Missing Lambertville Woman Sarah Majoras Linked To Unsolved 2000 Death Of Friend (UPDATED BODY FOUND)

Posted by BOC Staff | Adam Baker,David Anderson,Sarah Majoras | Wednesday 30 January 2013 6:04 pm

Updated: The body of Sarah Majoras was recovered from the Delaware/Raritan Canal today and is awaiting autopsy with the Medical Examiner


Sarah Majoras was a well known and well liked bartender at the New Hope leather-clad watering hole John & Peters.

While she was not working her barista shift Friday evening into early Saturday morning, Majoras was enjoying a night out with friends there and left her party on foot at about 2AM.


Majoras was last seen crossing the bridge connecting New Hope to Lambertville, presumably headed to her N. Union St apartment.  Surveillance video of Sarah crossing the E. Bridge St walkway over the Delaware River to Lambert Lane has confirmed Majoras made it to the other side at approximately 2:30 am Saturday morning.

Adam Baker, Sarah’s live-in boyfriend, called police at 2PM Saturday to report her missing.  Baker is a moving and relocation business owner with a registered address located 300 feet from John and Peter’s Bar.

Baker is no stranger to missing person’s cases.   In October 2000, a friend of Baker’s on his way to visit with him ended up missing after crossing the very same canal.  David Anderson was recovered 4 days later in the Delaware Canal spillway.  An autopsy of Anderson was inconclusive and the details of the circumstances surrounding his death are scarce.

Hunterdon County Prosecutor Anthony Kearns:

“It’s still an active investigation,” said Kearns. “We’re treating the case like a missing person case at this point.”

Majoras was last seen wearing a green camouflage army jacket, white knit cap, and glasses. She is 5 foot 4 inches tall and weighs 140 pounds.

Anyone with Information about Sarah Majoras is asked to contact the New Hope Police Department or the Lambertville Police.

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  1. Seaking Clarity says:

    Kim this is what has bothered me so much too! I believe the way it was worded was that the phone pinged at 2:30 AM and then the battery died at 4:30. How they could know that is beyond me! Another thing about the timeline I don’t understand is why the phone would be pinging in that area at 2:30. It does not take 15 minutes to get to this spot from where the said she was at 2:15 (crossing into Lambertville from the bridge).

    Which link are y’all discussing please?
    Are we all aware that Sarah’s phone has not been located?

  2. Kim from PA says:

    I read more than one acct that stated Sarah’s cell phone was found on her body. I took that to mean it was in a pocket or purse under her big winter coat. Here is one reference:


    “At this time, all indications are that Sarah’s death was a tragic accident,” he said, adding that all of Majoras’ belongings – wallet, cellphone, keys – were found with her body.

    I need to look for the cell ping info…….I think I read that on the thread early on.

    Cell was not found.

  3. tiberious says:

    Most curious that Sarah’s cell was not found with/near her body. I too was under the impression that the phone was found.

    LE does not seem inclined to correct this error. What, if anything, is to be made of the fact that they are not correcting this error?

    Can it be verified that Sarah had her phone with her that night? Can someone please explain what it means when a phone “pings”? Does it mean she (or whomever) made a call/received call/text message? How can they differentiate between her (or anyone’s) cell batteries dying vs. being powered off? If a cell phone is recharged and then turned back on, does it ping?

    I apologize for the repetitiveness of these questions, but I get the impression that I am not the only one who is a bit confused when it comes to the facts in relation to the cell phone.

    Thank you to everyone for their time and patience.

  4. Kim from PA says:

    Knowing Sarah’s cell was not found changes my thought process about this tragic situation. It is entirely possibly she fell onto the thick part of the ice in the canal, tried to get her phone out to call for help and dropped the phone due to combo of cold fingers, alcohol effecting coordination, adrenaline just from being in a situation like that, etc., got too close to the center/open water and fell in. It is possible.

    This whole time I thought her phone was found on her body with all of her other belongings. At the same time, I read her cell pinged until 0430 in the canal area………..but, the theory floated by LE is she was in the canal shortly after her 0215 trek across the bridge. That didn’t make sense to me because cell phones do not ping under water to my knowledge (Blink will tell me if I’m wrong).

    Her phone could have slid to the edge of the ice….sat there for a while and then either went dead or fell in and sunk at around 0430.

    Poor Sarah.

    The iphone battery is internal, but shorting out from water submersion would be similar to most. What is unique is the GPS apps associated with it. If power is maintained in water, (say if in a case that retards water submersion, or waterproof).

    I am just not going to buy this woman is on that towpath the day after our first snow, following a week of below 20 degrees with a flashlight in her pocket but no phone, which consequently pings longer than is believed she was alive.

    However, this is not proof of anything. If she did fall in, if the phone is in her hand, did it hit the bank and was obscured until it lost power (pretty solid chance this landed in snow or ice or would have been located.)

    Let’s assume that the reason this case remains open is because the evidence is not matching the incident, and further diligence is required. If this really is a situation where after the autopsy protocol was completed -some unknown reason necessitating further lab study, it is going to come out. Autopsy protocol and all it’s components are by law public information. The death investigation reports and notes are as well.

    I was in New Hope this week, someone asked me what the word on the street was about Sarah’s death- I did not speak to a single person familiar with the case that believed this was an accident. It is also my understanding that close friends of hers have been vocal that in their opinion the BAL/BAC that was quoted to them ( I know what it was, but until I see how they arrived at it you will not see me reporting it) was impossible based on what she had to drink that evening, and timing relative to metabolization.

    Sarah’s phone could be at the bottom of the canal- it is a possibility. I truly believe that investigators and Kearns were not prepared for the level of interest in this case, and I entertain the thought they leaked the high level of alcohol and accidental “MOD” for investigative strategic reasons.


  5. Seaking Clarity says:

    One of the original MSM articles that came out after they found Sarah had the cell phone listed as one of the personal belongings that was found. As far as I know that was the only article that stated this. I have looked for it but I not finding it. I figured that since all the other articles did not mention the phone that it was not actually found but that was pure assumption on my part. Thank you for clearing up this confusion. I was also wondering if you knew anything about her glasses? Were they ever found? Surely the were not still on her!

    BTW any luck on obtaining DA’s autopsy/tox info?

    To my knowledge her glasses were not found. The article you are referring to was quickly ammended to exclude the cell phone found info. Not sure if you are following comments, but this case is still open, see upthread.


  6. Cindy says:

    It bothers me that her cell phone is not found nor her glasses. Probably not that unusual, but with everything else being said, it raises the meter for further investigation.

  7. Rivergull says:

    The City Clerk Advisory shown below was forward to me from a Lambertville friend/neighbor. No obvious connections to anything, but it does make one wonder. Was there ever an explanation for the vehicle that appeared to be an SUV, sitting alone on the street when Sarah Majoras crossed into Lambert Lane? Was it ultimately identified as a taxi? or not.

    From: Cindy Ege
    Date: Sun, May 12, 2013 at 7:02 PM
    Today, at approximately 4:30 p.m., in the area of North Union and Delaware Avenue a female in her early teens was approached by a man who made sexual references to her. He is described as a white male in his late 50′s early 60′s, with white bushy unkempt gray hair. He was in a late model silver SUV. Anyone with information or who may have observed the incident is asked to call the Lambertville Police Department at 609-397-3132.

  8. J. J. in Phila says:

    Has there been anything new on this case. It has been reported as an accident.

  9. Word Girl says:

    hi JJ. i stopped by with the same question.

    Just wondering if Sarah could have made it home, drank more, or was forced to drink more, and then was dumped in the canal via the parking lot of Acme Cinema/Lambertville Municipal Court (has anyone mentioned that paradox?)

    Or, did Sarah have more of a drinking problem than her friends knew? Many drinkers keep a private stash in a pocket or manage to consume many more drinks than it appears–without an outward change in behavior. Those who live with them eventually find out, perhaps, but the drinker knows he/she has that problem.

    I didn’t know Sarah and I’m only exploring possible options. It must be done in these cases. If I didn’t care about her, I wouldn’t be here.

    I strongly suspect foul play, not an accident. Not.

  10. tiberious says:

    Hi blink. Just checking in to see what new developments are going on with this case. It has been a while. Are any test results back?

    Most importantly, is this case ruled accidental and closed? What is up with the town’s feelings on this matter? Her family?

    tiberious I wish I had an update. The case is not closed officially but quite honestly if her family is not requesting further inquiry it will be closed as an accident. The community in general does not believe it was an accident, and I have my reservations as well.


  11. tiberious says:

    thanks for the update blink. I wonder why the family wouldn’t want to know what the true story of sarah’s death? I guess people all grieve in their own way and we have to respect that. However, if it was not an accident and there is someone going around hurting/killing people then they really need to look into this.

  12. tiberious says:

    Blink if this case is all but closed do you have any access to lab results, autopsy reports ect. on Sarah?

    Why would her family or the community at large push for some answers. Is there something we are not being told. A missing piece to the puzzle of her death?

    tiberious- there is no missing piece to her death, there is the issue of indiscernible accident or homicide of some kind. Unfortunately, the autopsy is not the smoking gun one would hope for as an analyst to provide COD and MOD.

    The bottom line is that IT COULD have been an accident. Once that is in play, nobody tends to rush to disprove that but family. That is not happening.

  13. tiberious says:

    edit above comment: NOT push for some answers.

  14. tony says:

    Is it just me? If I’m waiting at home for someone to come home after work at 2:30 AM…and they didn’t arrive…I would start calling her job and everyone that could possibly know where she was. Why would someone wait till 2 pm the next day?

  15. tiberious says:

    Blink,is there some wrong doing on my part with regards to my June 30 @5:35 pm post? It as been in moderation for a while now even though my follow up post with a minor correction was out of moderation some time ago.

    as always thank you for your time.

    Nope, just WAAAAYYY behind in posts I wish to address personally- so my appollies, but my caseload and Summer family commitments are the juggling act I have not mastered- I appreciate your patience.


  16. Ritchie says:

    Sharon,I find it fascinating after all of your trashing of Lambertville, and theories of murder etc etc, without even being from here, or understanding how the canal and rivers function, it’s basically silence from you since the toxicology reports came out. So, you just stir things up for your own ‘career’ and then when it seems that you’re dead wrong, silence.

    So i guess this link is correct.


    Oh yes, that’s right- a completely stalker populated link is correct. Stellar investigative skills on your part. What is it EXACLTY I was dead wrong about? Do tell. I can’t wait to here your official findings in this case because you live near where 2 folks died mysteriously and with 2 unanswered police reports a block away from your house.

    O Dear Oracle of Lambertville- please grace us with your vast knowledge. Where did they recover Sarah’s phone and her other un-mentioned belongings? Seems as though those were her glasses?

    What else was not found- do you know?

    Ask your neighbors and business owners what they think. I have.

    Good news that you live close a bridge you can hide under.


  17. kimberly says:

    Hellllllloooooo My dear Blink.

    I check this thread as well as several others regularly and I’m at a complete loss as to why no movement or reporting on this case.
    Simplest question to you, WHY?

    Because LE felt they found no evidence of a crime they could prosecute successfully.

  18. kimberly says:

    Just absolutely WOW. Well I guess my only hope is that they will remain vigilant and watch a certain person closely at all times going forward.

  19. Ode says:

    LAMBERTVILLE – A body was found floating in the Delaware and Raritan Canal here this afternoon.
    Isn’t this where Sarah was found?

    That would be correct. Thank you for alerting me on this Ode.

  20. deetee says:

    I did see that the marine found in the canal had been arrested before on outstanding warrants, but i wasn’t able to figure out how to find out what the outstanding warrants were for.

  21. Ode says:

    Not sure you will see this but I am curious if you have been following Shane Montgomery’s disappearance.

    I am, albeit as best as I can with my schedule. This family needs to DEMAND that LE offer what their efforts have been to secure his phone ping data to include movement, when his phone was powered off and where and surveillance videos on the street and local businesses. That is to say that if they have to they need to walk the area and capture outside CCTV cams and in particular note ATMs banks, and those establishments with engaged security and multiple angle cameras. There is no clear story of events of the evening, and between friends, merchants and patrons there damn well better be 12 days later. Organizing the chronology in a linear and succinct way and then asking for the public to help will progress the case.

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