Ramsey’s Indicted In JonBenet’s Murder In 1999- DA Alex Hunter Refused To Prosecute

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According to a new report exclusive by the Daily Camera- Both John and Patsy Ramsey were indicted by a grand jury in 1999 for child abuse leading to her death- but prosecutor Alex Hunter refused to sign the indictment because he did not feel there was sufficient evidence to secure a prosecution against either parent.


The report lays to the rest years of lingering rumors that although the grand jury which was suspended more than once while hearing the Ramsey case was never polled.

In July 2008 then Boulder District Attorney Mary Lacy, publicly exonerated the Ramsey’s in an open letter after Touch DNA testing proved the suspect in Jon Benet’s assault and murder was an unrelated male whose profile matched DNA in a blood stain within the child’s underwear.

… The match of Male DNA on two separate items of clothing worn by the victim at the time of the murder makes it clear to us that an unknown male handled these items. There is no innocent explanation for its incriminating presence at three sites on these two different items of clothing that JonBenét was wearing at the time of her murder. … To the extent that we may have contributed in any way to the public perception that you might have been involved in this crime, I am deeply sorry. No innocent person should have to endure such an extensive trial in the court of public opinion, especially when public officials have not had sufficient evidence to initiate a trial in a court of law. … We intend in the future to treat you as the victims of this crime, with the sympathy due you because of the horrific loss you suffered. …


In 2001 John and Patsy Ramsey also passed a polygraph examination given by Dr. Ed Gelb  and corroborated via  quality control analysis Cleve Baxter.

Patsy Ramsey died in 2006 after over a decade of battling ovarian cancer.

In his book, The Other Side of Suffering, John Ramsey believes his daughter’s murderer was someone the family came into contact with  either at a Holiday gathering or at a pageant appearance shortly before her murder on Christmas Day.

JonBenet’s murder remains unsolved.

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  1. rose says:

    @erose. wrt ” I think I could make an argument for a theory that someone may have wanted the family to be the prime suspects.” You have. I agree. A perpetrator associated with someone highly resentful of the parent(s)
    seeking to please?

  2. erose says:

    Were any of the prime suspects scouts?

    I don’t know that for sure erose. Good question.

    I re-read Bob Whitson’s book this weekend- “Injustice”. It reads like a dissertation ( I think it mostly is) but when evaluating cases I like that.
    From a profiling perspective, I absolutely believe this offender is a sexual sadist and lays great argument for that- EXCEPT I am salty at the presentation of his key suspect.

  3. meg says:

    Do you know of any credible sites that have written up on this case? Thanks

    Unfortunately, no. Very superficial and mostly from media, no actual investigation.

  4. erose says:

    Rose, Here is where I have a problem with the (my) revenge theory; is it possible that someone that had an axe to grind with the Ramsey’s is also a sexual sadist, or knew one? That just seems highly coincidental. Statistically, it should be one or the other, right?

    It’s kind of like Kyron’s case, though we don’t know his current state, but if someone was out for revenge on Hormans or Youngs, would they sexually assault, or just murder. or just kidnap?

    I can’t wait to get Blink’s take on the pineapple (tea and flashlight), but by her revealing the sadist part of her profile, it seems to negate a revenge motive, or do sadists create revenge motives to self-justify their bad acts. Am I wrong?

    Forgive me erose, there was a reason, lol.

    What I think about the pineapple? It wasnt even fresh damn pineapple it was fruit cocktail. 19 Damn years later and thats sure as Hell not sitting on their table and you can bet your azz it was served at the Whites.

    From Paula Woodwards new book WE HAVE YOUR DAUGHTER

    “…Although BPD DID not seek analysis of the contents of JonBenet’s stomach/intestine until a full 10 months after her autopsy, experts produced a report indicating grapes, grape skins and cherries along with pineapple were found. *These foods are commonly included in most cans of fruit cocktail…”(BPD Report #1-1349)


    I plan to spend my evening calling everyone I have ever argued with about this to tell them I was right, lol.


  5. meg says:

    I didn’t believe because I have been trying to look for a few days now and haven’t been able to find anything.

    @ erose I believe this case is similar to Kyron’s in that the parents did let the offender in. I do think each case is different. Based on what I have read on both I believe in Kyron’s case this was a case of a cover up or that they openly associated with the wrong people. And by “they” at this point I believe it was Kaine’s associates. I believe if you went back to the beginning and examined Kaine with the same scrutiny that Terri was they would have uncovered answers. I honestly don’t believe JBR murder was an exact of revenge or coverup. I think they accidentally let the wrong person in.

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