Austin Sigg Stands Trial As Adult In Jessica Ridgeway Murder- Bail Denied As Sigg Heard Confessing During 911 Call

Golden, Colorado- In a hearing that was open to the public only after media outlets got the Colorado Supreme Court to overturn a Judge’s decision to seal it, new facts surrounding the brutal murder of Jessica Ridgeway surfaced at the preliminary hearing of accused murderer Austin Sigg.  Cameras are not permitted in the courtroom.


Among the now confirmed revelations, a neighbor suspected Sigg in the early days following her disappearance and called the FBI directly.   The October 19th tip was allegedly due to Sigg’s very public obsession with death.  It has not been revealed how Sigg and his Mother were approached about providing a DNA sample that has been matched to clothing belonging to Jessica Ridgeway.

Four days after the FBI visited Sigg in the presence of his Mother and took a DNA sample for processing; Austin Sigg sat his Mother Mindy Sigg down, and proceeded to confess to the kidnapping and murder of Jessica Ridgeway in lurid detail.

…” I am a monster.”  -Austin Sigg

Sigg began the confession by telling his Mother he was a monster, and that after kidnapping Jessica and driving around with her for a while he brought her to the family residence while his Mother was at work and his brother was at school.    The teen who hoped to study mortuary science had dismembered Jessica Ridgeway and threw a garbage bag filled with her torso at Pattridge Park while keeping several other portions of the child’s remains under a crawlspace at the residence.   Sources inside the investigation speaking to BOC on the condition of anonymity have confirmed that not all of Jessica Ridgeway has been recovered to date.  A receipt for the garbage bags was located among the debris found at the park.  Sigg told Police he choked Ridgeway to death.  Her cause of death was asphyxiation.

Mindy Sigg called 911 on October 24th to alert Police that her son confessed.  During that call, Austin Sigg admitted to Jessica’s death at his hands, and also the attack on a female jogger at Kentner Lake.

The operator heard Austin in the background and asked to speak to him directly.

“I don’t exactly get why you’re asking me these questions. I murdered Jessica Ridgeway. I have proof that I did it,” Austin Sigg said. “You have to send a squad car down here, and I’ll answer any questions you want to ask me.”

Sigg attempted to use a homemade concoction of chloroform on a towel to overpower the woman over Memorial Day weekend and then attended a family vacation outside of the US a week later.

Sigg is facing additional charges in the Ridgeway case as child pornography was located on his computer, but the attempted murder and attempted sexual assault charges have been dropped in the Kentnor jogger case due to insufficient evidence.

When Westminster Police arrived at the Sigg residence to interview Sigg, the first thing he said to them was that he did not rape or torture the fifth grader.  No seminal fluid has been recovered in this case.

Sigg was ordered held without bail until his arraignment March 12, 2013.  Sigg is facing trial as an Adult although he was 17 at the time of both incidents.  Under Colorado law, Sigg will not be eligible for the death penalty or life in prison without the possibility of parole as he was a minor at the time of the crimes.


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  1. Joan T. says:

    I’m still so relieved, so thankful that he’s been caught.

    I remember shortly after his arrest, we heard that he’d said he didn’t torture her or rape her, and we all were very relieved to hear that, but didn’t evidence surface that he may have been lying about that? Plus, Blink, I remember you were never entirely convinced that he acted alone. And part of the crime scene hasn’t been found. I wonder if the charges at his arraignment will be different than what he was arrested for.

    It’s horrifying that he can’t be given life in prison without parole. He knows he’s a monster so I’ll bet even he would agree that it’s better that he’s in prison.

    I absolutely do not believe for ten seconds he did not have some sort of co-conspirator, mentor, or confidant.

    I believe strongly that he was a victim of abuse by a male adult who may or may not be known to his family, and/or he was involved in some sort of network/online activity related to this incident.

    He said the two things that absolutely define what I consider his profile to cops- I did not rape or torture her.

    Come on.

    Where did he gain access to the child porn? That is where I would begin the search. There is someone in the periphery here.

  2. Ktina says:

    She was so precious. I hate to think of how frightened she was in the last moments of her life. Heartbreaking.

  3. Word Girl says:

    Not sure I can accept a co-conspirator, but I think he was led in the direction he ended in.

    Remember how often a liar will use the longer form of a word “did not” opposed to “didn’t”

    He got the porn access from someone. It’s not that easy to grab and amateurs will get busted fast.

    More than that, he presents like an abuse victim and that played into his already deteriorated self-image. “Monster” was his self-tape.

  4. @word girl
    Agreed. My interpretation of co conspirator in this case is any person that contributed to Sigg’s deviance, or actions that were likely known to inspire him. Who was he in treatment with years ago? Who treated him and what observations and conclusions were reached?

    This is not one any of us can afford to overlook, imo.

  5. Starsky says:

    Where does the attempted sexual assault come in to play? I thought there was no rape nor semen?

    It is the defendant’s position there was no rape, the origin of the allegation as it relates to the forensic findings have been released or provided for discovery. I have no doubt it is likely a foreign or object penetration consistent with this type of offender. I am referring to the sexual assault charge re Jessica.

    The attempted SA was pursuant to the Kennor jogger.


  6. A Texas Grandfather says:

    I just hope that the LE personnel and district attorney assigned to the case are given the assets to do the in-depth investigation this case needs. Everything mentioned in Blink’s piece needs to be verified and any peripheral information found as well.

    This is also a case where mothers and fathers had better wake up regarding the method of getting their children to school.

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  9. A Texas Grandfather says:

    After three days the comments link is working. We have been patient.

    Now I can get my Blink fix.

    Appreciate it, truth be told I have not been.

  10. A Texas Grandfather says:

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  11. Lilacs says:

    Pain in our ass,too. Even checking in the middle of the night!

    Lol, I was going to delete that when we came back up but it was definitely real time

  12. Word Girl says:

    I wondered what was up with the site, B. Then I got the vibe that you were pulling out hair. Which made me more patient.

    Still, why so few comments on this new information?

    comments were inaccessible since a few hours after it was posted as well as every other thread.

  13. Jane says:

    Gosh, everytime I see Jessica’s face I want to cry. Do you think someone else is holding on to the rest of her remains? Do you know if his younger brother was ever interviewed. Was Jessica dismembered in Sigg’s home? Wouldn’t this crime have taken quite a while and required a great deal of cleaning? Did LE ever find the instruments used? I sure hope this freak is tried, convicted and thrown in general population. Surely Jesssica sits on a warm, fluffy cloud watching over her loving family and precious dog. O/T – Blink, glad you got things ironed out. I was having a rough day with no BOC!

  14. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Look at the code that operates the submit button. After posting the comment, it may take the cursor to an advertisement. This was happening to me prior to the comment loss on the page turn. When I used the next page entry, I got a full page viagra add.

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  15. Joan T. says:

    He said they should send a squad car and he would answer all their questions. I’m sure they asked him where ALL the remains are. Maybe his mother hired a lawyer for him right away and he was advised to not say anything? What difference would it make to him if he just told them that? He already confessed. He should have told the detectives everything.

  16. A Texas Grandfather says:

    I am also seeing a message that says “sorry there is no criteria that match your post” as if something is parsing the post for a match. Just trying to help locate the problem.

    Get someone to help with a code read with the coder explaining the intent of each line. Yes, I have done this many times beginning in binary machine code and assemblers.

    Thank you ATG, the feedback helps.

  17. Mags says:

    ATG says:
    This is also a case where mothers and fathers had better wake up regarding the method of getting their children to school.

    ATG, Your comment is very general and does not spell out specific actions an “awake” mother and father would take to get their child to school.
    But I believe that you are saying that Jessica should not have been walking alone for a block. I agree that our job as parents is to protect our children as long as possible, but we also need to let them grow up and have some space and responsibility.

    At some point a child is old enough to walk one block to meet up with friends to play or to walk to school. 10 year olds are in 4th or 5th grade. Although I walked my daughter to school at that age, I do think that we need to start releasing our children to independence around that age. There are bad people who do bad things and we are not able to protect against all of it.

    Kelsey Smith (age 19) was abducted from a Target parking lot at 7pm. Should her parents have been shopping with her?
    Jaycee Dugard (11) was abducted from the bus stop while her stepfather watched from the home. Should the parent of a 5th grader be standing at the bus stop with their child every day?
    Alicia Moore was a 16 yr old who went missing in the one block between the bus stop and her home one afternoon. Should the parent of a 16yr old be at the bus stop to meet their child?
    Elizabeth Smart was abducted from her bedroom. Should we go back to all sleeping in family bedrooms?

    In hind sight all these parents probably wish they had done just those things, but I wonder what the overall (emotional) cost to society is when we increasingly take over tasks that our children should be doing on their own.

    I personally believe that the biggest problem with parents taking their kids to school is that most will choose to drive instead of walk (I am talking about when it is close enough) and create a generation that is too lazy to go anywhere without a car. But that is my personal pet peeve and not necessarily related!

    This is just my opinion. I don’t know the answer. I know I am apprehensive about having my daughter (now 12) walk alone to the bus, but am more afraid of her social confidence if I walk/wait with her every morning. Each family has to decide what works, and then the rest of us need to be mad at the perps not the parents.

  18. joeamerica says:

    Long term, there are two possible outcomes here under Colorado Law: 1) Sigg will be killed in prison, or 2) Sigg will kill again.

    Let God forgive him, the quicker the better.

    Truer words nobody wants to hear. True-est even.


  19. tiberious says:

    I am not sure how one formats the reply to a comment posted on the site but this is in reply to the one that MAGS SAYS on feb.25 at 11:51 pm. He/she comment was actually in reply to another indiviuals comment on parents and being aware of how children get to school.

    I agree with everything MAGS states…he/she said it much more eloquently than I ever could..but every word is spot on in my opinion.

    It is a fine line to walk..but I think the loss of independence for our kids is far more harmful than we realize..

    I am not an expert nor have any special education on this subject..this is simply a lay person’s point of view..

    Thank you to everyone who contributes to this site …it is the variety of thoughts that brings about the interesting dialogue.

    One last thought to leave you with…I had a pyschiatrist who told me how angry she would get because when ever something horrific happens the first thought that comes to mind is that they must be mentally ill. She felt that if that were true than all of Nazi Germany was mentally ill.

    She said some people are evil and until we accept this there are going to be some big problems about the sort of treatment they recieve.

  20. rob says:

    Being overprotective? All I know is, once it happens, there is no going back.

    Agreed. Keep in mind, a letter of warning went home to these kids parents the week prior.

    I personally do not believe this was random- I believe he watched her and seized an opportunity.

  21. Cindy says:

    If there is a “helper” to AS in this crime, why would AS protect him? Would it be because there is a stronger bond than we know?

    Excellent Question Cindy. Perhaps. Keep in mind there is a “religious” aspect to this that we do not know the origin of to date. He confessed and is now pleading not guilty- we don’t know what he will ultimately say but I do know as he committed the offense as a minor he has no incentive to cop a plea-

    I was told by a WPD official that the “best in the business” of profilers were working on this case when Jessica was still missing, and when they released the cross image.

    I know some of those profilers (floabw) and in at least one case have studied under them. If Austin Sigg had no outside influences or whatever terms one can come up with and his escalations were purely organic he is the first of it’s kind in this profile food chain. Nobody will ever convince me of that. This kid had a pre and post pubescent fascination with violence and sexual arousal and was treated.

    Does anyone know what the biggest source of income is for clandestine drug drealers? NA meetings.

    Jus sayin.


  22. first-time says:

    Mags says:
    February 25, 2013 at 11:51 pm

    Yep – I love you ATG, but Mags hit it spot-on in my opinion.

    I think Mags made some good points, but they are actually both right.

    I am vehemently against any pre-teen walking to school by themselves for any reason. Like it or not it is well known that they have and can become targets of offenders for various nefarious purposes. Fact.

    Do we need to better prepare our kids and have more open dialog on safety precautions, emergency situations and then PROVIDE them with the necessary tools that can help support that and as parents monitor them? Absolutely.

    This needs to begin very early as a mutual practice in the home. I have often commented that I required my children to go to the restroom in public places once they were old enough to do that without me in tow- T O G E T H E R and wait outside the door for the other. Unfortunately can name countless cases off the top of my head where children and tweens were the victims of serious assaults or worse simply because they were alone in whatever circumstances- and the offender was either lying in wait for that child/tween to be unsupervised for a few seconds because that is what these freaks do. They seize opportunities to suit their crimes.

    At the end of the day the only way i know to increase the odds of protection for our kids is to eliminate the opportunity in the first place by employing the buddy system, without fail if at all possible.

    It is a balance of early awareness ( Yep, I get it, my profession, education and training in these matters makes it easier to weave this in, but that is why I am addressing it here, lol)

    I also believe schools should be allocating mandatory safety training at the elementary level in a variety of areas. The reality is that very few parents prioritize these issues with their children.


  23. Cindy says:

    Case in point. This winter a local town has a charitable group that serves dinners once a week to those in need. One evening, a 13-year old boy went to use the restroom. He didn’t come back right away and his father found him crying and he had been sexually assaulted. Maybe 100 people were there that night and the predator was another diner who watched this child enter the restroom alone and was bold and brazen in his assault. Thank God they caught him and he is currently awaiting trial. They are among us, and no place is safe. This is a relatively rural area and scares the heck out of me. You cannot be too safe or too careful.

  24. N. Cahela says:

    Blink, does Austin’s mom and lil bro still live in the house where some of her remains we’re found?

    Going to pass on answering that one through a pending prosecution, I am sure you understand.

  25. Joan T. says:

    He confessed and is now pleading not guilty- we don’t know what he will ultimately say but I do know as he committed the offense as a minor he has no incentive to cop a plea-

    Blink is that a typo or does he really plan to plead NOT guilty??? I’m shocked!

  26. Cindy says:

    The “religious” connection to this case is intriguing. I guess we really don’t know enough about AS’s family and how he was parented and if any “vampires” were let into the household.

  27. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Mags & tiberious

    I am glad that you chose to dig behind the implication about parents being more thoughtful about how their children get to school.

    Young people are not necessarily atuned to the dangers they face when away from family. Parents need to plan for their safety by teaching them to travel only in groups and to pay attention to things around them.

    Yes, they all grow up so parents cannot be everywhere with them. Today we have a society that is full of people who wish to do harm to others. I agree with Blink that a buddy system or group system offers protection from those that would do them harm. Is it perfect? No.

    A late teenager traveling to a shopping mall by themselves are imo placing themselves at risk. Even mature women are at risk when they do not pay attention. There is no perfect way to provide absolute protection, but we can all learn from shareing experiences and making them a part of our routines.

  28. Rollermonkey says:

    It is true and understandable to note cases in which a victim was older than elementary school age or was in close proximity to another adult when a crime was committed. But in my experience those cases are actually the exception.

    I still believe the only way to make sure your child is protected is to prepare and protect them. Thankfully, we will never know how may crimes have “not” been committed due to parents that have taken the necessary steps to protect their children.

    With no disrespect intended to anyone, people often mention “when I was young” and describe what our parents let us do, or point out things that “didn’t happen back then.” We all know now is not “back then.” Now is now. That state of the world is different. The access the monsters have to our children has increased.

    My professional experience is that number of children with parents “not present,” or pre-occupied with their “own” problems (boyfriends, drugs, etc.) has increased. Families not paying attention because they are struggling to provide has also increased. So the number of potential easy targets has increased.

    Monsters are evil. More monsters exist now. Monsters are being created and offending at a MUCH, MUCH younger age. Our kids are IN MORE DANGER now. Our society is not the same and is not as safe as it was when many of us were growing up.

    Bad things did happen in the past. The internet, sattelite broadcasting and increased media coverage has increased the country wide distribution of this information. We are actually more aware. But we still put our head in the sand to the danger lurking.

    I respectfully suggest to all… Know where your child is. Know who your child is with. Be aware of WHO and what your young child might be exposed to when they are away from you. If you can’t control what your child is exposed to when they are young DON’T LET THEM GO. I say this from professional daily experience in what happens when parents are not paying attention.

    Let your child grow and experience life (while you quitely and vigilantly watch in the shadows). Be ready to pounce on that monster full force if needed… Pounce if you even feel the slightest bit of doubt.

    It is sad. It is disappointing. It is scary and in my experience it is how it is now. I personally accept it and operate from that base of understanding. I’ve lowered my bar of expectation.

    People (including young people) are out to get our children in every city, state and income level. The ones you trust the most are “almost” always the ones that will get your child.

    I know this sounds horrible. But unless I accept this I leave my child at risk. My child may never walk to school… at least not without me tailing in the shadows. That’s what the monsters do.

  29. A Texas Grandfather says:


    The problem appears to be fixed. I can post today without the hang-up.

  30. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Sorry, I posted the fixed comment and it hung again.

  31. Mags says:

    continuing about preparing our children … many of the articles that I have read said that it is more than talking them through what to do … we must acutally role play situations with them.
    That brings to mind the age-old training about practicing fire drills in the house. How many times were we told (as elementary children, as parents at the fire house during national fire prevention week) to physically practice crawling out of the house with a blind fold on? One of my friends did this periodically with her kiddos. Kudos to her. The farthest I ever made it was discussing various escape routes and a family meeting place. So you can draw a conclusion for how far I have taken stranger danger role playing. We talk and talk and discuss various scenarios and put limits and back up systems in place, but I have yet to role play anything. Sounds like an opportunity.

    Agreed and good for you.

  32. Word Girl says:

    mags, tiberious, first-timer, Hopefully I’m spelling your names correctly.

    There is a really good book out about self-protection called The Gift of Fear. It’s written by Gavin deBecker. He’s written others, including “Protecting the Gift: Keeping Children and Teenagers Safe (and Parents Sane).”

    They’re available on audiobook, kindle, new, used, library, library online and more. I hope you’ll read them and share more of your thoughts about how to keep our children safe.

    A more important task cannot be found.

  33. JC says:

    I agree about the role playing whole-heartedly. My father was in law enforcement and he started when I was about 7. We would be in a movie theater and he would casually ask what I would do if a shooter came into the theater. We are talking old school theaters not the huge stadium seating we have now. He made me think about instances. Occasionally (and I have to reiterate that- he was no survivalist just wanted me to be aware of my surroundings), he would ask me what I would do if this or that would happen and I would say something and he would counter with the plan went through. As a result, I am a strong, vigilant member of society who will fight for those who are unable.

    Everyday I thank God for my dad- and I wish that many of these victims had access to someone like him in their lives that were cut short way too soon.

    JC- thank you for taking the time to post that. It reminded me of when I was getting my DL as a teen and My Dad taught me to change a tire under a streetlight only. I could not take my test until I could do it profficiently. Great suggestion I hope those reading will take.


  34. Ragdoll says:

    Hey Word Girl….

    Thanks for bringing up The Gift of Fear. I keep forgetting the name and want to buy it. Someday, I may share the conversation I had about this book with my father in law, a French Canadian. The key to winning a conversation with him is giving up the last word to him. If you only knew how challenging that is for me, a stubborn

    Just wanted to leave some love, blessings and prayers for this sweet child and her family. I’m so sorry for the pain you’re going through. I pray you find comfort in knowing that Jessica rests in the arms of the Lord. She will always be a young, spirit filled child who graced the world her short life, never to be forgotten.

    Love Love Love

  35. A Texas Grandfather says:

    I am going to add something important to the teaching Blink got from her father about changing tires.

    Most wheels are installed and removed at a tire center. They use air driven tools to attach the lug nuts. They are usually set to drive the nuts on so tight that they exceed the torque requirement for the nuts. This means that with ordinary tools kept in a vehicle, one is lucky to get the nuts off.

    I discovered this the hard way in 1957. I had turned in my company car for a new 57 ford. I drove to the job site and decided to stay late to get some paperwork ready for mailing to the head office. The job site was out in the countryside more than 10 miles from town.

    About a mile from the site I had a flat on the left rear tire. I got out the worthless bumper jack and jacked up the car to remove the wheel. The handle of the jack was designed to have the proper lug nut size at one end. Then the fun began. The lugs were on so tight that I could not turn them. I am not a weak person and was much stronger then. The jack handle had a flaw in the steel and after putting a lot of pressue on the handle it broke. After an hour, a farmer stopped to see if he could help. When he saw the problem, he went to his truck and retrieved a four-way lug wrench and we were able to get the wheel off with that.

    Since that time, I have always made certain that any vehicle my family drives has a jack that can be placed under the axel instead of the dangerous bumper jack and that a 4-way lug wrench is in the trunk. The most important thing of all is to jack up each wheel and back off the lug nuts and then tighten them with the 4-way wrench.

    This is plenty tight to keep them from loosening from driving the vehicle, but most importantly is that a woman or teen can get them off if necessary.

    Safety comes in many forms, but if we don’t think about it and plan for what should be done in an emergency, we leave ourselves and family in danger.

  36. hervness says:

    B says:
    JC- thank you for taking the time to post that. It reminded me of when I was getting my DL as a teen and My Dad taught me to change a tire under a streetlight only. I could not take my test until I could do it profficiently. Great suggestion I hope those reading will take.

    I swore my dad was the only one who did that! Mine added a barrier two feet out (as I’d most likely be on the side of a road with limited space) and made us practice in the rain (as all true PNW’ers experience). He also took us to a huge parking lot when it snowed and made us speed up and slam on the brakes (teaching us how the car reacts to the conditions, what to do to avoid creating the slide, how to steer out . . .), I’m confident in my snow/ice driving abilities. I’m also the only person I know who prefers a manual transmission, early conditioning (we were made to learn and take our driving tests on one).

  37. Rebecca says:


    What’s the psychology here? He admits he’s a monster. Tells his mom he did it. Be forthright and have the confession moment. Then not confess to the the whole thing. Hold details, (most likely) protect others associated with the crime, etc. ? What’s the mindset?

    I’m not necessarily asking about him specifically but those “like him” and what’s going on inside a mind like his as we’ve seen this before.

    Rebecca- that is a very big question (and very intelligent).
    I can really only give general observations as they relate to Sigg specifically as I have never interviewed him and I suspect his juvenile records will remain sealed. As his case progresses and we learn more details, I will likely do a piece just on his profile.

    Very interesting a neighbor allegedly calls in a tip about him and the FBI follows it up with a request for DNA.

    A neighbor? I wonder.

    What I am sure of, and what defines his profile substantially, and should have been a ginormus red flag to whomever was involved in his care or monitoring is that he had a very early porn addiction. Once an individual ( almost exclusively male) forges the connection of violence and sexual arousal, it is forever.


  38. Cindy says:

    I know that there is not a lot of detail out there yet, but how does Sigg’s paternal father fit into his psyche?

    The obvious would be in the potential for psycopathy. Research, case study, academica and the literature support this and in my mind confirm the potential for heredity to play a role here (ref:Hare)

    Right now with what little we know I would be effective forming the questions than the answers.

    Austin Sigg is and should be an individual who I will be working diligently as this case progresses to understand his escalation, root cause, nature v nurture influences and what I consider at this juncture to be the most important take away here- How do we spot the Sigg’s in time to prevent another victim?

    Notice I did not say to intervene and rehabilitate someone like him.


  39. Susan says:

    I am of the thinking that Sigg had help for his proclivities within his own family, relative, cleaning lady, etc. Right in plain sight.

    The Mother knows for sure at this juncture..

    I raised two children to adulthood. Lot’s of kids coming and going through my household. The strangest I ever had was who put the empty peanut butter jar back in the cabinet.

    Why was noone paying attention to the freak in that household.

  40. gigi says:

    Where was his mother? And father? The neighbor girls said he always wanted to hang out with them. They said he was weird. My husband I always waited up for our kids and eyeballed them for signs of alcohol, drug use, etc. Just in case we needed to intervene. Also, there was a consensus among the parents that we would tell what we heard down the pipe about parties and other things I kids were involved in. Parent’s League is what it was called. Hiding away issues that one knows their child is involved in calls for intervention, having them commited whatever. You are helping your child even if it breaks your heart. Yes, Austin Siggs is a monster….but could someone not paid attention earlier?

  41. A Texas Grandfather says:

    This family appears to be only somewhat functional. The father has been in trouble for several years regarding money schemes. The mother is or has been a participant indirectly.

    It takes a child with a strong sense of right and wrong to survive a bad home environment. Children observe the behavior of parents much more than most realize.

    Good parents talk to their children and guide them in making good choices. The parents must also demonstrate good choices and good behavior.

    Austin was in trouble about porn issues and the mother had him enrolled in a program to help with that. The problem for teenaged boys is the need for a male role model in the home. If dad wants to forego the responsibility of being a guide to his children, then they will look for others to fulfill that job. If the child chooses poorly, then they will learn bad behaviors. This imo is exactly what happened to Austin.

    I think this is why Blink believes there is a person who lives in the area that is or has influenced Austin in a negative way. There are adults who choose to get others to do their evil desires so that they will not be directly involved.

    ATG, agreed of course, but I do wish to underscore that what was going on with Austin a few years back wrt the porn addiction and counseling, etc- is GRAVELY different than a teenage boy watching your garden variety stuff. This was dark, it was violent, and I wish I could say that it harkens back to some root cause issue we can see. I think Austin Sigg was born with the deviances and psych problems he has, were triggered possibly by his Dad’s abandonment or his anger of same. I can tell you this is a very unpopular position within the psyche community. I don’t care. If his therapeutic caregivers had this right as they think then why are we here? Why is a shiny little 5th grader cut up in pieces God knows where?


    This is not going to end with his parents or family circle saying they never saw this coming. I listened to 20 hours of recordings of this kid- he did absolutely nothing by himself, and he was an teenager preforming sexual sadist acts and ultimately homicide on a 5th grader.

    He had help escalating his learning curve by about 15 years at the earliest, of that I am certain.


  42. A Texas Grandfather says:

    I don’t care how unpopular the idea of generic propensities triggered by environmental and social issues is with the psych community. In fact, I think many of those in that community do not have the tools to adequately address the problems they get with patients. This is not a recent conclusion. In fact, I think many of them are just as far off the wall crazy as their patients.

    You have much more information than I do regarding AS and you strongly believe that someone older has been guiding him towards this behavior to take him to a place that is 15 years beyond where he may get by himself.

    I hope law enforcement is aware of this and are actively looking for such a person or persons.

    I do, Atg. Strongly.

    Although I presume it would be a great relief for jessica’s family, my greatest fear is that Sigg will agree to a plea and many of the investigative facts in this case will not be known publicly. I can certainly always FOIA them, but because their is access to child porn involved in this case, I can assure you those details were provided to ICE or HLS and are now part of a Federal probe ( or conjoined with an existing one) and will be the blanket for a non-responsive reply to such a request.

    There are cases that make me wish I knew a lot less and frankly rue choosing this path . If I am right, this guy was already locked down by the time Sigg was arrested and underground. If he has the capacity to satisfy his fantasy continuum through others by some means, he will be next to impossible to catch.

    You know what is missing as a study in criminal forensics and profiling?

    The role of social media and web enabled tools to connect deviants to “act out” remotely. All one would need is a Skype account, ftlog.
    Since we know that 70% or better are recording their deeds in the first place, how would a real-time interaction stimulate such an offender?

    I studied a case recently of a “family man” who was recording himself while preforming auto-erotic asphyxia who accidentally hung himself with a pair of childs underwear on his head. It was not until months later that significant child porn was located in his former employers locked file cabinets and included instructions on abduction and torture. Do you believe that was not enough probable cause to seize his electronic records and devices? He was dead, accidentally, and therefore not subject to charges anyway.



  43. Word Girl says:

    So, Blink, are we looking for an Incitor, possible molester of Austin, in the age range of 30-35?

    Would you have a profile of such a person or persons?

    I am nowhere near developing a profile like that without more information outside of reciting the “knowns” from my training, education and experience. In my mind, as it relates to the timing of the incidents, I am looking for all phone, ecommunications, keystroke, log-ins from any device reflecting his accounts or frequented sites. I am specifically looking for who he is associating with in any capacity to include wherever he had access to electronics, alternative contact numbers, etc. Encrypted files, the file server configs he is using, etc.

    This kid fancies himself a scientist. He is only going to have interest in an individual that can elevate his fantasy. Could it be a deviant who is now incapacitated by some means? (ie: home confinement, what is called the “bust” age, suspicion of involvement in some other crime)

    The possibilities need to be narrowed down with real intel Word Girl, but your query is critically important to this case, imo.

    One of the major problems I have been seeing in many cases I analyze or work on personally in practice, is that LE will follow the evidence as it tracks back to the crime at hand. They are not really geared to look for others they do not see overtly and very few have the profile training they need in the first place to say.. wait a sec, this is not passing the smell test of profile=offender of similar crimes.

    They have a confession, I get that.


    I have some of that data, and if I were to take those just as an observational “stand alone”, I can see this kid reaching out for online “peers” very openly, and then it abruptly stops.

  44. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Such acts by a person using the internet to incite a person remotely would be an area that LE has little experience.

    I am strongly in favor of new technology to enhance our quality of life, but with those advances come responsibilities on all of society to watch for good and bad outcomes. The laws of our country have constantly required updating to protect society from those that do bad acts. They usually lag far behind because of the need to fully understand what needs to be accomplished to provide protection.

    The internet for most people is not yet 20 years old. We need knowledgeable people to spend time looking at all these possibilities. Free speech is a part of our rights under the Constitution. However, until society understands the dangers to young people as well as some adults and makes those changes so that LE can reach out to stop bad actors, we will have cases such as this.

  45. Word Girl says:

    Hmm. Very good insights, Blink. I am wondering if LE has checked his computers and relationships where he was studying mortuary science (forgive me if this not the accurate term). Lots of people in that industry aren’t quirky, but he did stand out to some of them.

    I have a sense, though, that it is way deeper than this sort of science. He may have other kills or have assisted with them. THAT I would want LE to be looking for with some intent.

  46. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Word Girl

    I had two older cousins who were morticians and together owned a funeral home. Titles for course work change to keep up with modern trends. Your title of mortuary science could be correct.

    You raise a valid point regarding AS and his activities regarding little Jessica. Suppose that Austin’s idea to experiment with a live human and later a corpse came from a person that was into directing another to do this deed and send them photos via the internet. This would mean that such a person could shut down an operation and move to another location and start all over with others. Unless LE found links to such a person, they could go for a long time and not be apprehended.

    On the other side is the attempt by Austin to kidnap a female jogger running alone in a nearby park. Blink has indicated that she has information she cannot share at this time that is way beyond just porn. I am guessing that this gets into human slavery and torture with video to be sold of the events. Sick is too gentle a word for this behavior. This to me is just pure evil.

  47. PaMom says:

    This is so awful a crime. I can’t even imagine the sorrow. They better throw away the key on this guy. He is a future serail killer.

  48. Slowroller says:

    I vett personally, so yes, that was a little left field. All Good.


  49. Looks like someone was paying attention to the many many mentions of chlorophym dureing a certain recent high profile trial.
    And the easy access of everyday substances like bleach an simple relitively simple istructions on how to use a frige to freeze out the substance.
    Just the sort of info a pre murdering kidnapper/murdererer would find facinating an usefull.

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