Jodi Arias Trial: In Her Own Words.. How I Killed Travis Alexander With HIS Gun and HIS Knife

Posted by BOC Staff | Jennifer Wilmott,Jodi Arias,Juan Martinez,Kirk Nurmi,Travis Alexander | Wednesday 20 February 2013 1:30 pm
Photo Courtesy AP Pool

Photo Courtesy AP Pool


Phoenix, Arizona- In today’s highly anticipated morning testimony,  Jodi Arias finally “gets there”.

After weeks of what can only be described as the dog ate my defense testimony led by Kirk Nurmi,  Jodi Arias explains the events leading up to and during the murder of Travis Alexander.

Arias describes an irate and menacing Travis who bounds from the shower, causing her to drop his new camera and pouncing on her, knocking her to the wet tile floor.

“ A five year old can hold a camera better than you.” Arias stated Alexander screamed at her among other threatening expletives while she struggled to break free.

She then ran to the master bedroom closet and apparently using the Spiderman techniques she absorbed via osmosis from the alleged Valentines gift,  retrieved a gun she claimed Travis owned over two feet out of her reach while he was sprinting behind her.

She pointed the gun at him, did not realize it went off and then Travis, still coming at her, stumbles to his knees on the now bloody tile beneath him.  ( Editors Note:  As I have always said,  I believe the order of this injury is true and is important to the charges against her)

Enter gratuitous memory gap.

“I have no memory of stabbing him.” – Jodi Arias

Although Arias admits to having flash backs,  she states she cannot remember any other details with the exception of her crouched in the bathroom covered in blood and drops a knife she believes was upstairs used by Travis to cut ropes he used to tie her up to the bed.

She did however, have the presence of mind to grab the ropes, the gun, apparently removes and loses her shoes and has no idea what happened to the knife she used to stab Alexander 29 times and slit his neck from ear to ear.

Next memory she is driving in the desert with the gun she alleges was Travis’s  when she pitches it out the window at a random location,  then puts the ropes in a dumpster behind a gas station and washes blood off her hands.

Pause for Arias innocuous driving babble and road scenery.

“Why didn’t you call 911 and tell them what happened?”  Kirk Nurmi asks his sniffling but tearless client.

” …He attacked you, why did you feel You messed up pretty badly?”

“This time it was different, he had done it before and nothing happened, it was heightened.” Responded Arias.

While approaching a check point in Utah,  she feels like she will be apprehended there.

Arias decided to do a “whole bunch of things” to cover up she was ever there.

So .. “I called his phone to leave a voice mail”.  For nearly 16 minutes she says she tried numerous times to leave a cheery voice mail  to ask as if she was not present in Alexander’s home.

“I just thought they would be listening to his voice mail, so I just thought it would throw the scent off for a while.”

– Jodi Arias

Yes, she actually said that on the stand.   Defense Attorney Kirk Nurmi was observed writing a note to co-counsel Jennifer Wilmott to send an assistant out to Sam’s for an industrial size supply of Tums.

I made that part up.  Testimony continues following jury lunch break.




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  1. lyla says:

    Blink (snipped)
    “5. Suspect keeping dog out of area was a sign of remorse.”
    It could also be a sign of premeditation. But, bear with me to ask this question: Was Jodi behind Travis when she slit his throat? I ask because she is a lefty and if she was behind him the slash would go from right to left. The photo with her shoe/pantleg and the way Travis is situated suggests to me this was the throat slash.

    She was behind him, and imo, this wound is exacted with her right hand, not left. Whether that occurs because her left finger is now wounded or because she is pretty handy with her right hand as well, I can’t say.

    I have witnessed her writing and drawing with both hands, fwiw.

    To your point, yes, multiple facts are interpretable in many ways. An area of recent specific study for me on what I will call an advanced level, just made it much harder to comment on same without going through all the machinations. If it can’t be proven, it is not workable until it is-


  2. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Your statement about the shot to Travis’s forehead being an execution style is off the mark. An execution style murder with a small caliber bullet is one that is at the back of the head in the soft tissue just below the skull. This is the area of the brain’s motor control and will cause everything that is automatic to cease to function.

    The low mass and low velocity from a small caliber bullet will often enter the skull and bounce off the boney structure creating damage to the major areas of the brain.

    There is a ton of evidence that Jodi may have became a stalker regarding what Travis was doing with others. The problem is tying that specifically to her.

    Jodi had no means of transportation that was reliable enough to get her to her destination and return. Therefore she rented a car. She IMO planed this adventure over a two or three week period of time.

    We know the gun was an old small caliber automatic pistol that was probably stolen from her grandfather. He probably obtained it from his father. This could be a gun that was made within the first three decades of the 20th century. The ammunition was old as well.

    With as many stab wounds and cuts from the knife and only one or two small cuts on Jodi’s fingers, the knife was not a kitchen knife. It was a knife with a hilt so that her hand did not slip onto the blade. A hilt is a bar of shaped metal that is found at the juncture of the blade and handle. Hunting knives and some knives for self defense are made with a hilt. This tells me she brought the knife with her.

    However, I don’t remember that anyone found indication of a bruise from a hilt on the body. It could simply mean that because of decomposition, there was not a positive sign of such an injury. This could also be a result of the length of the blade. A blade long enough that Jodi could not drive it to the hilt because of lack of strength or the speed of the stabs.

    Pam you have realized that most of those who post are talking about things they see as important based on knowledge and experience. We all try to understand the message and never attack the messenger. This is the prime reason I read and post. So many sites devolve into personal attacks rather than speaking to the subject. The moderation that Blink gives to the site is the reason that it is so considerate.

  3. Ragdoll says:


    ALV is married, has been for a very long time, I have no information as to her sexual preference outside of that, but I have not witnessed anything from her that would leave me with the impression it is at issue here.


    Thanks for keeping me accountable, B. I appreciate it, muchly.

    I still think she has a contempt for men, but that’s just me.

    I do agree that:

    It only takes one! This is NOT a slam dunk case in the eyes of the jury. That freaks me out A LOT. Hoping for the best, expecting the worst. Will they have the wisdom to focus on the fact that this case is because a man was murdered? Will they have the clarity to sort the facts from the ‘fog’ and over-the-top testimony of ALV? Can they get past the prosecution’s tendency to bully and understand he’s Travis’ only hope? Lastly, will they consider the lengths JA went to, to lie to everyone, including her own diary? She talked about Travis the way Travis expressed his feelings towards her, before he died. WHY? Why would she do that?

    There’s only one reason. She was ‘prepared’ for someone to read her diary —-> law enforcement. She was entertaining his murder for months.

    It should be an obvious win for the state….but I can’t put my trust in the jury or the system. It’s not over until I hear that verdict.

    Thank you all for the great posts! Amazing research, recollection of details, challenging each other to think critically. I’m not thinking critically. I’m emotionally invested in Jodi being found guilty b/c I believe she did it…pre med and all. I don’t want the death penalty but that’s out of my hands.

    Peace be with you~~~ xo <3

  4. NaNa says:

    Blink in response to this question from you:
    Just throwing this out there- but do we think if there is a hung jury or an acquittal in this case we would still be in support of how the prosecution argued their case in chief and tactics used in cross? Or would we blame the jury like was done in the CA case?

    I would say I would blame the Prosecution and the jury.

    Right now I cant make that judgement because I havent seen the rest of the case tried, but I can tell you that I dont think Prosecution so far has played enough on the evidence and bringing everything into a clear picture in an organized manner. But the jury should also be able to think on the forensic evidence alone and come to the conclusion that this was premeditated murder or at least Felony Murder. Like I said earlier, if you analyze just how many ways Jodi attacked Travis, including slitting his throat, you cannot come to the logical conclusion that this murder was in self defense. I hold the jury 100% responsible for that.

    Prosecution has failed in several ways but I tend to agree that maybe JM doesnt have any support so he only sees things from his perspective. His method of attacking everyone on the stand I think is getting in the way of the facts at times; other times I think he needs to be aggressive. Im trying to be objective and not critical because after all he is only human.

    Very fair and measured response NaNa, as you know I agree with you.


  5. Elizabeth says:

    But what I am asking you is how you know you are looking at two seperate receipts where the heavy smoke smell is noted as the car is being picked up only?


    Because Martinez separated them at the inception of his direct with Columbo showing what he explained was the initial printout stating the starting mileage when Jodi was checking out the car; the first one showed only present mileage, car details, and Jodi’s renter information (plus the date of course)with the remark about smoke smell. The second one was then shown upon return of the car and it contained starting mileage, mileage when turned in, and the difference being how many miles she put on the car, when she picked it up, time expected to be returned, and actual time returned. Martinez stated there were THREE pages, but only detailed the initial rental printout on pickup of the car and the one after return. It could be there was a second page to the return printout and it just wasn’t shown. I only got two evidence numbers, 234 and 235 for all three pages admitted, so the third page mentioned was likely to be a second page to one of the two. The “Remark: smoke smell” was on both printouts, but it only showed on the second because it was on the first. Everything that is on the initial printout will always appear on the second, which just adds information to what existed when the car was picked up. I would embed them here but have NO idea how to do that here.

    Sadly, that rental car was turned in a full month before they arrested Jodi, so by the time they caught up with it I’m sure it had been cleaned, detailed, and rented again (maybe even multiple times), so whatever evidence they could get from it would probably be tainted. I’m betting it was looked over to be sure she hadn’t stashed a gun or knife anywhere like she did in the July 2008 “getaway” Chevy she rented.

    According to Flores, it was processed. That did not come up at trial that i recall, however.

  6. Pam says:

    A Texas Grandfather says:

    April 7, 2013 at 2:57 pm

    Pam you have realized that most of those who post are talking about things they see as important based on knowledge and experience. We all try to understand the message and never attack the messenger. This is the prime reason I read and post. So many sites devolve into personal attacks rather than speaking to the subject. The moderation that Blink gives to the site is the reason that it is so considerate.


    Yes ATG, I made that realization back in the days of the CA trial. Many of the discussion forums I found mirrored the likings of a Jerry Springer episode. It is not my interest or style to engage in personal attacks. Re: understanding the message and not attacking the messenger, I certainly hope that no one here felt attacked by me. I know that I do not feel attacked. Challenging me to think in a different way or to entertain the ideas/opinions of others is a benefit to me from all of the posters here. Recently blink mentioned that this site is not for the thin skinned. So I must be in the right place. lol.

  7. Pam says:

    From The State vs. Jodi Arias trial facebook page.

    CONFIRMED : Chris and Sky Hughes will not be testifying during rebuttal, nor will Matt McCartney [as reported here previously]

    Rebuttal witnesses include: Cancun PPL, Dr Demarte, Gas Station in SLC, Walmart, Det Brown

  8. GraceintheHills says:

    Not that her sexual orientation matters, but LaViolette lives with her female partner in the Long Beach area:

    Yes ma’am, I got that wrong. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

    Ragdoll is going to rag me, lol.


  9. whodunnit says:

    blink asks:

    Just throwing this out there- but do we think if there is a hung jury or an acquittal in this case we would still be in support of how the prosecution argued their case in chief and tactics used in cross? Or would we blame the jury like was done in the CA case?

    A hung jury could come about because at least one juror has taken on the attitude of ALV, which is:
    a person who considers it their moral duty to show leniency to Arias, but who does not consider it their moral duty to excercise leniency in judging Travis.

    If the prosecution fails to present evidence, or fails to communicate the facts in a way that makes it the no- brainer it originally appeared to be, I blame the prosecution.
    If the jury thinks Martinez is untrustworthy because he is aggressive toward witnesses, I blame the jury.
    But if it is hung, I think it will be a combo of the above, and a sign of the times. Nobody knows what to believe in anymore. Style over content is the way of the day.
    And I still don’t understand why the State doesn’t have as many lawyers on the case as the defense does. Imagine if it were the other way around. Has anyone ever explained why Martinez is on his own here, gonna have to scroll back!


  10. Mom3.0 says:

    Blink thank you again for sharing your thoughts with me- Its going to take awhile to respond to your wellthought responses-

    Right now I want to respond to a couple of other posts if thats ok?

    GraceintheHills says:
    April 6, 2013 at 11:05 am

    Mom3.0 says:
    April 5, 2013 at 10:01 am
    @Mom3.0, good to see you, too. Reading your posts, sometimes I think we are twins separated at birth. :)

    I always loved the movie The Parent Trap (with Haley Mills) Can we be those long lost sisters-Susan and Sharon?

    You wrote
    Re: Ms. LaViolette, imo, the most striking thing about her testimony is how she presents everything JA told her as fact.

    I think this is huge IMO- another thing is she presents her continuum as a guideline to recognizing JA as abused- a guideline that she is not qualified to present as JM pointed out she can not test she can not read tests- her guideline is not official in nway shape or form and she need not meet with or know a person to take info and apply it to this continuum- meaning it is very unscientific and open to complete bias etc

    You wrote:
    Btw, most court experts realize how important it is to have pristine boundaries when it comes to their interactions with the individuals they are evaluating. Giving the defendant any gift, even books as these two experts did, can be interpreted as a bias toward the defendant and can be used to impeach that expert.

    YES thank you very much for bringing this up Grace as I do believe it is very unethical- I dont care if she has done this before-

    Also Whose to say these werent books and magazines that could aid JA in molding her testimony etc.

    Graceinthehills I hope to read more of your thoughts on this case as I do respect you very much.

    Glad to have you around sis


    Absolutely, I am taxed for a few myself going into the week. Thank you for your kind request m’lady.

  11. Mom3.0 says:

    Ragdoll says:
    April 7, 2013 at 12:45 am
    If there is a word to describe man hater (ie: like misogynist), that would be ALV.

    I also believe she is a lesbian (which is NOT an issue for me NOR meant to be a hate comment)…but…one who despises men. I get that vibe, including the ‘I’m not fond of men’ vibe, too. Is it just me?

    Observe her psyche as she testifies about a man she’s never met. Then, has the audacity to approach Sam Alexander in the ladies room, to say ‘it’s nothing personal’. It sure as heck is! MISANDRY! She’ll console a woman, but what if she met up Travis’ brother in the court halls? That would be interesting.

    “Are you angry with me Mr. Martinez?” The mind won’t go where it hasn’t been so I interpret this to mean….’I’m angry @ YOU Mr. Martinez”. She clearly demonstrated a lack of respect for the court system and male prosecution….IMHO <——– this is NOT intended to be a hate comment and I cannot say it enough.

    I BELIEVE ALV is a genuine misandrist, and although she has seen the texts between Jodi and Travis, she has the ability to use her personal feelings to put a twist on them. She is an expert, indeed. I wonder how many male victims she's treated in dv relationships?

    We all know if those texts were read in completion (without the cutting and pasting), we'd clearly see it was Travis who was distancing himself from HIS abuser.


    "The body of evidence suggests that there should be no argument. Diffusing energy in an ongoing gender war takes away from the critical task of developing effective prevention and intervention strategies."

    Gender war? My momma is a victim services advocate for the city police and RCMP. She has gone to court, supporting MEN who've been physically and emotionally abused by their wife/partner. Further, she has also helped couples in gay and lesbian relationships, involving domestic violence. It just so happens more women report their abuse, which Jodi never did. There's always some kind of record or paper trail that proves there's abuse in a relationship. Even if charges are never pressed, records are kept. Perhaps this is handled differently in my country. IDK.

    If this is a gender war, it's ALV's war.


    Blinks response:

    Just want to say that I have no confirmation that ALV approached Sam in court or in the restroom. I do believe the version that she spoke to Sam briefly when leaving the courtroom- but again, not confirmed independently.

    If that is true for any reason that was not initiated by Samantha, it is/was inappropriate on the surface.

    However, we also know that both Travis’s sisters were in chambers the day before, came out sobbing, and with paperwork in hand so let’s keep open about what these 2 issues are about until we have confirmed info.

    ALV is married, has been for a very long time, I have no information as to her sexual preference outside of that, but I have not witnessed anything from her that would leave me with the impression it is at issue here.


    Ragdoll, hey- I agree with you IMO ALV in her fight to help women break free from gender bias she has in fact victimized men in the same way she accuses others of treating women- ie gender bias

    I do not know if it is true that she spoke to the victims sister
    BUT if she initiated this contact- then Blink it it goes far beyond
    "inappropriate on the surface" as she may have in fact violated part of the law which protects victims and their families from such encounters.
    I am with you though on keeping an open mind as we can not say anything for certain and this may all just be somethingelse entirely and may just be blown out of proportion.

    Blink, you are wrong about ALV being still married to her husband- Although she now may be married again to her partner not sure-

    See Here:

    Alyce LaViolette ’69, ’80 is a nationally recognized expert in the area of victims and perpetrators of domestic violence. …. LaViolette lives in Long Beach with her partner, Gail, and has a son, Jay, daughter Corinne, and stepdaughter, Kristen.

    I agree her private life and sexual preference is of no consequence

    If any bias prevents her from evaluating a case or a couple fairly That is of consequence-


  12. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Based on the autopsy, the reported greatest depth of wound on Travis’s throat was on the right side. I take that to be the point of entry of the knife and it was pulled by Jodi’s left hand across the area towards the left. That would be the natural mode for a lefty attacking from behind. If it were with the right hand, it would be just the opposite.

    Keeping an even depth of cut across an area like the throat is very difficult to do. The act would be to drive the knife into the throat to a depth and then pull it towards you to accomplish the cut.

    Respectfully ATG, I disagree. Reason is, the wound as inflicted requires a hand to hold the head back. The cut moves downward to the right, and Ms. Arias is more than capable of using the right hand with precision. I watched her write with it in court, sketch with it, and fake-write a letter to Travis’s Gram.


  13. Pam says:

    It kind of makes sense to me that the deepest part of the neck wound would be at the end of the slice. I too have seen Jodi using her right hand. One of the interogation tapes she is writing with it.

    It definitely is, it is responsible for severing the carotid and jugular on the right. I don’t know if both internal and external carotids were affected.


  14. Duchess says:

    Instead of fighting Snow White and the dwarfs………..I keep slapping myself thinking, is this really happening in a court of law? Really? Snow White defense at the tune of almost 2million to the tax payers of Arizona to defend a pathological, sociopath?
    Instead of playing Fairy tales, lets get to reality, and JM bring his own ball game into the court room. Make the defense play on the prosecution field. The jury needs to know that just because Travis decided he wanted Jodi out of his life is not a scapegoat for over killing him. Many spouses, many, relationships suffer from fights, disagreements, and other conflicts throughout the duration of their relationship. Mant marital relationships do become verbally climatic at times, ans sometimes even physical. But not abusive as defined by Alyce. Conflict is normal. I would say that the incidences that the expert quotes based on the texts, amounts to nothing more than “I do not want to see you anymore” Happens everyday. Lovers are jolted, rejected, angry, and heartbroken they are. But, what normal healthy people do is they regroup and go on. They are angry but they make their way. According to Alyce, Travis had many lovers. He was deceitful with all of them. There was no other bloody palm print from any of them. Except from Jodi. All the others moved on. A very small few of them murder, and yes, a small percentage of jolted women do kill their lovers for rejection. The jury needs to know and connect with the fact that lovers,boyfriends, girl friends and spouses cheat, find greener pastures, and dump lovers everyday. It is normal. It is not normal to butcher up because you we’re rejected. JM needs to drive this home and be proactive in the courtroom as opposed to reactive. The jury matters. He needs to sing to the choir (jury). We need a Johnny C (OJ Simpson trial) moment with JM. Hit a home run JM with the jury. The abuse excuse is not applicable here. Jodi is the abuser here and we need to convince the jury of just that.

  15. whodunnit says:

    I recall that when they arrested Arias in Yreka, they retrieved knives ( more than one, as i recall ) from the car she had rented for a camping trip she alledged she was preparing to take. I recall reading that the rental company subsequently found a 9 mm glock under the seat of the car. I dont know if the car was searched because Arias had admitted to buying a glock and told them it was there, or if the doiscovery of the gun was independant and because the rental company was cleaning it and the gun popped up.
    Honestly I can’t recall is I read this when looking for info about circumstances of Arias arrest or if it was testimony.
    Wouldn’t it be relevant that she bought and hid a gun?
    Wouldn’t it be relevant that she had knives in the rental car?

  16. whodunnit says:

    Arias grandparents had a lot of rifles and guns, were they hunters? Yreka is in the Siskiyou area. Was the grandfather a hunter?

  17. Duchess says:

    Alyce seems to think that conflict is abusive, and it is not. Conflict is actually healthy for a relationship. Partners can either work on goals to overcome these conflicts, or they can depart if they so choose not to do so. Sometimes it can be only one partner that makes a fatal decision not to work on the relationship. Some that are married may seek counseling . In this case, Travis choose not to. He had the right to to say hey, I don’t want want you in my life anymore. Why in the world is that considered abusive? He paid dearly for the decision, and he should not be held responsible for his slaughter of a death a the hand of an angry, unbalanced former scorned lover. Travis had the right to select and choose whatever female he wanted in as his lover. Jodi took the precedent in deciding for him. That if he didn’t want her, he would die, and he did. I’ was dumped plenty of times, and so were all of you. I have also flushed a few as you all have. But did any of us die because we made that choice? Obviously none of the males choose Jodi. JM drive it home to the jury. This is something they all connect with other than a fairy tail. Make it happen.

  18. Word Girl says:

    Great responses, Blink. I appreciate your point of view. You seem to view the struggle and crime scene the way I do.

    I have wondered about the largest blood soak area, nearest the bathroom/closet door, where blood penetrates the wooden subfloor. He had to have lain there for a while with his throat cut. I imagined the perpetrator was cleaning herself and her wounds up, erasing the sex photos and beginning to gather the items for laundry*. She also, while catching her breath after of fight to death, must have realized her superficially bleeding hands/cuts left evidence all over the hallway. I’ve always thought she used linens or towels or just Travis’ wet-from-blood body to drag him into the shower.

    Back to the cut throat. She is left-handed and the cut ran from left to right. I am left handed and that is the way I would make that incision. We are right-hand-world oriented of course and I only sense that other lefties would do the same. Are there any thoughts out there contrary?

    *Just a thought on the laundry. It looks like JA used bleach in the load of wash. Does anyone see bleach in the laundry photos? Also wondering if our camera experts (ATG?) know whether the camera would be salvageable? What about the dropping of it (JA and JM in court–how bizarre)

    As I have viewed the crime scene photos, I see some excellent work done by CSI. No one ever seems to give these folks their due. What a lot of detailed work!

    However, I understand what the risks are for the prosecution to bring in some of the CSI findings. Some of the findings–many others could and should have been brought in to show that the only self-defense going on was that of Travis Alexander as he sought to save his own life against a crazed woman wielding two deadly weapons.

  19. Scout says:

    A little about lefties and righties, those in between and ambidexterity…
    “Mixed-Handedness is the change of hand preference between different tasks. This is common in the population with about a 30% prevalence.”
    Ambidexterity is exceptionally rare, although it can be learned. A truly ambidextrous person is able to do any task equally well with either hand. Those who learn it still tend to favor their originally dominant hand.” From articles on Wikipedia.

    I am a ‘lefty’ however have adapted to many righty ways-most lefties do. (i.e. in school all of our scissors were for righties so I just learned to use those, the button you press to take a photo is on the right side of the camera as well as a car’s gear shift). My right leg, arm and hand muscles are much stronger and dominant than my left.

    Most lefties use their fork in their left hand and CUT with their RIGHT hand with a knife. In fact, thinking about it I don’t think I would ever cut with a knife or even saw something with a saw with my left hand unless I absolutely had to. I’m just accustomed to cutting food and meat with my right hand.

    I’m sure Jodi was more than comfortable with a knife in her right hand. Most likely the same or more than her left hand.

    In a college psych course my professor had us take a handedness questionnaire like this – (take it- takes 30 seconds)

    Blink snippet “She was behind him, and imo, this wound is exacted with her right hand, not left. Whether that occurs because her left finger is now wounded or because she is pretty handy with her right hand as well, I can’t say.

    I have witnessed her writing and drawing with both hands, fwiw.”

  20. Pam says:


    The only gun and knife that are relevant, would be the ones that she actually used to kill Travis.

    I do find it disturbing that she went and bought a gun so soon after killing Travs. Makes me believe she would kill again.

  21. lyla says:

    (snipped) “Alyce seems to think that conflict is abusive, and it is not. Conflict is actually healthy for a relationship”
    I could understand this if the two had actually lived together as a committed couple for a good length of time. JM needs to politely “cut to the chase” with AL and address the violent slaughter at the hands of Jodi Arias and ask as he shows the crime photos..”do you consider this abuse Ma’am the gunshot to the head? the 29 stab wounds? his throat slit from ear to ear to the spine”? Now’ do you still believe he was the abuser?”

  22. Christy says:

    Anyone watch ONCE on ABC? its my favorite, and the whole Snow White story seems to come from there. the one dwarf is not nice…evil.

    But, its probably just me thinking.

    Off work today, I will probably catch up here this evening. My craft room doesn’t have satellite…lol. I watch Netflix on the Wii.
    probably a good quiet break for me.

    I’m so ready for all this to be over, for Travis’ family, for us, for the whole “more is not better” theory with the seemingly endless testimony from everyone.
    This circus needs to end.

    Never miss it, but I don’t think JM is referring to this contemporary version, fwiw

  23. Rose says:

    JM is driving me to hang up the live stream with his beat her up keynote vs breakout.
    She shoukdve just said yes yes to him & not sparred

    reminds me of the least ept & quickly out if the job DA who wrote a complaint I took to her frim cpsd — an emergency care petition –
    that a dr saw flea bites. Tho it had ZERO to do with the facts of the case, it was an objective tidbit in medical records.
    Try to litigate it, so do many kids have same. JM is straining an objective tidbit, missing the point, imo.

  24. Rose says:

    someone should’ve prepped
    this poor lady to say yes, no & move on

  25. Ragdoll says:

    Mom3.0 says:
    April 7, 2013 at 6:41 pm


    I agree her private life and sexual preference is of no consequence


    I completely agree with you on this, Mom! I went ‘there’ simply b/c I thought it could shed some light on her ‘testimony’, her mind set and why she seems sooooo comfortable re-victimizing Travis (he’d been murdered and now his character is being slaughtered). I apologize if my comment came across as invasive, judgmental, or critical against her private life. I REALLY do detect a personal motive in her testimony. I knew my post could EASILY be hit or miss. IMHO, ‘the experts’ don’t want to acknowledge that they’ve assessed a crafted liar AND been outsmarted by JA. I can’t put any value on their testimony re: JA. Pride seems to be a big factor in that courtroom. Not a good thing :(

    Mom, I truly appreciate your feedback on my post! You’re one busy lady on here. I always value your insight as you seem to have the gift to dissect details with precision and great thought. Thank you for keeping an open mind and sharing your thoughts with us. xo

  26. lyla says:

    @Rose says:
    April 8, 2013 at 1:22 pm
    “someone should’ve prepped
    this poor lady to say yes, no & move on”
    JM has asked her repeatedly and even asked Stephens to tell her to answer yes or no. At this rate of progress I’m afeared the trial will go into summer.

    Recess for lunch, trial to resume 1:25pm pdt/ 4:25pm edt.

  27. Ragdoll says:


    Ragdoll is going to rag me, lol. B


    Not my place, friendLY. I admit, my post was laid down w/o research. It was pure speculation and I DID get caught with my bloomers down at my knees. Does anyone else leave the bathroom door open whilst doin their bidnizz? TMI?

    I learned a good lesson ;)

  28. Ragdoll says:

    @ Graceinthehills…..

    Great to see you here! You’ve been missed.

    (((GROUP HUGS))) Love & respect to y’all xo

  29. Ragdoll says:

    @ mamere says:
    April 7, 2013 at 2:45 pm

    mamere, you’re posts have been extremely helpful and informative.

    I can’t speak for everyone else, but 2 things are against me when it comes to reply back to someone’s post:

    1. I read each post. Everyone offers something I’ve never considered or knew about the case. I LOVE reading here. Fascinating minds, including your own. You should pat yourself on the back!

    2. Please don’t take it personally if you don’t get a response from Blink or others. All our minds are in motion, we read the posts and then get bombarded with new thoughts and theories of our own. Blinksters are no different than me….they read before posting.

    As for Miss Blink, I think we all forget that there are other threads on this site that she shepherds thoughtfully.

    We’re grateful you’re posting @ BOC and welcome to you! Please don’t let anything stop you from sharing. You are a valuable contributor. I also extend this to anyone who read but holds back on posting.

    Hugs to you, mamere. I adore your handle :) xo

    A bientot, mon ami!

  30. Ragdoll says:

    You know…I’ve been thinking and this oppty doesn’t come along often.

    I love ya B…but I gotta do this…..and I KNOW you’re a good sporty sport, so….

    Na Na Na boo boo. Ttthhbbbbttttt.

    Mmmmmmm mmmmmm. That felt good.

    Love ya ******LY xo

    For the casual reader/observer/poster- that was an official rag from Ragdoll, which was justly deserved por moi.
    LOL, a Rag from Ragdoll is an honor.


  31. tiberious says:

    I value all of the words that I read on this site whether I agree with them or not. I find that each individual presents there opinions in reasonable, well thought out manner.

    I may have missed it, but I don’t think I have read many posts about views on TA’s sexual behavior in so far as coming from a younger individual’s perspective. I apologize in advance if this statement in any way upsets/insults an individual.

    I am 49 going on 50 come this June. Granted, I am bi-polar so some of my judgments on choices/behavior are a bit skewered. That being said, I feel that TA’s behavior is only being highlighted (obviously) due to the nature/manner of his death.

    A lot of TA’s sexual preferences, although not to everyone’s taste, are not that odd and if not for the unfortunate introduction of JA into his life would not even be open to discussion.

    I feel as though (again not saying agree with) his vocabulary is not totally out of line for a young person today. I think that we have read texts and instant messages and made certain assumptions. Just as JM is getting ALV to admit she chose to believe the written word without having spoken to the individual, we too are doing the same thing in a manner of speaking.(after all we are only human)

    I guess what I am trying to say is that the interpretation of some of TA’s behavior differs based on your age..hoping not to sound insulting here. It is just that, unfortunately, his religion cast a certain “darkness” on his behavior. But again,not entirely unheard of..lets face it catholics do use birth control..(not attempting to get into any philosophical discussions here on the views of usage vs. non-usage)

    I am just sort of brain storming with this and hope that the more I read/participate that my posts will begin to have something of value to contribute. I can’t put it into the lovely words that others do, but I for one am glad that TA has JM and only can hope that he can get across to the jurors that TA was not so far off the norm. That he could have been a prince charming with his behavior towards JA,and have simply chosen a different princess to be his bride. He could have let her down gently and JA still would have reacted in a violent manner. The point is he is the victim here, and I do not believe for one minute that JA should be allowed to walk among us any longer.

    Thank you for your time and patience as I voice my thoughts, unorganized as they are.

  32. Twitch says:

    I totally get the point JM is trying to makw with ALV..the point being that she had zero issue believing a pathological liar… but refuses this believe anything said by TA unless it was something negative about JA… that is one of the key points that he needs to get across. .I just wish he would take the interstate to get there instead of the scenic route through the countryside …

  33. A Texas Grandfather says:

    The more I see of LaViolette’s interaction with JM, the more I think that some of Jodi’s behavior was lifted from her. LV is afraid that JM will box her in with straight yes or no answers, so she contends with him.


    You and I will just have to disagree with regards to the throat wound. You may have better photos that I can find.

    I know that Jodi is capable of using either hand. Having lived with one as a youngster growing up I know what they can do. Even if they are capable of using either hand, the strong side is the side they were born to use. My twin could and still can write with both hands at the same time and unlike most, she does not slant her writing backwards when writing left handed. Jodi is mostly printing, not using cursive.

    I went back and looked at the autopsy drawings and the photos. It is true that Jodi would have used one hand or the other to pull Travis’s head backward to get at the neck area with the knife. Because of the skin slippage along the wound, and the curvature of the neck it is really difficult to make a statement from the evidence we have. In looking at the ME’s drawing and the measured depth of the cut is how I made my determination.

    Your exactly right, I have seen what may be proprietary macs and I can’t publish them for obvious reasons. When we look at that autopsy notes, the placement and areas impacted v left to right tell me that without question the injury happens that way, but I could not say without a known suspect whether or not the person is left or right handed. Especially when you consider Arias had a wound on the left hand.


  34. Twitch says:

    Does anyone think the delay this morning had anything to do with ALV supposedly speaking to TA’s sister in the courtroom last week?

    I read there was a motion filed by the defense to preclude any weight test or testing of the shelving unit at the place of death…interesting if true. Tells me they know it would go against JA:s story of what happened in the closet

    I also read another motion for mistrial was filed on grounds that the defense can not provide effective counsel due to prosecutorial surprise there

    Rebuttal witnesses to include rep for utah gas station and walmart…true? IDK.

  35. Twitch says:

    ** correction**
    Inability to provide effective assistance of counsel due to prosecutorial misconduct ~ motion for mistrial


  36. Malty says:

    I just hope this trashing of Travis stops
    I feel bad about this

  37. Word Girl says:

    I decided to post here to disagree with the slashed from behind right-handed theory, but then I read this article and I now tend to agree that the cutting was done from behind or well to the side of the victim but not directly in front of him.

    What sways me is the height of the cut. It looks as if the head was pulled up and back by the hair and then the cut was made. That could be done from the side, also.

    It is very hard for me to accept that JA used her right hand to slash the throat. Some of the other cuts, yes. The only reason I say that is because I am very ambidextrous and I would definitely use my left for a job like that, especially if I was under stress and not just doodling around.

    Warning: Three photos of men with slashed throats. I quote the whole article because I didn’t want people to have to go to site if they weren’t prepared for similarly gorey photos.

    “In the majority of cases of homicidal cut throat,it is usually the end product of a knife attack as shown in the first two pictures. The first picture the assault took place by a sword. So association with cut,stab and defense wounds is very common. Solitary homicidal cut throat as shown in picture 3 is quite rare. The victim is either too feeble to resist or rendered unconscious by a drug. The victim in the third picture was slaughtered while he was asleep.

    Homicidal cut throat injuries are characterized of being situated in the lower neck (except in cases where the attack took place from behind and the head was pulled back by pulling the hair,as presented in posts homicidal cut throat 1&2). It usually have a transverse direction with no hesitation marks. All soft tissues of the neck are cut at the same level and the having the same depth which may reach the back bone or result in complete separation of the head.”

    Yes. Absolutely horrific- I still maintain the wound itself, however inflicted- is rare in female offender intimate partner homicide.
    WG- I appreciate you sharing your thought process on this- very important.

  38. Word Girl says:

    Here’s another pictorial that helps us understand the pattern of the wounds. I believe the throat slashing came last, after Travis was dead, or very nearly dead.

    The cut was high enough to expose the adipose tissue in and under his chin. I had never seen the adipose from that view so I recall it well. That is why I first thought JA was standing in front of him while he was slumped and she cut left to right. (Maybe in the position in which he was found?)

  39. Ode says:

    Ms. Laviolette is making me crazy. Answer the question already please Ms.L. She states that JA did not have a pattern of lying. How does she know that JA did not lie before the murder? Because JA told her, yet she told her this after the murder when her pattern of lying has been established. Travis has stated in his communication that she is lying. Oh yes that is right she does not believe what Travis says because it does not go along with what JA told her. I was glad that the stalking thought was introduced today. Also it was interesting when the judge asked the jurors if juror #5 had tried to contact them. I wonder if she tried to contact one of the family members thus prompting this question.

  40. Word Girl says:

    The carotids and jugulars are very close together and close to the surface, relatively speaking.
    The internal carotid artery supplies oxygenated blood to the brain and eyes. The external carotid supplies oxygenated blood to the throat, neck glands, tongue, face, mouth, ear, scalp and dura mater of the meninges.

    The jugular veins bring de-oxygenated blood from the head back to the heart via the superior vena cava. They are also the veins most visible when a person has clotting, distension, or other stressors which make the veins bulge out (distend)

    Here’s a good graphic (not gross!)of the position of these veins and arteries. Scroll to the 4th definition and you’ll see the drawing.

  41. lyla says:

    I am listening to Ms. Laviolette’s testimony. On her first interview with JA AL apologized to her for reading her journals. This is a huge issue to Martinez and I can see why. Apologizes to her on the first visit..wthj

  42. Word Girl says:

    Quick question.
    Why did Mimi Hall agree to go to Cancun with Travis?
    Why didn’t she go to his house right away when she couldn’t reach him (or call his office about it?)

  43. Stars says:

    Ms. Willmott is very unprofessional.
    I have never seen an attorney make such inappropriate facial
    expressions. She looks like a petulant teenager.

    I have to say, in a very different way, I find her decorum as off-putting as Martinez’s on occasion. In my view, she does not project the qualities a criminal defense atty needs in a DP case. Not even close. Respectfully submitted- she is like nails on the chalkboard for me and reminds me of a tattletale sibling.


  44. Ode says:

    Jodi is in MOO a paranoid narcissist. She thinks her IQ is up with Einstein’s yet she trust nothing including her own journal. She made sacrifices to Travis that she really thought were below her yet he still did not get it. He still was not convinced and she had no further need for him. He needed to pay for being so stupid.

    I find her in desperate need of validation in every way, at every turn- thought so in her interview with Flores.

    I wonder if that is coming off as narcissistic?

    She remains an enigma to me outside of the obvious borderline and anti-social observations-

    So don’t pounce on me psych bees out there- but is anyone seeing any OCD or mild spectral autism in her?


  45. Duchess says:

    Whoops. The above link is good, but not the one I wanted to post. I’m gonna try again. New motion filed. Again, good day for the prosecution.

  46. NaNa says:

    Watching the questioning between LV and JM just wears me out. I think Prosecution is making his point that ALV is on the DEFENSE’s side and not for Travis.

    I just wish we could get to deliberation. Even though I am addicted and cant stop watching the trial and reading about it, I find myself thinking “why are we even having a trial? She admitted killing him violently, and any reasonable person would know that this brutal murder was not self defense. We are seriously wasting tax payer’s money putting on this circus.”

    If this jury doesn’t find her guilty of Murder 1 I am going to completely stop believing in our Justice system. I promise you that if this was a male being tried of murder under the very same conditions and with the same injuries, he would never see the light of day again.

    I know Defense has to do their job, but I wonder how they can sleep at night and live with themselves when they let murderers, rapists, and pedophiles walk free.

  47. Malty says:

    I use to think Ms LaV was really great in her field but today I am afraid she will continue to trash Travis
    And believe Jodi
    If that’s her job OK
    But her refusal to admit that Jodi had a lot to do with this relationship also
    Has turned my view toward her

    Malty- I think she does good work in her field. I think she is not expert witness trained, savvy, or objective.
    It is destroying her credibility and imo, it is the defense counsel’s fault.

    Guilt Phase mitigation witness- she is stellar- Expert defense witness, not so much.


  48. JC says:

    @ATG- I agree with JA copying personality from this witness. I will even go one step further. I need first to say that a person’s sexuality is no one’s business but their own. And now I am going to even add that Jody is copying this expert even to the point of having a steady girlfriend in prison.

    It just makes me sad. She only leeches from people who are their own person and never shows the person (thing?) she is. If she is a sociopath, I know she doesn’t feel love like a normal person and perhaps she feels that this will drive the whole “battered woman” thing home, no matter how much it reeks of lies.

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