Convicted Pedophile Jerry Sandusky’s Sniveling Mercy Plea Ignored- Sentenced To 60 Years

Bellefonte, PA-  After a pitiful denial of the charges against him which contained more vitriol geared at his victims and their families was released late yesterday,  Judge Cleland made sure Sandusky knew he was unmoved.

Judge John Cleland issued the sentence Tuesday, three months after a jury convicted Sandusky on 45 counts of child sexual abuse.   Sandusky must do 30 years before he is eligible for parole in Centre County, PA.

Sandusky , if his appeal for a new trial is unsuccessful, will be 100 years old before he would ever appear before a parole board.


Photo Courtesy Associated Press

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  1. erose says:

    WARNING Not sure if this should be posted.

    John Bednarik II

    Peeping Johnny B.
    2:05 pm on Saturday, June 2, 2012

    I don’t know if the two trashy perverts are related but I did hear “Concrete Chuck” was pretty touchy-feely in the team shower room

  2. erose says:

    If my posts don’t stay in mod, it will make sense that John & Rosie Bednarik have two sons, Adam the WVU football q-back & John II the perv.


    So is his brother, John, a 1,000-point scorer in basketball at DeSales University, and his third cousin, the legendary Concrete Charlie.

  3. erose says:

    God Bless Hero #1.

  4. Ragdoll says:

    It was great to catch ex Calgary FLames pro hockey playr, Theo Fleury on Vinnie Politan today. He was responding to the Boy Scout scandal. I wish they gave him more time to speak.

    He was about to talk about the ego and the inability for the predator to see the devastation they cause their victims. I know Theo has written a book and has a movie out about his experience. He calls sexual abuse of boys in organized sports or activities as an ‘epidemic’. There’s no vaccine for this!!!!!

    B, I know you know this town…Moose Jaw, Saskatchew. This is were Graham James was a well liked and respected coach of young hockey players. There’s a few NHL players that have been been abused by this pig haggus sewage plankton.

    I highly suggest Theo Fleury’s book, Playing With Fire. It will offer insight, explain the ‘ego’ of the predator, how a victim feels shamed to remain silent. I’m sure there are other great books out there, but hearing it from a victim of sexual abuse in organized sports is heart wrenching. The self hate that festers can be destructive. It’s fight or flight.

    His movie was ‘raw’ and explicit. It was almost filmed like a reality series. No holds barred….the eff bomb is served like coffee at Starbucks, but it’s REAL. The movie is the same name as the book.

    The Boy Scouts report does NOT surprise me in the slightest. My husband will ALWAYS volunteer to coach or participate in our son’s activities to ensure he is safe. There is just no other way. Trust no one, with your babies! Parents, demand your presence at everything, including parties, get togethers’…..whatever the arrangment. Get to know the parents on your children’s teams.

    Sorry to be preachy. There are a few ‘cases’ on my mind where the system, friends, community society, school, sports associations, etc, dropped the ball. Lord help us.

    n|m <—— flippin the bird at the boogey men! Don't get me started on Sandy's 'appeal' for a new trial. I need to buy a vowel because OOOOHHHHHHHHH I'mma gonna go postal.

    PS…I apologize for poor editting and yiddish like commentary if this does not make sense. Yiddish. I wish. I should be so flattered to speak it. My heart is schleppin hard weights.

    Love Love Love

  5. beejay says:

    @erose: thanks, but not thinking about an award recipient. Just thought I remembered a Bednarik related to the TSM organization. Might or might not be a relative of Chuck’s. I’ll look back & maybe run across it again.

  6. Word Girl says:

    Here’s a program to consider for groups and organizations to reduce the risk of molestation. Not perfect, but I’ve seen it at work.

  7. erose says:

    Wanted to know what happened in the suit Bailey where Bailey represented the BNI agents and got a judgement against the OAG’s office. It kept saying it was Fisher, but it really started with Corbett.

    Jury Gives Award to Drug Agents Transferred After Accusations
    February 13, 2003

    A jury has ruled for two state narcotics agents who accused a former Pennsylvania attorney general of transferring them after they said a drug-trafficking ring was diverting profits to a C.I.A.-supported Dominican presidential candidate.

    A federal jury in Wilkes-Barre awarded $1.5 million to the agents, John McLaughlin and Charles Micewski, after a trial last week. The verdict capped more than five years of litigation.

    ”They won their lives and their reputations back,” said Don Bailey, a former Democratic congressman and a lawyer for the agents.

    A spokesman for Attorney General Mike Fisher said Mr. Fisher would appeal. Mr. Fisher’s predecessor, Tom Corbett, transferred the agents in 1996.

    Mr. McLaughlin and Mr. Micewski said they had uncovered a Dominican drug-trafficking ring in Philadelphia, New York and other Eastern cities that was funneling profits to the Dominican Revolutionary Party, which they said was supported by the Central Intelligence Agency and the State Department. The agents said the federal government had allowed Mr. Peña Gomez to return to the Dominican Republic with $500,000 in drug profits after a 1995 fund-raising trip to New York.

    The agents said that shortly after they made their accusations the Philadelphia district attorney and United States attorney’s office began questioning their credibility and stopped prosecuting their drug cases. More than 125 cases were dismissed or dropped after prosecutors accused agents of fabricating evidence and lying in court.

    Mr. Corbett later transferred Mr. McLaughlin, Mr. Micewski and other agents from the Philadelphia office of the State Bureau of Narcotics Investigation to other bureaus and removed them from street duty.

    The agents filed a civil rights lawsuit in 1997, saying they had ”become the targets of vicious unfounded attacks on their credibility and careers by the federal government,” with the ”marionetted support” of Mr. Corbett and the Philadelphia district attorney’s office.

    The scandal hit at a time when the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office was already in a state of general turmoil. The elected AG, Ernie Preate, had gone to prison for campaign finance corruption. The acting AG, Thomas Corbett, was a lame duck, a mere seat warmer who would be replaced in early 1997 by the winner of the November 1996 election.

    Nonetheless, soon after the prosecutors started dumping BNI cases, Corbett appointed his deputy attorney general Eric Noonan to review the cases and file a report on fixing the problems with the Philadelphia BNI office.

    Noonan’s report was never made public, but a draft has been obtained by City Paper. In it, Noonan’s exasperation is evident as he lays out the inability of the prosecutors to articulate just what they found so offensive about McLaughlin and his crew. This is where he accused the prosecutors of failing to provide any specifics beyond “a general ‘gut feeling’ of discomfort” with BNI cases.

  8. erose says:

    Here’s what happened…

    In 1995 a local narcotics squad warned the CIA that a Dominican political party was raising campaign funds in Philadelphia through sales of heroin and coke. Now the investigators’ careers are in ruins. What happened?

  9. beejay says:

    @erose: Don’t you just want to scream?! I was blindsided by your CIA-Philly “connection”. TY very much for more grist for the mill!

    I hope everybody keeps it in the back of their minds, as things are uncovered, that Lynne Abraham (recently General Counsel in-house at TSM) was the District Atty of Philadelphia for a long, long time: 1991-2010. And involved, deeply, in city governance before that. A brief summary of the “Queen of Death” is on wiki:

    IMO you can readily amuse the masses with bread and circuses, or at least distract us with a good old-fashioned law and order, get the bad guys show. While other stuff goes on little noted.

    IMO Abraham was carefully chosen to do her work at TSM, and not solely by TSM organization people.

    On an unrelated note, I’m assuming everyone is keeping up with Greg Bucceroni’s twitter. If so, you’re all aware that since Sandusky was arrested, he has given all his info/names to ATF. That includes politicians and others he recalls being involved with organized crime in illegal firearms trafficking.

  10. beejay says:

    Ganim gave Norris Gelman, Esq. of Philadelphia as the name of Sandusky’s new lawyer. He does a lot of appellate work. I just have to give a link to one of the recent cases listed on Gelman’s website. Not only is it informative (bookie operations in high-tech times), it’s funny. Though very long. Just scroll to the end for the punchline. So, Gelman has experience with the mob and oughtta be comfortable with the likes of Sandusky.

    Gelman’s pg of recent cases is at:

    Here’s Ganim’s twitter of Oct 18, 2012:

    Sara Ganim ‏@sganim

    The law offices of Norris Gelman: #SAndusky’s new attny

    Link to ganim’s twitter:

  11. Rose says:

    what a heartbreaking read, erose.
    and why would anyone be surprised A Gore was there?
    my gut reaction was verdict said more about defendants than their representation,
    and 1.5 M for the two was nada (salary, pension, benefits costs alone not recouped at all)
    compared to legal fees after 5 years of litigation. So, I may not have processed this well after
    yardwork tiredness, but I see after many more years of legal fees–
    reversed as a matter of law.
    imo, again, hard for plaintiff’s Counsel to achieve after a jury verdit given deference to triers of fact.

  12. erose says:

    This case is of no particular relevance, but the quote is so apropo, I thought I would post, in leiu of screaming. Beejay, you were right to question that particular locale of the feds. And you are def on target about Abraham. Lots of puppets, who is pulling these strings, and why, and how do these people sleep at night?

    THE PHRASES I most often hear regarding Pennsylvania politics are “Ya just gotta wonder” and “You can’t make this stuff up.”

  13. erose says:

    @Rose, You’re so right imo, and the award was made on a subsequent lawsuit, not the original, so the vindication was a bit hollow, if you ask me.

  14. erose says:

    To clarify me last post, this is what I was referencing. They were really succesful on the whislteblower lawsuit, as the first lawsuit was dismissed.


    The lawsuit was ultimately dismissed. Undeterred, the agents filed a second lawsuit — the subject of last week’s federal trial in Wilkes-Barre — claiming the state attorney general and his deputies had retaliated against them for the first lawsuit.

    The jury awarded $1 million in punitive damages and $500,000 in actual damages.

    “We were certainly surprised by the jury’s verdict and we respectfully disagree with it. We intend to pursue all our post-trial and appellate remedies,” said Fisher’s spokesman, Sean Connolly.

    Though it’s been several years since McLaughlin and Micewski worked Philadelphia streets, Philadelphia District Attorney Lynne Abraham said her policy of refusing their cases remains in effect.

  15. mike says:


    Another good phrase associated with Pa politics is: “ya gotta know somebody.” This should be the Commonwealth’s motto on the flag.

  16. Word Girl says:

    That article may be where the comments about being a hero came from here at BOC? I may just be behind, but remembered that I didn’t understand the reference.

    Oh, well. I should really leave it to you professionals!

  17. erose says:

    Spot on, WG. Aaron Fisher said in the 20/20 interview that he did not want to be known as a victim, but as a hero. Since he was Victim #1, I referenced him as Hero #1. What an stellar example he is for any abuse victim. I wanted to take that kid and hug him and call him my own, and convince him of his worthiness. But he already has a great Mom.

    She seems to genuinely love him and from what I can tell he was not a troubled kid, but their family had a special needs child and no father which, no doubt overwhelmed her. She was resourceful enough to reach out in to the community for Aaron and get him counseling, which ultimately put him in touch with TSM.

    She stood up to that principal and went straight to CYS in Clinton County, who btw did seem sold on the school’s bs. Arron’s Mom is another hero, to me, as she advocated for justice for her son, all the while, I assume, tending to the needs of her other child/ren, not to mention enduring Madeira passing off the case to Corbett, who sat on it for years. These people saved who knows how many other Sandusky victims. I am just in awe of their courage and persistence to do the right thing.

    Word Girl says:
    October 21, 2012 at 10:02 pm

    Bravo erose- I could never have said that better myself.

    I would only add that they also railroaded his coach, iirc. I still say Clinton Cty school board should be reviewing the actions in this case.

  18. erose says:

    TY. I cannot believe they are not. Wonder if the interviews or the election will change any of that.

    I still say Clinton Cty school board should be reviewing the actions in this case.

  19. erose says:


    Speaking of who you know, my cousin is a Baltimore cop, one of my “east coast connections” lol, and from what he tells me, 99+% of you are good people. You probably only need to hang that flag in a few “choice” places. If you get any made, send a few out west, because I know where to put some of them out here. ;)

    Lol, Mike is right, I have never seen anything like it.

  20. Word Girl says:

    “Ya gotta know somebody” is true everywhere I suppose. Isn’t that where the ‘networking’ concept came from? Except…if you need to network, then, uh, you’re probably not going very far.

    The amount of power some folks carry is amazing. That nobody speaks up and challenges them relates to our experience of “nothing changes.”

    When we look at Aaron and his Mom, we see that they made a big change in this world. His victimizer would still be at work for many years to come if they hadn’t had incredible tenacity.

    Not only that, they brought the blight of pedophilia to light and are holding a huge institution accountable. Not perfectly, but no one has every accomplished as much as they have by standing up and refusing to be sent away.

  21. Word Girl says:

    *ever* but you can say *every* if you want.

  22. Word Girl says:

    Clinton School board. Don’t get me started. Some heads were not paying attention.

    I am so furious with Karen Probst, the principal; with the coach; with the classroom teachers; with the counselors!

    Did Probst, who is still in her post at Central Mountain High School think she had done her duty by calling CYA? or was that just a matter of (C)Cover (Y)Your (A)Ass?

    Did Probst contact her counseling team? Did she stay in touch with Aaron through all the abuse and bullying he got at the school? Did she brainstorm with her staff how to put a stop to the problem? Did she institute seminars and classes for students on the crime of pedophilia?

    Or was she not woman enough to take all that on?

    Well that was a hit and likely a sink. Agreed.

    Here it is folks= if this can happen to this child on her watch, and this is the reaction, then you should know it can happen to anyone’s.


  23. mike says:

    SIAP, but here’s a link to a site that will lead you to a situation in NEPA involving juvenile delinquents and the people who make money from their circumstance. There is a lot of money to be made from prison, juvenile detention, charities, and people’s misfortunes in general. Somebody will come along and figure out how to squeeze the juice from it.

    If the link or url does not work, just type in “kids for cash.”

    I have no opinion as to whether it is even tangentially related to the Jerry Meister and his ilk.

  24. erose says:

    A group of Lock Haven residents and parents with kids in the Keystone Central School District are planning a rally at the high school Saturday in support of Aaron Fisher — the student who revealed that he is Victim 1 in the Jerry Sandusky case.

  25. beejay says:

    “A group of Lock Haven residents and parents with kids in the Keystone Central School District are planning a rally at the high school Saturday in support of Aaron Fisher….”

    Rally is at 11 am; a vigil at 7 pm. Ganim said it was planned for Sat so that local teachers and students could attend.

    Wait–isn’t there a PSU football game this Sat? A home game? Sure hope fans can work this rally into their tailgating and game schedule. It’d really be great for young Mr. Fisher and other victims.

    link to ganim’s article:

  26. beejay says:

    he will be isolated for a while.

    Lol! Several decades too late, but at least he’s locked up now. He is just now being transferred from Centre County jail to the state prison evaluation facility at Camp Hill. There, he’ll be evaluated, physically and mentally, to determine what his needs are and what’s the best prison to put him in permanently. To serve out his sentence.

  27. Rose says:
    kudos to local parents leading demo to clean up the high school of Hero 1.
    the AD Turchetta is still there too.
    neither he nor principal should be in direct service positions.
    In my county movement of dysfunctional school-based administrators occurred only when parent advocate groups banded together in repeat meetings with supervisors; then it would take about a year to get them moved. Always promoted up to some type of Central Office Admin position. It takes a promotion. I note a spec ed parent is a leader
    of the demo. I recommend a parent leadership coalition drawing from parent ed advocacy groups already formed: naacp, latino, special needs, gifted ed etc. these groups have common interests re their school’s leadership.

  28. beejay says:

    There is a sale pending on Steve Sloane’s house. The agent? Vicki Wedler.

    OMG beejay, kindly remind us, I am 3 cases deep.

  29. Rose says:

    hi beejay, here’s the Wedlar comment on Gricar:
    She’s been real estate licensed since 1977, so it was probably her day job while a Commish.
    Perhaps she felt sorry for his family having to give up their home
    and shaved off a sales percentage. She’s probably been
    a leading town broker the last 3 decades,
    especially of town employees.

  30. erose says:

    Well, Shaner and Poole “like” her, and so a few others.

  31. erose says:

    Oh, and Wedler supports Christopher “ARD” Lee for State Representative. Gag.

    Street-corner talking in Bellefonte with True Fisher (left) and Melady Kehm (right) who expressed enthusiastic support for our Campaign to Change Harrisburg. Vicki Wedler (back to camera), a long-time friend from Chamber After-Hours, knows a lot of people too. Many Republicans report they vote the issues, not the party, and are surprised to find the incumbent is “on the wrong side of so many issues that are important to us like education and individual rights.”

    Lee is a pedophile, are these people really that ignorant?

  32. erose says:

    I believe this award is in the name of Wedler’s father.

    Frederick C. Wedler Memorial Fund for Outstanding Undergraduate Dissertation

    The purpose of this award shall be to honor and recognize undergraduate students enrolled in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of the Eberly College of Science who have the best thesis paper. Consideration for this award shall be given to all Schreyer Scholars receiving honors in the BMB department who have written a thesis. Recipient of this award shall be nominated by their research adviser and voted on by the BMB department honors advisers.

    Frederick C. Wedler, Ph.D.
    Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802, U.S.A.

  33. erose says:

    Mr. Madeira was something more, as well. Since 1998, he was elected by Republicans as a member of the Republican State Committee; he initially defeated former County Commissioner Vickie Wedler12. Every two years, he ran countywide in the Republican Primary. Mr. Madeira also had a string of high profile endorsements. He received the endorsement of the Bald Eagle Fraternal Order of Police, his boss, State Attorney General Tom Corbett13 and, for the Primary, Mr. Gricar. This was about a month before Mr. Gricar vanished.14

    Read more here:

    He certainly fell out of favor with Corbett- don’t we find that odd, considering?

  34. erose says:

    If I have this straight, Wedler’s in the park, sees Gricar and Fornicola walking, and HAS to tell the guy that recently endorsed her opponent that she thought they were the perfect couple. Not only that, but the seemingly well mannered man could not muster a thank you, and instead was mysteriously quiet, so she surmised that she had embarrassed them.

  35. erose says:

    Well, scratch recently in relation to 2005, I think Madeira and Wedler ran against eachother in 2000.

  36. erose says:

    He also said he questioned why Sandusky’s wife, Dottie, didn’t go to the basement in their house, which is where Fisher said Sandusky abused him. He thought there was a conspiracy among the Sandusky family.

    “Somewhere deep inside me, I thought she had to know,” he said.

    Read more here:

    Because she did. She is what we call in the investigative community, a compliant spouse.

  37. beejay says:

    “Marc Decker, who works at the Masorti & Sullivan firm, told authorities he and Sloane shared marijuana joints and that Sloane stored the pot in a glass mayonnaise jar.

    Investigators also interviewed Daniel Collins, who told them he bought pot twice from Sloane at the law office.”

    Read more here:

    Wonder if this is the Daniel Collins who was a PSU student in 2011, is a fiddle player, and performed in Aug, 2012 in State College. In backup band for Ted McKlosky & the HiFi’s. That Collins is also affiliated with Apache Records. Remember Apache Records?

    Can’t link to that Daniel O. Collins personal bio at psu. It never lets me link. Just google Daniel Collins penn state and it’ll probably come up as the first hit.

    I read a nice post at tru tv yesterday, on one of their ray gricar threads, where several locals post. There was a list of statements made solely by Sloane about Gricar–which statements led investigators in the direction they went (i.e., probably the wrong direction). If I run across it again, I’ll post it.

    I’m questioning the veracity of all the Gricar-related sources now.

  38. beejay says:

    @erose: you said, “Not only that, but the seemingly well mannered man could not muster a thank you, and instead was mysteriously quiet, so she surmised that she had embarrassed them.”

    No. Not where I read it. SHE did not surmise that she had embarrassed them. SHE said Ray managed a weak smile; PF had a blank face.

    It was PF, when asked later about that encounter, who said they were embarrassed to have such a personal remark made.

    Touchy couple. Do you want a link on this version of events?

  39. erose says:

    I agree. There had to be at least one person involved Gricar trusted, IMO.

    I’m questioning the veracity of all the Gricar-related sources now.

  40. beejay says:

    Erose: you might want to verify this with other sources. Here’s the CDT version–just a snip, with Wedler being quoted first. This was already in the local news in mid May, 2005:

    When they headed her way, she said, she intercepted them and told them her thought but was surprised that neither Gricar nor Fornicola uttered a word in reply. She was left to turn and walk away.

    “I didn’t get any reaction from Patty and maybe from Ray a weak smile,” she said. “I didn’t get the kind of reaction to my compliment that I would have expected.”

    Fornicola, asked about that April 14 encounter with Wedler, said her conversation with Gricar that evening was nothing out of the ordinary. She said neither she nor Gricar replied to Wedler because they were somewhat embarrassed to be the objects of such a personal remark.

    Read more here:…1818.11434.0.13821.…0.0…1c.1.rWw2i-Liv60&ct=clnk#storylink=cpy

  41. beejay says:

    Well. Ganim didn’t think much of Victim 1′s book. That’s pretty clear from her “book review”/reporting, linked below. I’ve heard enough by now about some of the things she has reported to start looking back at them with a more skeptical view.

    One example; more in her article:

    “The Random House-published book hit shelves just four months after Sandusky’s conviction, and it shows. Gillum said Tuesday that there were fact-checkers that were supposed to be following up on his claims.”

    And it shows, Ms. Ganim. A little testy there.


  42. beejay says:

    So, wasn’t Frank Noonan in charge of assigning the cases back when the Sandusky matter was assigned to State Trooper Timothy Lear? (See Ganim’s previously linked article, wherein she points out her reporting wrt that.)

    What kind of thinking was that? Shortly after the April 2009 events, whatever they were, which resulted in charges against him, he was on restricted duty. Not allowed to wear a uniform or gun outside of barracks. That must inhibit a trooper’s ability to do any boots on the ground investigation. He was later found not guilty by a jury. Supposedly, it was a set-up by Huntingdon county DA, who Lear’s girlfriend was cheating on him with. IDK.

    Here’s a Feb, 2012 case. Lear didn’t come out too well when he went after those he said had wronged him. I heard, but not sure, Lear is now retired.


    The Sandusky case couldn’t be re-assigned to someone other than Lear???

  43. erose says:

    PF’s remark that they were embarrassed. was where my remark came from TY for fine tuning that it was PF’s recollection/story and not Wedlers.

    beejay says:
    October 24, 2012 at 2:24 pm
    Fornicola, asked about that April 14 encounter with Wedler, said her conversation with Gricar that evening was nothing out of the ordinary. She said neither she nor Gricar replied to Wedler because they were somewhat embarrassed to be the objects of such a personal remark.

  44. erose says:

    Because the last one went so well?

    Jerry Sandusky, Penn State’s shamed former assistant football coach, is reportedly considering to sit down for another interview after the new year. The upcoming interview would include Sandusky’s wife, Dottie.

  45. Word Girl says:

    Wow. The 2429 Autumn address could be a Pennsylvania Pedophile’s dream house.

    “Master bedroom with walk in closet, private Master Bath with soaking tub, double vanity, shower and private water closet, …. Regulation Egress Window in basement to accommodate 4th bedroom if desired.”

    Interesting how things look in retrospect–just a bit jaded, I guess.

  46. Word Girl says:

    Can Cleland stop JS from doing interviews?

    The victims re-victimized at every word.


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