Jodi Arias Travis Alexander Murder Trial Day 8: Sex, Lies and Duct Tape Causing Jury Doubt

Phoenix, AZ- As the beginning of the second full week of testimony in the State of Arizona v Jodi Arias unfolds we learn some of the most damning evidence against Arias. We also learned that there are clearly holes in the prosecution’s case.   Not referring to the  holes on visual display  last week-in HD, unfortunately.

The very intimate and anatomical chronology of the afternoon of June 4th 2008 leading to the brutal and merciless murder of Travis Victor Alexander included the very carnal and the very barbaric.

Travis shaving shower door open to right

A few frames of images deleted from Travis’s camera and a few minutes of time stamped consternation and Alexander ends up stuffed in his own shower.

Kill or be killed was the impetus for this tragedy Arias’s defense promises us in their opening curtsy.

There can be no doubt that Jodi Arias was present the day of the murder, and by her own admission she killed Travis in self defense.  By my rough calculations, that would mean under one stab wound per minute plus a gunshot and near decapitation.   Travis was 5’9” tall and 189 lbs after nearly total blood loss.

Dr.  Kevin Horn Is No Dr. G

Alexander projectile xray

The fact that Dr. Horn, forensic pathologist for Maricopa County looks freakishly like Robe Lowe with facial hair aside- he now says that Travis Alexander could not have been shot first.  According To Detective Esteban Flores, lead investigator in the case, he was told differently by Horn in telephonic conversations in August 2009.  Horn denies he ever said this and Flores gets hung out to dry.  A rinse and repeat will not help the prosecution.  Horn went on to say that since the bullet passed through the front lobe of Alexander’s brain that he would likely have been rendered unconscious and it may have occurred after his death.

There is no medical evidence to substantiate this.  There is no physical evidence to corroborate this, and in fact, it WILL be argued that evidence contradicts this opinion.   Dr. Horn could produce no findings of the projectile pathway outside of its final location in the left maxilla.   This was definitely not a close contact wound and it produced no star-shaped entry, soot or stippling.   The casing of a .25 caliber bullet was found on the floor of the bathroom in a pool of blood believed to be deposited there prior.

Is this opinion outside the scope of submitted evidence AND theory?  Horn was an effective witness as to autopsy and wound identification.   Travis Alexander fought for his life at least for a few seconds and the gaping wounds to his hands indicate he grabbed for the knife at some point.  I found it particularly interesting that he was not asked to speculate on what type of sharp blade might fit the incised wound approximations.   Travis Alexander was stabbed 29 times, shot and his throat was slashed.

Editor’s Note: Jodi Arias is left-handed as is Travis Alexander.  There is much in the way of fodder to feed incident reconstruction in his report as well as the blood spatter and pooling evidence neither Horn nor Perry were ever asked about.


Esteban Flores Does His Own Stunts

Detective Flores played his own stunt man in this case.  His phone interviews and interrogations of Jodi Arias are impressive.

He brought his A game.   A for Alexander as he would tell you himself.

His case interrogation skills in this case might ultimately be what convicts this woman and his lessons in patience and diligence should be topics in investigative training for homicide detectives everywhere.

So why the stunt man status?

Because he came into the case on 2 wheels based on the Medical Examiner testimony which I happen to believe accurately shaped the detectives testimony in both the Conus hearing and this trial.   Defense counsel Nurmi as well as Prosecutor Martinez eviscerated Flores on his previous testimony regarding Travis’ wound sequencing and Flores was accused of perjuring himself in a motion that is still before the court.  Ouch.

Jody line up after booking

  Rarely do you see a detective take a cross examination and subsequent motion for dismissal containing the words “perjury” on such a sturdy chin.  He took one for the team and he took one for Alexander and the Mesa Police Department is lucky to have him.

And NO, his name does not sound like all other Hispanic names (how offensive was that?)  Unfortunately after his testimony this afternoon the shine is off the penny a bit.  The jurors submitted questions to Flores while on the stand today through Judge Stephens and it was clear by the tone of them this jury is not eating what the prosecution is serving.

Flores was dejected and sullen when answering the juror questions.  He knew.


Juan In The Box

Prosecutor Juan Martinez has an excellent tailor.  He is excitable and apparently not a fan of cross examination of state witnesses.    By re-direct he is out of the box the defense has been winding up and pop goes the weasel is in the form of evidence he tossed on the floor.

This actually happened.

In his Ad hoc  demonstrative aid or improper display as alleged by defense attorney Jennifer Wilmott, Martinez tosses the camera on the floor to the collective spectator reaction “ What the snap??”

Martinez Camera Chuck

Pun intended.   Juan Martinez  is an effective prosecutor who knows his case well.  Where the problem comes in is that his own witnesses are not sure what he is asking them, and he is not putting the issues he already knows will be in contention with the defense out there first.   If that scene does not find its way to an auto tune I will be surprised.

Editors Note: Arias is lefty.  The button that broke during examination by Detective Melendez and if it had not been already, definitely by Martinez, is located on the right of the camera.   It is more likely Arias changed the mode to auto on the camera and that began the successive picture taking.  Was it on the strap so she was then hands free?  The shower door opens to the right and the person snapping the images at the time Alexander first becomes wounded is very close to his level.   Point is- there is much in the way of probative value in the operation of this camera and a simultaneous attack or altercation.  Arias receives a cut to her left finger at some point.

A well- intentioned but intransigent message to Mr. Martinez: Pre-emptive is the new appellate repellent.

With daily motions for dismissal and mistrial alleging prosecutorial misconduct and the prosecutor firing a piece of material evidence into the podium- is the writing on the wall on this one?

Martinez is wearing a pace pattern into the carpet in front of the prosecution’s table and the defense is wearing matching hues daily.

To borrow the words of Sweet Brown, “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Dat”.

Taking a page out of the book of The State of Florida V Casey M Anthony would benefit Mr. Martinez immensely  .   That said, Mr. Martinez has been known to change it up with a lesser included in that “other” Mormon murder.


Hello…… N U R M I

Say it like Seinfeld would.   Kirk Nurmi , while not big on the fashion forward movement,  belies his posture and gets  the no slouch designation in this trial.

Nurmi misses nothing and his assessment of The Honorable Sherri K Stephens and her courtroom etiquette are spot on.

Nurmi  is artful and deliberate.  If there is a credible defense to this case he is establishing the predicate for it or a weighty appeal.   He is ambi-lawyerous.   One senses he sees the holes and knows it is also his job to backfill.  In a trial involving such a heinous murder and downright chilling images, the fact that he refuses to tuck the tail of his shirt in the back gives us a necessary chuckle when he is at the podium.

Jennifer Wilmott, the public defender’s representative  is intentionally disarming to witnesses for the first few minutes but gave herself away when she corrected Dr. Horn by reminding him of a puncture to the Vena Cava sustained by Alexander.  She enunciated it perfectly and with feeling- as if the boots had not given her away earlier.

She leaves her Coach satchel in plain view next to the bailiff door all day.  She knows the drill.

Death On a Reel

There was video of the sexual encounter between Travis and Jodi on June 4, 2008.  It was deleted according to her and not recoverable per Detective Flores.

What was recovered in both the flash drive and un-allocated space on the SD card of Travis’s camera were like a Kubrick draft.   Lust, contentment,  fear, crescendo,  gore.    Did I just see that?

It is all there to view as if one is having some sort of synapse misfire that only allows brief images.

There is a clear and distinct mutual trust between Arias and Alexander before 2 PM on June 4, 2008.

What changed and for whom?

Explicit and sexually graphic images were displayed in open court.  Noteworthy items would include that Ms. Arias has had breast augmentation and a very recent pseudo-invasive waxing.  Mr. Alexander is apparently not fond of body hair himself.  It appeared Travis was less comfortable posing nude for Arias then she for him.

Nothing Says Bonding Like Duct Tape

Travis Alexander clearly has duct tape around his right arm in the explicit pics.   Although the shower images are approximately 4 hours later- the marks from it are fresh.   Not that the medical examiner nor the prosecution has bothered to reference it or it’s possible connection to the events.

Alexander duct tape photo 40

The duct tape found on the tile floor , evidence marker #40  may just be the clue from the glue that provides motive in this case .

Outside Marriage, Sex’s Emotional Bond:
However, outside of marriage, this bond still occurs. The emotional bond is a part of sex, it’s always present, whether we like it or not. But, this extremely tight emotional bond is not such a good thing outside of marriage. Here’s why…(DO NOT remove the duct tape until you describe the break-up of the relationship)

Relationship Examples:
So let’s say that I’m 16 years old (use yourself as an example, not the volunteer) and I choose to ignore God’s plan for sex and chastity and decide that since my boyfriend and I are in love and we’re a serious couple, we’ll have sex. (rub the duct tape in even more, as you continue to talk). Things are going real well, are hearts are real close – like this duct tape here – and then…he starts to get on my nerves, so, we break up. (quickly tear off the tape)


I am not one to believe in coincidence and this case is no different.  When Casey Anthony was leading OCSO detectives to her imaginary office at Universal,   Arias we being booked.  Anthony was arrested the next day.   It does make the case for simultaneous  bi-coastal mind control.   Watching and listening to Arias spin her detailed faux-fession was surreal in comparison.

White Knit-Rental Guy

Enterprise agent columbo

Raphael Columbo took the only opportunity to ever where a bulky knit in Arizona.  During direct examination by Martinez we learned that Arias may have been with a gentleman while renting the vehicle.  Columbo also testified the floor mats to the new-ish vehicle were missing when Arias returned it late and that he personally cleaned what he thought was kool-aid stains from the passenger and rear seats.

Yes- he legitimately stated he saw and cleaned kool aid stains in the rental vehicle used by a woman accused of stabbing and shooting a man and neither the prosecutor nor the defense attorney asked him what kind of kool-aid stains they were.  Lime?  Fruit Punch? Grape?  Would seem germane to the discussion, no?

Martinez also neglected to ask him about the notation of a heavy smoke smell.

Arias does not smoke.  But she did buy kerosene on June 3rd at Walmart.  She dyed her hair brown sometime between the evening of June 2nd and the morning of June 3rd.

Me thinks Mr. Columbo is going have another chance to don that turtleneck again before this trial is over.

Following the excuse of the jury this afternoon Nurmi raised the issue yet again, of possible Brady violations in the case by Martinez for not producing the contact information for the woman who was allegedly dating Alexander and received a John  Doe email from Arias.   It is believed Julie Andrews was aware of at least the allegation that Arias followed the couple on a date and subsequently slashed his tires.   Andrews was not on the list of state witnesses.

The State of Arizona V Jodi Arias continues tomorrow.


Jacqueline Beaufort, contributing editor


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  1. Donna says:

    Does anyone know if a drug screen was the autopsy? I thimk after the naughty film session was over, they ate/drank and she drugged him, they were probably clothed while eating since the potential existed For his roommates to come home. After the drugs startedworking he starts to feel somewhat ill, she tells him to take a shower, he looks less alert in the shower photos. I think he gets dizzy, sits down in the shower, the murder is committed with very little fighting back by Travis. Her being clothed made it faster to get out after the murder and provided her with cover for the gun and knife.

    No drugs in his system

  2. Donna says:

    Where dis you find this info?

  3. Ragdoll says:

    Gas cans make their way into another murder trial. Just sayin.

    Third time’s a charm. Glasses look GREAT on the defendant! That had to be a daunting experience, finding the perfect frame and all. The horror.

    Please forgive my snark and poor language, but wtf on the gas cans. Who did not know that was coming?

  4. Donna says:

    If a drug screen was done during autopsy, where are the results?

    in the autopsy report.

  5. Ragdoll says:

    Has anyone ever heard of the National Center for Victims of Crime? How does THIS help Travis? (warning: partial nudity)

    I don’t think this is the org’s auction. All bids are ‘private’. Why hide this?

  6. Ragdoll says:


    Please forgive my snark and poor language, but wtf on the gas cans. Who did not know that was coming?


    I actually posted that comment a few days ago. It seemed relevant then. Not so much, now.

    Bet the nanny did it.

  7. M.S. says:

    I just heard that when Jodi walked in to testify today she smiled at the jury and 2 of the women jurors smiled back. I always feel sick and worried when I hear stuff like that. I followed everyday of the Casey Anthony trial and was so shocked and upset at the verdict I cried.
    Jeezemcrow, I heard she took MARTIAL ARTS??!! Then tell us, Miss Arias, if Travis attacked you, and being that he was in the shower and naked, and you were dressed (as per the infamous photos), why is it that you couldn’t have used one of your ‘moves’ to disable him for just a second so you could run like hell outside? Hardly likely a naked man would be chasing you into the yard!

    I am now always afraid cases like this will have idiot, ignorant, and lazy jurors like those in Fla. That being said, here is my own brief take on the situation.
    I think basically that Travis was a good person. I think he was immature and made some mistakes but who hasn’t? I think that Jodi most definitely premeditated this murder and was a stalker.
    I believe that somewhere along the line Travis realized what kind of person she was, and that she was not “marriage material” for him, and that was when he began dating other women, and sincerely trying to distance himself from the relationship with Jodi, which I think he was smart enough to know was unhealthy, not based on mutual good core values, and was bringing out his weaknesses and not his more admirable qualities.
    I believe that Jodi used sex and other forms of manipulation and wheedling to try to repeatedly ingratiate herself to Travis, and unfortunately, he would ‘slip’, and fall back into a relationship with her.

    On the day of the murder, I think Jodi slept with Travis in a final desperate attempt to try to get him to take her on the Mexico trip. I think that Travis made a huge error in judgment when he slept with Jodi on his final day. I think that afterwards, he felt remorse, regret, and possibly more than a little disgust with himself. I think he probably gently tried to reiterate to Jodi that they did not belong together, and that he had made a mistake that day, and that she needed to move on.
    This was the final blow, and she realized there was no way of forcing Travis to love her. She killed him in cold blood.
    My hope is that Mr. Martinez can make mincemeat of her in his cross examination. Does he get to present a rebuttal case? If so, I hope that there will be witnesses as well who can refute the things she is saying on the stand and give examples of her stalking. Can’t that come out at that point?
    Here are a couple things I caught and hope the prosecutor knows about.
    As far as the breaking up with Darryl—On one of the nighttime TV shows covering this case they had a guest on via phone several nights ago. It was a woman (older than Jodi) that worked with her at some restaurant while Jodi was living with Darryl—(NOT the Ventana Inn). She specifically said that Jodi talked to her about being “UNHAPPY IN HER RELATIONSHIP”, and that this was “A COUPLE YEARS BEFORE SHE MET TRAVIS”, yet Jodi is basically saying Travis caused her to break off her relationship with Darryl!

    I myself heard one thing that really made me sit up in attention. This was on a TV show where they were playing those police interview tapes with the detective and Jodi. They were talking about why Jodi would kill Travis, and of course Jodi was denying having anything to do with it, and because she basically has diarrhea of the mouth, she elaborated and said “Why would I kill Travis? I had no reason to kill Travis—HE NEVER RAPED ME, HE NEVER__________”—At this point the detective interrupted her! I couldn’t believe my ears. It sure as hell sounded to me like she was going to say “He never raped me, he never ABUSED me in any way. There was no reason for me to hate him”!!! I can’t help thinking how much more amo Mr. Martinez would have had the detective let her finish her sentence! IF ONLY….Maybe we all could have been spared the “self defense” excuse…
    Did anyone else hear this on that tape too?
    I pray that the jury is not buying the lies this sick, psychopath is telling and that they have the wisdom to see the truth. I hope that there is justice for Travis, and some measure of solace for his family and friends.

  8. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Travis did not need to be taking a cold shower in order to fog the camera lens. Think about what a bathroom mirror looks like after a very warm shower even if there is a vent and fan to remove moisture. The mirror will be fogged. A camera brought into such an environment would have been at a lower temperature than that of the bathroom and it would have condensed the moisture on the lens.

    I think that Jodi was partially successful in cleaning herself and the area. She knew the probable schedule of the other housemates and when time grew short she bundled a lot of the material to take them out into the desert for destruction and burial. This included the knife and gun.

  9. Iwonder says:

    Is the sexual deviant strat coming from Nurmi’s expertise in the field of sex crimes?

  10. Malty says:

    Here on Blink on Kyron we have went over Pedofiles and I think we all hate them after much info
    So if Jodi thinks it is just OK to keep saying this about Travis with no proof
    It is not OK

  11. [...] Arias describes an irate and menacing Travis who bounds from the shower, causing her to drop his new camera and pouncing on her, knocking her to the wet tile floor. [...]

  12. Jackie Buffat says:

    Nothing Says Bonding Like Duct Tape
    Travis wore a strap on his right bicep for weight loss I believe. The strap/band can be seen on the right of the sink where he took it off before his shower. Would love to know what the duct tape was used for though!!!

    In the pic I have seen of Travis on the bed, he is definitely wearing that duct tape on his right bicep, and that duct tape ended up on the bathroom floor.


  13. Den says:

    Has any one observed that with the photo of Travis staring out – there are droplets of water in front of him. Meaning, the shower door was closed. In the next frame, he is sitting on the floor AND the door is open. If you look very closely to his left above his nipple, I see what look like two small spots. I wondered if these were stab wounds. I thought the state ME had indicated that the blood at the sink would be high pressure blood and it came from stab wounds to the heart. He would have been able to try to get away. Crawled and she got him on the floor in the hallway. She sat on top of him and cut his throat. Proceeded to stab the back in a frenzy. He was still breathing when she dragged him into the shower. She shot him there. All the blood projection would have been washed when she took the shower over him. Seems plausible to me.

  14. Den says:

    I have to say that I think he looks very pissed off in that photo staring out. That he realized she was there taking shots of him. He was not happy. Somehow the next frame, the door is open and he is on the floor. I wonder if she stabbed him and he sank to the floor. Realized he was still alive, went to the sink. She then began the hack job on his back and he tried to get away..ended up crawling on the floor. It was mentioned that the blood splatter was no more than 12 inches high in the hall. He was on his hands and knees crawling. He drops to the floor. She sits on him and pulls his head back by the hair. He tries to reach up to keep her from pulling his head back. At this point, she cuts his throat. Neck wounds can be determined from one end to the other.

  15. Den says:

    If she did shoot him first, she had to do it as he was trying to get out of the shower with his head lower. Meaning it is plausible that she shot him right outside the shower door causing blood splatter on the mirror. It seems the state’s witness testified that there were different sizes of droplets on the sink. So, she maybe she had the gun on him and stabbed him in the chest. He turned toward the sink, she attacks the back. He tries to get away from her. Collapses in the hallway. She is on top of him at that point stabbing him in a frenzy. Then, she slits his throat while on top of him.

  16. Den says:

    The gun shot to the head had to be done at an angle. There is a way to project how and where she was standing for a bullet to enter his head at that level. My guess is she shot him in the end, while he was dying in the shower. His head is tilted in the last photo in the shower.

  17. Den says:

    I am now thinking of the duct tape. It is off his arm. Did he use a knife to cut it off?? Meaning that the knife was there for her to grab?? But then again, there were supposedly no knifes missing from the house. How do they really know that? How many guys keep track of knives?

  18. Den says:

    Someone on another thread thought she may have attacked him just right outside the shower door, which would explain all the pooling of blood there and the spray on the mirror. He was annoyed that she was still there, he starts to dry his hair with a towel. That is when she started on him. Makes sense to me now.

    Psychologically or physically, the attack starts while he is in the shower. The last pic of him he is aware of her presence.

    It is my personal belief it started by Travis flinging open the shower door intentionally to knock her over. I believe she is holding a gun on him at this point.


  19. den says:

    There is one more photo in the sequence prior to the front face pic that I have seen. It is posted on another site. He looks like he just heard something, because his head is to the side like he is listening to a sound. I now believe he did think she left and got into the shower. She came back and surprised him.

    What gets me is when he is sitting in the shower. Did she have a gun on him at that point? Why would he just sit down? The ME believes she stabbed in first. He threw up in the sink due to the stab wound to the heart.

    It is going to be important for the prosecution to prove she stabbed him first causing him undo pain. If the defense can prove when she shot him first, they hope to avoid the death penalty.

  20. @den
    Are you reading other comments and responses to yours, lol?

  21. den says:

    Christina – I cannot see the responses! Course, I feel like a rambling idiot trying to figure out how she did kill him. I am shocked JM did not call in experts related to her being body slammed, and the trajectory of the bullet. She is so short. He had to be bent over for the bullet to enter at that angle.

    He did not have to be bent over, but she did have to be above him, that is true. For comments click on newer or older as the screen only holds 20 at a time. My responses are in bold.

    LOL, no more rambling than the rest of us.

  22. den says:

    B – I don’t think he threw the door to knock her down. He was sitting down and the door was open. She said she was down on her knees. How could he get out, get past her to stand up, and then body slam her?

    She is the most amazing liar I have ever seen on the witness stand.

    The door was definitely not open in that pic.

  23. den says:

    I think it would have been more effective if JM would have used dummy enactments to work that shower scene attack with her running down the hallway. If she shot him in the hall, how did all the blood happen at the sink? I bet that tile floor was just covered in blood. She may have hit her her head. Could be a partial truth. Did she fall when she was stabbing him?

  24. den says:

    B- tell me why you think the door was not open? If you look at the lower edge (near the floor), there is the metal part that is exposed to the camera. The shower was probably turned off at that point, since the last photo of his face shows water drops running down the glass. I also believe he was standing when that photo was taken.

    Let me know your thoughts. This is driving me crazy!!!

  25. den says:

    B- if she was above him, it means he had to be below her. Do you think she got him when he was drying his hair with a towel? Someone on another post thought that was when it started. It would make sense. He was at the sink, his head was lowered and she shot him there. The blood on the floor in front of the shower happened when she shoved him in after slicing his throat. I am sure he still has some left, since there is a small amount after the removal of his body.

    I am SOOOOOoooo confused about how she really started the attack. Not how it ended.

    I am thinking she started with the knife, while he was drying his hair at the sink. He started to fight back. She got him in the back, he tried to get away and grew weak due to the hit to the heart.

    den, I have answered this several times my friend, asking that you review the hundreds of posts on this thread alone please.

    I also believe she shot him in the end. THe bullet entered above is right eyebrow, and projected down to the cheek area. It would make sense to me. His body was found with his face to the right and it was lowered.

    Just my thoughts.

  26. den says:

    OK..the door is OPEN when he is sitting down. You can see the glass on the left on mydeathspace site. I tried to post if for you, but I can’t.

  27. den says:

    Please post photo of him sitting on the floor, so you can see what I am seeing. Look to the left. The door glass is there in the lower left. There is no shine to the image as in the other shots.

    Oh what I could do being a PI! lol

    Well, respectfully you would probably need to master posting a link, if you would not mind.

  28. den says:

    OK..There are two photos of Travis sitting in the shower. One is a a cropped shot of him, where you can not see his feet. The other shot is where his feet can be seen. That is the shot I am talking about – the door is open in that shot. He is sitting. At the lower left you can see the glass and the casing which holds the metal rim. The door is definitely open.

    Does anyone else see this?? Also, all his hair stuff was on the sink counter,he was going to fix his hair. I think she got him at the sink or right near it.

    I am disappointed that JM did not call more experts to tear her story apart.

  29. Lindsey says:

    The “tape” you claim to see on his arm and the mark from I you claim to see in the shower is actually NOT tape. There was testimony about a band he wore around his arm, some sort of health device. Arias testified that he wore itallthe time, and it would make sense that if it was electronic, it was removed before taking a shower.

    I am aware that Arias stated it was a calorie counter thingie. It is tape, and I am repeating myself, there is a picture of the duct tape IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CRIME SCENE. Very clearly, duct tape.

  30. kimberly says:

    Really bothering me the last few days about the dog
    where was the dog during all of this
    snd wouldnt he be whining etc afterwards–whats up there

  31. Neil says:

    Arias stabbing Travis while he was drying his hair at the sink makes sense. In photo 5:32:16 PM where Travis is bloody on the floor. It looks very much like he is holding onto a towel after he has just fallen.

  32. Den says:

    The dog, according to mydeathspace is well. He is old now and blind in one eye. One of Travis’ friends took him in – I saw photos. Sweet little guy.

  33. Den says:

    And, there was a gate posted on the stairs. Apparently Napoleon was downstairs. I read that from the Flores investigative report. He is alive and Travis’ friend took him. He looks very well loved to me.

    Den- please read earlier posts. We appreciate the participation, but from experience I can tell you regular readers and contributors will respond to same

  34. Den says:

    I am confused about capital murder v felony murder. What is the difference in this case pertaining to the years in prison and death penalty. Thank you for clarifying it for me.

    Testing 1, 2

  35. Den says:

    I wanted to respond to an earlier post, in which someone mentioned when Arias was arrested, there was a gun. She did indeed have a gun. She bought it after killing Travis. Claimed she needed one because she had planned to go camping with a group of guys, and did not feel it would be safe. So much out there.

    I really am not so sure she used the gun first. After all, in my mind, I am thinking it would be used as a last resort since she understood how most killings go down with evidence. And, the fact there was a same size caliber stolen from her gparent’s home, makes me think that she really did not want to use it.

    I guess we will never really know.

  36. Den says:

    Hi Blink – I just read where Kimberly made a post on March 5, asking about the dog. I am sorry. I did know the dog was not harmed.

    Thank you, I have read it all now and have a much better understanding of the case. With the exception of why Arias believes she will not be convicted.

    Appreciate it Den!

  37. rene ortega says:

    Where did the bullet enter Travis’ head?

  38. Paula says:

    If you look at the photos of the shower scene sequence. You clearly see that she staged a scene right out of Psycho. She wanted him killed in the shower, that’s why she dragged him back into the shower stall. In the photo sequence you’ll see a surprised Travis, I think that’s when she first stabs him. The next two photo’s one taken with a flash you see the hurt, shocked and scared Travis trying to hold the glass door shut against her gaining entry to hurt him again. The next photo shows him crumpled on the shower floor. This was a hard blow she delived there, probably the one to his heart. There would have been very little blood at this point because it was all internal and thus not showing in the photo. Travis somehow managed to get himself out of the shower as his life was draining away. She may have let him leave momentarily. He coughs up blood over the sink, she attacks him in a frenzy again from behind(head and back). You can see from the way the strikes were coming it was from someone who was left handed, which she was. He gets as far as the entrance to the bedroom (where a big pool of blood was found) when she reaches from behind and almost severs his head. She then drags him off back to the shower with the camera (which is around her neck) that is going off and taking those random shots. She delivers the final blow; the gun shot to the had before stuffing him into the shower to complete her Psycho themed shower murder. She probably then takes a shower with the deceased to wash off the torrents of blood that must have been on her and does the rest of her clean up of the scene. This was premeditated murder in the extreme. She planned to murder Travis before she even showed up. She set up her alibi to meet with the next guy before she went to see Travis. She had the gas canisters to destroy evidence out in the desert. She is a very conniving psychopath who deserves the death penalty. Do not believe a word she says.

  39. Tami Bancroft says:

    Juan Martinez is doing an awesome job, I agree with what he is doing. I am Feeling sorry for Jody especially when she cries, manipulative. I do not like the idea Jody is making Travis looking like the abusive one, Jody is the one that butchered him. I feel bad for Aries’s family as well as for Travis’s family.
    I do see where Jody is an abused woman.

  40. Tami Bancroft says:

    Oops I mean Jody is not an abused woman.

  41. T. Bollin says:

    has anyone ever heard about what happened to the people that robbed Travis at gunpoint in that restraint and they took his cell phone, Travis ended up calling the cell phone and speaking with the actual robber? but that is all you read, no follow up… were they caught..did he get his phone back??/


  42. T. Bollin says:

    the people had to have his info if they had his phone just think it strange that no one has followed up on the incident since therobbers held gun to his head and all?

  43. T. Bollin says:

    Heh? google the story about Travis and his friend(in California,i think) at a restraint; they and entire restraint were robbed at gunpoint and the gunman actually held a gun to Travis’s head ended up taking his cell phone, and I believe it was said that travis actually called the robber after the ordeal was over on his cellphone and tried to negotiate getting his phone back…and that is all that is said about it that I can find, nothing on whether they were caught, but my point is that if they were not caught; well they would have his info, address, etc from his cell phone info

  44. T. Bollin says:

    has nobody else heard of the story about the robbery? its weird no one is commenting on it?

    Because you have not provided a link to it’s content. Otherwise- just a rumor.


  45. T. Bollin says:

    “About 30 people disappeared under the tables for cover and Travis and I had no room to go anywhere so we went to the other side of the partition. The gunman saw me go under the table but apparently Travis couldn’t get around in time so the gunman forced him down to the ground, he was about 3 feet in front of me, and the gunman put the gun to his temple,” said Tolman, who has known Alexander since he was a teenager, and says he couldn’t have been prouder of him if he was his own son.

  46. T. Bollin says:

    Tolman told Nancy Grace producers that the gunman demanded Alexander’s wallet, but since he didn’t have one, Travis gave the gunman his cell phone instead. After the robbers left, Alexander then called his cell phone and negotiated with the thief to try and get him to give it back.

    “Before the police arrived, he borrowed someone else’s phone and called his own phone. He had a conversation with the perpetrator trying to negotiate the return of his phone. When he did this I was amazed! The guy stayed on the phone with Travis for five minutes.”

  47. T. Bollin says:

    I think it weird that it has never been followed up on? were they caught? did he get his phone back? he was on phone for more than 5 minutes talking to the gunman?

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