Megan Sharpton Murder: Prime Suspect Donnie Jones Indicted For Her Murder, Rape

Posted by BOC Staff | Donnie Frank Jones,Flossy Davis,Kelly Sharpton,Megan Sharpton,Murdered,Naomi Jones,Timmy Gifford | Monday 5 November 2012 10:51 pm

Tullahoma, TN-   Donnie Frank Jones, Jr,  the primary suspect in the rape and murder of Megan Sharpton the evening of July 1, 2012, has been indicted for her rape and murder today in Franklin County, TN.

Additional arrests are expected in this case.


Reached at home this evening, Kelly Hale Sharpton, Meg’s Mother,  declined comment until tomorrow morning.


Please check back to for developments.


If  I may be so bold,  I would like to share this.   It reminds me of a song Meg might recommend we all enjoy.




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  1. Jack says:

    Do we know yet what DJ’s motive was here? Or was it Naomi’s motive?

    No, not yet.

  2. Christy says:

    DJ having 21 felonies and being out free to hurt Megan, (and quite possibly others) is the big question for nearly everyone told about this case. WHY WAS HE OUT WALKING AROUND WITH 21 FELONIES??
    plea deals, mommy’s money, good ol boy system, all failed Megan and her family.

    We may find out that all the self defense in the world couldn’t have helped much in her situation, she DID fight, from what Kelly has said from day one…and quite possibly, that was his undoing.

    As I said before, when all of this is said and done, Megans name will be remembered, the monsters that took her will no longer have a name.
    The judges and lawyers and friends and family that got him out of trouble over and over will forever have Megans name in their conscience.

  3. staring at the stars says:

    none of it is enough. be aware. If you see someone stressing or scared, ask them,. you’re no fool for asking a question. it mmay save a life.

  4. A Texas Grandfather says:


    It would be good to do some research on the supposedly reserved spray that you were told it was for LE. I take statements like that from LE with a grain of salt. I don’t make an issue of it, but I always tell them that I will check the law.

    One of the advantages of the bear spray is that the propellant can put chemical on a target from thirty-five feet. This too requires practice. It is too bad that someone doesn’t make a practice canister that can be refilled with propellant and would use dyed water for the chemical. There is one mfg. that makes an actual pistol shaped spray weapon and they do have a practice unit. They are not inexpensive. They claim accuracy up to fifty feet. Most people in a stressful situation have difficulty hitting a target that is fifteen feet away.

  5. Word Girl says:

    Blackpearl, yes, I’m glad you mentioned how to the hold the can of spray.
    At a self-defense class I took, the LE said they use their index finger to spray BUT I was taught by NYPD and they use the grip-i-the-palm-method so that someone can’t grab the canister and pull it out of your hand. Just try it both ways (anyone who doesn’t have a preference) and you’ll see what we mean.

    There is a danger, as BP mentioned, that of getting the spray on yourself or in your own eyes.
    So, before you’re in trouble, #1 Plan, #2 Use your voice–stop! get back! no! or whatever authority you can muster, including yelling,calling 911 Do not let the perpetrator get close to you. #3 Have your spray standing up in pocket or bag where you can grab it. (Practice walking from the elevator to your car in a parking garage with your hand on the spray while it is concealed.

    Thank you, Kelly, for letting us know how aware Megan was about her own safety. She wasn’t expecting to be in a bad situation at all. Her life experience told her (and me) that when you go to talk to someone about a job, there is little chance they will hurt you. If she knew she was going to talk to DJ, she might have been more wary. Not sure if you can comment on that due to the litigation.

    I am so angry and fed up with what is going on in Tullahoma and other cities. How could someone with so many felonies be out of jail? Seriously, I am looking for answers to that.

    Rest, Megan, we are pushing for justice and redemption for you.

  6. Word Girl says:

    Here’s one pepper spray that’s a larger size than many would want for the purse, but it’s a good one.

    This one is smaller and the capiscum has been reconfigured–I’ve carried this one.

    They both say ‘not for sale in certain states’ so we’ll have to look those up.

    This is the cone-fog one, I think BP mentioned.

    Baton, flashlight, stun-gun combo is called PEACEMAKER (LOL that *makes* my day!!)

  7. Jack says:

    Blink – have your opinions on DA Taylor changed at all since DJ’s arrest/indictment? Do you think he’ll ultimately try the case or offer a plea?

    No, I think it was ready to present to the GJ months ago. I think he will offer a plea, but not soon.
    It depends where the rest of the case “lands” so to speak.

  8. susanm says:

    was there actually an elder lady looking for care that night?

  9. Christy says:

    there was never an elderly woman needing care. they’ve said it was all a ruse to lure Megan. I believe the phone number was non-working when LE tried it immediately after.
    more proof that these ‘go phones’ should require identification to activate them. It still doesn’t stop LE from being able to triangulate calls from them…just these dummy criminals that think they’re smart don’t understand that.

  10. A Texas Grandfather says:


    If your statement is true, this means that all involved in Megan’s death are guilty of murder. This would be a conspiracy to commit murder or a conspiracy to commit another crime that ended in murder.

    The “go phones” could be tracked if the purchase was made with a credit card. Most are paid for with cash and other that, a purchase or activation date is all that can be found.

    We will see how “Mr. DA Plea bargan” handles the conspiracy aspect.

  11. Christy says:

    Most ‘go phones’ are purchased with cash. No names, etc involved.

    But…by the number that they did have of the ‘supposed’ elderly lady, LE can trace calls that were made to/from that particular number. And, take the other numbers that are found connected and track all of those down. Thus, leading to likely suspects.

    And, I totally 100% believe that Megan was setup intentional. This was no random crime IMO. Conspiracy…absolutely.
    She was the target. A job offer was given to HER, not put out random for anyone to take the bait.

    I am looking for any info on his appointed lawyer he was given this morning. I, too, wonder how Mr DA Plea Bargain will deal with all this.

    I know in a criminal case…the victim is given state representation via the DA….but does Megans family have to wait to file a CIVIL case against DJ? With a bulldog lawyer from OUT of the area of course.

  12. bob h says:

    ok what happen in court today.

  13. Word Girl says:

    No, D.

  14. Word Girl says:

    D-Duh! Thx Blink.

    Lol, don’t mention it WG :)

  15. Christy says:

    Question I forgot to ask, where was Mr Plea Deal DA Taylor on Friday? I noticed it said ADA Blount was there.

  16. Susan 2 says:

    Skeletal remains found behind shopping plaza At Turkey Lake Road and Sandlake Road in Orlando, Florida. Could this possibly be Michele Parker or Jennifer Kesse? (WFTV,WESH,Orlando Sentinel,Local 13 News)

  17. @Susan 2
    I have eyes on the ground on this, thanks for posting, the remains are with the me.

  18. Liz NY says:

    Off Topic – but wanted to post this amber alert:

    Savannah Hurley abuducted by her mother as CPS came to take Savannah into custody

  19. Jane says:

    I did hear on one of the local Florida stations that it was a male body.

  20. redly says:

    Christy — they could file a civil case whenever they want, but it will just get stayed pending the criminal action. You couldn’t get him or really many other people to testify in it as they would just claim the Fifth Amendment privilege against self incrimination. The civil cases always wait until after the criminal trial is done. I doubt he has much in the way of collectable assets anyway so doubt any out of the area bulldog lawyer would be interested in the case.

  21. Sammy says:

    OT … But it blows my mind that reports are coming out today that over 98% of “the C-Word’s” Internet searches from the very day that sweet baby Caylee was last seen alive —> were never turned over to Jeff Ashton& Linda Drane Burdick.

    Key search terms such as “fool proof suffocation” and other incriminating Internet searches.
    Searches done at times when George had left Hopespring Drive home & “the C-Word” phone was pinging that she was in the area of the home at that time.

    Top story on today’s WKMG ( home page has story written by Tony Pippitone.
    Un-freaking believable.

    Sorry to post this OT here … But my heart still breaks for little Caylee.

    Happy Thanksgiving to The Blink Family … And all the wonderful fellow Blinksters.

  22. Christy says:

    OT..(sorry). but, Sammy, I’ve been reading through that all evening. absolutely infuriating and makes me sick. maybe the lovely Blink will put a new C-word post for us to comment on.

    back on topic.. Redly, thanks for the reply. I figured a civil case would best be filed after. I’m still so pissed it took so long for even an indictment. and I just want all the peace for Megan’s family and friends and our community. I know the others involved are out wandering…it just makes me sick to think they may not get put away.

    And, by all appearances, DJ has nothing, can’t get blood from a turnip, right?

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. enjoy a day off, nap often.

  23. NaNa says:

    Sammy, no worries about Casey Anthony. Casey’s life will be miserable forever because people wont forget what an animal she is and they will hunt her for life. Living in fear and running your entire life is worse than death. Dont you agree?

  24. Word Girl says:

    NaNa, I’m thankful that I don’t live near the child murderer. I’m afraid I’d tear her apart with my own hands. Until I thought of that, I wasn’t aware of how much rage I’m carrying.

  25. Word Girl says:

    Nothing written here for a few days, it seems. Long holiday slows justice at times.

    Blink, what would you say are your top three cases, in regard to new information, activity, solvability? Where are Blinksters posting the most right now?

    Kyron, and I am working on deciding if I want to take up a new piece on a cold case- very cumbersome.
    I wish I had a vehicle to poll, lol

  26. Christy says:

    Body of a 22 year old young girl just found in Franklin County. No name released yet. Blunt force trauma likely cause. Appears to have been murdered elsewhere.
    Found by hunters hours ago.
    Remember, there are at least 3-4 others that are still out that were likely involved in Megans murder.

    I will update as I hear more.

    Thank you, I got a text from Kelly this afternoon but I could not respond- I was on lockdown for a case.
    Will be a while until I catch up, but please let me know.


  27. Peace&love says:

    Does anyone feel as if the new murder in FC is associated with the sharpton case?

  28. Christy says:

    Her name is Kayla Qualls, 23 year old mother of two. Graduate of Moore County High. Very very sad.
    Sheriff Fuller says he believes she was murdered elsewhere and was found in the back of her Ford Explorer on UT Farm Road and Spring Creek Road.

    She lived in Tullahoma and worked in Shelbyville.

    Appears they are wanting info from anyone who may have last seen her car.

    Pray for her family and friends and our community. Also prayers always for Kelly…she will take this to heart and hurt for them and just keep everyone in your thoughts.

  29. Christian says:

    Christy, that girl was my family. Not all of our family has been notified yet.

    Are you referring to Ms. Qualls?

  30. Christian says:

    Yes ma’am.

    I am profoundly sorry for your loss Christian. You should know that friends and family of Ms. Sharpton , still reeling from their grief, expressed their sorrow at the death of Ms. Qualls today, to be it mildly.

    I pray for comfort for your family today.


  31. Christian says:

    Ms. Kelly extended herself to me earlier today. I do appreciate the gesture. We were still trying to talk to the elders at 9 tonight, after the news plastered it all over the tv. Not the media’s fault we have a huge family, I know, it’s just hard to see it everywhere when we’re still trying to break the news gently.

    Ms. Kelly is a lovely and compassionate lady who is in her own hell, which I surmise is now similar to yours.

    I cannot tell you who that hurts my heart. Please tell me if I can do anything.

    God Bless

  32. Christy says:

    Christian, I am deeply deeply sorry for your familys loss.
    I had waited until the news had the information released for awhile before I posted her information.

    I am so sorry you are going through what you are. I mean it when I say, if you all need anything, let me know.

  33. Jack says:

    Blink – does there seem to be any connection between the murders of Megan and Kayla, or too early to tell?

    Too early Jack.

  34. Staring at the stars says:

    no connection. trust me. I am here for the Qualls. I have no experience in anything but the loss of your sweet baby girl. I can cry with you. I can listen and I can truly understand every one of the 10000 emotions you will go through. We have to make this stop. the pain is too deep and lasts a life time. I wrote to Kayla and told her to find the brightest star. She will guide you sweetheart and her name is… Megan.

  35. Jack says:

    I’m still very curious as to the motive in Megan’s case. Is that coming to light in the investigation yet?
    Looks like they have two persons of interest so far in Kayla’s case.

  36. Christy says:

    in case this gets out of the moderator box in time… press conference from Franklin County Sheriff at 10pm.

    Arrest(s?) made in Kaylas death. Thank God.

  37. Christian says:

    Both Michael Curtis Sr. and Jr. are in custody. The news has this all screwed up. I’m sorry I was short; it was just too soon, and there was and still is a lot of misinformation floating around. Kelly, I’m sorry I haven’t responded to you directly until now, I’ve been kind of quiet for the past few days. I hope you understand that. I tried to respond earlier but the internet here is iffy on good days and it didn’t allow my comment to go through. I am interested to know what type of venture you’re considering and would be happy to help you if I can.

    My best prayers and wishes for strength and peace for you and your family.
    God Bless.

  38. Christy says:

    Michael Curtis Sr (grandfather of Kaylas kids) is in Coffee County Jail for Kaylas murder.
    Michael Curtis Sr (the uncle of Kaylas kids) is in Coffee County Jail for a burglary in June.
    Nick Curtis Sr (father of Kaylas gorgeous kids) is not arrested yet…but hopefully very soon.

    So…you can see that family is a bunch of winners.
    Jesus ….my heart and love goes to your whole family Christian.
    All the peace and support for you all.

  39. Christian says:

    Now if only channel 4 and a couple radio stations would stop saying her boyfriend is the suspect, I’d feel better. He had nothing to do with this.

  40. Cindy says:

    Does anyone know Naomi Jones’ maiden name or a previous married name if there was one? I’ve been following this case and was just wondering. Thanks.

    I do, because there are children involved I have chosen to withhold it.

  41. Christy says:

    I know, Christian, that is driving me crazy.
    There are at least 10 websites that are saying it.
    I messaged a couple of them to tell them they were incorrect.

    I swear, it’s like they only half pay attention.

    How is her boyfriend doing? Tell him we’re thinking of you all.

  42. Christian says:

    I have a few friends that are supposed to be getting him out this weekend. They had already made plans previously and were supposed to meet Kayla for the first time but…

  43. Christy says:

    Christian, its Sunday afternoon. I’m thinking of the whole family. I pray for peace and love to somehow surround you all. its not goodbye to Kayla…its a promise that you hold her memory close, always share it and watch her beauty and that smile through her two absolutely adorable children.

  44. bob h says:

    Blink are you going to cover the Kayla Qualls case..I am so sorry for your lost Christian.

    Unfortunately I will not be able to.

  45. Rose says:

    Christian, Sympathy, and commendation to fortitude.
    Grandfather, uncle, and father of the children.
    If the DA doesn’t file premeditated, highest level murder charges,
    I hope your large family makes a stink.
    She never had a chance imo.
    The premeditation and conspiracy needs to
    be reflected in the charges.
    Blessings to the children.

  46. Staring at the Stars says:

    Both of our families are on hold til January. Christian if I am speaking out of turn please let me know. Kayla’s mother is a strong, lovely lady now tasked with the joy of raising the babies. She did an amazing job with her children and i expect no less for these children. Our justice system is slow. Nature of the beast I guess. I am personally still as lost as I was in July. Just finally have an idea of how Megan can help our surrounding communities. Will take some time to organize and write the grants but I am hopeful. I hope the holidays find you all well… I havent gotten the first ornament out. We did decorate Meg’s tree in her garden. Well my children did, I sat on the porch and cried. Inside may have to wait until next year. Peace to you all and do something kind for someone. Even if it’s just telling a sweet young girl be careful… and mean it.

  47. Survivor says:

    Staring at the Stars…

    I don’t know how you do it. I had a meltdown for my daughter (who’s on crutches – non-weight bearing with a broken bone which happened to have occured at school) who was in the hallway during a passing period and knocked off her crutches. I cannot fathom in my worst nightmares what you have endured and what is to come. I have a friend who lost a daughter last year to a drunk driver (her boyfriend) and the pain she has endured is immeasureable. Add in raising her granddaughter and having to fight for custody against an absent dad and her last 18 months have been horrible. None of this is comparable to the loss and turmoil I see and feel through you.

    I wish you peace. As a Christian, the single most peaceful time of year is sitting outside on Christmas Eve and watching the north star. Megan is your star. I hope that you have the patience and fortitude to continue living strongly for your children who remain and that on December 24th, you are able to feel comfort, strength, peace, hope and love both for yourself/family and for Megan. I also hope this for you for all of the days to come.

  48. TTowner says:


  49. ChristY says:

    Now we pray all others involved in any way whatsoever start falling.

    Megan wins, that is all. She wins.

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