Megan Sharpton Murder Suspect Declares Himself Just That: Family And Alleged Accomplice Terrified Of Donnie Jones

The prime suspect in the brutal rape, mutilation and murder of nursing student “Megan” Sharpton is outing himself.

In a police report filed Friday evening September 7, 2012 with the Tullahoma Police Department, a man named Donnie Frank Jones identified HIMSELF as the suspect in the murder of Megan Sharpton.  Jones acted out in an intimidating and threatening manner against   a female  associate to the Sharpton family as well as the local police.

The woman’s identity is being withheld by BOC.

Jones  told police he wanted the woman arrested for theft.

Jones, who allegedly extinguished  a cigarette butt  collected by the woman shortly thereafter, told police he was  fearful  the butt might be used  as evidence  to frame him in Megan Sharpton’s  murder.

It was clear at that point in the exchange that  Donnie Jones approached this woman to send a message to the Sharpton family.  He knows that they ‘know’ if you will.

A subsequent incident occurred at a member of the Sharpton family’s home on September 11th when a real estate sign posted in the front yard was peppered with bullets.  A police report has been filed with Coffee County who then requested Megan’s family NOT file a protection from abuse order.  Family members were told  it is “just a piece of paper.”

Donnie Frank Jones,  a convicted felon,  has been told he is a suspect in the sexual assault  and  aggravated murder of Meg Sharpton.   Megan or “Meg” as she preferred, was a nursing student who had been commuting daily with another student until she graduated last year.

As reported exclusively on  Blink On Crime ,  Jones was identified as a suspect in Sharpton’s murder due to a match of his DNA in CODIS.  CODIS  is the combined DNA Index system that maintains criminal database DNA submissions and the software that supports it.

Jones had previously submitted a DNA sample related to an aggravated assault and burglary conviction. This  resulted  in parole violation  in 2011.

Meg Sharpton was found partially nude and burning from the waist down.  She had been beaten, raped, and set aflame hours later at the base of Awalt Road bridge.  Additional details about Meg Sharpton’s autopsy report continue to be withheld for investigative reasons.

Detectives believe Megan was deceased when she was dumped at the pull-off before the bridge in the Tim’s Ford Lakes area on July 4th weekend.   A passing motorist, who called from a nearby church, saw what they initially believed to have been a grass fire.  Upon further inspection according to the witness,  the responder believed he saw the body of a deceased person,  probably a female.

Although police have stated the 911 caller did so anonymously, it has since been learned the call came from inside the Church.  ( Editors Note:  Since the publication of this article,  a tip was received by BOC that the call came from the parking lot of the church.) BOC was able to confirm the time of the call at 1:18AM, and that tire tracks  which remained at the scene following Megan’s discovery were molded by the TBI evidence processing unit.

The 911 call is the subject of a recent  FOIA request by this editor.

On the night of the murder, Megan thought she was going on a job interview. Following a helpful tip from colleague – Naomi Jones LPN, Megan was offered an opportunity to interview for a position caring for an elderly woman.

She was to show up for this brief interview and then work her shift until about midnight.  According to both family and her boyfriend due to the short notice of the interview, she was told she would receive a cash payment that very evening.

Naomi Jones is Meg Sharpton’s prior college commuter pal and the wife of Donnie Jones.

Naomi was also previously assigned as  Donnie Jones’ correctional guard.

Megan’s mother Kelly Sharpton recalls that during their last phone conversation Meg shared that despite not knowing whose mother she would be caring for and having to interview in the evening- she was not overly concerned based on her friendship with Ms. Jones.



Blink On Crime has learned there is at least one other person making public statements about this case. This man  is pointing fingers directly at Jones- and far away from himself.

Timothy Daniel Gifford is the resident of the trailer searched in conjunction with Meg’s case on August 14, 2012.

He is believed to be a suspect as an accessory according to a source inside the investigation speaking to BOC on the condition of anonymity.  The source went on to say that Gifford has told investigators Jones confessed the crime to him and has provided details in the investigation.


Gifford was arrested and booked into Bedford County Prison yesterday, but was bonded out shortly thereafter for an unspecified parole violation.

Kelly Sharpton,  mother of Megan Sharpton has been appearing almost daily in the media pleading for the District Attorney J. Michael Taylor to proceed with an indictment of these men, or  allow Franklin County to arrest them without one in the interest of public safety.   General Taylor is believed to have the authority to override any arrest warrant not issued by his office.

Ms. Sharpton was unable to provide any details to  BOC about the suspects in this case outside of what she has already said publicly during interviews.  Detectives have asked her not to reveal any specifics about the case and she is honoring that request.


Check Back to for this developing story.


Contributing  Editor: Jacqueline Beaufort






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  1. Sally says:

    Police search house in Sharpton murder investigation
    Posted on Thursday, September 27, 2012 at 2:40 pm


    Staff Writer

    A search was conducted at a residence on Bel-Aire Drive in Tullahoma Thursday morning reportedly in connection with the July 2 murder of Megan Sharpton of Tullahoma.

    Some 10 or 15 officers from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department, along with investigators from the Tullahoma Police Department, searched the residence. However, officers did not release information as to what they were looking for or if anything was discovered following the search.

    Investigators from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department and the Tullahoma Police Department served a search warrant on a Tullahoma residence Thursday morning. The search warrant was reportedly in connection with the July 2 murder of Megan Sharpton, whose burning body was found on the side of Awalt Road in Franklin County. —Staff Photo by Wayne Thomas
    The partial burned body of the 24-year-old nursing student was found in the early morning hours of July 2 on the side of Awalt Road in Franklin County. Her vehicle was found later that day in the middle of Three Forks Bridge Road in Bedford County.

    Since then, investigators from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department, along with the TBI, have followed up on leads in the case and collected numerous pieces of evidence.

    The TBI Crime Lab has processed several pieces of evidence that have been collected in the case. Franklin County District Attorney Mike Taylor recently stated that while the “lab has conducted numerous tests on evidence, there is more to be tested.”

    The prosecutor said that he has informed investigators that he wants the results of other tests before any arrest is made in the case.

    Thursday’s search was the second such search of a residence in the Tullahoma area in connection with the murder. A residence on State Route 55 at the intersection of Hawkersmith Road was searched recently by law enforcement in connection with the murder investigation.

    Wayne Thomas may be reached by e-mail at

    Yes Miss. Sally, a very busy afternoon.


  2. Word Girl says:

    Blinksters, is this the correct NJ? I was on the trail of something and thought I’d better check all her prior residences. What name does she go by, informally?

    No Word, she is Naomi Marie

  3. Word Girl says:

    That should read Pflugerville, TX and include Allen, TX

  4. Cat2 says:

    The anticipation of getting this guy off the streets is ridiculous.,AAAABoKSs0E~,ofLqpFsrL-E7VsSi3raciwTyoAXemcT0&bclid=30999375001&bctid=1864586956001

    Ya think? It is palpable and dangerous. That freakin hump.

  5. Connie says:

    This travesty needs to END. I’m sick of this and I’m sick for the family! That DA is a JOKE and the good people need to DEMAND something be done about him!

  6. kat says:

    to @momma…you are brave and I send love to you. To Black Pearl..Taylor, I believe, is Franklin Co. ADA, Tullahoma is in Coffee Co. Talking with my daughter now, she lives very close to where this is happening.

  7. Christy says:

    hey, guess what?? Now we ALL have his address…LOL

    Jesus, please let this be the start to the end of this. Get him off the streets.

    Yes, that he has not updated on his DL


  8. Christy says:

    wondering, did he give a ‘fake’ address when filing the police report that night at the football game??

    I assume (and we all know what happens when I assume) this home on Bel Aire is a rental??

    No, a prior that was on his DL

  9. j2781 says:

    A family member of the Sharpton family just posted this:
    “Thanks for all the prayers! !!!!!! They have been answers!!!!!!!!!!!”

    I also read that Bel Aire School where his kids go was on lock down for a while today

  10. kat says: Taylor…Winchester, surrounding Co’s. but not Coffe where Tullahoma is located.

  11. Kelly says:

    They searched his house

    And then some.

  12. Connie says:

    Well, ol’ Donnie has access to ALL kinds of residences with his family (the Shasteens) in the real estate business, hmmmm? Not the first time a family member has covered for him and more than likely won’t be the last.

  13. Kelly says:
    Police search house in Sharpton murder investigation
    Staff Writer
    A search was conducted at a residence on Bel-Aire Drive in Tullahoma Thursday morning reportedly in connection with the July 2 murder of Megan Sharpton of Tullahoma.
    Some 10 or 15 officers from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department, along with investigators from the Tullahoma Police Department, searched the residence. However, officers did not release information as to what they were looking for or if anything was discovered following the search.

  14. Kelly says:

    The prosecutor said that he has informed investigators that he wants the results of other tests before any arrest is made in the case.

  15. FloridaGirl says:

    @CanOWhupAss -

    Hope you see DJ and his wife in the back of a squad car too !

    Keep us updated.

  16. [...] is the prime suspect in the brutal murder of Megan Sharpton, and is linked to her death via a CODIS match as previously reported on [...]

  17. Connie says:

    He has been arrested! It’s a FACT! YES! YES! YES! YES!

    So everyone is aware, I was asked to hold this information for investigative reasons, the least of which, was for the opportunity for the Sharpton family to be alerted, as well as others with interests in the case or the suspect.


  18. tennesseegirl says:

    Thank the Lord, but my question can he bail out????? if so and he has already faked his own death once will he run? will he hurt someone before he runs?

  19. MandyVZ says:

    Thank God.

  20. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Word Girl

    What is the reference to Allen and Pflugerville, Texas about? Pflugerville is just North of Austin on I-35. In fact it is like so many towns where big cities have spread out to encompase them. Unless you see a city limit sign, you would not notice any difference.

    That was my bad, I should have deleted that, WG was asking if she had the right subject and because she did not I deleted it but neglected to delete the companion post.

    Bit frazzled today, in a good way.


  21. bob h says:

    I guess now , what is his bond. and can he make bond. If they are smart they will sit it high. To keep him in jail.

  22. bob h says:

    Is he goin to be able to make bond..I hope not. yjey need to keep him in jail.

  23. Christian says:

    Blink, can you expound upon Larry Davis’ involvement in working for Taylor?


  24. Ragdoll says:


    It would be a great help for moderators to place comments on the new thread.

    Danke :D

  25. tennesseegirl says:

    Who is Larry Davis?

    TBI investigtor about to work for J. Michael Taylor.

  26. SJS... says:

    if don jones is a convicted felon and was arrested for a gun… that is a 5yr sentence.. and if he is on parole he cant make bond because he should have a state hold on him.. if that man makes bond.. you better believe something is bad wrong some where…

    Sir, this is his 4th felony. He is facing 20 years. He is not on parole, that ended in APril 2011 as I understand it.

    His bond is set at $500K, $50K cash payment.

    If one were to do a brief review of the assurity backers of the local bond agencies, I can tell you right now, nobody has the underwriting in that area to bond him out on their own, and who is putting their agency at risk for a dude whose own family is not willing to bond him, and is facing capital murder charges potentially?

    He has ALREADY escaped custody previously and was schtupping the prison guard on his last stint.

    According to my admittedly brief math, it would take at least 3 separate agencies to agree to post that bond TOGETHER. Not happening. Hell, the owner of a freaking tanning salon shooed him off the premises.

    Perhaps I have been remiss- Does everyone know that Kelly Sharpton is a former Bail Bonds-person??

    Donnie Jones is not going to bond out. However, I do believe that Jones is under investigation by multiple agencies as I have posted previously.

    He is an equal opportunity snitch. Same allegiance to Fed and State.

    My new nickname for DFJ?



  27. Jay says:

    Just a few questions…
    1. This website is saying that DNA evidence is linking him to the murder or am I reading this wrong?
    2. If he has been harassing the family, was there a restraining order against him or has one been pursued against him?
    3. how far into this investigation has the local, state or federal law gotten and will we be seeing any additional charges?
    4. as a native of Tullahoma, I hate to see any kind of crime, especially like this and my condolences go out to the family…we have some mutual friends. I will continue to pray for the family because even with this is over, it will never really be over. I know that the grieving process will be a long time and some may never get over this tragedy.
    5. To Megan’s mother: I have two daughters, very young. I don’t know how you haven’t let your emotions get the best of you and take the law into your own hands. I can sit here and say that if anything like this ever happened to one of my children, heaven help the SOB because he will always have to look over his shoulder for me, but that is emotion talking. I know that people say you should look to the Lord when things happen and he will show you guidance. That doesn’t really help either because part of you knows that one way or the other you will get through this rather it be through divine intervention or just getting through it the best way you know how. I will say this. I have lost a child, she was very young and had a congenital defect that caused her death. I know how much pain I went through and she was only with me for a short time. I will offer you this. It will get better because it seems you have a very strong family and it will get even stronger either by god’s will or time. I pray that you will find your way to solace and a peaceful recourse. I didn’t know Megan but I know my girls and I can’t imagine, nor do I ever want to, go through this horrific event. God Bless you and your family and remember that even people you don’t know are praying for you and are hoping for resolution.

  28. Big D says:

    Hey reporter i was just wondering im if u still say Gifford burned that poor girl?

  29. Big D says:

    Kinda hard to admit that you been feeding all these people false information aint it reporter. Alot of these people look to you for answers and your on this website accusing people of horable crimes. How is what your doing not slander. I still say you dont no shit from apple butter!!!

    I stand by everything I have written in this case. There are over 500 articles on this site in hundreds of cases. I think if you took the time to verify my track record you would find your assumptions, which we both know are based on your friendship with Mr. Gifford, are untrue.

    Again, don’t take my word for it, ask Gifford to be honest and tell you.


  30. g says:

    my name is timmy gifford….reporter u have slandered me amd brought my family into this as well as accuse me off killing my own uncle..not that i need to tell u but if u were so smart you would know that i was incarcerated at the time of my uncles have no facts and i have printed everything you have wrote so my attorneys can have copys. i will be sueing for slander and deflamation of character….here is a fact for you….i helped get donnie off the streets for the simple fact that my uncle was murdered to..your wrong for what you have done and you will be held responsible for your false accusations and slanderization of my name. you have caused much turmoil in my life.

    So this is confusing. I held this post to confirm that you are actually Timmy Gifford. Why is it you previously posted under the name Nan- and professed to give information about Gifford’s bed?

    So however you are, and if you are Mr. Gifford- a few things-

    I have no information about anyone alleging you murdered a relative, that never came from me, and I am not aware that you are a suspect in any other homicide.

    Your alcohol and drug addictions, criminal behavior and current suspect status in an open murder case are the cause for your turmoil, sir.

    Lastly, If you need to print things off for your “attorneys” as you say, you probably should consider different representation. Jus sayin’.

    If your attorney does not know the difference between slander and libel, I might check his /credentials under the TBA as well.

    I am not familiar with the term “deflamation”. I submit if this is “G” that was a freudian slip.


    If you need to print things off for your “attorneys” as you say, you probably should consider different representation. Jus sayin’.

  31. p says:

    I got a ? How come you didn’t allow Timmy g comment he is helping her family and u may be a reporter but that doesn’t mean your “facts” are the truth. maybe you should wait till the case is solved before you start pointing fingers.

  32. @p
    It is my policy to confirm the identity of anyone claiming to post in their own name, that is both an alleged suspect and self professed witness in a case. I am attempting to do that before posting.

    How would you know about an as yet unpublished post ?

  33. Word Girl says:

    Sigh. It’s now October almost-the-20th.

    We’ve heard from Nan and p and timmy, the character deflamer.

    Where there is flame, there is fire, Mr. Gifford. If you were involved in the death and destruction of Megan Sharpton, you will feel some real heat.

    I have a question, also, especially because I live a long way away near the Pacific Ocean.

    Do grown up men really call themselves by the diminutive nickname of timmy or donnie or billy or bobby? What do wordsmiths say about that in your part of the world?

  34. Staring at the Stars says:

    @p…He’s not helping OUR family. He’s hindering a MURDER investigation. He needs to find a higher power and beg for mercy from the court, while he still has the chance. Hell, Donnie tried to throw him under the bus with the gun deal. He mentioned him by name in the letter he hand wrote to the sheriff. G needs to tell what he knows and save his own @ss if he has any desire to save himself.

  35. Christy says:

    Late in commenting in this thread, but what Staring at the Stars says is absolutely correct.
    Anyone involved with Timmy G is hindering a murder investigation by not coming forward. And I mean ANYONE. “Family”, “girlfriend”, “friends”, etc.

    How can you in good conscience NOT come forward. IF you believe he’s innocent, then come forward. IF, in your heart, you have any, any doubt hes not innocent…THEN COME FORWARD.

    There are kids in all the families involved, innocent kids.
    Do you want to someday explain to those kids the whole thing?
    Do you want to put anyone else in danger?

    Just read Staring at the Stars posts…tell what you know.

  36. [...] Jones,Timmy Gifford | Monday 5 November 2012 10:51 pm Tullahoma, TN-   Donnie Frank Jones, Jr,  the primary suspect in the rape and murder of Megan Sharpton the evening of July 1, 2012, [...]

  37. Jay says:

    Deflamation? Seems your computer is as stupid as you. What is with the gold teeth? Here are the facts.

    A girl was brutally murdered and a cover up of the crime was attempted.
    A suspect has been arrested and charged with said murder.
    If someone is connected it WILL come out and possibly charged to accessory/accomplice

    I personally think that a place like hell is too good for the person or persons involved. However, the best place for the aforementioned, a rotting jail cell until he/she/they succumb to the inevitable will have to suffice. To answer your legal statements, proving slander in this case is highly unlikely. You could go the libel route but a good reporter and an even better editor, will not print something without factual evidence to back them up. By the looks of the teeth, I probably won’t ask you to babysit my kids or house sit for me. That is just my take and a picture is worth a thousand words. Many, I might add, that would not be respectful to the viewers on this website.

    If you are the person pictured above, I think it is a little weird that you are a frequent viewer of this website.

  38. DigDug says:

    Its over… he plead guilty today and will spend the rest of his life in jail.

  39. staring at the stars says:

    This chapter is over. It’s an entire library though. The rest of the chapters are yet to be written. If you were a part of this nightmare on Mayberry St. I’d be making the best deal I could… just sayin’

    Sound advice to those who know they should be taking it my friend.

    Heart u always.

  40. staring at the stars says:

    Well, cowboy wants to play games. His mother Gail, filed a motion on his behalf to have his admission withdrawn. He claims he was co-erced by his atty even though he hit the jail house begging to plead this out. Before he was ever assigned an atty. Oky dokey. He will have to prove this and I would guess answer the question, were you lying then under oath or are you lying now under oath? The burden of proof is on him.

    He also says he wasn’t treated for his cancer condition. ;) His words. He had a basil cell carcinoma that was removed right before he killed Megan. Hell I would venture an guess that half of us reading here have had one or do have one currently and guess what, it aint likely gonna kill ya. PLUS, his was removed. Cancer my ass. What a slap in the face to REAL people with REAL “cancer conditions”.

    He never told his family he was goin to plead. Told them he was going to be moved for his own safety. Coward couldn’t tell mama, I DUN DONE IT. SMDH…he called his wife moments before going in to sign the paper work.

    If you want to know what he has to prove, read about MANIFEST JUSTICE.

    Again, GOOD LUCK COWBOY… Friday is 9 months since he stole my child from this world. We are wearing our boots on HER behalf. (He asked in his plea deal to take his cowboy boots to prison with him, go ahead, I will even give you a stick pony to go with it). Today and always… PEACE for Megan. Saddle up Jones… saddle up.

  41. staring at the stars says:

    MANIFEST INJUSTICE… not justice. Typing faster than my brain is working.

  42. jacowl says:

    This has been a very sad story. I spent part of my youth growing up in this area of Franklin County Tennessee. What were the eventual outcomes of the possible accomplices? Were they ever charged? What became of this Griffeth guy who apparently posted a comment in response to this article?

  43. jacowl says:

    Sorry, I meant Metalmethmouth Gifford, Timothy Gifford. Please update us!

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