Jodi Arias Trial: New Witnesses May Reveal Defense Strategy- Prosecution Omissions



Phoenix, AZ-  In a terse exchange prior to the hiatus in the Arias trial, the defense repeated their contention that they want The Honorable Sherry Stephens to order a directed verdict or a mistrial in the State’s case against Jodi Arias.

Arias self color

As reported exclusively by BOC it does seem the prosecution missed quite a bit of potential evidence including a possible motive- the duct tape around Travis’s right arm.  Was it the final straw that made Jodi Arias snap as she was allegedly taking photos of Travis in the shower without his knowledge?

There was also an exparte hearing held in Judge Stephen’s chambers, however, the contents of those minutes have not yet been filed- although the docket suggests they have.  The defense is now testing Jodi Arias’s canon camera for some undisclosed reason.

With the defense preparing to start its case next week in spite of the outstanding motions before the court- have the prosecution’s actions harmed their case?

The issue at the forefront seems to hinge on something that the prosecution never introduced- On Purpose, says Prosecutor Juan Martinez.

The prosecution’s very first witness, Maria Hall, who was the female friend attending the Cancun trip with Alexander  on June 10th,  told the court that Travis told her he had been stalked while on a date with another girl and had his tires slashed.   The intimation before the court was clear regardless of the defense attempts to point out that Travis never said it was Jodi who was responsible.

Nancy Grace and Jane Velez Mitchell lit up their HLN evening roster discussing Arias’s stalker behavior with several associates of Alexander.  Dr. Karl  Hiatt said one Sunday he was told that he had his tires slashed and that it was possible that something might escalate and he may not show up for dinner as a result.

Andrews Daidone


Outside the presence of the jury Juan Martinez argued that they did not call the witness who Travis was on that particular date with because he did not want to create “an inflammatory” situation for the jury causing an appellate issue.

However,  Martinez also lets it slip that Lisa Andrews Daidone does not want to testify and the defense tells the judge the prosecution has withheld her contact information from them and THEY intend to call her.  Daidone recently deleted her FB profile and other social media sites in her name.

Does it make any sense to anyone why a prosecutor would not call a witness who could place a dangerous weapon in the hands of a person committing a destructive and openly violent act who they allege is guilty of doing exactly that for exactly the same reasons in the instant case?

From Daidone’s bog entry in 2008:

 ”…So because Heavenly Father allowed this to happen, I have grown in such a way that I couldn’t have otherwise, or at least not as quickly. While if you asked me a few months from now if I could go back would I change it, I would say “Absolutely,” I’m not sure how much I would actually change about it. Of course I wouldn’t want Travis to be taken. I might even opt for Jodi to be popped instead. But who am I to decide the fate of the hundreds of people that have been effected by this? It’s hard

to say which way is better. Travis always talked about Opportunity Cost. He spoke of how his time could be used best, to benefit the maximum amount of people. I’m sure he wishes he could have done more while he was here, but I don’t think he regrets leaving. He is doing something amazing up in the Spirit World. I know it. I can feel it. He is continuing to learn and progress. He’s helping others to do the same. He is the same wonderful, creative, spontaneous, caring, gentle, driven, foe- paint-loving, show-tune-singing man that I fell in love with…”

Is it because in the 48 Hours Mystery program so frequently noted by the defense Detective Flores openly states there was no evidence whatsoever that Jodi was involved in that incident  after he repeats his theory that Travis was shot first?  Both these statements made by the lead detective in the case on national television  directly conflict with the prosecution’s case as testified by Esteban Flores.


Is it because they already know who was responsible for the multiple tire slashing incidents and presenting that information might corroborate a story told to them by Arias in the past?

In her own words, Lisa Andrews Daidone began dating Travis Alexander in July 2007.  According to the minutes filed from trial January 16th,  the tire slashing incident was in December 2007, both Alexander and Andrew’s tires were slashed and the individual came to the front door .  Martinez states Andrews will testify to these facts.   Prior to dating Alexander,  Daidone was dating a common friend and member of their Mormon ward- Steve Bell.  Arias claims she and Travis began dating  February 2,  2007.

Daidone will not go into how she and Travis began dating, or why, but there is a  Steve Bell connected to this group that has had some serious troubles with the law immediately preceding the break up, and many following.

Could the mystery stalker have been on her end and NOT Arias?  If so, you can bet the defense will be bringing that issue into court next week and providing the jury with this eye opening gem- expected to cause further problems with the State’s theory.

That’s not all, unfortunately.

Thomas Brown

Thomas Brown, a former roommate of Travis Alexander in the home of his murder, was interviewed up to three times by Detective Flores whereby he told them that Jodi had open access to the home when he was around and the Arias he knew was completely shy and somewhat awkwardly withdrawn.  He was having a hard time picturing her do this without help and he told cops that.

He also told them something about Travis being shocked to get the call that Jodi Arias was standing outside the home the early morning hours of June 4, 2008 and that he had been up all night performing some sort of protection rite.   Brown’s information was not included in any information given to the defense and he was not even aware his name came up in the investigation by Jodi Arias herself.  I would expect that issue to surface promptly as well.

Gus Searcy,  $100K ring earner for Prepaid Legal Services and now Legal Shield was noticed to be available this week for interview.  Travis was scheduled to be on the conference call with Searcy at 6:45PM the evening of his murder.

Gus Searcy Calendar

Artful  Dodging

While the trial is in hiatus, one are of Jodi Arias’s life is quite active and well, pecuniary.

Arias, through her family, has taken to EBay to sell her personally rendered offerings the macabre set is snatching up for a few hundred clams a piece during the trial.

It is believed to be managed by Arias’s mother Sandy,  who uploaded images to Arias’s MySpace after her incarceration to include one of Gary Alexander- Travis’s older brother.

Gary Alexander

The defense portion of the Jodi Arias trial for the murder of Travis Alexander led by Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott will begin its case January 29th.

Check back to for updates.

Jacqueline Beaufort, contributing editor

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    How many times now is it that a boyfriend “spun me around”? Wonder where that is coming from?

  2. Rose says:

    thank you so much to those with TVs who recap here.
    there are 2 ways to look at this. I vote for pammy’s:
    “.. when her sexual manipulation didn’t hook him, she killed him.”
    Or, the defense side that abused women often don’t walk away.
    I don’t read here that expert testimony has been put on, or that she had
    been confined by him. While she strikes me as a Borderline PD, her
    deed is so much worse. Which makes me wonder if there was an underlying psychosis
    now improved by high external structure. .

  3. Patricia says:

    I sure hope the prosecution can make a perfectly clear point of the fact that two adults having sex is NOT illegal. And, frankly, if Travis had gone bat*hit crazy at bludgeoned her and slit her throat just to make her PLEASE SHUT UP AND JUST GO AWAY, I wouldn’t have blamed him. Seriously did you ever meet someone that just makes you beam out when they start talking? That’s what she does to me. I hope the jurors are listening.

    Sometimes I think life in prison is a harsher punishment than the death penalty. Either would work for me in this case. Praying for a conviction.

  4. Jane says:

    “Skank”, “Porn Star”, “Used TP”…what a disgusting woman. If she were treated that badly by Travis wth did she keep coming back for more. I can’t believe the defense would stoop so low. Poor Travis. I don’t know the young man but am so offended at the way he’s being portrayed. Gag a maggot – I sure hope this jury is paying attention and hasn’t forgotten what this trial is all about.

  5. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Well maybe tomorrow she will run out of her story. Will she tell about the event that triggered the attack? Will it be at all believeable?

    I think this entire line has been rehearsed so that Jodi can spout it in her sleep. After all she has spent four years in jail with nothing other to do than to build a story of a poor little girl that has been mistreated all her life by everyone beginning with her parents and every man she set her sights on.

    Will the defense rest at the end of her story or will they continue with expert witnesses?

  6. Twitch says:

    You have no problem disappointing Travis by not sending him naked pics but you don’t want to disappoint him by refusing sex….said no one ever….oh wait Jodi did!!!

    At this point her delusions would be laughable if it weren’t such a horrid tragic sad situation that ended in a human getting butchered.

    I don’t know how either family can stomach being in her physical presence and listen to her pathetic attempt at portraying this situation in this blase’ manner day in and day out…they are far more resilient than I could ever be.

  7. Sammy says:

    Hope this is OK to post here at BOC.
    Blink … Please feel free to not post this if you don’t feel it’s appropriate on your home.

    After swearing off following trial watching following the disaster of the Pinellas 12 … I’ve found myself sucked into this trial, and am reading at several sites to get a feel for how others think the trial is going.

    There are (2) people that have been attending the trial regularly.
    They describe the jury of (18) people (12 + 6 alternates) … 11 are male. A few men in their 20′s, but most men older.
    Most jurors do not seem to be taking notes at all during JA’s lengthy testimony. (3) female jurors taking periodic notes.

    Comments were made that the jurors don’t seem to be looking towards JA at all. So even though JA has rehearsed her must remember to ‘swivel chair towards jury when answering Nurmi’s question’ … The jury is NOT looking back at her.
    They look at Nurmi’s as he asks questions, but then they usually stare straight ahead when JA is answering questions.
    At one point today, Nurmi’s said something like ‘let’s back-up and go over again what you were saying’ … many on the jury looked kind of exasperated that JA is recounting every detail of her life back to band camp.
    Described as looking bored much of the time.

    Trying not to read any tea leaves … Juries are so unpredictable.
    Hoping the jury is wondering along with many of us … WTH does any of JA’s inane minutiae have to do with why she claims self defense when she shot, stabbed Travis (29) times, and sliced his throat ear-to-ear.
    Her robotic, rehearsed, and matter of fact demeanor is just unbearable to watch.
    She sure is able to quote exact dates, times, details to Nurmi’s questions.
    I’m expecting she’ll claim amnesia when Juan gets his turn for cross exam – suddenly everything will be a blur of ‘I don’t remember’.

  8. Malty says:

    When the jury was out she took off those ugly glasses
    Actually once you get use to her story telling it seems real fake
    She feels like used toilet paper but does not tell Travis because he might feel bad
    And so it goes
    They are leaving her on the stand to long It seems more like lies as time goes by for me

  9. Twitch says:

    Laptop belonging to expert witness in Arias trial stolen
    Feb 6, 2013 5:14 p.m.

    This doesn’t look good..not one to believe in coincidence most of the time, I certainly hope this was a random burglary and truly unrelated to the trial. There’s no mention if anything else was taken.

    Thoughts? How much damage could this potentially cause for the prosecution ?

  10. Mom3.0 says:

    Jodi met her 1st boyfriend who was older at the age of 15 she dated him for a while and then went abroad while there – she met another boy and dated him

    She never stopped caring for the first boy and she carried on a long distance relationship with boy # 2 whom she loved too

    It happens.

    She was young and dumb and then he thought it was better to go with boy #1 and lived with him for quite sometime-

    Like with most young relationships this one was not destined to last-

    But Jodi was the young girl in this relationship the boy was older-

    She then began a relationship with boy # 1 friend-only after much turmoil with boy #1

    It happens

    it doesnt mean she was a slut or a skank anymore than it means he was an ass or a backstabber.
    Even after they were no longer a couple she cont to have feelings for him and helped him get a job-

    This is not any different than thousands of others-
    She then met a man thru work whom she dated for 4 YEARS-

    Then she met Travis- and thought she may actually have a chance at a future with kids and marriage and yes with money

    How many here can claim they never had the same dreams and hopes for the future?

    That history to me does not = her being part of the “hook up”generation-

    If Jodi Arias is telling the truth– she had a total of 5 Relationships from the age of 15 to the age of 28

    A Slut that does not make. I dont care if she had 100 it doesnt make it right for anyone to call her a slut or a skank

    and she certainly shouldnt be called that by someone who is intimate with her

    What if Jodi Arias was your daughter your sister your niece?

    Talking like this about her is sending the wrong ideas to our sons and to our daughters.
    It is NOT okay to treat one another this way it is NOT okay to use someone and treat them as less than a human being -when you are through- it is not okay

    So she was a young woman who had sex and who mistakenly thought that having sex meant that this would bring her closer to her partner not further away from them-

    How many have felt the same throughout their lives?

    So she went along with certain actions or requests at the beseeching of her partner- things that may have made her feel uncomfortable-

    Is this so farfetched an idea?-

    She could have left she could have said no- she could have walked away?- true- but so could have Travis- and yet he didnt he was willingly having sexual relations with Jodi and he was doing it dirty handedly while dating other women-he probably was just as confused as she

    I understand everyones anger toward her- and I understand the hatred I share it She is a killer

    But do we really have to paint her as a slut or a skank or wish she was dead or that Travis would have killed her to shut her up?

    What kind of message is that to share with our sons and daughters?

    IDK I just think we can be better advocates for all victims like those victims of rape if we dont resort to this talk

    I mean arent we sending the message to all women that if you have a sexual past you are a slut? If you agreed to such and such you are a slut? That you are just asking for it- wanted it? invited it? enjoyed it? if you stayed you deserve what you get?

    She is a killer – she is worthy of our disdain and Travis is worthy of our advocacy without the disparaging remarks on her sex life.

    Getting off the soap box and returning you to your regularly scheduled programming-


  11. Jden says:

    Arias’ memory for dates and details is waning as we near the killing date. Big time.
    Arias scares me… and she’s just on my iPad!
    Bad call on the clasped hand jury meet & greet. It’s scripted and that alone makes me want to vomit.
    Bad call on the black hair, greasey bangs and glasses. Way too stark. I can see much more of the evil in her eyes in the glasses. She should have colored her hair a soft blonde and worn it straight, clean and pulled off her face, no glasses and gone for a feminine suit. Even if she wore the same suit every day! But never black on a black widow. Everyone knows that! Whereever is she getting the snarky clothes? Really? Her attorneys would do well to better advise her.
    As for skank… we all have desires and fantasies but if a man ever approached me… in the first week of meeting… with something unorthodox that I didn’t feel comfortable doing I would be like, ummm we need to talk. Or, how about buh bye now. Respect is earned.

  12. Pammy says:

    I never thought I could hate someone as much as the Anthony Creature, but Jodi Arias is now right up there with her. Poor Travis is being slaughtered again by her. It is so unfair that she can get up there and malign that poor man and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Travis can’t defend himself (again).

  13. Mom3.0 says:

    oh last thing I wanted to say and then I will shut up-

    The kind of juror that might have started feeling sympathy for Jodi is the same type that probably lost all that sympathy the minute Jodi started retelling the story of the overly drunk woman in the lobby.

    How can someone feel sorry for Jodi when she does not care about another person enough to even muster some pity?

    The whole lobby was laughing at this woman and she was obviously in no condition to be wandering alone- Did Jodi, as a “victim” think to call staff for assistance? Certainly she would have handled just such a situation in her job at least once right? She would have known to discreetly call someone to deal with the situation before it got out of hand?
    But no Jodi’s first thought was to whip out her cell phone and record so she could laugh some more later –
    Then she thought nothing more about her until the drunken underdressed pretty woman fell into Travis’ arms and pressed her bosom against him..

    Yeah this story did not go over with any kindhearted juror who Jodi may have been getting thru to IMO

    Little cracks of the real Jodi seem to peer thru and these shine light on her true character.


  14. Cadillac says:

    Oh lawdy, now she bringing Bill Clinton into the trial…


  15. Jeff D says:

    It seems entirely possible she internalizes her emotions to such a degree that she fantasized about that knife attack many weeks/months prior to it occuring…she had so much resentment and anger, warranted or not, that she found herself capable of that onslaught. The decision had been made for some time….all she needed was a trigger…and somehow that day she found one.

    Further, she not only began hacking at this young man months ago…she continues to do so…she seems to relish the retelling to date…and likely cannot wait to describe the details of how she disabled…then tortured Travis while he was unable to fully defend himself…I can see her following a disoriented Travis down that hall hacking at his back and bitching all the way…and even now she is wailing away…

  16. lizzy says:

    Mom3.0 says:
    February 7, 2013 at 3:32 am

    Absolutely agree. Only reason that I’m not posting a defense of her is that I don’t want it to be misconstrued as supporting the self-defense claim. You expressed my perspective very well.

  17. Jeff D says:

    months ago should be years ago…fwiw

  18. Joan T. says:

    Travis’ friends say he loved making people laugh. He was playful and fun. A lot of them talk about going to movie nights at his house.

    There is a scene in the movie “Charlie’s Angels” where Cameron Diaz wakes up in the morning and she’s wearing a t-shirt and boys Spiderman underpants. She dances around her bedroom and it’s cute, funny, and sexy. After that movie came out, Target stores carried those underpants in women’s sizes, but they were styled to look like boys underpants. They also carried them with Batman and Superman.

    Jodi talked about Travis giving her a pair of boy spiderman underpants for Valentine’s day and we all know where she’s taking this and what she’s implying. I hope the prosecution brings up the Cameron Diaz scene in the movie. No doubt Travis saw that movie or at least a clip from it.,,20609151_20627235_21208576,00.html

    Also, one of the alleged Travis letters mentions boy shorts, but boy shorts are just a style of women’s underwear that were really very popular at the time.

  19. susanm says:

    this girl is a legend in her own mind ,she reminds me of sybil ,or 3 faces of eve. i keep thinking Jo Arias is shy girl -wanted a verbal confrontion,Di Arias is the hottie-wanted sexual revenge ,and Ari Arias -the killer-cameout ,cuz she couldnt succeed at getting her power back from a douchebag..but i think she’s crazy like a fox . is the cross examiner going to be able to bring out her anger ,while she’s on the stand?

  20. mayhem says:

    I’m a bit confused by the drawn-out defense questioning. I see that they’re trying to elicit sympathy from the jury that she was the girlfriend in hiding, and oh my how tragic that must have been for her to realize he wasn’t serious about her, etc. BUT, what really is the defense trying to do? Are they doing nothing but trying to keep her from lethal injection?

    Because all I’ve seen up until this point is a recreation of a murderer’s slow build-up to a boiling rage. This would make a great episode of Snapped. There are no stories of Travis getting violent with her or threatening her in any way. So where is this going, if not to just save her from the death penalty?

    IMO, if they’re trying for a hung jury, the defense would have to start showing evidence that she feared him in some way…not that she’s just saddened by some of the things he’s said and done.

  21. jden says:

    This gentleman, Paul, states he met Arias in 2008 at a bar/grill restaurant which she frequented for computer usage. He described Arias, “Her eye beams really never meet your eyes and she’s very coy and engimatic, articulate…”

    Apparently, Arias approached Paul on June 3, we know as the day before Travis was killed. She was frantic, asking to borrow money, stating that she had to go back and see Travis because he was seeing other people. He lent her the money, which she subsequently repaid.

    “You know more about Jodi by what she doesn’t say… she was on her computer constantly and she kept a journal.”

    Cooley’s Looking Glass Self:
    Sociologist Charles Cooley is best known for his concept of “looking-glass self”, the theory that self-image is formed largely by the messages we get from others, and an individual’s interpretation of those messages. The three components to Cooley’s looking glass self are (1) envisioning how one’s self appears to others, (2) imagining what others must think of one’s appearance, and (3) developing self-feeling, such as pride or shame, from one’s understanding of these perceived judgments by others. He was a founder of the American Sociological Association, in 1905. Cooley’s father, Michigan Supreme Court Judge Thomas M. Cooley, is the namesake of Michigan’s Thomas M. Cooley Law School.

  22. jden says:

    Apparently Travis told his friend Taylor Searle that Arias was “super aggressive, super addicted to sex and super sex crazed.”

    “It seems like she’s taking alot of liberty with the things that can’t be proven or disproven and telling the stories she wants to tell.”
    Taylor believes the truth will be found out once Arias is asked unrehearsed and unprompted questions, that at that time her lies will be exposed.
    Keep talking, Jodi. Your defenses are breaking down. It’s obvious that you now think the members of the jury are your friends. You’re smiling when you speak about oral sex with Travis. Keep talking.

    My dad used to say, tell the truth… there’s nothing to remember.
    Soon, her switch will be pulled.

  23. rscott says:

    Jodi Arias could remember unbelievable details about mundane incidents from more than a decade ago but she couldn’t remember the first time she had sex (not the Bill Clinton version– couldn’t believe she went there) with Travis. It was “Ahh, May, or maybe April. I don’t know but it was in the Spring.” We’ll see if this “remarkably unbelievable” memory holds up during cross when she gets to tell us how she butchered Travis.

    Even from her own account, Travis was NOT that into her. She knew it and says as much. But she CHOSE to latch on. I believe her conversion to mormonism was an attempt to win Travis over. So was using her body. But it wasn’t enough. She says she felt used but kept going back for more. She wasn’t forced, coerced or threatened. Jodi chose to keep hopeless hope alive and when she realized it was never going to be, murder is what she chose for him. She had to drive thousands of miles to seduce and then butcher Travis. The sexual rendevous was a sick and vengeful prelude to murder. There was no crime of passion or self defense. No snapping. just calculated, cold blooded murder. I guess she felt too good of a woman to go home and nurse her broken heart and bruised ego.

    Jodi, the cool cucumber talks like she’s in a casual coffee shop tete-a-tete. I think she’s very proud of herself and completely remorseless. She’s a cold blooded killer. Travis had a much, much, much worse childhood than the one she has concorted for herself…he’s dead and she gets to be the “victim”! I hope this jury can see through all this BS!

  24. SOTT says:


    Are both of the comments below unacceptable ?

    SOTT says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    February 6, 2013 at 5:42 pm

    SOTT says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    February 6, 2013 at 6:08 pm

    No, that is weird because I know I approved them- on occasion if I am doing so on the droid and I get a spot from 4G to 3G it will do that, thanks for letting me know, I appolly.


  25. lyla says:

    “susanm says:
    February 7, 2013 at 1:04 pm
    this girl is a legend in her own mind ,she reminds me of sybil ,or 3 faces of eve. i keep thinking Jo Arias is shy girl -wanted a verbal confrontion,Di Arias is the hottie-wanted sexual revenge ,and Ari Arias -the killer-cameout ,cuz she couldnt succeed at getting her power back from a douchebag..but i think she’s crazy like a fox . is the cross examiner going to be able to bring out her anger ,while she’s on the stand?”
    I do believe. She looked a litte antsy on the stand yesterday. Is she dreading what’s coming on cross? Will she show her true colors? We shall see….

  26. Joan T. says:

    I really don’t believe all she’s saying about Travis and I still don’t get why she killed him.

    I’m beginning to think there’s truth to what Martinez said in opening, that he was a good man, and she killed him because he was a good man. What was it about him that enraged her enough to kill him? Travis enraged her, and the reason is probably similar to why Austin Sigg chose Jessica R. She was pure. She had God’s grace throughout.

  27. TheTribeWM says:

    @ sunshine12 says:
    February 6, 2013 at 2:39 pm

    ugh this is nauseating. i guess now i’m worried that a juror or two might have a similar relationship in their past as the one jodi is describing as having with travis (even though we all know she is lying through her teeth!) i just pray to god the jury sees this monster for the evil, conniving, murderer that she is and that we don’t have to hear nancy grace’s words “the devil is dancing tonight” again.


    I have had more than one similar relationship. While it is hard for me to say now, years later, I have had relationships wherein I have permitted things to happen, without stopping them, because I believed that it was what the guy I was with wanted. I tell you that to say this: Her testimony from yesterday really does resonate with me. I have been there. There are MANY guys out there that match her testimony of TA and do so without anyone else around knowing. BUT–and this is important, because it assumes she is telling the truth, even though I do not think she is. Here’s the problem. I take responsibility for that. Whether I did it because I wanted to or because I thought it was what “he” wanted….the bottom line is that I (underline underline) did it. For that reason, I don’t think you should worry about jurors who may connect with her story. The problem is that the ending to her story is not even close to the ending in many, many, many, many stories that are similar.

  28. Joan T. says:


    Thanks for responding to my comment. I think you’re right that there may be jurors who sympathize with her or have mercy on her for broad reasons, as you said, what might have been without forgetting what might have been for Travis. It occurred to me that the jurors were probably asked if they’re for the death penalty before they were even picked though.

    I think the part of the reason the defense put her on the stand was to humanize her a bit. I guess jurors would have a more difficult time going for the death penalty for someone they feel they “know” even if they hate what she did. It’ll be interesting to see what Martinez brings out. If he brings out the demons in her, makes her look like the devil incarnate on the stand it might change the outcome.

    Personally, I don’t care how clear it becomes that she wasn’t abused, that she did this out of pure narcissistic rage, I wouldn’t want the death penalty, because I just think it’s wrong except in very special circumstances. But I probably wouldn’t have been picked as a juror because of that.

    I wonder if the juror questionnaires are public info. I remember in the OJ case all sorts of information came out in the press about the jurors. I’d love to know how many of them answered they wouldn’t have a problem with the death penalty.

  29. Joan T. says:

    Jodi wanted emotional intimacy with Travis, and okay, maybe there are reasons that she went along with the sex like that. Plus then her being hit and shoved by her parents like that I’m sure added to it. What I’m taking issue with her is what she said right at the end of the day yesterday. About the Valentine’s Day gift. The Spiderman underpants. We know where she’s going with this. She’s going to make Travis out to be a pedophile. I don’t know if you read my post about Cameron Diaz wearing Spidie underwear in the Charlie’s Angels movie. It was a smutty movie but that particular scene was cute and where else would Travis have gotten the idea? They MUST have seen that scene in the movie and probably joked about it. At this point, I think she’s out and out misleading people. Lying.

  30. Survivor says:

    @ SOTT says:

    February 6, 2013 at 5:42 pm

    Futureman says:
    February 6, 2013 at 4:17 pm
    Defense strategy: have your client dress up as Andrea Yates. Brilliant.

    I was having thoughts about the defense strategy today as well….
    Defense Strategy: Filibuster

    That is EXACTLY what I was thinking last night!

    Just put the trial on hold while she bores everyone to death and they go away. Surely the judge is going to push this along at some point?

  31. Classygal says:

    I must say……… her testimony resonates with me as well. She APPEARS to be honest. I’m hoping that the prosecution blows her out of the water if indeed she is lying. Having said that…….. being used does NOT constitute a brutal slaying. There are consequences for behavior and she must pay for what she did. She could have walked away but chose not to. She had other open arms to run to. It almost seems as though she chose Travis to pay for all the offenses caused to her for her entire life.

  32. lyla says:

    @Joan T. says:
    February 7, 2013 at 6:37 pm
    “I really don’t believe all she’s saying about Travis and I still don’t get why she killed him.

    (snipped) “What was it about him that enraged her enough to kill him? Travis enraged her, and the reason is probably similar to why Austin Sigg chose Jessica R. She was pure. She had God’s grace throughout.”
    Pure jealousy.

  33. Löni says:

    Hello Blink. I have for myself to admit for all stories that came out that it is most as likely that Travis made wrong choices and did not behave correctly toward JA. I feel very sad for him and for his family because he did not deserve to be killed for that. He played with fire, he played with the wrong person. I do not think JA lies in all stories. She may paint it worst but i think that she truely intent to explain how she felt. For me she lies and lied much about the selfdefense theory as for that it was not premeditated. I could not watch much of her on the stand because of her and her attorneys behavior but i saw her to be more serious on wednesday as i watched a part of the trial . I think her attorney is doing at least a good job even if i first did not understand why he got in all little details and all graphic details of their relationship wich was for me very disrespectful for Travis family. But i understand now where he is going and i hope the jurors won ‘t let this woman walk free.

    well said.

  34. Löni says:

    I hope also that mr. Martinez will do a better Job at cross examination i hope he also has a really plan as to where he will go and that the jurors may recognise that JA is guilty in the sense of the indictment and still may represent a potential danger for the community.

  35. Survivor says:

    Is there not a female prosecutor that can do the cross? JA is too comfortable with men. She thinks she can use her assets to get the upper hand. It seems that her being questioned by a woman would keep her from being quite so comfortable in the witness chair and might just be able to draw out some of the emotion the jury needs to see from her.


  36. Jane says:

    OMG…I think I rather be convicted than be up in that chair talking about my detailed sex life in front of an entire courtroom much less everyone else watching this. I still believe very little of what she says. I feel for Travis’s family. I’d want to jump up and over and just clock her! Sorry…it is just so sickening.

  37. Ragdoll says:

    I’ve been in the hospital since Mon, with the flu…same nite that the defendant took the stand.

    My observations of her testimony are pretty much the same as the majority. I couldn’t believe she was testifying to a grusome killing, she committed (I refuse to call it self defense). Nol telling the spectrum of emotions fem bot brings up for Travis’ family. Listening to her monotone lies must have been pure torture for them.

    Get your flu!

    Prayers to all those affected by the winter storm. Be safe.

  38. Ragdoll says:

    Get your flu SHOT! xo

  39. Jden says:

    Oh, Arias is enjoying her own testimony… her moments of fame. I think her only regret right now is that she can’t don her sex kitten persona. I see in her great satisfaction that Travis was/is all hers and no longer susceptible to the world. In just one way he wanted her and that pleases her now. Without knowing, she is boastful when speaking of his desires for sex with her. I see right through her. I hope the jury does.
    Bring on the cross. I love it when JW pops her head up with that concerned stare.

  40. Christy says:

    I just read the article about the ‘evidentiary (sp?) hearing’.

    This woman is bat shite crazy y’all.
    So NOW TA liked young boys? And wait…he had pictures spread all over the bed?, he was viewing them on his computer?
    And, it’s ok JA, the investigators didn’t find one shred of history on his computers of such things?

    Jesus, this woman is 100% enjoying her time on the stand and the image her defense has given her to portray.

    She could tell you how many ice cubes were in her Iced Latte 8 years ago, but she can’t recall ‘exactly’ how the oral sex started?

    I think I have to walk away for a while on this trial.
    I have to say, I wish to GOD the jury knew half of what the public knows.
    And how TA’s family hasn’t gone postal on her is beyond me.

  41. oneilgirl75 says:

    I am sorry. I do not think that the defense they are trying to use is a smart one. I think everyone, and I think its fair to say EVERYONE has learned from the Cwords trail that they do NOT want this to happen again for one. But for me the main point would be, if a jury were to let her off or even go easy on her because she got spanked and pushed around and felt unsafe in her home so she moved around with men without graduating from high school and then hooked up with an older man who wouldn’t marry her and she met a man that had it all so to speak. He had family, friends, he was “someone” in his world, he had religion, he owned a home and made money. She wanted it. So she thought in her world that if she gave him sex that she could get him and it backfired. She felt used and was pissed. And straight bludgeoned him to death with a knife! Ok hold the fort! Back up! I am an typical Mom of 2 boys that comes from a very similar background. And by similar I mean similar only my home was WAY and I mean WAY more abusive then hers and not as abusive as some. I moved out young. I moved around. I gave up my body to men who didn’t deserve it and got kicked in the teeth when I thought we were headed for wedded bliss. Most of all of them had no interest in that what so ever. So because I chose to make bad choices, call me what you will the answer would be to murder. Well the difference between Jodi and I is that I have a Grandma who prays. She is a chaplain at our local ladies jail here and I knew that all of my choices were in fact MY choices. I never once thought of taking their lives, my own maybe but never theirs. So when we talk about feeling sorry for the Jodi’s of the world to be honest I find it offensive. I think once again its shining light on the wrong side of the story. Had she walked away from Travis and healed herself and then told her story of how she wanted him and he used her then yes, maybe I could see it. I can tell you 15 years later I am married, have 2 children and a business owner with my husband. Those men that didn’t think I was worth it are SINGLE with no family or children. Just sayin! (don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to insult Travis)

  42. Ragdoll says:

    Joan T. says:

    February 7, 2013 at 6:37 pm


    I don’t believe Jodi’s ever experienced the true grace of God, but Travis has. JHMO, but it’s my feeling she’s the sexual deviant and temptress that caused Travis’ to struggle with faith and temptation. He was the one who felt dirty and the shower was a way to wash off the filth, that was Jodi Arias. I also think the Mormon faith was NOT going to be a part of Jodi’s life. It didn’t fit into her plans…walking in faith. She wanted him out of the Mormon church and perhaps that was her biggest nemisis and felt the most jealousy towards.

    I keep thinking of Sky’s statement about Jodi’s inappropriate behaviour w/ Travis while they stayed in their home. She was kissing his neck, biting his ear, etc. He was trying to move away or discourage it, but she wasn’t getting the signal. Grodi Jodi has no sexual boundaries. The sexual issues, are all hers and Travis’ paid for it with his life.

    I also find it interesting that Travis was the 1st b/f to ‘reject’ Jodi (as stated by a close friend of Travis on JVM…yes, I’m giving Lucy another go).

    And…# i think i puked in my mouth #shudders #TMI #make it stop…..

    I’ve never seen a witness enjoy taking the stand AND giving the detailed 411 on her sex life with a lazy smile on her face.

    JMHO …

    Praying for my friends in Connecticut and storm hit area. BE STRONG!

  43. Ragdoll says:

    Found a link of Travis’ friend on JVM (the one who said Jodi never had never been dumped before). He also stated that Travis introduced him to the word ‘nymphomaniac’, when talking about Jodi’s obsessive and aggressive sexual nature:

  44. Word Girl says:

    O’Neil girl, thanks for sharing your story. You touched my heart. Thank God for your Grandma, huh? You never would or could become a JA or CA because you aren’t a sociopath. And Grandma made sure of that!

  45. Malty says:

    I am missing the black hair and ugly glasses
    I hope we can get back to what happened to Travis on Monday
    In my mind at this point Travis must have made the big break from her that night and she lost it
    Even if she had planned to kill I think something set her off to do such a over kill
    Jealousy ? The final insult ?
    What ever she could have stayed away from him
    Anyway I am hoping something moves toward her reason for this soon

  46. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Get well girl. Sorry to learn of your bout with the flu. Get some vitamin C and take 1,000mg a day for a week or more. It will help your body to fight the virus. I take at least 500mg daily and sometimes double it.

    I don’t take flu shots and I have not had the flu since the winter of 1951.

  47. jden says:

    Arias will apparently accuse TA on Monday of lewd acts (masturbating) while looking at pictures of young boys. Arias will testify that there was an escalation of violence and cruel acts leading him to lash out. And, an expert will testify that this moment began a sequence of events culminating in his death.

    If this is true, clearly Travis had some issues. But Arias never walked away despite enumerable opportunities to do so and nothing we have heard would justify a murder.
    If it is untrue, shame on the defense and Arias for despicable accusations.
    Monday will be interesting, to say the least.

  48. pale rider says:

    Twitch says:

    February 7, 2013 at 3:07 am

    Laptop belonging to expert witness in Arias trial stolen
    Feb 6, 2013 5:14 p.m.

    This is pretty suspicious.

    Blink, do you think the closed-door meeting in the judge’s chambers had to do with this robbery?

    I can’t believe the defense would be involved.

    No, it had to do with new evidence that has been allowed in.


  49. Jane says:

    I swear, I seriously don’t see Travis into young boys. I think this temptress sexually excited him. This caused conflict with his religious beliefs. The more he saw JA the less he thought of her. She wasn’t what he was looking for, he knew it was time to move on and find a good woman for marriage. You know, if JA had hacked into Travis’s computer, she could have set him up for many things. I just can’t believe all this is playing out in the courtroom. The prosecutor is going to have to really give the jury a jolt and bring them back around as to exactly why they are there – the brutal murder of Travis Alexander.

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