Missing Iowa Cousins Lyric Cooke- Morrisey and Elizabeth Collins Found Deceased

Posted by BOC Staff | Lyric Cook,Lyric Morrisey | Thursday 6 December 2012 12:03 am

Evansdale Iowa- the remains of two individuals have been located by a hunter .

Sources speaking on the condition of anonymity  have confirmed that the remains are that  of  Elizabeth Collins and Lyric Morrisey.

The cousins were last seen riding their bikes together and Lyric’s parents have endured multiple confinements and very public scrutiny of their involvement with illegal drugs.

The FBI stated early in the case they were confident the girls were alive.


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  1. wpg says:

    Reading early news articles.

    Curious if the teacher did receive in the mail the letter from Elizabeth:

    (snipped from article date July 21, 2012)

    Elizabeth, called “Lizzy” by most, has a grin for everyone and likes to talk to anyone who will listen, friends and family say.

    Elizabeth was home-schooled in second grade. The next year she attended Poyner Elementary School in Evansdale, part of the Waterloo school district.

    “She was so social,” said Angel Munson, Elizabeth’s third-grade teacher. “She was always the last one to finish her lunch because she was always talking. I’d be like, ‘Come on, Liz, get moving,’ and she’d give me that smile.”

    Munson last talked to Elizabeth three or four weeks ago.

    “She asked for my address because she had written me a letter,” she said. “I couldn’t get her off the phone, you know? She was wanting to tell me everything she’s done this summer. She had gone swimming and played with friends and rode her bike and all these good things. I just keep reflecting on that phone call.”

    (end snip)


  2. wpg says:

    Thank you friend.

  3. wpg says:

    Aw, you’re welcome, Blink. Sorry to post a personal thought to you in this thread, I didn’t know of any where else.

    Back to the girls . . .

    The accounts of Mr.P(auction) and Mr.G(cyclist) are driving me crazy, so am switching gears for a bit.

    In July, after watching the first sit-down interview with Elizabeth’s parents, a theory of why the girls may have gone to the lake came to mind, but it was such a stretch.

    I seem to have the place to myself here lately, so what the hay ;)

    ** Early morning, July 13
    Elizabeth and her Mom talked about plans for her upcoming birthday including her cake.
    Recalled words like waterfall and starfish being said; can’t find that video interview but found this:

    (snipped from article dated August 20, 2012)

    “Their last morning together, Elizabeth climbed into Heather’s bed, and they planned Elizabeth’s birthday cake, a four-tier confection with a waterfall and a beachy theme.”

    ** Midday June 13
    Girls bike to Meyer’s Lake.

    Meyer’s Lake is the closest “beach area” – - perhaps the 2 girls excitedly went in search of something(s) for the beach/water-themed birthday party

    They may have talked about the party with someone maybe out in the parking lots and the lake was suggested to them (possibly nefariously), including a particular area of the lake.
    If nefarious direction occurred at that point, the girls may have been followed or they followed someone to the lake.

    Perhaps nefarious direction/intention did not occur prior to the girls 12:11/12:19 ride-by on auction video, but occurred once the girls got to the lake or just before. (Elizabeth had gone to the lake before with neighbor girls as per Aunt T)

    They could have been approached while on a (hypothetical) treasure hunt or directed to a spot with the guise of finding what they were searching for.

    Sounds like a stretch of a theory, yes, but . . .

    ** Girls found December 5 at Seven Bridges County Park.
    Watching live the first overhead video and viewing the first photos of the scene, there looked to be quite a rise in the waterless riverbed right by the girls . . . my thought was “Is that a waterfall?”

    (snipped from article dated December 11, 2012)

    “There are absolutely no facilities there, no boat ramp,” Siefken said. Kayakers have to crawl up over a bank to get in and out, and there’s a little set of rapids right at the spot where you typically get out, so it’s more challenging.”

    * includes Elizabeth’s birthday party beach-theme, Meyer’s Lake, and the spot at Seven Bridges where they were found

    Again, this may be a stretch, but if the perpetrator had knowledge of the beach-theme/waterfall, the area of the rapids (at the drop of the raised river bed) at Seven Bridges may have played a role in the final place the girls were taken to and/or left at.

    imo, there is someone(s) that have personal knowledge/experience of Seven Bridges, perhaps that exact area through recreational activities such as tubing or camping, along with knowledge/experience of somebody (friend, family) who had/has bad behaviors or tendencies attached in some way. Same would know that the river was drought condition, both in terms of water and day-time recreational visitors.

    Any ways, just a theory (among others).

  4. wpg says:

    Jeepers, don’t know why this link is not posting in it’s entirety


    but if you copy and paste the entire address in your browser, it will work and go the the full article.

  5. wpg says:

    Keep forgetting about the toxicology tests and how long they can take to complete.

    Possible the girls were chemically subdued right away and perhaps for an extended period of time (extended as per the FBI’s belief back in July the girls were still alive for a time).

    another snippet from this January 2 previously posted article:

    Smock said Wednesday that authorities were continuing to follow leads in the case as they wait for autopsy results.

    “It’s not hampering us at all, but it is additional information that we’re looking forward to getting and putting with the case,” he said.


    If the toxicology tests come back positive for drugs/chemicals, hope LE found evidence at Meyers Lake or close by like a drink container, coffee cup, water bottle, etc., that show traces of the same. Evidence that can connect the perpetrator(s) to the scene(s) and to the girls.

    For me, the PMI is what I am most interested in, and then work backwards. Why would the FBI go on record that they were confident the girls were alive?

  6. wpg says:


    PMI . . . are you referring to time of death?

    repeat snippet from article:

    “Details of when and how the cousins were killed will remain confidential as the investigation into their deaths continues, Evansdale Police Chief Kent Smock said Wednesday.”

    I appolly wpg- I am the worst at using acronyms when I should not. Yes, Post Mortem Interval.

    The PMI is really the time between death and in this case recovery.


  7. wpg says:

    from article dated Saturday, July 21 2012:


    Investigators still wouldn’t say they had any new leads Saturday afternoon, but stressed that they were “confident” both Elizabeth Collins and Lyric Cook-Morrissey are still alive.

    FBI spokeswoman Sandy Breault wouldn’t say what made them confident, even as statistics show that the longer someone goes missing, the less likely it is they will be found.

    “We believe the girls are alive, and we are not discouraged by the passage of time,” Breault told reporters at the Evansdale Community Response Center Saturday.


    Police will only say that “physical evidence” was found relating to the girls, but wouldn’t say if it was found by police, the dive teams or by the search dogs brought in to canvass the area near Meyers Lake, where the two went missing July 13.


  8. wpg says:

    Just a thought . . . Breault’s July 21 statements could have also been in part “damage control”.

    Mr.P(auction) was not interviewed by the media until July 25/26:
    July 25:
    July 26:

    (the day before the media conference with FBI Sandy Breault):


    Friday, July 20 2012, 11:57 PM CDT

    EVANSDALE, IA (KGAN/KFXA) — In this exclusive video watch as two bicycles pass through the frame. KGAN/KFXA has learned from a source that FBI investigators obtained this video and have been holding on to it for at least the past 5 days. The images off that surveillance camera is the last time anyone saw Elizabeth Collins and Lyric Cook and they were riding off down this street but whats concerning to police is how their bikes ended up here at Meyers Lake.


    I asked this a long time ago . . . how/why did they get this video?

  9. wpg says:

    NEW media article

    “Evansdale still shaken 6 months after girls disappear”
    1:36 AM, Jan 13, 2013

    (snip quoting Police Chief Kent Smock) :

    “This investigation involves a lot of details, and we want to make sure that everything we’re doing, we’re doing properly, getting the right results and paying attention to every minute detail,” he said.

    (snip regarding an arrest) :

    Will that take another six months?

    “I certainly hope not,” Smock said. “We do have some direction. We’re waiting on a lot of information to come back, continuing to follow up and not closing the door on any possibility. We’re not going to disregard anything.”


    64 photos included with article:

    #7 shows the Meyers Lake trail going west (up on far left is the highway), a little further past the curve is where the bikes were found
    - chain link gate on right leads to (I believe) the wooded area, might be private property, might be Maiden Lane

    #8 shows the area where the bikes were found by the former volunteer fireman and the area where the cyclist says to have seen/swerved around the bikes
    - was surprised to see how accessible the gate latch was in terms of height placement . . . latch is a good size, hope fingerprints and DNA were retrieved

    #52 shows where the girls were found at Seven Bridges and the rise in the dried riverbed to the left and behind (rapids when water levels are normal)

    Excellent Image Link wpg, thank you.

    Do we know if these young ladies remains were carried by water in any way?

    Given the aerial recovery scene, it does not appear that way to me and my guess is that they were brought there following their deaths. God Bless these sweeties- I never get used to this.

  10. wpg says:

    Don’t know about water transport because I don’t know what the river beds or water levels were like prior to the December footage . . . or when, of course, the girls were taken to/left at where they were found.

    LE has released nothing to indicate the mode of transport, although LE was photo’d and video’d by multiple media outlets intensely searching the shoulders, ditches, and field areas along the highway leading to Seven Bridges (270th Street).

    Interested in the cell towers and gps data for both areas, AND . . . reading that Seven Bridges wasn’t all that popular especially with the environmental conditions, hopefully that data will produce a smaller number of potential parties.

    Also, there are two little victims. Two little bodies (I am so sorry) increases the odds to successfully obtain useable and identifiable forensics leading to an arrest(s). Please let it be so.

  11. wpg says:

    I would like to think if that was the case they had suspects under surveillance to make such a move- and they calculated such risk v reward. That said, I am unable to cite a case the FBI states they are confident the girls were alive only to be located deceased.

  12. wpg says:

    This meth/drug informants/murder case from 1993 is in various local Iowa news today:

    “Jury to Mull Woman’s Fate: Death or Life in Prison”

    It was also publicized in greater detail around March 23, June 19 and July 6 2012 (ONE WEEK BEFORE the girls were abducted).

    In the 1993 case, 5 people were murdered, including 2 little girls aged 10 and 6 :


    Have no idea if it was of any influence in the abduction and murder of Lyric and Elizabeth, just thought the timing of the 2012 publicity of the 1993 case was interesting.

    Have we discussed this before or am I having the worst case of deja vu?

    I absolutely agree there are strong parallels in these cases and moreover- the Federal CI factor?

    Great insight wpg-

  13. wpg says:

    (imagine bold face type) ;)
    “Have we discussed this before or am I having the worst case of deja vu?
    I absolutely agree there are strong parallels in these cases and moreover- the Federal CI factor?”


    If this 1993 case was discussed before, I missed it.
    Having said that, a drug connection scenario or the appearance of a drug connection, like other scenarios, is possible, imo, until LE announces otherwise.

    What is Federal CI – - – Federal Criminal Investigation?

  14. wpg says:

    Seven Bridges County Park

    known to a SO? – - registered or not

    known because of drug activity?

    (snip from article dated December 6, 2012)

    “Other residents said it is popular for fishing, mushroom hunting and underage beer parties.

    The park has been used to dispose of evidence in the past. In November 2007, Martaves Keys went to the park to get rid of the gun he used to kill Anissa Schroeder and Ronald Scullark in Waterloo and burn his bloody clothing. A search diver recovered the weapon from the Wapsipinicon River after a witness came forward.”


  15. wpg says:

    ooookay . . . Blink, after reading this I’m done.


    “Valentine’s Day Survival”
    By Heather Collins and Drew Collins

    “Valentine’s Day is coming up, so come join me in staying out of trouble and fighting every other man on Valentine’s day and get your loved one a gift yearly . If your loved is going to my wifes party on the 7th the ladies at cobblestone will have ideas for you on what your wife was looking at. They have wine, snacks, chocolate,& lots of home decor. They will wrap or put items of choice into a basket and make it look all pretty. They will also have cards there for you to pick from.
    So no excuses this year guys, I’m trying to help you stay out of trouble.”

    (view declines)
    Kent Smock
    I would love to have gone but my wife is dragging me to Florida to take a cruise throughout the Southern Carribbean for a week and a half over that date. Thanks for the invitation though!!!

    ( say with drawl) Well I don’t know rightly know what to say about that wpg. Speaks for itself really.


  16. wpg says:

    Seven bridges is a huge park, but agreed. I don’t think there is any doubt at this point that these girls were either the victims of some web- target or by association to the drug activity their parents were involved in.

    Where’s CYS in all of this, btw?

  17. wpg says:

    That area needs a DEA hub and and an exterminator, ftlog.

  18. wpg says:

    6 months ago today, July 21 2012:

    FBI holds a presser indicating they strongly believe the girls are alive.

    Don’t know which park is being referenced in this video snippet of the presser (Seven Bridges is one of about 25 parks in Bremer County).

    At the 1:50 time mark, a male voice (reporter?) says investigators are looking at a park in Bremer County and asks FB Sandy Breault if she’s going to comment on the investigation happening at the park there.


  19. wpg says:

    article and video

    “Families of slain, missing children, criticize Iowa lawmakers for refusing death penalty debate”

    4:49 PM, Jan 25, 2013



    I watch the video of Drew Collins speaking and can’t help think . . .
    come on LE, what is taking so long to identify the perpetrator(s).
    It’s been 54 days.

  20. WordsPerGallon says:

    snipped from article dated Wednesday July 18 2012:

    Wylma Cook on Wednesday confirmed that Lyric had tried to run away from home several days before the cousins were reported missing. She said Lyric packed a bag after her father got mad at her for not completing her chores.

    “She headed for the door, and I grabbed her,” Cook said. “She dropped the backpack and I hugged and kissed her and I said it’ll be OK.”



    I’m wondering where or to whom Lyric was planning on going.

    Do you think a child predator may have been an influence at this point?

  21. Lol at words per gallon.
    I really can’t say. We have all sorts of elements in play concurrently. Two victims at once related to these people sounds more to me like a domestic situation.

  22. WordsPerGallon says:

    fwiw . . .

    Who knows if the abduction and murders originated in the mind(s) of someone(s) from Evansdale, Waterloo or somewhere within a radius containing Seven Bridges in Bremer County.

    fwiw, this photo of Lyric with her Dad was, imo, taken in/under the shade at Washington Park in Waterloo, very close to where her Dad was living at the time – - – less than a minute’s drive or around a 5 minute walk.

    Lyric and Dad photo:

    photo referencing the “red fenced” shelter and species of trees/plants in Washington Park:

    location of park:

    Blink (or anyone else out there) was this photo posted on either Lyric’s or DM’s facebook prior to July 13?
    Thanks in advance.

  23. wpg says:


    “Is Evansdale girls’ killer on the loose? Sheriff: No comment”

    Black Hawk County Sheriff Tony Thompson said Tuesday night that leads are still being investigated into the murders of Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins.

    Their bodies were found in December after they went missing last July.

    “2012 was a tough, tough year for us,” said Thompson during a two-hour town hall meeting in Evansdale.

    In his 50th town hall meeting as Black Hawk County Sheriff, Thompson told a group of eight people that there are five full-time investigators still working on the girls’ murder case.

    When asked if a killer was still on the loose, Thompson refused to comment.

    Thompson said Tuesday’s meeting was not about the Evansdale cousins, rather it was to “encourage open dialogue” with his constituents with matters concerning Black Hawk County residents.

    When one of the eight people in attendance asked about the girls’ murder investigation, Thompson said it’s important for people to remember that there is work going on behind closed doors.

    “What happened here in Evansdale was a horrible thing, and we continue to expend every resource available – our genuine best efforts everyday – at trying to continue to pursue justice, not just solve the case, not just fix the problem, but to pursue justice, and that’s critically important to us,” said Thompson.

    accompanying video at link

    :( Seriously, only 8 people showed up? Where the hay is the cry for community justice and safety ???? The community concern ????
    Where are the families?

  24. NY Liz says:

    Father, Dan Morrissey, was arrested for probation/pre-trial release violations. I haven’t been able to find if he’s still in jail. I can’t help to think that the sooner his trial is done, the sooner the murders of these 2 little girls will be solved.
    Blink – Any news lately that makes you more certain their deaths were related to the parents drug use? Or do you still think it’s possible they were some target from the web? Any inside info you have??


    I am convinced there is a Federal parallel case going on, and honestly, at this point, what I have to say about at least Lyric’s parents is not constructive. This is one troubled family and one way or another these girls paid for it with their lives. It is really status quo as far as my contacts are concerned. For me, this writing is on the wall as far as the fate of the parents. Profoundly sad and profoundly angering.


  25. NY Liz says:

    Daniel Morrissey pleaded guilty. The article does say ‘Friday’s plea didn’t include any charges that could come from a pending narcotics investigation’…not sure if this is the Federal parallel case that blink discussed in #24. This also doesn’t include the domestic violence charge.


  26. Jack says:

    Blink – what do you make of this Michael Klunder who kidnapped the two Iowa girls this week? Do you know of any connection to Lyric and Elizabeth? With his rap sheet, he never should have been out on the streets.

    No connection

  27. wpg says:

    I don’t know what to think anymore, including if a suspect’s DNA was recovered from the cousins or the scene(s).


    3 hours ago

    EVANSDALE, Iowa (AP) — Evansdale’s police chief says he hopes to know next week whether sex offender Michael Klunder is linked to the abduction and slaying of two cousins who vanished last year while riding bikes.

    Evansdale Chief Kent Smock said Wednesday investigators are trying to retrace Klunder’s steps from July, when 10-year-old Lyric Cook-Morrissey and 8-year-old Elizabeth Collins were abducted. Their bodies were found in December.

    Police say Klunder committed suicide last week after he kidnapped two girls who were walking home from school in Dayton, 90 miles west of Evansdale.

    A 12-year-old girl escaped but 15-year-old Kathlynn Shepard remains missing.

    Smock said investigators were getting subpoenas for Klunder’s phone records and seeking other information. He says he hopes to announce next week whether Klunder is believed to be responsible or uninvolved.


  28. wpg says:

    This article focuses on DNA, but I don’t know if Smock means recovered DNA from the cousins or DNA recovered from items of Klunder’s which may be a match to the cousins.

    By the way, he did have a gun that the 12 year old girl was able to escape with, so depending on the unreleased cause of death of the cousins, well, you know.


    “Investigators have kept secret whether DNA evidence was found with Elizabeth’s and Lyric’s bodies.

    If the killer’s DNA was found, it would be standard procedure to compare the profile with a national database of DNA of known offenders. As a registered sex offender and felon, Klunder’s DNA is included in that database.

    “This is speculation but if the DNA from our case matched up with this guy, we would go forward no matter what was happening,” Smock said.

    Even if Elizabeth’s and Lyric’s killer left DNA, it might have degraded by the time the bodies were found, said Norah Rudin, a forensic DNA consultant who lives in Mountain View, California.”


    If that investigation yielded foreign DNA it would be in the system for comparison already, however, I wonder if they are now testing the early evidence like the purse and or bikes.


  29. wpg says:

    Egads, I remember reading something about Iowa offender registries and databases months ago but only recall being surprised at what I found in regards to the creation dates.

    Hmm, well IF his DNA is in the database . . . he’s a RSO but was not considered a sexually violent predator AND his crimes were in 1989 and 1991 (his first victim was 15 years old when he was 16 years old – - juvenile offender)

    “Department of Corrections spokesman Fred Scaletta said officials declined to seek his confinement for treatment when his prison term expired because they didn’t have enough evidence for a court to declare him a sexually violent predator. He said Klunder successfully completed a sex offender treatment program and did not show any “signs that there could potentially be further problems.”


    “After he turned 18 in 1989, Klunder was sentenced for attempted burglary and assault. A judge ordered him to receive sex offender treatment during a prison term of up to five years. He served just over two years before being released in August 1991.

    On Dec. 15, 1991, Klunder flashed his lights to get a 22-year-old woman to pull over on a highway outside Mason City and told her that her taillights weren’t working. When she got out, he threw her to the ground, got on top of her and threatened that he had a knife, police say. He wrestled her into his car and turned down a gravel road, where the woman waved out the window for help to an oncoming vehicle. Klunder pushed her out of the vehicle and fled.

    The next day, Klunder snatched two 3-year-olds from an apartment complex in Charles City. Klunder was angry at one of the toddlers, who was the daughter of a female acquaintance.”


    “Klunder, arrested days later in Houston, pleaded guilty to third-degree kidnapping and one count of willful injury for abducting the toddlers and was sentenced to 30 years in prison. As part of the plea deal, the Iowa Attorney General’s Office dropped first-degree kidnapping charges, which carry life in prison.”



    Case: 02091 FECR001933 (BREMER)

    ** Blink, could this motion to obtain filed by the Assist. Att. General have anything to do with a DNA submission?



    My guess without being able to read the docket or motion is that he was seeking his juvenile file wrt to relevance of prior bad acts or treatments. Could not be considered sexually violent? Unreal.

  30. wpg says:

    Lederman’s Big & Tall has only the Evansdale location where grandma last the girl’s on their bikes.

    LE might want to check for Klunder as a possible customer there.

  31. wpg says:

    IF (if) Klunder’s DNA is in the database (or was in the database at the time any foreign DNA with respect to the cousins as discovered), looks like #6 under Iowa Code 81.2 would be the legal requirement he qualified for (#2 is a no-go seeing that he was not deemed a sexually violent predator and I don’t believe he was placed on probation as per #5):

    1. A person who receives a deferred judgment for a felony or
    against whom a judgment or conviction for a felony has been entered
    shall be required to submit a DNA sample for DNA profiling pursuant
    to section 81.4.
    2. A person determined to be a sexually violent predator pursuant
    to chapter 229A shall be required to submit a DNA sample for DNA
    profiling pursuant to section 81.4 prior to discharge or placement in
    a transitional release program.
    3. A person found not guilty by reason of insanity of an offense
    that requires DNA profiling shall be required to submit a DNA sample
    for DNA profiling pursuant to section 81.4 as part of the person’s
    treatment management program.
    4. A juvenile adjudicated delinquent of an offense that requires
    DNA profiling of an adult offender shall be required to submit a DNA
    sample for DNA profiling pursuant to section 81.4 as part of the
    disposition of the juvenile’s case.
    5. An offender placed on probation shall immediately report to
    the judicial district department of correctional services after
    sentencing so it can be determined if the offender has been convicted
    of an offense requiring DNA profiling. If it is determined by the
    judicial district that DNA profiling is required, the offender shall
    immediately submit a DNA sample.
    6. A person required to register as a sex offender shall submit a
    DNA sample for DNA profiling pursuant to section 81.4.

    Section History: Recent Form
    2005 Acts, ch 158, §2, 19; 2007 Acts, ch 38, §4
    Referred to in § 81.1, 232.52, 901.5

    Submission of samples by persons convicted, adjudicated a
    delinquent, civilly committed as a sexually violent predator, or
    found not guilty by reason of insanity prior to June 14, 2005; 2005
    Acts, ch 158, §18, 19


  32. wpg says:

    Gadzooks . . .

    DCI searching for white SUV in connection with Lyric, Elizabeth


    Authorities on Monday morning said they have three separate witnesses who say they saw a white, older-model, full-size SUV-type vehicle — similar to a Chevy Suburban or a Ford Bronco — parked on Arbutus Avenue on July 13.

    Investigators want to speak with the person or persons in the vehicle or anyone who has frequented the Meyers Lake area in a similar vehicle.

    The person or persons in the vehicle should not be considered a suspect or person of interest at this time, but may have information about the case, officials say.

    Arbutus Avenue meets up with the bike trail near Meyers Lake, where Lyric and Elizabeth’s bikes were found.

    Two of the witnesses say they saw the white SUV parked between these two bike trail signs.

    The other witness told police they saw the vehicle parked near the woods on the east side of the lake — only a few hundred feet from where the bikes were found.

    All of three of these individuals say they saw this SUV between the times of 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. on July 13, 2012.

    Authorities hope this may jog people’s memory and they may get more information with this tip now out in the public.

    “There (are) just a lot of reports, a lot of information to read through,” said Mike Roehrkasse with the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation. “Now that there’s a little bit of a lull, we are able to start pouring through those reports and make those connections.”

    “I think, and I hope, that this is kind of the beginning,” he added.

    All three of the witnesses describe the vehicle as a large and clunky white SUV.

    One of the witnesses described the SUV as an old-style boxy suburban.



    Well, google map shows an aerial view of a white SUV close to the Collins home, but I’m sure that was eliminated before DCI went public today.

    Would think tips should be coming in pretty good on what they’re looking for.

  33. wpg says:

    Thank you for that great news, January.

    (snipped from linked article)

    Members of the state’s Amber Alert Criteria Group met last month and took out the word “and” from the fourth criterion, which used to say:

    “There is enough descriptive information about the child, abductor and/or suspect’s vehicle to believe an immediate broadcast alert will help.”

  34. KizzisHonor says:

    There are major inconsistancies in the recounted timelines of the family members of that morning. Heather Collins and her husband Drew Collins had a convicted child rapist lead a memorial parade for their daughter and continue to accept gifts and socialize with him. Drew Collins broke ground for a donated park in honor of the taken girls in the middle of a snow storm in Feb of 2012. Heather Collins has publicly forgiven the kidnapper but has never been seen with any of her family since the bodies were found. I don’t understand how two little girls could get snatched off of their bikes and the residents not be disgusted and on a witch hunt.

  35. Scout says:

    Hi Blink –

    Do you feel this is the same perp who killed Abigail Williams and Liberty German? Some similarities and the dates of the murders gives me the chills – both killed on the 13th. 7/13/12 and the Indiana girls 2/13/17. Both add up to 32. May be a coincidence but the creep factor is there.

    The date of death for Libby is the 13th and Abby was the 14th. Was Abby held somewhere else for a while or did she just hang on to dear life where she lay? So horrifying to think what they went through.

    Any info or insight?

    Praying they find justice for all of these sweet girls very soon and get a monster or monsters off the streets.

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