good zoo weather.

    May 22 – 23 Temperature peaked at 55 both days, .20 to .24 inches of rain, and max sustained winds of 9 to 11 mph with gusts to 21 mph. The pictures don’t look like this weather to me.

    May 29 – 30 – 31 Saturday the 29th had .42 inches of rain with a high of 60 and sustained winds of 9 mph. Sunday they went bowling. Monday was Memorial Day with a high of 71 degrees, wind gusts to 18 mph and .16 inches of rain.

    Just going by the weather and the photos, I’d guess May 15 or 16.
    Kyron wore the CSI shirt, the same style of shoes and his jacket. I can’t tell about the pants – they have side pockets, but the pants picture from LE wasn’t very good, IMO.

    That said – I don’t think the picture could have been from the zoo. I compared a close view from his exhibit picture and from the picture done without his glasses to the zoo pictures and it looks to me like he got a haircut after the zoo pictures. Many of us said his hair looked too short to be the 5 inch length of the Sauvie Island hairs. Unless he did not get a haircut and the picture that was photo shopped was older than the May zoo trip before his hair had gotten quite so long? (Surely he wore the CSI shirt more than twice – someone said it had been James’ shirt.)

    I wonder when Kyron got his transition lenses. There are many previous pictures of him outdoors and squinting. I did some research on transition lenses and without knowing the age and brand of his, I’m not sure whether they would have darkened from a flash picture or not. Or maybe darkened if there were several taken close together. We know she used a flash because the reflection was visible.

    Terri posted so many pictures on FB that I can’t see her stopping anywhere with Kiara to make prints at a FM. People show me pictures on their small phone or camera viewing screen and I usually can’t tell you later what clothes a child was wearing or exactly what was in the background. I certainly wouldn’t expect Andrea Leckey to recall if both arms were showing or even if he had on a black CSI shirt, unless that specifically came up in the conversation. So – the picture Andrea saw may or may not have been exactly the same as the FB or poster one.

    I am not so sure we should dismiss her making actual pic copies. She also took a pic of Kurtis and he is not tagged in her FB, and I recall one of her posts saying she had taped an event and the principal asked her for a copy for the schools use. I have also seen what I believe many “scrap” or other creations in the home with printed pics, but in general, unless I am in need of larger copies or I don’t want to eat my inks on a small project, I print from my HP at home.

    I want to say that I read it was a pic on her cell, but I have not been able to verify that. IIRC, the transitions lenses purchase was between April and May based solely on when he began wearing the new pair.



  48. MockingbirdSings says:

    Important suggestion and as we publish I will ping the the thread. No way after that of not keeping up as we publish each part.


    Thanks, Blink.

  49. Bumble says:


    Well, duh, Blink says in this piece “exclusive new information developed by  Editor In Chief and Chief criminal analyst, S. Christina Stoy”. Obviously, I should not be posting late at night!!

    Bumble says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    September 9, 2012 at 2:44 am
    SInce everyone is speculating about Blink’s titles for her future pieces about Kyron, I have to point out the part about “Part II:  Sovereignty Is A Myth: Revelations About The Morning Kyron Disappeared” and ask, has Blink learned something new, or is she about to clue us all in on something she has known all along, about the day Kyron disappeared?

    Link to above announcement:

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